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TechNews for the week: March 30; March 28; March 26;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Israeli warplanes hit Hamas in Gaza; Jews, Arabs nearing population parity in Holy Land - Israeli officials;
U.S. Strikes Qaeda Target in Southern Libya, Expanding Shadow War There; Rebel group in Yemen launches ballistic missile attack on Saudi Arabia, killing one;
The missile defense system that the United States and its allies rely on is a lemon;
North Korean leader meets with China's president in Beijing; Fact Check: President Trump claims that China caused 60,000 U.S. factories to close;
Trump Secures Trade Deal With South Korea Ahead of Nuclear Talks; Trump threatens to stall trade pact with S. Korea over North Korea issue;
The return of John Bolton, a hawk on North Korea and Iran, sparks concerns overseas;
Trump orders expulsion of 60 Russian officers and closure of consulate in Seattle; E.U. actions also expected today;
Russia will expel U.S. diplomats and close a consulate in St. Petersburg, following similar actions by Trump;
Trump revokes full ban on transgender military service, defers to Pentagon on a plan far more restrictive than Obama-era policy;
Trump privately presses for military to pay for border wall; Trump's Objections Budget Bill Require Some Corrections;
Trump asks Congress to reinstate presidential power Supreme Court ruled unconstitutional in the 1990s;
U.S. Special Counsel probing Russia contacts at Republican convention;
In another blow to Trump's efforts to combat Russia probe, diGenova will no longer join legal team;
Trump's lawyer allegedly raised possibility of pardons for Manafort, Flynn last summer; Prosecutors say Manafort associate had Russian intelligence ties during 2016 campaign;
Former Cambridge Analytica workers say firm sent foreigners to advise U.S. campaigns; Peter Thiel Employee Helped Cambridge Analytica Before It Harvested Data;
Bolton Was Early Beneficiary of Cambridge Analytica's Facebook Data;
Fund-Raiser Held Out Access to Trump as a Prize for Prospective Clients;
Judge allows lawsuit accusing Trump of receiving improper payments from states, foreign governments through D.C. hotel;
Trump proposal would penalize immigrants who use tax credits, other benefits;
Republicans consider 'balanced-budget amendment' after adding more than $1 trillion to the deficit;
Trump's Ohio speech to promote infrastructure ranges widely, from North Korea to 'Roseanne';
Stormy Daniels details threats she says were to prevent her from describing alleged Trump affair;
Sessions, for now, rebuffs GOP demands for a second special counsel to investigate FBI actions in Russia and Clinton probes;
Trump ousts Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin; Robert Wilkie to serve as acting secretary;
John Paul Stevens's supremely unhelpful call to repeal the Second Amendment; Justice Dept. Proposes Banning Bump Stocks, Setting Aside Its Own Recommendations;
The Trump administration is adding a citizenship question to the census. Here's why that's bad for Democrats;
McCain asks CIA director nominee to explain her record related to torture;
At Least Twelve States to Sue Trump Administration Over Census Citizenship Question;
Unarmed Stephon Clark was shot 8 times - mostly in his back - by Sacramento police, according to an autopsy requested by his family;
As key government posts went unfilled, inexperienced White House office tasked with hiring was a social hub that hosted happy hours;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
A Cyberattack Hobbles Atlanta, and Security Experts Shudder; Boeing Hit by Cyberattack, Possibly 'WannaCry' Virus;
Bad Bots Account for Increasing Volume of Web Traffic; U.S. Discovery of Iranian Cyber Attack Doesn't Seem to Alarm Universities;
Cambridge Analytica raided by UK data watchdog; President signs overseas data access bill into law;
How Facebook was able to siphon off phone call and text logs;
Law Enforcement Using Dead People's Fingerprints to Unlock Phones;
Math and science
Archaeologists discover 81 ancient settlements in the Amazon; Earliest Known Human Footprints in North America Found on Canadian Island;
Satellite Imagery Helps Archaeologists Discover Previously Unknown Settlements In Amazon;
Bad science puts innocent people in jail - and keeps them there;
American Adults Just Keep Getting Fatter;
Researchers Make Paper-Like LCD;
IBM Predicts Quantum Computing Will Go Mainstream Within Five Years;
Web and computing issues
Facebook questioned about pulling Android call, text data; Leaked Facebook memo prizes growth over user safety;
FTC to investigate if Facebook violated privacy settlement; Despite FTC, 90% of Affiliate Posts Undisclosed on YouTube, Pinterest;
Facebook's Cambridge Analytica Trouble Highlights IT Data Privacy Concerns;
Court Dismisses Suit Against YouTube for Censoring Conservative Videos;
Mozilla's radical open-source move 20 years ago helped rewrite rules of tech;
7 ways you can (maybe) get Microsoft Office 365 for free;
How to download a copy of everything Google knows about you;
SC News and Politics
Dominion warns bill removing nuke surcharge could end merger;

Business and Economics
U.S. economy grew at a pace very close to Trump's 3 percent goal at end of last year; Veterans Affairs Shake-Up Stirs New Fears of Privatized Care;
Wall Street's average bonus in 2017? Three times what most U.S. households made all year;
Growing Student Debt Seen As Hurdle To Home Buying; Congress Must Act To Prevent Student Loan Debt Crisis;
Great Demand For Skilled Workers In Tennessee Noted; JPMorgan To Hire More STEM Graduates In Asia-Pacific Region;
EPA Draft Document Supports Easing Vehicle Emission Standards; Trump Administration Proposes Ending Penalties For Violating Auto Efficiency Regulations;
Study: Steep Emissions Reductions Needed To Meet Paris Agreement, But Not Zero;
It's the No. 1 Power Source, but Natural Gas Faces Headwinds;
Court Rules In Favor Of Environmentalists On Stricter Standards For Coal, Gas Development; Environmental Groups Sue To Halt EPA Rule Change For Power Plant Emissions;
Governments, Tech Companies Reconsidering Fast Rollout Of Driverless Cars;
Trump's bundle of faulty claims about Amazon's cost to taxpayers;
U.S. gunmaker Remington files for bankruptcy;
Supreme Court rules against Dominion in solar case;
Analysis: South Carolina utility survives even if rates cut;
Other news
How Cambridge Analytica broke into the U.S. political market through Mercer-allied conservative groups;
George Will's 2018 Opening Day Baseball Quiz; Baseball's Unappreciated Power Duo;

Who Foots Most of the Bill for Public Colleges? In 28 States, It's Students; Can a Class Actually Be Too Small;
Survey Finds Non-Tenure Track Research Professors Are Getting the Biggest Raises; A New Tool Breaks Down Earnings Potential for Different Majors;
They Wanted Desegregation. They Settled for Money, and It's About to Run Out;
Carnegie Foundation Program Helps Teachers Use Motivation To Improve Math Proficiency; Cornell Prof Aims to Find out What That Math Student Thinking;
Auburn Is Hiring 500 Tenure-Track Faculty Members. Here's What That Means; Tennessee's Trustees Vote to Expand Post-Tenure Review;
Former Oil Executive and Big Donor Will Be U. of Oklahoma's Next President; Edinboro President, Who Boasted of His Ability to Circumvent Faculty Resistance, Will Resign ;
All Colleges Should Pay Attention to a Ruling on Their Duty to Protect Students;
New York For-Profit Colleges Fail To Serve Students; Howard Fires Six Employees Over Misappropriation Of Student Financial Aid;
The Whitesplaining of History Is Over;
Here Are the Hottest College Sports - and the Ones in Decline;
Are football teams discriminating against their cheerleaders; The Mascot Is Fiction. The War Is Real;

TechNews for the week: March 23; March 21; March 19;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Trump wants to get the U.S. out of Syria's war, so he asked the Saudi king for $4 billion;
Saudi Arabia's ambitious crown prince comes to a Washington in turmoil; Before Saudi's Visit, Administration Implores Congress Not to Block Military Aid;
Israel admits 2007 air strike on Syrian nuclear reactor; Palestinians slam Trump security advisor pick Bolton;
Spies, Not Diplomats, Take Lead Role in Planning Trump's North Korea Meeting; Trump's new pick for national security adviser really wants to bomb North Korea;
Andrew McCabe, Trump's foil at the FBI, is fired hours before he could retire; Fired FBI official Andrew McCabe kept memos of his interactions with Trump;
Ex-Chief of C.I.A. Suggests Putin May Have Compromising Information on Trump; Trump rails against Mueller investigation, dismisses McCabe's notes as 'Fake Memos';
Fact-checking Trump's error-filled tweetstorm about the Mueller probe;
Trump's lawyers have turned over documents to Mueller with hopes of limiting scope of interview with the special counsel;
Trump's lawyer calls on Justice Dept. to immediately end Russia probe;
Trump Considers Reshuffling Legal Team To Take On Mueller More Aggressively; hires a deep-state conspiracy theorist as his lawyer. Here's what Joe diGenova has said;
Trump attorney John Dowd said to resign amid shake-up on legal team for Russia probe;
Trump's increasingly confrontational approach to Mueller enabled by congressional GOP timidity;
Russian-born businessman Felix Sater has confirmed a bombshell detail in the Russia investigation;
'You should do it': Trump officials encouraged George Papadopoulos's foreign outreach, documents show;
Data Firm Tied to Trump Campaign Talked Business With Russians; U.S., U.K. Lawmakers Target Facebook in Political Data Harvesting;
Cambridge Analytica caught on video boasting about lying, dirty tricks;
According to former employee Bannon oversaw Cambridge Analytica's collection of Facebook data; Bannon claims he didn't know about Facebook data mining;
Trump tweets H.R. McMaster is out as national security adviser, will be replaced by former U.N. ambassador John Bolton;
F.B.I. Investigated Sessions for Possible Perjury Over Russia Denials;
Trump attorney accuses Stormy Daniels of violating nondisclosure agreement 20 times, claims right to seek $20 million in damages;
Lawyers for Stormy Daniels, Michael Cohen erupt at each other: 'You're gonna go down in flames';
Judge allows former 'Apprentice' contestant's defamation suit against Trump to proceed, potentially opening him to discovery;
Trump congratulates Putin on his reelection, discusses U.S.-Russian 'arms race'; Trump's national security advisers warned him not to congratulate Putin. He did it anyway;
Trump is furious and the White House is stunned over a damaging leak about his call with Putin;
Retired Army General says Jared Kushner a 'Huge Threat' to U.S. Foreign Policy;
Trump prepared to hit China with $60 billion in tariffs by Friday, doubling aides' earlier proposal in escalation of trade tensions;
Trump takes first step to launch crackdown on China trade with $50 billion in tariffs on imported products;
Be rational, not emotional, China tells Trump as trade war looms; China threatens to raise tariffs on about $3 billion of U.S. imports if two sides fail to resolve trade dispute;
GOP pushes to change Senate rules for Trump; Democrats balk as Republicans try to use must-pass spending bill to fix tax law;
Congressional leaders unveil $1.3 trillion spending deal as shutdown looms; Key highlights Key highlights of the spending bill;
Trump tells Senate Republicans he supports health subsidies in budget bill;
In late-night drama, Senate passes $1.3 trillion spending bill, averting government shutdown; After earlier veto threat Trump to sign $1.3 trillion spending bill;
After backing $1.5 trillion tax cuts, these GOP lawmakers are suddenly concerned about the debt;
Trump and the Truth: A President Tests His Own Credibility;
White House Job Requirement: Signing a Nondisclosure Agreement; Trump won't release his NDAs. That's secrecy in the service of secrecy;
Jared Kushner's Company Filed False NYC Paperwork About its Buildings and Pushed Out Tenants;
How McConnell and Chao used political power to make their family rich;
Attorney says Roy Moore supporters offered him $10,000 to discredit client who accused the Senate candidate of sexual impropriety;
U.S. Supreme Court rejects Arizona challenge to 'Dreamers' program; GOP Indiana gov signs bill to let Dreamers get state licenses;
Supreme Court decline to block new Pennsylvania House map in boost to Democrats; Pennsylvania GOP moves to oust judges over gerrymandering decision;
Iowa Republicans finalize $35M in midyear budget cuts;
Miss. governor appoints Cindy Hyde-Smith to the Senate - and draws a backlash from the White House;
More than 187,000 U.S. students have been exposed to gun violence at school since 1999;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
Facebook's rules for accessing user data lured more than just Cambridge Analytica; Security risks associated with web apps;
The Dark Web: How much is your bank account worth? Email fraud warning: Now hackers want your data as well as your money;
Poisoning of Russian ex-spy puts spotlight on Moscow's secret military labs; Russian Judge Rejects Telegram's Effort to Block Access to User Data;
'Guccifer,' Hacker Behind Leak of DNC Emails, Linked to Russian Military;
Budget bill likely would end Supreme Court email search case; 'CLOUD Act' Would Impact How Law Enforcement Uses Online Data;
What Border Agents Say They Want (It's Not a Wall);
Army Creating New Command To Get New Weapons In Soldiers' Hands Faster; Defending military vehicles against cyberattacks;
Cryptographic crumpling: The encryption 'middle ground' for government surveillance;
Israeli Security Attacks AMD by Publishing Zero-Day Exploits; Hijacking Computers for Cryptocurrency Mining;
Reverse Engineering the Cuban Sonic Weapon;
Facebook security chief said to be leaving company;
Math and science
How Driverless Cars See the World Around Them;
NASA Research Engineer Explores Lifespan Of Materials In Space;
Underground Railroad refuge for hundreds of slaves discovered in Philadelphia;
The giant garbage dump floating in the Pacific is now three times the size of France;
Turing Award goes to computer chip inventors;
Twitter for Scientists: an Idea Whose Time Has Finally Come;
Web and computing issues
Facebook faces blame in Cambridge Analytica scandal; Facebook, Cambridge Analytica and Trump: What you need to know;
Facebook bans Trump campaign's analytics firm for taking user data; Why One Academic Filed a Claim Against Cambridge Analytica to Get His Own Data;
Tumblr confirms 84 Russian accounts were used to spread disinformation; How Researchers Learned to Use Facebook 'Likes' to Sway Your Thinking;
Securing Facebook: Keep your data safe with these privacy settings; How to quit Facebook once and for all;
Study: Social Media, Personal Technology Killing Productivity; Manage What You Can't See: No Magic Required;
Eight things your phone's camera can do-other than snapping selfies;
AT&T, Time Warner battle DOJ for the future of streaming video;
Columnist Criticizes "Awful" Automobile Dashboard Technology;
SC News and Politics
South Carolina Gov. Says Offshore Drilling Puts Tourism Economy At Risk;
Ethics reform may be dead this year, despite public support; House wants income tax reform to conform; Narrow gun reform measure inches forward in Senate;
Virginia utility: South Carolina customers would pay $4B;

Business and Economics
Fed raises interest rates to highest level in a decade, raising costs for borrowers and easing off efforts to stimulate the economy; Back to the Health Policy Drawing Board;
Most Americans Produce Services, Not Stuff. Trump Ignores That in Talking About Trade; 'World Upside Down': As Trump Pushes Tariffs, Latin America Links Up;
Treasury official backtracks after saying he'd ended economic talks with China; China plans tariffs on U.S. agriculture exports in response to U.S.;
U.S. Exempts Some Allies From Tariffs, but May Opt for Quotas; US Steel Tariffs, Chinese Trade Battle Risk Disrupting New Wave Of US LNG Expansion;
Smuggling of U.S. Technology Is Outpacing Cold War Levels;
Why does Saudi Arabia want to spend billions to enrich its own uranium;
U.K. Reaches Brexit Transition Deal With E.U.; Europe's Planned Digital Tax Heightens Tensions With U.S.;
A Curveball From the New Tax Law: It Makes Baseball Trades Harder;
Next Generation Of Battery Storage Ready To Be Commercialized;
Analysis Examines How Automakers Can Compete In Coming Mobility Ecosystem; GM Investing $100 Million In Two Plants To Produce Cruise AV;
Surprise Inspections Find Safety Problems On Offshore Platforms, Drilling Rigs;
Public-Private Partnership Needed To Enhance Electric Grid Security; GOP Senators Criticize Proposed Cuts To Energy Research;
Georgia Public Service Commission Approves Dominion Energy-SCANA Combination; South Carolina utility paid investors $529 million;
New Medicare Cards Are Coming. Here's Everything You Should Know About Them;
Trump's decision to fire McCabe 48 hours before his 50th birthday could cost him an estimated $60,000 a year over the next 5 years - here's how it works;
Your Investments: When to Sell and When to Hold; The Most Motivating Financial Chart I've Ever Seen;
DowDupont Stock-Split History;
Other news
Why CEOs Like Rex Tillerson Fail in Washington;
Tempe Police Say Uber Vehicle Probably Not At Fault In Fatality;
The Hot-Button Supreme Court Case That Could Explode the Culture Wars;

Teagle Foundation's New President: Private Universities Have Public Responsibilities; Studies Examine Relationship Between Class Size And Teaching Effectiveness;
Why Relentless Administrative Turnover Makes It Hard for Us to Do Our Jobs; Rethinking Laptop Bans and Note Taking;
These Programs Would See Funding Increases in the New Congressional Spending Deal;
A University of Wisconsin campus pushes plan to drop 13 majors - including English, history and philosophy;
Graduates With A Master's Degree In Computer Science Can Earn More Than MBAs;
DeVos Stresses Federal Primacy In Student Loan Servicer Regulation; Some States Block Renewal Of Professional Licenses For Falling Behind On Student Loan Payments;
Trump's presidency has prompted Trump's presidency has prompted a new, nationwide college course on why democracies collapse;
Chinese Firms Increasingly Buying US Colleges;
How One University Bounced Back From a Hurricane in 17 Days;
How Much Can a University Make of a March Madness Cinderella Story; A Fair Wage for Elite Athletes: How About $750,000;
Big-Time College Basketball in the Cross Hairs; Defiant in the face of an FBI investigation, fired Louisville coach Rick Pitino wants back into coaching;

TechNews for the week: March 16; March 14; March 12;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Syrian Kurds: U.S. Allies, but Followers of Leader Jailed as Terrorist; Amid onslaught by Syrian forces, thousands stream out of Damascus suburb;
Taliban Briefly Take Afghan District as Security Worsens; 'The Taliban is in the city': Secretive raids with U.S. forces launched to stop Kabul attacks;
Planning Begins for Kim Jong-un Meeting Some Trump Aides Believe Will Never Happen;
Defense secretary Defense secretary declines to answer questions on meeting between Trump and Kim Jong Un;
China moves to allow Xi Jinping to rule indefinitely;
Israel's Netanyahu accused of stoking 'fake' crisis to force poll ;
Netanyahu claims the Palestinian Authority pay $350 million a year to 'terrorists and their families'. It's a definitional problem;
Israeli parliament endorses 'nation-state bill' for first reading; Israel demolished 5,000 homes in Jerusalem;
Saudis Said to Use Coercion and Abuse to Seize Billions;
Britain to expel 23 Russian diplomats after ex-spy poisoning; U.S., France and Germany join Britain in saying Russia likely responsible for use of nerve agent against former spy;
Putin condemned for saying Jews may have manipulated U.S. election;
Nikki Haley wants to cut aid to poor countries who challenge the U.S;
Ivanka Trump Complained Jared Kushner Was Being Embarrassed By John Kelly;
The E.P.A Chief Wanted a Climate Science Debate. Trump's Chief of Staff Stopped Him; Trump Administration Asks Court To Dismiss Lawsuit From EPA Scientists;
Out of Public View, Trumps and Kushners Are Talking Business;
Trump ousts Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, will replace him with CIA Director Mike Pompeo; Trump plans to remove McMaster as national security adviser;
Tillerson, in first comments since firing, praises State Department staff and announces his departure at end of March;
CIA nominee Gina Haspel is tied to use of brutal interrogation measures;
Kudlow to be top White House economic adviser as Trump adds longtime loyalist; Trump fires WH assistant John McEntee, who promptly rejoins Trump's campaign;
Trump may hire multiple cable news personalities as part of shake-up;
ICE spokesman resigns, citing fabrications by agency chief, Sessions about Calif. immigrant arrests;
As '60 Minutes' Prepares Stormy Daniels Interview, Lawyers Battle; Stormy Daniels friend describes listening in on her phone calls with Trump;
New document shows Second lawyer tied to Trump was involved in court action to keep Stormy Daniels quiet;
A Trump spokesman just said something about collusion that he might come to regret;
Surprising revelations in Democrats' new Trump Russia report; Republicans on House panel, excluding Democrats' input, say there's no evidence of Russia collusion;
Roger Stone claimed contact with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in 2016, according to two associates;
White House White House vows to help arm teachers, backs off call to raise minimum age to buy some guns; Conceding to N.R.A., Trump Abandons Brief Gun Control Promise;
Gun-trained teacher accidentally discharges firearm in Calif. classroom, injuring student;
Trump Cabinet members accused of living large at taxpayer expense; Scott Pruitt's $25,000 soundproof phone booth? It actually cost more like $43,000;
Emails Contradict Ben Carson's Claims About $31,000 Dining Set for Office;
Senate passes rollback of Dodd-Frank banking rules put in place after 2008 financial crisis;
At Pennsylvania rally, Trump again calls for the death penalty for drug dealers;
In fundraising speech, Trump says he made up information in meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau; Transcript of Trumps remarks at fundraiser in Missouri;
Conor Lamb Wins Pennsylvania House Seat, Giving Democrats a Map for Trump Country;
Kris Kobach's 'expert' witnesses undercut his argument on voter fraud;
GOP confronts another failed tax experiment in Oklahoma;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
March Crypto-Gram Newsletter, AI, the Encryption Debate, Protecting Consumers' Online Data;
U.S. blames Russia for cyber attacks on energy grid; U.S. Lawmakers Revise Bill on Chinese Acquisition of Sensitive Technology;
A Cyberattack in Saudi Arabia Had a Deadly Goal. Experts Fear Another Try;
Sophisticated malware attacks through routers; 'Slingshot' Malware Called 'Well-Oiled Cyber-Espionage Platform';
Security researchers find flaws in AMD chips but raise eyebrows with rushed disclosure;
The 600+ Companies PayPal Shares Your Data With;
Greyshift Sells Phone Unlocking Services; E-Mailing Private HTTPS Keys; Artificial Intelligence and the Attack/Defense Balance;
Despite False Positives, Biometrics Ranks as a Top Authentication Tool;
Math and science
National Academies Endorse Climate Change Report; The fast-melting Arctic is already messing with the ocean's circulation;
Quiet White House Science Office Stirs Fears but Also Raises Some Hopes;
Israeli startup IVO can turn any vehicle into an autonomous vehicle; Kitty Hawk, backed by Google co-founder Larry Page, unveils pilotless flying taxi;
Web and computing issues
Federal Election Commission Writing New Rules for Online Ads;
Facebook Takes Down Pages for Anti-Islamic Group Britain First; Reaches Agreement with U.K. Over WhatsApp Privacy;
Why software licenses are so complicated and what you can do about them;
Google's Security Sweep for Apps;
SC News and Politics
Doubling Charleston parking meter rates will hurt F&B the most;

Business and Economics
Are Wage Gains Picking Up? Stalling? Questionable Data Makes It Hard to Say; New talent hard to come by for space companies;
G.O.P. Rushed to Pass Tax Overhaul. Now It May Need to Be Altered;
The real reason the U.S. spends twice as much on health care as other wealthy countries; One State's Quest to Introduce Long-Term Care Benefits;
Trump's tariffs are both threatening and familiar in steel hub of Germany's once-communist east;
Oil Industry Pushes Back Against Steel, Aluminum Tariffs; U.S. Energy Pipeline Developers To Request Exemptions From Steel Tariff;
Trump orders larger tariffs to punish China for stealing trade secrets;
Trump blocks Broadcom's $117 billion bid for Qualcomm out of national security concerns, a highly unusual move; Why Trump blocked Qualcomm-Broadcom: It's all about 5G;
Trump Administration Seeking To Speed Up Action On ANWR Leases; Administration Rolling Back Offshore Drilling Safety Rules;
Pruitt Says California 'Can't Dictate To The Rest Of The Country' On Fuel Emissions;
Google's Autonomous Trucks To Start Making Deliveries In Atlanta; Lyft Plans Autonomous Vehicle Tests; GM To Invest $100M In Facilities To Produce Autonomous Vehicles;
Company Provides Satellite Imagery To Farmers;
British Finance Minister Proposes Taxing Global Digital Firms;
Ed Yardeni: Why This Bull Market Can't Be Stopped;
The Big 6 Canadian Banks: Worthwhile Long-Term Investments;
Dominion Energy and SCANA Corp. Merger: What Investors Need to Know;
Other news
She saw anti-immigration politicians as hypocrites. So she launched 'resistance genealogy';

Numbers did the talking. Education got lost in noise; Changing the Curriculum Is Hard. So Is Measuring Its Success;
Report: More International Students Are Choosing Other Countries for Study Abroad; Universities Express Concern About Shrinking Number Of Student Visas;
Education Department's Report On First-Generation Students Shows Enrollment Decline; Education Dept. Stops Providing Details on Resolved Title IX Cases;
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos stumbles during pointed '60 Minutes' interview; Why it was so easy for '60 Minutes' to rebut DeVos's charter-school arguments;
Nine controversial - and highly revealing - things Betsy DeVos has said;
Education Dept. Wants to Block States' Student-Loan Rules; Military Groups Say Proposed PROSPER Changes Would Hurt Them;
University Of Pittsburgh Geography Professor Uses Drones To Boost Students' Interest; IBM Is Looking To Sign Up Over 40,000 Teachers For Its Teachers Try Science Program;
Trump Finds Unlikely Culprit in School Shootings: Obama Discipline Policies;
For-Profit College Sector Undergoing Changes Amid Less Strict Regulatory Environment;
Tennessee State Lawmakers Consider Granting In-State Tuition To Undocumented Immigrants;
College Students Want Free Speech - Sort Of; A Former Neo-Nazi Lays Bare the Campus Strategy of White Supremacists;
How the NCAA's March Madness Windfall Makes Its Way to Colleges;

TechNews for the week: March 9; March 7; March 5;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Robert Mueller demands witness 'hand over all documents mentioning Trump and his part of entourage'; 2nd Steele Memo: Russia 'Blocked' Mitt Romney as Sec of State;
Former Trump aide Sam Nunberg says he will refuse to go before grand jury; After speaking with The Post, Nunberg talks to MSNBC, CNN in even more unfiltered interviews;
Mueller has examined episodes involving Michael Cohen, Trump's longtime lawyer;
Mueller said to have evidence that 2017 Seychelles meeting was an effort to establish back-channel between Kremlin and Trump administration;
Trump Spoke to Witnesses About Matters They Discussed With Special Counsel;
Trump and the Russians: A new book describes how it all began - at a Las Vegas nightclub;
Days before the election, Stormy Daniels threatened to cancel deal to keep alleged affair with Trump secret;
Porn actress Stormy Daniels sues Trump, says hush agreement is null because he didn't sign it; Trump Lawyer Obtained Restraining Order to Silence Stormy Daniels;
How Trump's alleged affair with a porn star spilled into public view; New evidence that the $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels may have violated election law;
Trump 'Very Unhappy' With Sarah Huckabee Sanders for Revealing Stormy Daniels Involvement;
Jared Kushner Backed Qatar Blockade a Month After Qataris Wouldn't Finance His Property;
Netanyahu Says Kushner Can Broker Peace Between Israel and Palestinians Because of Real Estate Experience; Israel's 'dreamers' wait in limbo as deportations loom;
Trump welcomes embattled Netanyahu as corruption probe follows Israeli leader to Washington;
Kim Jong Un holds first direct talks with delegation from South Korea;
North Korea suggests talks with U.S. possible on cutting nuclear program, says South Korean envoy after meeting with Kim Jong Un;
North Korea foils sanctions with an intricate shell game at sea;
China boosts defense budget seeking 'world-class' military, but tells neighbors not to worry;
Saudi crown prince sees a new axis of 'evil' in the Middle East; Kurds pull back from ISIS fight in Syria, saying U.S. 'let us down';
Italy's election is another blow to the European establishment;
Brazil's angry millennials are forming their own tea party and Occupy movements;
Trump's tariffs will temporarily exempt Canada and Mexico, with extensions possible depending on NAFTA negotiations;
Gary Cohn, Trump's top economic adviser, resigns amid differences on trade policy; Trump says steel imports are a threat to national security. The defense industry disagrees;
House speaker Ryan splits with Trump on trade as Republicans in Congress move to block planned tariffs;
The story behind Trump's tariff decision and how the Washington establishment is losing the battle to little-known advisers;
The White House wants answers on video games and gun violence;
Justice Dept. urges Congress to rewrite law that handcuffed DEA's opioid enforcement;
Justice Department plans to sue California over its 'sanctuary' laws that help protect undocumented immigrants from deportation;
Administration Looks To Congress To Fund Infrastructure Plan;
Role of Social Security acting chief violated law after Nov. 17; Watchdog says Top Trump aide Kellyanne Conway violated Hatch Act;
Trump faces one of his most consequential conflicts of interest yet; The showdown over the Trump Panama hotel may have just ended, with the ouster of the Trump Organization;
Kansas voting rights trial has national implications; Court asks Kansas to prove voter fraud before allowing registration law;
All the Ways Kris Kobach Has Already Lied to the Court That's Overseeing His Kansas Voter Fraud Trial;
How the Spoils Were Doled Out to Trump Campaign Workers and Allies;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
Homeland Security's own IT security Homeland Security's own IT security is a hot mess; Senators Ask Voting Equipment Companies About Russian Access;
New documents reveal FBI paid Geek Squad repair staff as informants; FBI Treats 'Victim Companies as Victims' in Cyber Attacks;
SonicWall Reports Malware Attacks Up, Ransomware Attacks Down in 2017; New DDoS Reflection-Attack Variant;
"Obscure American Startup" Claims It Can Unlock iPhones; Extracting Secrets from Machine Learning Systems;
Security Vulnerabilities in Smart Contracts; Computer security and the intimate partner threat;
The push to make local justice data shareable;
Math and science
Tiangong-1: China's Out-of-Control Space Station Will Crash Into Earth in Just Weeks, Likely to Hit Northern U.S. States;
China's Huawei Is at Center of Fight Over 5G's Future; Why Companies and Countries Are Battling for Ascendancy in 5G;
Boeing Believes Flying Cars Will Happen "Faster Than Any Of Us Understand"; New Laser Technology Allows Autonomous Vehicles To Navigate Around Corners;
Web and computing issues
Five New Ways to Prove It's Really You Logging into Personal Accounts;
Washington Governor Signs First State Net Neutrality Law;
The 6 best portable battery chargers for smartphones and tablets;
The Most Accurate Weather Apps; How to stream March Madness;
SC News and Politics
Sanford says if a Democratic president were accused of paying porn star hush money, hearings may already be underway;

Business and Economics
U.S. economy creates 313,000 jobs in February; wage growth slows;
Canada, top exporter of steel and aluminum to U.S., 'flabbergasted' by Trump's tariff proposals; Europe and Canada may retaliate against bourbon, Harleys and Levi's jeans;
Trump threatens European carmakers with stiff tariffs, escalating trade war; European Union plans to tax tech giants on local revenue;
DowDuPont Says Trump Steel Tariffs Hurt Case for New U.S. Plants; Trump may prosper from tariffs even if this Ohio steel town doesn't;
Shortly before Trump announced tariffs, his former adviser dumped millions in steel-related stocks;
Trump blames 'bad policies & leadership' for manufacturing losses since 'Bush 1';
These Companies Started Laying Off Employees Right After Taking Trump's Tax Cuts;
10 years after financial crisis, Senate prepares to roll back banking rules; Trump rolls back consumer protection, to the delight of Wall Street;
Senate bill could allow 2 top banks to keep billions less on hand as buffer against collapse;
Fidelity puts 6 million savers on risky path to retirement; Business Groups Tout Gas Tax Hike To House Subcommittee;
Trump says American workers are hurt by immigration. But after ICE raided this Texas town, they never showed up;
Department Of Interior Documents Show Original Focus On Oil Exploration In National Monument Land;
Interior Plan To Expand Offshore Drilling Draws Bicoastal Opposition; Interior Secretary Starts Backing Off Drilling Plan Amid GOP Resistance;
Mining Exploration Is Making Comeback After Four-Year Slump; Oklahoma Wind Farms Key To Sustainable Energy Future;
Uber Transports Freight Using Self-Driving Trucks In Arizona;
Trump Administration Stalls Broadcom's Bid for Qualcomm;
Other news
No longer sports' dirty little secret, tanking is on full display and impossible to contain;
The gall of Trump's potential obstruction of justice;

Ohio State Seeks to Shore Up the Sophomore Year; New Fellowship Seeks to Help Tenure-Track Faculty Members Elevate Teaching;
States Push Back Against Potential ED Plan To Protect Student Loan Servicers; Student Loan Servicers Collecting From Borrowers Awaiting Forgiveness;
ED Continuing Considering Changes To Gainful Employment Rule; Purdue Gets Final Approval to Buy For-Profit Kaplan;
Upset Over Tweet, Teachers Say Betsy DeVos Doesn't Know What a Modern Classroom Looks Like;
U. of Wisconsin at Stevens Point Proposes Cutting 13 Programs, Mostly in Liberal Arts; Enrollment in Most Foreign-Language Programs Continues to Fall;
The American Campus, Under Siege; 'Nazis go home!' Fights break out at Michigan State as protesters, white supremacists converge for Richard Spencer speech;
Colleges Rush to Ride Data-Science Wave; Non-Scientific Americans Want Kids Getting into Science;
These Ph.D. Programs Pay More Than Lip Service to Alternative Careers;

TechNews for the week: March 2; February 28; February 26;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
U.N. Security Council approves Syrian cease-fire resolution after one of the war's bloodiest periods; Russia fires back after Syrian rebel's criticism;
Women Are Free, and Armed, in Kurdish-Controlled Northern Syria;
Putin boasts of new Russian nuclear weapons; Experts say U.S.-Russia relations get colder as Kremlin sees Trump as 'lost cause';
Pentagon looks to adjust missile defense policy to include threats from Russia, China ;
Palestinians Slam U.S. Embassy Move Planned For Their Day Of 'Disaster'; Sacred Jerusalem church shuttered in dispute with Israeli authorities;
Israel's justice minister explains why Trump is good for her West Bank plan; Israel's battle between religious and secular Jews escalates with ban on Saturday shopping;
Police quiz Netanyahu, wife under caution in graft case; Prosecutors directly link Netanyahu to another graft probe;
European allies scramble to satisfy Iran nuclear deal's critic in chief;
South Korean presidential office says North Korea has expressed willingness to talk to the United States;
The Democratic memo rebutting Republican claims of FBI surveillance abuse has been released. Read the document here;
2 Weeks After Trump Blocked It, Democrats' Rebuttal of G.O.P. Memo Is Released; What we learned from the Democratic response to the Nunes memo - and what we didn't;
At CPAC, Trump's campaign returned. In fact, it never ended; Trump's former digital advisor will manage his re-election bid;
Special counsel moves to drop tax, bank fraud charges against Rick Gates; Pro-Russia GOP Congressman Features Prominently In Trump Aide's Plea Document;
Trump's apparent efforts to oust Sessions last summer are said to be a focus of the special counsel's Russia probe;
Foreign officials have discussed manipulating White House adviser Jared Kushner via his business arrangements;
Security clearances downgraded for Kushner and other White House officials; Jared Kushner's concerns include an impending $1.2 billion company debt;
President Trump Asked Chief Of Staff To Remove Ivanka And Jared Kushner;
After call with Trump turns testy over border wall, Mexico's president shelves plan to visit White House;
Supreme Court declines to enter controversy over 'dreamers,' rejects Trump administration's request to review lower court rulings;
President Trump's consistent misrepresentation of how the diversity visa lottery works; Questions linger about how Melania Trump, a Slovenian model, scored 'the Einstein visa';
NRA lashes out at boycotts as more corporations sever ties; Obstacles - and silence - on Capitol Hill even as clamor for new gun laws grows;
Trump stops short of full endorsement of gun proposals;
Georgia Republicans honor their threat to punish Delta for cutting ties with NRA; Republican congressman says the Holocaust happened because Jews were unarmed;
Trump Administration Official Demoted After Refusing to Break Law Over Redecorating Ben Carson's Office; HUD tries to cancel order for $31,000 dining set;
Melania Trump Parts Ways With Adviser Amid Backlash Over Inaugural Contract; Four Commerce Department appointees lose their posts after problems in background checks;
Senator Hatch:Obamacare fans the 'stupidest, dumbass people I've ever met,';
Mike Pence Suggests Legal Abortions In U.S. Could End 'In Our Time';
Trump rips Sessions's 'DISGRACEFUL' decision on probe of alleged FISA abuses;
Trump's longest-serving aide, Hope Hicks, resigns in White House 'shocker'; Amid disarray in White House, sources confirm McMaster may soon depart;
'Every day is a new adventure': Trump upends Washington and Wall Street with shifts on trade, guns;
Sarah Huckabee Sanders clarifies: Trump said lots of stuff this week he might not mean;
These provocative images show Russian trolls sought to inflame debate over climate change, fracking and Dakota pipeline;
Maine governor proposes another voter ID bill;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
Russian spies hacked the Olympics and tried to make it look like North Korea did it; Apple to Store Encryption Keys in China;
Europe Wants Terrorist Content Online Taken Down in One Hour; Cyber Command Nominee Calls U.S. 'Cyber Punching Bag of the World';
Equifax's massive 2017 data breach keeps getting worse;
E-Mail Leaves an Evidence Trail;
Cellebrite Unlocks iPhones for the US Government;
Math and science
Oldest known cave paintings yield big surprise: Neanderthals may have been first artists;
Researchers Detect Signals From Universe's Earliest Stars; The moon may have formed inside the early Earth;
Spring is running 20 days early. It's exactly what we expect, but it's not good;
U Michigan Computer Scientist Sheds Light On Cuban "Sonic Attack" Mystery;
The Simple Algorithm That Ants Use to Build Bridges;
How 360-degree camera makers have changed direction;
Web and computing issues
Apple to Start Hosting Chinese Users' Accounts in Chinese Data Centers; Bahrain Court Sentences Democracy Advocate to Five Years for Tweets;
German Court Says Google Doesn't Have to Review Links;
Court Rules for FTC in Suit Against AT&T Over Internet Throttling; AT&T Expresses Opposition To Internet "Fast Lanes And Slow Lanes";
How to turn off Facebook's new facial recognition feature;
Goodbye, Wikispaces;

Business and Economics
Trump announces global tariffs on steel and aluminum in major escalation of administration's campaign to overhaul U.S. trade policy;
Dow drops more than 500 points after announcement; GOP Furious, Investors 'Shaken" As Trump Announces Steel, Aluminum Tariffs;
China weighs whether to retaliate over Trump's tariff hikes; China grumbles at tariffs but isn't expected to start a trade war over them;
Trump insists 'trade wars are good, and easy to win' after vowing new tariffs; 'Declaration of war': European officials offer brutal responses to Trump tariffs;
Washington's Fight Over Taxes Is Only Beginning; Conservative Groups Urge Congress to Oppose Online Sales Tax Bill;
Trump's Tax Cuts in Hand, Companies Spend More on Themselves Than on Wages; Democrats' predictions about the GOP tax cut are coming true;
Overdue US credit card debt hits 7-year high at $11.9bn;
No progress for African Americans on homeownership, unemployment and incarceration in 50 years;
Chinese manufacturing activity hits 19-month low in February; Lower Oil Prices Force Saudis to Widen Their Circle of Friends;
Behind a Key Anti-Labor Case, a Web of Conservative Donors; Conservative Supreme Court justices take aim at union fees;
In a blow to AT&T, federal judges have rejected 'the loophole that could've swallowed the Internet';
Gallup Poll: 54% Of US Adults "Unlikely" To Ride In Autonomous Vehicles; California DMV Eliminates Rules Requiring Presence Of Drivers With Autonomous Vehicle Tests;
District Judge Orders Administration To Reinstate Obama-Era Methane Rule;
Trump's Claims On US Solar Panels Aren't Supported By Facts; Report Finds Florida's Solar Energy Remains Below Average;
Judge Explains Order Halting Louisiana Pipeline Construction;
DowDuPont announces names for spinoff companies;
Goldman Sachs: Stock Market May Plunge 25% as Yields Soar;
IRS releases tool that lets you make sure your employer isn't messing up your taxes;
Other news
The 20 Greatest Pitchers Of All-Time;
Why the poor don't vote to soak the rich;
Trump trades Twitter jabs with 'Alex' Baldwin;

Developmental Education Reform Leaves Lawmakers Torn; PROSPER Act Threatens To Increase College Costs;
Colleges Can't Completely Shield Undocumented Students if DACA Lapses. Here's What They Can Do;
Why Are West Virginia's Teachers Not in School? Statewide Walkouts Explained;
Two Major Student Loan Servicers Merge; New Entity Will Process Nearly Half Of Payments; DeVos May Declare Federal Student Loan Servicers Immune From State Action.;
Wisconsin-Superior Leaders Mulled Their Ability to Skirt Shared Governance in Cutting Programs; Tennessee System Renews Call for Post-Tenure Review;
Business Schools Have No Business in the University;
Arming the Faculty: a Few Questions;
Education Dept. Opens New Investigation Into Michigan State's Handling of Nassar Scandal; U. of Texas President Will Repay $27,000 for Expensive Flights;