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TechNews for the week: February 25; February 23;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Why Ukraine's hope of NATO membership drives conflict with Russia; Mysterious 'Z' Painted on Russian Tanks Closing in on Ukraine Border;
West braces for false-flag operations by Kremlin as fighting with pro-Russian militants escalates; Russian Military Claims Ukrainian Attackers Just Breached Their Border;
Putin to recognize two breakaway regions of Ukraine as independent republics, giving Moscow a possible pretext to invade;
If War Flames in Ukraine, These 2 Little Enclaves May Be the Spark; Putin orders Russian forces into separatist regions in Ukraine for 'peacekeeping' purposes;
Kremlin admits that a dramatic Security Council meeting on Ukraine was recorded in advance;
Ukrainian Banks, Government Sites Taken Down by Suspected Cyberattack; Ukraine-Russia: Germany suspends Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline;
U.S. Offers Limited Initial Response to Russia as It Weighs Stiffer Sanctions; U.S. calls Russia's actions an 'invasion,' readies new sanctions;
Biden announces sanctions on Russia after its moves against Ukraine, calling them 'flagrant violation of international law';
Kremlin warns Americans will face financial consequences of U.S. sanctions; Russia threatens to target 'sensitive' US assets as part of 'strong' and 'painful' response to sanctions;
Russia says its recognition of separatist areas in eastern Ukraine includes territory now held by Ukrainian forces;
Putin says Ukraine was 'created by Russia.' Here are the arguments he makes to undermine Ukrainian statehood;
Finland says Nato membership must remain an option for Ukraine; Finland says debate on NATO membership 'will change' after Russian invasion;
Russia attacks Ukraine; peace in Europe 'shattered'; Ukraine parliament votes to declare state of emergency;
Fighting breaks out near Chernobyl, leading to fears of nuclear contamination over Europe ;
Ukraine says Chernobyl radiation levels 'exceeded,' as Russia confirms its forces seized the nuclear plant;
Pentagon: Russia aiming for Ukraine's population centers, in largest country-on-country assault since WWII;
What the U.S. military is doing in response to Russian actions in Ukraine; US moving fighter jets to Baltic Sea, Black Sea regions;
Biden announces new sanctions on Russian banks and country's elites as he decries Russia's 'brutal assault' on people of Ukraine;
Bank of Russia Rolls Out First Emergency Measures as Ruble Dives; Russian Could Use Cryptocurrency to Blunt Effects of U.S. Sanctions;
World leaders divided on whether to eject Russia from Swift payment system; Germany's Schroeder says Europe must not cut all ties with Russia;
'If we don't deter Russia, Canada is going to be affected directly': Attacks on Ukraine could threaten security of Canada;
European Union plans to freeze assets of Russian President Putin, Foreign Minister Lavrov;
Russia says it is ready to negotiate — on tough terms that would involve Ukraine's 'demilitarization';
Russia threatens 'military and political consequences' if Finland, Sweden try joining NATO;
Turkey cannot stop Russian warships accessing Black Sea, says foreign minister;
China ready to soften Russian economic blow from Ukraine sanctions; U.S. Officials Repeatedly Urged China to Help Avert War in Ukraine;
Chinese media accidentally posts CCP rules on Russia-Ukraine coverage, hint at Taiwan takeover;
How China Under Xi Jinping Is Turning Away From the World; In an Uneven Fight With China, a Tiny Country's Brand Becomes Toxic;
China's Xi, in message to N.Korea's Kim, vows cooperation under 'new situation';
Australia says China warship fired laser at its patrol plane;
Iran MPs put forth conditions for reviving nuclear deal; Iran's top diplomat says ready for immediate prisoner swap with U.S.;
Iran, Qatar sign bilateral cooperation deals as Raisi eyes improved Gulf ties;
Syria reports Israeli missile attack near Golan Heights; Israel accuses Iran of providing munitions for drones supplied to Venezuela;
Israeli authority backs down from Mount of Olives park plan;
Israeli inquiry sees no indication of unlawful use of spyware by police; Israel has been testing a network of AI surveillance systems on Palestinians;
Israel rejects Palestinian accusations of 'apartheid';
Demand for Hebrew lessons jumps in Gaza as Israel eases work restrictions; Cracks in Israel's coalition government start to show;
How the Islamic State used bullying and bribes to rebuild in Syria;
Erdogan tells Putin Turkey does not recognise steps against Ukraine's territorial integrity;
Erdogan says Turkey can open borders with Armenia if Yerevan committed to normalisation;
Pakistan PM flies to Moscow to advance pipeline project;
Trudeau revokes Emergencies Act against 'Freedom Convoy' blockades in Canada;
Inside Biden's last-ditch attempts to stop Putin in Ukraine; On Ukraine, Republicans are united on criticizing Biden, but not on how to counter Russian threat;
Republicans moved from Reagan's 'evil empire' to Trump’s praise for Putin;
Supreme Court will hear another clash pitting religious rights against laws protecting LGBTQ persons from discrimination;
Justices weigh if Republican AGs can defend Trump immigration rule;
Biden has chosen Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson for his Supreme Court nominee; 3 takeaways from Ketanji Brown Jackson's Supreme Court nomination;
McConnell says he didn't think Biden's announcement to nominate Black woman to SCOTUS was 'inappropriate';
Dakota Access pipeline suffers U.S. Supreme Court setback;
Court ruling on social cost of carbon upends Biden's climate plans; Administration Delays Decisions On Oil, Gas Drilling Following Court Ruling;
Biden administration suspends right of way for controversial mining road in Alaska, reversing Trump;
Justice Dept. to rename, refocus China Initiative, anti-espionage effort that drew complaints of ethnic profiling;
In Nashville, a Gerrymander Goes Beyond Politics to the City's Core;
Texas's primaries are happening on a legally disputed congressional map; Trump judges are tag-teaming the Voting Rights Act;
Missouri Senate candidate Eric Schmitt to host fundraiser at Trump's Mar-a-Lago;
Rick Scott's Blueprint For GOP Agenda Calls For Eliminating Education Department; GOP Senate Campaigns Reject Scott's Plan To Expand Income Tax;
Texas Governor Pushes to Investigate Medical Treatments for Trans Youth as 'Child Abuse';
Truck convoy organizer eyes DC Beltway shutdown; A Truck Caravan With Far-Right Links Heads to Washington, D.C.;
In a Texas Border Town, Democratic Officials Are Becoming Republicans;
Inhofe's (R-OK) chief of staff launches bid to replace him;
'Stand your ground' laws linked to 11% rise in U.S. firearm homicides;
A teen wrongly charged in a shooting says police offered him fast food to get a confession;
Trump news and investigation
Trump Says His Accounting Firm Was 'Broken' By 'Radical Leftist' Racists; Reading between the lines of Trump CPA resignation letter;
Trump Org., ex-CFO Allen Weisselberg seek dismissal of criminal charges;
Two prosecutors leading Manhattan criminal probe of Trump business practices have resigned but case is 'ongoing,' spokeswoman says;
Trump New York criminal probe has new prosecutor after lawyers quit;
John Durham sent a message to the attorney general and the country;
Trump praises Putin's 'genius' incursion into Ukraine; Says: 'China's going to be next,' will ‘absolutely’ invade Taiwan following Russia-Ukraine crisis;
With his praise for Putin's invasion of Ukraine, Trump makes his apologists look foolish. Again.;
Trump Organization in talks to host lucrative Saudi Golf League events at two resorts;
Trump hints at 2024 presidential run in radio interview;
Capital Riot and fallout
Ivanka Trump in Talks With Jan. 6 Panel About Being Interviewed;
Stone Sues Jan. 6 Panel to Block Access to His Cellphone Records ;
US COVID Cases Down 90% From Pandemic High; Vaccine protection was much weaker against omicron, data shows;
Mysterious conditions are afflicting Americans after covid. It could signal a looming cardiac crisis;
CDC To Significantly Loosen Mask Guidelines Friday; WHO Working To Share COVID Treatment Technology With More Nations;
Israel to allow in all tourists regardless of COVID vaccination status;
U.K. ends all restrictions, Australia reopens borders after nearly two years;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
Cyberattacks Against Ukraine Raise More Concerns About Cyberwarfare; FBI Warns of Potential for Russian Ransomware Attacks Amid Ukraine Crisis;
FBI Forming Team to Focus on Criminal Misuse of Cryptocurrency;
Despite privacy concerns, nearly doubled the number of people able to create an IRS account;
A New Cybersecurity "Social Contract";
Bypassing Apple's AirTag Security; Stealing Bicycles by Swapping QR Codes;
An Elaborate Employment Con in the Internet Age;
Privacy Violating COVID Tests;
Math and science
Mysterious, Repeating Fast Radio Burst Traced to Unlikely Part of Deep Space; In Search of Cracks in Albert Einstein's Theory of Gravity;
NASA To Conduct ISS Operations As Normal Despite Sanctions On Russia;
Virgin Galactic On Schedule To Begin Commercial Suborbital Flights This Year;
Microsoft Describes AI Infrastructure Service Called Singularity;
AI May Help Identify, Classify Hip Fractures;
In Search of Troy;
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
China Manipulating Online Coverage of How Olympic Games Appear;
Who Is Behind QAnon? Linguistic Detectives Find Fingerprints;
Trump's new social media app, Truth Social, appears in App Store; Truth Social's disastrous launch raises doubts about its long-term viability;
Joining Trump's new social network? Here's how to protect your privacy; Trump's Truth Social App Bans Account Targeting Devin Nunes;
Meta CEO Zuckerberg Reveals AI Projects Aimed At Building The Metaverse;
Amazon Sues Two Companies For Fostering Fake Reviews;
Copyright Office Rejects Registration for AI-Created Image;
How Shutting Down 3G networks Affects Your Devices; 5 alternatives to Office 365;
SC News and Politics
Mace: I'm going to win without Trump; George Will: Behold the acrobatic Mace, fellow gymnasts;
South Carolina Bill To End Tenure At Public Colleges Will Not Advance This Year;

Business and Economics
Uncertainty over what Putin will do next shakes up oil, natural gas markets; Oil Prices Seesaw as Russia Menaces Ukraine;
Fed Officials Weigh Ukraine Conflict's Possible Impact On Economy, Shift To Tighter Monetary Policy;
Dow plunges as Russian attack on Ukraine roils world markets, sends oil prices soaring; Stocks rally in back-to-back day of gains despite Russia-Ukraine crisis;
Oil climbs back above $100 a barrel after day of volatility on Wall Street; President Biden Says US Will Release Oil From Strategic Reserve "As Conditions Warrant";
Cryptocurrencies Plunge After Russia Invades Ukraine as Safe Haven Status Erodes; Qatar says "almost impossible" to quickly replace Russian supplies to Europe;
What to Know About US and European Sanctions Against Russia; Delta suspends partnership with Russian airline Aeroflot;
Conference Board Says Consumer Confidence Remains High;
Economists Believe Declining Fiscal Stimulus Could Slow Growth; Market Reactions May Complicate Fed's Interest Rate Decision;
More than half of unemployed young men in the US have criminal records;
Two years into the pandemic, America has become the land of bulging bank accounts;
Administration Opens Applications For $450M In Port Grants From Infrastructure Law;
Biden Announces Investments In Mineral Production To Address Supply Chain Challenges;
Researchers Say Transitioning To Renewables Would Improve US Power Grid Reliability;
Outdated 3G Network Shutdown Could Impact Millions Of Car Owners;
US Objects To Canadian Plans For Digital Service Tax;
Vast Leak Exposes How Credit Suisse Served Strongmen and Spies;
Elon Musk and brother under SEC investigation over share sales;
Federal officials reverse decision to extend Florida nuclear plant license;
IRS Will Allow Taxpayers To Opt Out Of Using Facial Recognition Technology;
IRS Says Interest Rates to Increase in Q2 2022;
New tax plan from leading GOP senator would require all Americans to pay federal income taxes;
Stephen Curry's record 16 three-pointers in the All-Star Game cap the NBA's historic evening;
Other news
You Just Can't Tell the Truth About America Anymore;
A century ago, Mississippi's Senate voted to send all the state’s Black people to Africa;
Prosecuting Trump would set a risky precedent. Not prosecuting would be worse;
The Long Crusade of Clarence and Ginni Thomas;
A new Cold War, or the start of World War III? How historians see the invasion of Ukraine;
Putin's attack on Ukraine echoes Hitler's takeover of Czechoslovakia;

College faculty are fighting back against state bills on critical race theory; Scholars Discuss Backlash Against Teaching Of Critical Race Theory;
Report Focuses On Importance Of Support For Black Men In College; Student Success Coaches Re-Enrolled 3,000 Students For Summer, Fall 2021 Semesters;
Survey Finds College Students Had Positive Perceptions Of Remote Learning Last Year;
College Endowments See Increase In Annual Returns As Markets Soar;
California Governor Urges State Supreme Court To Avert Cut Of 3,050 Students At UC Berkeley;
University Of Texas System To Embed Microcredentials For Workforce Skills Into Low-Salary Majors;
Texas Lt. Governor Wants To End University Tenure To Fight Critical Race Theory;
Miami Dade College To Require All Students Take Artificial Intelligence Classes After $15M Investment;
Policy Changes Could Mitigate Surge Of Campus COVID-19 Cases Following Spring Break;
Federal Judge Tosses Remainder Of Lawsuit Challenging Michigan State University Vaccine Mandate;
Professor's Controversial Land Acknowledgment Lands Him In Hot Water With Administrators;

TechNews for the week: February 18; February 14;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Russia to respond soon to U.S. and NATO on security; Facing maximum pressure from Russia, Ukrain's president refuses to blink at the negotiating table;
Russian parliament mulls delaying vote on recognising eastern Ukraine; NATO warns Moscow against recognising breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine;
Russian military in Belarus threatens Baltics and Poland, says Lithuanian president ; Ukraine joins Baltic nations in OSCE query of Russian troop movements;
Russian military drills near Ukraine amount to escalation - Germany; Vast drills spotlight Russia's grip on Belarus during standoff with West;
U.S., EU officials SWIFT off Russia sanctions list, state banks likely target; Biden warns Putin of 'swift and severe costs' if Russia attacks Ukraine;
New intelligence suggests Russia plans a 'false flag' attack to trigger invasion;
Russia-Ukraine tensions high as Biden-Putin call fails to yield a breakthrough; U.S. will close American embassy in Kyiv as Putin appears to leave diplomatic door open;
US accuses financial website of spreading Russian propaganda;
US says Russia has deployed 190,000 troops around Ukraine — almost doubling its strength in 2 weeks while claiming to withdraw;
Cyberattacks hit Ukrainian government sites, major banks; Russian Cyberattacks Against Ukraine Risk Crossing the Line Into Warfare;
Russian units near Ukraine moved into "attack positions"; Last piece of Putin's puzzle slots into place: preparing Russians for war;
Russian-backed leader announces evacuation of civilians from breakaway Ukrainian region, raising fears of imminent military action;
U.S. says war appears imminent after shelling on Ukraine front line;
Estonian intelligence: Russia 'likely' to launch 'limited' military attack against Ukraine; Estonian premier says Putin is 'enjoying himself' with military build-up;
Russia has lists of high-profile Ukrainian political opponents to arrest or assassinate if it invades Ukraine;
State Department says Russia expels the No. 2 American diplomat in Moscow; Russia says it chased off a U.S. submarine from its far east waters;
Israel has reportedly told Russia it will need help evacuating citizens if Ukraine is invaded;
Israel unveils artificial intelligence strategy for armed forces;
Latvia passes long-awaited Holocaust restitution law;
As Violence Rises in the West Bank, Settler Attacks Raise Alarm; Israeli police try to contain violence in east Jerusalem;
Israeli lawmaker opens office in disputed East Jerusalem area; Israeli soldiers kill Palestinian in West Bank confrontation;
Capitalism had Israel's kibbutzim on the ropes. Then they discovered pot; Israel plans to cut ultra-Orthodox men's seminary hours to boost work;
For Arab Israelis left out of tech jobs, a new code: Inclusion ;
Israel says it won't cooperate with UN human rights probe; What human rights? My sick son is being held on secret charges in an Israeli prison;
Egypt steps up Gaza role after brokering last year's truce; Hezbollah can turn rockets into precision missiles, make drones -Nasrallah;
UK anti-Semitic incidents hit record high in 2021;
Iran's top security official says 2015 nuclear deal has become an 'empty shell';
Unpaid and Potentially Stateless, Afghan Diplomats Unpaid and Potentially Stateless, Afghan Diplomats Seek Permission to Remain in U.S.;
E.U. top court ruling could withhold billions from Hungary and Poland for violating the rule of law;
Police largely clear 'Freedom Convoy' protesters from key U.S.-Canada border crossing but keep it closed for now; Canadian border bridge reopens;
Protesters, police face off near U.S.-Canada border crossings as Trudeau invokes Emergencies Act;
Ottawa police presence grows as chief vows to 'take back' city from ‘Freedom Convoy’ protesters;
Which U.S. communities sent money to support the Canadian trucker protests;
Rand Paul urges truckers to disrupt Super Bowl and come to D.C.: 'I hope they clog up cities';
As Argentina signs up to China's belt and road, Beijing finds itself on a new path in Latin America;
U.S. House Leader Nancy Pelosi arrives in Israel, vows support on Iran;
Muscogee (Creek) Nation, conservationists seeking to establish first national park and preserve in Georgia;
Senate passes bill to avert a shutdown and fund the government through March 11. It will now go to Biden's desk.;
Rand Paul threatens to block Ukraine-Russia resolution; GOP senator Hawley blocks Russia experts from joining Pentagon, drawing fiery rebuke;
GOP blockade of Fed nominees leads Democrats to fear for other vacancies, including Supreme Court;
Why Democrats can't get a fair shake in the Supreme Court; Michelle Childs, a potential Supreme Court pick, recalls being 'devastated' at father's gunshot death;
White House brushing off Graham handicapping of high court choice;
GOP senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) opposes Biden court pick, likely blocking nominee;
Manchin would oppose second high court nominee right before 2024 election; Joe Manchin's closest political ally cashes in on senator’s rise;
Senate narrowly confirms Robert M. Califf as FDA commissioner, giving the agency its first permanent leader in more than year;
GOP senators on the Banking Committee to block vote on Biden Fed picks;
Justice Dept. sues Missouri over GOP-backed gun law that bans police from enforcing some federal laws;
Judge Blocks Administration From Using Key Climate Metric;
Kansas Democrats sue over Republican redistricting law; DeSantis makes veto threat of Republican congressional redistricting map;
Texas counties reject unprecedented numbers of mail ballots before primary under restrictive new law;
Election experts sound alarms as costs escalate and funding dwindles;
GOP lawmakers are pushing high-tech 'fraud-proof' ballots. A Texas company could be the only supplier;
Virginia's new Republican governor calls for unity but keeps stoking volatile issues;
Florida House approves Republican measure to ban abortion after 15 weeks; Abortion Opponents Hear a 'Heartbeat.' Most Experts Hear Something Else;
Why Black voters are fleeing Biden in droves; The hatred for Dems in rural U.S. 'is just unbelievable';
Court Filing Started a Furor in Right-Wing Outlets, but Their Narrative Is Off Track ;
Judge to dismiss Sarah Palin's libel case against New York Times;
The real reason Jim Jordan is ranting against Jan. 6 committee staff;
Trump moves to close off Cheney's escape hatch; Rubio: White House records at Mar-a-Lago 'not a crime, I don't believe';
How Josh Mandel, Son of Suburban Ohio, Became a Right-Wing Warrior Senate candidate;
Austin Police Officers to Be Indicted for Conduct in Racial Justice Protests; A deputy fatally shot a Black homeless man during a jaywalking stop. He won't face charges;
Trump news and investigation
Prosecutors probing Donald Trump are sitting on 'tons' of documents bearing his handwriting; 15 boxes: Inside the long, strange trip of Trump's classified records;
Donald Trump used a Secret Service agent's phone to call Melania Trump after the Stormy Daniels allegations broke;
Donald Trump's accountant says financial statements should 'no longer be relied upon; NY attorney general fires back at Trump's defense of financial statements;
Trump said in court he had no 'knowledge' of his company's finances a day before he issued an 1,100-word statement defending his company's finances;
With finances under scrutiny, Trump claims his net worth was $5.7B in 2014. Around the same time he also said it was $8.7B and $10B;
Judge rules Trump must testify in New York investigation; For Trump, a Perilous Exclamation Point to Years of Wealth Inflation;
Kushner friend Kurson pleads guilty a year after he was pardoned by Trump;
A New Version Of The Mueller Report Reveals That Mueller Declined To Charge Donald Trump Jr. And Roger Stone With Computer Crimes;
Trump says he could have ousted 'atrocious' Susan Collins in 2020;
Durham alleges cyber analysts 'exploited' access to Trump White House server; Trump once again is claiming 'spying' by Democrats;
Watchdog: Ryan Zinke broke ethics rules while leading Trump's Interior Dept.;
Capital Riot and fallout
Biden orders Trump White House visitor logs to be turned over to Jan. 6 committee;
Trump ally claims executive privilege over 11,000 documents sought by Jan. 6 panel; The frantic texts sent to Trump's White House chief of staff on Jan. 6;
U.S. judge rejects Trump's bid to toss out Congress members' Jan. 6 lawsuit;
Jan. 6 Inquiry Subpoenas 6 Tied to False Pro-Trump Elector Effort;
Feds say Oath Keepers plot went beyond Jan. 6 attack on Capitol;
WHO reports New COVID-19 cases drop by 19% globally; After chasing variants, scientists seek a universal vaccine;
CDC study: Vaccination during pregnancy can help protect infant too;
Health workers and activists say Biden’s free covid tests plan shortchanges Americans of color and hardest-hit communities;
Omicron slammed essential workers. So the National Guard became teachers, janitors and more;
China says it will not grant passport renewals for non-essential travel;
Why an Arizona County Turned Down $1.9 Million in Covid Relief;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
February Crypto-Gram Newsletter, Spying, Malware, Vulnerabilities, and more; These countries are the new hacking threats to fear as offensive campaigns escalate;
European Central Bank Preparing for Russian-Sponsored Cyber Attack; Cyberattacks Risk Escalating Conflict Into "Real War";
Ukrainian Government Websites Banking Systems Temporarily Inaccessible; Russian State-Sponsored Cyber Actors Target U.S. Defense Contractors;
Secret CIA Data Collection Program; Senators Seek Transparency from CIA in Bulk Data Collection Program;
Hacking/insurance: companies should expect to pay a high price for cyber protection;
'Immense fraud' creates huge task for Washington as it tries to tighten scrutiny of $6 trillion in emergency coronavirus spending;
Possible Government Surveillance of the Transcription App;
Apple Plans Changes to Limit Unwanted Tracking via AirTags;
Math and science
Long Covid Sufferers Are Struggling With Exercise; Report: A middle-aged woman is the third patient to be potentially cured of HIV;
Study: Southwest drought is the most extreme in 1,200 years; NOAA projects Sea levels to rise by a foot along U.S. coastlines, threatening widespread flooding by 2050;
British archaeologists found a 5,000-year-old drum and three children locked in a neolithic embrace;
Builders find 2,000-year-old Roman cemetery in Gaza;
NASA Releases Images From James Webb Space Telescope;
SpaceX To Shift Starship Testing To Florida If Environmental Delays Continue; First orbital flight of Starship could be just weeks away;
NASA Concerned About SpaceX’s Plan To Deploy An Additional 30K Satellites;
Scientist Group Pushes For Protection Of Far Side Of The Moon; NASA: The rocket part that will crash into the moon is probably from China, not SpaceX;
Curiosity Rover Takes Pictures Of Clouds On Mars;
Anthropologist Describes The Environmental Impacts Of Data Centers, The Cloud;
Researchers Demonstrate A New AI Chip That Rewires Itself To Learn Continuously;
MIT Scientists Create Super-Thin, Strong Material Using New Polymerization Technique;
UTA Professor Awarded Nation's Highest Honor For Math Teachers;
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
Chinese Software Firm Denies Allegations of IP Theft from Dutch Company;
Facebook whistleblower alleges in new SEC complaints that executives misled investors about climate and covid hoaxes;
CFTC Chairman Asks Congress for Authority to Regulate Cryptocurrencies;
EPC Files Antitrust Complaint Against Google’s Adtech Dominance;
Clearview AI Is On Track To Have Database Of 100B Facial Photos; Texas Suit Says Facebook's Facial-Recognition Tech Violates Privacy Laws;
Firefox and Chrome versions '100' may break some websites;
5 Gmail alternatives that aren't Outlook; Microsoft rolls out Android apps for Windows 11;
SC News and Politics
Howard University lacrosse team verbally assaulted with racial slurs before game at Presbyterian College;

Business and Economics
Consumer Sentiment Falls To 10-Year Low Over Fears Of Inflation; Inflation Expectations Decline For First Time Since October 2020;
Inflation falls hardest on low-income Americans; US Manufacturing Output Rises 0.2% In January;
AP Analysis: Biden's Targeting Of Anti-Competitive Behavior Unlikely To Slow Inflation;
$100-Barrel Oil Is Likely If Russia Invades Ukraine; Energy Markets Are Jittery as Russia-Ukraine Tensions Drag On; Saudi Arabia Signals Unwillingness To Increase Oil Output;
US stocks bounce back after release of Federal Reserve minutes; Fed Officials Discussed Faster Timetable For Interest Rate Increases;
Home buyers in Black neighborhoods were disproportionately squeezed as investors bought record share of homes in metro areas in 2021;
Volatility in US Treasuries hits highest point since March 2020;
Stocks remain under pressure as Russia-Ukraine tensions escalate;
Democrats' climate plan languishes, putting hundreds of billions in private investment on hold;
U.S. adds Tencent and Alibaba's e-commerce sites to 'notorious markets' list;
Some Signs Showing Possible Resolution To Supply Chain Crisis This Year;
Toyota Pledges $90M For Components Plants In West Virginia, Tennessee; Ford Suspends Or Cuts Output At Plants Due To Chip Shortage;
US Auto-Safety Regulator Probes Tesla Over "Phantom Braking";
Virgin Galactic To Sell Suborbital Flight Tickets;
Google Cloud Announces AI-Related Customer Service Offerings;
Nearly 24 million taxpayers still haven't had last year's returns processed by the IRS — more than the agency previously reported;
Eight scary automated IRS notices that are being suspended — for now;
Eileen Gu and the repercussions of renouncing U.S. citizenship;
Sweeping MLB proposal leaves union underwhelmed, all but ensuring spring training delay;
The 5 best Super Bowl commercials;
Other news
This 1946 telegram predicts much of Russia’s 21st-century foreign policy; The telegram;
How a warship explosion led to the first marriage of a sitting U.S. president;
Tribe's war with Israel viewed (Judges 19, 20 and 21);
Your Body Knows You're Burned Out;
Wordle Archive: How to Play the Wordles You Might Have Missed;

Many College Graduates Are Earning Less Than Students With Only High School Diplomas;
Five State Higher Education Budget Proposals Profiled; UC Berkeley Appeals Court Order To Cut 3,000 Undergraduate Seats;
Colleges Urged To End Legacy Admissions; Analysis Discusses Impact Of New Bill Ending Legacy Admissions At Colleges;
Charitable Donations To Colleges Grows By 7% In Fiscal 2021; College Endowments Increased As Markets Soared;
Poll Shows Broad Support For Student Debt Cancellation; Biden Administration Under Pressure To Change Student Loan Bankruptcy Rules;
Education Department Forgives Additional $415M In Debt For For-Profit College Students; Many Borrowers Left Out Of Navient Predatory Loan Settlement;
Lobbying By Student-Loan Companies Is Stifling Efforts To Cancel Student Debt; Sallie Mae Report Highlights What Families Do Not Know About Paying For College;
Colleges In Conservative States Face Reputational, Recruiting Challenges; Chatham University Trustees Restore Tenure After Struggles With Recruitment;
Howard University Receives Fourth Bomb Threat Since Early January;
Colleges Follow States' Lead On Lifting Mask Mandates; How Asian Americans Fueled the San Francisco Recall;
New critical race theory laws have teachers scared, confused and self-censoring;
As Fla. lawmakers push to limit LGBTQ discussions in schools, Orlando vows to keep teaching its history;
NACAC Report Suggests Calculus Courses Count Too Much In Admissions;
John Hopkins University Added To Lawsuit Alleging Price-Fixing Scheme Among Top-Ranked Universities;
CrowdStrike Report Shows 2021 Ransomware Data Leaks Doubled in Education Sector;
University of Alabama Removes Klan Leader's Name From Building;

TechNews for the week: February 11; February 9; February 7;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Russian official dismisses U.S. assessment on possible invasion as alarmist; Ukraine not joining NATO so why does Putin worry?
Biden and Putin to speak Saturday as fears mount over possibility of war in Ukraine;
Russian's false-flag operations are rooted in history; Thousands rally proclaiming 'Kharkiv is Ukraine' in city near Russian border;
German chancellor says response to Russia will be 'united and decisive' if Ukraine is invaded; Erdogan says Turkey, Israel can jointly bring gas to Europe;
Macron Tries to Avert a European War and Reshape European Security;
Biden vows that if Russia invades Ukraine, plans for Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to Europe will be halted;
Separatist leader says full-scale war in east Ukraine could break out any time; Senior separatist urges Russia to send 30,000 troops to east Ukraine;
Six Russia warships en route to Black Sea for drills; Ukraine and Russia to launch parallel military drills as U.S. nears deal on potential sanctions;
With Buildup on Land and Sea, Russia Closes in on Ukraine; US general says Russia turmoil could spill to Middle East;
Lithuania seeks permanent U.S. troop deployment in face of Russian build-up; Slovakia approves defense military treaty with US;
Russia's drone army contains heaps of Western electronics. Can the U.S. cut them off?
Russia's state-owned media outlets have unleashed a wave of disinformation aimed at Spanish-language speakers;
Rare session of key Palestinian body could provide Abbas succession clues; Two potential successors to Palestinian president named to top posts;
Ex-Israeli, Palestinian negotiators propose confederation; UNF Students demand resolution of Israeli-Palestinian conflict;
Turkey says it will not abandon Palestinian support for closer ties to Israel;
Israel hits Syria, killing soldier after anti-aircraft fire; Israel's El Al Airlines says Dubai flights will be disrupted from Sunday;
Reports of spyware use on key witness roil Netanyahu trial ;
Iran open to more talks with Saudi in atmosphere of respect;
Iranian president says Tehran 'never has hope' in Vienna nuclear talks; Iran unveils new missile it says can strike US bases, Israel;
Trump's Iran Failures Left Biden With No Choice But to Make a Deal; German FM says Iran nuclear talks entering 'final phase';
Iraqi lawmakers fail to elect new president amid boycott;
U.S. military efforts to plan for Afghanistan evacuation faced resistance from White House and diplomats;
Top U.S. commander says Afghan evacuation was disrupted by constant pleas for help from senior U.S. officials and the public;
Biden says he is 'rejecting' critical accounts from U.S. commanders about the Afghanistan evacuation;
Biden orders billions in frozen Afghan funds to be used for 9/11 victims' families, Afghanistan humanitarian aid;
As Officials Look Away, Hate Speech in India Nears Dangerous Levels;
As Protest Paralyzes Canada's Capital, Far-Right Activists Abroad Embrace It; Canadians warn against 'foreign interference' as U.S. Republicans back 'Freedom Convoy';
'Freedom Convoy' protests shut down third border crossing; Ontario premier declares state of emergency, threatens fines, prison time for blocking highways and bridges;
Under pressure over energy plan, Mexico president suggests pausing relations with Spain;
'Remain in Mexico' is back under Biden, with little resemblance to the Trump version;
Study: China bought none of the $200 billion it promised from the U.S. under 'Phase 1' trade deal;
Panel Recommends Transfer of Guantánamo Detainee Suspected of 9/11 Role;
Navy Says Seaman Dies After 'Hell Week' of SEAL Training;
U.S. Republican senators vow to thwart any Iran deal if Biden skips congressional review;
Biden Advisers Repackage His Economic Message Ahead Of Midterms; White House aides weigh deficit reduction as way to revamp economic plan for Manchin;
President Biden extends solar tariffs, with major caveats;
Data finds Growing share of US Black population are immigrants;
Sotomayor: Threat to Supreme Court unprecedented due to partisanship; Ginni and Clarence Thomas draw questions about Supreme Court ethics;
California's Supreme Court Was Split. Leondra Kruger Found the Center; Potential Supreme Court nominee faces questions on religious rights case;
A Product of Public Universities, Michelle Childs Would Be an Unconventional Court Pick;
House Passes Short-Term Spending Bill, Punting Again on a Deal; House Passes Bill to Shore Up Postal Service, Working to Avert Insolvency;
Senate Passes Bipartisan Bill Ending Forced Arbitration In Sexual Harassment Cases;
Pelosi U-turn on stock trading by US lawmakers adds to push to ban practice;
Sen. Tommy Tuberville, who violated stock-trading rules 132 times last year, says it's 'ridiculous' to ban lawmakers from trading stocks;
Manchin Says Overhaul of Electoral Count Act 'Absolutely' Will Pass; Analysis: Manchin Has Used Political Influence To Protect Coal;
Pelosi denounces RNC calling Capitol riot 'legitimate political discourse'; McConnell pushes back on RNC censure of lawmakers over probe of Jan. 6 attack;
DHS warns police of US trucker protests around Super Bowl, State of Union;
Vermont moves toward becoming first state to guarantee the right to abortion in its constitution;
Republicans Who Railed About Clinton Emails Are Quiet on Trump's Records;
How the Parties Are Killing Competition: 'Taking the Voters Out of the Equation'; Courts give Democrats unexpected boost on redistricting;
Supreme Court stops lower court order requiring Alabama to draw a new congressional district favorable to Black residents;
Miami voters complain about GOP voter registration scam; GOP cracks emerge in Florida, voter fraud suspected, awaiting court rulings;
Gov. Ron DeSantis scrambles Florida's redistricting debate, with an eye to 2022 and perhaps 2024 elections;
North Carolina Court Says G.O.P. Political Maps Violate State Constitution;
Arizona's Right Wing Sought Power to Overturn Votes. Rusty Bowers Said No;
Three GOP Attorneys General Sue Biden Over Minimum Wage Hike For Federal Contractors;
Trump and allies try to redefine racism by casting White men as victims; Republicans, Wooing Trump Voters, Make Fauci Their Boogeyman;
Heritage Foundation, former powerhouse of GOP policy, adjusts in face of new competition from Trump allies;
House committee in Florida passes 'Don't Say Gay' bill; Tennessee pastor burns 'witchcraft' 'Harry Potter,' 'Twilight' books;
Virginia lawmakers strike down voting rights, same-sex marriage language proposals;
'Blue' suburban moms are mobilizing to counter conservatives in fights over masks, book bans and diversity education;
Hawley proved he's not just antidemocratic in coup attempt. He's also a sloppy lawyer;
One Menacing Call After Another: Threats Against Lawmakers Surge;
Deputy Va. attorney general resigns after revelation of Facebook posts praising Jan. 6 rioters, claiming Trump won election;
Arizona Senate candidate, Jim Lamon, releases 'Super Bowl ad' showing armed 'showdown' with Dem leaders;
Officers charged in George Floyd's killing omitted key details from the scene, Minneapolis officer testifies;
Minneapolis suspends use of no-knock warrants as scrutiny of contentious police tactic mounts;
Police fatally shot at least 1,055 people in 2021; Fight crime or reform policing? As homicides spike, mayors nationwide insist they can do both;
Trump news and investigation
Trump White House staffers frequently put important documents into 'burn bags' and sent them to the Pentagon for incineration;
Inside Trump's relentless document destruction habits: 'He never stopped ripping things up'; White House record boxes recovered at Trump's Mar-a-Lago;
Trump improperly removed boxes of records from White House, according to people familiar with National Archives visit to Mar-a-Lago;
Archives asks Justice Department to investigate Trump’s handling of White House records; Archives Found Possible Classified Material in Boxes Returned by Trump;
Haberman's new book, "Confidence Man," claims Wads of printed paper regularly clogged White House toilet during Trump era;
Trump went after 'Old Crow Mitch McConnell' in a statement issued after Pence said the former president was 'wrong';
Trump slams McConnell's criticism of RNC censure resolution;
Mich. prosecutor says Giuliani asked him to hand over voting machines as Trump team worked to fuel fraud claims in rural county;
Email reveals Trump ally involvement in voting machine seizure push;
Ex-Trump adviser falsely claims states are rationing covid treatments by race;
Erik Prince Helped Raise Money for Conservative Spy Venture;
Esper Memoir of Trump Tenure to Move Ahead After Legal Battle Ends;
Capital Riot and fallout
Trump's Missing Call Logs Present a Challenge for Jan. 6 Investigators; Phone, email records for lawyer of Bannon, Giuliani sought by Justice Dept.;
In Scrutinizing Trump and His Allies, Jan. 6 Panel Adopts Prosecution Tactics; What the January 6th Papers Reveal;
Jan. 6 Inquiry Subpoenas Navarro, Who Worked to Overturn Election;
Government Reveals Trove of Evidence in First Jan. 6 Trial;
U.S. Covid Death Toll Surpasses 900,000 as Omicron's Spread Slows; Covid isn't gone. Frustrated Americans are moving on anyway;
Evidence Suggests Omicron Waning In US; World marks 500,000 covid deaths since omicron, while Fauci says U.S. is exiting 'full blown' pandemic;
Half the world is now fully vaccinated. But the global divide is stark, experts say; Hong Kong rolls out 'stringent' restrictions as new infections hit record;
Covid deaths highest in a year as omicron hits unvaccinated and elderly; Omicron subvariant BA.2 is rising. What do we know about it?
COVID-19 vaccine production quietly suspended at Johnson & Johnson;
CDC study shows Boosters' effectiveness wanes after 4 months, but the shots still showed sturdy protection against hospitalization;
Coronavirus vaccine for young children further delayed as FDA says it will wait for data on three doses;
Why the COVID tests in your mailbox might not work; Are app-based home coronavirus tests worth it? We tested them to find out;
Va. Supreme Court dismisses lawsuit against Gov. Youngkin's mask-optional order on technical grounds;
Nurses say they were fired for raising safety concerns;
LA lawmakers move to strip sheriff of COVID-19 vaccine mandate enforcement;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
Fatal Force: Police shootings database;
Biden Administration Forms Cyber Safety Review Board with Private Sector; Senators want more transparency about CIA program that included bulk data collection;
Russia's cyberattacks on Ukraine could spread to other countries; U.S. intelligence report details 'indirect' Russian government support for Western neofascist groups;
News Corp Says Hackers Linked to China Accessed Journalists' Emails; On the Irish Health Services Executive Hack;
Despite the hype, iPhone security no match for NSO spyware; What you can learn from the $324M Wormhole blockchain hack; gathers lots of data besides face scans, including locations. Scammers still have found a way around it;
Breaking 256-bit Elliptic Curve Encryption with a Quantum Computer;
Bunnie Huang's Plausibly Deniable Database;
Amy Zegart on Spycraft in the Internet Age;
Math and science
European scientists in 'landmark' nuclear fusion breakthrough; Major breakthrough on nuclear fusion energy;
Harvard Scientists Invented "Biohybrid" Fish With Human Heart;
Mountain glaciers may have less ice than previously estimated, straining freshwater supply;
New Florida International University Facility To Test Strength Of 200 Mph Winds;
An Ancient Language Has Defied Translation for 100 Years. Can AI Crack the Code?
The Last Known Ship of the US Slave Trade;
Web, computing, technology and social media issues to drop facial recognition requirement for all state and federal agencies after backlash over IRS plan;
Meta Rethinking Policy of Banning Political Ads Close to Elections; Meta to Launch 'Personal Boundary' Tool for Users of Virtual Reality Platforms;
U.K.'s Competition Regulator Fines Meta $2 Million Related to Giphy Probe; EU Antitrust Chief Wants Details on Metaverse Before Considering Regulation;
Facebook Says It May Withdraw Services in Europe Without Data Transfer Rules;
Kids are flocking to Facebook's 'metaverse.' Experts worry predators will follow.; Religious Leaders Ask Zuckerberg to Drop Plans for Kids' Version of Instagram;
Facebook's Oversight Board Wants Ban on Sharing Private Home Addresses;
Parler announces social media 'special arrangement' with Melania Trump;
TikTok Announces New Safety Features Aimed at Younger Users;
SC News and Politics
Citadel alum who wrote racist social post no longer employed at Liberty University;
Charleston approves amended racial conciliation commission;
Nikki Haley's Clueless New Trump Defense Trashed On Twitter;

Business and Economics
Prices rose again in January, up 7.5% compared to a year ago, inflation's fastest pace in 40 years; US 10-year debt yield jumps to 2% after inflation data;
US Trade Deficit Rose 27% To Record $859B Last Year; Fed's Bostic says more than 3 hikes possible this year, but needs to see how economy responds;
The U.S. Is Considering a Radical Rethinking of the Dollar for Today's Digital World;
Despite omicron surge, businesses desperate to find and keep workers;
Biden To Propose 4.6% Pay Hike For Federal Workers;
Biden administration plan calls for $5 billion network of electric vehicle chargers along interstates; $5B Available To States For EV Charging Stations;
Appropriators reach 'framework' deal on fiscal 2022 spending;
A Normal Supply Chain is Unlikely' in 2022; Oil And Gas Execs Say Consumers Can Expect Years Of High Energy Prices;
US, Japan Reach Deal To Lift Tariff On Imported Steel;
Automakers, Chip Firms Differ On When Semiconductor Shortage Will Abate;
Auto Industry Could Halt In Days If Protests Continue To Halt Traffic At US-Canada Border;
Hybrids, EVs Accounted For 11% Of US Vehicles Sales In Q4 2021;
Nissan To Stop Most Development Of New Gasoline Engines; GM Plans Six-fold Increase In 2022 Electric Truck, SUV Production;
Frontier, Spirit announce merger to create fifth-largest U.S. airline;
Comcast's NBCUniversal is near a deal to shift content from Hulu to its Peacock streaming platform;
California Agency Sues Tesla Alleging Discrimination Against Black Workers;
Apple to turn iPhones into payment terminals in fintech push; Apple breaks ties with 12 suppliers over concerns about 'conflict minerals' violations;
For the first time, a home in Florida will be sold as an NFT;
How to Handle Taxes After AT&T's Spinoff of WarnerMedia;
IRS to abandon facial recognition plan after firestorm of criticism;
Amazon Prime: How to keep the $119 rate;
Chinese tennis star says she wasn't sexually assaulted, announces retirement;
Ukrainian calls for 'No war in Ukraine,' challenging IOC rules on demonstrations;
Other news
How Supreme Court diversity has shaped American life, visualized;
The 1918 flu didn't end in 1918. Here's what its third year can teach us;
Why many immigrants believe the 'big lie' — and will again;
How a Butterfly Refuge at the Texas Border Became the Target of Far-Right Lies;
The Books That Schools Want to Ban;

New Carnegie College Classification To Reflect Social, Economic Mobility; Education Department Updates College Scorecard;
Colleges Struggle To Constrain Tuition Costs As Inflation Increases; Colleges Increasing Tuition Due To Inflation May Intensify Student Debt Crisis;
Report Finds College Enrollment Continues to Decrease As Free Tuition, Loan Forgiveness Stall; Student Loan Debt Is Influencing How Students Value College Degrees;
Community Colleges Struggle To Provide Skilled Trade Courses Due To Underfunding; Study: Thousands Of Students Are Missing Out On College Grants;
Chicago Program Focuses On Supporting Single Mothers While They Finish College; Indiana Education Commissioner Says Colleges Need To Prove Their Value;
Teachers Are Leaving and Few People Want to Join the Field; University Of Minnesota-Twin Cities To Keep ACT/SAT Test Scores Optional Through 2023;
First Lady "Disappointed" That Community College Provision Excluded From Build Back Better;
Former Adviser Alleges Online College Recruited Unprepared Students To Profit Off Financial Aid;
VMI will change honor system that expels Black cadets at disproportionate rates;
HBCU Leaders Claim Black History Lessons Are Under Attack;
Spelman College Receives Another Bomb Threat As HBCUs Continue To Receive Threats; Students Worried As Nearly 20 Bomb Threats Target HBCUs In One Month;
Analysis Highlights What College Students Think About Cancel Culture, Free Speech In Academia;
Fresno State "Stonewalled" Release Of Sexual Harassment Investigation Reports, Sought NDAs;
Universities Close, Transform Bookstores Due To Financial, Management Issues;
Florida Bill Proposes Public Colleges Must Change Accreditors Every Five Years; Florida Senate Approves Proposal Concealing Information On University Presidential Searches;
University Of Alabama Reconsiders Keeping Former Klansman's Name On Campus Building;
Conservative-led school board fires superintendent after allegations of private ultimatum, teacher protest;

TechNews for the week: February 4; February 2; January 31;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Russia's risky options beyond full Ukraine attack; As Russian Troops Mass in Belarus, a Ukraine Border Is Largely Undefended;
U.S. Sanctions Aimed at Russia Could Take a Wide Toll; Ukraine sends U.S. senators 4 specific requests on Russia sanctions, military aid;
Lavrov: Russia to challenge NATO on security pledge; U.S., Russia clash sharply over Ukraine at U.N. Security Council meeting;
Obscure but Crucial Commodity Fuels Geopolitical Tussle in Eastern Europe; Russia relocates naval exercise near Ireland after Irish fishermen said they would disrupt it;
Putin says U.S. and NATO have ignored Russian concerns, as he publicly addresses tensions with West for first time this year;
Finland prepares response to Russia's security demands, says foreign minister;
NATO forces unite, grow as Putin tries to push them away; Belarusian leader's closer ties to Putin could sway Russia's calculus on Ukraine;
U.S. will send thousands of military reinforcements to Eastern Europe as NATO shores up defenses amid ongoing standoff with Russia;
U.S. to allege that Russia plans to stage attack and create pretext for Ukraine invasion; Putin Signals Openness to Diplomacy While Blaming U.S. for Crisis;
Israeli foreign minister's Ukraine-Russia comments spark diplomatic spat; Turkey, a Sometimes Wavering NATO Ally, Backs Ukraine;
Xi meets Putin in show of solidarity as U.S. warns against helping Russia evade Ukraine-linked sanctions;
China-Russia ties: as the West forces them together, Xi and Putin show up for each other; Living by the Code: In China, Covid-Era Controls May Outlast the Virus;
Taiwan Is Not Ukraine;
North Korea's Latest Missile Test Appears to Be Its Boldest in Years;
Macron tells Iran's Raisi nuclear talks need to speed up; IAEA says Iran moves centrifuge-parts production out of disputed workshop;
Qatar's top envoy visits Iran as Tehran and Washington consider direct nuclear talks;
Report: MBS personally called Netanyahu to intervene after Israel blocked Saudi access to a military-grade spyware program;
Israeli military disciplines three officers in death of elderly Palestinian American; Israel's top Arab police officer resigns amid investigation;
Israel pushes ahead with deal to authorize West Bank outpost;
Letter: From Jerusalem to London to New York: Time to face truth of Apartheid; Israel calls on Amnesty not to release apartheid report;
'Apartheid state': Israel's fears over image in US are coming to pass; A Jewish Teacher Criticized Israel. She Was Fired;
Lebanon slips further into Iran's orbit as Hariri bows out; Minister says Lebanon will not 'hand over' Hezbollah arms at Gulf meeting;
U.S. military raid kills ISIS leader Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi in Syria; As Biden watched, leader of ISIS blew himself and family up;
US sending fighter jets, warship to UAE amid Houthi attacks;
Qatar's emir visits White House, as Biden may need help with natural gas for Europe; Qatar's foreign minister rules out normalization with Israel, Syria;
U.S. Blocks $130 Million in Aid for Egypt Over Rights Abuses;
China pours money into Iraq as US retreats from Middle East;
In Germany's east, far-right extremists find footholds in escalating anti-vaccine protests;
London's status as a playground for Kremlin-linked oligarchs undermines Britain’s tough-on-Russia stance;
Venezuelan migrants being sent to Colombia under Biden's new border plan;
'Fringe ideas' are going mainstream in US politics. That's a danger to democracy, extremism experts say;
Infrastructure programs on hold until Congress passes budget to fund them;
Biden's Limited Legislative Successes Due To "Threadbare Margins, Not Left-Wing Overreach";
Biden begins crackdown on power plant pollution with reversal of Trump stance on mercury;
Democrats want to pass a skinnier Build Back Better, but Manchin seems more interested in tackling election reform first;
Manchin Says Build Back Better Act Is "Dead"; Billionaire GOP donor maxed out to Manchin following his Build Back Better opposition;
Pressure Building On Lawmakers To Reach Government Spending Deal; Democrats, GOP set to huddle on deal to fund government, avert shutdown;
Senators close in on 'mother of all sanctions' bill against Russia;
House passes sweeping China competition bill;
Federal court blocks Texas from enforcing anti-Israel boycott law;
F.D.A. Nominee Faces Steep Climb to Senate Confirmation;
Lisa Cook could soon become the first Black woman on the Fed. Republicans say she's not qualified;
Republicans Weigh How Forcefully to Fight a Black Female Court Nominee;
White House rebukes GOP senator who said pick for Supreme Court will be 'beneficiary' of affirmative action;
Sen. Graham (R-S.C.) praises a Supreme Court nominee Biden is considering, signaling potential bipartisan support;
Gorsuch to headline GOP lineup of speakers at Federalist Society; media barred from his speech;
Critics say Ginni Thomas's activism is a Supreme Court conflict. Under court rules, only her husband can decide if that's true;
New Emails Suggest Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Was Communicating With Ron DeSantis — For Some Strange Reason;
Republican-led states rush to pass antiabortion bills before Supreme Court rules on Roe;
Wisconsin judge sides with Republicans on absentee-ballot drop boxes; Pa. court strikes down state's mail-in voting law, in a win for Republicans;
Report blasts 'brazen' new congressional district maps; This is gerrymandering at its worst. It doesn't have to be this way;
In North Carolina, a Pitched Battle Over Gerrymanders and Justices; Can You Gerrymander Your Party to Power?
The newest Republican defense of bad NC maps might be the most absurd;
Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers didn't just kill a bill to veto our vote. He stoned the thing;
Cyber Ninjas CEO Refuses To Comply With Order To Turn Over Records From Arizona Audit;
Georgia county purges Democrats from election board and cancels Sunday voting;
Campaigning to Oversee Elections, While Denying the Last One;
The US state that fought back after Republicans tried to rig its elections ;
Michigan GOP governor candidate said rape victims shouldn’t have abortions;
Republicans who impeached Trump outpace challengers in latest fundraising haul;
Republicans rebuke Liz Cheney in unprecedented moves; GOP Sen. Cassidy questions RNC censure of Kinzinger, Cheney; Romney rips GOP censure effort;
New Jersey officials said hate was spiking. The FBI said numbers had fallen. It depends on what you count;
Psaki accuses Hawley of 'parroting Russian talking points';
Sarah Palin's libel trial against New York Times begins, a culture clash with lasting legal potential;
Trump news and investigation
Trump says Ukraine-Russia crisis is a 'European problem' and Russia 'owns Germany' because of Nord Stream 2 pipeline;
Trump Had Role in Weighing Proposals to Seize Voting Machines; Memos Show Roots of Trump's Focus on Jan. 6 and Alternate Electors;
Trump's latest claim that election could have been 'overturned' looms over electoral count debate in Congress;
Pence says Trump is 'wrong' to claim that the vice president could have overturned the election;
Alexander Vindman sues Trump Jr. and Giuliani, alleging retaliation over first Trump impeachment proceedings;
Trump creates new Jan. 6 headaches for GOP;
Georgia prosecutor asks for FBI protection after Trump rails against probe;
Capital Riot and fallout
Trump suggests that if he is reelected, he will pardon Jan. 6 Capitol rioters; Some Trump records sent to the Jan. 6 committee were torn up and taped back together;
January 6 committee subpoenaed Arizona GOP chair Kelli Ward, who told election officials in the state 'we need you to stop counting the votes';
US Senate candidate Jim Lamon explains why he falsely claimed to be an Arizona elector;
Secret Service alleges Kansas man who made Biden death threat said he was 'coming for' the president;
Moderna's vaccine receives full FDA approval; Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine for children under 5 could be available by the end of February;
The U.S. surgeon general tells parents that Pfizer's vaccine for young children will get a rigorous F.D.A. review. ;
The CDC is finally recognizing 'natural immunity' — legislators should follow suit;
Most Americans not 'done with COVID'; More nations ease restrictions;
Army to immediately start discharging vaccine refusers;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
European Oil Port Terminals Hit by Cyberattack; White House Cybersecurity Official to discuss Ukraine cyber security with European allies;
The Battle for the World's Most Powerful Cyberweapon; Israel Using Pegasus Spyware as Part of Its National Security Strategy;
Surveillance firm behind Pegasus spyware offered 'bags of cash' for access to global cellular networks; Second Israeli Company Exploited iPhone Security Flaw;
Despite Decades of Hacking Attacks, Companies Leave Vast Amounts of Sensitive Data Unprotected;
Consumers Report $770 Million in Losses to Social Media Scams in 2021; FTC Issues Report About Increase in Scams Originating on Social Media;
Kaspersky stopped more than 30,000 attempts to use the Log4Shell exploit in January;
Dronemaker that supplies U.S. law enforcement agencies obscured ties to Chinese state funding;
More companies are using multi-factor authentication. Hackers are looking for a way to beat it;
Finding Vulnerabilities in Open Source Projects;
The EARN IT Act Is Back; App Store Monopolies and Security;
Twelve-Year-Old Linux Vulnerability Discovered and Patched;
Math and science
James Webb Space Telescope Focuses On Star In The Big Dipper; Patterns In Mars Crater Indicate Planet's History;
NASA says When the International Space Station retires, it will plunge into the ocean to die;
Universities Use Drones Project To Study Impacts Of Colorado's Marshall Fire;
University Of Maryland Team Create Working Drone Based On Leonardo Da Vinci's Design;
Engineers Developing Potential Way To Deliver mRNA Vaccines Without Needles;
Euler's 243-Year-Old 'Impossible' Puzzle Gets a Quantum Solution; The Texas Oil Heir Who Took On Math's Impossible Dare;
Why Isn't This Map in the History Books?
Five Excellent Science Books You Should Read;
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
Appeals Court Allows California to Keep Enforcing Net Neutrality Law;
French Court Approves $112 Million Privacy Fine Against Google; German Court Rules for Politician Seeking Personal Data on Facebook Users;
Putin Orders Kremlin to Review System to Ban 'Toxic' Internet Content; Indian Officials Criticize Social Media Services for Not Removing Fake News;
Facebook loses users for the first time in its history;
Best password manager to use for 2022; 8 settings you need to change if you're still using Windows 10;
Chats are the new letters. Here's how to preserve them accordingly; How to use Google Translate to translate your Microsoft Office documents;
Download Wordle to your phone to keep playing for free;
SC News and Politics
SC candidate for governor says he's switching parties after $15 wage split;
Clyburn Pushes His Pick for Supreme Court, Testing His Sway With Biden;

Business and Economics
U.S. stocks end January on a high note, but still chalk up worst month since March 2020;
U.S. National Debt Hits $30 Trillion for First Time;
ADP says U.S. companies shed 301,000 jobs in January as omicron surged; U.S. economy added 467,000 jobs in January as omicron hit every corner of the country;
4.3 million Americans quit jobs in December as omicron variant surged, with millions of workers falling ill or caring for others;
Goldman Sachs Cuts US GDP Forecast To 3.2% For This Year; Fed's dilemma: Raising rates without hurting the economy;
Meta plunges and sets off Wall Street's worst drop in nearly a year; Government bond markets sell off as traders crank up bets on rate rises;
Flush With Tax Revenue, Pandemic Aid, States Eye Tax Cuts;
Bridge Collapse In Pittsburgh Highlights Deteriorating State Of American Infrastructure; White House Issues Guide To Receiving Infrastructure Funding;
Two Critical Supply Shortages That Could Eviscerate The Global Econopmy; Supply Chain Woes Prompts Companies To Ditch "Just-In-Time" Strategy;
Physical Jobs Could Soon Involve Autonomous Machines;
Alphabet's Sidewalk Labs Startup SIP Pursuing Smart City Projects; The Ticking Clock for Miami's Condo Empire;
Migrant Worker's Tale of Inequality Grips China, Then Is Erased;
Ford, GM Expected To Be More Cautious In 2022 Outlook In ICE-EV Transition; CEO Says Self-Driving, Robots Will Become More Important For Tesla Than Cars;
Study Finds EV Charging Networks In US Are Maturing, But Challenges Remain;
Facebook's Cryptocurrency Project Sold To Silvergate;
Taxpayers alarmed by IRS notice asking them to resend their 2020 returns; The IRS already has all your income tax data – so why do Americans still have to file their taxes?;
How to file your taxes online without hurting your wallet or your privacy;
The 7 Best Exercises if You Have Lower Back Pain;
Other news
Why Would a Marine Call Himself a 'Racketeer for Capitalism'? He Spent 25 Years Infiltrating Nazis, the Klan, and Biker Gangs;
The New Wave of Holocaust Revisionism;
The Decline of Historical Thinking;
How Trump Coins Became an Internet Sensation;

Public education faces crisis of epic proportions amid pandemic, culture wars; Surveys Show Colleges Face IT Difficulties Due To Pandemic, Pay Disparities;
State Spending On Higher Education Increases After Reversal Of Pandemic-Induced Cuts; Florida Governor Announces $89 Million Investment In Workforce Education;
University Mistakenly Tells 5,500 Students They Won Huge Scholarships; Colleges Continue To Send Mistaken Acceptances;
New Virginia AG: State Public Colleges, Universities Cannot Require COVID-19 Vaccine; Uncertainty Surrounds Spending Of Mississippi Universities' Pandemic Relief;
Va. judge issues temporary restraining order barring enforcement of governor's mask-optional policy for schools;
Report: College Completion Rates Reach 62.2%; When a sudden, small expense threatens an entire college career;
GAO Report Outlines Difficulties ED Will Face When Student Loan Payments Resume; More Companies Consider Helping Their Workers Pay Student Loans;
Democrats Propose Ban On Legacy Admissions To Colleges; CUNY Community Colleges Experience Declining Enrollment;
North Carolina Community Colleges Face Student Mental Health Challenges; UCLA Students Stage Sit-In, Demanding Online Options;
Brown University President Defends Affirmative Action, Legacy Admissions; Calls Restricting China Ties To Universities A "Huge Mistake";
At Least Six HBCUs Receive Bomb Threats; Multiple HBCUs Hit With Bomb Threats Tuesday For Second Day In A Row;
'Maus' author sees school board's ban of Holocaust graphic novel as 'red alert'; Georgetown Suspends Lecturer Who Criticized Vow to Put Black Woman on Court;
Florida Professors Who Teach About Race Worry About Anti-CRT Bills; University Of Mississippi Law School Offers State's Only Class On Critical Race Theory;
Education Department Launches Investigation Into Antisemitism At Brooklyn College;
Researchers Create New Metric On How To Identify Rural-Serving Colleges;
Instructors Express Fewer Concerns Over Online Cheating;
Florida Bill May Shield University Presidential Searches From Public;
Virginia AG Names Wife Of GOP Donor To George Mason's Interim Top Lawyer Position;
Florida State University Temporarily Closes Building Following Report Linking Facility To Faculty Deaths;