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TechNews for the week: January 31; January 29; January 27;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
In Israel, election politics again runs through the Oval Office; A Deal That Has Two Elections, Rather Than Mideast Peace, as Its Focus;
Trump announces Israeli-Palestinian peace plan amid doubts it will lead to progress; Trump peace plan delights Israelis, enrages Palestinians;
What's in Trump's Middle East peace plan; Palestinian envoy: Middle East peace plan will push Israel into apartheid;
Israel's government plans to vote Sunday on annexing 30 percent of the occupied West Bank; Israel postpones move to annex large parts of West Bank;
Deal of the century or 'path to apartheid'? Inside Trump's divisive peace plan; Palestinians protest Trump plan, Gaza militants fire rockets;
Netanyahu formally indicted in court on corruption charges; For Netanyahu, Trump's White House Is the Gift That Keeps on Giving;
Erdogan Warns Russian Mercenaries in Libya Paid by Abu Dhabi;
A 'confused' Trump tried to take credit for the Ethiopian prime minister's Nobel Peace Prize;
Pompeo Denounces News Media, Undermining U.S. Message on Press Freedom;
Trump's defense team to target Bidens in counterpunch to charges; Assessing the Trump team's 6-point impeachment defense;
Audio of Trump calling for Yovanovitch's ouster appears to corroborate Parnas's account;
Tape Made Public of Trump Discussing Ukraine With Donors; 6 Revelatory Moments From the Video of Trump's Private Donor Dinner;
New recording shows access Parnas and Fruman had to Trump at Mar-a-Lago event, further undercutting his claims of not knowing them;
Giuliani discussed interests of ex-Ukrainian client during meeting with Zelensky aide;
Few G.O.P. Senators Display Any Hint of Being Swayed by Democrats' Arguments;
Schiff 'has not paid the price' for impeachment Trump says in what appears to be veiled threat; Emotional Schiff Speech Goes Viral, Delighting the Left and Enraging the Right;
The White House is reportedly worried that House Democrats will continue to dig up damaging information on Trump after the impeachment trial;
Trump's team argues president did nothing wrong in dealings with Ukraine;
Mounting evidence indicates Trump's focus was on Biden, not corruption in Ukraine;
4 takeaways from the Trump team's day on defense; Trump defense team finishes opening arguments;
Dershowitz: Trump can't be impeached because he believed his reelection is in the national interest;
Senate Republicans seize on Dershowitz argument, say Trump's actions aren't impeachable; Law Professor Dershowitz Cites In Trump Defense Says Dershowitz Is Wrong;
Trump's legal team advances broad defense against impeachment; 6 Takeaways From Senators' Questions to Impeachment Lawyers;
Trump's impeachment team argues that anything he does to win reelection isn't impeachable;
4 takeaways from the second day of questions in Trump's impeachment trial;
Trump's impeachment defense: Who is paying the president's lawyers?
Bombshell Bolton Report Pressures GOP on Impeachment Witnesses; Anatomy of a 'smear': How Bolton became a target of the pro-Trump Internet;
White House sends threatening letter to Bolton, White House sends threatening letter to Bolton, as key witness unexpectedly appears at impeachment trial;
Trump's effort to block Bolton's testimony makes little sense - unless he's guilty; John Bolton's attorney contends book does not contain classified material;
Book Says Trump Told Bolton to Help His Ukraine Pressure Campaign in May;
Senate slams door on witnesses in Trump impeachment trial;
Trump administration issues new sanctions related to Russia's takeover of Crimea;
House passes two measures seeking to restrain Trump from taking further military action against Iran;
Senate investigators interview IRS whistleblower about alleged interference with Trump or Pence audit;
NYC Bar Association Asks Congress to Investigate AG Barr for Bias;
Virginia, Illinois and Nevada AGs file lawsuit demanding addition of Equal Rights Amendment to Constitution;
Trump administration 'rolling back women's rights by 50 years' by changing definitions of domestic violence and sexual assault;
Trump's border wall, vulnerable to flash floods, needs large storm gates left open for months;
Supreme Court allows Trump administration to implement new rules for immigrants who might use public-assistance programs;
Supreme Court Allows Trump's Wealth Test for Green Cards;
Ocasio-Cortez slams Trump over his 'wealth test,' saying 'the American Dream isn't a private club with a cover charge';
Trump to expand travel ban to six additional countries;
Trump calls for New York Times to fire economist Paul Krugman in the latest escalation of their longtime feud;
Retired US Army general slams Mike Pompeo and his West Point graduating class;
Trump Has Spent $115 Million On Golf Trips - Or 287 Years Of Presidential Salary;
How Donald Trump silenced the people who could expose his business failures; All the president's disloyal men: Trump demands fealty but inspires very little;
Trump, Republicans join forces to attack Biden ahead of Iowa caucuses;
Democratic unity splinters in key swing state as party prepares to take on Trump in 2020;
In Crucial Pennsylvania, Democrats Worry a Fracking Ban Could Sink Them; Biden's Approach To Fracking Less Divisive Than That Of Warren, Sanders;
Bloomberg glides past Warren to No.3 in Democratic race; How Mike Bloomberg could actually win;
Trump May Skip Debates, or Seek New Host, if Process Isn't 'Fair';
GOP Kansas Rep. Watkins changes voter registration 2nd time;
World Health Organization declares coronavirus outbreak a 'public health emergency';

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
Modern Mass Surveillance: Identify, Correlate, Discriminate; Collating Hacked Data Sets;
London Police Are Taking Surveillance to a Whole New Level; New Jersey Bars Police From Using Clearview Facial Recognition App;
Intel Still Working To Patch "Zombieload" Bug;
Privacy Scandal Prompts Cybersecurity Firm to Close Analytics Business;
Iranian hackers target US government workers in new campaign;
Smartphone Election in Washington State;
U.S. Department of Interior Grounding All Drones;
Math and science
How artificial intelligence provided early warnings of the Wuhan virus; The new viral threat: What you need to know;
U.S. life expectancy ticks up as drug fatalities and cancer deaths drop;
Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope Captures Highest Resolution Image Of Sun Ever; NASA Officially Shuts Down Spitzer Space Telescope;
Researchers Create New Soft, Stretchable Battery That Can Safely Power Wearables; Adding Silicon To Boron Carbide Makes It Even Stronger;
How a Guy From a Montana Trailer Park Overturned 150 Years of Biology;
Russian Scientists Reveal Plans for Fusion-Fission Reactor;
Web, computing and technology issues
Where Trump, Democratic Candidates Stand on High-Tech Issues;
How to track the coronavirus: Dashboard delivers real-time view of the deadly virus; Facebook, Google and Twitter scramble to stop misinformation about coronavirus;
Facebook will now show you exactly how it stalks you - even when you're not using Facebook; Amazon Engineer: Ring Should Be Shut Down Amid Privacy Concerns;
More Americans Concerned About Privacy Online, Eavesdropping;
Zuckerberg Says New 'Off-Facebook Activity' Tool Gives Users More Control; Facebook Provides Recommended Bylaws for Content Oversight Board;
Twitter to Let Users Flag Posts with Misinformation About Elections;
Warren Urges New Laws to Fight Misinformation for Suppressing Voting; Congressional Committee Wants Action Against Misleading Climate Videos;
Leaked Documents Expose the Secretive Market for Your Web Browsing Data; Switch From Your Internet Provider's Email to Something Better;
Google To Offer Real-Time Transcription For Translate App;
SC News and Politics
Research finds big clue to SC threat of suddenly strengthening hurricanes;
Report: USC board poses 'consistent threat' to school's reputation without overhaul;

Business and Economics
U.S. budget deficit to breach $1 trillion this year, CBO says, as fiscal imbalance continues to widen; CBO Budget and Economic Outlook: 2020 to 2030;
The U.S. Treasury yield curve, measured by the gap between yields on three-month and 10-year bonds, briefly inverted overnight for the first time since October;
U.S. economy grew 2.3 percent in 2019, the slowest of Trump's presidency, held back by trade fears and global slowdown;
How the Fed Chairman Is Shielding It From Trump; Here's how we'll pay for Trump's trillion-dollar deficits;
Dow skids more than 575 points as U.S. airlines suspend Chinese routes on coronavirus fears;
U.S. consumer, factory data suggest economy losing momentum;
What's in the New NAFTA; Canadian Panel Pushes for Tax Collections on U.S. Tech Companies;
Trump Administration Quietly Goes After Disability Benefits; Health insurance premiums are headed way higher;
Cities Prepare for the Worst as Trump's Food Stamp Cuts Near;
Virginia Governor Proposes Gas Tax Increase To Pay For Roads, Rail Projects; House Democrats Introduce New Infrastructure Plan;
Tech Companies File $350 Million Lawsuit Against USCIS Over H-1B Fees;
An experimental fish farm in Florida may pave the way to privatizing federal waters;
Britain, resisting U.S. pressure, to allow some Huawei equipment in 5G networks;
Mountain West's Small Tech Sector Growing Fast; Vast majority of Molson Coors employees in Denver are leaving the company;
Boeing Expects 737 Max Costs Will Surpass $18 Billion;
Why Your Credit Score May Soon Change;
15 Tax Deductions and Benefits for the Self-Employed;
Other news
The loser of this year's election may not concede. Their voters won't, either;
The Journey of John Bolton: From Right-Wing Zealot to Rock of the Republic;
Trump reveals Space Force logo, and 'Star Trek' fans aren't happy;

Kirwan Commission Recommendations Could Change "College For All" Thinking; Young People Should Be Encouraged To Be Career Ready, Even If They Don’t Go To College;
Michigan Higher Education Divide Examined; How to Help Low-Income Students Hold Their Own on the Job Market;
White House Aims To Expand ROTC Programs At HBCUs; Universities Monitoring Study-Abroad Programs Amid Tumult Overseas;
Louisiana Superintendent Supports Restructuring Career And Technical Education;
Why We Must Get Back to Basics in Teaching Composition; What Works in Teaching Composition;
Georgia Senate Passes Bill Capping Dual Enrollment Credits For High School Students; Cal State Board Delays Decision On Extra Math Requirement For Acceptance;
Harvard Professor Is Charged With Lying About Ties to Chinese University;

TechNews for the week: January 24; January 22;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
North Korea selects ex-soldier as new top diplomat, a pick that may bode ill for diplomacy; North Korea abandons nuclear freeze pledge, blames 'brutal' U.S. sanctions;
Chinese cities cancel New Year celebrations, travel ban widens in effort to stop coronavirus outbreak;
Netanyahu tries to rally global opposition to ICC case; Israeli troops kill three Palestinians in Gaza border attack;
Trump is preparing to release his long-awaited Middle East peace plan, will brief Israel's Netanyahu in Washington;
Iran: the unstated battle to succeed Ayatollah Khamenei;
Tens of thousands of Iraqi protesters demand withdrawal of U.S. troops;
Jeff Bezos's phone 'hacked by Saudi crown prince'; U.N. calls for investigation of Saudi crown prince's involvement in targeting Bezos;
Venezuela's embattled President Maduro says he's firmly in control of country, ready for talks with U.S. to end political stalemate;
Philippines' Duterte threatens to end military deal with the United States;
Australians Are Ready to Break Out of the Cycle of Climate Change Denial;
Puerto Ricans still waiting on disaster funds as Hurricane Maria's aftermath, earthquakes continue to affect life on the island;
Vladimir Putin Wants to Rewrite the History of World War II;
Ukraine's President Said He'd Fight Corruption. Resistance Is Fierce;
Trump touts U.S. economy, dismisses climate 'prophets of doom'; Mnuchin said Greta Thunberg needed to study economics. So we talked to an economist;
House impeachment managers argue in brief Senate must 'eliminate the threat that the president poses to America's national security';
Dershowitz distances himself from White House response to Democrats' impeachment charges;
In impeachment brief, White House to urge swift Senate acquittal of Trump; Trump's lawyers, Senate allies aim to ensure Bolton does not testify publicly;
McConnell lays out ground rules for Trump's impeachment trial and compressed schedule; McConnell Changes Trial Rules at Last Minute: Key Takeaways;
'Constitutional Nonsense': Trump's Impeachment Defense Defies Legal Consensus;
Senate rejects Democratic effort to subpoena White House for Ukraine documents in Trump's impeachment trial;
Senate rejects measure to subpoena acting WH chief of staff Mulvaney for testimony; Senate rejects effort to subpoena Bolton;
Senate adopts ground rules for impeachment trial, delaying a decision on witnesses until after much of the proceedings;
Fed-Up John Roberts Delivers A Stark Warning To Both Sides Of Impeachment;
Barr Once Contradicted Trump's Claim That Abuse of Power Is Not Impeachable;
Wednesday's Senate trial in 5 minutes; Analysis: What happened in Day 2 of the impeachment trial, in 5 minutes;
Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) trafficked in allegations to impugn Vindman. Trump retweeted it.;
Recording appears to capture Trump at private dinner saying he wants Ukraine ambassador fired;
Even in battleground states, support for removing Trump is higher than his job approval;
One in 3 Republicans think Trump has probably acted illegally, but most don't want him convicted;
A new collection of personal photos show Giuliani's 'fixer' Lev Parnas with Trump's inner circle, despite claims they don't know each other;
Messages show Nunes aide, Parnas communicated about Ukraine campaign; Lev Parnas Asks Barr to Recuse Himself From Criminal Case;
Trump lashes out at HHS secretary after briefing shows Democrats leading on health care;
New Trump administration rule could make it more difficult for some pregnant women to get U.S. visas;
Justice Department Ignores Kushner Part Of Court Order To Release Mueller Interview Notes;
Supreme Court to Consider Limits on Contraception Coverage; Supreme Court refuses to fast-track a challenge to the Affordable Care Act;
How Trump Is Spreading a Conspiracy Theory About Pelosi, Biden and Sanders;
Trump reportedly said 'I should never have done that f---ing vaping thing,' expressing regrets over his involvement in e-cigarette policy;
China trade deal was pitched as a boon for the working class, but Trump celebrated with Wall Street titans;
Trump privately detailed the Soleimani airstrike to donors at Mar-a-Lago fundraiser;
President Trump made 16,241 false or misleading claims in his first three years;
D.C. attorney general sues Trump inaugural committee over $1 million ballroom booking at president's hotel;
Trump says reforming Social Security and Medicare is 'the easiest of all things' as he appears open to cutting entitlement spending;
Battle over Social Security spills into presidential race as Democrats spar and Trump weighs in; Trump Tries to Walk Back Entitlement Comments as Democrats Pounce;
How Trump's Senate trial lawyers could complicate the case his DOJ lawyers are making in court;
Trumpworld converts regional talk radio hosts into a loyal army;
Records reveal concerns of deceased GOP redistricting expert;
Wisconsin Republicans dismiss nonpartisan redistricting plan;
GOP state lawmakers push bills to restrict medical treatments for transgender youths;
A New Face of White Supremacy: Plots Expose Danger of the 'Base';

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
US Cyber Command was not prepared to handle the amount of data it hacked from ISIS;
The world's most famous and dangerous APT (state-developed) malware;
Technical Report of the Bezos Phone Hack; SIM Hijacking;
DAVOS-Swiss uncovered suspected Davos spy plot by Russian "plumbers"-paper;
Half a Million IoT Device Passwords Published; Microsoft Says Database Error Disclosed Data on 250 Million Customer Records;
Clearview AI and Facial Recognition; Apple Abandoned Plans for Encrypted iCloud Backup after FBI Complained;
That text you got about a package isn't from FedEx. It's a scam;
Federal Prosecutors in Brazil Charge American Journalist with Cybercrimes;
First U.S. case of potentially deadly coronavirus confirmed in Washington state;
Math and science
At the Bottom of the Sea, They Wait to Feast on Alligators;
Federal Report: US No Longer The Global Leader In Science, Engineering;
In the first two years of the Trump administration, more than 1,600 federal scientists left government;
Trump Removes Pollution Controls on Streams and Wetlands; Report: U.S. drinking water widely contaminated with 'forever chemicals';
Scientists Invent Camera That Takes One Trillion Frames Per Second to Capture "Transparent Phenomena";
Russian Scientists Developing Quantum Computer;
Missouri Project Uses Robots To Study Climate And Crops;
China's birth rate is its lowest in decades. Other countries are facing the same trend;
The Math Behind Big Decision Making; The Science Of Polling In 2020 And Beyond;
Analytics movement finally reaches NFL's mainstream;
Web, computing and technology issues
Biden Wants to Revoke Content Protections for Internet Companies;
Twitter Tells Facial Recognition Trailblazer to Stop Using Site’s Photos;
Windows 10 hacks: the 11 most helpful hidden tricks; 6 clever Gmail tricks to cut down on regret, frustration and spam;

Business and Economics
The global economy is likely to rebound in 2020, but the IMF warns of eerie parallels to the 1920s;
Trump Says the Fed Prevented 4% Growth. That Isn't True; 6 Reasons Healthcare Is So Expensive in the U.S.; White House says USPS should privatize;
Trump threatens Europe with fresh tariffs in Davos, deepening a rift with longtime U.S. allies;
Trade Approach with China Could Ultimately Hurt U.S. Tech Companies; Don't shun China, urges Merkel at American prize ceremony;
How China's Virus Outbreak Could Threaten the Global Economy;
Trump Fans or Not, Business Owners Are Wary of Warren and Sanders;
Some Kenyans say Chinese-built railway leaves them in the dust;
This robot employment agency is taking over human jobs;
Microsoft Announces Plan To Become Carbon Negative By 2030; China Says It Will Ban Plastics That Pollute Its Land and Water;
Study Finds Burying PG&E Lines, State Takeover Of Utility Would Cost Billions; FL Judge Rejects Challenge By Utilities On Undergrounding Regulations;
How Boeing's Responsibility in a Deadly Crash 'Got Buried';
Uber To Begin Mapping DC Roads In Preparation For AV Testing Later This Year; China And Japan Developing AV Testing Facilities;
Trump Administration Approves Construction Of Keystone Pipeline Across US Land; Tri-State Generation Says Recent Coal Decision Won't Impact WY Operations;
Several Wind Developers Pursuing Projects In Stillwater County, MT; NM Legislature To Consider Three Renewable Energy Bills;
Trump Administration Dials Back Fuel Economy Plan;
Documents filed with White House show Trump's revised auto-mileage rule could cost consumers without making U.S. roads much safer;
Apple Says EU's Push for Common Phone Charger Could Hamper Innovation;
Other news
A president on trial: In 1868, impeachment was a hot ticket, drawing unruly crowds to the Capitol;
John Roberts comes face to face with the mess he made;
George Will: Like it or not, faithless electors have a right to be unfaithful;
How to Make Hard Life Decisions;

Low-Income Minorities Turn To Community Colleges Due To Rising Tutition Costs;
By 2020, They Said, 2 Out of 3 Jobs Would Need More Than a High-School Diploma. Were They Right?
American Universities Producing "Surprisingly" Small Proportion Of Nation’s Patents, Start-Ups;
Gov and Students Oppose University Of California Tuition Increases; UC Regents Delay Vote On Planned Tuition Hike;
Chancellor Delays Vote On Proposal To Require Fourth Year Of High School Math For Admission To Cal State Universities;
AFT Sues DeVos Over Gainful Employment Rule Changes;
Children Of New Jersey H-1B Visa Holders To Qualify For In-State College Tuition;
Oldest Confucius Institute in U.S. to Close;

TechNews for the week: January 17; January 15; January 13;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Iran says it 'unintentionally' shot down jetliner; Canada's Trudeau: Iran plane victims would be alive had there been no regional tensions;
Trump now claims four embassies were under threat from Iran, raising fresh questions about intelligence reports;
Defense secretary 'didn't see' evidence of an Iranian plot to attack 4 embassies; Praise for the Suleimani Strike Isn't Based in Reality;
Trump reportedly authorized the Soleimani strike 7 months ago, throwing a wrench through his argument that there was an 'imminent threat';
Trump says 'it doesn't really matter' if Iranian general posed an imminent threat;
Key Democrat says Senate resolution to limit Trump's military authority on Iran has enough Republican votes to pass;
Trump threatened auto tariffs if Europeans didn't warn Iran on nuclear deal violations;
France, Britain and Germany launch process to hold Iran accountable for violating nuclear deal, opening way for sanctions;
U.S. and Iran Are Trolling Each Other — in China;
Two American service members killed in Taliban-claimed attack;
Israel to begin testing laser weapon to shoot down rockets; Syrian army says Israeli jets attack air base in Homs;
Israel's lawmakers deliver setback for Netanyahu immunity;
Jordanians protest gas deal with Israel;
In Blow to Beijing, Taiwan Re-elects Tsai Ing-wen as President;
Putin and Assad caught on video mocking Trump;
Russian cabinet resigns after Putin calls for constitutional change that could give him significant influence after term finishes;
Russia's government overhauled as Putin looks to cement influence after presidency;
Trump amplifies incendiary tweets about Pelosi after her comments on Iran protests;
GOP senators reject plans to dismiss Trump impeachment;
Russian spies hacked Ukrainian gas company at heart of Trump impeachment trial, again entangling Moscow in domestic U.S. politics;
Giuliani's outreach to Ukrainian gas tycoon wanted in U.S. shows lengths he took in his hunt for material to bolster Trump;
Ukraine prosecutor offered information related to Biden in exchange for ambassador's ouster, newly released materials show;
Ukraine opens probe into possible surveillance of former U.S. ambassador Marie Yovanovitch;
House members vote to send articles of impeachment against Trump to Senate, approve seven members to serve as prosecutors in trial;
Schiff, Nadler lead group of House managers to prosecute Trump in Senate impeachment trial;
Government Accountability Office finds Trump administration violated the law by withholding Ukraine security aid;
New documents show Parnas used access to Trump's world to help push shadow Ukraine effort; 4 takeaways from the Lev Parnas interview and revelations;
Trump again denied knowing Lev Parnas. So Parnas' lawyer posted more robust proof;
Trump impeachment case heads to Senate; Impeachment trial live updates;
Eyeing swift trial, Trump's legal team aims to block witnesses and cast doubt on charges;
Historic impeachment trial of Trump begins in the Senate with House prosecutors reading charges against the president;
Kenneth W. Starr and Alan Dershowitz to join Trump's legal team on impeachment;
Trial opens with rancor over witnesses and new evidence on Trump's Ukraine dealings;
A pact with Trump on impeachment? McConnell's Kentucky backers demand it;
The Supreme Court can review an unfair impeachment trial;
Texas is rejecting new refugees under Trump executive order; The U.S. is putting asylum seekers on planes to Guatemala - often without telling them where they're going;
State, local officials cannot block refugee admissions, federal judge rules, halting Trump administration policy;
Trump planning to divert additional $7.2 billion in Pentagon funds for border wall;
Dangling disaster relief funds, White House to require Puerto Rico to implement reforms;
Michael Flynn moves to withdraw guilty plea, claiming government 'vindictiveness';
Federal prosecutors explore years-old media disclosure, raising fears Trump is using Justice Dept. for political gain;
Fact Checker: Trump has broken more promises than he's kept;
Trump's traffic jam of false claims on preexisting conditions; Trump Took Credit for Lower Cancer Death Rates. Advocates Say Not So Fast;
Supreme Court to hear if states may punish or replace electoral college members who don't back winner of their state's popular vote;
Federal appeals court tosses landmark youth climate lawsuit against U.S. government;
In Closely Divided Wisconsin, the Battle for Votes Is Already Underway;
Virginia lawmakers pass Equal Rights Amendment in historic vote;
Winners and losers from the Iowa Democratic debate; Fact-checking the seventh Democratic primary debate;
Rival GOP hopefuls in Kansas Senate race both talk to Trump;
Post-Ipsos poll: Black Americans pessimistic about country under Trump, whom more than 8 in 10 describe as 'a racist';
Lawsuit: The DEA seized her father's life savings at an airport without alleging any crime occurred;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
January Crypto-Gram Newsletter, Hacking, Security Vulnerabilities, and more; Artificial Personas and Public Discourse;
Voting machine security: Too little too late; FBI will start notifying states when hackers hit local elections; Expert: Georgia election server showed signs of tampering;
NSA found a dangerous Microsoft software flaw and alerted the firm - rather than weaponize it;
U.N. Sanctions Experts Warn Against Cryptocurrency Conference in N. Korea;
How China Obtains American Trade Secrets;
How the Police Use Facial Recognition, and Where It Falls Short;
Math and science
A teenager discovered a new planet on the third day of his NASA internship;
Researchers Create Catalyst That Converts Carbon Dioxide To Methane;
Researchers Make Living Concrete;
Web, computing and technology issues
More Americans Trust Tech Giants Than Government, News Media;
Doctored images have become a fact of life for political campaigns. When they're disproved, believers 'just don't care';
Twitter's Top Lawyer Faces Constant Decisions on Content Regulation; Facebook, Instagram Remove Posts Supporting Slain Iranian Commander;
Microsoft Monitored Skype Calls from China Without Any Security Measures;
Google Plans to Restrict How Ad Software Companies Use Chrome's Cookies;
We're Living in a Subscriptions World. Here's How to Navigate It.;
SC News and Politics
This farmer had a million-dollar hemp crop — until South Carolina bulldozed it;
Citadel's Newly-Received Grant To Fund CyberCorps: Scholarship For Service Program;

Business and Economics
US budget deficit running 11.8% higher this year; Foreign Treasury Pile Shrinks With China Further Trailing Japan;
Trump to Nominate a Critic and an Insider to the Fed Board; US Treasury says to issue 20-year bond in H1, 2020;
What Happened When a State Made Food Stamps Harder to Get;
Major evangelical nonprofits are trying a new strategy with the IRS that allows them to hide their salaries; Supreme Court tosses IBM retirement fund ruling;
Senate votes to approve new trade deal with Canada and Mexico; US exempts allies from some national security deal reviews;
Trump signs partial trade deal with China, easing some tensions but leaving most tariffs in place; US lifts China 'currency manipulator' tag ahead of trade deal;
What's in the US-China 'phase one' trade deal; China Trade Deal Details Protections for American Firms;
Trump Hopes Trade Deals Will Boost Growth. Experts Are Skeptical; Trump's trade deal with China won't give many U.S. companies relief, as most tariffs will remain;
In Huawei Battle, China Threatens Germany 'Where It Hurts': Automakers;
Microsoft President Warns of High-Tech Cold War with China;
Generation Z Graduates May Avoid Major Tech Companies;
BlackRock C.E.O. Larry Fink: Climate Crisis Will Reshape Finance;
Study Finds Seeing Neighbors Put Up Solar Panels Can Impact Climate Change Beliefs;
U.S. coal-fired power plants closing fast despite Trump's pledge of support for industry; Analysis: Foxconn Not Meeting Promises In Wisconsin;
Agencies Submit Fuel Economy Proposals To White House For Final Review; Trump Administration Signals Compromise On Fuel Economy Standards;
VW On Pace To Be Largest EV Manufacturer By 2030; Honda And Isuzu Announce Joint Research Partnership For Hydrogen-Fueled Heavy-Duty Trucks;
Transportation secretary's expert panel defends FAA system that approved deadly 737 Max jets;
ITC to Investigate Fitbit, Garmin Devices After Patent Allegations;
Social Security Benefits are not a Form of Socialism;
4 changes that could affect Social Security in 2020;
Other news
As impeachment hung over a president's head, he went on a wild rally tour;
Republicans used his methods to elect Trump. Now he's telling Democrats how to win back the White House;
An enslaved man was crucial to the Lewis and Clark expedition's success. Clark refused to free him afterward;
'You're a bunch of dopes and babies': Inside Trump's stunning tirade against generals;

Executive Compensation at Public and Private Colleges; Study: Is college still worth it?
What a Deal Between a Mega-University and a Community-College System Says About the Fight for Students;
Georgia Lawmakers Consider Placing Limits On Dual Enrollment Program; Do Gateway Courses Foster Inequity;
Study Finds Few People Paying Off Their Student Debt; Senator Warren Has a Plan to Cancel Student-Loan Debt — Without Congressional Approval;
Maryland Governor Announces $9 Million In Student Loan Debt Tax Credits;
Arbitrator Orders UC Berkeley To Pay Back Millions In Tuition, Fees To Hundreds Of Teaching Assistants;
House Votes To Overturn Administration's Rule On Student Loan Forgiveness;
University Of California Proposing Five Straight Years Of Annual Tuition Increases;
Districts Hit with Malware over Winter Break;

TechNews for the week: January 10; January 8; January 6;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Why Obama, Bush, and Bibi All Passed on Killing Soleimani; In confrontation with Iran, Trump wrestles with the shadow of Obama, 'the metric he has to beat';
More Than Mines: Iran Is Ready To Harass And Destroy The U.S. Navy; How a 'quantum change' in missiles has made Iran a far more dangerous foe;
Escalating U.S.-Iran tensions scramble the politics of Trump's impeachment; A One-Word Accusation Swirls Around Trump's Deadly Strike: Assassination;
White House formally notifies Congress of its strike on Iranian leader Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani; Is Preemptive Assassination the New Trump Doctrine?
Rep. Peter King: There was 'no offensive briefing of Congress' ahead of airstrike that killed Soleimani;
Mar-a-Lago Guests and Israel Had More Prior Knowledge of Strike on Soleimani Than Democratic Leaders;
Pence's dubious tweet tying Qasem Soleimani to 9/11; Trump plunges toward the kind of Middle Eastern conflict he pledged to avoid;
Why Soleimani's killing is different from other targeted attacks by U.S.; Iran's new Quds Force commander brings continuity to post held by his slain predecessor;
Iran announces it is suspending all commitments to the 2015 nuclear deal;
Amid confusion and contradictions, Trump White House stumbles in initial public response to Soleimani's killing;
On the day U.S. forces killed Soleimani, they launched another secret operation targeting a senior Iranian official in Yemen;
Iraq's prime minister urges parliament to take 'urgent measures' to remove U.S. forces from the country; US dismisses Iraq request to work on a troop withdrawal plan;
U.S. military says it will reposition troops within Iraq in preparation for a possible withdrawal; Europeans shift troops from Iraq, warn that U.S. actions imperil the fight against ISIS;
U.S. and Iraq at odds over troops' future as Baghdad seeks talks about pullout plan;
Iran's Cyber Attack on Billionaire Adelson Provides Lesson on Strategy;
Iran fires missiles at multiple U.S. positions in Iraq in retaliation for Soleimani killing; Trump briefed on reports of attacks;
Trump says Iranian strike caused no American or Iraqi deaths, new sanctions on Iran will be imposed;
Trump threatens to strike Iranian cultural sites and impose 'very big' sanctions on Iraq as tensions rise;
Pentagon Rules Out Striking Iranian Cultural Sites, Contradicting Trump; Targeting Cultural Sites in War Is Illegal;
Trump's tone shifts in the wake of Iran's retaliation; Trump administration hits Iran with more sanctions in first concrete response to the attacks on U.S. forces in Iraq;
Trump Administration Blocks Iran's Top Diplomat From Addressing the U.N. Security Council;
Earthquake strikes near Iran's nuclear power plant on chaotic day;
Netanyahu, in apparent stumble, calls Israel 'nuclear power'; Netanyahu Distances From Soleimani Slaying, Says Israel Shouldn't Be 'Dragged' Into It;
Israel advances nearly 2,000 settlement homes; Pompeo says U.S. support for Israeli settlements advances peace with Palestinians;
China Replaces Its Top Representative in Hong Kong With an Enforcer;
Maduro government stages de facto takeover of Venezuela's National Assembly;
Judge says Giuliani associate can give impeachment investigators phone data, documents seized by prosecutors;
White House Withholds 20 Emails Between Two Trump Aides on Ukraine Aid;
Graham suggests changing Senate rules to begin Trump impeachment trial within days;
Former national security adviser John Bolton says he will testify if he is subpoenaed by the Senate ;
McConnell says Pelosi is being 'contemptuous of the American people' by withholding impeachment charges;
Pelosi says impeachment articles won't go to Senate until she learns more about how the trial would be conducted;
McConnell is ready to proceed with Trump impeachment trial with no agreement on witnesses;
GOP leaders spar over adding House members to Trump's impeachment defense team;
Michael Flynn deserves up to 6 months in prison, U.S. says in reversal for former Trump national security adviser;
House approves measure limiting Trump's authority to take further military action against Iran; Does Trump have authority to start war with Iran?
Tensions with Trump over Iran expose concerns on role of Congress in making war;
Trump overstates military spending and readiness in face of Iran conflict; Advocates allege delays at U.S. border for travelers linked to Iran, a claim the government denies;
U.S. appeals court stays judge's ruling blocking military funds for border wall;
Mnuchin seeks delay of proposed disclosure of Secret Service spending on presidential travel until after election;
Trump's Move Against Landmark Environmental Law Caps a Relentless Agenda;
Homeland Security will share citizenship data with Census;
Trump tells evangelicals that God is 'on our side'; Anatomy of a Trump rally: 67 percent of president's claims are false or lack evidence;
Trump campaign seizes on Soleimani killing;
Appeals court stays out of voter purge case in Wisconsin;
New Kansas proposal breaks impasse on expanding Medicaid;
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declines to run for Senate in Kansas; McConnell Moves to Bolster GOP Odds in 2020 Kansas Senate Race;
Justice Dept. winds down Clinton-related probe sought by Trump after finding nothing of consequence;
Prospect of gun control in Virginia draws threats, promise of armed protest;
How population growth will impact Republicans in the 2024 election;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
'Chaos Is the Point': Russian Hackers and Trolls Grow Stealthier in 2020;
How Iran's cyber attack capabilities stack up;
Iranian Hackers Seen as Aggressive Adversary After Fatal Airstrike; New Iranian data wiper malware hits Bapco, Bahrain's national oil company;
Microsoft Takes Down 50 Domain Names Linked to North Korean Hackers; Chinese Malware Found on Free Cell Phones for Low-Income Households;
Security Researcher Exploits Twitter Flaw to Identify Users' Phone Numbers; Amazon Calls Browser Shopping Extension Honey 'Security Risk';
Police Surveillance Tools from Special Services Group;
New SHA-1 Attack; Mailbox Master Keys;
Math and science
Sandia National Laboratories To Improve Artificial Intelligence Technologies That Will Benefit The Public;
Genetic Engineer Technology Has Potential To Eliminate Malaria, Stave Off Extinctions;
Web, computing and technology issues
Facebook won't limit how politicians target ads or lie to voters under new rules; Facebook bans deepfakes, but new policy may not cover controversial Pelosi video;
Days After Suleimani Killing, Trump Campaign Promotes It on Facebook;
Awash in Disinformation Before Vote, Taiwan Points Finger at China;
New Organization Presents Alternative for Managing .org Domain; The Billion-Dollar Battle Over .Org;
China Isn't the Only Problem With 5G;
Calif. Internet Privacy Law Creating Confusion for Companies, Consumers;

Business and Economics
U.S. economy added 145,000 jobs in December, and jobless rate held steady; US trade deficit reaches lowest since 2016;
The Economy Is Expanding. Why Are Economists So Glum? How Every Asset Class, Currency, and Sector Performed in 2019;
Low Interest Rates Worry the Fed. Ben Bernanke Has Some Ideas.; Next recession: New risks to economy based on 100 years of history;
Public Pension Funding Crisis: Why Should Today's Workers And Retirees Pay The Price?
Top economists say Every American family basically pays an $8,000 'poll tax' under the U.S. health system;
American businesses and consumers are paying 'approximately 100%' of Trump tariff costs; Railroads are slashing workers, to stay profitable amid Trump's trade war;
The Minimum Wage Is Rising, but These Workers Are Being Left Behind;
U.S. Manufacturing Slumps as Trade War Damage Lingers;
Oil tops $70 a barrel as Middle East tensions rattle markets; What heightened US-Iran tensions could mean for oil prices;
Turkey's Energy Agenda Puts The Entire Region At Risk;
The U.S. response to China's new Silk Road will be a 'legacy of the administration';
Trump administration pressed Dutch hard to cancel China chip-equipment sale;
Trump to move to exempt some major pipeline, drilling and other projects from environmental review;
Complex Visa System Depriving US Of High-Skilled Workers;
Upward Of 1,500 Megawatts In New Wind Capacity Could Come Online In Wyoming This Year;
California Regulators Want To Cut Down On Port Ship Pollution, But Industry Warns Of Huge Price Tag;
U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Fell By Estimated 2.1% In 2019 Due To Coal Decline;
Agricultural Drones Becoming The Future Of Farming;
Internal Boeing documents show employees discussing efforts to manipulate regulators scrutinizing the 737 Max;
Voya Reportedly Discussed Sale With Potential Suitors;
Top IRS challenges for taxpayers in 2020: Refund delays, aging tech and confusing letters;
'Kakeibo': The Japanese art of saving money;
Other news
Enter here to explore the alternate universe of right-wing media; Rally round the flag: do wars boost presidential popularity?
The disturbing history behind Trump's threat to target Iranian cultural sites; Trump didn't threaten just Iran's culture sites. He threatened culture.;
Visualizing How the Demographics of China and India are Diverging;
Who Killed the Knapp Family?

Why Higher Ed's Promise Remains Unfulfilled; Hispanic Students Face Challenges In College As Enrollment Rises;
Community College In New York Implementing Novel Strategies To Find Ways To Survive, Thrive;
Survey Reveals Modest Continued Increases In Funding For Higher Education Across Most States;
Impact of Expanding and Simplifying Financial Aid ; Policies Could Bring Unpredictable Changes To College Finance; 8 million student loan borrowers must do this in 2020;
CFPB Sues Lenders For Allegedly Giving Consumer Info To Debt Relief Companies;
New Law Creates Working Groups on Foreign Influence on Campus;
Amid Iran Tensions, Some Students Wonder If FAFSA Means They’ll Be Drafted;
ACT CEO Warns UC Against Dropping Standardized Test Requirement For Admissions;
Utah Governor's Budget Proposal Calls For Tuition Freeze;

TechNews for the week: January 1;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Military strikes target militia in deadly Iraq attack; Iran-backed Iraqi militia vows revenge to US airstrikes;
Protesters break into U.S. Embassy compound in Baghdad; diplomats in safe room as Trump blames Iran for 'orchestrating' siege;
Trump threatens Iran after embassy attack, but is reluctant to get more involved in the region;
Supporters of Iranian-backed militia start withdrawing from besieged U.S. Embassy in Baghdad following militia orders;
Senior Iranian, Iraqi commanders killed in Baghdad airstrike - Iraqi state TV; UK says Iran general Qassem Soleimani killed by Trump-ordered airstrike was 'aggressive threat';
How will Iran retaliate for the assassination of Qasem Soleimani; Global powers warn: 'A more dangerous world': US killing triggers global alarm;
Trump says Iranian military leader was killed by airstrike 'to stop a war,' warns Iran not to retaliate;
U.S. Army deploying 3,500 more soldiers to Middle East following Iranian commander's killing;
US warns of threat to talks if N Korea tests long-range missiles; Trump upended three decades of U.S. strategy with North Korea, but the gamble has failed to pay off;
Israel to withhold $43 million of Palestinian tax funds;
Netanyahu seeks immunity from criminal charges; Israeli top court hears case on Netanyahu's political future; Israeli Supreme Court Removes an Obstacle for Netanyahu;
Kushner allowed Saudis to arrest Khashoggi;
UK election suggests disinformation spread by politicians may be a bigger threat in 2020 than Russians or 'deepfakes';
To Keep Putin Out, Belarus Invites the U.S. and China In;
Pompeo Cancels Ukraine Trip Amid Protests at Embassy in Iraq;
Giuliani is said to have taken part in a 2018 call with Venezuela's president as part of a shadow effort to ease him from power;
In violation of protection law Trump retweets, deletes post naming alleged whistleblower;
Explosive new documents reveal the lengths to which the Justice Department went to conceal the Pentagon's concerns about Trump's Ukraine aid freeze;
Schumer seizes on report bolstering case that Trump was directly involved in withholding Ukraine aid;
In clash with Trump administration, House Democrats seek secret grand jury evidence and testimony from former White House counsel Donald McGahn;
Judges struggle over Trump bid to block McGahn congressional testimony; Judge tosses ex-White House aide's lawsuit over impeachment testimony;
Impeachment Trial Looming, Chief Justice Reflects on Judicial Independence;
Brett Kavanaugh Wrote That Hiding Evidence From Congress Is an Impeachable Offense;
Sen. Chris Van Hollen: 'If you have a rigged trial there's no exoneration in acquittal'; 2nd Senate Republican Questions Impartiality of Impeachment Trial;
What's McConnell's endgame in shaping the Senate trial to benefit Trump; Schumer calls McConnell proposal on witnesses a 'trap';
The case for letting senators vote secretly on Trump's fate;
Democrat-led states ask Supreme Court to quickly review Affordable Care Act’s legality;
More Than 200 Republicans Urge Supreme Court to Weigh Overturning Roe v. Wade;
White House quietly threatened to veto spending bill over a plan to let lawmakers hire 'dreamers';
EPA's board of scientific advisers warn regulatory rollbacks clash with established science;
Ben Carson's HUD will propose new rule, further weakening enforcement of fair housing laws;
Nearly a third of the days he's been president, Trump has visited a Trump-branded property;
Trump Organization fires more undocumented workers — a year after its use of illegal labor was revealed;
FBI raids home, office of lobbyist who claimed ties to Trump;
'Nothing Less Than a Civil War': These White Voters on the Far Right See Doom Without Trump;
Corey Lewandowski says he won't seek Senate seat from N.H;
GOP Lawmaker Had Visions of a Christian Alternative Government;
Federal judge denies bid to restore 98,000 voters in U.S. state of Georgia;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
How Close Did Russia Really Come to Hacking the 2016 Election;
Company shuts down because of ransomware, leaves 300 without jobs just before holidays;
Chrome Extension Stealing Cryptocurrency Keys and Passwords;
Hacking School Surveillance Systems;
Math and science
Is Betelgeuse, one of the sky's brightest stars, on the brink of a supernova?;
Science Under Attack: How Trump Is Sidelining Researchers and Their Work;
Census Bureau: U.S. Population Makes Fewest Gains in Decades;
Study finds The signal of human-caused climate change has emerged in every day weather;
Nine Years After Deepwater Horizon Spill, Research Points To Significant Negative Impact On Humans;
Web, computing and technology issues
GlaxoSmithKline Puts Faith In AI To Make More Successful Drugs More Quickly;
SC News and Politics
SC's Lowcountry, Charleston faces high risk of earthquake damage;

Business and Economics
As 2010s conclude, investors have enjoyed bull market for the ages - but many Americans have been left out; Living standards grow at slowest rate since second world war;
A Decade After the Financial Crisis, Corporate Finance Must Contend with These New Ticking Debt Time Bombs;
Analysts Warn An Epic Stock Market Crash Is Looming; How Big Companies Won New Tax Breaks From the Trump Administration;
Nine States Face Economic Contraction, Most Since 2009 Crisis; With Trump's farm bailout came surprising profits, but little help for the neediest;
Minimum wage increases fuel faster wage growth for those at the bottom ;
Trump's proposed Social Security disability cuts could end benefits for thousands; How Cutting Food Stamps Can Add Costs Elsewhere;
In the U.S., an Angioplasty Costs $32,000. Elsewhere? Maybe $6,400;
AT&T is cutting jobs, but Trump is focused on its management of CNN instead;
The Year of the Trade Truce; Initial U.S.-China trade deal's big hole: Beijing's massive business subsidies;
Blocked in U.S., Huawei Touts 'Shared Values' to Compete in Europe;
JPMorgan, Goldman tweak repo operations to limit regulatory burdens;
Russia and Ukraine sign deal to secure European gas flows; Israel, Greece and Cyprus to seal €6bn gas pipeline deal; Germany shuts nuclear plant as it phases out atomic energy;
Firestone tires built Liberia's economy. Now, painful layoffs are sowing fear for the future;
Projected shale output overly bullish;
BLM Releases Environmental Impact Statement For Proposed 690-MW Solar Project In NV;
Federal Judge Rejects Lawsuit Aimed At Blocking New Light Bulb Efficiency Standards In California;
Judge likely to block T-Mobile/Sprint;
Report: Turbotax trap;
Other news
Trump's stock market rally is very good, but still lags Obama and Clinton;
How Chase Bank Chairman Helped the Deposed Shah of Iran Enter the U.S.;
A deceptively edited video of Joe Biden signals what’s coming;
United Methodist Church is expected to split over gay marriage disagreement, fracturing the nation's third-largest denomination;

Colorado Governor Announces Program Giving All Children $100 For 529 Accounts;
Thousands Of F-1 Visa Students In US May Have Worked For Fraudulent Companies;
Privacy Concerns Abound As More Colleges Encourage Students To Use Mental Health Apps;