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TechNews for the week: May 29; May 27;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Top Venezuela court orders seizure of AT&T subsidiary assets;
Trump's much-touted trade victory over China has crashed and burned with the coronavirus pandemic; Here's How Wuhan Tested 6.5 Million for Coronavirus in Days;
The Chinese CDC now says the coronavirus didn't jump to people at the Wuhan wet market - instead, it was the site of a super-spreader event;
Hong Kong police use tear gas against thousands protesting new China law; Hong Kong protesters defy heavy police crackdown to resist China's tightening grip;
Pompeo says Hong Kong is no longer autonomous from China, raising potential consequences for trade;
Defiant Netanyahu goes on trial in Israel charged with corruption; Israel's AG, Netanyahu appointee turned accuser; A stunning tirade highlights Israeli divide over Netanyahu;
Israel's Netanyahu says he won't miss West Bank annexation opportunity;
Tokyo lifts state of emergency, braces for 'new lifestyle' with the virus;
U.S. charges dozens in N. Korea sanctions case, alleging state bank illegally funded Pyongyang weapons program with Chinese help;
US military reportedly making plans for Trump that include a complete Afghanistan withdrawal before the next election;
How the Taliban Outlasted a Superpower: Tenacity and Carnage;
US clamps down on waivers tied to Iran's nuclear cooperation;
New forms of unrest between local Islamic State and al Qaeda affiliates in West Africa; U.S. military says Russia flew 14 MiG 29s and Su-24s to Libya;
Trump's move to block travel from Europe triggered chaos and a surge of passengers from the outbreak's center;
Trump tells states to let houses of worship open, sparking cultural and political fight over pandemic restrictions;
Federal court backs California Gov. Gavin Newsom's orders keeping churches closed; White House and CDC remove coronavirus warnings about choirs in faith guidance;
Michigan's attorney general is tired of staying silent about Trump. Bring on the tweets;
Trump, citing virus concerns, suspends entry for foreigners who have been in Brazil within 14 days prior to seeking U.S. admittance;
Covid-19's new deadly surge is in rural American counties with cramped meatpacking plants, isolated prisons and few hospital beds;
States face criticism for COVID-19 data cover-ups;
On weekend dedicated to war dead, On weekend dedicated to war dead, Trump tweets insults, promotes baseless claims and golfs;
Supreme Court refuses Trump administration's attempt to block inmates' move from Ohio prison hit by coronavirus;
As the coronavirus death toll reaches 100,000, the U.S. is not united in mourning. Instead, divisions are more obvious than ever;
Trump compares coronavirus death toll (over 98,000) to that of swine flu (under 20,000);
FBI director orders internal review of Michael Flynn case;
DOJ Drops Insider Trading Probe Into Three Senators, Still Investigating Burr; Judge grants sanctions against DOJ over citizenship question;
White House letter doesn't explain why Trump fired watchdogs; As Trump removes federal watchdogs, some replacements have conflicts of interest;
Top HHS watchdog being replaced by Trump says inspectors general must work free from political intrusion;
In Private, Republicans Admit They Acquitted Trump Out of Fear;
Trump-tied companies receive millions in small business aid; Pompeo's elite taxpayer-funded dinners raise new concerns;
Calls in Congress for probe on how former Trump aide won $3 million respirator contract;
Trump Has Now Shifted $1.9 Million From Campaign Donors To His Business;
Political fights break out as dozens of states modify voting rules in light of pandemic; Trump Sows Doubt on Voting. It Keeps Some People Up at Night;
Federal judge guts Florida law requiring felons to pay fines before they can vote; Three Republican groups sue California governor over mail-in-vote order;
Trump rants about fraud. But here's the secret to keeping voting by mail secure; Conservative group fighting to restrict voting tied to powerful dark money network;
Trump says mask wearing is 'politically correct.' Biden calls him a 'fool.';
Trump, saying governor is in 'shutdown mood,' threatens to pull GOP convention out of N.C.; Georgia and Florida Governors Offer to Host G.O.P. Convention;
House Republicans to sue Pelosi over remote proxy voting in pandemic;
Trump shares sexist tweets calling Hillary Clinton a 'skank' and insulting prominent Democrats;
Trump says Sessions wasn't 'mentally qualified' for AG position as feud reignites; Jeff Sessions hits back at president;
Trump opts for a 2016 disruption strategy that Democrats say is ill-suited for a pandemic; Trump campaign is creating an alternate reality online about the coronavirus;
Trump Plays the Old Conspiracy Theory Hits; Inside the Dizzying Effort to Pitch Trump to Black Voters;
Trump retweets a video saying 'the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat';
Anti-Trump super PAC launched by Republicans takes aim at McConnell;
Trump to sign executive order targeting social media firms over allegations of political bias;
Leaked draft of Trump executive order slams Twitter, Facebook for 'censoring'; Trump signs order that could punish social media companies;
Two GOP Senators Introduce Bill To Prevent Chinese Nationals From Receiving Visas To Study Science, Engineering;
Judge who told woman to 'close your legs' to prevent assault is removed from bench;
Investigators arrest Minneapolis police officer who was seen on video with knee on George Floyd's neck before he died;
Mississippi Mayor Defends Officers Involved in George Floyd's Arrest: 'If You Say You Can't Breathe, You're Breathing' ;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
NSA warns of new Sandworm attacks on email servers;
House effort to pass surveillance overhaul collapses after Trump tweets and DOJ pushback;
Thermal Imaging as Security Theater; Websites Conducting Port Scans; Bogus Security Technology: An Anti-5G USB Stick;
The best antivirus protection of 2020 for Windows 10;
Math and science
Georgia reopened first. The data tell a different story than residents have heard; CDC Test Counting Error Leaves Epidemiologists 'Really Baffled';
Oxford scientists working on a coronavirus vaccine say there is now only a 50% chance of success because the number of UK cases is falling too quickly;
Blood Clots Linked To COVID-19 Are Raising Alarm; Researchers find Fitbits and sleep trackers can predict coronavirus symptoms;
Pandemic Offering Social Science Researchers Invaluable Lessons About Human Nature; NSF Spending Millions To Fund Coronavirus Research Projects;
Undersea explorers find wreck of USS Nevada, the ship that almost escaped Pearl Harbor;
Supercomputer simulates the impact of the asteroid that wiped out dinosaurs;
Mammoth skeletons dug up at Mexico City airport construction site;
When Did Time Really Begin? The Little Loophole in the Big Bang;
SpaceX Lays Out Plans, Goals For Mars Missions;
Nikola Tesla: The Extraordinary Life of a Modern Prometheus;
Web, computing and technology issues
Debate over how social networks should handle political ads intensifies; Researchers found Roughly half the Twitter accounts pushing to 'reopen America' are bots;
Twitter struggles to label misleading COVID-19 tweets; Twitter labels Trump's tweets with a fact-check for the first time;
Twitter Labels Trump's Tweet About Voting with 'Get the Facts' Label; Twitter Refuses to Remove Trump Posts Linking Scarborough to Murder;
Twitter says Trump's 'THUGS' tweet about Minneapolis protests violated standards by 'glorifying violence';
Appeals Court Rejects Claims of Conservative Suppression on Social Media; Trump Considers Creating Panel to Review Anticonservative Bias on Social Media;
Zuckerberg Says Facebook Has 'Different Policy' from Twitter on Free Speech; Facebook Announces Messenger Security Features that Don't Compromise Privacy;
Windows 10 2004 rollout results in multiple driver problems;
A beginner's guide to using the private browser Tor;
SC News and Politics
Court rules SC absentee voters won't need a witness due to coronavirus;
SC election upgrades for voter check-in process won't be ready for June primaries; South Carolina voters can expect new "touchless voting" procedures for June primaries;

Business and Economics
Nearly every U.S. state had historic unemployment levels last month; Weekly Jobless Claims Continue To Decline;
Americans have filed more than 40 million jobless claims in the past 10 weeks, as another 2.1 million filed for benefits last week;
Wall Street, betting the worst is over, propels Dow more than 500 points Tuesday; Late-session spurt Wednesday lifts Dow above 25,000 for the first time since early March;
Dow Jones Slashes Nearly 200-Point Gain Amid China News; Facebook, Twitter Fall On Trump Threat ;
Breaking precedent, White House won't release formal economic projections this summer that would forecast extent of downturn;
The massive debt caused by the virus will have to be repaid;
Rock-Bottom Interest Rates May Be Here to Stay;
U.S. taxpayers' virus relief went to firms that avoided U.S. tax; Trump's signature effort to direct farm surplus to needy families abruptly withdraws large contract;
Stimulus turns political as SBA tries to claw back funding from Planned Parenthood; Wealthiest Hospitals Got Billions in Bailout for Struggling Health Providers;
Republicans' latest proposed tax cut for the rich could permanently hobble future presidents;
Gov. Cuomo says US economy won't bounce back on its own post-pandemic because 'too many' small businesses have closed and corporations won't rehire laid-off workers;
Number of working black business owners falls 40 percent, far more than other groups amid coronavirus ;
Pay Cuts Become a Tool for Some Companies to Avoid Layoffs;
Taxpayers paid to develop remdesivir but will have no say when Gilead sets the price;
Hertz, Car Rental Pioneer, Files for Bankruptcy Protection;
Airlines given tentative OKs to suspend service to 75 airports; As Passengers Disappeared, Airlines Filled Planes With Cargo;
Boeing Laying Off More Than 12,000 Workers; American Airlines is planning to cut 30% of its management and support staff, a reduction of about 5,000 jobs;
Meat industry struggles to return as more workers get sick;
Detroit Automakers Continue Operations As Employees Test Positive;
Court Filing Says Big Pharmacy Chains Also Fed the Opioid Epidemic;
Israel taps local desalination firm IDE over Hong Kong rival;
Lessons From History: 1929;
The Law of Supply and Demand Isn't Fair;
Deflation Will Give Way To Hyperinflation, And An Investment Dilemma;
Sorry we had to cancel your trip. But we're keeping your travel-insurance money;
NBA, Disney discuss resuming season in late July at Florida complex as part of single-site plan;
Coaches say college baseball into July would save money ; NCAA Rejects 'One-Time Transfer' Waiver, Will Wholly Rewrite Transfer Rules;
Who Should Bear the Financial Brunt of the Coronavirus in Baseball? As sports return, at-risk athletes may face 'heavy decision' on whether to play;
Youth sports in SC can return. Here's the plan for practices, games and hygiene; Business vs. safety: USSSA guidelines for travel sports raise concerns;
Guidelines for Return of High School Sponsored Team Sports;
Runners react as Boston Marathon cancels race for first time;
Other news
Trump's Fifth Simple Trick for Stealing the Election Will Give You Nightmares—and Tear America Apart;
Which Party Would Benefit Most From Voting by Mail? It's Complicated;
America's response to coronavirus pandemic is 'incomprehensibly incoherent,' says historian who studied the 1918 flu;
Reopening too soon: Lessons from the deadly second wave of the 1918 flu pandemic;
Things Were Different In 1918, But Comparisons With 2020 Uncover A Crucial Question;
They Predicted 'The Crisis of 2020' … in 1991. So How Does This End?
How a small Michigan company reopened, averting a coronavirus outbreak;
The battle to shape how the world viewed Ahmaud Arbery's killing;

What Anthony Fauci Thinks About Colleges' Plans to Reopen This Fall; CDC Adds New COVID-19 Guidelines for Higher Ed;
About Half Of Surveyed College Presidents Say It's "Very Likely" They Will Resume In-Person Classes; Reopening Plans Likely To Vary Wildly Among Colleges;
Sen. Alexander: All Roads Back To College, School Lead Through Coronavirus Testing;
In Massachusetts, Colleges Ask Government for Liability Shield and Testing Help;
State Officials Taking Different Approaches To Implementing Higher Ed Budget Cuts;
Maryland's Colleges Grappling With Potential Financial Insolvency As They Determine Fall Plans;
Colleges Face Revenue Hit From Loss Of International Students Due To Coronavirus;
Access To Public, Four-Year Higher Ed Opportunities Improves Economic Outcomes For Students;
Trump Wants to Curb Work Authorization for Foreign Graduates; U.S. to Expel Chinese Graduate Students With Ties to China's Military Schools;

TechNews for the week: May 22; May 20; May 18;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Afghan Rivals Sign Power-Sharing Deal as Political Crisis Subsides;
In Jerusalem, Ramadan Restrictions Last Seen During the Crusades Return;
A study looking at the coronavirus genome in Israel found that 70% of the virus transmission in the country could be linked to the US;
Netanyahu's new Israeli government approved, eyes West Bank annexations; UN envoy: Israel must 'abandon threats of annexation';
Palestinian leader suggests he will tear up all accords with Israel over annexation plans;
Netanyahu: Those who threaten Israel will be destroyed; Israel linked to a disruptive cyberattack on an Iranian port facility;
Can Israel implement Trump's 'Peace Plan' and still appease Jordan?
20 years after withdrawal, Israel, Hezbollah brace for war; Iran lauds arms supply to Palestinians against 'tumor' Israel;
5 Iran tankers sailing to Venezuela amid US pressure tactics;
As Saudi Official Hid Abroad, His Family Became a Target at Home;
Why Are Women-Led Nations Doing Better With Covid-19; Polio was almost eradicated. Then came the coronavirus. Then came a threat from President Trump;
Europeans are growing more distrustful of the United States; Germany's Coronavirus Protests: Anti-Vaxxers, Anticapitalists, Neo-Nazis;
Wildfires ravaged Siberia last year. This spring, the blazes are starting even bigger;
Beijing to implement national security laws in Hong Kong by fiat, banning 'secessionist' activities, 'foreign interference';
Trump administration to withdraw from Open Skies treaty, in a further erosion of arms-control pacts with Russia;
Senate panel votes to subpoena documents connected to Ukrainian firm that once employed Joe Biden's son as Republicans revive probe;
Ukrainian lawmaker with links to Russian intelligence releases leaked phone calls of Biden and Poroshenko;
Trump's Very Normal Saturday Amplifying the Far-Right Blogger Shunned by Conservatives;
State Department inspector general fired as Democrats decry 'dangerous pattern of retaliation';
Fired State Dept. inspector general was examining whether Pompeo had a staffer walk his dog and handle dry cleaning;
State Dept. Investigator Fired by Trump Had Examined Weapons Sales to Saudis and Emiratis; Pompeo Declined Interview Request From Inspector General About Arms Sales;
As Questions Grow Over His Activities, Pompeo Defends Firing of Watchdog; Trump says if Pompeo's 'wife isn't there' a staffer should do the dishes so he can work;
Trump Removes the IG Investigating Elaine Chao whose Husband, Mitch McConnell, Already Vetted the Replacement;
Drug promoted by Trump as coronavirus 'game changer' increasingly linked to deaths; Study: Antimalarial drug is linked to increased risk of death in coronavirus patients;
Trump says he is taking hydroxychloroquine to protect against coronavirus, dismissing safety concerns;
States opening their economies lack benchmarks for reimposing restrictions; Texas COVID-19 cases rise, governor's office says more testing being done;
Major nursing home chain violated federal standards meant to stop spread of disease even after start of covid-19, records show;
Reopening guidance for churches delayed after White House and CDC disagree;
Trump says 'We're not going to close the country' if there's a second wave;
Trump administration to restore partial funding to World Health Organization; Trump threatens to permanently cut WHO funding if changes aren't made within 30 days;
Crisis exposes how U.S. has hollowed out its government;
Trump's preferred construction firm lands $1.3 billion border wall contract, the biggest so far; Private jet company founded by Trump donor gets $27 million bailout;
Trump's Vaccine Czar Holds Millions in Stock Options at Company That Got Federal Funding for COVID-19 Work;
These Labs Rushed to Test for Coronavirus. They Had Few Takers;
Immigration Agency That Issues Visas, Green Cards Struggles to Stay Afloat;
Barr says he does not expect his handpicked prosecutor reviewing 2016 Russia probe will investigate Obama or Biden;
McConnell taps Marco Rubio to serve as acting chairman of Senate Intelligence Committee;
Trump expresses opposition to extending unemployment benefits enacted in response to pandemic;
House passes $3 trillion coronavirus stimulus plan, faces pushback in Republican-led Senate;
GOP Stimulus Plan Would Cut Taxes for Corporations While Denying Benefits to Poorest;
Flynn's attorneys appeal court order that allows arguments against tossing guilty plea;
Supreme Court blocks House Democrats from seeing Mueller's secret grand jury material for now;
Trump counting on Supreme Court to block probes, lawsuits; Passed By for Decades, Clarence Thomas Is a New Symbol of the Trump Era;
Michigan governor wins legal fight with lawmakers over virus; Judge tosses coronavirus restrictions by Oregon governor;
Rep. Justin Amash says he won't run for president;
Biden Calls Out 'Anti-Semitism' on the Left and Criticizes Israeli Policies;
Biden said he regrets saying that black voters 'ain't black' if they're undecided between himself and Trump;
Trump uses official trip to Ford factory to make case for reelection;
Trump blames Democrats for his grounded campaign, even as bipartisan restrictions ban his signature rallies;
Eric Trump Claims Democrats' Cooked-Up COVID-19 Will 'Magically' Vanish Election Day;
Freed by Court Ruling, Republicans Step Up Effort to Patrol Voting; Republicans devote $20m and 50,000 people to efforts to restrict voting;
Trump threatens funding over mail-in voting in 2 states ; Why Republicans Are So Afraid of Vote-by-Mail;
Examining the arguments against voting by mail: Does it really lead to fraud or only benefit Democrats?
Republicans, Democrats push ahead on absentee voting even as Trump blasts Michigan over it;
G.O.P. Officials Quietly Consider Paring Back Convention;
QAnon follower wins Senate primary in Oregon;
Far-right groups are spreading racist, false claims about shooting victim Ahmaud Arbery;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
For Spy Agencies, Briefing Trump Is a Test of Holding His Attention;
McConnell is pushing the Senate to pass a law that would let the FBI collect Americans' web browsing history without a warrant;
A pandemic of conspiracy theories spreads across the internet and around the world; Secret Service Blames Nigerian Group for Covid-19-Related Scams Online;
Massive phishing campaign uses malicious Excel macros to hack PCs;
Bart Gellman on Snowden;
Criminals and the Normalization of Masks;
Math and science
CDC warns of big drop in routine vaccinations for children as parents shun doctors' offices;
What We Know About Your Chances of Catching the Virus Outdoors; How many people are infected? A major study will attempt to provide an answer;
Virus 'does not spread easily' from surfaces or animals, revised CDC website states; Study Shows Covid Patients Testing Positive After Recovery Aren't Infectious;
Why some spots on the planet are heating up faster than others; Greenhouse gases saw a dramatic 17 percent plunge due to coronavirus lockdowns;
Documents: Trump officials ignored warnings about flaws in rollback of Obama-era fuel-efficiency rules;
GM Working On Hands-Off Driving Assistance System;
To safely explore the solar system and beyond, spaceships need to go faster;
Web, computing and technology issues
Apple, Google Launch Coronavirus 'Exposure Notification' Tool;
U.S. Delivers Another Blow to Huawei With New Tech Restrictions;
Trump tweet raises threat for Google, Twitter, Facebook;
Master Windows 10 with these 11 hidden tricks;
SC News and Politics
Furman drops baseball program in response to coronavirus budget crunch;
Bishop England, Oceanside Collegiate sue SC High School League over rule changes;
A new ad makes the case against Lindsey Graham with Graham doing all the talking;

Business and Economics
'Triple whammy' of good news, led by coronavirus vaccine hopes, catapults Dow more than 900 points Monday;
2.4 million Americans filed jobless claims last week, bringing nine-week total to 38.6 million; Labor Department: Layoffs Hit 11.4 Million In March;
$500 billion Treasury fund meant for coronavirus relief has lent barely any money so far, oversight commission finds;
As the backlogged IRS struggles to open mail and answer the phone, taxpayers face long delays;
Stanford Economist: 42% Of Recent Layoffs Will Be Permanent;
Fear of Risk Could Diminish the Economic Rescue by the Treasury and Fed;
Trump's senior advisers predict swift economic recovery, despite warnings that major problems could persist;
Billionaire Couple Showered GOP With Money. Now They Need a Coronavirus Lifeline;
Feds Suspect Vast Fraud Network Is Targeting U.S. Unemployment Systems;
Trump signs executive order on eliminating "unnecessary regulations that impede economic recovery";
China pushes back against Huawei crackdown; U.S. strikes at a Huawei prize: chip juggernaut HiSilicon;
Venezuela Rejected by U.S. Supreme Court in Citgo Stake Clash;
Lockheed Martin To Slow Down Production Of F-35s, Possibly Delay Delivery Of Aircraft; Airbus To Furlough Over 3,000 Workers In Spain;
New security and health policies at airports and on planes; Airlines Struggling To Find Space To Park Aircraft;
J.C. Penney, 118-Year-Old Department Store, Files for Bankruptcy;
Survey: Many Americans Distrustful Of Autonomous Vehicles;
Polls Show Americans Planning To Switch From Public Transit To Cars;
GM, LG Chem Start Construction On Joint Battery Plant In Ohio;
The 4 Basic Elements of Stock Value;
Roster crunch coming for college baseball teams ; Stranded M.L.B. Prospects Find a Backyard of Dreams;
NCAA student-athlete committee endorses immediate eligibility ;
NCAA Weighs Moratorium Amid Push to Offer Fall Sports; Without Fans, Some College Football Games Won't Make Financial Sense;
U.S. Golf Association Cancels Qualifiers for Multiple Tournaments;
What sports looked like during the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic;
Other news
A Sitting President, Riling the Nation During a Crisis; Is Donald Trump being blackmailed;
Russia is interfering in our elections again. And Trump supporters are emulating Russian tactics;
CDC guidelines, released at last, offer low-key guide to reopening;
Why There Are Almost No Memorials to the Flu of 1918;

U. of California Will Replace ACT and SAT With New Test — or None at All;
Colleges, Universities Expected To Be Hard Hit By State Budget Cuts; 'A Dramatic and Unprecedented Contraction': A Look Inside a $375-Million Budget Shortfall;
Growing Numbers Of Current Students, Graduating High School Seniors Switching To Community Colleges;
University Of California President, All 10 Campus Chancellors To Take 10% Pay Cut In Upcoming Fiscal Year;
DeVos Funnels Coronavirus Relief Funds to Favored Private and Religious Schools;
Models Forecasting Surge In Coronavirus Cases Prompt Universities To Alter Fall Schedules; Colleges Fail To Consider Two Important Questions As They Plan To Reopen;
CDC Releases Guidance On How Colleges Can Reopen Safely; The Fall College Experience: Fever Checks and Quarantine Dorms;
University Of South Carolina To Bring Students Back To Campus In August, Then Switch To Remote Instruction After Thanksgiving;
Florida's Public University System Must Unveil Its Plan For Reopening By Month's End;
Pandemic Exacerbating "Summer Melt" Risk Among Potential First Generation College Students;
Universities Adopt Remote Lab Tools to Let Engineering Students Continue Work Remotely;
EdWeek Publishes Special Report On How AI Is Being Used In Schools;
On Not Drawing Conclusions About Online Teaching Now - or Next Fall;
Students Unlikely To Prevail In Tuition Refund Cases;
Glitches in Online A.P. Tests Add to Students' Anxieties;
Governors, Higher Ed Experts Warning Unemployed Against For-Profit Colleges, Short-Term Certificate Programs;

TechNews for the week: May 15; May 13; May 11;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Russia Was Ready to Celebrate a Glorious Past. The Present Intervened.; Putin announces end to coronavirus lockdown as Russia posts record-high number of new cases;
Bowing to Russia, U.N. Halts Funding for Pandemic Relief in Northeastern Syria;
Iran ready to swap prisoners with U.S. without preconditions: U.S. yet to respond;
Jordan warns Israel of 'massive conflict' over annexation; Pompeo to Israel: Be circumspect on West Bank annexation;
Netanyahu, Gantz postpone swearing-in of government due to Likud rebellion in Knesset;
Israel offers peek at new normal for air travel during pandemic;
Virus Forces Persian Gulf States to Reckon With Migrant Labor;
Trump eyes federal retirement plan investments as he intensifies showdown with China over virus;
U.S. chief justice puts hold on disclosure of Russia investigation materials;
Trump plays down testing as U.S. falls far short of level scientists say is needed; Trump flouts protocols even as second staffer tests positive this week;
Top Trump health officials will isolate themselves after exposure to White House aides with coronavirus;
Researchers claim Coronavirus test used at the White House might be wrong half the time;
President Donald Trump Tweetstorm - The Saturday Edition;
In the early days of the pandemic, the U.S. government turned down an offer to manufacture millions of N95 masks in America;
Birx said 'there is nothing from the CDC that I can trust' in a White House coronavirus task force meeting;
Fight Over Virus's Death Toll Opens Grim New Front in Election Battle; Team Trump Pushes CDC to Revise Down Its COVID Death Counts;
Infection rates were climbing at Nebraska meatpacking plants. Then health officials stopped reporting the numbers;
Friction between White House, CDC hobbles pandemic effort;
Trump's Mother’s Day tweetstorm accusing Obama of crimes; Trump charges Obama with 'biggest political crime in American history';
Changing Subject Amid a Pandemic, Trump Turns to an Old Ploy: Blame Obama;
Barr consumed by Mueller's investigation of Trump since Day One; Mitch McConnell Moves to Expand Bill Barr’s Surveillance Powers;
Trump says U.S. leads world in coronavirus testing, but numbers tell a different story;
Kushner, Law Aside, Doesn't Rule Out Delaying 2020 Election; Jared Kushner clarifies after saying he's 'not sure' he can commit to date for presidential election ;
Questions of Bias in Covid-19 Treatment Add to the Mourning for Black Families;
Trump Abruptly Ends Coronavirus Briefing After Tense Exchange With CBS, CNN Reporters;
Back in Session, State Legislatures Challenge Governors' Authority; How Do You Enforce a Law That Tramples the Land of the Free?
Many governors get bipartisan raves for pandemic response, but some in GOP face blowback for reopening bids;
Tensions over restrictions spark violence and defiance among protesters as Trump pushes states to reopen;
Michigan Closes Down Capitol in Face of Death Threats From Armed Protesters Against Gov. Whitmer; Ex-Deputy Charged After Armed White 'Mob' Confronts Black Family;
Religious Far Right Mounts Anti-Abortion Attack on COVID-19 Vaccine;
Trump's bid to shield his tax returns, finances heads to high court; Supreme Court battle over Donald Trump's finances carries risks for all three branches;
Supreme Court debate over Trump's tax returns, business records points to a mixed outcome;
G.O.P. Split Over State Aid That Could Mostly Go to Democratic Strongholds;
House Democrats unveil coronavirus rescue bill that would direct more than $3 trillion to states, individuals, health systems;
McConnell puts blame for 2020 coronavirus failure on Barack Obama, in office 2009-2017;
Fact Check: McConnell's claim that Obama left behind no 'game plan' for the coronavirus outbreak; McConnell says he was wrong on Obama pandemic playbook;
The judge should look skeptically at Barr's latest effort to rescue another Trump crony; Bill Barr Twisted My Words in Dropping the Flynn Case. Here's the Truth;
U.S. judge puts Justice Department's move to drop charges against Flynn on hold;
Court appoints retired judge to oppose Justice Dept. effort to drop Flynn case and examine if ex-Trump adviser committed perjury;
Trump White House Changes Its Story on Michael Flynn; How a Flynn theory became central to the Trump reelection campaign;
Acting intelligence chief Grenell gave DOJ list of Obama officials who 'unmasked' Flynn;
Takeaways from Fauci's and health officials' testimony; Fauci warns Senate that reopening U.S. too quickly could lead to avoidable 'suffering and death';
Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort released from prison and granted home confinement amid coronavirus fears;
Under Trump administration border rules, U.S. has granted refuge to just two people since March;
A contractor promised FEMA 10 million N95 masks for $55 million. It did not deliver;
Trump presses immunity argument in Summer Zervos defamation case;
Sen. Richard Burr stepping down as chairman of Intelligence Committee; FBI serves warrant on senator in investigation of stock sales linked to coronavirus;
Court revives lawsuit targeting President Trump's business dealings at his hotel in downtown Washington;
Trump's company has received at least $970,000 from U.S. taxpayers for room rentals; Under fire, Trump drops his Mar-a-Lago dock plan;
Supreme Court Seems Ready to Curb 'Faithless Electors'; Gorsuch, likely key vote, seems to favor Oklahoma tribe;
Crews are still marooned aboard cruise ships mired in red tape;
House changes its rules during pandemic, allowing remote voting for the first time in its 231-year history;
A majority of Americans going to work fear exposing their household to the coronavirus;
'Manipulative, deceitful, user': Tara Reade left a trail of aggrieved acquaintances;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
May Crypto-Gram Newsletter, Privacy, Surveillance, Malware and more; Deepfakes' threat to the 2020 US election isn't what you'd think;
Law Firm Hackers Claim to Have Dirt on Donald Trump, Up Data Ransom to $42M;
Chinese Hackers Allegedly Trying to Steal U.S. Coronavirus Vaccine Research;
US Government Exposes North Korean Malware; Russian hacker group using HTTP status codes to control malware implants;
New US Electronic Warfare Platform;
Thunderbolt flaws affect millions of computers;
Math and science
Experts Knew a Pandemic Was Coming. Here's What They're Worried About Next; Doctors continue to discover new ways the coronavirus attacks the body ;
What's safe as states start to reopen? Here's what some public health experts say.; How experts use disease modeling to predict coronavirus cases after states reopen;
Experiment shows human speech generates droplets that linger in the air for more than 8 minutes; Can coronavirus survive on your shoes and clothes?
UV light robot destroys coronavirus in 2 minutes;
Thermal scanners are the latest technology being deployed to detect the coronavirus. But they don't really work;
Pittsburgh Professors Devising Method To Conduct At-Home COVID-19 Testing With Smartphones;
Employers Rush to Adopt Virus Screening. The Tools May Not Help Much;
New Research Shows that 40% Of Mars' Surface Could Host Water With High Salt Content; NASA Begins Packing Of Mars Perseverance Rover;
Cygnus Cargo Spacecraft Released From ISS; Spacecraft To Be Used For Fire Safety Experiment, To Deploy CubeSats;
NASA Purchases Seat On Roscosmos' Soyuz Rocket To ISS;
America's longest river was recently drier than during the Dust Bowl. It's bound to happen again.;
Arlington Cemetery's 105-year-old time capsule is revealing lost treasures ;
Prehistoric cave site unearthed in North Korea; Who Invented the Wheel And How Did They Do It?
Web, computing and technology issues
Facebook post gets SCOTUS all wrong: The Supreme Court did not deem social distancing unconstitutional in 1866;
Twitter to Warn Users About Tweets with Misleading Coronavirus Information;
Facebook has a huge truth problem. A high-priced 'oversight board' won’t fix it; Facebook Reports Spike in Deleted Posts Promoting Violence, Hate;
Facebook Users Ask Judge to Approve $550 Million Privacy Settlement;
SC News and Politics
Cadets graduating from The Citadel enter uncertain times; The Citadel lags behind rival military schools in commissioning officers;
Plans for old Piggly Wiggly site in West Ashley presented;

Business and Economics
Nearly 3 million Americans filed jobless claims last week, pushing number of benefit seekers to roughly 36.5 million in past 8 weeks;
The unemployment rate only captures part of America's economic pain; Why 1.4 Million Health Jobs Have Been Lost During a Huge Health Crisis;
More than 100,000 small businesses have closed forever as the U.S. pandemic toll escalates;
Why the stock market rally is actually signaling an 'abnormal' economic recovery, not a V-shaped coronavirus rebound;
Dow tanks more than 500 points Wednedsay in Wall Street sell-off after Fed chair warns economic recovery will be prolonged and bumpy;
As Banks Stumble in Delivering Aid, Congress Weighs Other Options; Top White House advisers increasingly worry stimulus spending is costing too much;
White House Cuts Off Savings Fund's Investment in China Stocks; Close to 25% of the $2 trillion in assets under management of 800 funds is in Chinese stocks;
China Working To Abide By "Phase One" US Trade Deal; Trump expresses anger that his China trade deal is off to a rocky start, but he lacks obvious remedies;
In a First, Renewable Energy Is Poised to Eclipse Coal in U.S.;
DOT Warns Airlines To Issue Refunds, Allows Airlines To Suspend More Flights;
Ford, GM, FCA Plan To Reopen North American Factories On May 18; GM Opens Three US Parts Plants Ahead Of Schedule;
Tesla To Introduce Low-Cost Long-Life Batteries In Model 3 Sedans;
Boeing Sees More Than 100 Order Cancellations During April; Boeing CEO Expects Air Traffic Levels Under 25% In September;
Boeing CEO Looks To "Smooth Over Tensions" With Airlines After Saying A US Airline Would "Likely" Fold;
Qatar Airways in talks to defer Airbus, Boeing orders; Airbus CEO Says Company Must Be "Resized";
Delta To Retire Boeing 777 Aircraft;
M.L.B. Proposes an 82-Game Season Starting in July; The latest news on MLB, player negotiations to restart season;
'If the Students Don't Come Back, We're Dead in the Water': Loss of Sports Spells Trouble Far Beyond Athletics Departments;
Running Makes Your Arteries Younger, According to Science;
Willie Mays at 89: 'My Thing Is Keep Talking and Keep Moving';
Chess Thrives Online Despite Pandemic;
Other news
What Jesus Really Said About Heaven and Hell;
In 2013, Edward Snowden leaked top-secret NSA documents showing how the U.S. was spying on its citizens. Here's what happened next.;
We Can't Stop the Coronavirus Unless We Stop Corruption; Mask or no mask? Face coverings become tool in partisan combat;
British Writer Pens The Best Description Of Trump;
Qualified immunity for law enforcement: The Supreme Court can rethink it;

Amid Budget Shortfalls, Universities Fear States Will Once Again Look Toward Higher Education To Make Cuts;
Faculty Cuts Begin, With Warnings of More to Come; Tracking Employees Laid Off or Furloughed by Colleges;
Colleges Experiencing Difficulties In Distributing Aid Dollars Fairly, Efficiently; Scores Of College Students Filing Lawsuits In Pursuit Of Tuition Refunds;
America's College Towns Losing Out On Vital Revenue From Lack Of Students; Report: To Bring Down Cost Of College, Address Living Expenses First;
University Of California President Recommends Multiyear Suspension Of SAT, ACT Requirements;
Some Universities "Desperate" To Hit Their Enrollment Numbers For Upcoming Academic Year; Most Colleges Preparing For Decline In International Students;
Expert Predicts Some Second-Tier Universities Might Not Reopen In Wake Of The Pandemic;
California State U. System Will Conduct Most Fall Classes Online ;
Internet Accessibility Hindering Some College Students' Ability To Study; Colleges Urged To Focus Their Attention On Improving Students' Virtual Experience;
For-Profit College That Received Federal Aid Accused of Defrauding Students;
Virtual Oklahoma City University Graduation Disrupted By Racist Hacker;

TechNews for the week: May 8; May 6; May 4;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
North and South Korean troops exchange fire along border;
Jordan ends historic arrangement with Israel as West Bank annexation tensions rise; ICC Prosecutor doubles down that Palestine is a state;
Israel top court approves coalition deal, new govt to be sworn in May 13; Palestinians say they will defy Israeli order in prisoner payments dispute;
Intelligence officials and disease experts are shooting down Trump's claim that the US has good reason to believe the coronavirus originated in a Wuhan lab;
As world comes together for virtual vaccine summit, U.S. is conspicuously absent;
New evidence suggests the coronavirus was likely spreading in the US and France as early as December;
Iraq Chooses New Prime Minister, an Ex-Intelligence Chief Backed by U.S.;
From a Miami condo to the Venezuelan coast, how a plan to 'capture' Maduro went rogue; An Incursion Into Venezuela, Straight Out of Hollywood;
E.U. Is Facing Its Worst Recession Ever;
The U.S. wants Mexico to keep its defense and health-care factories open. Mexican workers are getting sick;
Before Covid-19, Trump Aide Sought to Use Disease to Close Borders;
Boom-and-bust federal spending since 9/11 has left hospitals ill-prepared for national health emergencies;
Trump tries to project return to normalcy while relying on testing that public lacks;
Capitol Lacks Tests for Returning Senators While White House Tests Many in Trump's Circle;
Vice President Pence's press secretary tests positive for coronavirus; Document reveals Secret Service has 11 current virus cases;
Kushner virus effort said to be hampered by inexperienced volunteers; How Kushner's Volunteer Force Led a Fumbling Hunt for Medical Supplies;
White House tightens grip on virus information; blocks Fauci from testifying before House panel next week;
Trump Moves to Replace Watchdog Who Identified Critical Medical Shortages; White House pandemic supply project swathed in secrecy and exaggerations;
Trump administration pushed use of remdesivir, but unequal rollout angers doctors; Maryland cancels $12.5 million PPE contract with firm started by GOP operatives;
White House Blocks C.D.C. Guidance Over Economic and Religious Concerns; wants CDC to revise guidelines to reopen U.S.; dire warning issued on job losses;
Ousted vaccine official says he was demoted for prioritizing 'science and safety';
Office of Special Counsel says 'reasonable grounds' to believe vaccine official's ouster was retaliatory;
Trump's advisers released a 'beyond stupid' mathematical model of coronavirus deaths created in Excel by a controversial economist;
Most States That Are Reopening Fail to Meet White House Guidelines;
White House Considering Measures Aimed At Boosting Economy Without Congress;
Arizona halts partnership with experts predicting cases would continue to mount; America;s coronavirus divide is reflected in two New Mexico mayors;
Governor closes all roads into a New Mexico city;
Smallest caseload to biggest death toll: Coronavirus decimates D.C.'s poorest ward;
Trump, reversing course, says coronavirus task force will continue 'indefinitely';
Trump says 'bailouts' unfair to GOP since states needing aid 'run by Democrats in every case';
Trump says he might give federal coronavirus aid to states if they comply with his political demands;
Larry Kudlow 'unravels' after CNN airs video of him saying in February that the coronavirus was 'contained';
Donald Trump attacks George W. Bush after the latter does a coronavirus video;
The Coronavirus Becomes a Battle Cry for U.S. Extremists; Masks Become a Flash Point in the Virus Culture Wars; Anti-vax activists are a major force at coronavirus protests;
Trump calls MSNBC’s 'Morning' Joe Scarborough 'nuts' and revives murder conspiracy theory in latest tirade;
White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Is Asked Why She Downplayed Coronavirus Threat - And She Tries To Turn The Tables On The Media;
White House, Congress clash over liability protections for businesses;
Virus Pushes a Staid Supreme Court Into Revolutionary Changes; Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg treated at Johns Hopkins for gallbladder condition;
U.S. top court tosses ruling against illegal immigration encouragement law;
Trump administration asks Supreme Court to temporarily block Congress from seeing Mueller’s secret grand jury evidence;
Justice Department drops Flynn's Trump-Russia case; decision cheered by Trump as critics decry it as attack on rule of lawn; Don't Forget, Michael Flynn Pleaded Guilty. Twice;
After Flynn reversal, Trump signals his FBI director is on thin ice;
McConnell Protégé Takes Center Stage in Fight to Remake Judiciary;
Top Trump booster and RNC fundraiser to be named postmaster general;
Trump vows complete end of Obamacare law despite pandemic;
As Hunger Swells, Food Stamps Become a Partisan Flash Point;
Failing to Override a Veto, Senate Falls Short of Curbing Trump's Iran War Powers; Trump's War on Congressional War Powers Isn't Over;
Cellphone monitoring is spreading with the coronavirus. So is an uneasy tolerance of surveillance;
Unexpected outcome in Wisconsin: Tens of thousands of ballots that arrived after Election Day were counted, thanks to court decisions;
Biden campaigns from his basement. Harding ran for president from his porch; Senate rejects Biden's call to release any potential records on alleged misconduct;
Trump order to paint border wall black could drive up cost $500 million or more;
Trump made Florida his official residence. He may have also made a legal mess;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
Deepfakes pose a real threat to 2020 election that will be tough to fight; The Trump campaign's egregious editing of a CNN clip;
Three States to Allow Some Voters to Cast Ballots Online;
Malware in Google Apps; GoDaddy Breach Compromised Data on 28,000 Hosting Customers; ILOVEYOU Virus;
The US is being colonized by 'murder hornets,' a 'shockingly large' insect that can kill humans and behead entire colonies of bees;
Math and science
Italian scientist discovered main mechanism behind COVID-19; Israel isolates coronavirus antibody in 'significant breakthrough';
There's a more accurate way to compare coronavirus deaths to the flu; Sampling Stools May Be Faster, Cheaper Way To Pinpoint COVID-19 Outbreaks;
Amid Outbreak, Relying On Protection That Doesn't Work Is More Dangerous Than Not Having Any Protection At All;
How Remdesivir, New Hope for Covid-19 Patients, Was Resurrected; Scientists Consider Whether Ultraviolet Light Can Kill Coronavirus Indoors;
NASA Astronauts' Mission To ISS To Last One Month Instead Of One Week; Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo Conducts First Unpowered Glide Flight From Spaceport America;
New Data From NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Suggest Tectonic Activity On Moon;
China launches spacecraft via largest carrier rocket; Russia Plans For Several Lunar Mission This Decade;
Recent Scientific Breakthrough Could Spur Leap In Product Manufacturing;
Israeli billionaire conjures water out of thin air in parched Gaza;
Global warming pushes April temperatures into milestone territory as 2020 heads for record;
Web, computing and technology issues
Google Classroom: A guide for parents and guardians; How to use Google Meet, a free Zoom video chat rival;
Tech Companies, Researchers Announce Plans For Automated Contact Tracing; Apple, Google to Ban Location Tracking in Coronavirus-Tracking Apps;
Facebook Removes 'Threat Actors' That Leveraged Coronavirus Pandemic; Iran's State Broadcaster Spread Info via Fake Accounts;
Social Media Companies Remove 'Plandemic' Conspiracy Video;
Judge Orders FCC to Disclose Info About Fake Net Neutrality Comments;
Resetting the 5G goalposts: How the US declares victory;

Business and Economics
U.S. unemployment rate soars to 14.7 percent, the worst since the Depression era; Hispanics are almost twice as likely as whites to lose jobs amid pandemic;
As 3.2 million filed U.S. jobless claims last week, 77 percent of laid-off workers believe they'll get jobs back;
Why the unemployment rate could be 5 percentage points higher; Which states were hit hardest by job losses;
Chicago Federal Reserve President: US Economic Recovery Will Be "Slow At First"; Bank of England Predicts Worst Contraction Since 1706;
SBA slashes disaster-loan limit from $2 million to $150,000, shuts out nearly all new applicants; Small Businesses Counting on Loan Forgiveness Could Be Stuck With Debt;
U.S. Treasury plans to issue $3 trillion in debt from April through June as enormous coronavirus costs pile up;
Proposal to give $2,000 per month to Americans gains traction in Senate;
U.S. Manufacturing Activity Falls To 11-Year Low;
Historic financial decline hits doctors, dentists and hospitals - despite covid-19 - threatening overall economy;
Millions of baby boomers are getting caught in the country's broken retirement system;
Audit Finds Money for Welfare Instead Funded Concerts, Lobbyists and Football Games;
No shows, no slots, no visitors: Coronavirus devastates Las Vegas;
Solar, wind energy struggle as coronavirus takes toll; The Great Shale Shut-In Has Begun, Making Good on Trump's Pledge;
US Auto Industry Ready To Restart, Depends On Mexico; Automakers to resume production amid cautious signs of buyer demand;
A massive drop in car sales sparks new push in Congress to aid the auto industry; Rolls-Royce To Cut Up To 15% Of Employees;
US Airlines To Require Masks For Passengers; GE Aviation To Reduce Workforce By 25%; Virgin Atlantic To Cut 3,150 Jobs;
Senators Urge Trump to Avoid Hurting U.S. Chipmakers Amid Pandemic;
IRS tells parents still waiting for their $500 stimulus child benefit it won't arrive until next year;
IRS says $1,200 stimulus payments sent to dead people have to be returned;
5 Blue-Chip Stocks Cutting Dividends; How to Tell if a Dividend Is Safe;
U.S. Women's Soccer Team's Equal Pay Demands Are Dismissed by Judge;
Louisville receives notice of allegations from NCAA for Rick Pitino-era violations;
Global pandemic 100 years ago rocked sports world in SC and across America;
The Man Who Runs 365 Marathons a Year; Run 100 Miles, 100 Times, in 100 Weeks. Now in a Brooklyn Apartment;
The Healing Power of Baseball;
Other news
The last time the U.S. sought a 'warp speed' vaccine, it was a fiasco;
Michael Cohen tell-all book on Trump will be published before the election ; Arguing with Zombies review: Paul Krugman trumps the Republicans;
President erupts at George Conway for 'Mourning in America' video, about the 'deadly virus Trump ignored';
Democrats need to use Republicans' playbook to make sure Trump loses;
Why is Georgia only now seeking justice for Ahmaud Arbery? We know the terrible answers;
Tips on alleviating face masks' rashes and skin irritations; The psychology behind why some people won't wear masks;

State Funding For Higher Education Remains Below Pre-Recession Levels; Public College, University Budgets Will Likely Be Slashed In Pandemic;s Wake;
Cal State System Suffered More Than $300M In Revenue Losses, Unanticipated Expenses After Students Left Campus; Oil price crash threatens Texas university endowments;
Colleges That Survived Climate-Linked Natural Disasters Offer Real-Life Examples Of The Impact Of Shutdowns;
For Tiny Colleges, Federal Covid-19 Stimulus Is a Windfall;
Khan on Where School is Headed in the Fall;
Top Tier Universities Offering More Spots To Wait-Listed Students;
Dozen Of Study-Abroad Students Decide Not To Return Home; Coronavirus Leaves Thousands Of Prospective International College Students' Futures In Jeopardy;
Universities Failing To Talk About Protecting Faculty Should Campuses Reopen;
Online Schools Attracting Attention Of Wider Audience As Campuses Shutter;
Technical, Motivation Issues Among Most Common Challenges Undergrads Facing With Online Classes;
Half Of Part-Time Students Leave College Without Graduating;
Colleges Can Adopt Four Strategies To Help Undocumented Students;
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos releases new rules on campus sexual assault; What Colleges Need to Know About the New Title IX Rules;

TechNews for the week: May 1; April 29;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
China sent team including medical experts to advise on North Korea's Kim; Train possibly belonging to North Korean leader spotted in resort town;
Is the talk about Kim Jong Un being sick - or worse - true? Pyongyang is abuzz, too.; US senator Lindsey Graham believes Kim Jong Un 'dead or incapacitated';
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un makes first reported public appearance in three weeks, state media says;
Censorship row threatens Russia's top business newspaper; As Putin Seeks to Reinvent History, Russia-Czech Relations Hit a New Low;
US says it would recognize Israel annexation; Thousands demonstrate against Israeli coalition deal; Israel's once-mighty Labor party weighs unity with Netanyahu;
War Within War: As Saudi Prince Edges Away from Yemen, His Allies Feud;
To Pressure Iran, Pompeo Turns to the Deal Trump Renounced;
Trump Uses European Deterrence Funds to Build Border Wall;
Canada bans 'military-grade' assault weapons;
Trump Speech to Bring 1,000 West Point Cadets Back to Campus;
Trump Threatens To End Daily Coronavirus Briefings Over "Hostile Questions"; Trump cut briefing short after reporters turned away WH attempt to swap their seats;
13 hours of Trump: The president fills briefings with attacks and boasts, but little empathy;
'Hambergers' and 'Noble prizes': Trump attacks press in furious Twitter rant riddled with spelling errors;
Trump expands battle with World Health Organization far beyond aid suspension;
U.S. officials crafting retaliatory actions against China over coronavirus as President Trump fumes; Trump Officials Are Said to Press Spies to Link Virus and Wuhan Labs;
President's intelligence briefing book repeatedly cited virus threat in January and February;
U.S. surpasses 1 million coronavirus cases;
White House issues coronavirus testing guidance that puts states in charge; Jared Kushner Says, 'We Have All The Testing We Need,' Counter To Health Expert Estimates;
Trump says he is in overall charge of finding a vaccine for the virus; Trump and Kushner Engage in Revisionist History in Boasting of Success Over Virus;
As Trump puts partisan spin on state aid, Democrats and the GOP warn of financial calamity; Tensions emerge in GOP over coronavirus spending and how to rescue the economy;
Trump sends a gushing letter to stimulus check recipients, drawing rebuke from some; These lawyers say Trump's name on stimulus checks might be a crime;
White House officials weigh replacement of HHS Secretary Alex Azar;
Supreme Court dismisses major gun rights case from New York as moot, disappointing Second Amendment activists;
CDC finds 80% of hospitalized patients in Georgia were black, as governor moves to reopen state; 'For black folks, it's like a set up: Are you trying to kill us?';
Trump Administration Signals Support for Allies' Fight Against Virus Orders;
Closed Hospitals Leave Rural Patients 'Stranded' as Coronavirus Spreads;
Polls find Americans support state restrictions on businesses and halt to immigration during coronavirus outbreak;
Supreme Court Rules for Insurers in $12 Billion Obamacare Case;
Senate Banking Committee to take action on embattled Fed nominee Judy Shelton next week;
Governors rip McConnell over bankruptcy remarks; Why Mitch McConnell Wants States to Go Bankrupt; Why Mitch McConnell's State Bankruptcy Idea Is So Stupid;
Under a Democratic President, McConnell Vows a Return to Total Obstruction;
Pence staff threatens action against reporter who tweeted about visit to clinic without surgical mask;
Secret Service paid Trump's D.C. hotel more than $33,000 for lodging to guard Mnuchin;
Donald Trump set to fall back on xenophobia with re-election plan in tatters;
Why are Florida Republicans trying to keep 1.4 million citizens from voting?
Biden Steps Up Warnings of Possible Trump Disruption of Election; Biden Leads Trump in Key States. But Hillary Clinton Led by More;
Biden wins Ohio primary as Democratic incumbent fends off a left-wing challenger in 3rd district;
Biden says he'd leave US embassy in Jerusalem if elected;
Justin Amash Announces He's Running For President;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
Russia Gears Up to Interfere in 2020 Election With Coronavirus Disinformation;
On COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps; Surveillance Firms Selling Repurposed Tools to Track Virus, Quarantines;
Efforts To Use Smartphones To Improve Contact Tracing Lead To Privacy Concerns;
Managers turn to surveillance software, always-on webcams to ensure employees are (really) working from home;
Phishing Emails, Fake Bank Sites Trick Recipients of Stimulus Checks;
Trump bans acquisition of foreign power grid equipment, citing hacking threats;
Securing Internet Videoconferencing Apps: Zoom and Others;
Math and science
Coronavirus Antibody Tests: Can You Trust the Results? Mysterious blood clots are COVID-19's latest lethal surprise;
U.S. deaths soared in early weeks of pandemic, far exceeding number attributed to covid-19; In Race for a Coronavirus Vaccine, an Oxford Group Leaps Ahead;
Progress Spacecraft Docks With ISS;
Scientists discover a creature with big teeth and strange bones that roamed south of the equator 66 million years ago;
In fast-warming Minnesota, scientists are trying to plant forests of the future;
The Man Who Thought Too Fast;
Web, computing and technology issues
Social Media Sites Refuse to Remove Trump's Comments on Disinfectants; Bipartisan Bill Expands Internet Freedoms, Limits Social Media Censorship;
Facebook Restructures Security Teams, Invests in 'Automated Detection'; Appeals Court Judges Question Wiretap Act Ruling for Facebook;
U.S. Patent Office Refuses to Allow Artificial Intelligence Systems as Inventors;
ICANN Rejects Plan to Transfer Control of .org Domain Names;
How to use Skype's new, free Zoom alternative; Google Meet goes free to take on Zoom and Microsoft Teams;
SC News and Politics
Graham promises Congress won't extend $600 weekly extra for jobless;
Marine Corps will quarantine Parris Island boot camp recruits at The Citadel in Charleston; Top Marine responds after SC Confederate group angered about ban on battle flag;
South Carolina receives 1.3 million masks from China as coronavirus cases rise;

Business and Economics
The U.S. economy shrank by 4.8 percent from January through March as it saw the worst slowdown in growth since the Great Recession;
Upbeat news on a possible coronavirus treatment powers U.S. stocks Wednesday, lifting Dow more than 500 points despite sinking GDP;
Wall Street powers through waves of bad economic news to one of its best months in decades;
Dow falls more than 600 points to start May as tech, energy lead decline;
White House Senior Economic Adviser Warns Of Economic "Shock" Before Rebound Later This Year;
Mass layoffs begin in cities and states amid coronavirus fallout, threatening education, sanitation, health and safety;
Fed extends municipal lending to smaller US cities and counties;
3.8 million Americans sought jobless benefits last week, bringing total number of claims to roughly 30 million in six weeks; One In Four Say Household Member Has Lost Job;
Stymied in Seeking Benefits, Millions of Unemployed Go Uncounted; States Made It Harder to Get Jobless Benefits;
Republican-led states signal they could strip workers' unemployment benefits if they don't return to work, sparking fresh safety fears;
The Tax-Break Bonanza Inside the Economic Rescue Package; Some Companies Seeking Bailouts Had Piles of Cash, Then Spent It;
Large, Troubled Companies Got Bailout Money in Small-Business Loan Program; Over 43,000 US millionaires will get 'stimulus' averaging $1.6 million each ;
Some businesses won't return funds despite pressure from Trump administration;
$500 billion bailout plan for large companies has no requirements to preserve jobs or limit executive pay;
Bankers Rebuke S.B.A. as Loan System Crashes in Flood of Applications; Start-Ups Pursue 'Free Money' With Relief Funds, Prompting Backlash;
U.S. meat plants became covid-19 hot spots as worker illnesses spiked while companies rushed to maintain food supply;
Trump will order meat plants to stay open, even as many become coronavirus hot spots; Workers demand PPE as Trump orders meatpacking plants to stay open;
Powerful Meat Industry Holds More Sway After Trump's Order;
White House faces internal debate over 'liability shield' for firms seeking protection from coronavirus lawsuits;
Businesses Seek Sweeping Shield From Pandemic Liability Before They Reopen; Lawyers warn employers could face legal claims after lockdown eases;
Nursing home industry pushes for legal immunity during COVID-19 emergency;
F.T.C. Warns 10 Companies About Virus-Related Health and Business Claims;
Fact Check: Trump's claim the Postal Service loses money on every e-commerce package it delivers;
Turns out Carnival Cruise Line got a backdoor multibillion-dollar bailout from the federal reserve; Carnival gets a bail out while the USPS gets the middle finger from Trump;
As Workers Fall Ill, U.S. Presses Mexico to Keep American-Owned Plants Open;
US crude prices tumble as world's largest oil ETF backs out;
Biggest Mall Operator in U.S. Plans to Reopen 49 of Them;
Ford Recalling Some Workers To Prepare For Factory Reopenings; Ford Postpones Launch Of Autonomous Vehicle Service Until 2022;
Boeing backs out of merger with Embraer; Embraer Begins Arbitration Process Against Boeing After Proposed Deal Falls Through;
Boeing Declines Government Funding After Raising $25B In Bond Deal; Boeing To Cut 10 Percent Of Workforce As Air Travel Downturn Expected To Continue;
Airlines Have Received $12 Billion In Federal Aid As DOT Allows Route Exemptions;
Dividends: A Big, Once-Reliable Source of Investor Cash Is Drying Up;
How The Unemployment Rate Affects Everybody;
N.C.A.A. Outlines Plan to Let Athletes Make Endorsement Deals; NBA season in jeopardy of being canceled; Nascar starts engines, expects resumption May 17;
High School Sports Pushed Out of Bounds by the Pandemic;
New York AG presses pay TV for refunds in sports shutdown;
A gym owner's plight in the midst of coronavirus: 'How we return to real life is the next challenge';
Other news
How Past Plagues & Pandemics Have Shaped Human History;
How cruise ships exposed thousands on board and helped spread virus globally ;
New York Daily News Hits Donald Trump With A Caustic New Nickname;
Furious Trump Strikes Wildly At Fox News And Other Media, Insists Reporters Return 'Noble' Prizes;
Freed of briefing duty, wounded Trump airs full collection of grievances on Twitter, retweeting claim of 'coup attempts';
Trump has played the media like a puppet. We're getting better — but history will not judge us kindly;
Ex-'Hardball' host Chris Matthews admits to 'inappropriate' behavior at MSNBC ;

Updated List of Colleges' Plans for Reopening in the Fall; Coronavirus-Related Financial Troubles May Force Some Colleges To Shutdown Permanently, Expert Says;
Pandemic's Impact On Enrollment Could Be Financially Devastating For Colleges; Universities Grappling With Pricing Pressure As Pandemic-Prompted Shutdown Continues;
Amid Pandemic, Officials In Pennsylvania Still Considering Fate Of State-Owned Universities;
Universities Primarily Serving Minority Students May Fare Worse Than Others In Receiving Aid From CARES Act;
University Presidents Concerned About Disproportionate Impact Of Pandemic On Low-Income, Underrepresented Students;
Pandemic Forcing Students To Rethink Their College Plans; Some 28M Americans Cancel Their Education Plans Due To Coronavirus Pandemic;
Low-Income Students Need Connections to Get to College. Covid-19 Is Fraying Them; Enrollment In Higher Education Institutions Increasing Among Latinx Students;
Harvard Intends To Open For Fall Semester; University Of North Carolina System Expects To Reopen All 17 Campuses This Fall;
Some Professors Rethinking Their Approach To Finals;
Prominent Scholars Threaten to Boycott Colleges That Don't Support Contingent Faculty During Pandemic;
Despite Trump's Nudging, Schools Are Likely to Stay Shut for Months;
Analysis: Cotton's Suggestion That Chinese STEM Students Return Home After Studying In The US Based On Weak Data;