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TechNews for the week: April 24; April 22; April 20;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Russia and the United States blocked a U.N. bid for a global cease-fire;
Israeli leaders agree to form emergency unity government, with Netanyahu remaining prime minister for now;
Israel Spares Hezbollah Fighters to Avert a War; EU warns incoming Israeli gov't against West Bank annexation;
Tehran Launches Military Satellite as Trump Tells Navy to 'Shoot Down' Iranian Boats; Top Iranian general warns U.S. against 'dangerous behavior' in Persian Gulf;
How the Bottom Fell Out of the U.S.-Saudi Alliance; Russia is the world's biggest loser from oil's crash, and that's reason to worry;
Stirrings of unrest around the world could portend turmoil as economies collapse;
Nations credited with fast response to coronavirus moving to gradually reopen businesses;
In Pandemic, a Remote Russian Region Orders a Lockdown — on Information;
Amid reports that Kim Jong Un is in grave danger, South Korea says there are no signs the speculation is true; South Korea downplays concerns over Kim Jong Un's health;
Trump Halts New Green Cards, but Backs Off Broader Immigration Ban; For Indian Diaspora, Panic and Anger Over Trump's Immigration Plans;
Officials working out details of Trump's order to suspend immigration to the U.S.;
Trump adviser Stephen Miller has long-term vision for president's 'temporary' immigration order;
A Key G.O.P. Strategy: Blame China. But Trump Goes Off Message; As the world looks for coronavirus scapegoats, Muslims are blamed in India;
World leaders launch plan to speed COVID-19 drugs, vaccine; U.S. stays away;
U.S. manufacturers sent millions of dollars of face masks to China early this year, ignoring pandemic warning signs;
U.S. to give aid to Greenland, open consulate in bid to counter Russia and China;
Americans at World Health Organization transmitted real-time information about coronavirus to Trump administration;
Rallies against stay-at-home orders grow as Trump sides with protesters; GOP's growing 'open it up' caucus urges fewer virus restrictions;
Conservatives Fuel Protests Against Coronavirus Lockdowns;
Far-right activists are behind some Facebook groups pushing anti-quarantine rallies, showing that protests are being engineered;
'Go to China if you want communism': Anti-quarantine protester clashes with people in scrubs;
The anti-quarantine protests seem spontaneous. But behind the scenes, a powerful network is helping.;
Trump defends U.S. protests against coronavirus restrictions as global lockdowns trigger stirrings of political, social unrest ;
Trump brands FBI top brass 'human scum', calls CNN reporter 'brainless', and says he's 'not a fan' of Mitt Romney in freewheeling press conference;
Trump, Head of Government, Leans Into Anti-Government Message; For Charlie Kirk, Conservative Activist, the Virus Is a Cudgel;
'Delusional,' 'Absolutely false': Governors cry foul on Trump testing claims; Senator tells VP failed virus testing is 'dereliction';
Contamination delayed CDC's coronavirus test; A possible new clue in coronavirus transmission;
Trump Opens Coronavirus Briefing by Taking Shots at Republican Governor; Trump Hijacks Dr. Deborah Birx's Coronavirus Presentation;
Brett Giroir, Trump's testing czar, was forced out of a job developing vaccine projects. Now he's on the hot seat;
Head of federal vaccine office: I was demoted because I resisted approving Trump's miracle cure;
Georgia governor sets an aggressive course to reopen, putting his state at center of deepening national debate;
Georgia, Tennessee and South Carolina Say Businesses Can Reopen Soon;
Trump Aiming to Shield Corporations From Legal Liability for Workers Who Contract Covid-19 on the Job;
AG Barr Says the DOJ May Take Legal Action against States if Lockdowns Are Deemed Excessive;
Frustrated by Lack of Coronavirus Tests, Maryland Got 500,000 From South Korea; Fed-up nurses file lawsuits, plan protest at White House over lack of coronavirus protections;
State by State: Comparing Coronavirus Death Rates Across the U.S.; Financial Aid to Struggling States Is Next Big Congressional Battle;
McConnell Says He Favors Allowing States to Declare Bankruptcy;
More deaths, no benefit from malaria drug in VA virus study; Fox News Stars Trumpeted a Malaria Drug, Until They Didn't;
Trump asked if disinfectants could be injected to kill the coronavirus inside the body. Doctors answered: 'People will die';
"I'm The President, And You're Fake News": Donald Trump Lashes Out As He Calls For Testing Injections Of UV Rays, Disinfectants To Kill Coronavirus;
FDA issues antimalarial drug warning, citing serious effects and death. Trump has touted such drugs in battle against covid-19.;
Dozens of coronavirus antibody tests on the market were never vetted by the FDA, leading to accuracy concerns;
'That makes no sense': Anderson Cooper stunned by Las Vegas mayor during wild CNN interview;
Nearly one-third of Americans believe a coronavirus vaccine exists and is being withheld;
Bipartisan Senate report says 2017 intel assessment about Russian interference and Trump was accurate;
Republicans Fret as Mnuchin Bargains With Democrats to Break Funding Impasse;
What's in the nearly $500 billion deal to protect small business from coronavirus fallout; White House, congressional leaders reach deal to expand aid for businesses, hospitals;
Republican leaders want Congress back in person to vote on bill, contrary to public health advice;
House passes $484 billion measure to aid small businesses, hospitals and testing programs, sending bill to Trump for enactment;
Trump administration to bar DACA and undocumented students from billions in federal aid;
Vote by Mail in Wisconsin Helped a Liberal Candidate, Upending Old Theories;
Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is a rising star for Democrats and a target for Republicans;
How the coronavirus could delay presidential election results by a week or more;
Joe Biden Starts General Election Nearly $187 Million Behind Trump; Vote for Biden? Sanders Supporters Say It's 'Up in the Air';
Biden Stumbles Through Televised Interview on Coronavirus Response: 'You Know, There's — During World War II, You Know, Where Roosevelt Came Up With A Thing';
Trump (the Company) Asks Trump (the Administration) for Hotel Relief;
US Supreme Court chief John Roberts takes aim at Neil Gorsuch's "evocative" claims in EPA case;
Supreme Court Bans Non-Unanimous Jury Verdicts for Serious Crimes;
How Abortion, Guns and Church Closings Made Coronavirus a Culture War; Federal judge blocks Kansas limits on religious gatherings;
Trump campaign concludes there is more to be gained by attacking Biden than trying to promote president’s pandemic response;
Trump's bizarre effort to tag Obama's swine flu response as 'a disaster';
Home Alone at the White House: A Sour President, With TV His Constant Companion;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
Pandemic Insurance Litigation Spreads with Business Interruption Claim Denials; Businesses Fear Lawsuits from Sick Employees, Patrons After Reopening;
Global Surveillance in the Wake of COVID-19; Chinese COVID-19 Disinformation Campaign;
Judge Says Twitter Can't Reveal U.S. Government Surveillance Requests;
Vulnerability Finding Using Machine Learning;
Stimulus Programs Draw a Flood of Scammers;
New iPhone Zero-Day Discovered;
Math and science
A mysterious blood-clotting complication is killing coronavirus patients; Why We Don't Know the True Death Rate for Covid-19;
New govt tests find Sunlight destroys virus quickly; US OKs 1st coronavirus test that allows self-swab at home;
Carnegie Mellon research suggests our view of COVID-19 is going to change with 'digital surveillance';
NASA designed a cheap, simple ventilator to prevent shortages in case of a 2nd wave of COVID-19 infections;
Northrop Grumman's MEV-1 Spacecraft Successfully Docks With Intelsat IS-901 Satellite To Give It Five More Years Of Service;
Astronomers Find Unusually High CO Composition Of 2l/Borisov Comet, Suggesting It Could Have Formed Outside This Solar System;
Researchers Discover How To Make GPS Sensor Networks Even More Precise;
Web, computing and technology issues
Court Systems, Limited by Coronavirus, Struggle with Online Technology;
Facebook Removes 'Pseudoscience' Category Option for Advertisers;
Netgear signals big WiFi 6 upgrade cycle amid shift to remote work, telecommuting;
Why Zoom Is So Exhausting;

Business and Economics
US oil price hits lowest since 1986 as coronavirus hits demand; Oil drops below $0, signaling extreme collapse in demand. But you're still going to have to pay for gas;
Historic collapse in oil prices sends U.S. stocks reeling Monday, with Dow losing nearly 600 points;
Too Much Oil: How a Barrel Came to Be Worth Less Than Nothing; Oil prices extend slide one day after U.S. crude drops below zero, sparking Wall Street sell-off;
Cratering oil prices drive Dow down more than 600 points Tuesday, a sign that oil markets and global economy may not stabilize for months;
Treasury Department reviews bank seizures of $1,200 stimulus checks; Record government, corporate debt could lead to 'tipping point' after pandemic passes;
Millions have lost their jobs. They're losing their health insurance, too; Researchers Predict Recession Will Cause Millions To Fall Below Poverty Line;
White House, GOP faces uproar after major restaurant chains received millions from a small business program that's run out of money;
Stimulus intended to help coronavirus-ravaged small businesses instead rewarding hedge funds, brokerages; Publicly traded firms get $300M in small-business loans;
Small business owners file lawsuits against JPMorgan, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and US Bank over their handling of the paycheck protection program;
Company With Ties To Trump Receives Millions From Small Business Loan Program; Why Small Business Loans Don't Get to the Intended Recipients;
China's Economy Shrinks, Ending a Nearly Half-Century of Growth;
Carnival Executives Knew They Had a Virus Problem, But Kept the Party Going;
Boeing To Restart Manufacturing Operations At Philadelphia-Area Facilities; Spirit AeroSystems To Recall About 2,100 Furloughed Workers;
Airbus To Furlough 3,000 Of Its French Workers; Airbus Lists Six Jets Built For AirAsia For Sale; Germany To Reportedly Order 45 Aircraft From Boeing;
General Aviation Manufacturers Association Predicts Year-On-Year Decrease In Jet Shipments;
Treasury Has Disbursed $2.9 Billion To US Airlines; Boeing "Poised To Cut" 787 Dreamliner Output, Jobs; US Airfares Fall Nearly 40 Percent;
J.D. Power: U.S. Auto Sales Beginning To Recover; European Car Sales Hit Lowest Level In Three Decades;
UAW Says "Too Risky" To Reopen Auto Plants;
Business Groups Welcome Delay In Tariff Payments, But Say More Relief Is Needed;
Banks Gave Richest Clients 'Concierge Treatment' for Pandemic Aid; Luxury Hotel Company Is Biggest Beneficiary of Small-Business Funds;
Trump (the Company) Asks Trump (the Administration) for Hotel Relief;
Pandemic's Costs Stagger the Nursing Home Industry; Millions of U.S. homeowners have already stopped paying their mortgage;
A resurgence of the virus or a spike in defaults and bankruptcies could lead to another painful downturn;
4.4 million Americans sought jobless benefits last week, as economic pain continued across the United States;
Economists See Increasing Possibility Of "W-Shaped" Recovery;
States declaring bankruptcy would go against the U.S. constitution;
Trump administration considers leveraging emergency coronavirus loan to force Postal Service changes;
Trump says he will block emergency coronavirus aid for U.S. Postal Service if it doesn’t hike prices immediately;
Youth Sports Worry About Weathering Pandemic, and Future Play;
The NCAA saved money in case of a canceled March Madness. Then it spent it;
Other news
Bill Gates, at Odds With Trump on Virus, Becomes a Right-Wing Target;
The deep-seated fear driving Trump's invented and exaggerated popularity rankings;

List of Colleges' Plans for Reopening in the Fall; Administrators Increasingly Fear Their Colleges May Not Reopen For Fall Semester;
Economic Fallout Prompts States To Cut Budget For Public Colleges; Public College Systems Rejecting Closure Proposals;
Major Cost-Cutting Begins in Response to Covid-19, With Faculty and Staff Furloughs and Pay Cuts; Nearly 25 Percent Of Adjunct Faculty Members Rely On Public Assistance;
2 Colleges Announce Markedly Different Plans For Fall Semester; Johns Hopkins University Announces Series Of Austerity Measures;
Colleges Felling Revenue Pinches, Considering Online Fall Semesters; College students push back against full tuition after classes move online;
Low-Income Students Hit Hard By Campus Closures; Students Across Country Stuck Paying For Empty Off-Campus Housing;
Some Student Loan Borrowers Considering "Risky" Alternative To Get Their Payments Paused Through September;
Law Firm Capitalizing On Growing Anger, Activism By Students Seeking Tuition Refunds;
Using Data To Map Risks Of Bringing Students Back Together; Desperate for fall enrollees, colleges are luring students with campus perks and cold cash;
Number Of Students Permitted To Remain On Campus Varies By Institution;
Trump Says Harvard Must Return Coronavirus Relief Money; Harvard Bows to Pressure From Trump to Forgo Coronavirus Relief Money;

TechNews for the week: April 17; April 15; April 3;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
North Korea Fires Missiles as South's Elections Loom; The White House Blessed a War in Libya, but Russia Won It;
Israel's Netanyahu, Gantz miss midnight deadline to form unity govt; Israeli president asks parliament to choose prime minister;
Israel closes off Jerusalem's ultra-Orthodox areas to stem coronavirus spread;
After Months of Denial, Russia Admits the Virus Is Taking Hold; Putin's Bleak COVID-19 Admission: 'We Don't Have Much to Brag About';
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson released from hospital after treatment in intensive care for coronavirus;
China Delays Mask and Ventilator Exports After Quality Complaints;
A New Front for Nationalism: The Global Battle Against a Virus;
President Donald Trump Tweetstorm - The Sunday Edition; White House attacks federally funded Voice of America, claiming it promoted Chinese propaganda;
New Trump Ad Suggests a Campaign Strategy Amid Crisis: Xenophobia;
For Fox News hosts, the hydroxychloroquine controversy is fuel for the culture war; Trump's Faulty Malaria-Coronavirus Connection;
France Reports Heart Incidents Linked to Drug Promoted by Trump; Trump has a distant financial link to a pharma giant that makes hydroxychloroquine;
As U.S. discouraged mask use for public, White House raced to secure face coverings for senior staff;
Pa. hospital risked infecting cancer patients, babies and staff, nurses say, pointing to parent company that runs 99 U.S. hospitals;
Trump received memo in January warning 'half a million American souls' could die of coronavirus, and he was displeased his adviser put it in writing;
Leaked emails show top public health experts raised alarm about the Trump administration's botched coronavirus response;
GOP refuses Democrats' demands for relief package, won't negotiate over lending program; Sidelined by pandemic, Congress cedes stage and authority to Trump;
The reason the military's medical 'relief valves' remain mostly empty in New York;
Kansas court strikes down GOP measure allowing in-person Easter church services; The Divisions in Dairyland: 'Not as Wisconsin Nice as We Used to Be';
South Dakota Gov. Noem, who opposed stay-home order, now faces coronavirus hot spot;
Small US towns are neglected from coronavirus relief and it's a 'slap in the face': Georgia mayor;
Covid-19 checkpoints targeting out-of-state residents draw complaints and legal scrutiny;
Governors form groups to explore lifting restrictions; Trump says he alone will decide; Trump Leaps to Call Shots on Combating Coronavirus, Setting Up Standoff With Governors;
Trump says his 'authority is total.' Constitutional experts have 'no idea' where he got that.;
How the CDC and FEMA plan to gradually reopen the nation — some parts perhaps within weeks; Jared Kushner Task Force Mocked as "the Children" in FEMA Headquarters;
Trump's guidelines for reopening states will leave it up to governors; Texas announces dates for relaxing some coronavirus-related restrictions;
Trump has made 18,000 false or misleading claims in 1,170 days; What it really means when Trump calls a story 'fake news';
Trump administration asks Congress to push back census by months;
Trump halts funding to World Health Organization 'while a review is conducted' into what he called mismanagement of the pandemic;
W.H.O., Now Trump's Scapegoat, Warned About Coronavirus Early and Often; Urged on by Conservatives and His Own Advisers, Trump Targeted the WHO;
Trump threatens unprecedented step of forcing Congress to adjourn to allow him to fill vacancies in his administration;
GOP pushes voting by mail - with restrictions - while Trump attacks it as 'corrupt';
Liberal challenger defeats conservative incumbent in Wisconsin Supreme Court race;
'Unreasonable' New Hampshire voter registration law struck down; Kentucky lawmakers override veto of voter ID measure;
Democratic lawsuit challenging deadline for Arizona absentee ballots cites Supreme Court ruling on Wisconsin primary;
Democrats Win Ex-Justice Officials' Support on Trump Oversight;
Joe Biden pitches himself as the 'been there, done that' candidate as crises dominate the presidential race;
Roger Stone retrial request denied as judge rejects claims jury forewoman was biased;
The Me President: Trump uses briefing to focus on himself; Trump Wanted a Radio Show, but He Didn't Want to Compete With Limbaugh;
Donald Trump & MGM Strike Out Blocking Release Of 'Apprentice' Tapes; Ordered By Judge In Scam Suit;
Right-wing Pastor Warns Trump supporters will 'hunt down' Democrats when he leaves office;
Sean Hannity Insists He 'Never Called the Virus a Hoax' One Week After Doing Just That (Video);
Loeffler to Fox News: Criticizing My Coronavirus Stock Trades Is Just a 'Socialist Attack';
Smugglers sawed into Trump's border wall 18 times in one month in San Diego area;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
April Crypto-Gram Newsletter, COVID-19 Crisis, Security Advice, and more; 8 Ways to Stay Ahead of Influence Operations;
There are so many coronavirus myths that even Snopes can't keep up; 5G attacks: When fake news turns to real violence;
Contact Tracing COVID-19 Infections via Smartphone Apps;
Whistleblower Edward Snowden warns governments are building tools of 'oppression';
U.S. Warns North Korean Cyber Activities Threaten Finance System; The DoD Isn't Fixing Its Security Problems;
Ransomware Now Leaking Stolen Documents;
Math and science
French Scientists Study COVID-19 Lockdown's Effect On Students To Simulate Life On Spacecraft To Mars;
Offshore Oil, Gas Drilling Operations In The Gulf Of Mexico Emit Far More Methane Than Government Estimates Suggest; Climate Change on a Drying Island;
Star dancing around supermassive black hole proves Einstein right;
All Your Memories Are Stored by One Weird, Ancient Molecule;
Which deaths count toward the covid-19 death toll? It depends on the state;
Crew Returns Safely To Earth From ISS;
Web, computing and technology issues
Apple, Google Unveil Tools to Let Smartphone Owners Track Coronavirus; Police In Israel Use Drones To Check In On Coronavirus Patients;
Facebook, WHO Launch Chatbot for Messenger to Get Coronavirus Info; Facebook to Notify Users Who Engage with False Posts About COVID-19;
Washington AG Sues Facebook for Failing to Make Disclosures in Political Ads;
Top 10 Zoom alternatives for video conferencing; Best video conferencing software for business: Microsoft Teams plus eight more Zoom alternatives;
Underground Hacking Forum Sells Zoom Credentials for 530,000 Accounts;
California AG Objects to Sale of .org, Delaying ICANN Decision;

Business and Economics
Stocks have been swinging wildly for weeks. Here's why they often don’t make sense.; Federal Reserve Pledges Another $2.3 Trillion in Support;
The Government Pulls Coronavirus Relief Money Out of Thin Air; Economic Damage Likely Deeper And Longer Lasting Than Initially Thought;
U.S. Consumer Prices Exhibit Biggest Decline In More Than Half A Decade; Survey: 65% Believe Economy Is "Getting Worse";
Retail sales plunged 8.7 percent in March for biggest decline ever as coronavirus guts consumer spending;
22 million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits in the past four weeks as labor market tumbles closer to Depression levels;
One Quarter Of Michigan's Workforce Is Seeking Unemployment Aid; Coronavirus is clobbering the real estate industry. From a frenzy of layoffs to big deals falling apart;
Survey: More than 2,100 U.S. cities brace for budget shortfalls due to coronavirus, with many planning cuts and layoffs;
States Are in a Quandary as Taxes Evaporate and Virus Spending Soars;
Congressional body finds Tax change in coronavirus package overwhelmingly benefits millionaires;
Small-business program that is supposed to quickly provide $10,000 grants has been overwhelmed, running weeks behind;
Loan Money Runs Out While Small-Business Owners Wait in Line; White House says new small business loan program is out of money, leaving many firms grasping for lifelines;
Glitches prevent $1,200 stimulus payments from reaching millions of Americans; Some Banks Keep Customers' Stimulus Checks if Accounts Are Overdrawn;
Getting a Stimulus Check? Trump's Name Will Be on It;
Trump Backs Off Tougher Food Stamp Work Rules for Now;
White House rejects bailout for U.S. Postal Service battered by coronavirus; Coronavirus may give President Trump a long-sought chance to privatize the Postal Service;
Smithfield Foods To Close Sioux Falls, SD Plant Indefinitely Amid COVID-19; Tyson Foods says 4 Georgia poultry workers dead from coronavirus;
Dumped Milk, Smashed Eggs, Plowed Vegetables: Food Waste of the Pandemic;
How Europe manages to keep a lid on coronavirus unemployment while it spikes in the U.S.;
I.M.F. Predicts Worst Downturn Since the Great Depression; Global finance ministers say they are prepared to offer debt relief for struggling nations amid coronavirus pandemic;
Coronavirus crushes China's economy as Wuhan death toll revised higher;
Oil Nations, Prodded by Trump, Reach Deal to Slash Production; Trump turns to Mexico in a ploy to end the oil price war;
The Big Deal to Cut Oil Production May Not Be Big Enough; OPEC+ Powerless As Oil Prices Near $20;
Big Banks, Readying for a Recession, Set Aside Billions;
Crippled Airline Industry to Get $25 Billion Bailout, Part of It as Loans; Boeing's Problems Predate the Virus. Should the U.S. Come to Its Rescue?
Boeing To Restart Production Of Commercial Planes In Washington; Airbus Halts Plans For A321 Jet Plant In France;
Toyota, Renault and Volkswagen to reopen plants in Europe; Amazon Temporarily Shuts Distribution Centers in France After Court Order;
GM Says It Has Begun Mass Production Of Ventilators, Will Deliver First Batch To US Government This Month;
E.P.A. Weakens Controls on Mercury; Thousands of OSHA complaints filed over coronavirus safety lapses, including lack of masks and working in close quarters;
US judge cancels permit for Keystone XL pipeline from Canada;
Dow jumps 700 points, lifting U.S. stocks to second week of gains ;
State Farm to slash $2 billion in car-insurance premiums amid pandemic;
How the Virus Transformed the Way Americans Spend Their Money;
Next 45 Days Will Be 'Most Critical Period' For US, Says Alan Lancz Who Predicted 1987 and 2008 Crises;
When Will Sports Come Back? Here Is What Has to Happen First; NFL has discussed plans to play in empty or partially filled stadiums;
Quarantined Runners Log Miles in Backyards and Living Rooms;
Other news
New study says Trump has 'dangerously undermined truth' with attacks on news media;
Trump adviser Peter Navarro made a bad bet 60 Minutes didn't cover pandemic preparedness under Obama;
In unprecedented move, Trump administration orders president's name to be printed on millions of Americans' stimulus checks;

Grads Entering Worst Job Market Since 2008-9 Recession; Consultant: States Need To Revise Public College Funding;
Six Higher Ed Groups Issue Set Of Principles For Accepting Academic Credit Amid COVID-19 Crisis;
Coronavirus Sends College Admissions Process Into Chaos; As Coronavirus Disrupts SAT, ACT, Students Call For Test-Optional Admissions;
The Coronavirus Has Emptied Dorms and Dining Halls. Here's Why Refunds for Them Are a Tricky Calculation;
Students Rethinking College Plans In Light Of Pandemic; Many Colleges Holding Summer Classes Online;
Students At Top Two-Year Trade School Have To Wait To Finish Their Programs Until On-Campus Classes Resume;
Pandemic Cuts Off Low-Income Students' Access To Job Training;
Colleges That Serve More Part-Timers Ended Up With Less Coronavirus-Relief Aid; Harvard To Receive $8,655,748 In Federal Aid Despite Having $40B Endowment;
Will the Pandemic Usher in an Era of Mass Surveillance in Higher Education?;

TechNews for the week: April 10; April 8; April 6;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
'Muslims Are Foreigners': Inside India's Campaign to Decide Who Is a Citizen;
Lockdown in West Bank, crowds in Gaza: Palestinians divided over coronavirus; Ultra-Orthodox Jews hit disproportionately hard by Israel's coronavirus outbreak;
COVID-19 Devastated Saudi Royal Family Seeks to End Yemen War; Yemen Cease-Fire Is, at Best, First Step on Long Road to Peace;
Hungary's Leader Grabbed Powers to Fight the Virus;
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, sick with covid-19, is moved to intensive care after his condition worsens;
The confirmed covid-19 death toll has reached 100,000 worldwide, but experts believe that the number is actually higher;
Cruise ship docks in Miami with two passengers dead, captain says; U.S. reports more than 30,000 coronavirus cases in record day;
Watchdog report finds severe supply shortages, emotional strain at hospitals across U.S.; Wide swaths of the country are ill-prepared for a surge of virus patients;
Trump attacks WHO as U.S. reports record coronavirus death toll; Wuhan lockdown lifted after 76 days; WHO pushes back at Trump;
Facing coronavirus pandemic, Trump suspends immigration laws and showcases vision for locked-down border;
Fewer than 100 migrants in custody at border, down from 20,000 a year ago, as Trump administration expels crossers amid pandemic;
What you need to know from Sunday's White House coronavirus briefing; Trump Urges Coronavirus Patients to Take Unproven Drug;
Plan to defeat coronavirus emerges, but it's not from White House;
Trump fires watchdog who handled Ukraine complaint; Ousted inspector general says 'it's hard not to think' he was fired by Trump for doing his job;
Barr says he supports Trump's ouster of intelligence watchdog;
Trump removes inspector general who was to oversee $2 trillion stimulus spending; Lawmakers wrestle with Trump's flouting of independent oversight;
Acting Navy secretary resigns after insulting aircraft carrier's ousted captain; Trip to Guam at center of top Navy officials resignation cost taxpayers over $243,000;
How a Ship's Coronavirus Outbreak Became a Moral Crisis for the Military;
Fauci, Navarro got into heated argument over unproven COVID-19 treatment; U.S. government is urged to release race, ethnicity data on covid-19 cases;
Delaware County, PA of 560,000 has no health department. Republicans said it didn't need one;
Trump's coronavirus commentary bolsters attack ads questioning his fitness to lead;
Trump, GOP challenge efforts to make voting easier amid coronavirus pandemic; Wisconsin's black and student populations at highest risk of voter purges;
Wisconsin legislature comes under fire for 'unconscionable' decision to hold primary amid coronavirus pandemic;
Wisconsin Supreme Court blocks order by governor to stop Tuesday's elections in state's latest whipsaw;
Long lines, anger and fear of infection: Wisconsin proceeds with elections under court order; Wisconsin Election Fight Heralds a National Battle Over Virus-Era Voting;
In Wisconsin, missing absentees spur questions and anger; Inside Wisconsin's Election Mess: Thousands of Missing or Nullified Ballots;
Bernie Sanders to end his presidential campaign;
Biden seeks to revive fundraising momentum as coronavirus — and Trump — grab attention;
Trump team greets end of Democratic race with two campaigns against Biden; Trump's new ad attacking Biden on China is a complete and utter mess;
Republicans Pursue Limits on Voting by Mail, Despite the Coronavirus; Trump Is Pushing a False Argument on Vote-by-Mail Fraud. Here Are the Facts;
Almost all of the federal stockpile of personal protective equipment is depleted;
Pelosi and Schumer seek huge spending increases for hospitals, local aid, and food stamps as coronavirus talks intensify;
Top Democrats Press Treasury to Accelerate Airline Bailout;
Trump's self-interest is at odds with safe coronavirus policy; Pandemic shows Trump's resistance to criticism, desire for praise;
Trump and top aides repeatedly use briefings to describe efforts that have not panned out;
How Trump's attempts to win the daily news cycle feed a chaotic response; Trump Keeps Talking. Some Republicans Don't Like What They're Hearing;
Fact Check: Trump’s claim that he imposed the first 'China ban';
Retailers furloughed nearly 1 million workers this week. But the industry’s troubles are just beginning;
Trump Organization has laid off about 1,500 employees as pandemic hits business;
Cities Widely Ignore Federal Flood Protection Rules, With Few Penalties;
Labor secretary faces blowback as he curtails scope of worker relief in unemployment crisis;
Trump administration fights to snatch land held by Native Americans for 12,000 years;
Stephanie Grisham out as White House press secretary after eight months during which she held no regular press briefings;
Michael Cohen, Trump's former lawyer, in solitary confinement;
The Growing Culture of Secrecy at Guantánamo Bay;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
Cybersecurity During COVID-19; Senator Questions White House Plans for Coronavirus Surveillance System;
All of Zoom's security problems; German Foreign Ministry Limits Use of Zoom, Citing Security Concerns;
Russia collecting intelligence on U.S. supply line failures amid coronavirus crisis, DHS warns;
RSA-250 Factored;
Microsoft Buys;
Math and science
An influential coronavirus model just revised its U.S. estimates downward. But not every model agrees;
Synthetic antibodies might offer a quick coronavirus treatment; Rolling Back Air Pollution Regulations Could Worsen Coronavirus;
Belgian-Dutch Study: Why in times of COVID-19 you can not walk/run/bike close to each other;
DeepMind Researchers' AI Models Transition Of Glass From A Liquid To A Solid;
Soyuz Aircraft Successfully Docks At ISS; Boeing Plans For Second Uncrewed Test Flight Mission To ISS;
Coming to Grips with the Implications of Quantum Mechanics;
Newton, the Plague, and How Quarantine Fomented the Greatest Leap in Science;
The Ancient Math That Sets the Date of Easter and Passover;
Web, computing and technology issues
Twitter Removes 20,000 Fake Accounts Tied to Governments Including Saudi Arabia;

SC News and Politics
SC issues coronavirus stay-at-home order, limits number of shoppers in stores;
Boeing shuts down 787 production in SC due to coronavirus, new restrictions;
Banks processing federal loans as SC businesses seek out emergency financing ;

Business and Economics
Wall Street stages explosive rally Monday, powering Dow nearly 1,600 points, defying grim coronavirus projections;
Frenzy and Desperation as Small Businesses Grab for Government Aid; Private Equity Firm Pushes for Broader Access to Fed Lending Program;
Farmworkers, Mostly Undocumented, Become 'Essential' During Pandemic; Lawsuits Swell as Owners, From Gun Shops to Golf Courses, Demand to Open;
State Shutdown Orders Have Sidelined 29% Of U.S. Economy; 31% Can't Pay the Rent: 'It's Only Going to Get Worse';
Federal Reserve Moves to Pump Up Small Business Lending; Treasury Department prepares to seek more than $200 billion to replenish small business coronavirus program;
Worried that $2 trillion law wasn't enough, Trump and congressional leaders converge on need for new coronavirus economic package ;
In video obtained by The Post, federal official blasts big banks over failure to distribute small business loans quickly;
Stocks fade to negative at the close Tuesday, giving up strong gains;
Wall Street bounces back Wednesday, with Dow soaring nearly 800 points, after Bernie Sanders ends presidential run;
Federal Reserve takes additional actions to provide up to $2.3 trillion in loans to support the economy;
Airbus Recorded 15 Cancellations, But Received Order Of 10 A350s In March; Airbus To Cut Production Amid Coronavirus Outbreak;
Spirit AeroSystems Stops Production For Boeing, Furloughs Workers Supporting Boeing Programs;
Boeing To Shut Down South Carolina Facilities; Boeing To Extend Shutdown Of Production In Seattle Area Facilities;
Lockheed Martin Hires 1,000 Employees, Increases Payments To Suppliers To Counter Impact Of Coronavirus Outbreak;
Ford To Keep European Manufacturing Halted Until At Least May 4;
It's Bedlam in the Mask Market, as Profiteers Out-Hustle Good Samaritans; White House scrambles to scoop up medical supplies worldwide, angering Canada, Germany;
GM To Supply 30,000 Ventilators Under Defense Production Act by August;
Despite warlike effort by Ford and GM to make ventilators, production is expected to come too late, fall short of what is needed;
Federal Reserve Intends To Keep Rates Near Zero Until Crisis Abates;
Stocks score gains Thursday after Fed throws kitchen sink at economy;
Opec and Russia reach deal to cut oil production by 10m barrels a day; U.S. pushes back on call by OPEC+ to join big oil output cuts;
Why is the United States delaying approval of the new trade agreement with Canada and Mexico?;
Cash-starved hospitals and doctor groups cut staff amid coronavirus crisis;
U.S. unemployment rate is now 13 percent, the worst since the Great Depression; 6.6 Million Filed For Unemployment Last Week; Three-Week Total Tops 17 Million;
Underfunded and understaffed, unemployment offices struggle to do their jobs;
Small Businesses Wait for Cash as Disaster Loan Program Unravels; Enlisted Late, Online Lenders Still Must Wait to Help Speed Up Stimulus;
Treasury Officials Seek Financial Information From Airlines; Washington Democrats Urge Boeing To Take Bailout Money;
Treasury, White House To Address Airline Bailout; but Airlines Seeking Federal Payroll Aid Must Wait Another Week;
CDC extends no-sail order for cruise ships in new directive slamming industry;
As the coronavirus hits, coal companies aim to cut the tax they pay to support black-lung miners;
'Scared to Death' by Arbitration: Companies Drowning in Their Own System;
Raytheon, United Technologies Closed Merger On Friday;
Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) and How to Apply; Who Doesn't Get Unemployment Insurance;
Trump Makes Push for Sports to End Hiatus 'Soon'; How long until sports can return? You might not like the answer;
Closed and Without March Madness Bets, Sports Betting Faces New Pressures;
U.S. Prosecutors Say Qatar and Russia Bribed FIFA Officials to Win World Cup Bids;
How Will Mid-Major College Baseball Programs Handle Eligibility Relief;
Other news
The U.S. was beset by denial and dysfunction as the coronavirus raged;
History's deadliest pandemics, from ancient Rome to modern America;
How to sew your own fabric mask;

Coronavirus Pandemic Threatens To Remake US Higher Education; 43 States Extend School Closures;
Colleges Fear Significant Financial Losses Due To Coronavirus Outbreak; List of How Much Coronavirus Stimulus Money Will Your College Get;
Canceled and Altered Summer Programs Will Cost Colleges Hundreds of Millions;
For Colleges, Financial Damage From Pandemic Manageable If Campuses Open For Fall Semester;
Private Education Lenders, Creditors Still Filed Lawsuits In March To Recover Past-Due Debts;
Senate Democrats Urge Private Student Lenders To Provide Relief Amid Coronavirus Pandemic;
Coronavirus Exposes Inequality Among Students In College Class; Low-Income Students Grappling With Moving Expenses As Campuses Close;
Needs Of Students With Disabilities Can Be Overlooked As Colleges Transition To Online Learning;
As School Moves Online, Many Students Stay Logged Out; Generation Z Taking Greater Interest In Online High Ed Institutions;
Colleges Under Pressure From Students, Staff Over Where Room And Board Funds Should Go;
Ford Fund Helping Displaced Students At HBCUs;
Schools Planning For Mass Illness Among Faculty, Staff;

TechNews for the week: April 3; April 1; March 30;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Pentagon Order to Plan for Escalation in Iraq Meets Warning From Top Commander; Islamic State detainees mutiny at prison in Syria;
As Turkey Ends Inquiry, Prospects Dim for Justice in Khashoggi Killing;
China Chases Indonesia's Fishing Fleets, Staking Claim to Sea's Riches;
Some ultra-Orthodox Israelis chafe at coronavirus restrictions; Israel locks down ultra-Orthodox city hit hard by coronavirus;
Israeli-Palestinian pandemic cooperation tested by rising cases; Netanyahu reportedly mistook a Hallmark series clip for proof of an Iranian coronavirus coverup;
Israel struggles to form government, even after rivals agree to join forces;
For Autocrats, and Others, Coronavirus Is a Chance to Grab Even More Power; European leaders warn coronavirus could lead to the breakup of their union;
Coronavirus Cases, Concentrated on the Coasts, Now Threaten America's Middle; Trump is considering a quarantine on New York, parts of New Jersey and Connecticut;
Trump ties coronavirus decisions to personal grievances; Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Says Medical Vendors Told Not To 'Send Stuff' To Michigan;
Trump objects to oversight provisions of coronavirus law, setting stage for new front with Democrats;
Trump takes step to try to curb new inspector general's autonomy, as battle over stimulus oversight begins;
Senate Democrats urge White House to quickly nominate inspector general for coronavirus funding programs;
Kushner company stands to benefit from freeze on federal mortgage payments; The Secret Service signed an 'emergency order' this week - for 30 golf carts;
McConnell hits brakes on next economic stimulus package;
Trump says federal guidance urging social distancing will stay in place through April 30; Model touted by White House assumes social distancing will stay in effect through May;
11 cases to 100,000: What went wrong with coronavirus testing in the U.S.; FDA authorizes use of unproven anti-malarial drugs to treat virus;
Government spent millions to ramp up mask readiness, but that isn't helping now;
Trump now admits coronavirus deaths won't slow until June as hospital ship arrives in New York harbour;
DHS officials say Protective gear in national stockpile is nearly depleted; Russian plane with coronavirus medical gear lands in U.S. after Trump-Putin call;
Anthony Fauci's security is stepped up as the doctor and face of the U.S. coronavirus response receives threats;
Kushner's virus response alarms some officials; Jared Kushner's coronavirus briefing debut sparks outcry, confusion;
After Kushner says 'it's our stockpile,' HHS website changed to echo his comments on federal crisis role;
U.S. deaths surge past 4,600; Coronavirus death toll passes 50,000 globally as worldwide confirmed cases near the 1 million mark;
The White House's estimate of coronavirus deaths has mystified leading disease forecasters and Trump's advisers;
Journalists skipping Trump's daily coronavirus briefing: Not enough news to risk their health;
OANN threatened with removal from White House press room after correspondent Chanel Rion makes unauthorized appearances;
Trump Mulls Restricting Domestic Flights To Coronavirus Hot Spots;
Inside America's mask crunch: A slow government reaction and an industry wary of liability; Trump says 3M 'will have a big price to pay' over face masks;
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis issues a stay-at-home order after resisting statewide restrictions;
Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, who resisted strict coronavirus measures, says he just learned it transmits asymptomatically;
Navy dismisses aircraft carrier captain who spoke out about coronavirus response;
Commander of confusion: Trump sows uncertainty and seeks to cast blame in coronavirus crisis;
As Trump faces heat on coronavirus response, Republicans try to elevate China’s role in domestic political debate;
Trump campaign calls Sessions 'delusional,' asks him to stop promoting ties to the president;
In new campaign ad, McConnell touts role in passage of 'biggest economic rescue package in history';
Trump says Democrats' push for expanded voting threatens Republicans; The Voters Behind Trump's Higher Approval Rating;
Wisconsin goes it alone, holding elections next week amid fears of infection and voting chaos; Federal judge declines to postpone Wisconsin primaries;
Biden raises doubts about whether Democrats will hold convention in July, saying 'It's hard to envision that';
Democrats to delay Milwaukee convention from July until mid-August to increase chance party can hold an in-person gathering;
Bernie and Biden have been courting voters virtually, and it's not going well;
Rep. Mark Meadows resigns from Congress to become Trump's chief of staff;
New Trump campaign video offers more spin than 'hope';
Trump DC hotel sale on hold;
New disclosure reveals Sen. Kelly Loeffler and her husband dumped retail stock and bought shares in a company that manufacturers medical supplies;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
Russia's Troll Farm Is Changing Tactics Before the Fall Election; Cyber-Security Report Shows Links Between Russian Hacking, Military;
Russian Investigators Charge Hacker, Others in Credit Card Fraud Ring;
Clarifying the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act;
Privacy vs. Surveillance in the Age of COVID-19; There's now COVID-19 malware that will wipe your PC and rewrite your MBR;
Security and Privacy Implications of Zoom;
The very long history of industrial espionage;
Math and science
From Bats to Human Lungs, the Evolution of a Coronavirus; 3 surprising ways coronavirus spread;
Satellite Images Capture Decrease In Emissions, Night Lighting Amid Coronavirus Outbreak;
A French Scientist Says He Can Cure Covid-19. Other Researchers Have Their Doubts;
Infinite Visions Were Hiding in the First Black Hole Image's Rings; New Study Finds Water On Mars Came from Two Different Sources;
NASA Successfully Unfolds Mirror Of James Webb Space Telescope In Test; Budget constraints to delay start of NASA Earth science Explorer program;
Abnormally warm Gulf of Mexico could intensify the upcoming tornado and hurricane seasons;
FDA wants heartburn meds off the market due to contamination;
Study Finds Electric Cars Are Better For The Environment Than Gas Vehicles;
Web, computing and technology issues
Twitter Deletes Coronavirus Posts, Including Giuliani's False Drug Claim; Lawmaker Wants U.S. to Stop China from Spreading Coronavirus Misinformation;
Facebook, Google and Twitter Struggle to Handle November's Election;
Microsoft releases emergency Windows 10 fix;
N.Y. Attorney General Asks Zoom About Security Measures Amid High Demand; Everybody seems to be using Zoom. But its security flaws could leave users at risk;
Thousands of Zoom video calls left exposed on the Web include business meetings, kids in classes and one-on-one therapy sessions;
How to Digitize Your Most Important Documents;
Galaxy S20 Ultra takes great photos in the dark thanks to pixel binning;

Business and Economics
Dow gets a nearly 700-point boost Monday as Wall Street nears the end of a historically bad quarter; Coronavirus crisis exposes how the economy was not strong as it seemed;
Dow dips 400 points on Tuesday, capping its worst first quarter ever;
U.S. crude dips below $20 as lockdowns hit demand; Russian State Oil Company Rosneft, in Sudden Move, Sells Assets in Venezuela;
US legal battle looms over coronavirus insurance payouts;
U.S. markets pile on losses, with Dow skidding nearly 1,000 points, amid bleak health and economic projections;
Federal Reserve eases capital rule to encourage bank lending;
Online lender stops making loans to small US businesses; Banks Warn of 'Overwhelming' Demand and Messy Start for Small Business Loans;
A record 6.6 million Americans applied for unemployment last week, a stunning sign of an economic collapse triggered by coronavirus;
Colony Capital's chairman Says Real Estate Collapse Will Take Hold in April;
Manufacturing And Jobs Data Suggest U.S. Is In A Recession; Global Manufacturing Data Shows Pandemic Impact;
Poll: 60% Say The National Economy Is "Poor"; State and Local Debt Is Fraught Territory for the Fed;
U.S. stocks surge in choppy session Thursday on word that Saudi Arabia, Russia may slash oil output;
U.S. jobless rate climbed to 4.4 percent in March, capturing start of economic collapse that has gotten worse as coronavirus spreads;
Stocks limp to another loss Friday as jobs market collapses; The past two weeks wiped out all the economy's job gains since the 2016 election;
Furloughs at Macy's, Gannett and Gap signal mounting economic distress; Gannett will furlough workers at more than 100 newspapers over next three months;
GE To Furlough Half Of US Engine Assembly, Component Manufacturing Employees;
Boeing Outlines Plan For Voluntary Layoffs; Halts Production At Philadelphia-Area Facility;
Aerospace Companies Deciding Between Receiving Government Loans, Layoffs;
Trump Administration Officially Rolls Back Obama-era Vehicle Mileage Standards; China May Ease Quotas On Electric Cars, Delay Emission Rules;
Auto Industry Offers Mixed Response To New Emissions Rule; States To Challenge New Emissions Standards;
Auto Sales Plummet in First Quarter as Coronavirus Keeps Buyers Away;
Disputed Canada-US oil pipeline work to start in April;
Raytheon, United Technologies Merger Expected To Be Completed By Friday;
Caesars jumps on report that Eldorado deal will close;
Foxconn reportedly says 5G iPhone should be ready by fall despite coronavirus;
Trump Administration Tightens Rules on China's Use of U.S. Technology;
Amazon Bans Sale of Coronavirus Medical Supplies to General Public; The U.S. Tried to Build a New Fleet of Ventilators. The Mission Failed;
US credit/BDCs: small loans, big risks ;
IRS to start issuing coronavirus payments on April 9, but some Americans won't receive checks until September;
Help for Disabled N.F.L. Players Is Sacrificed for Pension Deal;
Future Players Take a Big Hit as M.L.B. Navigates a Crisis;
Other news
Economist Paul Krugman says we are ignoring a 'huge fiscal time bomb' set to detonate when the pandemic subsides;
Answers to your questions about the primary, election timing, vote-by-mail and more; A president should want all Americans to vote. Why doesn't Trump?
Inside the White House during '15 Days to Slow the Spread';

Colleges Scrambling To Salvage Spring Terms With Shift To Online Teaching; Controversies Over Grading Roiling Universities, Colleges Across the US;
University Presidents Deeply Worried About Institutions' Finances Amid COVID-19 Pandemic; Scores Of Colleges, Universities Implement Hiring Freezes;
Many Colleges Extending Admission Deadlines; University Of North Carolina System Changing Its Admissions Requirements For Incoming Freshmen;
Stimulus Legislation Provides No Relief For Borrowers Making Payments On Commercially Held Loans;
Moody's: Stimulus Package Unlikely To Cover Colleges' Coronavirus Expenses; Data Reveals Which Higher Ed Institutions Will Likely Benefit From Stimulus Package;
Some Colleges Offering Non-Need-Based Merit Aid In Order To Attract Wealthy Students;
Number Of Schools Going Test-Optional Increases;
College-Bound Students May Be More Likely To Choose Local, Less-Expensive Public Schools Amid Economic Slowdown;
Low-Income Students Apply Less Often To Flagship Universities If They Increase Their Tuition Prices;
Liberty University Reports First Covid-19 Case, Students and Parents Grapple With Conflicting Information;
Students At Some Elite Colleges Played Role In Coronavirus Outbreak;
Colleges Value Diversity For Several Reasons;