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TechNews for the week: March 27; March 25; March 23;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
As Iran Reels, Trump Aides Clash Over Escalating Military Showdown;
North Korea says Trump wrote Kim Jong Un a letter offering to help out with the coronavirus;
Citing Threat to Israeli Democracy, Netanyahu Opponents Take Battle to Supreme Court; Israel right-wing parties boycott parliament re-opening;
Netanyahu ally resigns, deepening Israeli political turmoil; Israel takes step toward emergency government as Gantz is elected parliament speaker;
Turkish prosecutors charge 20 Saudis, including senior officials, in Khashoggi killing;
Modi Orders 3-Week Total Lockdown for All 1.3 Billion Indians; WHO warns that United States could become next epicenter;
Latin America Shuts Down to Fight Virus, Brazil and Mexico Are Holdouts; Brazil's Bolsonaro, channeling Trump, dismisses coronavirus measures - it's just 'a little cold';
Europe's Leaders Ditch Austerity and Fight Pandemic With Cash;
WHO official says coronavirus lockdowns alone not sufficient; Spain extends nationwide restrictions;
EIU predicts Coronavirus will infect half the global population;
U.S. intelligence reports from January and February warned about a likely coronavirus pandemic;
Coronavirus-scarred cities need 'something bigger than the New Deal' just to cope; Half of California's population could be infected within 8 weeks;
Health officials in hard-hit areas of the U.S. have a new message on coronavirus: Don't get tested;
Senate falls far short of votes needed to advance coronavirus bill as clash between Republicans and Democrats intensifies;
Governors, mayors in growing uproar over Trump's response; As coronavirus spreads, so do doubts about America's ability to meet the moment;
Partisan outrage erupts in the Senate as coronavirus stimulus bill fails for a second time;
As Trump touts an unproven treatment, supplies vanish for patients who need those drugs; Arizona death prompts warning against self-medication;
Trump Has Given Unusual Leeway to Fauci, but Aides Say He's Losing His Patience;
Trump weighs restarting economy despite warnings from U.S. public health officials; Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick says the elderly should risk their lives to save the economy;
Trump says he wants 'the country opened' by Easter, despite warnings from public health experts about coronavirus outbreak;
White House agrees to allow oversight of huge coronavirus loan program as $2 trillion Senate deal nears; What you need to know about the US coronavirus bailout;
Stimulus bill prevents Trump and his family from benefiting from loan programs; Hurdles remain as Senate aims to vote on $2 trillion bill;
U.S. deaths from coronavirus top 1,000 amid incomplete reporting from authorities and anguish from those left behind;
U.S. now leads the world in confirmed coronavirus cases;
Fact Checker: Trump's faux facts on Fox News; Jared Kushner Is Going to Save You From COVID-19;
Trump Will Label Regions by Risk of Coronavirus Threat;
House leaders hope to expedite virus relief bill but GOP lawmaker may delay it;
In shadow of coronavirus, Congress contemplates 'one of the biggest rule changes in the last century';
House passes $2 trillion emergency spending bill to combat economic impact of coronavirus, sending measure to Trump for enactment;
Trump signs $2 trillion coronavirus bill into law as companies and households brace for more economic pain;
North Carolina rejected Medicaid expansion. Its uninsured residents now stare down a pandemic;
U.S. cities have acute shortages of masks, test kits, ventilators as they face coronavirus threat;
Job Vacancies and Inexperience Mar Federal Response to Coronavirus; U.S. government has 1.5 million expired N95 masks sitting in an Indiana warehouse;
Trump tweets blame in all directions over ventilators for coronavirus, except at himself;
As States Delay Primaries, June 2 Is Suddenly a Big Tuesday on the Calendar;
'Wartime President'? Trump Rewrites History in an Election Year;
Trump Campaign Threatens TV Stations That Air Ad Critical Of President; Trump Campaign Wants Coronavirus Ad Taken Down;
Trump cannot block critics on Twitter, federal court affirms in ruling;
DOJ Wants to Suspend Certain Constitutional Rights During Coronavirus Emergency;
As Trump shows readiness to break with experts, his online base assails Fauci;
Republicans block most aid to help states plan for presidential election amid coronavirus pandemic;
Election officials in both parties call for emergency funding to expand voting by mail before November;
Mail voting could secure the November election. But can election officials make it happen in time;
Democrats sound the alarm on Joe Biden's young voter problem;
Devin Nunes exploring 'legal remedies' after Adam Schiff released phone records;
Real ID deadline extended amid coronavirus crisis;
US Sen. Cramer apologizes for offensive term about Pelosi;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
Putin's Secret Intelligence Agency Hacked: Dangerous New 'Cyber Weapons' Now Exposed;
Internet Voting in Puerto Rico;
The Coronavirus Is the Worst Intelligence Failure in U.S. History; Facial Recognition for People Wearing Masks;
Math and science
A runaway greenhouse effect turned Venus into 'hell';
Study concludes COVID-19 'is not a laboratory construct'; Robots Could Have Been Repurposed To Help Quell COVID-19, But We Weren't Prepared;
Blood from people who recover from virus could provide a treatment; Coronavirus Shifting Climate Change Conversation;
Growing Number Of Universities Suspending Nonessential Research;
US Successfully Tests Hypersonic Weapon;
Simulating the 2020 NCAA tournament: An attempt to stave off March sadness;
Web, computing and technology issues
Inside a pro-Trump YouTube disinformation network that spans Vietnam to Bosnia;
Microsoft warns of Windows zero-day exploited in the wild;
Zoom Calls Disrupted by Internet Trolls Sharing Inappropriate Content;
10 free video chat apps ; 10 language learning apps that actually work;
SC News and Politics
Coronavirus could impact SC elections, including possible delay of June party primaries;
Sen. Lindsey Graham threatens to derail coronavirus economic aid bill over boosted unemployment benefits, calling it 'Bernie Sanders on steroids';
Boeing Employee In South Carolina Tests Positive For COVID-19;
SC High School League extends suspension of spring sports due to coronavirus;

Business and Economics
Dow tanks nearly 600 points Monday after massive coronavirus rescue bill trips up a second time in Senate;
Fed's Bullard Says U.S. Jobless Rate May Soar to 30%; Senate GOP stimulus plan would exclude up to 64 million tax filers from full rebate;
US Real Estate in Jeopardy - Analysts Predict Housing Market Crash to 29-Year Lows; Bankers Pledge Mortgage Help, but Want Billions;
Fed announces unlimited bond purchases in unprecedented move to help U.S. economy weather coronavirus meltdown;
The GOP's coronavirus relief package is a dream for big corporations and a nightmare for struggling Americans;
Stimulus optimism powers massive stock rally Tuesday, catapulting Dow more than 2,000 points;
Officials say Senate's coronavirus deal proposes billions of dollars for Boeing. Critics say money should go to workers;
Airlines Consider Domestic Flight Shutdown; United Airlines Cuts International Flights By 95 Percent For April;
'Terrified' Package Delivery Employees Are Going to Work Sick; Coronavirus Patients in Limbo as Gilead Suspends Emergency Drug Access;
The U.S. Shut Down Its Economy. Here's What Needs to Happen in Order to Restart;
Boeing Halts Production In Washington State; Airbus Resumes Production In France, Spain; Bombardier Will Suspend Canadian Production Starting Tuesday;
Airlines Struggling To Find Space To Park Unused Planes; GE Aviation Cuts 10 Percent Of Its US Workforce;
Airport, Airline Contractors Concerned About Exclusion From Stimulus Package; Boeing CEO does not want U.S. to take stake in company after coronavirus stimulus;
Congress to bail out firms that avoided taxes, safety regulations and spent billions boosting their stock;
Dow swells nearly 500 points Wednesday as Wall Street stretches stock rally into second day;
A record 3.3 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits last week as the economy faces unprecedented blow from coronavirus;
Senate passes $2 trillion coronavirus relief package; What's in the $2.2 trillion ; coronavirus Senate stimulus package;
Fine Print of Stimulus Bill Contains Special Deals for Industries; Bonanza for Rich Real Estate Investors, Tucked Into Stimulus Package;
House passes $2 trillion emergency spending bill to combat economic impact of coronavirus, sending measure to Trump for enactment;
Strike Called in Spain To Protest Airbus Reopening Of Plants; Airbus To Temporarily Reduce Wing Production;
Industry Groups Call On Trump Administration To Provide Consistent Definition Of "Critical Infrastructure";
Thursday, Dow soars more than 1,300 points for its third straight day as investors shake off bleak job numbers;
Major cruise lines are out of stimulus package because they aren't based in the U.S., industry group says;
Mnuchin: US Will Take Stake In Airlines In Exchange For Grant Money; Small Businesses Will Get Help Paying Workers, if They Can Wait;
GM To Cut Salaried Workers' Pay With Promise Of Payback; Facing Cash Crunch, Ford Plans To Restart Some US Truck Plants "As Early As April 6";
Trump invokes Defense Production Act to compel GM to manufacture ventilators for coronavirus outbreak;
Dow drops more than 900 points on Friday, but still finishes higher for the week;
AG Mortgage sues RBC over margin calls;
PG&E Will Plead Guilty to Involuntary Manslaughter in Camp Fire;
United Technologies Acquisition of Raytheon Wins US Antitrust Approval;
Cheap U.S. Corn Lures Chinese Buyers Seeking American Grain;
OPEC Has Pulled Up a Chair for Texas;
Renters: How to Get COVID-19 Rent Relief;
Why Mortgage REITs Battle Margin Calls;
Other news
The media must stop live-broadcasting Trump's dangerous, destructive coronavirus briefings; Trump deceives while lawmakers cash out. It's the 'story of life';
The Lessons of the Elections of 1918; How South Korea Flattened the Curve;
George Will: A loose brick in Republicans' red wall;
He urged saving the economy over protecting those who are 'not productive' from the coronavirus. Then he faced America's wrath;

Coronavirus Pandemic Transforming American Higher Education System; Longer-Term Financial Impacts Of Outbreak On Colleges Remain Unclear;
The Great Recession Was Bad for Higher Education. Coronavirus Could Be Worse; Coronavirus Likely To Impact College Summer Classes, Programs;
21 States Extend Statewide School Closures; All Schools Now Closed in 49 States; One State Unclear;
Coronavirus Crisis Prompts Increasing Number Of Colleges To Extend Yes-Or-No Deadline For Admitted Students;
Some College Officials Fear Students Wont Return To Campuses Following Move To Online Education;
HBCUs Experiencing "Alarming" Drop In Enrollment; Higher Ed Admissions Severely Impacted By Virus Worries;
Educators Facing Numerous Challenges As They Ramp Up Distance Learning Across The US;
When Covid-19 Closed Colleges, Many Students Lost Jobs They Needed. Now Campuses Scramble to Support Them;
Graduate Students: Universities Treating Us Like Second-Class Citizens;
As Coronavirus Spreads, Colleges Make Limited Allowances for Support Staff;
Liberty University Allows Students To Return To Campus Despite Coronavirus Outbreak;

TechNews for the week: March 20; March 18; March 16;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Iraqi Officials Say U.S. Airstrikes Kill Iraqi Soldiers and Police; Fresh rocket attack wounds troops in Iraq, potentially deepening U.S.-Iran tensions;
With Cease-Fire in Place, Syrians Return for Belongings, but Not to Stay;
Israel's president gives Benny Gantz first chance at forming a government; Israel parliament speaker shuts Knesset, enraging opposition;
Critics in Israel say Netanyahu using coronavirus as pretext for massive power grab; Israel's West Bank settlements surged in 2019;
Germany Shuts Down Far-Right Clubs That Deny the Modern State;
Mexico frets about U.S. coronavirus spread, could tighten border; Spain announces nationwide lockdown as coronavirus cases surge;
Trump announces agreement with Mexico to limit border crossings as N.Y. tells nonessential workers to stay home;
Pence announces travel ban from United Kingdom and Ireland;
Virus toll in Iran climbs as lockdowns deepen across Mideast;
German Officials Say U.S. Offered 'Large Sum' to German Company for Access to Coronavirus Vaccine Research;
Trump closes border with Canada to 'non-essential traffic' in effort to slow coronavirus spread;
State Department warns against international travel, tells all Americans abroad to return to U.S. or prepare to shelter in place;
U.S.-China media war escalates as Beijing pulls credentials for journalists at five U.S. news outlets;
Justice Dept. drops case against Russian firm indicted in Mueller election interference probe — a stunning reversal weeks before trial;
Trump tests negative for coronavirus, according to letter from his doctor;
Trump just gave the worst speech of his presidency on Friday; Trump is breaking every rule in the CDC's 450-page playbook for health crisis;
Trump administration, House Democrats reach agreement on coronavirus relief bill that includes paid sick leave for affected workers;
Coronavirus screening causes massive bottlenecks at U.S. airports; Surge in coronavirus patients threatens to swamp U.S. hospitals;
Trump flicked a Google statement onto the floor during a live press conference in an apparent rebuke of a botched coronavirus website rollout;
Why America's Virus Response Looks Like a Patchwork; U.S. hospitals could be forced to ration medical care as facilities in Italy and China have;
Trump says outbreak could last months and gatherings should be limited to 10 people;
How U.S. testing stalled: Flawed kits, red tape and resistance to using millions of WHO tests;
Trump wants to send Americans $1,000 checks to cushion virus economic shock; Senate coronavirus vote delayed after Rand Paul pushes doomed amendment;
Covid-19 hits doctors, nurses and EMTs, threatening health system; Americans asked to postpone elective medical procedures as virus hits all 50 states;
Senate approves House coronavirus aid bill for Trump's signature; Pelosi calls on Trump to use Defense Production Act; Biden endorses Warren's bankruptcy plan;
Supreme Court postpones upcoming oral arguments, which include Trump's financial records case;
U.S. judge freezes House lawsuit seeking Trump's IRS tax records;
Trump Victory Over Congressional Oversight Is in Doubt; Trump ordered to expand document search in suit alleging he endorsed pyramid scam;
Trump says he is 'strongly considering' full pardon of Michael Flynn;
Winners and losers from the Bernie Sanders-Joe Biden debate; 4 takeaways from the Biden-Sanders Democratic debate; Fact-checking the 11th Democratic primary debate;
No in-person voting will take place in Tuesday's primary in Ohio; Uncertainty looms over Ohio primary as state judge rejects governor's efforts to postpone Tuesday vote;
Ohio governor orders primary polls closed Tuesday, citing 'health emergency' from coronavirus;
Shuttered polling places and a dearth of cleaning supplies: Voters confront pandemic-fueled confusion at the polls;
Officials are trying to figure out how to hold elections during a pandemic; Could the 2020 Election Be Postponed? Only With Great Difficulty;
4 takeaways from the Arizona, Florida and Illinois primaries; Sanders to assess his campaign in wake of three decisive wins by Biden on Tuesday;
Illinois issues stay-at-home order for its residents;
Trump's $1 trillion stimulus is a gamble for reelection - and a sea change for Republicans;
Trump administration sidelines CDC during pandemic; Top coronavirus doctor puts head in hands when Trump mentions 'Deep State Department' at briefing;
McConnell Has a Request for Veteran Federal Judges: Please Quit;
DHS inspector general's office nearly dormant under Trump as reports and audits plummet;
Acting counterterrorism center head fired, according to former U.S. officials;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
March Crypto-Gram Newsletter, Cybersecurity, Vulnerabilities, and more;
As Federal Workers Telecommute, Risks of Data Breaches Increase; Work-from-Home Security Advice;
Federal Agencies Warn About Phishing Scams Related to Coronavirus;
U.S. Considers Using Personal Location Data to Track Coronavirus;
Israel is using Emergency Surveillance During COVID-19 Crisis;
TSA Admits Liquid Ban Is Security Theater;
Math and science
Our Solar System Is Even Stranger Than We Thought; Hubble Telescope Captures Image Of Star-Forming Pink Cloud;
Researchers Look For Solutions To Deal With Possibility Of Increased Collisions Between Satellites, Space Debris;
Launch Of China's Long March 7A Rocket Fails;
Web, computing and technology issues
Coronavirus updates: WHO website;
Trump Oversold a Google Site to Fight Coronavirus; Facebook Bug Mistakenly Flags Some Coronavirus Content as Spam;
U.S. government talks to tech industry about using smartphone location data to combat coronavirus;
Zuckerberg Says Facebook Not Giving Location Data to U.S. Government; Google Explores Using Location Data to Help Slow Coronavirus;
How Android 11 will better protect your phone from robocall spam;
SC News and Politics
SC closes all public pre-K-12 schools and colleges as state reaches 28 coronavirus cases;
Former UN ambassador Nikki Haley resigns from Boeing board over company's bailout request;
Lindsey Graham is reportedly trying to talk Trump out of coronavirus relief checks for Americans;

Business and Economics
Markets plunge 3000 points Monday, with the Dow sinking to its worst day since 1987;
Trump administration seeks roughly $850 billion in emergency stimulus to confront coronavirus economic fallout;
Fed slashes rates to near zero, eases bank lending rules; Trump Says He Could Demote Fed Chair Powell, Risking More Market Turmoil;
Dow closes up more than 1,000 points Tuesday as massive economic stimulus plan, including cash payments to Americans, takes shape to offset coronavirus;
Dow sheds more than 1,300 points in market meltdown Wednesday, erasing nearly all of the equity advances under the Trump presidency;
U.S. markets temporarily suspend trading for fourth time in two weeks after S&P 500 plunges;
Stores cutting hours or closing because of coronavirus: Walmart, Apple, Nike, Publix, Kroger, H-E-B, Urban Outfitters, more;
Businesses Face a New Coronavirus Threat: Shrinking Access to Credit; Coronavirus Cost to Businesses and Workers;
Federal Reserve Gives Emergency Aid to Mutual Funds; U.S. jobless claims rose to 281,000 last week;
48% of American workers excluded from Paid Leave Under the New Coronavirus Law; Republicans, White House Gut Paid Sick Leave In Coronavirus Bill;
Dow pulls itself back above 20,000 Thursday as Wall Street regroups in erratic trading;
Government Stimulus Efforts to Fight the COVID-19 Crisis; Senate Rescue Package Includes Corporate Tax Cuts and $1,200 Checks;
Dow plunges more than 925 points Friday as Wall Street wraps up worst week since 2008 financial crisis;
Global Manufacturing Industry Should Brace For Major Effect Amid Coronavirus Disruption;
Developing countries will see their income from oil and gas fall by 50% to 85% in 2020 if current market conditions continue;
White House shows support for proposed plan to send checks to Americans in 'next two weeks' to address coronavirus;
The Trump administration doesn't have its story straight on how hard coronavirus is going to hit the economy;
White House coronavirus plan aims to send $2,000 to many Americans, includes $300 billion for small businesses;
Survey: 24% Of Employers Would Downsize If Outbreak Worsens; Layoffs Are Just Starting, and the Forecasts Are Bleak;
Automakers, UAW Agree To Partial Shutdown To Protect Workers From Coronavirus;
Trump is delaying tax payments but you still have to file by April 15;
U.S. airlines seek more than $50 billion from the government to deal with coronavirus fallout;
Boeing Seeks $60 Billion In Government Aid For Aerospace Industry Hit By Coronavirus;
Airbus May Need Help From Governments If Coronavirus Outbreak Lasts Months; US To Go Ahead With 50% Tariff Increase On Airbus Planes;
FAA Issues Order For Boeing To Fix Computer Issue Within 15 Days; FAA Investigating 12-Inch Crack Which Appeared On Southwest Boeing 737 Plane During Flight;
Boeing Considering Temporary Work Stoppage; Analysts Expect Slow Recovery For Airline Industry Once Coronavirus Outbreak Is Contained;
Trump administration suspended an 82-year-old road safety law for some truck drivers;
More lifesaving ventilators are available. Hospitals can't afford them.;
The Maximum one can Receive from Social Security Retirement Benefit;
U.S. tax filing deadline has been pushed back from April 15 to July 15; Income Tax Payments to Be Extended;
Warren Buffett's latest advice could help you retire much richer;
Other news
Infighting, missteps and a son-in-law hungry for results: Inside the Trump administration's troubled coronavirus response;
When Arizona Elected a Mexican Immigrant Governor;

The Coronavirus Is Upending Higher Ed. Here Are the Latest Developments; How Will Higher Education Figure In A Coronavirus Stimulus Plan;
More Than Half of All States Have Shut Down All of Their Schools; GOP right pushes back on Kansas governor for closing schools;
Many Colleges Can't Afford To Give Tuition Refunds During Campus Shutdowns; American Universities Differ On Offering Tuition, Housing Refunds;
US Colleges' Response To Coronavirus Pandemic Impacting International Students;
Some Students Lack Access To Shelter, Food Or Wi-Fi Following College Campuses Closures;
California Universities Moving Classes Online In Response To Coronavirus; Students Call For Tuition Refund;
All Florida State Universities To Hold Classes Online Until Semester Ends;
The Covid-19 Crisis Is Widening the Gap Between Secure and Insecure Instructors;
Moody's Investors Service Downgrades Its Outlook For The Higher Education Sector Amid Coronavirus Pandemic;
Dozens Of Four-Year Universities Decide To Expand Pass/Fail Options For Students Due To Coronavirus Crisis;
Dorms Would Most Likely Not Be Hospitals' First Choice For Housing People With COVID-19 Infections;

TechNews for the week: March 13; March 11; March 9;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
North Korea launches 3 missiles days after threat;
Some Afghans view U.S.-Taliban peace deal with mix of disbelief and anger; A Secret Accord With the Taliban: When and How the U.S. Would Leave Afghanistan;
Blasts disrupt Afghan President Ashraf Ghani's swearing-in ceremony amid a deepening political crisis; Ghani Takes the Oath of Afghan President. His Rival Does, Too;
Afghan President Orders Taliban Prisoner Release;
Saudi Prince Detains Senior Members of Royal Family;
Heavy police raids leave east Jerusalem neighborhood on edge; Gaza militants target Israel with party balloons bearing bombs;
Israeli court rejects Netanyahu request to delay trial; Netanyahu rivals to cooperate on forming new government;
Israel's Netanyahu calls for emergency government with rival; Israel orders 14-day self-quarantine for anyone entering country;
Israel protests Russian FM Lavrov's meeting with Islamic Jihad leader;
U.S. and coalition troops killed in rocket attack in Iraq, potentially spiking tensions with Iran; Why Did Iran Bait Trump Now;
U.S. launches strikes in Iraq against Iranian-backed militias after attack that killed coalition troops;
Turkey used a new weapon in Syria that was so effective it looks like Russia won't dare confront Turkey directly;
As the U.S.-backed government in Bolivia unleashes a wave of political persecution, the Trump administration remains silent;
Conflicts Over Indigenous Land Grow More Violent in Central America;
WHO declares coronavirus a pandemic; Italy expands travel restrictions to entire country, locking down 60 million people in its fight against coronavirus;
UK to withdraw from EU aviation safety regulator;
Russia's ruling party proposes path for Putin to stay in power past 2024; Putin Endorses Brazen Remedy to Extend His Rule, Possibly for Life;
Rep. Mark Meadows chosen for White House chief of staff while Mick Mulvaney becomes envoy for Northern Ireland;
Immigration Officers Say Asylum Deal With Guatemala Is Unlawful;
Supreme Court says Trump administration may continue its "Remain in Mexico" policy barring asylum seekers' entry to U.S.;
Barr Increasingly Appears Focused on Undermining Mueller Inquiry;
With Test Kits in Short Supply, Health Officials Sound Alarms; Trump plays expert by second-guessing professionals;
What went wrong with the coronavirus tests in the U.S.; Glitches and missed opportunities with test kits gave virus a head start to spread undetected;
Trump is more worried about Coronavirus numbers than patients;
Trump on allowing Grand Princess cruise passengers to disembark: 'I'd rather have them stay on, personally';
Trump feuds with airlines over coronavirus after White House asks for passenger information;
Two test positive for coronavirus at US conference attended by Pence; Incoming White House chief of staff among lawmakers sidelined by virus concerns;
Brazilian official who met Trump on Saturday at Mar-a-Lago tests positive for coronavirus;
Australian official who met with Barr, Ivanka Trump tests positive for coronavirus; Spain declares a national emergency;
Trump allies got coronavirus tests despite lack of symptoms and shortage;
Anthony Fauci undercuts Trump on the flu and other coronavirus assertions; Conservatives Try to Rebrand the Coronavirus;
President Trump's address to the nation on coronavirus, annotated;
Trump bans travel from most of Europe for 30 days to slow the spread of coronavirus; asks Congress to consider economic measures;
Jared Kushner and Stephen Miller made last-minute changes to Trump's error-riddled coronavirus speech before he delivered it;
The US's top infectious-diseases expert said 'it would be nice' if Trump hadn't scrapped the NSC's global-health unit;
Trump declares coronavirus outbreak a national emergency, offers $50 billion in support, sending financial markets soaring;
Sean Hannity Thinks Coronavirus Panic Is a 'Hoax'; How Many Millions of His Listeners Do Too?
Pandemic tests clout of cruise industry and its long-standing ties to Trump;
Sick people across U.S. say they are denied coronavirus testing even when doctor said they needed it;
Pelosi, Seeking to Insulate House Majority, Presses Plan to Lower Health Costs;
Trump Rips Democrats' Virus-Response Bill; Senate Cancels Recess; Senate GOP blocks emergency paid sick leave bill from moving forward;
Trump tells town hall he plans to cut entitlements, hopes to replace ObamaCare with 'something great';
How the Trump Campaign Took Over the G.O.P;
Trump Organization's donation to U.S. Treasury shows drop in foreign government profits;
Federal appeals court rules Justice Department must disclose secret Mueller grand jury evidence to Congress;
Trump's acting intelligence chief declines to meet with Congress for election threats briefing;
Biden Takes Command of Race, Winning Four States Including Michigan; 5 takeaways from Tuesday's primaries;
Sanders had one week to get it right with Democratic supporters. He spent it fighting the party;
Sotomayor recuses herself from one of two Supreme Court cases with consequences for electoral college;
Senate GOP chairman abruptly shifts course on subpoena targeting Bidens; Republicans' election-year investigations of Joe Biden, Burisma and Democrats, explained;
Senators demand records illuminating dark money ties to Supreme Court appointments;
Erik Prince Recruits Ex-Spies to Help Infiltrate Liberal Groups; Meet the Trump Fan Accused of Registering Democrats as Republicans;
Wisconsin voter purge case appealed to state Supreme Court; Virginia lawmakers approve redistricting measure;
Kansas GOP leader's Medicaid expansion move roils Statehouse;
Elections officials scramble for options as coronavirus worries mount; Louisiana delays presidential primary until this summer;
NCAA basketball tournaments cancelled over coronavirus outbreak; 2020 Masters postponed; Boston Marathon moved; National emergency declared;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
CIA Dirty Laundry Aired; Cybersecurity Law Casebook;
Multiple nation-state groups are hacking Microsoft Exchange servers;
Facebook, Twitter Take Down Network of Russian-Linked Fake Accounts;
Congressional Commission Says U.S. Faces Risk of 'Major Cyberattack'; The EARN-IT Act;
Israeli Spyware Maker NSO Group Asks Judge to Sanction Facebook;
The Whisper Secret-Sharing App Exposed Locations;
Math and science
This teeny skull trapped in amber belongs to the smallest dinosaur ever found;
Researchers Develop Process To Make Prosthetic Hands Move More Naturally;
Researchers Create Low-Cost Solar Cell With One Of The Highest Power-Conversion Efficiencies To Date;
NASA Underwriting U Arizona Research On Acquiring Food, Water On The Moon; SpaceX Dragon Cargo Ship Arrives At ISS;
China Successfully Launches Beidou Satellite;
Web, computing and technology issues
Twitter Adds 'Manipulated Media' Label to Video Sent by White House Official; Facebook Labels Biden Video Shared by Trump as 'Partly False Information';
Australia Files Privacy Suit Against Facebook Over Cambridge Analytica;
Coronavirus App to Provide At-Home Risk Assessment;

Business and Economics
U.S. markets plunged Monday, closing near bear-market territory as investors panicked over global economic threat of coronavirus;
As markets plummet, Trump says White House to seek possible payroll tax cuts;
Helicopter Money: The emergency economic plan President Trump and Fed Chair Powell might agree on;
White House Considering "Targeted" Tax Relief For Industries Affected By Coronavirus;
Putin Dumps MBS to Start a War on America's Shale Oil Industry; Saudis Plan Big Oil Output Hike, Beginning All-Out Price War;
Dow ends volatile Tuesday up more than 1,100 points on hopes that U.S. policymakers will act to blunt coronavirus’s economic impact;
Dow drops 1,400 points Wednesday and tumbles into a bear market, down 20% from last month's record close;
White House likely to pursue federal aid for shale companies hit by oil shock, coronavirus downturn;
Hundreds of Americans have lost jobs in industries hit hard by coronavirus, as outbreak takes bigger toll on economy;
'This is not a bailout': Mnuchin defends Trump plan to rescue firms impacted by coronavirus;
Furious over coronavirus fallout, Trump urged Mnuchin to push Fed chairman to do more to stimulate economy during explosive tirade;
Thursday Stocks plunge deeper into bear territory, with Dow down nearly 10 percent, despite Fed's move to prop up short-term markets;
Bailouts. Stimulus. Corporate socialism. Welfare for business.; Something Weird Is Happening on Wall Street, and Not Just the Stock Sell-Off;
Trump Administration Blocks Chinese Acquisition of Hotel Software Company; Considering Ban On Government Purchases Of Foreign-Made UAVs;
Britain to Start Charging 2 Percent Tax on Revenue from Digital Services;
Washington State Senate Approves Aerospace Tax Break Repeal, Measure Heads To Governor’s Desk;
Underemployment An Issue For Veterans; Trump Administration Presses Cities to Evict Homeowners From Flood Zones;
The Navy may not buy any more Ford-class supercarriers;
Wells Fargo board members resign after scathing House report;
CDC Considering Fining Airlines Who Do Not Produce Passenger Data Amid Coronavirus Crisis;
Major US Airlines Announce Flight Cancellations, Cost Cutting Measures Due To Coronavirus;
US Automakers Still Up And Running Amid Coronavirus;
Banks Promised $7 Billion for a Casino Deal. Then the Coronavirus Hit;
Sorry, but It's Tax Time, and You Should Probably Read All This Stuff; 9 Reasons to Stop Doing Your Own Taxes;
Wall Street Had 2 Terrible Weeks. Here's How 7 Traders Dealt With It;
Other news
Trump Is Counting on the Supreme Court to Save Him; Congress wants accountability for Khashoggi. Trump breaks the law to stop them;
It's Time to Cancel the U.S. Presidential Campaign;
Olympic Trials Marathon;

Some US Colleges Canceling, Curtailing Graduation Amid Coronavirus Outbreak; Ohio closes schools for at least three weeks to combat coronavirus;
Colleges Nationwide Shut Down Campuses, Transition To Online Classes;
ED Relaxes Rules For Colleges And Universities Planning Move To Online Coursework For Spring Term;
University Of California Board Of Regents To Consider "Radically" New Model Of Tuition Increases;
Senate Republicans Join Democrats in Rejecting DeVos's Borrower-Defense Rules ; Betsy DeVos's problem with numbers;
VA Plans To Suspend New GI Bill Enrollments At Five Schools Over Marketing Practices;
American Council on Education President Ted Mitchell: US Higher Ed Must Continue To Oppose Undue Foreign Influence In Domestic Academia;
Survey Reveals Growing Acceptance Of Digital Materials Over Print Among Faculty;
"College For All" Message May Cause More Unintended Harm Than Realized;
TSU Auditor Reveals New Details About Scale Of Admissions Scandal;

TechNews for the week: March 6; March 4; March 2;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
U.S. signs peace deal with Taliban, a turning point in the 18-year war in Afghanistan; Afghan government objects to elements of U.S.-Taliban peace deal;
Afghanistan War Enters New Stage as U.S. Military Prepares to Exit; I.C.C. Allows Afghanistan War Crimes Inquiry to Proceed, Angering U.S.;
Trump speaks with senior Taliban leader, apparently first discussion between U.S. president, insurgent force since Afghan war began;
Taliban Ramp Up Attacks on Afghans After Trump Says 'No Violence'; Attack on Shiite gathering in Afghanistans capital leaves more than 20 dead;
Turkey shoots down two Syrian warplanes in growing conflict; Turkey Declares Major Offensive Against Syrian Government;
Putin and Erdogan Reach Accord to Halt Fighting in Syria; A Balancing Act for Europe: Stop the Migrants, Support Greece, Assuage Turkey;
Netanyahu ahead in Israeli election, exit polls show, but it is unclear whether right-wing bloc will win majority in parliament;
As Netanyahu claims win, Israel loses U.S. Democrats; Ace of Base: Why Netanyahu Seems Unsinkable; Israel's Arab parties set for largest-ever showing in parliament;
On Monday Netanyahu Was Toasting Victory. Now He's Toast; Palestinians protest as Israeli bulldozers clear land;
U.N. agency sees sharp increase in Iran's uranium stockpile, potentially reducing time needed to build nuclear bomb;
Putin Proposes Constitutional Ban on Gay Marriage;
Trump administration orders four Chinese news outlets in U.S. to reduce staffs as media war between two countries escalates;
More Countries Taking Drastic Measures To Contain Spread Of Coronavirus;
Trump administration announces additional travel restrictions affecting Iran, Italy and South Korea in response to coronavirus;
Rumors and chaos in Alabama point to big problems as U.S. seeks to contain virus ;
Trump is pushing a dangerous, false spin on coronavirus - and the media is helping him spread it;
Florida governor declares public health emergency after state records first coronavirus cases;
Trump repeatedly misunderstands health officials advising him about coronavirus;
Trump barred a top health expert from speaking freely about the coronavirus. It's one of many ways the administration has muzzled scientists;
Trump is now trying to blame Obama for his coronavirus response; Fact Check: Trump's attempt to blame Obama for sluggish testing;
Judge Rules Cuccinelli's Appointment to Immigration Post Is Illegal; Barr orders man deported after immigration judge ruled he can stay in U.S. to avoid torture;
Supreme Court says it will once again consider the fate of the Affordable Care Act;
Trump Meets With Key Republicans Amid Stalemate Over Surveillance Laws;
Judge challenges Attorney General Barr's credibility over handling of Mueller report, will review material still hidden from public;
White House pulls nomination of Pentagon official who raised Ukraine aid concerns;
Trump campaign sues Washington Post over opinion columns asserting link to Russian election interference;
Documents reveal payouts from Secret Service to president's properties as he is roundly attacked for coronavirus comments and misleading Facebook ads;
Documents show $157,000 in additional payments by Secret Service to Trump properties;
With Super Tuesday looming, Biden's SC victory recasts the Democratic race; 4 takeaways from the South Carolina primary;
California voting changes raise concerns for 'Super Tuesday'; Lawyer warned Georgia county on dumping new voting system;
Bloomberg rips Sanders for boycotting AIPAC;
Biden pulls off historic Super Tuesday comeback; 5 takeaways from Super Tuesday;
Sanders attacks Biden as Dem race tightens;
Who is strongest against Trump in Must-win and swing states;
Ohio's Not a Super Tuesday State, But It Served Up an Ominous Super Tuesday Warning;
Oregon 2020 legislative session implodes amid GOP walkout;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
Security of Health Information; State Department Blames Russia for Coronavirus Misinformation Online;
The cloud has opened new doors for hackers; Wi-Fi Chip Vulnerability;
Facebook's Download-Your-Data Tool Is Incomplete;
Clearview AI probed over facial recognition sales to foreign governments;
As the U.S. spied on the world, the CIA and NSA bickered; More on Crypto AG;
Math and science
Earth's new 'mini-moon' is leaving soon. But it'll be back; Massive White Dwarf Star Found To Actually Be The Result Of The Merger Of Two Stars;
NASA To Upgrade Deep Space Network Which Allows It To Communicate With Probes Such As Voyager 2;
What 25 scientists were sent to China to research the coronavirus found;
Satellite Images Show Coronavirus Manufacturing Shutdown Has Lessened Air Pollution; How a Trump Insider Embeds Climate Denial in Scientific Research;
Ancient Mud Reveals an Explanation for Sudden Collapse of the Mayan Empire;
How a Trump Insider Embeds Climate Denial in Scientific Research;
SpaceX Starship Prototype Fails Pressure Test;
El Capitan supercomputer to blow past rivals, with 2 quintillion calculations per second;
Web, computing and technology issues
Millions of tweets peddled conspiracy theories on virus in other countries; Researchers Find Mixed Results on YouTube's Efforts to Fight Conspiracies;
Facebook Removes Hundreds of Accounts Linked to Deceptive Marketing; Facebook takes down deceptive Trump campaign ads after first allowing them;
Twitter Verifies Account for Fake 2020 Congressional Candidate;
Four steps to secure your Gmail account right now;
New Windows 10 Start menu;

Business and Economics
U.S. markets surge, with all three indexes up more than 4 percent, fueled by hopes central banks will help with coronavirus fallout;
US stocks get a boost from emergency rate cut from the Fed;
Dow closes down almost 800 points, as investors gird for more economic fallout from the coronavirus outbreak;
Markets rally as the Dow closes up nearly 1,200 points on hopes of a Biden nomination and a coronavirus spending deal in Congress;
Dow falls nearly 1,000 points as market volatility continues amid renewed fears over coronavirus outbreak;
The U.S. economy showed strength in February, adding 273,000 jobs, despite the spreading coronavirus outbreak;
Index Shows US Manufacturing Activity Slowed Last Month;
With Oil Prices Down 20%, OPEC Pushes for Stability; Oil plunges to lowest since 2017 after Russia rejects steep OPEC cut;
Trump's Best Shot at Saving Coal Is an Obscure Power Market Rule; FERC Commissioner Says Carbon Price Will Not Resolve Tensions With States;
Major airlines, U.S. officials clash over passenger tracking related to coronavirus cases;
White House is considering tax relief for airline, travel and cruise industries hurt by coronavirus;
Two years after the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act - who are the winners and the losers?
Report: H-1B Visa Denials Rose 21 Percent In 2019;
U.S. Launches Tool to Stake Claim to World's Rare Earth Minerals;
Study Finds That Costs Of Abiding By Remote ID For Drones Is 9 Times Greater Than FAA Estimate;
Other news
How Trump and Sanders turned populist rage into political power;
Chris Matthews, longtime MSNBC host of 'Hardball,' resigns after gaffes and controversies;
2020 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials results;

The Coronavirus Threatens to Upend Higher Ed.; At Least Three West Coast Colleges Potentially Exposed To Coronavirus;
CDC Asks Colleges To "Consider" Canceling Foreign Exchange Programs; U. Washington Cancels In-Person Classes: First U.S. Institution to Do So;
Some HBCUs Boosting Enrollment Rates By Recruiting More International, Non-Black Students;
Education Dept. to Cut Off Federal Funding for Some Rural Schools;
Growing Number Of Experts Recommending Ways To Bring America's Math Curriculum Into The 21st Century;
South Dakota Poised To Ban Faculty Union At State Universities;
Purdue University President's View On Static Tuition Explored;