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TechNews for the week: January 28; January 26; January 24;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Russia toughens its posture amid Ukraine tensions; Announces Deployment of Over 140 Warships, Some to Black Sea, After Biden Warning;
Russia threatens 'retaliatory measures' if West continues Ukraine aid; Britain accuses Russia of plotting to install pro-Moscow government in Ukraine;
German government distances itself from navy chief's comments on Putin;
NATO outlines 'deterrence' plan as tensions with Russia soar; sends more ships, fighter jets to Eastern Europe as Russia masses troops on Ukraine border;
Putin 'won't stop' with Ukraine: Why Americans should care about Russia's aggression against its neighbor;
Russia threatens retaliation if Ukraine demands not met; As Ukraine crisis looms, Europe fears Kremlin will cut off its gas supply;
How NATO's most troublesome member became frenemies with Russia, and why it might not last;
Putin is lying — Western sanctions have hurt Russia’s economy;
U.S. sends written responses to Russia on its demands in Ukraine crisis; Foreign minister says Ukraine will not accept any compromises to placate Russia;
State Department orders diplomats' families to leave U.S. Embassy in Ukraine, citing 'threat of Russian military action';
Biden Weighs Deploying Thousands of Troops to Eastern Europe and Baltics;
China backs Russia's 'security concerns' in crisis with west over Ukraine; How China and Russia forged a friendship after bridging decades-old differences;
China warns of risk of military conflict with US over Taiwan;
China's Games: How Xi Jinping Is Staging the Olympics on His Terms; Heavy smog blankets Beijing ahead of Olympics as authorities pledge to clean up the air;
Saudi-Led Airstrikes Kill Scores at a Prison in Yemen; UAE intervention raises stakes in Yemen's 7-year war;
ISIS Fighters Attack Syria Prison to Free Fellow Jihadists; ISIS Beaten? Not Yet. U.S.-Backed Forces Still Fighting at Syria Prison;
Kurdish-Led Forces End Prison Siege, Defeating ISIS Fighters;
Israel launches state probe into German submarine purchase;
Israeli soldiers blindfolded, gagged Palestinian American later found dead, according to leaked report; Autopsy says violence caused death of detained Palestinian;
Stone-throwing Israeli settlers attack Palestinian village; At a West Bank outpost, Israeli settlers flaunt their power;
Denied asylum in Israel, Eritreans are welcomed by Canadian Jews;
Netanyahu rejected plea deal that would ban him from politics; Netanyahu still interested in plea after talks collapse;
Israelis were mostly unbothered about NSO's spyware — until it was reportedly turned on them;
Israel holds high-level tech summit with China, seeks to avoid U.S. backlash;
Attacks inside one of Iran's most secure nuclear facilities are the latest blows in a shadowy battle with Israel;
Biden adviser says U.S. and Iran "in the ballpark" of a nuclear deal; U.S. deputy special envoy for Iran leaves post amid Iran nuclear talks;
After Coup in Burkina Faso, Protesters Turn to Russia for Help;
Justice Stephen G. Breyer to retire, allowing Biden to nominate a liberal replacement for the Supreme Court;
Schumer vows to vote on Biden Supreme Court pick with 'all deliberate speed'; How Republicans Can Block Stephen Breyer's Replacement;
Democrats rejoice, Republicans cast any new Supreme Court nominee as radical as election-year fight begins;
Supreme Court's Sotomayor calls Texas abortion case a 'disaster' in blistering dissent;
Clarence Thomas' wife spoke at a conservative conference featuring the founder of the Oath Keepers;
Supreme Court expert rails against Justice Clarence Thomas for potential conflict of interest;
Supreme Court denies Republican leader McCarthy's challenge to House proxy voting;
Redwood Forest in California Is Returned to Native Tribes; Biden administration cancels two mining leases near Minnesota wilderness, in reversal from Trump;
Federal judge throws out Biden administration's massive Gulf of Mexico oil and gas lease sale, faulting its climate analysis;
Biden Says Administration's Efforts To Combat Industry Consolidation To Help Contain Inflation;
Biden Meets With Business Executives As He Pushes To Revive Build Back Better Act;
A record 14.5 million Americans chose an Affordable Care Act health plan for this year, eclipsing previous high by nearly 2 million;
Sen. Ron Johnson says it's not 'society's responsibility' to care for 'other people's children' while arguing against child-care subsidies for working parents;
Cheney hits Gingrich for saying Jan. 6 panel members may be jailed;
Arizona Democratic Party votes to censure Sinema, citing filibuster vote;
Arizona Sues to Stop Treasury From Recouping Relief Funds;
Texas Gov. Abbott introduces new 'parental bill of rights';
Cases Dismissed, Judges Replaced: Texas Struggles to Prosecute Migrants;
The Armageddon elections to come; Poll: Nearly 6 in 10 Republicans say they will not vote for any candidate who admits Biden won 'fair and square';
Democrats make surprising inroads in redistricting fight;
In a Georgia County, Deep Distrust Over a Plan to Close Polling Places; Texas Man Charged With Threatening to Kill Georgia Election Officials;
Wisconsin GOP leaders again reject resolution to 'pull back' 2020 electoral votes;
Republican election bill would move Arizona one step closer to a dictatorship; Arizona bill would allow legislature to overturn election results;
Republican-led Pennsylvania court deems mail-in voting law unconstitutional;
Judge Won't Budge as Voting Machine Report Fuels Conspiracies;
Much of America wants policing to change. But these self-proclaimed experts tell officers they're doing just fine;
Police Culture on Trial in Case Against Officers in Killing of George Floyd;
Kansas teen's death has spotlight on 'stand your ground' law;
Marshals Service employees have alleged racism for decades. Their case may finally be heard;
Florida Congresswoman Gets Sworn In to Seat After Winning Special Election By a Landslide, But Republican Opponent Still Won't Concede;
Trump news and investigation
Republicans in 7 states submitted documents falsely certifying the election for Trump. Most State Attorneys General are investigating if it constitutes fraud;
The 59 Republicans Who Joined Electoral Voter Fraud Scheme For Trump Could Face Prison ;
Court says Georgia prosecutor can impanel a grand jury in investigation of Trump's efforts to overturn state’s election results;
How Trump's flirtation with an anti-insurrection law inspired Jan. 6 attack;
Donald Trump slams Jan. 6 panel after Ivanka Trump interview request;
Trump only has $93 million in cash, Forbes report says citing 2020 disclosure. It's far less than he claimed at other times;
Melania Trump auctions off her hat, and has become the latest victim of the cryptocurrency crash;
Trump made $3M-$4M on O'Reilly tour;
Juan Williams: It's Trump vs. McConnell for the GOP's future;
An obscure media mogul keeps Steve Bannon on the air;
Capital Riot and fallout
Jan. 6 Panel and State Officials Seek Answers on Fake Trump Electors; Jan. 6 panel subpoenas 14 bogus Trump electors in states Biden won;
Chairman says Jan. 6 committee has spoken with former Trump attorney general Barr;
Trump aides facing subpoenas from the January 6 committee are lining up for handouts from a conservative legal defense fund;
How Oath Keepers Are Accused of Plotting to Storm the Capitol; Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes pleads not guilty to seditious conspiracy in Jan. 6 attack;
Jan. 6 investigator fired from University of Virginia post by state's new GOP attorney general;
Jan. 6 probe roils Cheney race in Wyoming;
Cawthorn Challenge Raises the Question: Who Is an 'Insurrectionist'?
As Omicron Crests, Booster Shots Are Keeping Americans Out of Hospitals; Projections Suggest US Omicron Cases Could Peak This Week;
There's a new version of omicron but so far it doesn't appear to be more dangerous; A Second Version of Omicron Is Spreading;
Many Americans Believe Pandemic Will Continue For A Long Time; CDC: Only 40% Of Vaccinated Americans Have Gotten A Booster Shot;
Regeneron found to be ineffective against Omicron; Omicron survives on plastic longer than other variants;
Pfizer and BioNTech begin testing omicron-specific vaccine on adults;
Research shows COVID-19 vaccines do not affect fertility outcomes;
Gov. Ducey sues Biden for the right to use federal funds to help spread COVID-19;
Special Operations Command's top general tests positive for COVID-19;
Palin, covid-positive and unvaccinated, again dines at restaurant, flouting NYC health measures;
Lack of Medicare coverage for at-home coronavirus tests sparks outcry;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
Number of Reported Data Breaches Reaches Highest Total Ever in 2021; Linux-Targeted Malware Increased by 35%;
Why America purchased a tool it is now trying to ban; Tracking Secret German Organizations with Apple AirTags;
Keystroke tracking, screenshots, and facial recognition: The boss may be watching long after the pandemic ends;
Red Cross Shuts Down Some IT Systems After Cyberattack on Contractor; New DeadBolt Ransomware Targets NAT Devices;
Fake COVID-test emails are scams to steal your credit card info; Says 483 Users Affected by $34 Million in Unauthorized Withdrawals;
Facebook Removes Network of Fake Accounts from Iran Targeting Scotland; Critics Seek Release of Report on Human Rights in India;
Snapchat Increases Efforts to Stop Illegal Drug Deals on Its Platform;
Merck Wins Insurance Lawsuit re NotPetya Attack;
Math and science
Survey Finds Trust Gap In Science Widening Between Democrats, Republicans;
What is a Lagrange point, the final destination for the James Webb Space Telescope?
Revolutionary space telescope designed to see light emitted at dawn of time reaches orbital home roughly 1 million miles from Earth;
Researcher Says Future Trillion Dollar Space Economy Threatened By Space Debris;
Meta has a giant new AI supercomputer to shape the metaverse; Univ Of Pittsburgh Researchers Develop New Qubit Arrangement For Quantum Computers;
AI Uses Retinal Scans To Predict Annual Heart Attack Risk;
FAMU-FSU College of Engineering Researchers Study Climate Change, Land Use Data To Predict Watershed Impact;
New species of 'incredibly rare' insect discovered in Uganda;
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
Companies Seeking To Maximize Performance May Turn To Cloud-Native Supercomputing;
Governments Increase Demands for Twitter to Remove Content; China's Cyberspace Regulator Denies Report on Funding for Tech Firms;
Austria's Data Protection Ruling Could Affect Companies Across Europe;
Attorneys general allege in lawsuits Google deceived consumers about how it profits from their location data;
Analysis: Tech Companies Seem To Be Losing Edge On Innovation;
Users Getting Charged Despite Promises by Facebook of Free Internet;
YouTube bans Fox News host Dan Bongino for evading suspension; Conspiracy theorists, banned on major social networks, spread message on newsletters and podcasts;
How to Download Everything Amazon Knows About You; TikTok privacy settings to change now;
SC News and Politics
A South Carolina sheriff. A rape claim. And silence from SLED;
SC Supreme Court backtracks on judge assigned to Alex Murdaugh's alleged financial crimes;
SC Republican lawmakers advance pair of abortion bills, 1 that charges doctors with murder;
Charleston defers racial conciliation commission to accept amendments;
Sen. Lindsey Graham says Democrats will likely be able to replace Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer without any Republican support;
Tricks and traps for reading bills in the SC Legislature;

Business and Economics
Last week Stock market suffers its worst week since the pandemic started;
S&P 500 index slips into correction territory as investors worry over inflation, interest rates and rising geopolitical tensions;
Stocks plunge as Wall Street flooded with uncertainty; Inflation Weighing On Pay Raises Of Most American Workers;
Wild Day for Stock Market as Investors Warily Await the Fed's Moves; U.S. stocks suffer sharp losses after pandemic's worst week;
U.S. stocks slide as market volatility continues; Forecasters Cut Q1 Growth Estimates Due To Spread Of Omicron Variant;
Prices are rising across the globe, and leaders see no quick fix;
Fed appears ready to begin interest rate hikes in March to halt inflation, signaling labor market is recovering from the pandemic;
Stocks swing to losses as markets react to the Fed's interest rate plans; Crypto collapse forces reckoning for everyday investors;
U.S. economy grew 5.7 percent in 2021, the fastest clip since 1984, creating jobs — and inflation;
U.S. Economy Grew 1.7% in 4th Quarter, Capping a Strong Year; US GDP Grew By 6.9% In Q4 ‘21;
Stocks surge in choppy trading Friday as Wall Street caps bruising week of wild swings;
As New York rental aid program ran dry, contractor boasted of '38 percent margins';
Goods returned by US consumers surged 78% in 2021;
State Department, DHS Make It Easier For Non-Citizens To Get US STEM Jobs; GM Plans To Hire 8K Highly Specialized Workers This Year;
Texas pipeline company walks back threat to cut off gas to power plants;
Amazon, Meta Report Record Lobbying Spending In 2021;
GM Launches $154M New York Factory Renovation For EV Parts; Global EV Sales Doubled In 2021 To 4.5M Despite Pandemic, Chip Shortage;
Commerce Dept. warns Severe chip shortage could force automakers, other companies to shut factories if deliveries are disrupted;
Ford shuts off orders for its new $20,000 Maverick pickup truck that it rolled out last fall;
Tesla Now Runs The Most Productive Auto Factory In America;
Fidelity accused of 'unethical' process for options trading approvals;
Three days after the 2022 tax season started, an overwhelmed IRS suspends some taxpayer notices ; Why IRS Letter 6419 is critical to filing your 2021 taxes;
Millions of Americans will soon have to scan their faces to access their IRS tax accounts;
How to Survive When Stocks Behave Badly;
Other news
An old Virginia plantation, a new owner and a family legacy revealed; Fighting racial bias with an unlikely weapon: Footnotes; How to Rename a Place;
How the Capitol Attacks Helped Spread Christian Nationalism in the Extreme Right; Jehovah's Witnesses Sue German Museum for Archive of Nazi-Era Abuses;
How the politics of counting Americans got so twisted;

Judge Issues Stinging Free Speech Ruling Against University of Florida;
Race-based university admission policies to face Supreme Court review; Officials Say New US Guidance Could Mitigate Racial Profiling Of Asian Academics;
NACAC CEO Warns About Consequences Of Supreme Court Prohibiting Affirmative Action In College Admissions;
VMI's first Black superintendent blasts White critics of diversity and equity reform;
Experts Discuss Long Term Affects Of Fewer Adults Attending College; Report Suggests Number Of College Applications Continue To Rebound;
Delayed Vote On Pell Grant Increase May Disrupt College Financial Aid Awards;
Central Michigan University To Pay Tuition For 58 Students After Mistakenly Telling Them They Won Full Rides;
The SAT is ditching paper — and getting much shorter — as colleges debate the future of standardized tests in admissions;
Four California Universities Rank In Top 10 Nationally For Research Spending;
More than half of Virginia school districts are defying Youngkin's mask-optional order; Univ Of Florida To No Longer Publish COVID-19 Dashboard;
Appeals Court Declares Lawsuit Over Indiana University's COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement Moot;
School Board in Tennessee Bans Teaching of Holocaust Novel 'Maus';
Federal Appeals Court Sides With University Of Arizona In Title IX Liability Case;

TechNews for the week: January 21; January 19;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
U.S. Says Russia Sent Saboteurs Into Ukraine to Create Pretext for Invasion; U.S. Considers Backing an Insurgency if Russia Invades Ukraine;
Russia Issues Subtle Threats More Far-Reaching Than a Ukraine Invasion; Why Ukraine's Turkish-made drone became a flashpoint in tensions with Russia;
As U.S. and Russia Prepare to Talk, Blinken Presents Hard Line; Biden, seeking to clarify remarks on Ukraine, says Russia will pay a 'heavy price' if its military crosses the border;
Four maps that explain the Russia-Ukraine conflict;
Estonian PM - Baltics in talks to increase NATO troops on their soil; Saudi-Polish deal dents Russian oil dominance in Baltic;
Spain sends warships to Black Sea, considers sending warplanes;
U.S. talks to energy firms over EU gas supply in case of Russia-Ukraine conflict; Erdogan says cost concerns force U.S. rethink on EastMed gas pipeline;
Netanyahu negotiating plea deal in corruption trial; Israeli police accused of using Pegasus spyware on domestic opponents of Netanyahu;
Trailblazing Arab lawmaker shakes up Israeli politics;
Palestinian family protests east Jerusalem home eviction; Israel evicts Palestinians from disputed Jerusalem property;
European countries urge Israel to stop construction in East Jerusalem; Israeli general turned lawmaker emerges as settler critic;
Israel inks multi-billion dollar submarine deal with Germany;
Iranian diplomats arrive in Saudi to take up Organisation of Islamic Cooperation posts;
Israel offers UAE security, intelligence support after deadly Houthi attack; Aid group says More than 60 reportedly killed, including children, in airstrikes in Yemen;
Xi defends crackdowns in 'common prosperity' drive; Is this the end of the line for China's big belt and road funding in Africa?
Lisbon fined $1.4 million for sharing personal data of protesters with foreign countries, including Russia;
French far-right presidential candidate Zemmour convicted of hate speech;
Pope Benedict XVI accused of 'wrongdoing' in handling of decades-old sex abuse cases when he ran Munich archdiocese;
Volcano erupts in Pacific, West Coast under tsunami advisory;
After one year in office, what has Biden done about the four crises he pledged to address? 5 takeaways from President Biden's news conference;
Biden nominates Muslim woman to the federal bench, a first in US history as he diversifies the judiciary;
Hospitals Confront the Fallout From Supreme Court Ruling on Vaccine Mandate ;
Senate Opens Voting Rights Debate, With Legislative Defeat Looming;
Manchin, Sinema join with GOP in rejecting attempt to change filibuster rules, effectively killing Democratic voting bill;
In Voting Rights Fight, Democrats Train Ire on Sinema and Manchin; Manchin touts Nick Saban's opposition to changing filibuster;
Ohio voters asked for fairness in redistricting. They didn't get it; Election officials in Texas reject hundreds of ballot applications under state's new voting restrictions;
Mitch McConnell says Black people vote just as much as 'Americans'; Fact-Checking McConnell's Comparison of Black Turnout Rates;
Florida governor proposes special police agency to monitor elections; Republicans Want New Tool in Elusive Search for Voter Fraud: Election Police;
Electoral act reform picks up growing bipartisan support; Effort to overhaul archaic election law wins new momentum;
White House Set To Push Slimmed-Down Version Of Build Back Better; Vulnerable House Democrats Want To Split Up BBB, Vote On Its Popular Provisions;
Democrats scramble to resurrect 'chunks' of Biden spending plan; Pelosi: Build Back Better may need to be 'more limited,' renamed;
Legislation to ban members of Congress from trading stock gains traction;
Six-week abortion ban remains in effect in Texas after federal appeals court ruling;
Supreme Court Seems Ready to Back Ted Cruz in Campaign Finance Case;
GOP Senators Celebrate Infrastructure Bill They Voted Against;
Sen. Mitt Romney says Biden was elected 'to stop the crazy' and argues that voters weren't asking him 'to transform America';
In Kentucky, we are witnessing the legislative corruption of absolute power;
Nebraska governor to assert eminent domain over Colorado in fight over water supply;
Census Memo Cites 'Unprecedented' Meddling by Trump Administration;
Reconstruction-Era Law Could Keep Trump Off Presidential Ballot In 6 Southern States;
The fates of the 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump;
A Florida Republican who was defeated by 59 percentage points in a congressional special election won't concede;
Liz Cheney's Wyoming Nemesis Is an Oath Keeper Who Was at Capitol Rally;
Opinion: Senator Ron Johnson calls editorial about him 'unhinged and uninformed.' The Editorial Board responds.; Republicans reverse course on Ron Johnson support;
Police Presentation in Portland Celebrated Violence Against Protesters;
Police in This Tiny Alabama Town Suck Drivers Into Legal 'Black Hole';
Trump news and investigation
Trump's Covid and Election Falsehoods at Arizona Rally; Trump Rally Underscores G.O.P. Tension Over How to Win in 2022;
Trump's advisers point the finger at McConnell as reports of feud with DeSantis swirl;
N.Y. attorney general alleges Trump's business inflated property values, wealth statements; The Trump Org Stiffed a Hotel. His Kids May Pay the Price;
Thousands of Giuliani's communications turned over to U.S. attorney;
Georgia prosecutor requests special grand jury in probe of Trump's efforts to overturn state's election results;
Trump sent House Republicans copies of conservative writer Mollie Hemingway's book with a note saying GOP leadership 'should have never certified the election on January 6';
Capital Riot and fallout
The Justice Dept. alleged Jan. 6 was a seditious conspiracy. Now will it investigate Trump?; Prosecutors Said to Have Asked About Trump's Role in Jan. 6 Riot;
Supreme Court rejects Trump's request to withhold Jan. 6 materials from House committee investigating Capitol attack;
House Jan. 6 committee subpoenas Trump-allied attorneys Rudolph W. Giuliani and Sidney Powell;
Ex-press secretary tells panel Trump held secret meetings in days before Capitol attack;
Jan. 6 committee seeks testimony from Ivanka Trump to discuss her father's attempt to overturn the election results;
As Rudolph Giuliani coordinated efforts to declare Donald Trump the victor in states he lost, some GOP electors refused to go along;
For Oath Keepers and its founder, Jan. 6 Capitol siege was weeks in the making; Federal suit targeting Jan. 6 extremist groups goes for the jugular: Their finances;
A Capitol riot defendant stormed out of a hearing after the judge ordered him back behind bars;
Tucker Carlson repeatedly interviewed a man described as a disabled veteran, the same man accused of organizing an Oath Keepers militia to aid the Capitol insurrection;
These 8 companies and trade groups are said to be among the top donors to 'Sedition Caucus' Republicans who voted against certifying the 2020 election result;
Covid testing: All you need to know about the free at-home testing kits; False negative results from rapid tests spur anger;
White House to distribute 400 million free N95 masks starting next week;
Surgeon general says Omicron hasn't peaked in U.S.;
U.S. study Prior COVID infection more protective than vaccination during Delta surge; Surveys Show COVID-19 Affected Female, Early-Career Scientists More;
CDC studies show Booster shots in U.S. have strongly protected against severe disease from omicron variant;
Federal judge in Texas blocks vaccine requirement for government staff;
Florida health official placed on leave after encouraging employees to get vaccinated;
Virginia Universities Roll Back Employee Vaccine Mandates After Governor's Order;
Three major cruise lines just postponed sailings on 18 ships — here are all the cruises that have been canceled amid the Omicron surge;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
January Crypto-Gram Newsletter, Cyberweapons, Russian Cyber Operations, Malware and more;
Dozens of Ukrainian Government Websites Hit By Cyberattack; China's Olympics App Is Horribly Insecure;
U.S. Investigating Alibaba's Cloud Business as National Security Risk; New Law in Cambodia Allows Authorities to Monitor All Web Traffic;
San Francisco Police Illegally Spying on Protesters; Are Fake COVID Testing Sites Harvesting Data?
UK Government to Launch PR Campaign Undermining End-to-End Encryption;
An Examination of the Bug Bounty Marketplace;
Microsoft's new browser feature is 'huge step forward' against zero-day threats;
Math and science
Largest 3D map of the universe shows millions of galaxies;
Oldest remains of modern humans are much older than thought;
Halting Progress and Happy Accidents: How mRNA Vaccines Were Made;
Surgeons Successfully Transplant Kidneys From Genetically Altered Pig Into Patient Who Was Brain-Dead;
Researchers Seek To Decrease Weight Of SUVs To Reduce Energy Usage;
Silicon Valley Start-Ups Launch Science Labs Amid Stasis With Scientific Funding;
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
FTC, States Launch Competition Probe of Meta's Virtual Reality Unit Oculus; FTC, DOJ Seek to Modernize Antitrust Enforcement for Mergers;
Judge Rules Google's Confidentiality Agreements for Employees Illegal;
Apple Allows Other Payment Options for Dating Apps in Netherlands;
DirecTV says it will sever ties with One America News in blow to far-right network;
Pro-Trump influencers flocked to alternative social networks. Their follower counts stalled soon after;
SC News and Politics
Hampton banker made 'highly unusual' loan to Alex Murdaugh, documents show;
Arm of SC high court investigating Murdaugh's connection to former Moselle owner;

Business and Economics
Dow sinks 500 points as bond yields, earnings rattle investors; Nasdaq closes in correction territory after 10% drop in 2 months;
US jobless claims rise to 3-month high; Workers are out sick in record numbers, exacerbating labor shortage woes;
Omicron fallout, tough labor talks likely to rattle supply chains and fuel inflation;
Up to three-quarters of the $800 billion PPP flowed to business owners instead of workers;
Vaccine bonuses, aid to businesses and . . . a golf course? Cities and states put $350 billion stimulus windfall to widely varied use;
Biden Launches Bridge Repair and Replacement Initiative; White House Details $14B In Projects To Improve Ports, Waterways;
Governors Turn State Budgets To Climate Issues;
With Report, Federal Reserve Opens Debate Over US Digital Currency;
U.S. banks close record number of retail branches in 2021, Wells Fargo shutters most ;
Wharton School Professor Tweets That Quarter Of Students Think Average American Makes Six Figures;
Puerto Rico exits bankruptcy after judge approves restructuring plan;
China's Continent-Spanning Trains Are Running Half-Empty; China and India Are Fighting Over Nepal's Railways;
China's economy grew 8.1% in 2021 compared to a year ago; China's Population Crisis Is Complicated. What It Means for the Country's Economy;
China cuts key interest rates for first time since April 2020; Xi Jinping warns Fed against hiking interest rates;
China slowdown highlights potential pitfalls of property reforms; What we know about Evergrande's 'black-box' restructuring;
How coal holds on in America; AP Report: States Increasingly Interested In Using Nuclear Power To Reduce Reliance On Fossil Fuels;
Pipeline company threatens to cut off gas supply to Texas' biggest power generator;
EV Battery Prices Rise From 2021; Several Automakers Developing EV Charging Networks; Subsidies Likely Needed To Increase US EV Sales;
Volkswagen Slips Farther Behind Tesla In EV Race;
Microsoft to buy Activision Blizzard — embattled publisher of Call of Duty, Warcraft — for $68.7 billion;
Verison, AT&T to limit 5G near airports as airlines warn of major disruptions;
Google Forms Blockchain Group;
Intel to build $20B Ohio factory amid chip shortage; Intel's $100 billion 'megafab' could become world's largest chip plant;
RMD Formula Changing for First Time in Decades;
Sports betting will keep booming in 2022, but some see risks in growth;
Why Do They Swim-Bike-Run So Fast? Data;
Other news
An Aging Vladimir Putin Hopes War Can Make a Sagging Empire Rise Again;
More enslaved Africans came to the Americas through the port of Rio De Janeiro than anywhere else;
Pensions for retired presidents and legislators;
The Persistent Gender Gap at the Supreme Court Lectern;

Transfer Enrollment Steadies In Fall 2021 After Sharp Declines Previous Fall; Study Abroad Programs Resume After Pandemic-Induced Hiatus;
Report: State Financial Aid Totals Grew 4.5% In 2019-20; Students Less Likely To Attend College If They Did Not Think Their Families Could Afford It;
New Mexico Lawmakers, Higher Education Department Proposes Free In-State Tuition;
Some Private Student Loan Holders May Be Entitled To Cancellation In Bankruptcy; ED Begins New Round On Negotiated Rulemaking To Undo DeVos Regulations;
Colleges Push Through With In-Person Instruction As Semester Amid Omicron Surge Begins; Nevada Board Of Regents Votes To Support University's Vaccine Mandate;
Students, seeing lax coronavirus protocols, walk out and call in sick to protest in-person classes;
California Campus Officials Optimistic That Omicron COVID Disruptions Will Be Temporary;
Judge To Decide Whether University Of Florida Faculty Members' Free Speech Was Violated;
Study: Grade Satisfaction Plays Major Factor In Student Evaluations;
University Of Arizona Global Struggles Grow Amid Accreditor Investigation, Lawsuit;
Satire: 'Let's ban algebra, too!' adds Fla. legislator who is clearly not three kids in a trench coat;

TechNews for the week: January 14; January 12; January 10;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
How Russia's Military Is Positioned to Threaten Ukraine; U.S. plans to discuss missile deployments with Russia as part of effort to defuse Ukraine crisis;
Ahead of talks, U.S. again warns Putin of 'massive consequences' if Russia invades Ukraine;
Russia-U.S. talks hit an impasse over NATO expansion, but Moscow's envoy says the situation is not 'hopeless';
Poland warns Europe at greatest risk of war in 30 years; NATO and Russia Talk Frankly, but Past One Another for Now;
Russia ratchets up pressure on Europe, says 'no grounds' for further talks on security amid heightened tensions;
Russia, at an Impasse With the West, Warns It Is Ready to Abandon Diplomacy;
U.S. says Russia has positioned sabotage operatives in eastern Ukraine who could create a false pretext for war;
Edgy calm in protest-roiled Kazakhstan, amid signs rift between autocrat and protege contributed to chaos; Russia reacts furiously to Blinken jibe over troops in Kazakhstan;
Kazakhstan claims country 'stabilized' as capital police search door to door for 'violators of public order';
Russian intervention in Kazakh civil unrest viewed as potentially shifting Putin calculus on Ukraine;
Threat of omicron keeps China walled off, as the country's scientists search for better vaccines;
China defends sweeping maritime claims after US criticism; Naval association rejects Taiwanese members after pressure from China;
China urges Turkey to respect sovereignty as Beijing's worries over Xinjiang influence grow; Trial Looms After Seaside Gathering of Chinese Activists;
How close Tehran actually is to being able to launch a nuclear weapon; Trading Threats, the U.S. and Iran Inch Closer to a Nuclear Pact;
Israel not bound by any nuclear deal with Iran, Bennett says; Israel says it took down Iranian spy ring targeting women;
Jerusalem church leader says Israeli extremists threaten Christian presence in city; Israel weighs extending detention of sick Palestinian teen;
Israeli nationalists protest against settlement evacuation; Violent arrest in West Bank triggers attack on PA headquarters in Jenin;
Palestinian protesters and Israeli forces clash in village of Burqah; With most Gaza homes wrecked by war still in ruins, smiles for the lucky few;
Palestinians summon Dutch envoy over NGO aid cutoff;
Netanyahu negotiating plea over corruption charges;
Biden Nominates Combat Leader to Head Central Command;
Navy complies with order to fix Pearl Harbor facility that leaked fuel into tap water;
Growing threat of domestic terrorism, brought into focus by Jan. 6, prompts new investigative unit at Justice Dept.;
Supreme Court issues revised transcript of Gorsuch remark about flu deaths;
Supreme Court blocks Biden's coronavirus vaccination rules for businesses but lets mandate for health-care workers proceed;
Employers face patchwork of state policies on worker vaccination after Supreme Court order;
Federal courts drop survey question about workplace misconduct after judges' staffers said they'd witnessed such problems;
Justice Dept. says separated migrant families are not entitled to compensation;
Hundreds of Biden Nominees Stuck in Senate Limbo Amid G.O.P. Blockade;
New Sanctions for Russian Gas Pipeline Fall Short in Senate;
Biden administration calls on agencies to better guard against political influence on science;
House passes voting rights package, setting up Senate filibuster showdown; Biden Comes Out Swinging Against Republicans as His Agenda Stalls;
McConnell blocks simple majority votes on Dems' voting rights bills; Republicans threaten floor takeover if Democrats weaken filibuster;
Manchin doubles down on filibuster ahead of Biden's speech; Sen. Sinema reiterates opposition to eliminating filibuster, probably dooming Democrats' voting rights push;
The Senate battle over whether election laws signify a new 'Jim Crow'; A Voting Rights Push, as States Make Voting Harder;
Biden Uncertain Voting Bills Can Overcome Senate Filibuster; Democrats are looking at multiple proposals to curb the filibuster;
Wisconsin's 1-party rule is what the GOP wants everywhere; Before Elections, Georgia Republicans Again Consider Voting Restrictions;
Watershed moment in NYC: New law allows noncitizens to vote;
Ohio Supreme Court rejects a new congressional map drawn by state Republican lawmakers as unconstitutional;
Republican leaders bar journalists from Iowa Senate floor, worrying press advocates;
Cyber Ninjas, Derided for Arizona Vote Review, Says It Is Shutting Down; Arizona Senate President Karen Fann's failings are worse than the woeful Cyber Ninjas' ;
North Carolina voters file suit to disqualify Cawthorn from running for reelection; A frustrated GOP wants to know: Why aren't North Carolinians celebrating tax cuts?
Kansas Senator Jerry Moran knows what he said about federal election reform is false;
RNC moves to require presidential candidates to skip traditional commission debates;
Michigan AG says scheme to overthrow election with fake electors 'may go all the way to the top'; Fake electoral documents under new scrutiny as Trump prepares for Arizona visit;
Manchin's Choice on Build Back Better: Mine Workers or Mine Owners;
Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson will seek reelection after he said he wouldn't;
School board race shows how extremists on far right are shifting to local campaigns for power;
Trauma Nurse on Scene of Deadly Shooting Fires Back at Off-Duty Deputy Who Appears More Concerned with Explaining Why He Shot Black Man Instead of Providing Aid;
Conflict Quickly Emerges Between Top Prosecutor and Police Commissioner;
Sheriff Moves to Fire Georgia Deputy Who Commented Online That Ahmaud Arbery 'Still Got the Death Penalty';
Trump news and investigation
Fox News, Trump White House were tightly entwined, with some network hosts serving as unofficial advisers, newly released texts show;
Former WH press secretary Stephanie Grisham says Fox News host Sean Hannity was 'like a shadow advisor' to Trump;
Civil Suits Against Trump Seek Damages for Jan. 6 Attack;
Trump's Upstart Social Network Faces Delays, Limiting His Influence;
Trump abruptly ends NPR interview after he is pressed on baseless election fraud claims;
How a Trump Golf Course Is Screwing Over a Public School; Trump's new Manhattan bar: serving rip-off drinks and a side of narcissism;
Steve Bannon Sought Bizarre Loan as His Jan. 6 Woes Spiraled;
Capital Riot and fallout
Rep. Mo Brooks urged a Jan. 6 crowd to 'fight.' Now his actions long before the insurrection face new scrutiny.;
Jim Jordan Refuses to Cooperate With Jan. 6 Panel; Jan. 6 panel fires back at Jordan over refusal to cooperate;
House Jan. 6 committee asks Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to provide information about communication with Trump and Mark Meadows;
McCarthy spurns request from House Jan. 6 panel; House Jan. 6 committee will consider subpoena to Kevin McCarthy after he refuses to cooperate;
Raskin: Grisham told Jan. 6 panel about 'names that I had not heard before';
House Jan. 6 committee subpoenas Meta, Twitter, Alphabet and Reddit; Committee dismisses 'unsupported' claim of FBI involvement in Capitol attack;
FBI arrests Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes as part of Jan. 6 investigation;
A Messianic rabbi charged in the Capitol riot wants to pay a $50 fine instead of going to prison ;
Comic: The insurrectionists' roll call;
Americans will be able to order free coronavirus rapid tests beginning Jan. 19 through website;
U.S. breaks record with more than 145,000 covid-19 hospitalizations;
Omicron waves appear to slow in New York City, other major metropolitan areas; New Virus Cases Begin to Slow in U.S. Cities Where Omicron Hit First;
Omicron variant disrupts vaccine makers’ ability to meet demand; U.S. sends states monoclonal antibodies that may not work against omicron;
Biden to announce deployment of military medical teams to an additional 6 states in response to a surge in omicron cases;
At-home tests work with omicron, but there are caveats; Insurers Will Have to Cover 8 At-Home Virus Tests Per Month;
Federal agencies prepare to act against unvaccinated employees; Nearly 3,000 unvaccinated Army soldiers reprimanded;
WHO says omicron may infect half of Europe within two months if current trends hold;
South African scientist thinks she may have solved the mystery of long COVID-19, which afflicts 100M people;
United Airlines says 3,000 employees have tested positive for the coronavirus;
West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice says he's 'extremely unwell' after testing positive for coronavirus;
Researchers Discuss How People Will Most Likely Catch COVID-19;
How often can you safely reuse your KN95 or N95 mask;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
A push into untraceable payments could put end-to-end encryption at risk;
Russia arrests REvil ransomware gang members at request of US officials;
Using Foreign Nationals to Bypass US Surveillance Restrictions;
URL parsing: A ticking time bomb of security exploits; Ransomware: Hackers are using Log4j flaw as part of their attacks; Fake QR Codes on Parking Meters;
Faking an iPhone Reboot; Using EM Waves to Detect Malware;
Apple's Private Relay Is Being Blocked;
Math and science
Space telescope's 'golden eye' opens, last major hurdle; Scientists Work To Fight Bias With Who Gets To Use NASA's James Webb Space Telescope;
Scientists Observe Supernova Of Red Giant Star For First Time; Jupiter-Like Exoplanet Shaped Like Football;
Scientists Confirm Martian Meteorite Contains No Evidence Of Martian Life;
China Builds Low Gravity "Artificial Moon" Environment On Earth;
U.S. emissions surged in 2021, putting the nation further off track from its climate targets; Ocean warmth sets record high in 2021 due to greenhouse gas emissions;
Texas A&M University Researcher Develops 3D Printing Method For Simulating Hydraulic Fracturing;
In first surgery of its kind, man receives a heart transplanted from a genetically modified pig;
Scientists Develop Stable Sodium-Based Battery Technology;
'Exceptional' ruins of Roman settlement found in England, including giant road, coins and makeup;
How breakthroughs in science reveal Marie Antoinette's adultery;
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
FCC Positioning to Reestablish Obama-Era Net Neutrality Rules;
Encrypted messaging app Signal’s chief executive steps down;
Judge Allows FTC's Amended Antitrust Complaint Against Facebook to Proceed;
Apple to Allow Alternative Payment Systems for Apps in South Korea;
From Russia with love: the making of a modern propaganda movie;
SC News and Politics
Graham says he won't support McConnell for GOP leader unless he has 'working relationship' with Trump;
Political group Political group targeting Charleston City Council vote on racial conciliation commission ;
Hampton bank CEO fired as investigators examine Alex Murdaugh's financial misconduct;

Business and Economics
U.S. hiring slowed in December as employers struggled to find workers; Unemployment Rate Fell To 3.9% In December; Wage Gains Accelerated;
Nasdaq slumps into correction territory after painful start to 2022; Fed's Powell: Inflation poses a major threat to job market;
2021 inflation highest in 40 years, as December prices rose 7% compared with a year ago; Five charts explaining why inflation is at a 40-year high;
Washington's Wall Street problem: should the powerful be allowed to trade? Fed vice chair to resign over stock trading controversy;
Watchdog: IRS 'in crisis'; Americans visited website 632 million times last year;
Taxes on Venmo transactions? Here's what to know;
Tech Firms Laud Biden Administration’s Smoothing Of H-1B Visa Process;
Student loan company Navient to pay $1.85 billion over claims it placed borrowers into predatory loans, costly repayment plans;
More than 8,000 Kroger workers in Denver have gone on strike demanding better pay, benefits, and working conditions;
Aging bridges are target of $27 billion in funds;
Coal To Make Up 85% Of Electric Generating Capacity Retirements In 2022;
States Allocate Billions To Fund EV Infrastructure;
California Governor Proposes Spending $22.5 Billion To Address Climate Change And $6.1 Billion To Support EVs;
Study Shows Gasoline Vehicles Are Up To 100 Times More Prone To Fires Than EVs; VW Bets On EVs For China Growth After Chip Shortage Hits Sales;
A380 Returns To The Skies; Qatar Airways Seeks Compensation From Airbus;
Airbus Delivered At Least 605 Units In 2021; Boeing Unveils Updated Valkyrie At AIAA Meeting In San Diego;
Boeing Wins Annual Jet Order Race Against Airbus; Airbus Beats 2021 Full-year Target Of 600 Commercial Aircraft Deliveries;
Several Electric Aircraft Startups Competing For A $27.7 Billion Market;
Bank of America slashes fees for overdrawn accounts;
Medicare proposes covering expensive drug for early-stage Alzheimer's, but with restrictions that will sharply limit use;
Your 401(k) Has Quietly Undergone Significant Changes; How to Lower Your Tax Bill When Stocks Are Having a Banner Year;
The NBA's most unbreakable records, including marks by Wilt Chamberlain, LeBron James and Hakeem Olajuwon;
Australia cancels Novak Djokovic's visa again, renewing doubt over tennis star's ability to compete in the Australian Open;
Other news
Investigation finds More than 1,700 congressmen once enslaved Black people;
How NPR's Steve Inskeep cracked the code for interviewing Trump;
Play mini golf to see how politicians gerrymandered districts to tilt elections;
The Best Free Online Courses Everyone Should Take This Year;

University Finances Face a Long Road to Recovery; Kentucky, Iowa, Arkansas Governors Call For Higher Education Funding Increases;
Colleges enrolled 465,000 fewer students in the fall, a trend that is raising alarms; Study Shows Importance Of High School Students' Perceptions Of College Affordability;
US Schools Facing Challenges With In-Person Learning As COVID Cases Spread;
Lawsuit Says 16 Elite Colleges Are Part of Price-Fixing Cartel; Administration Writing New Version Of Rule Targeting For-Profit College Debt;
Iowa Board Of Regents Vote To No Longer Require SAT, ACT Scores From Applicants;
Cal State Los Angeles Professors Attempt To Help More Students Pass Calculus;
Columbia University's Graduate Workers End Strike After Reaching Tentative Deal;
Va. lawsuit denounces anti-racism curriculum as 'pathological' critical race theory; Florida school bars teaching about 'gender fluidity' or 'mainstream narrative' of COVID;
Experts Discuss How College Applicants Embellish Essays With Fake Information;

TechNews for the week: January 7; January 5; January 3;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Iran space launch fails to put payloads into orbit; Iran calls for Trump, Pompeo to face trial for Soleimani assassination;
Smuggled Iranian fuel and secret nighttime transfers: Seafarers recount how it's done; U.S. sees "snapback" sanctions threat as tool to deter Iran enrichment;
Future of prayer site in doubt under Israel's fragile govt; Palestinian rockets explode off Tel Aviv coast;
Israel strikes Hamas targets in Gaza following rocket launches; Egypt pushes for calm after flare-up in Gaza hostilities;
Lebanese Christian leader: alliance with Hezbollah imperiled; Hezbollah leader launches verbal attack against Saudi king;
Israel, in U.S. visa talks, eyes easing access for Palestinian-Americans; Israeli defense chief meets Jordanian king in reset of ties;
Israel lawmaker under fire for remarks on West Bank settlers; Israel issues first sentence in mob attack on Arab driver;
Israeli tanks fire warning shots along Syrian frontier, Israeli military says; US military coalition in Syria takes out rocket launch sites;
Billionaire's looted art still on display at Israel Museum; Barriers arise for descendants of Spanish Jews seeking right of return;
Houthi rebels seize Emirati-flagged ship in Red Sea;
Russian Foreign Minister Levels New Warning on Ukraine; What Putin wants in Ukraine;
Biden speaks with Ukrainian president and reaffirms U.S. commitment amid Russian standoff;
Putin's attempt to control the past follows the Xi model;
Kazakhstan protests: government resigns amid rare outbreak of unrest; Kremlin monitoring situation in Kazakhstan, warns against outside interference;
Russian troops arrive in protest-roiled Kazakhstan, where security forces have killed dozens of protesters;
Kazakhstan president gives shoot-to-kill order against protesters, dismissing calls for negotiations;
North Korea's Kim Jong Un vows to solve economic crisis and bolster military; North Korea fires ballistic missile, in 1st test in 2 months;
Tales of anguish emerge from locked-down Chinese city as hospitals demand patients are covid-free;
China Moves to Overhaul Protections for Women’s Rights, Sort Of;
Hong Kong free press faces collapse as second news site announces closure;
The New Political Cry in South Korea: 'Out With Man Haters';
How the E.U. Allowed Hungary to Become an Illiberal Model;
Documents Reveal Basic Flaws in Pentagon Dismissals of Civilian Casualty Claims; Navy Fires Warship's Top Two Officers, Citing 'Loss of Confidence';
Capitol Police see sharp increase in threats to Congress, departure of dozens of officers;
Biden decries 'big lie,' blames Trump for insurrection; Ignoring Trump Didn't Work. Biden Goes After 'a Defeated Former President';
CAPITOL INSURRECTION: How the GOP became party of Trump's election lie after Jan. 6;
The Next Big Lies: Jan. 6 Was No Big Deal, or a Left-Wing Plot; A Year After Capitol Riot, Trump's Hold on G.O.P. Is Unrivaled;
Garland: DOJ will hold those responsible for Jan. 6 riot accountable;
1 in 3 Americans say violence against government can be justified, citing fears of political schism, pandemic;
Roberts says federal judiciary has some issues but doesn't need congressional intervention; Mitch McConnell's un-conservative plea to the Supreme Court;
Georgia Republicans planned a vigil for 'J6 Patriots' on Jan. 6. One critic called it an 'homage to treason';
A Long, Hard Year for Republicans Who Voted to Impeach After Jan. 6;
Corporations Donated Millions to Lawmakers Who Voted to Overturn Election Results;
Biden takes aim at GOP for 'talking down' economic recovery;
Schumer vows Senate rules change vote by Jan. 17 if GOP blocks voting rights; Manchin floats modest Senate rules changes;
Republicans float tweaks to Electoral Count Act as Democrats make voting rights push;
After Midterms, Democrats Are Less Likely To Be Able To Extend Policies Passed Via Reconciliation;
As Midterms and 2024 Loom, Trump Political Operation Revs Up;
Ohio Democrats announce gubernatorial running mates;
GOP officials in Arizona's largest county affirm 2020 election was secure, debunking Trump claims;
Cyber Ninjas, hired by the Arizona state Senate to conduct a review election results, shutting down after judge fines Arizona audit company $50K a day;
Nunes formally resigns from Congress;
Trump appointee at FDIC to resign after partisan brawl;
Pence group files SCOTUS brief opposing Biden vaccine mandate;
Supreme Court seems skeptical of Biden's vaccine rules for businesses, more receptive to policy for health-care workers;
Florida activist handcuffed while trying to attend DeSantis news conference;
Man arrested on charges of attacking vaccination clinic, injuring staffers he called ‘murderers’;
Tucker Carlson mocks Ted Cruz, Republicans for saying Jan. 6 was a 'violent terrorist attack';
Rabbi Shot in Synagogue Attack Is Sentenced to Prison in Fraud Schemes;
Trump news and investigation
Trump to hold news conference from Mar-a-Lago on Jan. 6; Trump cancels Jan. 6 conference, blames news media and House committee investigating attack on Capitol;
Trump lashes out at Biden over Jan. 6 speech;
Poll finds Republicans and Democrats divided over Jan. 6 insurrection and Trump's culpability;
Since Jan. 6, the pro-Trump Internet has descended into infighting over money and followers;
Trump turns on Hannity over Capitol-riot texts advising him to stop claiming the election was stolen;
NY attorney general subpoenas Trump, Ivanka, Donald Jr.; Donald Jr. and Ivanka Trump refuse to comply with subpoena from NY attorney general;
Former Trump White House Official Says Melania Trump's NFT Is Just a 'Moneymaker' from Someone 'Trying to Look Busy';
Capital Riot and fallout
Prosecutors break down charges, convictions for 725 arrested so far in Jan. 6 attack on U.S. Capitol;
Judges have declined U.S.-proposed sentences in two-thirds of Jan. 6 cases so far;
The Jan. 6 Committee's Consideration of a Criminal Referral, Explained; Jan. 6 panel eying subpoenas to force Republican reps to cooperate;
Cheney: Testimony shows Ivanka asked President Trump to stop Jan. 6 violence; Key Trump adviser Bernard Kerik hands Jan. 6 panel trove of documents;
Trump Letter Calling For 'Seizure' Of Election Material Revealed In Log To Jan. 6 Probers;
Another Far-Right Group Is Scrutinized About Its Efforts to Aid Trump;
Conspiracy theories paint fraudulent reality of Jan. 6 riot; The Jan. 6 insurrectionist movement is far more mainstream;
The Pentagon vowed to confront extremism in the ranks. A year after Jan. 6, experts say more must be done;
Shaken by the Jan. 6 attack, Capitol workers quit jobs that once made them proud;
Capitol rioter seen holding Nancy Pelosi's sign now accused in fatal Missouri crash;
The ridiculous hypocrisy of Sean Hannity hiding behind 'freedom of the press';
More than 103,000 Americans hospitalized with covid, matching worst of summer surge;
FDA authorizes booster shots for 12-to-15-year-olds; CDC advisers recommend Pfizer-BioNTech booster shot for 12-to-17-year-olds;
What is 'flurona?' Coronavirus and influenza co-infections reported as omicron surges;
Doctors bemoan limited supply of game-changing antiviral pills amid winter surge; Emerging Data Raise Questions About Antigen Tests and Nasal Swabs;
Virus leaves antibodies that may attack healthy tissues; B cell antibodies weakened, not defeated by Omicron;
White House and Postal Service finalizing plans to start shipping coronavirus test kits to U.S. households as soon as next week;
Beaufort Co. doctor says If you have these symptoms, you might be infected with omicron;
GOP's House Judiciary Committee members, led by Rep. Jim Jordan, tweet that booster shots don't work ;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
China harvests masses of data on Western targets from sites including Twitter and Facebook;
More Russian Cyber Operations against Ukraine;
Low-cost warfare: US military battles with 'Costco drones'; Space Force To Use Commercial Satellite Navigation Data To Detect Electronic Interference;
Log4j flaw hunt shows how complicated the software supply chain really is;
People Are Increasingly Choosing Private Web Search; Norton's Antivirus Product Now Includes an Ethereum Miner;
Math and science
James Webb Space Telescope Deploys All Five Sunshield Layers; NASA To Extend ISS Operations Through 2030;
Scientists Argue Pluto Should Be Reclassified As A Planet;
China To Complete Space Station Construction This Year; China switched on its nuclear fusion device that's 5 times hotter than the Sun;
SpaceX Launches 49 More Starlink Satellites Into Orbit; Exploding meteor over Pittsburgh was equivalent to 30 tons of TNT, NASA says;
"Digital Twins" Are Transforming Medicine, Manufacturing; Purdue University Researchers Create World's Whitest White Paint;
Cloud Seeding Projects Gain In Popularity;
Publisher DC Thomson puts 1921 census online for first time;
A Classic Formula For Pi Was Discovered Hidden in Hydrogen Atoms; What if Math Is a Fundamental Part of Nature, Not Something Humans Came Up With?
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
China tech: those who control the algorithms control the future;
Twitter permanently suspends Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's personal account over covid-19 misinformation ;
Jan. 6 Capitol riot forced social networks to examine their ugly side; New analysis: Attacks on Biden's election flooded Facebook groups after Election Day;
Rand Paul announces exit from YouTube;
Google makes the perfect case for why you shouldn't use Chrome; 10 Gmail tips and tools to make email easier;
SC News and Politics
SC House releases another congressional map proposal;
Eyeing corruption scandals, Gov. McMaster puts ethics on the agenda for 2022;

Business and Economics
The S&P 500 beat both Dow, and Nasdaq in 2021 by the widest margin in 24 years. Here's what history says happens in 2022;
U.S. economy added just 199,000 jobs in December before labor market confronted omicron's biggest surge;
New Jobless Claims Ticked Up Last Week; ADP Survey Shows Private Employers Added More Than 800,000 Jobs In December;
A record 4.5 million Americans quit their jobs in November as workers continued to take advantage of higher wages, better benefits;
Fed officials discussed raising rates sooner and faster in 2022; Mounting omicron infections force businesses to scramble, threatening economic recovery;
In latest effort to combat rising prices, White House to offer $1 billion in aid for smaller meat-industry producers;
Throughout the pandemic, one Atlanta-area landlord has bombarded residents with eviction notices;
Child Tax Credit's Extra Help Ends, Just as Covid Surges Anew;
Supply Chain Disruption Has Increased Efforts To Revive US Manufacturing;
Challenge to Biden Keystone XL revocation dismissed as moot;
Transportation Secretary Buttigieg asks AT&T, Verizon to delay 5G rollout; AT&T, Verizon reject Buttigieg's request;
AT&T and Verizon reverse themselves: agree to two-week delay on 5G rollout; FAA: Wireless Precautions Protect Only Final 20 Seconds Of Flights;
Chinese banks cut back traditional lending as concern over economy mounts; China Evergrande shares halted, set to release 'inside information';
A Widening Web of Undersea Cables Connects Britain to Green Energy;
Toyota Topped G.M. in U.S. Car Sales in 2021, a First for a Foreign Automaker; US New Vehicle Sales Up 2.5% In 2021, Still Shy Of Pre-Pandemic Levels;
General Motors To Supply EVs To Walmart, FedEx; Tesla Recalls More Than 475,000 Vehicles;
Boy Scouts bankruptcy plan fails to win support from victims;
NASCAR could red-flag sponsorship deal related to coded anti-Biden chant;
Sam Jones, a core member of the great 1960s Celtics, was a great shooter. And a lot more;
Other news
Analysis Discusses How Pandemic Influenced Redesign Of Cities;

Some Colleges Adapt As They Face "Existential Crisis" With Shrinking Enrollment;
US Colleges Resume Online Classes In Response To Rising COVID-19 Cases; New York's Public University Students Required To Get Vaccine Boosters;
Chicago cancels classes as teachers union votes to defy in-person learning order;
UC Irvine School Of Medicine Fires Physician Who Challenged COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate In Lawsuit;
Florida Governor Says Colleges That Move To Online Classes Should Refund Tuition;
Howard University and at least 6 other HBCUs receive bomb threats, triggering evacuations and lockdowns;
Geometry before algebra? Schools will try more new angles in 2022; South Carolina Board Of Education Approves Digital Textbooks;