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TechNews for the week: April 30; April 28; April 26;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
After a Jewish supremacist mob chanted 'death to the Arabs' in a night of violence in Jerusalem, Palestinian militants in Gaza bombarded Israel with rockets;
Injuries, arrests as Jewish hardliners hold Ramadan march in Jerusalem; Palestinians cheer as Israeli barriers come down after Jerusalem Ramadan clashes;
Egyptian officials: Palestinians plan to call off elections; Hamas rejects idea of postponing Palestinian elections;
Abbas delays Palestinian elections; Hamas decries move as 'coup'; Israel is not prepared for the Palestinian elections;
Global rights group accuses Israel of apartheid, persecution; Israel to deport dozens of African Hebrews;
Netanyahu ignores law to appoint loyalist justice minister: "Brink of anarchy; Netanyahu blinks, finally makes Gantz justice minister;
U.S. and Israel seek to "fence off" Iran deal dispute from other issues;
Iran's Foreign Minister, in Leaked Tape, Says Revolutionary Guards Set Policies; Shakeup in Iran's presidential office after leaked FM tape;
Why Mohammed bin Salman Suddenly Wants to Talk to Iran;
Turkey's genocide blackmail: Threats to work closer with Iran and Russia;
U.K. Far Right, Lifted by Trump, Now Turns to Russia; Terrorism Fears Feed the Rise of France's Extreme Right;
Navalny's Novichok poisoning was Putin sending the world a message; With Navalny in Prison, Russia Turns to Thwarting His Movement;
Moscow is annoyed Eastern European governments no longer turn a blind eye to assassinations by 'Unit 29155';
Moscow decries 'unfriendly actions' as U.S. ends visa services for most Russians;
A Graying China May Have to Put Off Retirement. Workers Aren't Happy;
Terrorist Group Steps Into Venezuela as Lawlessness Grows;
Split-Second Decisions: How a Supreme Court Case Shaped Modern Policing; Supreme Court to Rule on Whether C.I.A. Black Sites Are State Secrets ;
A cheerleader's Snapchat rant leads to 'momentous' Supreme Court case on student speech;
Supreme Court rebuffs GOP bid to revive Trump's 'public charge' rule; Supreme Court to hear major new gun-control case next term on carrying weapons outside the home;
An unusual coalition as Supreme Court rules for immigrant;
Preliminary April data shows Border crossings leveling off but remain near 20-year high; Biden administration's original cap of about 62,500 refugees is still on table;
Census numbers expected to shift House power to the South, West; Three takeaways from the new census data;
Lower-than-expected state population totals stoke concerns about the 2020 Census;
Real ID requirement for air travel delayed amid pandemic-related lag at motor vehicle branches;
White House proposes $1.8 trillion package that would dramatically expand education, safety net programs;
Biden administration expected to announce plan to ban menthol cigarettes;
Senator Manchin Discussing Scaled-Down Infrastructure Package With Republicans;
Biden offers sweeping agenda, touts democracy in speech to Congress; 4 takeaways from Biden's first address to Congress;
Biden, Calling for Big Government, Bets on a Nation Tested by Crisis; Top 5 takeaways from Biden's American Families Plan;
Nicolle Wallace Rips Tim Scott's Rebuttal: 'From A Planet Where Facts Don't Matter';
Kansas Gov. Kelly vetoes GOP election bills, says they’re 'designed to disenfranchise'; Republicans Target Voter Access in Texas Cities, but Not Rural Areas;
Florida legislature approves voting bill that curbs mail voting and use of drop boxes; U.S. Postal Service to consolidate 18 facilities, leading to concerns over mail delays;
Troy Carter wins House special election in Louisiana; A recall of California Gov. Gavin Newsom takes a big step forward;
Liz Cheney says McConnell, McCarthy are heads of GOP; GOP worries fiscal conservatism losing its rallying cry;
Fresh off election falsehoods, Republicans serve up a whopper about Biden;
A New York Post story about Kamala Harris triggered conservative outrage. Almost all of it was wrong. Now the reporter has resigned;
Police and politicians undermine citizens' efforts to rein in officer misconduct;
Maryland officials to launch review of cases handled by ex-chief medical examiner who testified in Chauvin's defense;
In N.Y.C. Jail System, Guards Often Lie About Excessive Force;
'Watch the show, folks': Va. trooper no longer employed after playing to camera in violent stop of Black driver;
Officials Say Deputy Shoots Unarmed Man Repeatedly During 911 Call; Sheriff's deputy boasted to extremists about beating Black man, called it ‘sweet stress relief';
Trump news and investigation
The Trump Organization's longtime CFO reportedly said he keeps his distance from the 'legal side' of its financial matters;
Half a Year After Trump's Defeat, Arizona Republicans Are Recounting the Vote; As Trump seizes on Ariz. audit, officials fear more partisan vote counts;
Federal investigators execute search warrant at Rudolph Giuliani's Manhattan home; Firing of U.S. Ambassador Is at Center of Giuliani Investigation;
FBI warned Rudolph W. Giuliani, Sen. Ron Johnson about Russian disinformation campaign targeting Biden ahead of election;
Judge: Kushner's apartment company violated consumer laws;
Capital Riot and fallout
A Texas couple who deleted Facebook posts bragging about being at the Capitol riot was arrested for assaulting police officers;
Trump supporter argues alleged death threats against leading Democrats were fueled by pandemic boredom;
A Capitol invader left a note calling Nancy Pelosi a b-word. His attempt to walk it back has been ... really something;
Trump supporter found guilty of threatening to kill members of Congress after Jan. 6 insurrection;
U.S. to restrict travel from India because of spiking coronavirus caseloads and multiple variants circulating in the country;
Federal agencies lift pause on use of Johnson & Johnson vaccine, saying benefits outweigh risks; Concerns over the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine are widespread;
People seeking coronavirus vaccine appear eager to receive Johnson & Johnson;
CEO of vaccine maker sold $10 million in stock before company ruined Johnson & Johnson doses;
Millions Are Skipping Their Second Doses of Covid Vaccines; 'Excess Deaths' in 2020 Surpassed Those of 1918 Flu Pandemic;
New Research Suggests No Difference Between 60 Feet And 6 Feet For Contracting COVID-19 Indoors;
CDC says fully vaccinated Americans can go without masks outdoors except in crowded settings;
EU in talks with US over pass scheme for vaccinated travellers;
As pandemic surges anew, global envy and anger over U.S. vaccine abundance;
Venezuela gets 80,000 more Sputnik V vaccine doses as COVID-19 cases surge;
U.S. to share up to 60 million doses of AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine with other countries;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
What we know about an obscure Florida company controlling a wide swath of Internet owned for decades by the U.S. military;
U.S. Government Investigates Hack Against Federal Agencies Using VPN; U.S. Response to SolarWinds Hack Unlikely to Deter Russia;
Apple's AirDrop Vulnerable to Hacking Attempts; Serious MacOS Vulnerability Patched;
Ransomware Gang Threatens to Leak Sensitive Files from D.C. Police Department;
Identifying People Through Lack of Cell Phone Use;
When AIs Start Hacking;
Math and science
Warp drives: Physicists give chances of faster–than–light space travel a boost;
Putin Approves Plans For Russia To Build Its Own Space Station;
FCC Approves SpaceX To Operate Satellites In Lower Orbit;
2020 Census shows U.S. population grew at the second slowest pace in history;
Study: Swift action to cut methane emissions could slow Earth’s warming by 30 percent;
The Math That Explains the End of the Pandemic;
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
Report: Amazon's Algorithms Promote Conspiracy Theories to Some Users;
China's Internet Watchdog Releases New Rules to Regulate Live Streaming; China Imposes Tighter Data Regulation on Large Tech Companies;
Apple Rolls Out iPhone Update That Cracks Down on Location-Tracking;
SC News and Politics
The Citadel plans to allow cadets to use smokeless tobacco on campus next school year;
Graham to vote with Democrats to reverse Trump methane rule;
Tim Scott's comments on race ignite a fiery debate;

Business and Economics
U.S. economic recovery picked up speed during the first three months of the year, with GDP growth hitting 1.6 percent; US GDP Grew By 6.4% In First Quarter;
Jobless claims hit new pandemic low for third straight week, as labor market picks up; US Sees Positive Manufacturing Data;
White House's new $1.8 trillion 'families plan' reflects ambitions — and limits — of Biden presidency;
What's in Biden's $1.8 trillion American Families Plan; Democrats break with White House to push Medicare expansion;
White House says Biden's capital gains tax hike would only affect the top 0.3%; Biden Stimulus Cut Taxes For Low, Middle-Income Americans This Year;
Surging U.S. crop prices reverse fortunes in rural Iowa;
Euro zone economy slips into another recession as Covid lockdowns bite;
Saudi Arabia in talks to sell 1% of Aramco to foreign energy firm, says crown prince;
Apple plans North Carolina campus and 20,000 new jobs across the US;
Biden Will Have To Achieve Emissions Goal Through Means Other Than Gas-fueled Car Replacement;
Ford To Open Battery-Development Facility In Michigan; GM To Investment $1 Billion In Mexico EV Facility;
Increasing Number Of New Cars Coming Loaded With Driver Assist Options;
Newly appointed SEC enforcement chief resigns unexpectedly;
Other news
The Armenian massacre: This is what happened in 1915;
The Forgotten Precedent for Our 'Unprecedented' Political Insanity;
How Extremists Weaponize Irony to Spread Hate; From memes to race war: How extremists use popular culture to lure recruits;

Undergraduate Enrollment Sees Largest Drop Since Beginning Of Pandemic; Pennsylvania State System Readies Vote To Consolidate Six Universities Into Two;
At Least 1,400 Four-Year Colleges Will Not Require SAT, ACT Next Year; Three High School Alternatives To AP, IB Courses Discussed;
Provosts Confident In Academic Quality Of Institutions, Despite Pandemic Changes; Artificial Intelligence Is Infiltrating Higher Education With Admissions, Grading;
College Administrators Receive Low Salary Increase Amid Pandemic;
Higher Education Infrastructure's Inclusion In Biden's American Jobs Plan;
Universities Suing Insurers For Not Covering COVID-19 Losses;
More Than 100 Colleges To Require Vaccinations To Attend In-Person Classes In Fall; ACHA: Colleges Should Require COVID-19 Vaccines This Fall;
What Northam's Black VMI schoolmates endured 40 years ago: 'We don't want you here';

TechNews for the week: April 23; April 21; April 19;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Iran identifies suspect behind blast at Natanz nuclear site; Iran Rattled as Israel Repeatedly Strikes Key Targets;
After nuclear talks, Iran's president says deal could be reached soon; U.S. provides Iran with examples of sanctions it will and will not lift;
Behind the scenes: U.S.-Israel tensions build as Iran talks progress; Israeli officials will object to restoration of Iran deal in D.C. visit;
Detention of Jerusalem candidates threatens Palestinian poll; Jerusalem dispute could derail Palestinian vote;
Ramadan prayers held at Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa, with Israeli restrictions; Gaza gravediggers and medics stretched as COVID spikes during Ramadan;
Hundreds of Jewish supremacists chant 'Death to Arabs' as tensions boil over in Jerusalem clashes; Shooting revives criticism of Israel's use of deadly force;
Netanyahu tries to change election rules as mandate slips away; Israel's Netanyahu backs bill for direct election for PM;
In blow to Netanyahu, Arab MKs help anti-Bibi bloc win control of Knesset; Netanyahu threatens defamation suit against predecessor;
Israel and Greece sign record defence deal; Sudan repeals Israel boycott law amid normalization efforts;
Israel intensifying air war in Syria against Iranian encroachment;
In Russia, a Military Buildup That Can't Be Missed; Pentagon says Steady increase in Russian troops in Crimea on Ukraine border;
Putin warns of 'quick and tough' Russian response for foes; orders troops to withdraw from Ukraine border after buildup that alarmed West;
Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny moved to prison hospital amid concerns about failing health;
Russia Expels 20 Czech Diplomats as Tensions Escalate; Russia's surveillance state still doesn't match China. But Putin is racing to catch up;
Biden's climate summit offers rare 'breathing space' with Putin amid growing rifts;
After Trump 'Failed,' South Korean Leader Hopes Biden Can Salvage Nuclear Deal;
After troops leave Afghanistan, U.S. will face challenges maintaining counterterrorism capability;
Raúl Castro to Step Down as Head of Cuba's Communist Party;
In break with predecessors, Biden expected to recognize Armenian genocide;
Supreme Court rejects lingering 2020 election challenge case; Supreme Court Rejects Limits on Life Terms for Youths;
Unaccompanied migrant children spend weeks in government custody, even when their U.S.-based parents are eager to claim them;
Trump's NSA general counsel Michael Ellis resigns, never having taken office;
White House removes scientist picked by Trump official to lead key climate report;
Inspector general's report finds Trump administration's bureaucratic obstacles delayed relief to Puerto Rico after 2017 hurricanes;
Biden calls for confronting systemic racism after Chauvin convicted of murder in Floyd's death; Garland announces Justice Dept. probe into Minneapolis Police Department;
Defense expert in Derek Chauvin trial faces Maryland lawsuit;
As New Police Reform Laws Sweep Across the U.S., Some Ask: Are They Enough? Merrick Garland rolls back Trump-era restrictions on forcing local police reforms;
Most Americans support greater scrutiny of police as discrimination concerns persist; Why Police Can Stop Motorists With Air Fresheners Hanging in Their Cars;
Bill to combat hate crimes against Asian Americans passes Senate with bipartisan support;
G.O.P. Bills Target Protesters (and Absolve Motorists Who Hit Them);
House Democrats pass D.C. statehood — launching bill into uncharted territory;
On infrastructure, lofty ideas are colliding with congressional reality;
Georgia Faith Leaders Urge Boycott of Home Depot Over Voting Law;
Fund-Raising Surged for Republicans Who Sought to Overturn the Election; Dozen Megadonors Gave $3.4 Billion, One in Every 13 Dollars, Since 2009;
Records: Superintendent lied to jury investigating massacre;
Citing Brownback budget cuts, Kansas Gov. Kelly vetoes GOP Legislature's tax proposal; Kansas governor vetoes ban for transgender school athletes;
GOP Rep. Steve Stivers resigns to run Ohio commerce chamber;
Ted Cruz maintains ties to right-wing group despite its extremist messaging;
Trump news and investigation
Trump's shadow looms over Biden's presidency and a divided nation; One America News Network Stays True to Trump;
RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel comes under pressure to show more independence from Trump;
Roger Stone owes nearly $2 million in unpaid taxes and fees, Justice Dept. alleges in lawsuit;
Documents show DHS watchdog declined to pursue investigations into Secret Service during Trump administration;
$1T Class Action Lawsuit Alleges Trump Caused COVID Deaths;
People are climbing over Trump's $15 billion border wall with $5 ladders;
Capital Riot and fallout
Evidence in Trump supporter's trial suggests he espoused Nazi ideals; Judge jails two Proud Boys leaders pending trial tied to Jan. 6 Capitol riot;
Alex Jones' Podcasting Hecklers Face Their Foil's Downward Slide;
New Covid variant detected at Texas A&M lab shows signs of antibody resistance and more severe illness in young people;
How long will the coronavirus vaccines protect you? Experts weigh in; Reinfection is possible but rare, data from 63 million medical records shows;
Is herd immunity to COVID-19 possible? Experts increasingly say no; Slowed and sidelined, some athletes struggle to return from 'long haul' covid;
Least Vaccinated U.S. Counties Have Something in Common: Trump Voters;
AstraZeneca is the 'workhorse' for vaccinating the world. Now, the world is uneasy over clot risks;
The race to untangle the secrets of rare, severe blood clots after Johnson & Johnson vaccination;
Israel, Britain mull 'green travel corridor' after vaccine success;
State Department to designate most countries with 'Do Not Travel' advisory;
Johnson & Johnson suffers another setback as FDA tells Md. vaccine maker to suspend production;
The Trump admin awarded a firm $1.3 billion to make Covid vaccine syringes. It made none;
All about your coronavirus vaccine card (and what to do if you lose it);

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
On North Korea's Cyberattack Capabilities; Chinese hackers compromise dozens of government agencies, defense contractors;
The FBI removed hacker backdoors from vulnerable Microsoft Exchange servers. Not everyone likes the idea;
Apple Targeted in $50 Million Ransomware Attack as Leaked Images Posted; University Of Colorado Refused To Pay $17M In Ransom;
Geico Says Security Bug Allowed Access to Driver's License Information;
You have the right to film police. Here's how to do it effectively — and safely;
Math and science
NASA flies a helicopter on Mars, the first time an aircraft has flown on another planet; Ingenuity Makes Second Flight On Mars;
Arecibo Researchers Look To China's FAST Radio Telescope After Arecibo's Collapse;
Honeybees Use Scent Maps to Keep Track of Their Queen;
One of the World's Oldest Science Experiments Comes Up From the Dirt;
Student Uses Beets To Make Healing From Surgery Safer, More Equitable;
In the tombs of Saqqara, new discoveries are rewriting ancient Egypt's history;
Archaeologists say Harriet Tubman's lost Maryland home found;
U Michigan Researchers Develop Unhackable Computer Chip;
EPA watchdog finds Trump administration sidelined experts in writing car pollution rules;
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
Facebook's Content Oversight Board Delays Decision on Trump's Removal;
Internal Facebook Report Says Company Failed to Shut 'Stop the Steal'; On, Trump Supporters Debated Violence at Capitol;
Facebook Plans to Limit Posts with Misinformation About Chauvin Trial; Human Rights Group Says Fake Claims About George Floyd Still on Facebook;
Lawmakers Discuss Changes to Section 230 at Committee Hearing;
Seven House Republicans to Refuse Donations from Major Tech Companies;
SC News and Politics
Tim Scott often talks about his grandfather and cotton. There's more to that tale;

Business and Economics
Initial Jobless Claims Fall To Lowest Level Since Pandemic Began; Existing home sales suffer second straight monthly decline as tight supply pushes prices higher;
Corporate Tax Rate Increase Expected To Land At 25%; Biden Will Seek Tax Increase on Rich to Fund Child Care and Education;
Biden wants to crack down on corporate tax loopholes, resuming a battle his predecessors lost;
Senate Republicans take step to revive debt ceiling brawls with White House; GOP Senators Unveil $568B Counteroffer To Biden's Infrastructure Plan;
Business Owners Struggling To Fill Open Jobs; Mall department stores were struggling. The pandemic has pushed them to the edge of extinction;
Even as supply lines strain, Biden is in no rush to scrap Trump's steel tariffs;
U.S. appeals court denies Dakota Access rehearing request, environmental review to continue; Dakota Access argues pipeline closure would cause "economic shock";
Biden Calls For Boost In EV Production As Governors Urge Phase Out Of Gas-Powered Vehicles;
Proliferation Of Electric Cars Threatens To "Wipe Out" Traditional Auto Dealers;
Lithium Demand Can Be Remedied By Producing "Super-Boring" EVs; Comparing Costs Between Tesla, Gas Cars;
An Increase In Plane Retirements Leads To More Modern Fleet;
Farmers Turn To Robots, AI;
NCAA's transfer changes are good for athletes and challenging for coaches. Seems fair; Why won't NCAA change the two rules that are making college basketball unwatchable?
A start-up basketball league, hoping to compete with the NCAA, announces TV deal;
Regular Exercise May Help Protect Against Severe Covid;
Other news
George W. Bush: Immigration is a defining asset of the United States. Here's how to restore confidence in our system;
A photo of a dead Kent State protester immediately became iconic. But what happened to the 14-year-old girl kneeling next to him?;

Flagship Universities See Decline In Black Enrollment; Number Of Hispanic-Serving Institutions Continues To Grow;
Elite Universities Admitting Higher Number Of Underrepresented Students This Year; Underserved Students Thrive In College, But Disparities In Access Persist;
List of 42 Colleges That Will Require Students to Be Vaccinated Against Covid-19; Legality Of Colleges Mandating COVID-19 Vaccination Discussed;
GAO Report Shows Colleges Claimed 90% Of Student Relief Grant Money;
Asian American Student Activists Call For Changes On Campuses; How Climate Change Is Reshaping College Education Internationally;
Students, Faculty Fight To Save Howard University's Classics Department;
Experts Discuss How To Weave Real-World Phenomena Into Science Lessons;
Florida Lawmakers Likely To Pass Bill Allowing Students To Record Classes;
West Point To End Second Chance Program In Response To Cheating Scandal;

TechNews for the week: April 16; April 14; April 12;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Iraq's anti-American militias aren't just Iranian proxies. That helps explain their troubles;
Blackout Hits Iran Nuclear Site in What Appears to Be Israeli Sabotage; Iran calls Natanz atomic site blackout 'nuclear terrorism';
U.S. prepares for further talks with Iran as Tehran blames Israel for attack on nuclear facility; Iranian nuclear facility Attack complicates Biden's diplomatic outreach to Tehran;
Iran plans major jump in uranium enrichment after Natanz site attack;
Russia accuses EU of jeopardising Iran nuclear deal talks;
Israel plays spoiler in Biden's Iran gambit; Netanyahu says he won't allow Iran to have nuclear arms; Israeli army: Rocket from Gaza hits south Israel;
Israel agrees to send more water to Jordan after push from Biden; Ramadan decorations up in Jerusalem as Palestinians prepare for Muslim holy month;
Trump's Mideast success — and failure; Trump-era spike of Israel settlement growth has only begun;
Israel's election: Netanyahu seeks deal with rival Naftali Bennett;
Jordan's king is his own worst enemy;
Afghan President in 'Desperate Situation' as His Power Is Undermined;
Biden will withdraw all U.S. forces from Afghanistan by Sept. 11, 2021; NATO mulls plan to pull troops out of Afghanistan after US announcement;
For Afghanistan veterans, old feelings of frustration and loss surface as the U.S. prepares to end its longest war;
Blinken, NATO chief discuss 'immediate need' for Russia to cease 'aggressive' military buildup; U.S. Signals Support for Ukraine and Will Add Troops in Germany;
Biden administration imposes significant economic sanctions on Russia over cyberspying, efforts to influence presidential election;
Russia to expel 10 U.S. diplomats in response to Biden administration sanctions;
Polish court rules human rights ombudsman must leave office at term end;
Millionaire businessman Guillermo Lasso elected Ecuador President;
Young Migrants Crowd Shelters, Posing Test for Biden; Mexico's new migrant policy adds to Biden's border woes;
Biden administration to keep refugee cap at Trump's level, far less than what it proposed to Congress;
Biden picks Tucson police chief to run U.S. Customs and Border Protection;
Domestic terror incidents have hit new highs, led by white supremacists, anti-government groups and others on far right;
Democrats signal limited patience for GOP opposition to Biden infrastructure package;
House committee approves D.C. statehood, setting up likely passage in the full chamber;
Supreme Court strikes another pandemic-related restriction on religious services; A Surprising Opinion From Justice Thomas May Signal an Ominous Shift on Free Speech;
Biden administration asks Supreme Court not to hear challenge to all-male military draft;
Maryland enacts landmark police overhaul, first state to repeal police bill of rights;
Judge rules for Black Buffalo police officer fired for stopping colleague's chokehold;
More than a hundred corporate executives hold call to discuss halting donations and investments to fight controversial voting bills;
How the corporate backlash to Georgia's new voting law is shaping other fights around the country over access to the polls;
How a Very Weird Quirk Might Let Michigan Republicans Limit Voting Rights;
Why your state might lose or gain clout in Congress after the census is released;
KS lawmakers neglect schools, health care to focus on trans athletes, license plates;
Kansas GOP leader Suellentrop ousted after threatening officer in DUI arrest;
Georgia governor gets GOP primary challenge from former Dem;
Trump news and investigation
Trump spent several minutes insulting 'dumb son of a b---h' Mitch McConnell during a rambling speech to GOP donors at Mar-a-Lago;
Trump slashes at McConnell as he reiterates election falsehoods at Republican event;
Trump tells Republican donors he'll help win Congress in 2022; Ohio Senate candidate Josh Mandel escorted out of RNC retreat;
Pro-Trump prophet goes on wild rant, says the modern church is 'almost homosexual';
Many GOP officials still privately hope prosecutors, some other outside force will make Trump go away;
Trump executive's son was given sizable salary, generous perks, documents show;
Biden Administration Says Russian Intelligence Obtained Trump Campaign Data;
Capital Riot and fallout
Gallows or guillotines? The chilling debate on before the Capitol siege; Feds say Boogaloo' extremists destroyed evidence in probe of officer's murder;
Founding member of Oath Keepers enters first guilty plea in Jan. 6 Capitol breach; Justice Dept. says Armed 'quick reaction force' was waiting for order to storm Capitol;
Report Capitol Police Told to Hold Back on Riot Response on Jan. 6; D.C. police requested backup at least 17 times in 78 minutes during Capitol riot;
Data about the Capitol rioters serves another blow to the White, working-class Trump-supporter narrative;
California police fire officer who was a Proud Boy, saying they have no tolerance for 'hate groups';
FDA, CDC call for pause in use of Johnson & Johnson vaccine after 'extremely rare' cases of rare blood clots;
Plunging Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Supply Dents State Inoculation Efforts; The risk-reward calculus of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, visualized;
Spring wave of coronavirus crashes across 38 states as hospitalizations increase; Michigan's Virus Cases Are Out of Control, Putting Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in a Bind;
U.S. could have 300 million extra vaccine doses by end of July, raising concerns about hoarding;
Pfizer chief says people will probably require yearly Covid booster shot; Why Women report more side effects from the COVID-19 vaccine than men;
Parents are hesitant to have their children vaccinated against COVID-19; Kids can get long-haul COVID, too. Recovery can take months;
Rise of Variants in Europe Shows How Dangerous the Virus Can Be;
Israeli study says South African variant may evade protection from Pfizer vaccine;
Top health official says Effectiveness of Chinese vaccines 'not high' and needs improvement;
CDC Study Shows Open Middle Seats Could Reduce COVID Exposure On Airplanes;
How the coronavirus origin story is being rewritten by a guerrilla Twitter group;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
April Crypto-Gram Newsletter, current hacking, scams, malware and more; Biden's Budget Request Includes $1.3 Billion in Cybersecurity Funds;
Director of National Intelligence Warns of Cyber Threats from China, Russia; DNI's Annual Threat Assessment;
NSA Discloses Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange; FBI remotely accessed Microsoft Exchange servers to remove backdoor for hackers;
Math and science
The U.S.' Lost, Ancient Megacity; The rice of the sea: how a tiny grain could change the way humanity eats;
Ohio State Research Suggests Dust May Hold Clues For To Better Predict COVID Outbreaks;
MIT Researchers Say AWS Attempt To "Discredit" Study About Facial Analysis Employed "Misogynoir" Tactics;
First multi-node quantum network paves the way for the quantum internet;
SpaceX wins contract to develop spacecraft to land astronauts on the moon;
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
Facebook Oversight Board Allows Appeals Over Decisions Not to Remove Posts;
The FBI wanted to unlock the San Bernardino shooter's iPhone. It turned to a little-known Australian firm;
YouTube Bans Ex-Trump Aide for Violating 'Presidential Election Integrity Policy';
Russia's Federal Antimonopoly Service Takes Action Against Yandex;
Judge in Google Antitrust Lawsuit Puts Limits on Confidential Information;
FCC Releases App to Test Internet Speeds to Improve Coverage Information;
Mozilla to start disabling FTP next week with removal set for Firefox 90;
SC News and Politics
Soldier arrested after shoving Black man, saying he's 'in the wrong neighborhood' in viral video;

Business and Economics
The U.S. government budget deficit for fiscal 2021 has crossed $1.7 trillion in the first half, up from $743 billion during the same period in fiscal 2020;
U.S. government spent $660 billion more in March than it collected in revenue, the third-largest monthly deficit on record;
Consumer Prices Rose In March At Fastest Pace In Nine Years; Jobless Clams Fall To Lowest Level Since Pandemic Began;
$39B In Infrastructure Investments Needed For EV Revolution;
Federal Reserve Chairman: US Economy Is At An "Inflection Point"; Says Surge In COVID Cases Poses Biggest Risk To Strong Economy This Year;
US stops short of labelling Taiwan a currency manipulator;
Economists Increase Growth Forecast For 2021 To 6.4%;
Off the grid: A flood of federal aid often fails to reach America's poorest families;
Oil holds near $67, heads for weekly gain on demand hopes; Texas oil pipelines face dry months as production languishes;
The fight over who will pay for Texas blackouts gears up;
Global Semiconductor Shortage Sends Shockwaves Through Broader Economy; Biden tells execs US needs to invest, lead in computer chips;
Semiconductor Chip Manufacturing Challenge Revolves Around Complex Supply Chain; US Concerned Over Supply Chains For "Critical Minerals," Lack Of Domestic Production;
Chinese economy grows by a record 18.3% in the first quarter; China Fines Alibaba $2.8 Billion in Landmark Antitrust Case;
Egypt seizes the Ever Given, saying its owners owe nearly $1 billion for Suez Canal traffic jam;
More Than 300 Businesses, Investors Urge Biden To Set "Ambitious" Climate Goal; When Clean Energy Is Powered by Dirty Labor;
More than 100 corporate executives hold call to discuss halting donations and investments to fight controversial voting bills;
GM Introduces A New Cloud-Based Mapping Service; GM To Restart Production At Tennessee Plant One Week Early Over Chip Supply Improvements;
BMW Planning Virtual Factory With AI To Improve Its Assembly Lines; Ford To Release Level 2 Hands-Free Driving In Some Models Later This Year;
Survey: 39% of Americans Say Netflix Has Best Original Content of All Streaming Services;
CEO at troubled vaccine plant received 51 percent compensation boost in 2020;
Inside the Fight for the Future of The Wall Street Journal;
In the minors, a major change as the Atlantic League plans to move the mound back a foot;
Other news
Understanding China's Rise As A Global Power;
How White fears of 'Negro domination' kept D.C. disenfranchised for decades;
Quitting QAnon: why it is so difficult to abandon a conspiracy theory;

AAUP Survey Spells Bad News for Faculty Wages Amid Pandemic; Full-Time Faculty Wages Fall For First Time Since 2011-12;
Poll: Nearly Half Of Parents Are Rethinking Value Of Four-Year Colleges; Students Discuss Why They Are Not Attending California's Community Colleges;
Colleges Get Creative In Attempt To Bring Students Back To Community Colleges; Acceptance Rates At Elite Colleges Reach Record Low;
Colleges Are Producing Fewer Black Graduates In STEM; Black Americans Need Student Loan Debt Forgiveness;
Survey: Most Incoming College Students Want In-Person Instruction; Analysis Shows Project-Based Learning Help Low-Income Students Do Better In AP Classes;
More Colleges Say Students Will Be Required To Have COVID Vaccines For Fall; Colleges Divided Over Requiring Student Vaccinations;
Only 49% Of Colleges Are Testing Asymptomatic Students; Colleges Juggle Ethics, Enrollment Decreases As They Mandate COVID Vaccinations;
Colleges Hope Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Pause Will Be Lifted Soon So They Can Resume Vaccinations;
Pennsylvania Governor: All Students At Pennsylvania Colleges Should Get COVID Vaccines By End Of Spring Semester;
VMI selects first Black superintendent as racial climate comes under scrutiny;
Zoom Announces Policy Change Over Control Of Virtual Events After Facing Pressure From Colleges;
Montana Governor Signs Bills Defending Campus Free Speech;
Liberty sues Jerry Falwell Jr., seeking millions in damages;

TechNews for the week: April 9; April 7; April 5;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Nearly 20 arrested in alleged plot against Jordan's King Abdullah II; Jordan accuses former crown prince and high-ranking officials of 'promoting sedition,' with foreign backing;
What to know about Jordan, the U.S. ally that faced an alleged coup attempt; Jordan Arrests High-Profile Figures, and Ex-Crown Prince Cries Foul;
Rift in Jordan's Royal Leadership Is Soothed, Palace Says; Divided Kingdom: Jordan Shaken by Split Between King and Ex-Crown Prince;
U.S. and Iran set to begin indirect talks on reviving nuclear deal in Vienna; Iranian vessel was struck by explosion in Red Sea as nuclear talks began, Iran says;
Iranian ship attacked in the Red Sea; Iran frees South Korean ship as more nuclear talks planned in Vienna;
Israel's Netanyahu appears in court on corruption charges as his party vies for a chance to stay in power;
Israeli president picks Netanyahu to try to form government; Israel's election: Ideological foes weigh pact to oust Netanyahu;
Israeli strikes near capital Damascus wound 4 troops; Ex-Walla CEO: We nicknamed Netanyahu Kim Jong Un;
Russia's military buildup near the border of Ukraine is now the largest it's been since 2014; EU pledges 'unwavering' support for Ukraine amid Russian troop build-up;
China builds advanced weapons systems using American chip technology;
Maoist Insurgents Kill 23 Indian Forces in Ambush;
Biden Backs Taiwan, but Some Call for a Clearer Warning to China;
In Bid to Boost Its Profile, ISIS Turns to Africa's Militants;
Military Closes Failing Facility at Guantánamo Bay to Consolidate Prisoners;
Prince Philip, royal consort to Queen Elizabeth II, dies at 99;
Biden to nominate gun-control advocate to head Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives;
Biden calls gun violence in the U.S. an 'epidemic' and 'embarrassment' as he announces executive orders to tighten restrictions;
Biden seeks huge funding increases for education, health care and environmental protection in first budget request to Congress;
Biden administration spending $60 million per week to shelter unaccompanied minors;
Biden embraces a bold agenda, leaving behind the 'third way' of centrist politics;
Biden unveils commission to study possible expansion of Supreme Court;
Manchin says there is 'no circumstance' where he would vote to get rid of or 'weaken' the filibuster in blow to Biden agenda;
Asian American Students Fear For Elders After Large Number Of Racist Attacks; Woman verbally attacks several Asians - and one turns out to be an undercover cop;
Arkansas legislators pass ban on transgender medical treatments for youths, overriding governor's veto;
Inside a stealth 'persuasion machine' promising Republican victories in 2022; Time back home with voters only emboldens Republicans to oppose Biden's agenda;
Republicans ramp up attacks on corporations over Georgia voting law, threaten 'consequences';
The Georgia Voting Fight; What Georgia's Voting Law Really Does; Her Ballot Didn't Count. She Faces 5 Years in Prison for Casting It;
Video shows Texas GOP official seeking 'army' of volunteers to monitor polls in mostly Black and Hispanic Houston precincts;
McConnell says companies should stay out of politics — unless they're donating money; Yet Again, Mitch McConnell Digs In Against Campaign Law Changes;
Georgia's GOP lieutenant governor says Rudy Giuliani's false voter fraud claims triggered voting restrictions;
Alabama secretary of state admits affair, denies calling Black people 'the coloreds,' drops Senate bid;
Why Kentucky Just Became the Only Red State to Expand Voting Rights;
California's Governor Was Tested by the Pandemic. Now a Recall Looms;
Kansas' senate majority leader called a police officer 'donut boy' after arrest following a wrong-way highway chase;
When police kill people, they are rarely prosecuted and hard to convict;
Trump news and investigation
NYT: Trump Campaign Used Scam Tactics To Sap Money From Supporters;
GOP House fundraisers accuse people who uncheck their recurring donation box of being Trump 'DEFECTORS' and prey to 'the Radical Left';
'The 45th': Why Trump is abandoning his iconic brand for a number;
Trump-era grievances could get second life at Supreme Court; Justices dismiss suit over Trump's blocking of critics on Twitter;
Why tearing down Fauci is essential to the MAGA myth; A QAnon revelation suggests the truth of Q's identity was right there all along;
Trump Organization adds veteran criminal defense attorney;
Manhattan district attorney seizes evidence from Trump executive’s former daughter-in-law;
Capital Riot and fallout
In key showdown, U.S. judge tests prosecutors' claims that Proud Boys leaders planned Jan. 6 Capitol breach;
Ex-officer texted 'We stormed the Capitol' during Jan. 6 riot, feds say, and tipsters turned him in;
After its members were charged in the Capitol riot, one group says it is more popular than ever;
Study Finds Fears of White People Losing Out Permeate Capitol Rioters' Towns;
4 million coronavirus vaccines were given in the U.S. on Saturday, a single-day record. Track the vaccine progress in your state;
Nearly 20 percent of the U.S. population is fully vaccinated. Many countries may not hit that target this year;
Nearly half of new US virus infections are in just 5 states; Rise of coronavirus variants will define the next phase of the pandemic in the U.S.;
Hundreds of thousands of vaccine doses go unordered by states amid outbreaks, spurring calls for new approach;
Canada's variant-fueled covid-19 surge prompts new restrictions;
Yellen warns that slow vaccine rollout in poor countries poses threat to U.S., global economies;
Pfizer halts shipment of 700,000 COVID vaccines to Israel after the country reportedly failed to make payment;
European regulators say AstraZeneca's coronavirus vaccine plausibly linked to rare brain clots;
China has made big vaccine promises. When they come up short, nations struggle;
Russia Demands Slovakia Return Vaccine Doses Due To "Contract Violations";
Johnson & Johnson says it will take full control of its coronavirus vaccine production at Baltimore plant;
62% of health-care workers say covid-19 stress hurt their mental health; 46 COVID-19 cases linked to one indoor bar event in rural Illinois;
The CDC is calling for an end to 'hygiene theater';
Likely Legal, 'Vaccine Passports' Emerge as the Next Coronavirus Divide; We tested the first state 'vaccine passport.' Here's what worked — and didn't;
Trump officials celebrated efforts to change CDC reports on coronavirus, emails show;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
U.S. Seizes Three Websites Posing as Biotech Companies to Steal Info;
Commerce Department Adds Chinese Supercomputing Entities to Blacklist;
Google's Project Zero Finds a Nation-State Zero-Day Operation; Backdoor Added — But Found — in PHP; Phone Cloning Scam;
Math and science
A 3,000-year-old 'lost golden city' has been unearthed in Egypt;
Wreckage of long-lost WW II ship, sunken with its Native American skipper and half its crew, identified;
A Tiny Particle's Wobble Could Upend the Known Laws of Physics; Quantum Breakthroughs Are Helping US Army, Air Force Advance Supercomputing;
Carbon dioxide spikes to critical record, halfway to doubling preindustrial levels;
Research Center Focuses On Whether AI Can Predict Weather Forecasts; Biases Continue To Plague AI Voice Technology;
Ingenuity Touches Down On Mars;
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
533 million Facebook users' phone numbers, personal information exposed online; The dark web may already have your password. How to check;
Facebook Removes 300 Accounts Created by Troll Farm in Albania; Fake Facebook Ads Posing as Clubhouse App for PC Linked to Malware;
Twitter Won't Allow Archive of Trump's Banned Account on Its Platform;
YouTube Discloses 'Violative View Rate' to Track Videos That Break Its Rules;
Muslim Advocates Civil Rights Group Sues Facebook Over Safety Concerns;
Lawmakers Question Whether Digital Advertising Threatens National Security;
Russia Extends Twitter Slowdown for Not Removing Illegal Content;
Google's Supreme Court Win Seen as Victory for Open-Source Business Model;

Business and Economics
US jobless claims up to 744K as virus still forces layoffs;
No Federal Taxes for Dozens of Big, Profitable Companies;
Yellen presses for global minimum tax in first big speech as Treasury secretary;
Biden Plan Spurs Fight Over What 'Infrastructure' Really Means; Biden says he's open to compromise with Republicans on $2 trillion infrastructure plan;
Biden's Tax Plan Aims to Raise $2.5 Trillion and End Profit-Shifting;
$5 billion in stimulus funds tabbed ​for reducing homelessness; Biden administration aims to get 130,000 people off the street;
Minutes Show Fed Officials Encouraged By Economy, But Sticking To Policies; Federal Reserve Chairman Describes US Recovery As "Uneven And Incomplete";
Senate Democrats Propose Changing Corporate Tax Law To Pay For Infrastructure Plan;
JPMorgan CEO Foresees Economic Boom That Could "Run Into 2023";
New York Governor, Lawmakers Nearing Budget Agreement That Will Raise Income, Corporate Taxes;
HP, Dow, Under Armour among nearly 200 companies speaking out against voting law changes in Texas, other states;
PGA Tour, PGA of America release statements regarding voting regulations in Georgia;
Outlook For Renewable Energy Uncertain, Despite Biden's Support; Ford Announces New Carbon Neutral Targets;
Biden Set To Decide Trade Dispute That Could Have Significant Impacts On US EV Market;
Apple CEO Tim Cook Discusses Regulation, AR, Autonomous Vehicles;
General Motors and Ford halt production at more factories as global semiconductor shortage worsens; Automakers Want Aid For U.S. Chip Production;
GM Plans Electric Version Of Chevy Silverado Pickup; Driverless Trucks Make More Commercial Sense Than Robotaxis, To Some;
Farmers View Shift To Electric Vehicles As A Threat To Their Livelihoods;
Boeing Recommendation for Potential Issue for Some 737 MAX Jets;
How Credit Suisse got tangled in the Archegos Wall Street chaos;
Global Brands Find It Hard to Untangle Themselves From Xinjiang Cotton;
Supreme Court Rules for Google in Java Copyright Case Against Oracle;
He Got $300,000 From Credit-Card Rewards. The IRS Said It Was Taxable Income;
Stimulus checks: IRS will correct miscalculated payments claimed on tax returns;
FanGraphs Tags a Cloud Database to Keep Up with the Big Show;
How Fit Can You Get From Just Walking?
Other news
What happens when the majority doesn't rule?
Jonathan Dimbleby: The inside story of the barbaric battle that really lost Hitler the war;

Report Criticizes Outcomes-Based Funding For Colleges For Worsening Equity; Who owes student debt? More and more, older people and black students;
Another Class Of College Graduates Struggle To Get Jobs Amid Pandemic; Employers Say College Grads Lack Needed Skills, But That May Be Changing;
Moody's: Colleges Could Feel Effects Of International Enrollment Declines For Years;
Applications Jump, Admission Rates Plummet At Ivy League Schools Amid Pandemic; Survey Shows Reasons Why Students Do Not Fill Out FAFSA;
Poll Shows Nearly Half Of Parents Do Not Want Their Kids To Go To Four-Year Colleges; Fewer Students From Class Of 2020 Went Directly To College;
Study Finds College Residence Halls Have Racialized Labels;
Tennessee May Owe Public HBCU Up To $544M Due To Chronic Underfunding;
Florida Pushes Bill To Survey Faculty, College Students On Beliefs;
Major Universities Will Vaccinate Students On Campus; Some Colleges Face Political, Legal Challenges With COVID Vaccine Mandates;

TechNews for the week: April 2; March 31; March 29;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
North Korea says Biden administration took wrong first step over latest missile test; Satellite image shows renewed activity at North Korean nuclear lab;
With U.S. withdrawal delay likely, and new peace proposal on the table, Taliban faces inevitable crossroads;
Dozens killed among anti-coup protesters as Myanmar celebrates Armed Forces Day;
The days of China 'hiding and biding' its might are officially over;
Hong Kong court finds veteran pro-democracy activists, most over 60, guilty of unauthorized assembly;
Tensions between Russia and Ukraine flare up; Italy Expels Two Russian Embassy Officials, Arrests Navy Captain On Spying Charges;
U.S. officials and other signatories to Iran deal to meet in Vienna next week;
Israel's Shadow War With Iran Moves Out to Sea;
Lapid begins courting partners for anti-Netanyahu coalition; Islamist turned Israeli kingmaker offers olive branch to rightist Jews;
Israel's president to pick candidate next week to try to form a government; Israel's president calls for new alliances to solve deadlock;
The US's longstanding position is that the West Bank is occupied; Biden administration quietly ramping up aid to Palestinians;
Jailed Fatah leader shakes up Palestinian election by running rival candidates against his own party;
Palestinians get Chinese-donated COVID-19 vaccines;
Insurgents Seize Mozambique Town, Killing Several People; Fate of Hundreds Unknown;
Brazil's Armed Forces Chiefs Resign Abruptly Amid Cabinet Shake-Up;
Biden Plans to Repeal Trump-Era Sanctions on ICC;
The U.S. Army goes to school on Nagorno-Karabakh;
Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas fires almost every member of Homeland Security Advisory Council;
EPA dismisses dozens of key science advisers picked under Trump;
Border crossings in March jumped to highest level in 15 years;
Biden calls Georgia voting law 'Jim Crow in the 21st Century'; Judge tosses some claims in old Georgia election lawsuit;
Democrats Splinter Over Strategy for Pushing Through Voting Rights Bill; Iowa Democrat Drops House Election Appeal, Sparing Her Party a Messy Fight;
New York man charged with hate crime in Asian American attack that bystanders watched without helping;
Biden Details Federal Response To Hate Crimes Targeting Asian Americans;
Schumer floats 'magical parliamentary trick' to give Democrats more 51-vote victories;
Biden administration launches major push to expand offshore wind power;
Republicans seek to make vaccine passports the next battle in the pandemic culture wars; Far-Right Extremists Move From 'Stop the Steal' to Stop the Vaccine;
Notice something's up with USPS? There's a reason behind the mail crisis;
In Washington, Policy Revolves Around Joe Manchin. He Likes It That Way;
GOP Sen. Marsha Blackburn's car was pulled over by Capitol Police but was let go after she flashed her congressional pin;
Republican announces run for Murkowski's Alaska Senate seat;
Kentucky Republicans change the rules so they could get to pick Mitch McConnell's replacement;
Lindsey Graham says he needs AR-15 for defense: 'My house will be the last one that the gang will come to';
Trump's heir? Pence reemerges, lays groundwork for 2024 run;
Rep. Matt Gaetz faces Justice Dept. investigation over alleged relationship with teen girl; Justice Dept. Inquiry Into Matt Gaetz Said to Be Focused on Cash Paid to Women;
Gaetz investigation complicated by overture to his father about ex-FBI agent who went missing;
Criminal charges filed against Kansas Senate majority leader;
Shooter at Kansas Jewish centers appeals death sentence;
Trump news and investigation
Trump helped the GOP raise $2 billion. Now former aides and allies are jockeying to tap into his fundraising power;
An official website of Trump launched to stay connected with supporters;
New York attorney general probes finances of key Trump aide; Trump must face 'Apprentice' contestant's defamation lawsuit -NY court;
A Trump appointee who drank vodka and had sex on the General Services Administration building's roof is back with a new political committee;
Top Trump adviser warned then-president on virus supply shortage, then pursued controversial deals;
Capital Riot and fallout
Oath Keepers founder, associates exchanged 19 calls from start of Jan. 6 riot through breach, prosecutors allege;
Former Trump chief of staff calls ex-President's Capitol riot claims 'manifestly false';
Man photographed in Capitol with zip-tie cuffs and his mother win pretrial release in case that tested federal riot prosecutions;
Two Capitol Police officers sue Trump for 'physical and emotional injuries' suffered in riots;
CDC says Fully vaccinated people may travel; IRS announces new batch of COVID-19 payments;
How long will the coronavirus vaccines protect you? Experts weigh in; Can a vaccinated person still spread coronavirus?
CDC says Pfizer, Moderna vaccines 90 percent effective in preventing coronavirus infections in U.S. study of essential workersdescription;
Here is a detailed picture of vaccination across the country. See where your county stands;
'No Excuse Not to Be Vaccinated' in Texas, Which Expands Eligibility to All Adults; Judge Rules New York Must Offer Vaccine to All Prisoners Immediately;
'Vaccine passports' are on the way, but developing them won't be easy;
WHO Wuhan report leaves question of coronavirus origins unresolved;
WHO chief, U.S. and other world leaders criticize China for limiting access of team researching coronavirus origins;
Factory Mix-Up Ruins Up to 15 Million Vaccine Doses From Johnson & Johnson;
Mets-Nationals postponed in Washington as coronavirus issues disrupt Opening Day;
Shut Out on Vaccines, Tiny San Marino Turns to Old Friend: Russia;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
FBI, Others Warn About Vaccination Scams Spreading via Social Media;
The ACLU Is Seeking Government Data On AI Use In National Security;
Suspected Russian Hackers Accessed Former DHS Leader's Email;
U.S. military still relies on aircraft from an era when homes cost $12,000. It has been struggling to update its arsenal for years.;
Math and science
The Ancient Method That Keeps Afghanistan's Grapes Fresh All Winter; Glimpses of an Ancient Fire-Walking Ritual in Northern Greece;
Researchers Find Labeling Errors In Datasets Used To Test AI;
For Elon Musk's SpaceX Starship program, more smoke, fire and shrapnel;
Solar Geoengineering Is Worth Studying But Not Substitute For Cutting Emissions;
11 Serious Answers to Slightly Crazy Science Questions;
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
Facebook Freezes Venezuelan President's Account for Spreading Misinformation;
Parler Said It Flagged Content for FBI Before Insurrection at U.S. Capitol; Republicans press Google, Apple, Amazon on Parler removals;
Facebook Removes Lara Trump's Interview with Her Father-in-Law;
Texas Senate Approves Bill to Stop Social Media Sites from Political Bans;
Supreme Court Rules for Facebook in Lawsuit Over Anti-Robocall Law;
10 Gmail tools so important you'll use them every day; Google Maps adds AR walking directions for malls and airports, 'eco-friendly' routes;
SC News and Politics
For SC Republican lawmakers, this was the anti-abortion proposal that went 'too far';
Charleston mulls if it can use $20M in stimulus funds to undo tax increase;

Business and Economics
Commerce Department: Consumer Spending Fell In February Ahead Of Passage Of Relief Bill, but has rebounded;
The U.S. economy added 916,000 jobs in March as recovery gains steam again; New US jobless claims rise again after hitting pandemic-era low;
US 10-year Treasury yield hits highest level since January last year; Long-term US government bonds endure worst quarterly fall since 1980;
S&P 500 closes above 4,000 for first time; Report: Wall Street's fixation on quick profits wreaking havoc in the 'real' economy;
March Factory Activity Expanded At Fastest Pace Since December 1983;
White House unveils $2 trillion infrastructure and climate plan, setting up giant battle over size and cost of government;
What's in Biden's $2 trillion jobs and infrastructure plan; American Rescue Plan Makes Health Insurance Cheaper for Millions;
Justice Dept. has charged 474 people with trying to steal more than $569 million in covid-related fraud schemes;
Some of America's wealthiest hospital systems ended up even richer, thanks to federal bailouts;
An Accidental Disclosure Exposes a $1 Billion Tax Fight With Bristol Myers; Billionaire at the center of a Wall Street fiasco gives millions to evangelical ministries;
UN chief Guterres warns of COVID-19 debt crisis for developing world;
China, With $400 Billion Iran Deal, Could Deepen Influence in Mideast; Saudi Arabia's energy minister says 'rough seas' persist in oil market;
Giant ship blocking Suez Canal is freed; incident on key trade route cost the global economy billions of dollars; Traffic in Suez Canal resumes after stranded ship refloated;
Credit Suisse lurches from one risk management crisis to the next;
US Automakers Report First Quarter Sales Increases;
More Automakers Announce Production Halts Due To Chip Shortage; Semiconductor Shortage Forces Ford Truck Production Halts;
Buttigieg Says No Plan To Ban Gas Vehicles; EPA Studying Offering Biofuels Credits For EV Charging;
Corn and soybean prices are surging after the annual USDA prospective plantings report;
Drillers Burned Off Gas at a Staggering Rate as Winter Storm Hit Texas; US Outlines Goal For 30 GW Of Offshore Wind Capacity By 2030;
Apple Pushes Over 100 Suppliers Into Renewable Energy;
U.S. court slams brakes on Trump-era hog slaughter line speed rule; union cheers;
Biden Administration Lets Trump Ban On Some Foreign Work Visas Expire; U.S. Senate Democrats aim to undo Trump-era shareholder voting rights rule;
Why pine needles are now a $200 million industry in the Southeast;
Companies, facing new expectations, struggle with pressure to take stand on Georgia voting bill;
Delta, Coca-Cola forcefully condemn Georgia elections bill as activists ramp up pressure on corporations; Delta faces boycott threats for stance on new Georgia voting law;
Ken Burns: People are making lots of money off 'the big lie' of US election fraud;
The 7 Best Agriculture Stocks Now;
The ballpark is a summer sanctuary. The ballpark is a summer sanctuary. These fans help explain why they missed it so much;
MLB will move its All-Star Game out of Atlanta as backlash to Georgia voting law continues;
The NCAA, under fire over amateurism, takes its fight to the Supreme Court; NCAA kicks Oregon State Beavers out of hotel in the middle of the night after Elite 8 loss;
Other news
A Black Lives Matter activist exposed the role two local police officers played in the Capitol insurrection. Their small town rapidly took sides;
Church membership in the U.S. has fallen below the majority for the first time in nearly a century;

Executive Compensation at Public and Private Colleges;
Experts Predict More College Consolidation And Closures Amid Pandemic; Oregon Bill Would Allow Mergers Of Two-, Four-Year Public Colleges;
Experts Discuss How Cheating In College Hurts Students; Study: Virtual Learning Is Leading Students To Cheat More;
College Acceptance Rates Low After Receiving More Applications Than Usual; Difficulty Of Erasing Student Debt Analyzed;
Virginia Governor Signs Legislation Creating Tuition-Free Community College; Florida May Shield Universities From Pandemic-Related Lawsuits;
Prospective International Students Face Hurdles Related To Visas, Travel Bans;
Colleges Plan More In-Person Classes, Graduations; Students Sue Oregon Colleges Over Remote Learning Cost Amid Pandemic;
Boise State University Resumes Diversity Course Suspended After Complaint;
Colleges Ready Students To Receive Vaccines As Eligibility Requirements Expands; U. of Pittsburgh Orders Students to Shelter in Place After Positive Cases in 13 Dorms;