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TechNews for the week: March 25; March 23; March 21;

Chronology Ukraine/Russia war
Inside the cutting-edge Switchblade drones the U.S. is shipping to Ukraine; Slovakia starts deploying Patriot air defence system - minister;
Evacuees from besieged Mariupol describe horrors of Russian attacks; Russian forces in Mariupol, hindering rescues;
A legacy of 'secrecy and deception': Why Russia clings to an outlawed chemical arsenal;
As Russia shells civilian targets, Zelensky steps up diplomatic efforts; Russia's war for Ukraine could be headed toward stalemate;
Deadly Strike on Ukraine Barracks Punctuates Russian Military Gains;
An elite Ukrainian drone unit exploits the cover of night to destroy Russian tanks and trucks while their soldiers sleep;
US fears Russia could develop 'concentration camps';
Ukraine rejects Russia's call to surrender Mariupol. One in four have been forced from their homes;
Study concludes Ukraine has 'defeated the initial Russian campaign'; Military briefing: Russian losses mask Ukraine's vulnerabilities;
Putin's war propaganda becomes 'patriotic' lessons in Russian schools; Tens Of Thousands Of Young IT, Creative Professionals Fleeing Russia;
Zelensky says some cities bombed beyond recognition; What's happening in Mariupol, the Ukrainian city under Russian siege;
Life underground: Ukrainian families make new homes in the subway;
The Smaller Bombs That Could Turn Ukraine Into a Nuclear War Zone;
Javelin missiles are helping Ukraine wreak havoc on Russian troops; How Ukraine's Outgunned Air Force Is Fighting Back Against Russian Jets;
Pro-Kremlin Tabloid Briefly Reports Massive Russian Casualty Number, Citing Putin's Defense Ministry;
Ukrainian peace negotiators 'unprepared' for KGB tactics of Russia’s bully boys;
Historic synagogue in Kyiv has spent $2 million evacuating Ukrainians from war's hot spots;
The heads begin to roll in Russia; Russia's defence minister resurfaces after dropping out of view;
State Department says U.S. concludes Russian military has committed war crimes in Ukraine;
NYT investigation reveals Ukrainians mocked Russian troops while jamming their unsecured radio networks;
Top Russian military leaders repeatedly declined calls from U.S. counterparts, raising fears of a major miscalculation or battlefield accident;
Ukraine says Russian landing ship destroyed; Russian soldiers ran over their commander, apparently blaming him for heavy losses in Ukraine;
Russia says main goal is Donbass, suggesting scaled-back ambitions in Ukraine;
War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Russia may not stop with Ukraine – NATO looks to its weakest link; Pope Deplores the War in Ukraine but Not the Aggressor;
Sanctioned Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich's $600 million superyacht is cruising off Turkey's coast after 8 days' sailing without a destination;
Second Abramovich superyacht docks in sanctions-free Turkey; Russian Crew of Mystery 'Putin Yacht' Just Vanished Overnight in Tuscany;
Report: Sanctioned oligarch Alisher Usmanov, the 5th-richest person in Russia, previously transferred his assets to trusts and doesn't own them anymore;
Russia's top central banker tried to quit over the Ukraine invasion — Putin wouldn't let her;
Who is Anatoly Chubais, the highest official to leave Kremlin since invasion?
Russian court sentences Kremlin critic Navalny to nine more years in prison on fraud conviction;
U.S. ambassador demanded Moscow follow international law in meeting with Russian government;
Putin ally warns of nuclear dystopia due to United States; Kremlin summons U.S. ambassador amid threat of ‘breach’ in bilateral relations;
Putin's foreign minister says freezing Russia's currency reserves was 'thievery' and that the Kremlin didn't expect such harsh sanctions;
Russian climate envoy reportedly quits, would be 'highest-level official' to split with Kremlin over Ukraine war;
Putin plans to attend G-20 summit despite calls to exclude him;
U.S. Makes Contingency Plans in Case Russia Uses Its Most Powerful Weapons; Russian agents charged with targeting U.S. nuclear plant, Saudi oil refinery;
Russian oil sale to India complicates Biden's efforts; Iran ready to meet India's energy needs, Tehran envoy tells New Delhi;
White House believes Russia is seeing a big drop in oil sales, imperiling key source of funding;
U.S., Europe Closing In on Deal to Cut Demand for Russian Energy;
Iran's Revolutionary Guards tout missile prowess at Doha exhibition; Under sweeping sanctions, Iran hawks its weapons in Qatar;
Iraqi Kurdish oil tycoon's home in ruins after Iran strike;
Iran's foreign minister says Riyadh sending mixed messages on normalisation; US official: Biden fortified Saudi's Patriot missile supply;
Leaders of Israel, U.A.E. and Egypt Meet for Their First Summit;
Xi says improper handling of Taiwan issues will hit China-U.S. ties; U.S. admiral says China fully militarized isles; Beijing says it has right to develop South China Sea islands;
Taiwanese now believe Japan is more likely than US to send troops if mainland China attacked ;
Defying China's Censors to Urge Beijing to Denounce Russia's War; China's Vice Foreign Minister blames NATO for war in Ukraine;
Beijing doubles down on Ukraine biolab disinformation;
Boeing 737 plane crashes into mountains in China's Guangxi region; 132 aboard;
North Korea fires a suspected long-range ballistic missile, Japanese Defense Ministry says, with potential to reach U.S. mainland;
Religion-Fueled Mobs on the Rise Again in Pakistan;
Taliban reopens Afghan schools — except for girls after sixth grade; US cancels Taliban talks after girls barred from school;
Afghanistan's last finance minister, now a D.C. Uber driver, ponders what went wrong;
Kremlin behind hoax calls to two UK cabinet ministers, says Downing Street;
Biden Says Putin Has Chosen 'Catastrophic' War Over Diplomacy; For the U.S., a Tenuous Balance in Confronting Russia; How US, allies united to punish Putin;
Russia's aggression in Ukraine in 2014 and 2015 is shaping Biden's actions; Ukraine Reminds Georgia of Its Own War With Russia. That Creates a Dilemma;
Brazil's Bolsonaro uses Ukraine war to justify exploiting Indigenous land;
With Zero Notice, U.K. Ferry Company Lays Off 800 Workers via Video;
World Trade Organization denies Belarus application for membership;
Biden to head to Europe as Poland announces it will expel 45 Russians 'pretending to be diplomats'; Divisions emerge within NATO about how to deter Russia;
Finland's people now strongly back joining NATO, poll says, a massive political shift that would enrage Russia;
Biden supports expelling Russia from Group of 20 nations as punishment for invasion of Ukraine;
U.S. to accept 100,000 refugees fleeing Russian invasion of Ukraine; Russians are blocked at US border, Ukrainians are admitted;
Biden Embraces Deficit Reduction As He Prepares To Release 2023 Spending Plan; Schumer working with GOP to try to get deal on coronavirus aid;
Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas hospitalized with infection, will miss some oral arguments this week;
Justice Clarence Thomas' Wife Ginni Urged Mark Meadows to Overturn 2020 Election, Texts Reveal;
Clarence Thomas was the lone dissent in the Supreme Court's January order rejecting Trump's bid to withhold documents from the January 6 panel;
Women's March pushes for impeachment of Justice Thomas over wife's texts; Supreme Court's Clarence Thomas released from hospital after week-long stay;
Supreme Court turns away Wisconsin GOP challenge to congressional map; Supreme Court says death-row inmate is entitled to pastor's touch at execution;
Kavanaugh fight casts long shadow over Jackson hearing;
Supreme Court nominee Jackson tells Senate her judicial philosophy is to be independent;
4 takeaways from Ketanji Brown Jackson's confirmation hearing; Ted Cruz told Jackson that Bushrod Washington was not 'controversial.' He was a slaveholder;
Takeaways from Day 2 of Jackson's hearings; GOP drops any subtlety in centering the Jackson nomination fight on race;
Sen. Ted Cruz repeatedly defies Sen. Dick Durbin's pleas to stop questioning Ketanji Brown Jackson after his time expired;
Tensions between senators boiled over repeatedly — plus other takeaways from Ketanji Brown Jackson's third day of Supreme Court confirmation hearings;
Supreme Court nominee Jackson says she would recuse herself from Harvard affirmative action case;
Judging a Judge on Race and Crime, G.O.P. Plays to Base and Fringe; QAnon Cheers Republican Attacks on Jackson. Democrats See a Signal;
Hearings conclude as witnesses praise Jackson's 'impeccable' credentials; GOP shoots down Supreme Court boycott;
Republican Sen. Mike Braun says Supreme Court should leave decisions on interracial marriage, abortion to the states;
The 9/11 Trial: Why Are Plea Bargain Talks Underway?
Researchers warn that Christian nationalists are becoming more radical and are targeting voting;
Mail Ballot Rejections Surge in Texas, With Signs of a Race Gap;
Mark Meadows's wife appears to have filed three false voter forms;
As GOP lawmakers push for more election fraud charges, prosecutors find few cases;
Building on anti-mask activism, far-right groups pivot from mandates to midterms;
Republicans, after years of pushing for softer criminal sentences, return to law-and-order posture;
Idaho Governor Calls Abortion Law 'Unwise' but Signs It Anyway;
Marjorie Taylor Greene says she is 'threatened' by trans women; Kansas Senate advances anti-LGBTQ+ legislation;
Rep. Brooks (R-AL) vows to not back McConnell as leader amid Trump criticism; Texas Democrat speeding up departure from Congress;
Nebraska Rep. Jeff Fortenberry found guilty of lying to the FBI;
Group Wanted to Kidnap Michigan Governor and Block Biden's Election, Plotter Says ;
As gun ownership rises, Georgia looks to loosen restrictions: It's the 'wild, wild West';
Nearly half the country requires no permit to carry a concealed weapon — and it's a growing trend;
Drones, robots, license plate readers: Police grapple with community concerns as they turn to tech for their jobs;
Trump news and investigation
Controversial Saudi-Backed Tournament Reportedly To Be Held At Trump Golf Course ;
House Republican Says Trump Asked Him to Illegally 'Rescind' 2020 Election; Trump withdraws endorsement of 'woke' Mo Brooks;
Walker, Perdue, Greene, Clyde to speak at Trump rally in Georgia;
A top prosecutor who abruptly left the Manhattan DA's office said in his resignation letter there's 'no doubt' that Trump committed 'numerous' felonies;
Trump lawyer urges appeals court to block House from getting tax returns; Trump sues Hillary Clinton, DNC over Russian collusion allegations;
Filmmaker who documented Russia's propaganda says Trump 'fits neatly' into Moscow's narrative as the only US leader who 'wasn't trying to destroy the Russian way of life';
Capital Riot and fallout
Cowboys for Trump founder Couy Griffin guilty in first Jan. 6 misdemeanor trial; Capitol riot suspect who fled to Belarus granted asylum, state media says;
Alex Jones said he was too sick for a deposition — then taped his show;
January 6 committee has text messages between Ginni Thomas and Mark Meadows; Committee debating bringing Ginni Thomas before the panel for questions;
Jan. 6 Panel Warns of Contempt Charges Against Two More Trump Allies;
A new COVID variant is spreading across the U.S.; Latest version of omicron variant accounts for most new covid infections in many parts of the U.S., genomics testing shows;
BA.2 Now Responsible For A Third Of US COVID Cases Amid Overall Decline;
Some Worry State Moves To End Daily COVID-19 Reporting Will Obscure Pandemic Data; U.S. has run out of money to buy a potential fourth dose of vaccine for all Americans;
Long covid could change the way researchers study chronic illness; Covid infection associated with a greater chance of Type 2 diabetes, review of patient records show;
Study: COVID Disproportionately Impacted Black, Latino Students;
Data Suggest Johnson & Johnson Vaccine More Effective Than Thought; Moderna says its coronavirus vaccine for young children is safe, but efficacy is a more complicated picture;
Study finds AstraZeneca COVID drug neutralizes Omicron variants;
A small lab got $187 million for coronavirus testing before the government cut it off over safety risks;
State, Local Governments Spent Pandemic Money On Hotel, Ballpark, Kennedy Senate Center;
Shanghai's Disney resort shut amid record daily local COVID infections;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
President Warns Of Potential Russian Cyberattacks; Many Business Leaders Confused By Warnings Of Russian Cyberattacks;
Israel kept potent Pegasus spyware from Ukraine and Estonia over fear of upsetting Russia;
Experts Say Experts Say US Oil And Gas Industry Particularly Vulnerable To Cyberattacks;
Microsoft internal source code reportedly leaked by hackers; Ransomware Group Uses Microsoft Flaws, AI Images In Campaign Of Cyberattacks;
FBI Report: Internet Crime Losses Rose to $6.9 Billion in 2021; Health Data Of Nearly 50M People In US Breached Last Year;
Authentication Services Provider Otka Investigating Report of Breach; Security Breach Impacted Possibly Hundreds of Customers;
AI Poses Unique Risk For Cybersecurity At Financial Institutions;
NASA’s Insider Threat Program; Developer Sabotages Open-Source Software Package;
Linux Improves Its Random Number Generator;
Math and science
NASA Has Discovered More Than 5,000 Planets Outside Our Solar System; Solar Orbiter To Take Closest-Ever Sun Photo;
SpaceX Sets New Records For Falcon 9 Reusability, Payload Mass With Latest Starlink Launch;
It's 70 degrees warmer than normal in eastern Antarctica; Tree rings from centuries past may help reveal a warming planet's future;
Cities Lost Population In 2021, Leading To The Slowest Year Of Growth In US History;
Ohio State University Insect Collection Receives $500K Grant From National Science Foundation;
UC Berkeley Engineers Use MEMS To Reach Record LiDAR Resolution;
Researchers At MIT, Mass General Develop Robotically Guided Handheld Device For Tapping Into Blood Vessels; How algorithms guides a medical decision;
Is Geometry a Language That Only Humans Know?
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
Elon Musk's Starlink is keeping Ukrainians online when traditional Internet fails;
Some Russians are breaking through Putin's digital iron curtain; Despite Social Media Restrictions, Russia Unable to Shut Down Telegram;
China Requires Microsoft to Suspend Auto-Suggest Function in Bing; Court in Brazil Lifts Ban on Telegram After Company Said It Missed Emails;
Court Dismisses District of Columbia's Antitrust Complaint Against Amazon;
Google Will Partner With Pharmacy Providers To Allow Patients To Schedule Healthcare Appointments Through Search Engine;
Whistleblower alleges Microsoft is tied to hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign bribes;
SC News and Politics
The Citadel ends controversial sophomore shuffle;
Graham gets combative with Jackson: 'What faith are you, by the way?';
Sen. Lindsey Graham interrupted SCOTUS nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson so many times that Sen. Dick Durbin intervened to let her speak;
South Carolina candidate Katie Arrington to ex-Trump aide Mick Mulvaney: 'You really are a true piece of 's---';
South Carolina police defend killing of Black man holding wooden stake;

Business and Economics
Fed officials discuss more aggressive rate hikes to control inflation; US government debt sell-off worsens as banks predict swift Fed rate rises;
Federal Reserve Chair: Digital Currencies Will Require New Regulations;
New Unemployment Weekly Claims Lowest Since 1969; Sales of Existing Homes Fall by 7.2% in February 2022;
5 myths about oil and gas prices; AP Analysis: US Oil Industry Not Prepared To Immediately Ramp-Up; Top oil traders warn prices could breach $200 a barrel;
Russia to switch gas invoicing to roubles for European buyers; Russia chokes major oil pipeline in further threat to global supplies;
An economist explains why Saudi Arabia and China are looking to ditch the dollar in a new oil deal — and where Beijing could target next as it spreads yuan adoption;
Germany says it has clinched long-term gas supply deal with Qatar;
U.S. imports little from Ukraine and Russia, but food and farming costs are expected to rise; Wheat prices soar on Ukraine fears, but U.S. growers can't cash in;
US agrees to ease tariffs on UK steel and aluminium imports;
'Grand Theft Aero': Russia’s $10bn plane grab signals losses for lessors;
Wall Street average bonus hit record high of $257,500 last year;
Where State Farm Sees 'a Lot of Fraud,' Black Customers See Discrimination;
Public companies would be required to disclose greenhouse emissions and climate risks under a landmark SEC proposal;
AWS' Supercomputing Strategy Discussed; Alphabet Spins Off Quantum Startup Sandbox AQ;
Toshiba Shareholders Reject Company's Plan to Break Into Two Parts;
The Cost Of An EV Is Too High For Most Americans; Survey: Driverless Cars Second Most Opposed Use Of AI, With 44% Opposition;
Self-Driving Trucks To Revolutionize Industry;
VW To Invest $7.1 Billion, Add 25 New Electric Vehicles In North America; Toyota, Mazda, Subaru Bet Big On Alternative Fueled Vehicles, Such As Hydrogen;
Ford's European Output Hit By Ukraine War; Renault Resumes Production In Moscow;
Bringing Personal Finance to the Classroom for Generation Z;
Credit Companies Will Remove Stains From Repaid Medical Debts;
Important U.S. Housing Laws;
The miracle of Saint Peter's: How Jersey City produced the most unlikely Sweet 16 team; Gonzaga's Drew Timme is an NCAA basketball throwback;
How to Establish a Core Strength Routine You'll Actually Stick To; The Power of the Squat;
Other news
Ex-partner of Russian oligarch close to Putin said life in Russia was like 'The Godfather' and there was a 'lack of normal human morals';
A 1986 dystopian Russian novel basically predicted Vladimir Putin; How do we solve a problem like Putin? Five leading writers on Russia have their say;
What is an oligarch, really, and what position do they hold in Russia?
Neo-Nazis are exploiting Russia's war in Ukraine for their own purposes;

Analysis Discusses Evidence That Rating Colleges Objectively Is Impossible; USC Removes Education School From Annual Rankings Due To "History Of Inaccuracies" In Data;
Nearly 40% Of Community Colleges Have Failed To Submit Data On Possible Fake Enrollments;
California State University Drops Use Of Standardized Tests In Admissions Decisions;
Higher Education Added Over 9,000 Master’s-Degree Programs In Less Than A Decade;
Climate Change Could Threaten The Structural Soundness Of Schools Around The Country;
Department Of Labor's Planned Wage Changes Put Institutions, Employees At Odds; Adjunct Professors Push For Better Wages, Benefits In Higher Education;
Former education secretary calls for complete student loan forgiveness; New York Fed Analysis Shows Student Loan Borrowers Saved $195 Billion During Repayment Freeze;
Pandemic Relief Funding Helped HBCUs Survive, But Officials Question Future Of Support After Pandemic Ends;
Colleges Attempt To Get More Students To Fill Out FAFSA Forms;
Over Half of Students Surveyed See Coding Skills as Vital But Over a Third Lack Learning Access;
Schools nationwide are quietly removing books from their libraries; South Dakota Passes Higher Education Anti-CRT Law As Other States Weigh Bills;
Virginia College Board Picks New Leader Despite Governor Youngkin's Request;
Howard University Faculty Calls Off Strike After Tentative Labor Deal;
Analysis Discusses Economic Benefits "Cinderella" Schools In March Madness Gain;

TechNews for the week: March 18; March 16; March 14;

Chronology Ukraine/Russia war
German ex-Chancellor Schroeder meets Putin in Moscow; Russia turns to China to survive sanctions, but it won't be easy; Russia is asking China for military equipment;
Ukraine says Russia artillery hits another hospital, mosque sheltering children; Moscow warns West weapons convoys are targets;
U.S. explores sending more advanced weapons after scuttling Polish jet deal; What to know about the role Javelin antitank missiles could play in Ukraine's fight against Russia;
Slowed on the Battlefield, Russia Widens Bombardment of Ukrainian Cities; Intelligence points to more risk of Russian chemical attack;
Poland's two largest cities warn they can no longer absorb Ukrainian refugees; Russian strike on military site near Poland kills at least 35, injures 134;
Thousands protest in Melitopol after Russians reportedly abduct mayor; Ukraine accuses Russia of abducting a second mayor within days, in new phase of invasion;
Russian attacks hit at least 9 Ukrainian medical facilities, visual evidence show;
Chechen warlord Ramzan Kadyrov, a major Putin ally, claims to be personally fighting in Ukraine just outside Kyiv;
Russian missiles strike Ukrainian military range near Poland, killing dozens. Moscow promises further attacks.;
Chernobyl power line again damaged by Russia, Ukraine agency says; Russia Deploys a Mystery Munition in Ukraine;
How Kyiv's outgunned defenders have kept Russian forces from capturing the capital; European leaders travel to Kyiv as Russian siege on Ukrainian capital continues;
Putin signs law allowing seizure of foreign planes for domestic flights;
Mass graves, empty supermarkets, freezing cold: Mariupol descends into scenes of horror; Russian troops destroy theater in Mariupol where hundreds of people were sheltering;
City of Mykolaiv holds the line and delays Russian assault on Odessa;
U.N. court orders Russia to halt its invasion of Ukraine, in a largely symbolic ruling;
Five takeaways from Zelensky's virtual address to Congress; Ukraine's combat losses strike a painful chord with U.S. military veterans;
U.S. providing long-range aircraft systems, drones to Ukraine to defend itself from Russian assault; Ukraine is using western weapons to exploit Russian weaknesses;
Why Russia is deploying more troops to Ukraine; As diplomats hint of progress in talks, Pentagon warns of a potential buildup in Russian troops;
In Ukraine's Carpathian Mountains, tens of thousands find refuge;
Slovakia says it would give Ukraine its air defense systems if it gets 'proper replacement';
Russia strikes aircraft facility in Lviv, shattering city's relative peace;
War Handcuffs Russian Central Bankers Watching Demise of Economy; Why Vladimir Putin Invokes Nazis to Justify His Invasion of Ukraine;
In Ukraine's second-largest city, a furious rain of bombs and rockets takes a toll: 'There are no coffins left';
Analysis: What a Russia-Ukraine peace deal might look like; Putin's 'deeply offensive' demands for ending the war;
Russia state TV confirms death of top commander;
War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Russia says nearly half its reserves are frozen, counts on ties with China; Putin's War Sends Russians Into Exile: 'Things Will Only Get Worse';
Russian 'dark money' stretches around the globe; Putin has defeated Biden's economic deterrence;
Russia warns United States: we have the might to put you in your place; Russia quits Council of Europe rights watchdog;
Putin's speech at staged patriotic rally was abruptly cut off. The Kremlin claims it was a glitch.;
Lithuania, a Vulnerable NATO Link, Readies for Putin; Poland's Duda says NATO will have to think seriously if Putin uses chemical weapons;
U.K. vs. Oligarchs: 'The Gloves Are Now Off';
Russian Demands to Ease Sanctions Halt Nuclear Talks With Iran; Iran nuclear talks stumble as US rebuffs Russian demands;
Russia says US has guaranteed sanctions will not affect its trade with Iran; Lavrov says Russia received "written guarantees" over Iran deal;
Iran defies Western powers with work on near weapons-grade uranium; Iran's Revolutionary Guard unveils 'smart submarine';
Saudi Arabia puts 81 to death in its largest mass execution; Iran suspends talks with Saudi after mass execution;
Iran says it thwarted nuclear site sabotage it ascribes to Israel;
Missiles from Iran strike near U.S. Consulate in northern Iraq; Iran's Attack Was Response to Secret Israeli Attack on Drone Site;
Israel renews law to keep out Palestinian spouses; Portuguese officers detain rabbi, say he helped Russian billionaire;
At least 14 private jets from Russia landed in Israel in the past 10 days amid the latest round of oligarch sanctions;
Roman Abramovich's $65 million private jet apparently flew from Moscow to Israel, and then to Istanbul after his assets were frozen by UK sanctions;
As Ukraine war rages, Israel grapples with fate of oligarchs; Abramovich flies into Moscow as yachts are seized and caviar banned in hit to Russia's rich ;
Oligarchs Got Richer Despite Sanctions. Will This Time Be Different? Germany investigating Tui share transfer linked to oligarch in EU sanctions list;
U.S. Officials Say Superyacht Could be Putin's;
Impunity for War Crimes in Syria Casts a Grim Shadow Over Ukraine;
Croatia criticizes NATO after crash of Russian-made drone; Drone that crashed in Croatia carried a bomb;
Why Is Ethnic Discrimination Still Legal in Slovakia?
Two Refugees, Both on Poland's Border. But Worlds Apart;
Australia, Netherlands begin legal action against Russia over downing of Malaysia Airlines flight;
Saudi Arabia invites China's Xi to visit; China warns of retaliation if hit by Russia sanctions fallout;
China accuses Taiwan for 'taking advantage' of Ukraine crisis by giving financial aid to its refugees;
US holds military exercises in Yellow Sea amid signs N. Korea is prepping missile test;
N.Korea courts disaster with missile tests from international airport;
In northern Ethiopia Aid Workers, Found on Battlefield, Executed by Soldiers;
Biden finds hands tied on Ukraine; Biden: Putin A "Pure Thug" And A "Murderous Dictator";
Biden to travel to Europe for NATO summit as fierce fighting rages in Ukraine;
Biden's national security team earns praise for handling of Ukraine crisis — for now;
Bipartisan lawmakers ramp up calls on Biden to give Ukraine weapons, fighter jets;
Romney warns of "extraordinary challenge" to preserve U.S. democracy; U.S. right wing embraces Russia's conspiracy theory;
Bill Maher slams both parties for playing partisan politics with the war in Ukraine;
GOP senators ramp up pressure on Biden to scrap Iran talks;
The 8 House Republicans who voted against suspending normal trade relations with Russia and Belarus;
Spending Bill Provides One-Third of Money White House Wanted For International Climate Programs;
VA chief to recommend hospital closures and expansions in restructuring of the country's largest health-care system;
$16 billion veterans' digital health system plagued by patient safety risks, watchdog finds;
Senate Passes Bill That Would Make Daylight Saving Time Permanent in 2023;
House Progressives Urge Biden To Sidestep Senate, Rely More On Executive Orders;
Supreme Court Nominee's Harvard Ties Criticized Over Affirmative Action Case;
Hawley says sentences in 10 child porn cases raise red flags on Supreme Court pick;
Sarah Bloom Raskin, President Biden's nominee to be the Fed's top banking regulator, withdrew her nomination; Manchin to oppose Biden Fed pick over climate stances;
Senate Banking Committee Advances Four Nominations for Fed Board;
Senators push for U.S. to offer rewards in hunt for Russian oligarchs' assets; Amid Invasion of Ukraine, I.R.S. Aims to Police Oligarch Sanctions;
Russian oligarch charged in U.S. campaign finance scheme;
Arizona Republicans are pushing to divide Maricopa County. Critics say it's about revenge for 2020 — and planning for 2024;
Republicans Push Crackdown on Crime Wave That Doesn't Exist: Voter Fraud;
What happened to a Georgia elections office targeted for takeover by those claiming fraud in the 2020 election;
Biden, Democrats infuse Ukraine crisis into a recast election-year pitch to voters;
Democrats move closer to cutting Iowa's first-in-the nation status for 2024 presidential calendar;
Texas judge suspends Abbott's order to treat gender-affirming care as child abuse;
Disney suspends political donations in Florida after bill restricting LGBTQ discussion;
Idaho legislature approves bill banning abortions after six weeks, modeling its legislation on restrictive Texas law;
Manchin's Opposition To EVs Bodes Poorly For Biden's Climate, Social Agenda;
GOP leader says Republicans will boot Schiff from Intel panel;
Police investigated 'unlawful entry' onto property of White House national security aide;
US pays $2M a month to protect Pompeo, aide from Iran threat;
Trump news and investigation
Is Merrick Garland finally ready to indict Donald Trump? Ex-RNC chairman blasts Trump: 'Not fit to lead this nation';
Trump touted a contest for small-dollar donors to dine with him in New Orleans. But no winner met him.;
Democratic Group Says Trump Is Breaking Campaign Law by Not Declaring for 2024;
Trump: I am not using campaign funds for new plane;
Trump signals Pence not likely to be his 2024 running mate if he runs;
Trump released a statement full of recycled false claims about NATO as Zelenskyy finished an emotional speech to Congress;
Capital Riot and fallout
Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court justice, says she attended Jan. 6 'Stop the Steal' rally before Capitol attack;
Document in Jan. 6 Case Shows Plan to Storm Government Buildings;
COVID Finally Spins Out of Control in China as New Variant Takes Hold; As China's covid outbreak expands, whole cities and provinces are sealed off and key industries closed;
China Zero-Covid Approach Threatens To Snarl Supply Chains;
South Korea's coronavirus infection rate soars to one of the world's highest with omicron-fueled surge;
A covid surge in western Europe has U.S. bracing for another wave;
Experts Warn Failure To Approve Additional COVID-19 Funding Could Have "Devastating Consequences";
Pfizer, BioNTech to seek authorization of second coronavirus booster shot for people 65 and older;
Moderna seeks FDA authorization for a second booster dose of its coronavirus vaccine for all adults;
Why Vaccine Cards Are So Easily Forged;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
March Crypto-Gram Newsletter, Privacy, Data Collection, Security Flaws, and more;
Large-Scale Cyberattack Takes Down Several Israeli Government Websites;
Ministry says Russian government websites face 'unprecedented' wave of hacking attacks;
Kremlin targets influencer after posts turn political; Leak of Russian Censorship Data;
Security Service of Ukraine Detains Hacker Accused of Assisting Russia;
Germany's Cyber Security Agency Says Kaspersky Software Poses Risk;
Insurers Fear Claims for Coverage of Cyberattacks Linked to Ukraine War;
Breaking RSA through Insufficiently Random Primes;
US Critical Infrastructure Companies Will Have to Report When They Are Hacked;
Math and science
NASA to roll out mega moon rocket to launchpad for key tests; James Webb Space Telescope Takes Milestone Images Of Stars;
Purdue University's Supercomputer Now Open To Researchers;
CU Boulder Researcher Working To Develop Computer-Simulated Heart Flow Model To Help Pediatric Patients;
Yale Cancer Center Researchers Discover Method To "Supercharge" Cancer-Fighting T-Cells;
Report: Fifty percent of U.S. waterways impaired by pollution;
How uniform daylight saving solved America's clock craziness; Sleep experts say Senate has it wrong: Standard time, not daylight saving, should be permanent;
The US Tried Permanent Daylight Saving Time in the '70s. People Hated It; How permanent daylight saving time would change sunrise and sunset times;
One More Census Takeaway: The End of an Era of Counting the Nation?
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
Inside Russia's propaganda bubble: Where a war isn't a war; Putin's pre-war moves against U.S. tech giants laid groundwork for crackdown on free expression;
Putin's agents reportedly threatened a top Google executive in Moscow with a 24-hour ultimatum – Take down Russia protest vote app or go to prison;
'Information Warriors' Using Technology to Inform Russians About War; Russian Internet Users Seek Ways to Avoid Ban on Facebook, Instagram;
TikTok Censorship In Russia Leaves More Space For Propaganda;
Facebook Removes Fake Video of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy;
Instagram Deletes Kanye West's Content for Violating Hate Speech Policies;
Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced his company plans to introduce non-fungible tokens (NFTs) ;
Analysis: "No Code" Programming Brings AI To The Masses;
'Wordle Archive' Website Taken Down After Legal Request from New York Times;
SC News and Politics
Greenville County Councilman Wears Confederate Flag T-Shirt to Community Event;
With Trump in Her State, Haley Finds Some Political Distance (Gently);
New book says Graham discussed 25th Amendment for Trump on Jan. 6;

Business and Economics
Average US Gas Price Up 22% In Two Weeks To Record $4.43; As Fuel Prices Rise, States Roll Back Gas Taxes; The truth about gas prices and oil production;
Oil falls below $100, stocks climb as traders track war, China lockdowns; US retreats on Venezuela oil talks after Maduro meeting criticism;
Fed raises rates amid soaring inflation, war in Ukraine; Fed's Bullard says rates should top 3% this year to combat inflation;
Bacon, Gas and Essentials: Where 2,200 Americans Have Noticed Inflation; Millions likely to lose Medicaid benefits once the federal public health emergency ends;
Why California has the highest gas prices in the nation;
Lobbying broke all-time mark in 2021 amid flurry of government spending;
Ten states hit record-low unemployment rates;
US Economy Facing Growing Threats From Abroad;
As Chinese Stocks Surge, U.S. Signals Hard Line on Delistings; China's Intervention Sends Stocks Soaring. Powell's Unlikely to Make That Big a Splash;
Bank of England raises interest rates again as UK faces inflation at 30-year high;
The fate of Ukraine's debts;
Russian Sanctions Could Lead To "Supply Crisis" Due To Disruptions In Oil Output; Russian Invasion Of Ukraine Is Disrupting Metal Market For EV Battery Materials;
White House warns Russia against nationalizing McDonalds, Apple, other companies pulling out over Ukraine;
Hundreds of Planes Are Stranded in Russia. They May Never Be Recovered; Koch Industries to stay in Russia, says exiting does 'more harm than good';
Russia threatens to make external debt payments in roubles;
Saudi Arabia reportedly considering accepting yuan instead of dollar for oil sales; Why it matters if Saudi Arabia sells oil in Chinese yuan instead of US dollars;
Administration Announces $409M In Grants For Transportation Projects In 39 States; California's Ambitious High-Speed Rail at a Crossroads;
Meta To Roll Back Some Employee Perks With Return To Offices;
Ford, PG&E To Collaborate On Bidirectional EV Charging; Ford To Introduce Seven New EVs In Europe By 2024;
Tesla Uses Russian Aluminum Source, Shows How War Complicates Supply Chain;
Airlines Increase Ticket Prices To Cover Fuel Costs;
Maryland To Drop College Degree Requirement For Thousands Of State Jobs;
Decades of Neglect Leave I.R.S. in Tax Season 'Chaos';
How Companies Are Hiding Inflation Without Charging You More;
10 tournaments, 106 teams, 96 games: How March Madness became a staple in Sin City;
Other news
Was it Inevitable? A Short History of Russia's War on Ukraine; Inside Putin's circle — the real Russian elite; How Putin's Oligarchs Bought London;
QAnon, Ukraine and 'Biolabs': Russian Propaganda Efforts Boosted by U.S. Far Right;
The painful, cutting and brilliant letters Black people wrote to their former enslavers;

Government Spending Bill Contains Billions For Higher Ed; College Students Resume Spring Break Travel, Raising COVID Risks;
Education Department Warns Florida That Forcing Colleges To Change Accreditors Could Jeopardize Federal Aid;
California Governor Signs Legislation Saving UC Berkeley From Enrollment Freeze; Stanford University Cancels $1.65M Russian Contract After Fox News Inquiry;
Students' grades are up but their test scores aren't, new data show;
Study Finds Public Research Universities Adopted High-Tuition, High-Aid Price Model;
Research Examines College Students' Perceptions Of Learning From Active Study, Lectures;
Student Loan Forgiveness May Boost Economy, But Create Legal Dispute? Education Department Warns Colleges Against Misleading Veterans On Student Loans;
Analysis Says Columbia University's "U.S. News" Ranking Is Based On False Data;
University Of Virginia Students Vote To End Honor Code Expulsion Policy;
College students have become fearful of expressing their views. A new civil dialogue movement may restore healthy debate.;
Tennessee Bill Seeks To Ban "Divisive Concepts" At Public Colleges; University of Florida finds COVID-19 data wasn't suppressed;
West Point cadets overdose on fentanyl while on spring break in South Florida; West Point issues an initial statement surrounding Spring Break incident;
HBCU Leaders Seek Lawmakers' Help Against Bomb Threats; Intel Details $150M Ohio Education Investment;
A professor found his exam questions posted online. He's suing the students responsible for copyright infringement.;

TechNews for the week: March 11; March 9; March 7;

Chronology Ukraine/Russia war
Evacuations in Ukraine halted after Russian cease-fire broken;
A body believed to be that of a Ukrainian-born oligarch was discovered in an English mansion; Russian Tycoon Mordashov Transfers $1.4 Billion TUI Stake;
Ukraine, rights groups say Russia used cluster & vacuum bombs; Putin likens Western sanctions to war as Russian assault traps Ukrainian civilians;
War in Ukraine: 3 ways the war might end; Five Factors Will Shape the Outcome;
Western news outlets curb reporting, broadcasts in Russia as Putin signs law cracking down on Ukraine coverage;
Russians Seize Europe's Biggest Nuclear Plant and Gain in the South as More Ukrainians Flee; As temporary cease-fires break down, Russia remains intent on encircling Kyiv;
Russia says Ukraine thwarting progress by seeking to involve NATO; Putin: Sanctions on Russia put Ukraine's statehood at risk;
Ukraine's venerable Odessa readies for Russia's brutal push up the Black Sea coast; Rocket blast rips through homes south of Kyiv;
Russia, without evidence, says Ukraine making nuclear "dirty bomb"; Russian Prisoners and Ukrainian Soldiers Describe Two Sides of the Conflict;
Israeli PM meets Putin in Moscow, then speaks with Zelenskiy by phone;
Russian forces attack airfields in Ukraine as Zelensky pleads for fighter jets; Russian Forces Pound Civilians, as Putin Likens Sanctions to a 'Declaration of War';
Civilian toll mounts in Ukraine; world leaders raise question of possible war crimes; U.S. and allies quietly prepare for a Ukrainian government-in-exile and a long insurgency;
Ukraine: Moscow's humanitarian corridors to Russia, Belarus 'unacceptable'; Ukrainian Refugees Granted Asylum in Israel, Thousands Arriving;
Russian Shelling Destroys Ukraine Atomic Lab Built With U.S.;
More than 4,500 antiwar protesters arrested in one day in Russia; Russia's military budget was 'spent on mega-yachts';
Arming Ukraine: 17,000 Anti-Tank Weapons in 6 Days and a Clandestine Cybercorps;
Kremlin says Russia will stop 'in a moment' if Ukraine meets terms; Russia reveals harsh demands for ending war as talks begin; Russia recruiting Syrian mercenaries;
Russia sticks to demands for Crimea, other territory;
Amid the death and rubble, Ukrainian teams hunt for evidence of possible war crimes; Ukraine takes Russia to court, but Moscow's representatives are a no-show;
Through Putin's looking glass: How Russians are seeing — or not seeing — the war in Ukraine;
Seemingly stuck Russian convoy hides mysteries;
Humanitarian Crisis Worsens for Ukrainians Trapped in Russia’s Onslaught; Ukraine says Russia thwarting wider evacuation of civilians;
E.U. presents plan to cut Russian gas imports by two-thirds this year, stops short of boycott;
A Russian warship that attacked Snake Island where Ukrainian soldiers cursed out invaders has reportedly been destroyed;
Belarus expats in Ukraine have formed military unit to join defense against Russian invasion; Poland ready to place all its MIG-29 jets at the disposal of U.S;
Chernobyl plant disconnected from power grid; Ukraine demands cease-fire for urgent repairs;
UK says Russia admits using thermobaric weapon system in Ukraine; Russian threatens US with sanctions; artillery strike ravages maternity hospital;
'High level' talks between Russia and Ukraine fail to reach a broad ceasefire; Ukraine to pull troops and equipment from U.N. missions;
Russia Bombards Ukraine Cities and Accuses U.S. of 'Economic War'; After a Week of Siege, Bloodied Mariupol Plans Mass Graves;
Russia has lost nearly as many soldiers in Ukraine as US has in Iraq/Afghanistan since 2001;
Satellite images show flooding north of Kyiv in possible sign of 'hydraulic warfare';
U.S., allies see no clear endgame in Ukraine; After more than two weeks of war, Russian military grinds forward at heavy cost;
Ukrainian official: Bennett told Zelensky he should take Putin's proposal to end war; Syria recruiting troops from its military to fight with Russian forces in Ukraine;
War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Energy expert: Russian energy has West in 'stranglehold'; Kremlin: US has declared 'economic war' against Russia; Kremlin says the West is behaving like a bandit;
Russia demands that Baltic countries protect its embassies; After Putin's invasion of Ukraine, Moldova worries it might be next;
Rich oligarchs with private jets may be able to evade a U.S. ban on Russian planes; Russian tourists in Indonesia without cash as sanctions bite;
As war loomed, U.S. armed Ukraine to hit Russian aircraft, tanks and prep for urban combat, declassified shipment list shows;
Putin's isolation leaves few world leaders to convince him to reach a peace deal; U.S. allows Russia to fly out expelled UN diplomats;
White House eyes new sanctions on lawmakers in Russian parliament as part of financial attack on Moscow;
Why Poland hasn't given Ukraine its MiG-29 fighter jets to combat Russia despite U.S. 'green light';
A former NATO commander says Russian President Vladimir Putin 'may be the best thing that ever happened to the NATO alliance';
China touts 'rock solid' ties with Russia as it offers to mediate Ukraine conflict; 'We must stand with Russia!': China's version of war;
After Turning to Putin, Xi Faces Hard Wartime Choices for China;
China warns US against Pacific NATO; China says it seeks to 'resolve' Taiwan question, amid comparisons to Ukraine;
Turkmenistan is set to become the first Central Asian state where the government is determined by inheritance;
North Korean missile launches were a 'serious escalation'; U.S. military increases surveillance, missile defences after N.Korea launches;
South Korea elects conservative Yoon Suk-yeol as president, with a harder line against North expected;
Pakistani premier hits out at Western envoys' joint letter on Russia; Pakistan opposition holds major rally, demanding PM's ouster;
Pakistan air force inducts new batch of Chinese fighter jets; India says it accidentally fired missile into Pakistan;
Saudi crown prince: 'Khashoggi would not even be among the top 1,000 people' prioritized for assassination;
Saudi Arabia and UAE leaders 'decline calls with Biden' amid fears of oil price spike ; How a Playground for the Rich Could Undermine Sanctions on Oligarchs;
ISIS Names a New Leader, but Says Little About Him;
Russia demands protections against sanctions if Iran nuclear deal restored; Iran seeks 'creative ways' to nuke deal after Russian demand;
Raisi says Iran will not back down on its red lines in nuclear talks;
Iran nuclear talks are suspended amid new Russian demands; U.S. intelligence shows Iran threats on U.S. soil;
2 civilians killed in Israeli airstrike near Damascus; Iran says Israel will pay for Syria attack that killed 2 Revolutionary Guards;
Israel says it downed 2 Iranian drones in other countries; Israel reveals first time it used F-35 to shoot down Iranian drone;
Israeli troops demolish homes of Palestinian attackers;
Dutch military will team with Germany to install Patriot battery in Slovakia;
After Ukraine, Europe wonders who's next Russian target; Finland detects planes' GPS disturbance near Russia's Kaliningrad ;
Swedish PM rejects opposition calls to consider joining NATO;
Vatican tells Moscow armed attacks in Ukraine must stop;
Not one Latin American nation is on Putin's list of 'unfriendly countries';
Supreme Court rejects GOP redistricting plans in NC, Pennsylvania;
Biden administration moves to cut smog-forming pollution from heavy trucks;
Senate passes roughly $1.5 trillion spending package to avert shutdown, extend $14 billion in Ukraine aid; Lawmakers feast on pork in omnibus;
Senate approves $107 billion overhaul of U.S. Postal Service;
Labor Group Launches Ads Urging Manchin To Support Build Back Better;
Spiking gas prices sting drivers nationwide, tapping pocketbooks and patience; Gas prices are hitting new highs. Here's why — and how long they could last;
Justice Dept. reports Alleged fraud tied to coronavirus aid tops $8 billion;
2020 Census missed 18.8 million people, agency estimates, amid pandemic, natural disasters and Trump administration’s sped-up timeline;
More than 40 GOP senators urge Biden to aid 'transfer of aircraft' to Ukraine; The 17 lawmakers that voted against the Russian oil ban;
Redlining means 45 million Americans are breathing dirtier air, 50 years after it ended;
A Potential Rarity in American Politics: A Fair Congressional Map; 1 in 5 elections officials likely to quit as threats mount;
A Texas county didn't count 10,000 ballots. Now the parties are at war over who's to blame.;
Colorado county official Tina Peters (R) is indicted on state charges related to probe of alleged tampering with election equipment;
Fla. lawmakers approve an elections police force, the first of its kind in the U.S.;
Trump's former chief of staff Mark Meadows may have registered to vote in the 2020 election at an address he didn't live at;
Mark Meadows is registered to vote at a trailer it appears he has never lived in;
Attorney seeks to stop special election for Inhofe's seat;
Tennessee Republicans revolt against Trump's outsider pick for House seat; Pence says GOP has no place for Putin 'apologists' in veiled swipe at Trump;
Kevin McCarthy reaffirms pledge to give Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar committee assignments again after they attended a white nationalist conference;
Arizona lawmaker speaks to white nationalists, calls for violence — and sets fundraising records;
Indicted. Under F.B.I. Investigation. And Still Popular With Texas Republicans; This marijuana-smoking, Confederate flag-burning Senate candidate is having a ball;
Most Women Denied Abortions by Texas Law Got Them Another Way; Missouri lawmaker seeks to prohibit residents from obtaining abortions out of state;
Led by Truckers, Hundreds of Vehicles Protesting Covid Mandates Encircle Washington; Sen. Cruz to ride with 'People's Convoy' around D.C. Beltway;
Pentagon extends National Guard support in DC after trucker convoy arrives;
Republicans warn Justice Department probe of Trump would trigger political war;
Florida legislature passes bill to restrict LGBTQ topics in elementary schools, including discussion of sexual orientation;
The Fight Over 'Maus' Is Part of a Bigger Cultural Battle in Tennessee;
Teacher suspended after restraining armed student at Georgia high school;
The hidden billion-dollar cost of repeated police misconduct;
Trump news and investigation
Trump muses on war with Russia and praises Kim Jong Un; John Bolton says 'Putin was waiting' for Trump to withdraw the United States from NATO in his second term;
Ret. Col. Macgregor, a Trump-appointed former senior advisor to the Sec. of Defense says Russian forces have been 'too gentle' on Ukraine and called Zelensky a 'puppet';
Donald Trump is furious about the stumbling launch of his social media app Truth Social; Trump reportedly has yet to post on Truth Social since it launched;
Trump rips Barr in letter to NBC's Lester Holt; Alex Jones and Donald Trump: A Fateful Alliance Draws Scrutiny;
Plane carrying former president Donald Trump made an emergency landing Saturday after engine failure over Gulf of Mexico;
Trump asking supporters to fund new plane after emergency landing; Pence took Trump-donor Miriam Adelson's private jet to Israel ;
Roger Stone said Jared Kushner should be 'punished in the most brutal possible way' in previously unheard recordings;
How the Manhattan D.A.'s Investigation Into Donald Trump Unraveled;
Donald Trump takes new $100 million loan on Trump Tower; re-fi was handled by San Diego bank headed by GOP donor;
Capital Riot and fallout
Longtime Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio charged with conspiracy in Jan. 6 attack on Capitol;
Jury finds Guy Reffitt guilty of obstruction of official proceeding, other charges in first trial of a Jan. 6 Capitol riot defendant;
Inside the Jan. 6 committee's effort to trace every dollar raised and spent based on Trump's false election claims;
Wisconsin lawsuit Wisconsin lawsuit accuses 3 GOP congressmen of insurrection; North Carolina Rep. Cawthorn's candidacy challenge blocked;
RNC sues Jan 6. committee over subpoena of data from software vendor Salesforce;
WHO saysDrop in global COVID-19 cases continues; Mask mandate extended for airline flights and on public transportation until April 18;
Covid long-haulers face grueling fights for disability benefits; Pfizer begins antiviral pill study in high-risk children aged 6-17;
Jared Kushner wanted Pfizer to divert vaccine supplies from Canada, Japan, and Latin America to boost the US's COVID-19 jab stockpile;
Body bags, overflowing morgues and chaotic hospitals: Hong Kong's pandemic goes critical;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
Online Scammers Use War in Ukraine to Solicit Financial 'Aid'; Cryptocurrency Fraud Schemes Taking Advantage of Support for Ukraine;
Where's the Russia-Ukraine Cyberwar? Google says Belarus conducted widespread phishing campaigns against Ukraine, Poland;
Three Major Cybersecurity Companies Volunteer to Protect Utilities, Hospitals;
Russia may try to dodge sanctions using ransomware payments, warns US Treasury; Russia Legalizes Patent Infringement by Those in 'Unfriendly' Countries;
Cyber firm: At least 6 US state governments hacked by China;
Using Radar to Read Body Language; Hacking Alexa through Alexa's Speech;
Fraud on Zelle; Fraud Is Flourishing on Zelle. The Banks Say It's Not Their Problem;
Math and science
Antarctica's Most Famous Shipwreck, the Endurance, Found After 106 Years;
Satellite images show the Amazon rainforest is hurtling toward a 'tipping point';
James Webb Space Telescope To Begin Operations This Summer;
Pitt Engineers Create Insect-Inspired Robots That Can Monitor Hard-To-Reach Spots;
Univ Of Arizona Researchers Introduce New Method To Generate Radar-Camera Datasets For Deep Learning Applications;
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
Putin's full-scale information war got a key assist from Donald Trump and right-wing media; Two Days of Russian News Coverage: An Alternate Reality of War;
Pro-Russia rebels are still using Facebook to recruit fighters, spread propaganda in defiance of sanctions;
How the right embraced Russian disinformation about 'U.S. bioweapons labs' in Ukraine; The tiny radio station broadcasting Russian propaganda in D.C.;
Moscow police are stopping people and demanding to read their text messages; Russian state television goes off message by broadcasting criticism of war;
Hundreds of Thousands of Videos from Ukraine Create 'First TikTok War'; Facebook to Allow Posts Calling for 'Death to the Russian Invaders';
Twitter, Facebook Remove Posts from Russian Embassy After Hospital Bombing; DuckDuckGo Search Engine to Down-Rank Sites Spreading Russian Propaganda;
U.S. Internet Service Provider Terminates Service for Customers in Russia; Lumen Becomes Second U.S. Internet Service Provide to Cut Russian Ties;
ICANN Rejects Ukraine's Request to Restrict Russia's Access to Internet;
Twitter is looking for younger users. It's turning to the tech world's teen savant to help find them;
Google Cloud Issue Appears To Cause Outages For Spotify, Discord;
Social Media Users Spread Conspiracy Theories About Gas Price Hikes;
FTC Says WW Weight-Loss Organization Violated Child Privacy Act;

Business and Economics
Dow slides 800 points in global sell-off; oil hits $120 a barrel as Russia-Ukraine war rattles investors;
4.3 million people quit their jobs in January; Financial and real estate stocks climb, propelled by global events;
Prices rose by 7.9% in February, compared with last year, as inflation remains at 40-year highs;
Why oil prices might still climb higher; U.S. Gas Prices and trade deficit Hit All-Time High; Gas Prices Rose 11% Over Past Week, Could Break Record By Week's End;
Biden Announced The US Will Ban Imports On Russian Oil; Administration Officials Ask Venezuelan Government To Replace Russian Oil;
States Look To Cut Fuel Taxes Amid Rising Gas Prices; Americans Plan To Cut Restaurant Meals, Movies if Gas Prices Keep Rising;
Oil price shock jolts global recovery as economic impact of Russia's invasion spreads; Administration Focused On Blaming Russia For Gas Price Surge;
Biden says 'Putin must pay the price' as he announces move to strip Russia of trade status, ban imports of alcohol, seafood, diamonds;
Ukrainian leader expected to ask Congress to ban corporations that pay taxes in Russia from U.S. stock market;
Biden orders sweeping cryptocurrency review, setting stage for regulation; Bitcoin Price Surges After Biden Signs Executive Order on Cryptocurrencies;
Biden Administration Tightens Buy American Rules In Effort To Boost US Manufacturing; US Tech Jobs Remain Concentrated In Handful Of Cities;
SEC Chair: Roughly 250 Chinese companies could be delisted 'as early as 2024'; SEC sets clock for delisting Chinese companies over US audit demand;
China sets 2022 GDP growth at 5.5%, lowest since 1991;> China Outlines Plan to Stabilize Economy in Crucial Year for Xi;
Commerce Secretary Warns Chinese Companies About Defying Russian Sanctions; American businesses in China say U.S.-China relations are back to Trump era tensions;
Russian Banks to Switch to Chinese Card System after Visa, Mastercard Suspend Operations in Russia;
Russian bonds: risk of defaults is high amid tit-for-tat sanctions battle; Russia's 'imminent' default would have devastating ripples;
A Russian debt default could spill over into emerging markets including China; Russia bars purchases of dollars by citizens in sign of hard-currency pinch;
Russian oligarchs have donated millions to U.S. charities, museums and universities;
The crew of a Russian oligarch's $600 million superyacht was fired after sanctions meant wages couldn't be paid;
Pimco stands to lose billions if Russia defaults on its debt; Citigroup 'running out of options' in push to sell Russian bank;
Shell to stop buying Russian oil and gas;
EV Buyers Facing Higher Prices Due To Vehicle Shortage; Price Of EV Battery Component Nickel Has Quadrupled In A Week;
Hyundai Spending $16 Billion To Accelerate EV Push;
EPA Reinstates California's Authority To Set Auto Emissions And Mileage Standards;
Solar Advocates, Conservationists Clash Over Locations of Solar Panels;
Google Cloud "Struggling" To Be As Profitable As AWS;
Decades of Neglect Leave I.R.S. in Tax Season 'Chaos';
MLB, players strike labor deal that will enable full 2022 baseball season; As the pandemic recedes, 'it's the perfect time for baseball.' If only MLB could see that;
5k Times: Running Standards By Age And Ability;
Other news
The 20th-Century History Behind Russia's Invasion of Ukraine; Russia's new control tactic is the one Hannah Arendt warned us about 50 years ago;
America's anti-Putin strategy passes through Iran, Venezuela and Saudi Arabia; Russia's Economic Blackout Will Change the World;
Ukrainians Find That Relatives in Russia Don't Believe It's a War;

Colleges Focus On Reducing Dropout Numbers As Enrollment Declines; New York Bill Would Ban Legacy Admissions, Early Decision;
States Continue Push For Tuition Free College; New Mexico Governor Signs Free College Tuition Bill;
Edu Dept Signals That Student Loan Payments May Not Restart In May; Says 100,000 Borrowers Eligible For Student Debt Cancellation Through PSLF Program;
Advocacy Group Launches Student-Debt Strike When Payments Resume May 1;
Will adding a social and economic mobility metric to Carnegie Classifications drive colleges' behavior?
UC Berkeley Declines Group's Offer To Admit 1,000 More Students; UC Berkeley Anticipates Cutting Over 2,600 Students After State Supreme Court Decision;
UC Balks As Lawmakers Call For 7K More Students To Be Enrolled; California's Environmental Laws Used In Lawsuits Against UC Berkeley For Admitting More Students;
United Negro College Fund Launches New Digital Platform For HBCU Students;
University Of Missouri President Defends Faculty Pay Cut;
AAUP Censures University Of Georgia System Over New Tenure Policies; Kentucky Senate Votes To Replace Board At Kentucky State University;
Board tells 3 Arizona universities to sell Russian holdings; Online School Bought By University Of Arizona Fined $22M For Misleading Students To Enroll;
South Dakota Senate Passes Ban On "Divisive" University Race Training; Tennessee Colleges Face Legal Risks Under "Divisive Concepts" Bill;
West Virginia University Professors Speak Out Against Bill On Race, Identity Teaching;
SXSW EDU: Professors criticize Dan Patrick’s proposal to end tenure over critical race theory;
Florida lawmakers pass bill limiting teachings that cause guilt in workers, students for past collective acts of their race or sex;
Two Donor Conflicts Reveal Tensions For Scholars Of Jewish Studies At Washington Universities;
Too Many Americans Don't Understand What Happens in Their Schools;
Yik Yak Social Media App Re-Emerges After Campus Controversies;

TechNews for the week: March 4; March 2; February 28;

Ukraine/Russia Chronology Reports
Street battles and explosions in Kyiv as President Zelensky says fate of Ukraine is 'being decided right now';
Europe says it has a strong financial weapon against Russia. But it's uncertain if it wants to use it;
Russia says its attacks are not hitting civilians. Scenes in cities tell a different story; Kyiv on edge: As Russian forces press in on the capital, Ukrainians are defiant;
Russian army deploys its TOS-1 heavy flamethrower, capable of vaporizing human bodies, near Ukrainian border;
Finland, Sweden brush off Moscow's warning on joining NATO; U.S. troops in Latvia tells Putin 'don't mess with us,' minister says;
Russia sees military coordination with Israel on Syria continuing; Serbian president says Serbia will not impose sanctions against Moscow;
Fierce Ukrainian resistance to Russia surprising the world;
Germany to send anti-tank weapons and missiles to Ukraine, in major reversal of restrictive arms export policy that 'marks a turning point' for the country;
Russia's space chief responds to new sanctions by suggesting that the ISS would no longer be prevented from crashing into the US or Europe;
White House, allies vow to remove certain Russian banks from SWIFT financial network, impose restrictions on Russian Central Bank;
Turkey, overseeing passage to Black Sea, calls Russian invasion 'war'; Chechen leader, a close Putin ally, says his forces have deployed to Ukraine;
Ukraine's President Zelensky rejects Russia's Belarus peace talks offer, saying it's not neutral ;
Cracks emerge between Beijing and Moscow as two Chinese banks restrict lending;
Putin puts nuclear forces on high alert; Ukrainians, Russians agree to talks; Putin's War Ushers In Crisis for Russia;
Russian forces enter Kharkiv, second-largest city, as invasion intensifies; Russia Advances on 3 Ukrainian Cities, but Meets Fierce Resistance;
E.U. to ban Russian planes, state media in dramatic move to isolate Putin; Bulgarian defence minister to be sacked over Ukraine rhetoric;
China lays out 5-point position on Russia's invasion of Ukraine; Germany stresses China's "special responsibility" over Ukraine;
368,000 Ukrainians flee to European countries, including some that previously spurned refugees;
Ukraine demands cease-fire as US, Swiss announce new sanctions; Swiss break neutrality tradition to match EU sanctions on Russia;
The Kremlin says Russia's 'economic reality' has 'considerably changed' in the face of 'problematic' Western sanctions;
Belarus preparing to join Russian invasion of Ukraine; Russian forces facing fierce resistance; talks begin on Belarus border;
Mapping the Russian invasion of Ukraine; The war in Ukraine isn't working out the way Russia intended;
Why Kharkiv, a city known for its poets, has become a key battleground in Ukraine;
Russia strikes Kharkiv with suspected cluster munitions; at least 11 people confirmed dead, dozens wounded;
U.S., European allies freeze 'Putin's war chest' as Russia careens toward economic crisis;
Ukraine's ambassador to U.S. says Russia used a vacuum bomb on Monday; Russian forces will likely deploy vacuum bombs to terrorize the Ukrainian army and civilians;
Satellite images show massive convoy of Russian forces bearing down on Kyiv; 'Undisguised terror': Russia's focus shifting to civilian areas;
Turkey says Russia cancelled Black Sea passage bid upon its request;
Ukrainian Official Says Russian Hit Squad Sent to Assassinate Zelensky 'Eliminated';
Belarusian president displays map suggesting Putin plans to attack Moldova;
Pentagon Official Says Some Russian Troops are Surrendering or Sabotaging Vehicles, ; Russian Troop Deaths Expose a Potential Weakness of Putin's Strategy;
Casualties mount in Ukraine as Russia advances and adopts siege tactics; Russia unleashes greater firepower as convoy approaching Ukrainian capital appears stalled;
In Putin, intelligence analysts see an isolated leader who underestimated the West but could lash out if cornered ;
In one week of war, Russia's invasion may have changed history's direction; Lavrov says Russia wants list of weapons that will never be deployed in Ukraine;
'Hedgehogs' v tanks, as Kyiv braces for Russian onslaught; How cheap Chinese tires might explain Russia's 'stalled' 40-mile-long military convoy in Ukraine;
U.N. refugee agency reports Nearly 1 million people have fled Ukraine since Russia's invasion began;
First Ukraine City Falls as Russia Strikes More Civilian Targets;
NATO Countries Pour Weapons Into Ukraine, Risking Conflict With Russia;
France seizes mega-yacht linked to Putin ally; Germany seizes Russian billionaire Usmanov's yacht;
Ukraine, Russia agree to temporary cease-fires in some areas to allow civilian evacuations;
After call with Putin, Macron is convinced 'worst is yet to come' and Russia wants all of Ukraine; What Putin's destruction of Grozny in 1999 means for Ukraine now;
Zelenskyy: 'I don’t feel the Israeli prime minister has wrapped himself in the Ukrainian flag';
Foreign minister accuses Russian soldiers of rape in Ukrainian cities; Furious Russian marines stage 'MUTINY' on warship and refuse to fight in Ukraine;
Russian forces seize Ukrainian nuclear power plant after shelling sets it on fire;
Third Assassination Attempt on Zelensky Fails as Putin Sparks 'Nuclear Terror';
A Russian businessman has put a $1 million bounty on Vladimir Putin's head, calling for military officers to arrest him as a war criminal;
As Russia presses siege of southern cities, Mariupol mayor warns of 'humanitarian catastrophe';
War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
U.N. General Assembly votes to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine; Putin's rule depends on creating foreign enemies — and domestic 'traitors';
Russian officials warn Finland and Sweden of 'serious military and political' retaliation if they join NATO; Russian invasion of Ukraine forces Swedes to rethink NATO membership;
Norway says its sovereign fund will divest from Russia; Swedish defence minister calls Russian violation of airspace 'unacceptable';
Kosovo parliament urges government to start NATO membership bid;
A top Russian official appeared to threaten France with 'real war' after the French finance minister said Western sanctions would 'cause the collapse of the Russian economy';
Last Vestiges of Russia's Free Press Fall Under Kremlin Pressure; News media pull back operations from Russia amid new law restricting reporting;
Washington's Newest Worry: The Dangers of Cornering Putin;
Iran rejects deadline, 'politically motivated' claims in nuclear talks; Iran urges West be realistic in nuclear talks, recalls negotiator for consultations;
Major hurdle still exists as Iran nuclear talks reach finish line; Iran nearing nuclear bomb yardstick as enriched uranium stock grows;
Iran's supreme leader criticises U.S. over Ukraine crisis; Iran's Khamenei says homosexuality example of West's immorality;
U.S. protests Israel's refusal to back UN resolution condemning Russia; Clashes at Jerusalem flashpoint, dozens hurt, detained;
Israeli foreign minister warns cabinet against helping Russian oligarchs;
Israel's Holocaust museum asked the US not to sanction Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich because he's one of its biggest donors;
Sanctioned Russian billionaire banker Mikhail Fridman was locked out of the private-equity firm he cofounded and staff were told to ignore him;
U.S. asked Israel for potential energy assist to Europe;
Ex-Fox News director indicted for allegedly helping a Russian oligarch start pro-Putin Tsargrad TV network;
Gulf states' neutrality on Ukraine reflect deeper Russian ties; Why India isn't voting against Russia at the UN;
Beijing says Taiwan is 'not Ukraine,' has always been part of China;
Taiwan reports 13 Chinese warplanes have entered its defense zone since Russian invasion of Ukraine; China says U.S. warship sailing in Taiwan Strait 'provocative';
Why the Chinese Internet Is Cheering Russia's Invasion; Backlash in China over vulgar social media mocking of Ukraine conflict;
What China thinks of the global economic war against Russia;
Massive blackout hits Taiwan, affecting 5 million households;
Key Asian nations join global backlash against Russia, with an eye toward China; Japan lower house raps Russia's Ukraine invasion in "strongest terms";
Threats Emerge in Germany as Far Right and Pandemic Protesters Merge; Schroeder's staff quits as ex-German chancellor resists pressure to cut Kremlin ties;
Serbia under pressure to shift stance on Russia;
López Obrador says Mexico won't impose sanctions on Russia;
Saudi crown prince says he does not care if Biden misunderstands him;
U.N. adopts historic resolution aimed at ending plastic pollution;
74 percent of Americans call Russia's Ukraine invasion unjustified; Blinken meets NATO allies in Brussels as Russian troops continue their offensive in Ukraine;
U.S. prepares to expand financial attack on Russian oligarchs, aiming to seize billions held by Putin allies;
Economic restrictions are having a devastating effect on Russia — but may have a harder time reaching Russian wealth in U.S.;
White House weighs ban on Russian oil imports amid growing bipartisan call from Congress to act;
Smugglers sawed through steel bollards of the U.S.-Mexico border wall more than 3,000 times in the past three years;
Study: Black and Hispanic immigrants less likely to be approved for US citizenship; How Immigration Politics Drives Some Hispanic Voters to the G.O.P. in Texas;
4 takeaways from Biden's State of the Union address; Speech saw moments of unity, with some tension; Biden tries to nix 'defund the police,' once and for all;
Post-ABC poll finds a deeply pessimistic nation, worried about the economy and Biden's leadership; A roundup of seven suspect claims from Biden's speech;
Democrats frustrated with latest Manchin pitch on Build Back Better; Manchin sits with Republicans during State of the Union;
SCOTUS To Hear Power Plant Climate Change Case; Supreme Court conservatives seem skeptical of EPA emissions regulation;
Supreme Court says state-secrets doctrine protects disclosure of 'black site' locations in torture allegation case;
Supreme Court Hears Case of Doctors Accused of Running Pill Mills;
Republicans telegraph their attacks on Ketanji Brown Jackson; Tucker Carlson condemned for Ketanji Brown Jackson 'Rwanda' comments;
Biden Announces Ban On Russian Flights From US Airspace; Biden weighing sanctions on India over Russian military stockpiles;
White House seeks $32.5 billion to aid Ukraine, respond to coronavirus;
Romney condemns GOP voices backing Putin; 3 Republicans vote 'no' on resolution backing Ukraine;
Sen. Tom Cotton refuses to condemn former Pres. Trump's praise of Russian leader Vladimir Putin;
McConnell rejects GOP Sen. Rick Scott's tax plan and agenda, insists he will remain Republican leader;
Texas' Attorney General Faces a Tough Primary. Will Trump's Nod Be Enough ? George P. Bush charts a Trumpian path as he tries to extend the family dynasty in Texas;
Suit Says Texas Investigates Parents Over Care for Transgender Youth;
Biden accuses Texas Gov. Abbott of 'government overreach at its worst' for investigating parents of children transitioning genders;
Florida House passes 'Stop WOKE Act' to limit talks on race, gender, and discrimination in schools, workplaces;
Florida legislature approves a Republican bill to ban abortion after 15 weeks;
Idaho Senate approves Republican bill to ban abortion after six weeks;
Alabama bill to criminalize gender-affirming care passes committee, moves to full House;
How Lopsided New District Lines Are Deepening America's Divide;
Judge rules NRA can't be dissolved by New York attorney general;
Nancy Pelosi has disclosed her husband's new batch of investments, which include $2.9 million worth of Apple, Disney, PayPal and Amex shares;
Freezing the clock: Nationwide push for permanent daylight saving time gains momentum;
Proud Boys Leader Yells Racist Slurs Before Attacking Black Woman;
Retired SWAT Commander Acquitted in Fatal Shooting of Moviegoer;
A New Message for Police: If You See Something, Say Something;
Trump news and investigation
House Panel Widens Investigation of Trump’s Handling of Documents;
Trump appeals ruling forcing him to testify in NY probe;
Trump to turn over documents in New York civil probe, need not testify during appeal; Trump strikes deal to evade deposition in New York investigation – for now;
At CPAC, Trump Misleads About Biden, a Russian Pipeline and Gas Prices ; Trump, at CPAC, claims Biden is to blame for Putin's invasion of Ukraine;
Trump seeks to rewrite his role in bolstering Ukraine, NATO;
Court documents reveal Pence team's exasperation with Trump;
Trump house by Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach re-lists at $59 million, a $10 million price hike;
Capital Riot and fallout
Jan. 6 panel alleges Trump, allies engaged in potential 'criminal conspiracy' by trying to block Congress from certifying election;
New evidence shows Trump was told many times there was no voter fraud — but he kept saying it anyway;
Jan. 6 Panel Threatens to Force Guilfoyle to Testify After She Ends Interview; Conservative pro-Trump attorneys subpoenaed by Jan. 6 committee;
Biden denies executive privilege claims for Navarro and Flynn in Jan. 6 committee probe;
Justice Dept. says Defendant in first Jan. 6 Capitol attack trial 'lit the match' of breach; Jan. 6 defendant Joshua James is first to plead guilty to seditious conspiracy in Capitol riot;
New video shows Roger Stone working behind the scenes to overturn the 2020 election and secure pardons for Republicans after Jan. 6;
Anger and insults: Documents show DOJ pushed back bluntly at Trump effort;
New C.D.C. Guidelines Suggest 70 Percent of Americans Can Stop Wearing Masks;
White House unveils new pandemic plan to move America from crisis, says shutdowns, school closures no longer necessary;
Most Americans say the coronavirus is not yet under control and support restrictions to try to manage it;
Pfizer Shot Is Far Less Effective in 5- to 11-Year-Olds Than in Older Kids, New Data Show ;
New Research Points to Wuhan Market as Pandemic Origin;
The Long, Strange History of Anti-Vaccination Movements;
Federal inspectors confirm bird flu in Missouri;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
Details of an NSA Hacking Operation;
How Russia's invasion of Ukraine will affect your cybersecurity; Ukraine Conflict May Redefine Cyberwarfare;
European Officials Targeted by Ukrainian-Linked Phishing Campaign; Volunteer Hackers in Ukraine Take Down Sites for Stock Exchange, Bank;
Russian Ransomware Group Vows to Retaliate Against Cyberwarfare; Russia Blocks Access to Twitter, Which Vows to Keep Service Accessible;
Cyberattack On Toyota Supply Chain Halts Japan Factories;
Decrypting Hive Ransomware Data;
Insurance Coverage for NotPetya Losses;
Samsung Encryption Flaw; Xenomorph banking Trojan downloaded over 50,000times from Play Store; Vulnerability in Stalkerware Apps;
Math and science
Russia Space Agency Head Makes Threats About International Space Station;
Mexican Robots To Explore Lunar Surface; Privateer To Target Space Junk;
U.N. climate report says Humanity has a 'brief and rapidly closing window' to avoid a hotter, deadly future;
First-in-the-nation project will cover canals with solar panel canopies; Report Finds Offshore Wind Turbines Can Distort Radar Signals;
Study: Tiny Tire Particles Inhibit Growth Of Organizations In Freshwater, Coastal Estuaries;
Researchers Use Digital Modeling To Track Waning COVID-19 Immunity;
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
War in Ukraine sparks new wave of misinformation; How Misleading Videos About Russia's Invasion of Ukraine Spread on Twitter;
Fact and Mythmaking Blend in Ukraine's Information War; AI Has Limited Utility In Detecting Misinformation;
YouTube joins Facebook, TikTok in banning Russian state media in Europe, impeding Russia’s ability to influence public on Ukraine;
Big Tech Platforms Move To Censor Russian Media Outlets; The Ukrainian leader who is pushing Silicon Valley to stand up to Russia;
The gory online campaign Ukraine hopes will sow anti-Putin dissent probably violates the Geneva Conventions;
U.S. provider of Internet to Russia plans to cut service there; Russia's Internet censor says it will block access to Facebook but not WhatsApp and Instagram;
Justice Department accuses Ericsson of failing to fully disclose alleged fraud and possible payments to ISIS;
Domain Registrar Namecheap Terminates Services for Russian Customers;
Meta Highlights System Tools To Illuminate Instagram's Algorithm;
The new Gmail interface is cleaner than ever;
SC News and Politics
Trump announces a SC rally in Florence next month;
Lindsey Graham says Putin 'a war criminal' and should be tried at Hague; Cruz knocks Graham's call to assassinate Putin: 'An exceptionally bad idea';

Business and Economics
Global stocks slide 598 points, oil soars amid sanctions and escalation in Ukraine; Oil climbs above $110 a barrel as Russia intensifies assault on Ukraine;
Jobless claims: Another 215,000 Americans filed new claims last week; The economy picked up 678,000 jobs in February, with strong hiring continuing as omicron variant eased;
The Fed chair pledges to bring inflation under control and signals wariness on wages; Powell Says War May Speed China Moves to Insulate Against Dollar;
What is SWIFT and why does it matter in the Russia-Ukraine war? Central Bank of Russia Launches SWIFT Replacement With 399 Users;
The economic fallout of Russia's war poses nasty dilemma for west; Western Sanctions On Russia Having An Immediate Impact;
Russia's invasion of Ukraine will likely ratchet American food prices even higher; Russian Invasion's Impact On US Economy Unclear;
As oil soars, OPEC and its allies decline to offer relief; White House knocks down talk of banning Russian oil imports;
U.S., other world powers to release 60 million barrels of oil from reserves to ease gasoline prices hit by Russia’s Ukraine invasion;
BP says it will 'exit' $14 billion stake in Russia oil giant Rosneft, the biggest reaction yet by a Western firm to Ukraine; Shell joins BP exiting Russia over invasion;
Russia will ban Western companies from exiting investments as BP and others dash for the door;
Moody's Cuts Russia's Credit, Wheat Prices Soar, Powell Allays Investors' Fears; Russian World Bank adviser quits in protest at invasion of Ukraine;
Apple Halts Product Sales In Russia;
NYSE, Nasdaq halt trading in stocks of Russia-based companies; Citigroup discloses near-$10bn exposure to Russia as sanctions tighten;
Germany Backs New LNG Plants to Cut Russian Gas Dependence; Operator of Nord Stream 2 files for bankruptcy and fires all employees;
European stocks slump as China ready to 'play a role' in Ukraine ceasefire; China warns of 'huge' pressure on foreign trade as economic challenges mount;
Jet Engine Makers Look For Sources Of Titanium Outside Russia;
Automakers Idle Production Following Russia's Invasion, Other Firms Also Scramble; Ford will idle production at two plants because of the global computer chip shortage;
For Storm Victims, Rebuilding Becomes the Disaster After the Disaster;
States Grapple With Implementation Of Infrastructure Package; Infrastructure Bill Money Could Fund Construction Starting In The Spring;
Four States Partner To Form Hydrogen Hub;
This rural news start-up has two reporters and an editor with no broadband. Already, it's made an impact;
Union Supporters Say Starbucks Is Moving to Oust Workers in Buffalo;
IRS rushes to hire 10,000 workers but giant backlog could persist through 2022;
MLB cancels regular season games as labor negotiations with players union implode; Nobody in baseball cares deeply enough to save the game from the people who run it;
FIFA suspends all Russian national and club teams from international soccer competitions amid Ukraine invasion;
Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich says he will sell English soccer team Chelsea amid Ukraine fallout;
John Landy, pursuer of Bannister's 4-minute mile, dies at 91;
Wilt Chamberlain's 100-Point Game Changed the N.B.A.;
Other news
The long history of Russia's efforts to subjugate Ukraine;
A Deadly Riot, and Then 3 Trials, 110 Convictions and 19 Executions;
Black History Is World History; Gaza, 100 Years Ago, Like You've Never Seen Before;
What TikTok Videos Have in Common With Victorian Parlour Games;

Survey Shows College Presidents Confident With Finances, Race Relations;
How U.S. higher ed is reacting to Russia's invasion of Ukraine; MIT Cuts Ties With Russian Research University;
Ukrainian, Russian Students Caught Up In Crisis As US Colleges Grapple With Effects Of Russia's Invasion;
California Supreme Court Rules UC Berkeley Must Freeze Enrollment; Three Pennsylvania State Schools To Merge Into Commonwealth University;
Georgia University System Regents Name Sonny Perdue As Chancellor;
Survey Examines College Students' Financial Literacy; Study Finds 93% Of Borrowers Unprepared For Student Loan Payments To Restart;
Survey Discusses Students' High Expectations Of Financial Support Amid Crises;
SAT's Relevancy In Higher Education Discussed As Testing Season Begins;
English Learners Attending US Colleges Face Educational Barriers; Colleges Focus On Mental Health Amid Pandemic;
Top Virginia Colleges See Spike In Applications While Other Schools Struggle;
America's Oldest HBCU Aims To Increase Teacher Diversity; Nonprofit Grant Seeks To Save History At HBCUs;
UNC Chapel Hill Gallery Cancels Photo Exhibit Featuring Places Important To Black Community;
New transparency bills would force teachers to post instructional materials; South Dakota Senators Approve Bill Shielding College Students From "Discomfort" Over Race;
California State University Changes Policy, Requests Investigation On Handling Of Sexual Harassment After USA Today Investigation;
Study Finds Gay Men Outperform Straight Counterparts In Most Academic Measures;
Analysis: Colleges May Take Place In Metaverse, But Problems Must Be Addressed;
Colleges Drop Mask Mandates Following New CDC Guidance;