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TechNews for the week: August 31; August 29; August 27;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
John McCain, Senator And Former Republican Presidential Nominee, Dies at 81;
McCain's death marks changing of the guard with potentially enormous consequences for holding Trump accountable;
White House aides wanted to issue a statement praising McCain as a 'hero.' Trump nixed the idea and posted a brief tweet instead;
Washington lauds McCain as one of America's 'bravest souls,' Trump absent; Arizona candidate groused about McCain family before he died;
North Korea accuses U.S. of plotting invasion while talking with 'a smile on its face'; North Korea tells U.S. denuclearization talks may fall apart;
Trump is blaming China for North Korea impasse; Pentagon May Restart Major War Games Amid Rising Tensions With North Korea;
Pause in Military Drills, Ordered by Trump, Leaves South Koreans Uneasy;
Israel to reopen Erez border crossing with Gaza; Trump administration plans to cancel all U.S. funding of the United Nations aid program for Palestinian refugees;
Dozens of Palestinians hurt in anti-Israel protests in Gaza, West Bank; Israel says won't be bound by post-war deals on Syria;
Saudi coalition 'may have committed war crimes' in Yemen; War Crimes Report on Yemen Accuses Saudi Arabia and U.A.E.;
In Tacit Rebuke, U.S. Embassy in South Africa Rejects Trump Tweet;
The United States is denying passports to Americans along the border, throwing their citizenship into question;
Federal judge rules against Texas request to end 'Dreamers' program;
The three illegal acts that may have helped Trump win the presidency;
'He can't get rid of any of this': Trump's wall of secrecy erodes amid growing legal challenges; Trump's War on the Justice System Threatens to Erode Trust in the Law;
Trump's biggest legal danger is from US prosecutors in New York, not Mueller; Giuliani's telling admission: All that matters is that Mueller is undermined;
On second thought: Trump, Cohen lawyers stumble on facts; Could Trump's Missing Signature Force Him to Testify?
Bruce Ohr Fought Russian Organized Crime. Now He's a Target of Trump;
U.S. judge gives partial win to prosecution ahead of Manafort's second trial; Judges side with Mueller, nix Russian joint appeal bid;
Did Trump just admit that he tried to fire Mueller and Sessions? White House Counsel Donald McGahn will leave his job in the fall;
Lawyer tries Trump argument that flippers should be outlawed;
In guilty plea, American political consultant agreed he steered an illegal foreign donation to Donald Trump's inauguration;
In a new Post-ABC poll, 60 percent disapprove of Trump while majorities back Mueller's probe and think Sessions shouldn't be fired;
Judge delivers victory to federal employee unions, overturning key parts of Trump executive orders; Trump's Power to Fire Federal Workers Curtailed by Judge;
Democrats weaken 'superdelegates' in effort to avoid another bitter presidential primary;
Judges say N.C. congressional districts unconstitutionally gerrymandered to help GOP; new districts may be required before November;
North Carolina Republicans' long track record of unconstitutional laws; Judges' Ruling on Election Map Plunges North Carolina Politics Into Disarray;
Trump calls North Carolina redistricting ruling 'unfair'; Trump warned evangelical leaders of 'violence' from the left if Republicans lose the midterms;
C.I.A. Officer-Turned-Candidate Says Paul Ryan PAC Obtained Her Security Application; GOP fires off a misleading attack on the investments of Claire McCaskill's husband;
White House says paperwork revoking former CIA chief Brennan's security clearance 'delayed';
FBI pushes back on unfounded Trump claim that China hacked Hillary Clinton's email;
Trump claims, without evidence, that NBC was 'caught fudging' TV interview with him;
Trump relies on his cable news cabinet as much as the real one; 'Totally dishonest': Trump asserts only he can be trusted over opponents and 'fake news';
Homeland Security staffer with white nationalist ties attended White House immigration policy meetings;
Trump Volunteer Tries To Block Journalist From Photographing Protester At Rally;
Kushner Cos. fined $210K by New York for false documents;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
CSIS report: Future Cyberwar;
Russian NotPetya worm; Even the Russian military uses free malware; Russia Trying New Approach to Block Some Online Services;
CIA Network Exposed through Insecure Communications System;
Iranian Influence Operation Online Larger Than Previously Known; U.S. warns of Chinese espionage campaign on LinkedIn;
Georgia under fire over vulnerable voting machines; The agency created to protect elections is broken;
Researchers Discover Computer Screens Emit Sounds that Reveal Data;
Math and science
Why liars lie: What science tells us about deception; Scientists Reveal the Number of Times You're Actually Conscious Each Minute;
Climate change could render many of Earth's ecosystems unrecognizable;
CU engineers develop shape-shifting material; God Is in the Machine; The Paradox of Karl Popper;
West Virginia State University Honors NASA Mathematician Katherine Johnson;
Run Healthy Forever: Drills and Recovery Advice for a Lifetime of Pain-Free Running;
Web and computing issues
Trump says without evidence that Google 'rigged' searches against him; Hatch Asks FTC to Investigate Google Over 'Dominant Position in Search';
Trump Administration 'Taking a Look At' Regulating Google Search Results; Trump Changes Course, Signals No Probe of Google for Search Results;
Trump unblocks more Twitter critics after free speech ruling;
Instagram Adds Tools to Fight Spread of Misinformation;
Bucking privacy trends, Yahoo scanning mail for ad data; Firefox data shows we're blocking ad trackers now, not just ads;
Miss Windows 95? You can now download it as a free app; JP Morgan to unveil new free investing app;
SC News and Politics
The Citadel will delay renovation of Johnson Hagood Stadium's east side; Citadel employee accused of criminal sexual conduct with former cadet;
SC attorney general opposes federal court ruling that extended protections to transgender people;

Business and Economics
Trump Cancels Automatic Pay Raises for Federal Workers in 2019;
Look for One-Percent Solutions to Tame Health Care Spending; Trump administration to pay New York, Minnesota close to half a billion dollars for lost health-care funds;
Manafort, Cohen cases reveal weaknesses in enforcement of tax and election laws;
Trump announces separate U.S.-Mexico trade agreement, instead of NAFTA, but says Canada may join later; The Truth About Trump's 'Tremendous' New Trade Deal;
Energy Industry Cautiously Optimistic Over Tentative US-Mexico NAFTA Deal;
After talks with Canada falter, Trump to advance preliminary Mexico trade deal on NAFTA; Trump to Back $200 Billion China Tariffs as Early as Next Week;
Steel stocks are getting whacked after Trump expands tariff exemptions for 3 countries; Punishing Russian businesses becomes a headache at Treasury;
California Passes Legislation Requiring Carbon-Free Electricity By 2045;
General Electric Arm Unveils Products For Grid Modernization; Political Hurdles Stand In Way Of Los Angeles Using The Hoover Dam As A "Giant Battery";
The Nuclear Power Plant of the Future May Be Floating Near Russia; Maersk To Test Wind Power On Ships;
Pesticide Studies Won E.P.A.'s Trust, Until Trump's Team Scorned 'Secret Science';
Boeing Wins $805 Million US Navy MQ-25A Stingray Tanker Contract;
FirstEnergy Solutions To Close Coal Power Plants In Ohio, Pennsylvania;
Caring for Aging Parents, With an Eye on the Broker Handling Their Savings; Documents you need to bulletproof your wishes after you die;
Letting go of the past for a less cluttered future: Moving into a smaller home;
Other news
Martin Van Buren's emoluments-clause dilemma;

Colleges Say They Prepare Students for a Career, Not Just a First Job; Study Outlines Challenges Faced By Low-Income Working College Students;
A University Took an Uncommonly Close Look at Its Student-Conduct Data. Here's What It Found;
$1.7 Billion Federal Job Training Program Is 'Failing the Students'; Student-Loan Leader at Consumer Watchdog Agency Resigns in Protest;
DeVos Protecting Friends In For-profit Education Business; Woodbury University President Says Ending Gainful Employment Rule Threatens Higher Education System;
How a Liberal-Arts College Is Rethinking Its 'Soul Crushing' Core Curriculum;
Benedict College Eliminating Some Social Science Majors To "Prepare For 21st Century Workforce";
Hard Copy or Electronic Textbooks? Professors Are More Concerned About Keeping Them Affordable;
How to Get the Most Out of a Brief Teaching Workshop; Study: Patterning, Spatial Activities May Help Preschoolers Learn Math;
Big Companies Are Investing in Free College;
West Virginia Commission Seeks Equity for Colleges. But Behind the Scenes, Gordon Gee Pulls Strings;
Justice Dept. Slams Harvard Admissions in Affirmative-Action Filing;
In Russia, a Top University Lacks Just One Thing: Students;
Southern Illinois U. It Won't Tolerate Activism by Athletes in Uniform;

TechNews for the week: August 24; August 22; August 20;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
North Korea Presses Demand for End of War Amid Talk of Pompeo Visit; Trump asks Pompeo to cancel North Korea visit, citing weak progress on denuclearization;
After detente with N. Korea, Trump takes aim at China;
Afghan president offers two-month ceasefire to Taliban leaders;
Israel closes people crossing with Gaza after border violence; Gaza steps back from brink as UN works for stronger Israel-Hamas deal;
Israel calls on U.N. to restore its peacekeepers to Syria border; UN chief proposes options to protect Palestinians; Eight Years Late, Palestinian Mail Arrives in West Bank;
Trump told Jordanian king that one-state solution could lead to Israeli PM named 'Mohammed';
Erdogan capitalizes on Trump's strong-arm attempts to break and isolate Turkey;
Trump's South Africa Tweet Seems to Embrace Racist Narrative on Land Dispute;
Trump doubles down on security clearances, former officials slam move; Former intelligence officials bite back after Trump goes after Brennan's clearance;
White House drafts additional security-clearance cancellations as Trump seeks to punish critics and those involved in Russia probe;
'Revoking' a security clearance is not as simple as Trump made it sound. Battles could play out for years, lawyers say;
Embracing Conspiracy Theory, Trump Escalates Attack on Bruce Ohr;
Paul Manafort guilty on 8 charges, mistrial declared on remaining 10; Trump calls Paul Manafort a 'brave man,' says he refused to 'break' unlike Michael Cohen;
Unsealed Manafort transcripts show juror tensions; mistrial requests denied; Juror says Lone holdout on Manafort jury blocked conviction on all counts;
'How do you spin a fact?' White House grapples with response to Cohen, Manafort convictions; Trump calls Mueller lawyers 'thugs' and 'a National Disgrace!';
Giuliani says Trump sought his lawyers' advice weeks ago on possibility of pardoning Manafort but they counseled against it;
Cohen, Trump's Ex-Lawyer, Investigated for Bank Fraud in Excess of $20 Million;
Trump's longtime lawyer Michael Cohen pleads guilty to eight counts; says he worked to silence two women before 2016 election 'in coordination' with Trump;
Trump's company approved $420,000 in payments to Cohen, relying on 'sham' invoices; The Trump team's narrative on hush money is not just misleading. It's a lie.;
Cohen lawyer Lanny Davis suggests his client has knowledge implicating Trump in 'criminal conspiracy' to hack Democratic emails;
Sarah Huckabee Sanders on whether Trump lied about payment to Stormy Daniels: 'That's a ridiculous accusation';
Cohen Wasn't Alone: Records Suggest Others in Trump Circle Had Role in Hush Money Arrangements;
Trump Organization executive Allen Weisselberg, who allegedly helped arrange hush-money reimbursement to Cohen, granted immunity;
Fox fallout shows why Trump's lawyers don't want Mueller to get an interview;
Mueller prosecutors seek up to six months in prison for George Papadopoulos in Russia probe;
Trump Lawyers' Sudden Realization: They Don't Know What Don McGahn Told Mueller's Team;
GOP fundraiser Elliott Broidy under investigation for alleged effort to sell government influence;
Can Trump enforce an NDA against Omarosa Manigault Newman?
Justice Department seeks to halt lawsuit involving President Trump's business;
Truth-Testing Trump's 250-Plus Attacks on the Russia Inquiry; Trump on Russia probe: 'I could run it if I want';
Trump speechwriter fired amid appearance with white nationalists; Trump adviser Larry Kudlow hosted publisher of website that serves as platform for white nationalism;
As Trump hurls racial invective, most Republicans stay silent;
Rudy Giuliani Stuns NBC's Chuck Todd: 'Truth Isn't Truth'; Rudy Giuliani's Pinocchio-laden interview on 'Meet the Press';
Steve Bannon says GOP must rally behind Trump to survive;
The meeting that changed Republicans' minds about Kavanaugh documents;
Kavanaugh proposed graphic questions for Clinton about the Lewinsky affair; memo shows how much he despised a president accused of behaving badly;
'Everybody would be very poor': Trump predicts stock market would crash if he were impeached;
President Trump inaccurately claims social media companies 'silencing millions';
Sessions pushes back on Trump criticism, says Justice Department 'will not be improperly influenced by political considerations';
By a 3-to-1 margin, Trump supporters embrace his personality over his policies;
What will happen to DACA? Federal court cases could lead to an answer;
The family feud behind the Trump-Cuomo battle: 'Sometimes you have to hold a grudge';
Duncan Hunter overdrew his bank account an average of 3 times a week, every week, for 7 years; embraces the smash-mouth tactics Trump learned from Roy Cohn;
Independent upends Kansas governor's race against Kobach;
Trump Tax Cut Unlocks Millions for a Republican Election Blitz; Trump attacks the judiciary, Republican legislatures follow;
In four swing states, Republican governors sound unenthused about their party's nominees;
Georgia voting rights activists move to block a plan to close two-thirds of polling places in a majority black county; Backlash erupts over poll-closing plan in black county;
Majority-black Georgia county fires consultant who proposed closing two-thirds of its polling places;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
Fighting the virtual caliphate: As authorities shut down the propaganda arms of ISIS, new ones emerge;
Can Facebook, or Anybody, Solve the Internet's Misinformation Problem; U.S. Gov't Wants Facebook to Break Encryption on Messenger App;
The Current State of Computer Security; Mueller and Stewart on the Risks of Terrorism;
Kremlin Sources Go Quiet, Leaving C.I.A. in the Dark About Putin's Plans for Midterms; Russian election hacking is a much bigger problem than you think;
Microsoft ruins Russian plans to attack US elections; Election security: Too little, too late;
Facebook says it has taken down 652 disinformation accounts with Iranian and Russian origins; Google Shuts 58 YouTube Accounts Linked to Iran Broadcasting;
New Research Suggests Facebook Fueled Anti-Refugee Attacks in Germany;
New Ways to Track Internet Browsing; Google Tracks its Users Even if They Opt-Out of Tracking;
Good Primer on Two-Factor Authentication Security;
Hacking Police Bodycams;
Math and science
.The strangest hybrid in human history: Mom was a Neanderthal. Dad was something else entirely;
Researchers Intrigued By Non-Aurora Skyglow Nicknamed "Steve";
High-Precision Maps To Help Autonomous Vehicles Navigate Traffic, Construction In Real Time;
Web and computing issues
Trump Says Social Media Firms Discriminate Against Republicans; Trump Says 'Very Dangerous' for Social Media Firms to Police Content;
Net neutrality comeback? 22 states urge court to reverse FCC's repeal;
Russian Bill Would Require Foreign Internet Firms to Help Pay for Storage;
Google Revises Description of How 'Location History' Setting Works; How to send a confidential email in Gmail on Android, iOS;
Photoshop alternative that isn't GIMP; How Does Bitcoin Mining Work;
SC News and Politics
Santee Cooper nixes meeting, bonds downgraded;
What is serving in Charleston neighborhoods;

Business and Economics
$1.5 Trillion in Corporate Cash Is Coming to America; Treasury Issues Crackdown on State and Local Tax Workarounds;
Wage growth puzzle on Jackson Hole agenda; Fed chairman defends interest rate hikes as Trump's attacks show no sign of working;
Canada on the Sidelines as U.S. and Mexico Near an Agreement on Nafta;
Businesses beg for tariff relief as trade war with China rolls on; Tariffs Could Cost Electronics Consumers Up to $3.2 Billion;
Trump changed a seasonal worker program. Now, Maryland's crab houses are losing business;
Top C.E.O.s Denounce Trump Immigration Policy as Threat to U.S. Economy; Wages rise in the nation's hottest job market - but so do costs;
Survey: 40 Percent Of Americans Say There Is A STEM Worker Shortage;
States Rush to Rein In Prescription Costs, and Drug Companies Fight Back; Vitamin D, the Sunshine Supplement, Has Shadowy Money Behind It;
Oregon Governor Wants Tolling Revenue To Help Pay For Seismic Upgrades Of State's Bridges;
Louisiana Bans Bank of America, Citi from Bond Sale Over Gun Policies;
Report: Saudi Fund in Talks to Invest Over $1B in Tesla Rival; Saudi Aramco Is Said to Postpone Its Potentially Record-Breaking I.P.O.;
EPA Proposes To Scale Back Clean Power Plan; As Trump Dismantles Clean Air Rules, an Industry Lawyer Delivers for Ex-Clients;
Keystone XL company moves to condemn South Dakota land; New Milford pulls tax benefits from controversial solar project;
Texas Infrastructure Project Seeks Public Funding To Protect Industry From Climate Change;
DOE Says Wind Power Projects Continue In US; EPA Cancels Three Hearings On New Vehicle Emissions Rule;
Climate change cuts the shipping route between China and Europe by 5,000 miles;
Israel to end licensing agreement with Microsoft;
Trump's Business Faces Prosecutors' Scrutiny After Cohen Plea;
Other news
Why a patient paid a $285 copay for a $40 drug;
Trump's test in Tennessee;
The New Yorker's latest Trump cover invokes a crime family: The Sopranos;

Students are dropping out of college before even starting. Here's how educators are trying to stop the trend;
Money Is Just One Factor Students Consider When Changing Majors; How Women Fare Compared With Men in College and Afterward, 2016;
Some Higher Education Reforms May Be Reducing Quality; Should These Tests Get a Failing Grade; No More Yardsticks for Accountability;
Updated Perkins Act To Commit Up To $1.3B In CTE; Law School Teacher: Allow Bankruptcy Protection For Student Loan Debt;
Former NACAC President: Even Without Gainful Employment Rule, For-Profit Sector Must Be Held Accountable;
Urban Institute: ED Misrepresented Work To Justify Repeal Of Gainful Employment Rule;
A Program at Kean U. Is Losing Its Accreditation. Many Faculty and Students Have No Idea; 'Gag Clause' at Purdue Global Raises Alarms About Faculty Rights;
State Experiences Highlight Challenges Facing ED's Market-Based Higher Education Approach;
Why a Federal Rule Change Has Some Scholars Worried They'll Be Priced Out of Their Own Research;
Protesters Tear Down Chapel Hill's Divisive Confederate Monument; For Historians, the Business of Studying Monuments Like UNC's Silent Sam Takes a Toll;
Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer suspended three games; As Football Scandal Unfolds at Maryland, Professors Fear Lack of Athletics Oversight;

TechNews for the week: August 17; August 15; August 13;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Once 'No Longer a Nuclear Threat,' North Korea Now in Standoff With U.S.;
North, South Koreans agree to hold Pyongyang summit in September ; South Korea's president wants transportation links with North as first step toward economic integration;
Taliban Kill More Than 200 Afghan Defenders on 4 Fronts: 'a Catastrophe'; Why the Taliban's Assault on Ghazni Matters for Afghanistan and the U.S.;
Syria's war could be starting most dangerous phase as Assad faces Turkish, U.S. troops; Kurds hold Syria territory talks with Damascus;
Trump puts Iraq in a bind over Iran; Trump prevents F-35 transfer to Turkey; Israel: No criminal action in deadly Gaza 2014 war incident;
Thousands attend Arab-led rally against Israeli bill; Palestinians Can't Keep Living Like This. Israeli Jews won't change that reality by ignoring it;
The Trump administration is ensnared in another border dispute - this time with Canada;
One year on, Trump still fuels racial divide;
Trump condemns 'all types of racism' after a week of racially tinged remarks; Anti-racist protesters and activists march through the streets of Charlottesville;
White House counts on Kavanaugh in battle against 'administrative state';
U.S. judge allows Mueller case against Russian company to proceed;
Trump's lawyers prepare to fight subpoena all the way to the Supreme Court;
Lawyers for Paul Manafort say they'll rest their case without calling any witnesses in the former Trump campaign chairman's trial;
Prosecutors say Manafort defense violated agreements in closing arguments;
FBI's Peter Strzok, fired over anti-Trump texts, is 3rd prominent FBI official ousted in political fight over Clinton, Russia probes;
Brennan says Trump's claims of no collusion with Russia are 'hogwash'; Trump revokes security clearance of former CIA director John Brennan;
Trump has now fired or threatened most senior officials related to Russia investigation; Revoking Clearance, Trump Aims Presidential Power at Russia Inquiry;
Omarosa releases recording purportedly made in White House Situation Room; Trump accused Omarosa of breaching her NDA. Experts say she might prevail in court;
'Immigration hypocrite': Stephen Miller's uncle lambastes him in scathing op-ed;
Trump Claims Power to Bypass Limits Set by Congress in Defense Bill;
GOP leader criticizes Republican senators for not showing up to work;
Appointed leader resigns from foreign aid agency used to give jobs to Trump supporters;
Ryan Zinke blames 'environmental terrorist groups' for severity of California wildfires;
Trump responds after hundreds of newspaper editorials criticize his attacks on the press;
Trump blames D.C. officials for postponing his military parade; Bowser responds his plan was 'sad';
West Virginia House votes to impeach entire state Supreme Court;
Rep. Chris Collins says he will not run for reelection as he faces insider trading charges; After law license suspension, Democrats call for Blackburn to disavow lawyer;
By overturning ballot initiatives, more lawmakers are rejecting the will of their voters;
Does It Matter if a Political Candidate Has Steep Student-Loan Debts? Georgians Will Get to Decide;
These state-level elections could change the balance of power in Congress for years;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
August Crypto-Gram Newsletter, Cybersecurity, Hacking, Password protection and more; Election Officials Worry Over Online Disinformation About Voting;
Most States Using Federal Tools to Look for Election Hackers; 11-Year-Old Boy Hacks Into Replica of Florida Election Website;
Obama campaign used security keys during both elections to prevent hacks; 30% of House Candidates Have Security Issues on Campaign Sites;
Google Removes 145 Malware-Laden Apps From Play Store; Researchers Find "Spectre-Like" Flaw In Secure Element Of Intel Chips;
How AI-powered malware uses facial recognition technology; Researchers Working On Using Hand Gestures To Replace Passwords;
Trump Loosens Restrictions on Use of Cyberweapons Against Adversaries;
Sea Level Rise Could Threaten Internet Transmission Cables;
Math and science
Federal Researchers Say Politics Outweigh Science In Trump Administration; It turns out the rich really are different;
How a Decades-Old Experiment Sparked a War Over the Future of Psychology;
Industrious fire ants reveal surprise secret to success: Selective laziness;
To Fix That Pain In Your Back, Change The Way You Sit;
This spaghetti-breaking problem stumped physicist Richard Feynman. Two MIT students have now solved it;
Web and computing issues
How a Fake Group on Facebook Created Real Protests; Inside Twitter's Struggle Over What Gets Banned;
New WordPress policy allows it to shut down blogs of Sandy Hook deniers; The Flourishing Business of Fake YouTube Views;
Hundreds of Instagram Users Report Losing Access to Their Accounts;
Many Google Services on Phones Track Location Without Permission; How to track where Google's tracking you;
Court Blocks FCC Plan to Drop Subsidy for Low-Income Tribal Internet;
SC News and Politics
Attorneys for SCE&G customers ask for all money collected since nuclear cancellation; SCE&G, regulator scrap over confidential report, potential $1.6B in sanctions;
Charleston County faces $99 million question about fate of Naval Hospital;
What SC Lt. Gov. nominees would do with the governor under new system;
New retail, restaurant and residential center proposed for Johns Island near Charleston;

Business and Economics
An Economic Upturn Begun Under Obama Is Now Trump's to Tout; The Large Hidden Costs of Medicare's Prescription Drug Program;
Trump asks SEC to study scrapping quarterly earnings reports; Elite CEO pay jumps to average of $19 million, as fears mount over the wealthy pocketing gains;
US Has Many Bridges Needing Repair Or Replacement;
Saudi Arabia trims oil production despite vow to increase output; Elon Musk says Saudi fund offered to take Tesla private;
Fears of new global financial crisis mount as Turkey's currency plight deepens; Turkey retaliates against Trump tariffs, hiking fees on some U.S. imports in spiraling dispute;
Trump's National Security Claim for Tariffs Sets Off Crisis at W.T.O.; China has a new message for the U.S.: Don't be alarmed, we're not that great;
The Great American Con: Why Giving False Hope To Coal Country Is The Cruelest Hoax Of All; At Carrier, the Factory Trump Saved, Morale Is Through the Floor;
China Issues National Standards For Autonomous Vehicle Testing; Ford Releases Autonomous Vehicle Report;
Autonomous Vehicle Industry Is "Creating Jobs"; Study: States Should Prepare To License Self-Driving Cars;
Here are the companies that could profit from Trump's Space Force;
Judge Orders Review Of Keystone XL Pipeline Route;
More Lateral Drilling Increasing Water Use In Hydraulic Fracturing Operations;
Ethanol And Oil Lobbyists At Loggerheads Over Ethanol Mandate;
This is how you know you're living above your means;
Stocks to buy and hold forever;
Other news
Trump's resume is rife with mob connections; In a doctored poll graphic shared by his son Trump's approval hits 50 percent;
New data makes it clear: Nonvoters handed Trump the presidency;
The time a president deported 1 million Mexican Americans for supposedly stealing U.S. jobs;
How tiny changes in words you hear impacts your thinking;
Not enough people are paying attention to this global economic trend;
How did we get to a new age of obesity;
The Chinese threat that an aircraft carrier can't stop;

The Education Dept. Wants to Hold Colleges Accountable by Reporting Graduates' Earnings. One Problem: The Data Aren't All There;
Study: Sleep Is A Key Factor In College Success; Do children have a right to literacy? Attorneys are testing that question;
New York U.'s School of Medicine Goes Tuition-Free; Enough 'Do More With Less.' It's Time for Colleges to Find Actual Efficiencies;
Hundreds Of Colleges Will Use New Common Application Transfer App; How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Teaching;
Despite Record High Student Loan Debt, Americans Say College A Worthwhile Investment;
Student Loan Delinquencies Declined In Second Quarter; Pennsylvania Student Loan Servicer Must Respond To CFPB Subpoena;
Study: Thirteen Percent Of Divorcees Blame Student Loan Debt For Ending Relationship;
Teachers Selecting Math Books Aligned With Common Core Standards More Likely To Teach To Standards; How One University Tries to Make Its Teaching Training Stick;
What an Art Historian Learned From the Football Team;
U. of Akron Will Phase Out 80 Degree Programs and Open New Esports Facilities; Maryland college will cut several majors, including math and physics;
Sumter County, Ala., just got its first integrated school. Yes, in 2018; What the U. of Kentucky Did About a Controversial Campus Fresco Depicting Slavery;
Admitting Significant Mistakes, Maryland Accepts Responsibility for Player's Death; Strain on Maryland Leadership Grows Amid Fallout From Football Player's Death ;

TechNews for the week: August 10; August 8; August 6;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Obstruction of justice bombshell will explode before midterms; Trump at a precarious moment: Privately brooding and publicly roaring;
Trump says his son sought information on Clinton from Russians in 2016; President's lawyer says Trump would fight special counsel subpoena to testify on Russia in court;
Trump defends 2016 meeting between son, Kremlin-aligned lawyer; 2 problematic admissions about the Trump Tower meeting;
President Admits Focus of Trump Tower Meeting Was Getting Dirt on Clinton; Trump says that collusion isn't illegal. But he's already stated that it is - multiple times;
Trump lawyers reject interview terms sought by special counsel in Russia probe; Giuliani preparing letter to Mueller expressing 'real reluctance' over obstruction questions;
Judge holds Roger Stone associate in contempt for refusing to testify before grand jury in Russia investigation;
Manafort inflated loans, didnt reveal foreign accounts, accountants testify;
Trump letter to Kim Jong Un given to North Korea's top diplomat at ASEAN summit; U.S. national security adviser says North Korea has not taken steps to denuclearize;
Vladimir Putin's goal was to destabilize the United States;
Feeling sidelined, Israel's Druze protest Jewish nation bill; Trump and Allies Seek End to Refugee Status for Millions of Palestinians;
Israel says Gaza truce talks focus on easing closure in return for calm; Israel struck Hamas position in Gaza; Syria accuses Israel's Mossad of assassinating top rocket scientist ;
Trump administration restores Iran sanctions that had been lifted under Obama-era nuclear deal;
Saudi Arabia expels Canadian ambassador after Ottawa criticizes arrests of Saudi activists;
Iraqi leader's political fortunes dim as protests rage on, posing challenge for U.S.;
Trump takes aim at Turkey, announcing doubling of steel and aluminum tariffs in effort to punish country;
U.S. Officials Scrambled Behind the Scenes to Shield NATO Deal From Trump;
Federal judge orders the Trump administration to fully restore DACA; ICE raid targeting employers and more than 100 workers rocks a small Nebraska town;
Army suspends discharges of foreign-born recruits who enlisted through citizenship program;
Plan to Punish Immigrants for Using Welfare Could Boost G.O.P. Candidates;
The Partisan Battle Brett Kavanaugh Now Regrets; Email Shows, At Bush White House, Kavanaugh Offered Help on Terrorism Prisoners;
Tennessee election results: Maps detail how Thursday's GOP primary for governor unfolded;
670 ballots in a precinct with 276 voters, and other tales from Georgia's primary;
Kobach to recuse himself from Kansas governor's race recount; Kansas appeals court overturns 2013 workers' comp law;
West Virginia House panel votes to impeach entire state Supreme Court;
Kushner Companies finalizes deal on troubled office tower; Trump's D.C. hotel gets rental credit of $534,000 from federal agency for maintaining tower;
GSA chief may have misled Congress about White House involvement in FBI headquarters;
In secretly recorded tape, Nunes tells donors GOP majority is necessary to protect Trump: 'We're the only ones'; The worst and most intriguing parts of the secret Nunes tape;
How to make sense of Trump's 'nonsensical' tweets on California's wildfires;
'Facts develop': The Trump team's new 'alternative facts'-esque ways to explain its falsehoods;
Laura Ingraham's immigration comments are different words for the same Trump-era rhetoric;
Omarosa says she refused $15,000-a-month hush money, pens White House memoir; Memoir claims Trump uses N-word repeatedly on secret tape;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
Suspected Russian spy caught working at US embassy in Moscow for more than a decade; Senator Says Russian Hackers Penetrate Voter Databases; DHS Disagrees;
Don't Fear the TSA Cutting Airport Security. Be Glad That They're Talking about It;
Satellite Communication Systems Vulnerable To Attacks; Iranian Hackers Creating New Types of Ransomware Software;
Creators of Fake Facebook Accounts Getting Harder to Identify; Subpoena for app called 'Discord' could unmask identities of Charlottesville white supremacists;
Singapore Says Massive Cyber Attack Appears to be 'State-Linked';
Google Removes 145 Malware-Laden Apps From Play Store; Cybersecurity Firm Finds Way to Alter WhatsApp Messages;
Black Hat: Medtronic Pacemakers Hacked In Demo With Updating Flaw;
Measuring the Rationality of Security Decisions; Detecting Phishing Sites with Machine Learning;
Torture of al-Qaeda suspect described in 2002 cables sent by CIA Director Gina Haspel;
Math and science
Astronomers Detect Rough Planet Near Solar System;
The Age That Women Have Babies: How a Gap Divides America; A huge clinical trial collapses, and research on alcohol remains befuddling;
Tech Industry Supports National Quantum Initiative; Israeli Researchers Developing "Robot Chauffeur" Technology;
The entire country, Kiribati, may have to move;
Web and computing issues
Several groups banned by Facebook had strong similarities to Twitter accounts linked to Russia six weeks ago;
The strange birth, death and rebirth of a Russian troll account called 'AllForUSA'; Racist Wi-Fi Network Name Protected by First Amendment;
Amazon's Face Recognition Falsely Matched 28 Members of Congress With Mugshots;
Trump Administration Asks Supreme Court to Vacate Net Neutrality Ruling;
West Virginia to expand blockchain-based voting;
How Android Pie could change the way you use your phone; Android Pie: Cheat sheet;
The 25 Best Productivity Apps in 2018;

Business and Economics
Highest Core Inflation in Decade Flattens Real U.S. Wage Growth; In America, wage growth is getting wiped out entirely by inflation;
Who Gets a New 20% Tax Break? The Treasury Dept. Speaks, and Trump May Save; How Tech Billionaires Hack Their Taxes With a Philanthropic Loophole;
The Stock Market Is Shrinking. That's a Problem for Everyone; What Will Cause the Next Recession? A Look at the 3 Most Likely Possibilities;
U.S and China slap tariffs on each other in latest round of escalating trade war; Why a Trade Truce Could Add Almost $2 Trillion to the Stock Market;
China adds liquefied natural gas to list of potential $60B in tariffs; China tariffs on LNG, oil aim at U.S. energy dominance agenda;
Trump claims that tariffs will help pay down the massive U.S. debt; Kudlow Says Trump Won't Back Off After China Retaliates in Trade War;
Steel Giants With Ties to Trump Officials Block Tariff Relief for Hundreds of Firms;
Alcoa Requests Reprieve From Trump's Aluminum Tariffs; How a Blacklisted Russian Firm Won (and Lost) a Break From Trump's Tariffs;
Workers Hardest Hit by Recession Are Joining in Recovery; Americans Without High School Degrees Benefiting From Tight Labor Market;
United States and Mexico Are Nearing Nafta Compromise;
In expensive cities, rents fall for the rich - but rise for the poor; Research Links Foreclosures With Families' College Tuition Burdens;
Craft beer is booming. Is that bad news for the U.S. economy;
Coastal Republicans Reject Trump Administration's Stance On Offshore Drilling; Renewable Energy Causing Power Prices To Fall Below Zero In Some Areas;
Chicago's CREATE Program Taking Incremental Approach To Fix Rail Gridlock For Metra Riders;
Tribune withdraws from Sinclair merger, saying it will sue for 'breach of contract';
The Top 5 Skills Every Actuary Needs;
The 1936 Book That Launched Warren Buffett's Career and It's Truly Inspiring;
Other news
Denialism: What Drives People to Reject the Truth; What Does This Professor Know About Conspiracy Theorists That We Don't?
How white supremacists split a quiet Rust Belt town;
The term 'Asian American' was meant to create a collective identity. What does that mean in 2018;

Colleges Launching New Majors To Increase Demand; How One Email From A Professor Could Help Students Succeed;
Introverts are the one group that definitely faces prejudice in college admissions; 1990 ED Ruling Determined Harvard's Use Of Legacy Preference In Admissions Legal;
Common Application Drops Criminal History Question; Free Textbook Platform OpenStax Reducing College Costs;
Indiana Voucher Study: Student Math Scores Drop For Years; As Journalists Face Constant Attacks From the White House, Teaching News Literacy Gets Harder;
Education Dept. Proposes Tossing Gainful-Employment Rule, Which Took Aim at For-Profit Colleges;
Abuse Scandals Involving Doctors Have Shaken Several Colleges. Now Others Are Making Changes;

TechNews for the week: August 3; August 1; July 30;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
U.S. spy agencies say North Korea is working on new missiles weeks after Trump-Kim summit;
Israel claims Syrian civil war is effectively over and President Assad is back in control; Russia says Iranian forces pulled back from Golan in Syria; Israel unsatisfied;
Hamas leaders to meet in Gaza amid Israel truce reports; Ultra-Orthodox Jews Protest Israeli Draft, Scuffle With Police;
Trump says he's willing to meet Iranian President Rouhani 'any time' and without preconditions;
Newest U.S. Strategy in Afghanistan Mirrors Past Plans for Retreat;
Putin Invites Trump to Moscow for Second Meeting After Washington Postponed Plans;
Wikileaks' Julian Assange will be removed from the Ecuadorean Embassy 'imminently';
As China's Woes Mount, Xi Jinping Faces Rare Rebuke at Home;
Trump administration's immigration policy appears to be on a collision course the Fourteenth Amendment;
'Deleted' families: What went wrong with Trump's family-separation effort; Trump administration puts burden on ACLU to find deported parents separated from children;
How One Agency Built a Multimillion-Dollar Business in Migrant Children;
As Affordable Housing Crisis Grows, HUD Sits on the Sidelines; Internal Documents Show How Trump Administration Misled Public on Poverty;
National Archives may not finish reviewing Kavanaugh documents before end of October; Hatch claims Republicans didn't block Democratic Supreme Court nominees;
After investigating Clinton White House and Vincent Foster's death, Brett Kavanaugh had a change of heart;
Court strikes down Trump push to cut 'sanctuary city' funds;
Trump threatens again to shut down federal government over border-wall funding; Trump's shutdown threat upends congressional GOP plan to fund government;
Trump suggests he may postpone government shutdown until after midterm elections; Senate recess: Why does Congress get August off and why is this year's cancelled;
White House uses foreign aid agency to give jobs to Trump loyalists;
The Federal deficit: Mulvaney says the congressional budget office was right after all; CBO didn't say tax cuts were 'virtually paid for';
40% Republicans approve of Russia's help in elections; GOP Rejects Adding More Money To Beef Up Election Security;
Rudy Giuliani just obliterated the goal posts on Trump-Russia collusion; Trump calls Manafort prosecution 'a hoax,' says Sessions should stop Mueller investigation;
Manafort's trial: Six things you need to know; Defense says Manafort never intentionally deceived the IRS;
Manafort trial Day 4: Tax preparer testifies Manafort did not disclose foreign accounts containing millions;
Mueller offers to limit investigators' questions for Trump in special counsel's latest effort to secure presidential interview;
Mueller's Digging Exposes Culture of Foreign Lobbying and Its Big Paydays;
Alleged Russian agent Maria Butina socialized with Trump campaign's former national security director weeks before 2016 election;
Koch group condemns 'divisiveness' and 'lack of leadership' in Washington; Trump Calls Kochs a 'Total Joke' After Break With GOP Candidate;
Trump called media 'enemy of the people' in meeting with N.Y. Times publisher;
Trump supporters filmed hurling sustained abuse at journalists following Make America Great Again rally;
White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly to stay in job through 2020, quieting speculation that he was nearing an exit;
Trump Spurns Medicaid Proposal After Furious White House Debate;
President Trump has made 4,229 false or misleading claims in 558 days;
'We are Q': A deranged conspiracy cult leaps from the Internet to the crowd at Trump's 'MAGA' tour;
As the bizarre QAnon group emerges, Trump rallies go from nasty to dangerous; The mystery of 'Q': How an anonymous conspiracy-monger launched a movement;
QAnon: Meet a real-life believer in the online, pro-Trump conspiracy theory that's bursting into view;
Nazis, racists, bigots: Extremism on US ballot in 2018;
Georgia's gubernatorial race may be the purest example of politics in the Trump era;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
Air marshals have conducted secret in-flight monitoring of U.S. passengers for years;
Facebook says it has uncovered a coordinated disinformation operation ahead of midterm elections involving false pages and profiles; shuts down fake accounts;
Russian Hackers Said to Focus More on Utility Systems Than Election; Senators, Experts Urge Tech Firms To Do More Against Russian Interference;
Google Considers Censored Version of Search Engine in China;
Ransomware Attack Against Atlanta Could Cost $17 Million;
Gun-Rights Groups Vow to Publish 3-D Blueprints on New Website;
Math and science
Study finds People buried at Stonehenge 5,000 years ago came from far away; An ancient lake holds secrets to the Mayan civilization's mysterious collapse;
UCLA Researchers Unveil 3D-Printed Neural Network That Calculates At Speed Of Light;
Scientists Create Nanoscale Robots To Maneuver Cancer Cells; Scientists Discover 3D-Printed Implants Can Help Grow "Real Bone";
Los Alamos Researching Converting Algae To Fuel; ORNL Scientists Research Using Lidar For Grave Discovery Process;
Fields Medals Awarded to 4 Mathematicians; America just won the world's hardest math contest. Again;
Trump Taps "Extreme Weather" Researcher As Science Adviser;
Web and computing issues
Here's how to delete them old online tweets;
'Too easy to manipulate': Russian disinformation finally costs Facebook and Twitter;
The moment when Facebook's removal of alleged Russian disinformation became a free-speech issue;
Sassy, self-aware, snarky: In the Trump era, cable news banners troll in real time;
Facebook Deletes Hundreds of Posts Under German Hate-Speech Law; Amazon Removes Items with Racist Imagery, Bans Seller;
New Research Suggests Drivers Have Difficulty Looking Away From Infotainment Displays;
SC News and Politics
SCE&G wants federal judge to stop rate cuts over reactor; Judge mulls ruling in lawsuit challenging utility rate cuts;
Economists argue over impact of action on SCE&G charges for failed nuclear project; Cutting customers' electric bills could cripple SCE&G, experts tell federal judge;

Business and Economics
U.S. economy adds 157,000 jobs in July, slightly below expectations; Fed Set to Hold Interest Rates Steady, Remains on Track for More Hikes;
Minimum wages are rising. Pay for experienced retail workers is not; Rubio introduces plan to use Social Security to fund family leave;
Trump administration considers tax cut for the wealthy without congressional approval; The junk debt that tanked the economy is back in a big way;
Trade deficit on track to be the biggest in a decade; China threatens to impose tariffs on $60 billion of U.S. goods;
Layoffs from Trump tariffs are piling up. So are calls for more bailouts; Small businesses turning to tech to streamline operations, not replace human labor;
How Companies Are Making Customers Pay for Trump's Trade War;
One Chart That Shows How Much Worse Income Inequality Is in America Than Europe;
Saudi halting oil shipments through the Red Sea; Oil prices rise on tighter supply outlook;
Trump officials consider more than doubling tariffs on Chinese goods, ramping up trade war with Beijing; Europe Feels the Squeeze of the Trump Trade Tariffs;
Energy Sector Concerned About Wide-Ranging Impacts Of Trump's Steel Tariffs; Solar Exec Says Solar panel glut is muting effect of Trump tariffs;
Trump Administration Believes Stricter Fuel Standards Could Impact Safety; Fuel-Efficiency Proposal Draws Criticism From 19 States, Auto Industry;
Uber Ends Self-Driving Truck Efforts To Focus On Autonomous Cars; New E.P.A. Chief Closes Dirty-Truck Loophole Left by Scott Pruitt;
Pipeline Projects Hit Legal Snags In Federal Court, Work Suspended In Parts Of Virginia, W.Va.;
Two Solar Projects In Nevada Would Integrate Battery Storage;
New York Governor New York Governor Urges Interior To Support State's Offshore Wind Plan;
Most Utilities Have No Plans To Expand Carbon Capture;
Other news
The biggest lie we still teach in American history classes;
The Maps That Show That City vs. Country Is Not Our Political Fault Line ; How America Uses Its Land;
How Silicon Valley Became A Den Of Spies;
White threat in a browning America;

A Grand Plan for Public Higher Ed Is Aging. Can It Be Reinvented; Big Data Is Getting Bigger. So Are the Privacy and Ethical Questions;
'Lopping,' 'Tips' and the 'Z-List': Bias Lawsuit Explores Harvard's Admissions Secrets; What Happens When a College Flip-Flops on Using Race in Admissions;
ED Releases Plan To Overhaul Higher Education Regulation; DeVos Extends Deadline On Decision Over Restoring ACICS' Recognition;
Can a Huge Online College Solve California's Work-Force Problems; Senate Bill Would Give Veterans Academic Credit For Military Training;
Colleges Weigh ISAs As Alternative To Student Loans; New Jersey Launches Tuition-Free Community College Initiative;
Five South Carolina Technical Colleges Replace Textbooks With Online Materials Fee;
Is Climbing the Carnegie Research Rankings Worth the Price Tag;
Resources, Strategies For Funding Computer Science Classes;
As Thousands Of North Carolina Teachers Fail Math Test, Attention Turns To Pearson;
Ohio State Places Head Football Coach on Leave ;