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TechNews for the week: April 29; April 27; April 25;

Chronology Ukraine/Russia war
What is Transnistria, and will Russia advance toward Moldova? Russian military official hints at push to Moldova;
Ukraine reports Russians trying to storm Mariupol plant; In Mariupol, echoes of history, utter devastation and a last stand;
Russians Seize 42 Towns in Eastern Ukraine as Fighting Intensifies;
US delivers 'Phoenix Ghost' drone designed by US Air Force specifically for Ukrainian 'needs';
The UK to send to supply Zelenskyy's troops with a new weapons system armed with high-precision Starstreak missiles to 'boost Ukraine's fighting capability';
Putin is no longer interested in negotiating with Ukraine and just wants to seize as much territory as possible instead;
Russia threatens chemical attack on Odesa but is already blaming Ukraine;
Mayor of Mariupol: Russian troops have forcibly deported between 20,000 and 30,000 civilians;
Russian troops in Belarus are exchanging fuel and food for alcohol; Belarusian railway saboteurs helped thwart Russia's attack on Kyiv;
A broken embargo. How Russia circumvents sanctions on weapons imports;
Russia's "only oil pipeline to EU' in flames – Germany, Austria, and Hungary face crisis; Explosions heard, then fires break out at two oil depots in Russia's Bryansk;
Tensions surge after attacks in Moldova's Russia-backed breakaway region; Attacks Begin in New Country as Russia Warns Nuclear Threat Is 'Real';
After hesitancy, Germany greenlights some heavy arms for Ukraine; Shrinking U.S. Stinger missile supply faces re-stocking challenges;
Moscow warns UK of 'proportional response' if it continues 'provoking' Ukraine to attack;
Russia cuts off gas to Poland and Bulgaria in significant escalation of tensions with the West over Ukraine; Polish leader accuses Russia of "direct attack" by halting gas supplies;
Russia declines Germany's ruble payment for gas after cutting off supplies to Poland and Bulgaria;
Ukrainian Armed Forces fired at aggressors positions on Zmiinyi Island and hit a control point;
Putin threatens "lightning-fast strikes" on those who want to intervene in the war; Russia warns West: Don't test our patience;
Russia is using dolphins to protect Black Sea naval base, satellite photos suggest;
Official: Russia blocking evacuations from Ukrainian steel plant;
Why Russia is dragging the Moldovan region of Transnistria into war; Fears Are Mounting That Ukraine War Will Spill Across Borders;
Kyiv rocked by missile strikes during UN chief's visit; They Flooded Their Own Village, and Kept the Russians at Bay;
Kremlin slams West for backing Ukraine's right to strike Russia back;
War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
As Fortress Russia crumbles, the global economy faces a new world order;
Austin says U.S. wants Russian military 'weakened' from Ukraine invasion;
Pope says June meeting with Russian Orthodox leader is off; Invasion of Ukraine divides Orthodox Christians;
Rattled by Ukraine War, Moldova Strives to Dodge Russia's Long Shadow;
U.S. secretary of state and defense secretary expected to visit Ukraine on Sunday; Before visit by U.S. officials, Ukraine pushes for more arms;
Gen. Mark Milley: If Russia gets away with war on Ukraine 'cost-free,' then 'so goes' international order;
E.U. talks to ban Russian oil make gains; U.S. veteran killed in combat;
Swedish PM rejects referendum on possible NATO membership;
France says it has evidence Russia tried to frame it with mass graves in Mali; U.S. says Russian intelligence orchestrated attack on Nobel laureate;
Afghan defence minister says will not tolerate 'invasions';
Israel shells Lebanon after rocket attack in western Galilee; Bedlam at Israel's Ben Gurion Airport after American family packs unexploded shell;
Iran Revolutionary Guards general unhurt after car shot at; Iran's Guards commander says Israel creating conditions for own destruction;
Iran says talks with regional rival Saudi Arabia resumed in Baghdad; Iran seeks to expand its military cooperation with China;
IAEA says Iran moves centrifuge-parts workshop underground at Natanz;
Iran protesters hurl rocks at police over trash crisis;
Biden's new pick for US ambassador to Saudi Arabia will be considered an insult by MBS;
As El Salvador arrests thousands, families search for those who disappeared;
France's Macron projected to win presidency, holding off Le Pen’s far-right threat; Another Setback for Europe's Far-Right Populists on Sunday, in Slovenia;
A-10 official issues warning over US Air Force's 'devastated' Warthog fleet;
Why the U.S. Treasury can't freeze $600 million in cryptocurrency stolen by North Korean hackers;
The border wall Trump called unclimbable is taking a grim toll;
Supreme Court leans in favor of Trump over Biden in asylum border dispute; Supreme Court agrees to review death row inmate’s bid for DNA testing;
The Supreme Court seems fed up with a Trump judge who sabotaged Biden;
Biden to ask Congress for $33 billion in military, economic and humanitarian aid for Ukraine;
Biden pushes to send Ukraine proceeds of Russian oligarchs' seized assets;
Four Republicans, four Democrats vote 'no' on bill urging Biden to confiscate assets from sanctioned oligarchs;
Inside the Republican drift away from supporting the NATO alliance;
Critics shred 'Russian stooge' Rand Paul after he suggests that Russia has the right to invade its neighbors ;
G.O.P. Concocts Fake Threat: Voter Fraud by Undocumented Immigrants; Texas challenges Biden rule to speed processing of asylum claims;
Poll: Manchin's popularity skyrocketed over past year; Manchin opens the door to striking a climate deal with the GOP and backing a watered-down version of Biden's big bill;
Manchin said he'd caucus with GOP if Thune were Senate leader; Manchin says it was a joke;
Fears mount inside White House that Manchin won't agree to any deal;
House, Senate to open conference on R&D, technology bills;
FDA proposes a ban on menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars;
16 states, D.C. sue to block Postal Service from buying gas-guzzling mail trucks, claiming environmental harm;
McCarthy's Lie Puts G.O.P. Hypocrisy on Trump on Display; McCarthy defends himself to House GOP after audio reveals he blamed Trump for Jan. 6 attack;
For Trump's G.O.P., Crossing Lines Has Few Consequences;
Marjorie Taylor Greene's four answers, under oath, that invite scrutiny; Greene Denies 'Insurrectionist' Charge in Court;
Attorney who questioned Greene says her testimony 'stretches credulity';
State Court Rejects Kansas Congressional Map as a Gerrymander;
Judge rules against efforts to disqualify Arizona GOP Reps. Biggs, Gosar over 'insurrection' claim;
Florida Is Now Spending Millions on a Police Force for Election Fraud;
Mississippi governor vetoes bill that would reverse Jim Crow-era disenfranchisement;
Ads from soft-spoken Arkansas Sen. Boozman reflect GOP fury; Michigan Senate candidate: 'A family should be a White mom, White dad and White kids';
Republicans Have Picked An Election Denier To Run Michigan's Elections;
Oklahoma Republicans Cheer As Congressional Candidate Demands Fauci's Execution By Firing Squad;
Oklahoma legislature votes to ban abortions after six weeks of pregnancy;
Mystery candidate shakes up Oregon House contest;
Texas residents sue county for removing books, firing librarian;
The Anti-Defamation League finds Antisemitic incidents surged last year to highest levels ever;
Only the voters stand between America's democratic experiment and an authoritarian GOP;
Trump news and investigation
Judge holds Trump in contempt for failing to comply with NY AG subpoena; Judge 'surprised' at Trump claim he has no documents sought in probe;
Informant in federal probe into Trump Deutsche Bank relationship found dead; Paul Manafort sued by Justice Department over foreign bank accounts;
Trump says he won't rejoin Twitter in the wake of Elon Musk's takeover. Some advisers don't believe him;
Trump fumes about dishwashers at Ohio rally and claims Americans are unable to use the bathroom properly due to low water pressure;
Trump blames deaths in Ukraine war on 'rigged election' in the US: 'It's a shame all those people are dead';
539 days later, Trump still can't point to actual voter fraud;
Book: Mitch McConnell backed down from voting to convict Trump of inciting an insurrection because he 'didn't get to be leader by voting with 5 people in the conference' ;
Book: Trump said he'd be in White House instead of Mar-a-Lago if it weren't for McConnell; Book: Trump demanded loyalty from governors for help: 'Ask me nicely';
Bob Woodward: If DOJ indicts Trump, he'll be GOP's pick - a 'crazy' president could trigger nuclear war;
Durham accidentally releases Fusion GPS emails that were meant to be under seal;
The Trump administration approved a $700 million pandemic loan earmarked for national security to a trucking company despite DOD objections;
Trump officials muzzled CDC on church covid guidance, emails confirm; New texts show Hannity promising on-air Trump campaign push;
Capital Riot and fallout
The next phase of the Jan. 6 investigation;
New court filings show Meadows was warned of violence ahead of Jan. 6; The two significant new Jan. 6 disclosures from Meadows's aide;
New Details Underscore House G.O.P. Role in Jan. 6 Planning; Greene, in text to Meadows, raised topic of martial law to keep Trump in power;
House January 6 committee says Reps. Matt Gaetz and Jim Jordan plotted with Trump to stop Biden from becoming president;
Filing Provides New Details on Trump White House Planning for Jan. 6;
Pfizer, BioNTech Seek Authorization Of COVID Booster For Children 5 To 11; Moderna seeks emergency authorization of its coronavirus vaccine for children younger than 6;
Coronavirus has infected nearly 60 percent of people in the United States, according to federal data, including about 75 percent of children;
Without New Funding, US Could Fall Behind On COVID Treatments;
Five Polls: Majority Of Americans Still Support Travel Mask Mandate;
Covid deaths no longer overwhelmingly among unvaccinated as toll on elderly grows ;
Mass testing hits Beijing amid fears it could face Shanghai-style lockdown; As world reopens, North Korea is one of two countries without vaccines;
China reports first human infected with H3N8 bird flu strain;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
Microsoft Says Russian-Backed Hacking Groups Targeted Ukraine 200 Times;
FBI chief says espionage threat posed by China 'unprecedented in history';
Hackers Claim Breach of Russian Institutions, Including at Kremlin;
North Korean Hackers Still Laundering Money Despite Being Identified;
Tech Companies Duped Into Providing Personal Info in Fake Legal Requests;
DHS disinformation board to tackle Russia, migrant smugglers;
Zero-Day Vulnerabilities Are on the Rise; SMS Phishing Attacks are on the Rise;
What to do if you lose your phone and can't access your accounts;
Math and science
The underwater "eye" that is unlocking ocean secrets;
US Climate Envoy Warns Global Warming Set To Surpass 2-Degree Threshold By 2050; California declares historic water emergency measures amid drought;
Some Scientists Say Carbon Capture Tech Needed To Reduce Global Emissions; Researcher Creates Mechanical Tree Able To Absorb More Carbon Than Real Trees;
Purdue University, Duke Energy Explore Possibility Of Small Nuclear Plant For Campus;
Arizona University Researcher Develops New Method For Measuring Radio Antennas;
Archaeologists work to restore Tang Dynasty armor;
AI-Based Tool For Depression Detection Examined;
Obesity treatments: hunger-suppressing drugs whet investors' appetite;
Running and the Science of Mental Toughness;
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
Ninth Circuit Won't Rehear Decision Allowing States to Decide Net Neutrality;
EU Approves Digital Services Act, Forcing Tech Companies to Offer Protections;
Khanna Says Twitter Will Likely Have To Reinstate Trump's Account If He Runs For President In 2024;
Musk Says He Opposes 'Censorship That Goes Far Beyond the Law';
WHO Official Warns Of Dangers Of Health And Vaccine Misinformation On Social Media In Wake Of Musk's Potential Deal To Buy Twitter;
Meta To Focus On Short-Form Video, Metaverse Hardware In 2022;

Business and Economics
Dow slides nearly 1,000 points on 22 April for worst day since October 2020;
Treasury Secretary Says US Economy Proving “Very Resilient” And Recession Not Expected; Yellen says lowering U.S. tariffs on Chinese goods 'worth considering';
Dow slumps more than 800 points as April losses mount;
Dow stages biggest intraday turnaround since February as investors brush off concerns about China’s COVID-19 lockdowns;
U.S. economy shrinks 1.4 percent in first three months of the year, raising fears of recession;
Nasdaq closes month near 14-year low as recession fears grow stronger;
Six months after quitting, these workers are thriving;
Russian rouble hits near 2-year high vs euro;
FTSE outperforms as gas prices soar after Russia cuts supplies to Poland;
Beijing closer to a deal on audits of Chinese companies listed on US exchanges;
India's exports to Russia are costing businesses a fortune;
How Florida's war with Disney could change the park experience; Disney Pulling Employees Out Of Florida In Response Controversy;
Florida's Contractual Obligations to Bond Holders Block Repeal of Disney's Special Taxing District;
Elon Musk to acquire Twitter for roughly $44 billion; Twitter workers face a reality they've long feared: Elon Musk as owner;
Judge Refuses to Lift Agreement Musk Signed About His Social Media Posts;
Amazon Unionization Success In New York City Inspires More Workers To Mobilize, But They Face A "Tough Road Ahead";
Amazon Reports First Quarterly Loss In Seven Years As Growth Slows, Costs Increase; Amazon Challenges NLRB;
Boeing shares plunge on array of charges, 737 MAX target in doubt; Boeing CEO laments deal with Trump for Air Force One planes;
GM Developing An Electric Corvette; More EV Charging Infrastructure Needed To Increase EV Uptake;
Senate Democrats Urge Transportation Secretary To Develop Federal Framework For Autonomous Vehicles;
Archegos founder Bill Hwang arrested on US fraud charges;
Judge Refuses to Block TurboTax Ads That FTC Called Deceptive;
Take it slow when returning to running with long covid;
Miguel Cabrera becomes 33rd MLB player to enter 3,000 hit club;
The writing is on the wall for baseball’s unwritten rules;
Other news
The Ukraine war through the eyes of Ukrainian and Russian New Yorkers; The War in Ukraine Has Unleashed a New Word;
Іntricacies of individualism and collectivism: Why Russians understand only force and have never been Ukraine's fraternal people;
Republicans found something they love even more than tax cuts; Kevin McCarthy and the intoxication of power;
Georgo Will: Amend the Constitution to bar senators from the presidency;
How the American Middle Class Has Changed in the Past Five Decades;
The lost Jews of Nigeria;
Why Would Elon Musk Want to Buy Twitter?
How to visit nearly every national park in one epic road trip;

Poll: 85% Of Young Americans Want Some Government Action On Student Loans; Analysis Discusses Shift In Public Opinion On Who Should Fund Higher Education;
Housing Shortage, Rent Increases Hurt US College Students; Study: Cost, Emotional Stress Leads To Enrollment Challenges At Colleges;
Sal Khan: Test-Optional College Admissions Adds Ambiguity and is Bad for Students; FAFSA Completion Falls About 9% From Previous Year;
Collins Expresses "Concerns" About Debt Forgiveness Without Means Testing;
Some University Of California Departments May Begin Using Alternatives To Letter Grades;
Higher Education Faces Shrinking Workforce, Pay Increases Outpaced By Inflation;
Study Shows Increase In Online Exam Cheating;
College Campuses See Return Of Mask Mandates As COVID Cases Tick Back Up;
Some Colleges Attempt To Make Muslim Students Feel Included With Ramadan Initiatives;
Some Students Shun Colleges In Conservative States After Lawmakers Pass Restrictive Laws;
Appeals Court Rules Against Speech Policies At University Of Central Florida;
Florida reintroduces math textbooks scrubbed of 'woke' content;
'Everywhere Babies,' book celebrating infants, banned by Fla. school district; Education Professors Oppose Divisive-Concept Laws;
Supreme Court Allows Elite High School's New Admissions Rules;
Accreditation Restored At Atlanta's Morris Brown College; Marymount California University To Close After Failed Merger;
Report: Harvard leaders and staff enslaved more than 70 people;
Professors' Group Says G.O.P. Lawmakers Subverted U. of North Carolina;

TechNews for the week: April 22; April 20; April 18;

Chronology Ukraine/Russia war
More than 900 civilians believed dead in Kyiv region; Analysts say looming battle for Donbas will prove decisive in Russia's war on Ukraine;
Girding for New Battle, Russia Warns U.S. on Advanced Weapons for Ukraine; 'Neptune' missile strike shows strength of Ukraine's homegrown weapons;
A Russian soldier says Putin's troops have been blowing up their own 'as if they were terrorists';
Putin said he would cooperate with an international investigation into war crimes but 'he doesn't trust the Western world'; Putin honors brigade accused of Bucha war crimes;
Attacks rock Ukrainian cities as Mariupol nears full Russian control; Russia says it launched mass strikes on Ukrainian military overnight;
Missile strikes in Lviv kill at least six, the first wartime deaths in the western city; 'They Are Gone, Vanished': Missing Persons Haunt Ukrainian Village;
Donbas: Why Russia Is Trying to Encircle Ukraine's East; Ukrainians hit town with banned rockets; Russia sets new deadline for Mariupol to surrender;
Commander of Mariupol's last defenders tells The Post his soldiers won't surrender key city, even as Russian attacks intensify;
West sends Ukraine fighter jets, heavy weapons as fighting intensifies in Donbas;
Russia tests nuclear-capable missile that Putin says has no peer; Putin issues warning after nuclear-capable missile test;
Putin says troops won't storm Mariupol steel plant but will block exits as Ukraine demands safe evacuation for everyone trapped;
New images show mass grave near Mariupol;
Russian General Lets Slip a Secret Plan to Invade Another Country and Seize Ukraine's Entire Coastline;
Why Mariupol matters to Russia in three maps; Commander: Russia seeks 'control' of south;
UN chief to meet Putin in Moscow next week;
War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Russia's debt default will be one of the hardest in history to resolve and could see the US seize the central bank's assets;
Putin coup fears explode as Russian tyrant 'purges' closest ally who 'made him President' in latest war on ‘traitors’;
Russian Orthodox leader backs Ukraine war, divides faith; Russian oligarch Deripaska's yacht arrives in Turkish waters;
A Russian Default Is Looming: A Bitter Fight Is Likely to Follow; Bleak assessments of the Russian economy clash with Putin’s rosy claims. ;
Russia says it will no longer disclose the names of organizations that use its alternative to the SWIFT payment system;
Putin signs decree to remove Russian stocks from overseas exchanges in huge blow to the nation's billionaires;
North Korea's sanctions evasion points way for Russians to bypass the west; Serbia's president Vucic rejects sanctions on Russia;
U.S. to boycott some G-20 meetings this week to protest Russia's presence;
Russia will retaliate if its Warsaw embassy cannot work, Russian envoy says;
Moldova's President calls on Moldovans to shun Russian ribbon on May 9;
He Was a Penniless Donor to the Far Right. He Was Also a Russian Spy;
North Korea Launches 2 Short-Range Missiles;
Russia and China threaten 'tectonic shift' in world economy, IMF warns;
China tells US Taiwan is part of China in first call with Secretary Austin; China's Xi proposes 'global security initiative', without giving details ;
Japan says disputed islands 'illegally occupied by Russia';
Pakistan warns Afghanistan not to shelter militants, as death toll from strikes rises to at least 47;
Clashes Erupt at Jerusalem Holy Site on Day With Overlapping Holidays; 'We're Exhausted': Palestinians Decry Israeli Raids as Collective Punishment;
Rare Overlap of Holy Days Shows Jerusalem's Promise and Problems; Israel and Gaza Militants Exchange Fire in Worst Fighting in Months;
Professor's saga highlights nationalists' reach in Israel; Israeli settlers march in West Bank amid wave of unrest;
EXPLAINER: Why Mideast tensions are soaring yet again;
Tehran warns Israel on making 'tiniest move' against Iran; Iran arrests 3 accused of links to Israel's Mossad;
Iran rejects U.S. offers for Tehran to abandon avenging Quds Force chief; Trump's 'poison pill' threatens revival of Iran nuclear deal;
MBS threatened to move Saudi Arabia closer to Russia and China to punish Biden for ostracizing him;
White House stops asking Saudi Arabia to pump more oil to offset Biden's Russian-energy ban, report says, as US-Gulf relations hit new low;
Yemen's Houthis Went From Ragtag Militia to Force Threatening Gulf Powers;
Le Pen Closer Than Ever to the French Presidency (and to Putin);
US, Spain join forces in cyberwarfare amid Russia-Ukraine war;
More than 5,000 Ukrainian refugees have arrived in the United States since Russian invasion began;
Former C.I.A.-Run Prison Emerges as a New Front in Guantánamo's Legal Saga;
Biden announces ban on Russian-affiliated ships in U.S. ports and hundreds of millions in new military, economic aid for Ukraine;
Supreme Court upholds Puerto Rico’s exclusion from disability benefits ;
Biden to expand oil and gas drilling on public lands; Biden Decision To Resume Oil And Gas Leases On Federal Land Draws Criticism;
Biden restores protections to environmental law governing construction of pipelines, highways and other projects, reversing Trump;
NYTimes Analysis: American Rescue Plan Has "Barely Registered With Voters";
Biden Highlights Infrastructure Spending In New Hampshire Visit;
While disasters approach, Congress is caught up in games; Democratic Dollars Flow Once Again to Likely Lost Causes ;
America's views on abortion remain steady — its laws are a different story; Judge puts temporary hold on Kentucky's sweeping abortion law;
GOP turns to false insinuations of LGBTQ grooming against Democrats;
The culture wars next frontier: Public libraries;
GOP shadow primary gains steam ahead of 2024;
Busing migrants, halting trade: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott bets future on divisive border plans; Tex. governor reverses course on border inspections of trucks;
Judge orders Wisconsin investigator to stop deleting election records; Wisconsin Supreme Court Approves Republican-Drawn Legislative Maps;
Ron Johnson pursues a scorched-earth path to reelection;
Mississippi Governor Confuses Many When He Declares April Both Confederate Heritage Month and Genocide Awareness Month;
Iowa Supreme Court rules Democrat Abby Finkenauer can be on Senate primary ballot;
He thinks Trump won in 2020. Now, he wants to oversee Ohio's elections; Top Ohio House Republican leader: 4 Supreme Court justices should be 'benched';
Progressives rescinding endorsement of NC congressional candidate over AIPAC donations ;
Legal effort to remove Greene from Georgia ballot can proceed, judge rules; Effort to boot Greene from ballot could open new avenue of attack;
Tennessee GOP kicks Trump-backed Morgan Ortagus, Baxter Lee and Robby Starbuck out of primary;
Tennessee Republican says only Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump will care that state GOP kicked Trump-endorsed candidate off the ballot because 'she's Jewish';
DeSantis-sanctioned congressional map that would erase a seat held by a Black Democrat passes in Fla. after a last-minute sit-in;
DeSantis proposes dissolving special tax status for Disney World; GOP's cozy ties with Big Business unravel as DeSantis goes after Disney;
Mark Meadows was simultaneously registered to vote in three states;
White Reporter Has Meltdown After Seeing Black People At Country Music Awards: 'It's Not Wakanda';
Preacher Franklin Graham Condemned for Telling Fox News Viewers to Pray for Putin;
Officer Accused of Yanking Mother From S.U.V. During Protest Is Charged ; Body camera footage shows fatal police shooting of Grand Rapids man;
How a Crime-Fighting Institution Took a Partisan Turn;
Alex Jones' Infowars files for bankruptcy protection;
Trump news and investigation
Mar-a-Lago Machine: Trump as a Modern-Day Party Boss; Trump Allies Continue Legal Drive to Erase His Loss, Stoking Election Doubts;
Trump says he threatened to not defend NATO against Russia; Trump calls for Russia and Ukraine to reach agreement to end war;
Donald Trump keeps calling NY AG Letitia James names. 5 reasons she's been getting under his skin;
Trump ordered to pay ex-aide Omarosa Manigault Newman $1.3M in legal fees;
Manhattan DA's Star Witness: Indict Trump Now or I'm Out;
Trump Throws Tantrum After Piers Morgan Asks Him About 2020 Election Lies;
Trump lashes out at Georgia officials over effort to remove Greene from ballot ;
Trump, McCarthy talk after audio shows lawmaker was ready to push Trump to resign;
Trump says he'd rather be 'a dictator' than 'a dumb person' after bragging about the cognitive test he took in 2018;
Capital Riot and fallout
Trump attempted coup on Jan. 6 to be highlighted in hearings, panel member says;
Fearing a Trump Repeat, Jan. 6 Panel Considers Changes to Insurrection Act;
New, highly transmissible forms of omicron may pose latest covid threat; CDC: COVID-19 was third leading cause of death in US last year;
Trump-Appointed Judge Deemed 'Not Qualified' by Bar Association Voids Mask Mandate on Planes, Other Travel;
CDC asks Justice Department to appeal judge’s ruling that struck down mask mandate;
Airports, Other Transit Split On Requiring Masks After Federal Mandate Is Dropped;
Experts Say Americans Must Stop Expecting COVID-19 Vaccines To Prevent All Infections;
Moderna Reports Updated Combination COVID Shot;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
How Democracies Spy on Their Citizens;
Taiwan Concerned About War in Ukraine's Impact on Internet Cables;
Ukrainian Officials Say They Thwarted Russian Cyberattack on Power Grid; Ukraine postal service hit with cyberattack after issuing commemorative war stamps;
Secret Service Seizes $102 Million in Cryptocurrency in Fraud Cases; Clever Cryptocurrency Theft;
Java Cryptography Implementation Mistake Allows Digital-Signature Forgeries; Undetectable Backdoors in Machine-Learning Models;
Math and science
US military finally confirms a meteor hit the Earth; U.S. calls for an end to destructive satellite tests in space;
University Of Arizona Astronomer Says Planet With Three Suns May Also Be A Star; Panel Recommends NASA Prioritize Robotic Mission To Uranus;
A population Hub out of Africa explains East Asian lineages in Europe 45,000 years ago;
Pandemic Reportedly Accelerating Research Into Blood Substitutes; PFAS: The 'Forever Chemicals' You Couldn't Escape if You Tried;
Robots, Indoor Farming Can Help Save Water, Grow Crops Year-Round;
Intel Debuts "Brain-Like" Chip; CU Boulder Professor's Study Focuses On Advancing 3-D Printing Of Robots;
How statistical illiteracy warps our view of reality and perverts public policy;
The 2020 Census Suggests That People Live Underwater. There's a Reason;
The Temperature to Set Your Thermostat to This Summer;
MIT Researchers Study How To Split Oreo Cookie Evenly;
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
Where Russians Turn for Uncensored News on Ukraine; Appeal Filed Against Moscow Court Ruling Banning Meta;
China Bans Livestreaming of Unauthorized Video Games;
Twitter bans climate change propaganda ads as deniers target platforms;
Instagram Changing Algorithm To Boost Original Content;
The 6 best to-do list apps;
SC News and Politics
Plans unveiled for development on former West Ashley Piggly Wiggly site;
Joe Wilson endorses Trump-backed challenger in primary against Mace;

Business and Economics
Powell: Half-percent rate hike 'on the table' for May;
Natural Gas Prices Reach Highest Price Since September 2008; U.S. Bond Market Gives Notice It's No Longer a One-Way Street;
Supreme Court won't hear challenge to SALT tax deduction;
Chinese economy grows 4.8% in first quarter; Analysis: China's Lockdowns Pose A Risk To The Global Economy;
Israel adds China's yuan for the first time ever while cutting its dollar holdings in biggest currency reshuffle in a decade;
Putin energy hammerblow as Italy signs huge gas deal - Draghi demands cap to hobble war;
CBS Poll Says High Gas Prices Not Prompting More People To Consider Purchase Of Hybrid, EV;
EV Transition Threatens To Wipe Out Smaller Suppliers;
Disney set to lose special tax status in Florida after state lawmakers side with governor in rift over how schools teach LGBTQ issues;
House, Senate Need To Iron Out Significant Differences On Bills To Boost Computer Chip Industry;
Musk Calls For More Lithium Mining Investment Amid Production Challenges;
Tesla Asks Judge To Pause Investigation Into Racism At Fremont Factory; Amazon Taps Former US Attorney General Lynch To Conduct Racial Equity Audit;
Musk Says He Has Financing To Buy Twitter;
TurboTax Accused of Scamming 'Billions' From Taxpayers;
Kenya's Evans Chebet, Peres Jepchirchir win 126th Boston Marathon;
Other news
Putin has launched the first economic world war, and the EU and the West are his targets; Atrocities in Ukraine War Have Deep Roots in Russian Military;
Russia's Jamestown in America — and the oligarch who has helped fund it;
How Black washerwomen in the South became pioneers of American labor;
How the Marine Corps tracks — and hides — the crimes of its officers;

Majority Of College Graduates Do Not Work In Field Of Study, 1 In 7 Earn Under $15K; Opinion Piece Criticizes "Tyranny" Of U.S. News' College Rankings;
Skilled Trade Majors At Community Colleges Grow Despite Overall College Enrollment Decline; Survey: College Seniors Ready To Enter Workforce Post-Pandemic;
Fewer People Going To College In Minnesota May Reshape Workforce, Higher Education;
Education Department Announces Fixes To Student Loan System; GAO Report Says Education Department Failed To Grant Forgiveness To 7,700 Eligible Student Loans;
Survey: More Than Half Of Student Loan Borrowers Would Not Be Able To Make Monthly Payment Today;
Survey: Stress Prompts More Than Three-Quarters Of 4-Year College Students To Consider Leaving;
Williams College Eliminates Loans From Financial Aid Packages; Oregon Public Universities To See Fall Semester Tuition Increases Of Up To 7%;
New Mexico State University To Impose Student, Staff COVID Vaccine Mandate;
CSU Fullerton Changes Term From "Academic Probation" To "Academic Notice";
Over 350 American University Of Afghanistan Students Still Stranded;
Cyberattacks Pose Large Threat To Colleges As Lincoln College Shutters;
Here's what's driving the nationwide teacher shortage; Research Shows Online Tutoring Can Be Effective;
Middle East Studies Association Criticized For Backing Boycott Of Israel; Iowa State University Exits Association Of American Universities;
Virginia Military Institute alumni push to reverse diversity reforms, invoking critical race theory;
Texas, Florida Take Steps To Limit Professor Tenure At State Universities; Florida Governor Signs Laws Requiring Changes To Public Colleges' Accreditors, Post-Tenure Review;
Fla. rejects math books because they 'contained prohibited subjects';
Florida releases 4 prohibited math textbook examples. Florida releases 4 prohibited math textbook examples. Here they are.;
University Of Pittsburgh Fears Attacks On Use Of Fetal Tissue, Redistricting May Hurt State Funding, Tuition Breaks;

TechNews for the week: April 15; April 13; April 11;

Chronology Ukraine/Russia war
Mykolaiv region on edge amid fear of a new Russian offensive; Battles may be tougher for Ukrainians as war shifts to wide-open terrain in east;
What is the Wagner Group, the Russian mercenary entity in Ukraine? U.K. bolsters Ukrainians; Syria vet put in command of Russians;
A Russian rocket that struck a Ukrainian train station and killed dozens of people had 'For the children' written on its side;
In Bucha, a search for bodies left by Russian occupiers; Russian Blunders in Chernobyl: 'They Came and Did Whatever They Wanted';
Kremlin is targeting all of Europe, Zelenskyy says as war moves east; Russia warns of 'direct military confrontation' with US as Ukraine forces retreat;
As war enters bloody new phase, Ukraine again calls for more weapons; Austrian chancellor to tell Putin that Russia has 'lost' in Ukraine;
Chechen chief Kadyrov says Russian forces will take Kyiv; Zelensky on NATO: 'no longer interested in their diplomacy';
Russia says it destroyed S-300 missile systems given to Ukraine by European state;
Putin purges more than 100 FSB agents in apparent retaliation amid Ukraine invasion quagmire ; Putin says war will continue, talks at 'impasse';
Ukrainian prosecutor investigating potential Bucha war crimes says that Russians left behind a computer server that could help identify perpetrators;
Putin claims Russia 'had no other choice' except to invade Ukraine; Far From Defeated, Putin Intends to Escalate War in Ukraine;
Zelenskyy says Ukraine captured pro-Putin politician Viktor Medvedchuk who escaped house arrest;
Ukrainian fighter pilots in old jets take on better-equipped Russians; Pentagon looks to vastly expand weapons for Ukraine;
Putin: Russia Will Continue War Until It Secures Eastern Ukraine; Philosopher known as 'Putin's brain' says Russia needs to escalate Ukraine war;
Russian armored vehicles seen on Bucha street strewn with bodies, video shows;
Pentagon: Russian warship still on fire, can't confirm cause; Russian ships are heading south as the Russian Black Fleet flagship battles 'extensive' fire;
Russia says its flagship missile cruiser has sunk after explosion off coast of Ukraine;
Ukraine: Deported children facing threat of 'illegal adoption' in Russia;
Putin nemesis reveals 'real money' funding Russia's war; Putin's Pollock: US seafood imports fuel Russian war machine;
Russia warns U.S. to stop arming Ukraine; Overview: U.S. to train Ukrainian troops;
Ukrainian governor says Mariupol 'has been wiped off the face of the earth';
War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Sweden Democrats leader wants party to change on NATO membership if Finland applies to join alliance ;
Russia makes nuclear threat to Sweden, Finland over NATO consideration; Finland debates joining NATO, possibly expanding alliance Putin hates;
Report: Sweden and Finland to join NATO over Ukraine invasion; Russia issues new warning against Finland and Sweden joining Nato;
NATO Must Prepare to Defend Its Weakest Point—the Suwalki Corridor;
Spurred by Putin, Russians Turn on One Another Over the War; Russian students are turning in teachers who don't back the war;
Head of Russia's Orthodox Church calls on people to rally around authorities;
More than 100 private jets owned by Russian oligarchs are stuck in Dubai after being flown there to escape sanctions,;
Sanctioned Russian oligarchs could benefit from the UAE's golden visa program, which offers long-term residency in exchange for a multimillion-dollar investment;
Russia threatens legal action if forced into sovereign debt default; Russia calls for integrating BRICS payment systems;
Russian Railways crashes into default as sanctions hammer Moscow;
Putin's former chief economic advisor says Russia would likely halt the Ukraine war 'within a month or two' if the West slapped a full embargo on Russian oil and gas;
After week of silence, Putin says Russia will achieve 'noble' aims in Ukraine;
Russian foreign minister says Russia's war with Ukraine is 'meant to put an end' to US world domination, NATO expansion;
Russia broke international humanitarian law in Ukraine, says report from Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe;
Poland builds a border wall, even as it welcomes Ukrainian refugees;
Polish panel: Russia behind Polish leader's plane crash;
War impels many Ukrainians to abandon Russian language, culture;
Ukraine War Pushes Germans to Change. They Are Wavering; Russia finds sympathy in Germany's east, Putin's old stomping ground;
China warns US of 'consequences' if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visits Taiwan;
China makes semi-secret delivery of missiles to Serbia;
China Hesitates on Bailing Out Sri Lanka, Pakistan as Debt Soars;
Pakistani Parliament votes to oust Prime Minister Imran Khan; Derided by Khan as U.S. Puppet, New Pakistan PM Bets on Centrism; Pakistan Is an Economic Mess;
Iran imposes sanctions on 15 U.S. officials as nuclear talks stall; Khamenei says Iran's future should not be tied to nuclear talks with world powers;
Iran MPs set conditions for reviving 2015 nuclear deal amid stalled talks;
Iran says preliminary deal reached on frozen funds abroad; Iran Guards commander says death of all US leaders would not avenge Soleimani killing;
Iran summons Afghan envoy over attack on diplomatic missions;
Israel's Ukraine Policy Prompts Scrutiny of Russian-Israeli Oligarchs;
Over 150 Palestinians injured as Israeli police storm Al-Aqsa;
US awaits final $17 million repayment from Saudis for air refueling in Yemen war; Saudi Arabia leads OPEC decision to drop IEA data as US ties fray;
Macron projected to finish ahead of far-right leader Le Pen in first round of French presidential election;
As Haitian migration routes change, compassion is tested in Florida Keys;
The war next door: Conflict in Mexico is displacing thousands; Despite Low Turnout, Mexico Voters Back President to Stay in Office;
Biden calls Russia's war in Ukraine a 'genocide,' marking a significant escalation of the president's rhetoric;
63 Republicans vote against resolution expressing support for NATO;
Case of duped Secret Service agents called an alarming agency breach;
Biden to announce plan to ease gas prices as inflationary pressures persist;
Biden Names Former Federal Prosecutor to Lead A.T.F.; Biden Announces Ban on Unlicensed Kits to Manufacture Guns at Home;
Biden nominates former US Treasury official to lead Fed regulation;
Forget Manchin — go around him to pass a climate bill;
House G.O.P., Banding Together, Kills Bid to Honor Pioneering Black Judge description;
House lawmakers launch probe of IRS face-scan contractor, citing concerns about accuracy and delays;
McCarthy faces grumbles from right over Biden impeachment remarks;
White House, truckers blast Texas governor as new inspection policy snarls traffic from Mexico; Texas Governor Offers Deal to End Snarled Traffic at Border;
South Dakota attorney general impeached over fatal 2020 car crash;
New York Lt. Gov. Benjamin resigns following arrest in bribery scheme;
Kentucky Republicans override veto, impose sweeping abortion restrictions;
Woman in Texas Charged With Murder in Connection With 'Self-Induced Abortion'; Murder charges to be dropped;
Florida state senator: DeSantis redistricting map 'overtly racist'; DeSantis takes on Disney in a culture war with national implications;
Finally, Arizona's election fraud has been found - 9 cases in 3.4 million votes!
As NC investigates election fraud allegation, state removes Mark Meadows from voter rolls;
Democrat Finkenauer knocked off US Senate primary ballot in Iowa; Gosar, Far-Right Incumbent, Faces G.O.P. Challengers in Arizona;
Democrats' redistricting gains hit a roadblock: The Supreme Court;
Federal judge rules Abrams cannot use committee to raise unlimited funds;
New Hunter Biden revelations raise counterintelligence questions; Now warning about Hunter Biden-laptop disinfo: The guy who leaked it;
Iowa, New Hampshire Democrats lose guaranteed first presidential nominating contests;
GOP votes to withdraw from presidential debate panel;
Judges who authorize no-knock warrants rarely question merits of police requests;
Video shows Michigan officer fatally shooting Black man in traffic stop; Cities Try to Turn the Tide on Police Traffic Stops;
Trump news and investigation
Text From Donald Trump Jr. Set Out Strategies to Fight Election Outcome;
Donations Steered to Trump Super PAC by Canadian Are Found to Be Illegal; Trump Officials Failed to Provide Accounting of Foreign Gifts;
Video: Trump claims he's the 'most honest human being, perhaps, that God ever created' during rally in North Carolina;
Before Giving Billions to Jared Kushner, Saudi Investment Fund Had Big Doubts;
Trump's trashing of Ukraine pays off for Russia: Republicans vote to reject NATO — and democracy;
Trump knocks Pennsylvania governor candidate over lack of action on election claims; Trump endorses Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania Senate race, a key battleground;
Capital Riot and fallout
Jan. 6 Panel Has Evidence for Criminal Referral of Trump, but Splits on Sending;
Two Trump White House Lawyers Meet With Jan. 6 Investigators; Former Trump lawyer, amid clash with Jan. 6 committee, pushing to decertify 2020 election;
Texts show Mike Lee (R-Utah) worked hard to overturn election, keep Trump in power;
In Conference Call Before Riot, a Plea to 'Descend on the Capitol';
Blaming Trump, Jan. 6 Suspect Says He Fell Down a 'Rabbit Hole' of Lies;
At least 67 guests test positive for covid after Washington gala; Covid cases rise in Northeast as BA.2 omicron subvariant takes hold;
Officials Privately Acknowledge Concerns As Administration Monitors New Subvariants; To find out where the covid pandemic is headed, look here: The sewer;
Pfizer And BioNTech Say COVID Booster Increased Immune Response In Children 5 To 11, Will Seek FDA Authorization;
People With Disabilities Raising Concerns About Dropping COVID-19 Protections;
Philadelphia is first major U.S. city to bring back mask mandate this spring;
Mask mandate extended for air travel, public transit through May 3 amid pressure on Biden administration to end the requirement;
Next coronavirus vaccine advance could be a nasal spray; Maker Claims New Drug Slashed Deaths Among Patients With Severe Covid;
Shanghais covid siege: Food shortages, robots, starving animals;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
April Crypto-Gram Newsletter, Cyberattacks, Malware, Hacking, and more; John Oliver on Data Brokers;
Microsoft Says It Disrupted Hacking Attempts by Russian Military Spies; Russian Cyberattack against Ukrainian Power Grid Prevented;
U.S. Government, Energy Companies on Alert for Russian Cyberattacks; Lawmakers Seek To Further Safeguard Critical Infrastructure;
US Government Says In Alert That Hackers Have Displayed Ability To Hijack Critical Infrastructure;
This Windows malware aims to steal your social media passwords; Industrial Control System Malware Discovered;
When to share Your Social Security Number; De-anonymizing Bitcoin;
Math and science
Axiom-1 Launches, Arrives At International Space Station; Invasion Of Ukraine Escalating US-Russian Tensions In Space;
Nasa spots record breaking, huge comet headed towards Earth;
Study Finds Climate Change Contributed Significantly To Wetter Hurricane Season In 2022;
Machine Learning Considered To Help Address Census Difficulties;
OpenAI’s New AI System That Can Turn Text Into Images May Help Reinforce Harmful Stereotypes;
University Of Dayton Professor Works On Creating 3D Update To Fingerprinting;
Research On Plasmonic Nanotweezers;
The Ancient Math That Sets the Date of Easter and Passover;
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
In a major reversal, Elon Musk won't join Twitter's board of directors after all;
YouTube Blocks Russian Parliament Channel for Terms of Service Violations; TikTok created an alternate universe just for Russia;
Google Removes Apps from Play Store That Secretly Harvested Data; Google Launches 'Switch To Android' App On iOS;
Google To Build High-Speed Fiber-Optic Cable To Connect Canada To Japan;
Ex-national security officials warn against antitrust bills in new ad campaign;
Semi-Autonomous Car Incident Raises Questions About Police Policy;
Help Desk Quick Fix: How to back up your phone before you lose it; Are you bad at texting? Here are the new rules for 2022;
SC News and Politics
South Carolina Lawmakers Move To Fire USC Trustees;
How to explain Tim Scott? Graham leads US delegation to Taiwan;
Can't afford to pay your taxes? SCDOR may be able to help;

Business and Economics
Economists Raise Inflation Forecast; Higher interest rates could blunt two big problems in the economy; 5 charts show why inflation is at a 40-year high;
Prices climbed 8.5% in the year ending in March, amid growing fears that inflation will cause a broad economic slowdown;
Recession Fears Grow Amid Rising Inflation; Producer Prices Up 1.4% in March, 11.2% Over 12 Months; Driven By Rising Gas Prices, Retail Sales Up 0.5% Last Month;
Mortgage rates top 5 percent, the highest level in 11 years, as housing market faces inflation pressure;
Jobless Claims Up Last Week, But Remain New Historic Lows;
US banks set for big hit to revenues as dealmaking dries up; Pursuit of profit bodes ill for US healthcare;
Paul Krugman on Why the Economy Is Doing Better Than We Think;
Economic toll in Texas worsens as many trucks remain stopped at border;
U.S. rig count posts fifth straight gain, Baker Hughes survey says;
The energy axis of evil: The evolving world of energy markets; China's oil champion prepares Western retreat over sanctions fear;
OPEC tells EU it's not possible to replace potential Russian oil supply loss;
China's economy pays a price as lockdowns restrict nearly a third of its population; China's Increasing COVID Curbs Threaten Supply Chain Paralysis;
Citi profits tumble as bank warns it could lose $3bn in Russia; Apple's Privacy Changes Expected To Wipe Almost $16B In Revenues From YouTube, Meta, Snap, Twitter;
Boeing Downgrades Pending Order Backlog;
The World's Electric Vehicle Fleet Will Soon Surpass 20 Million; BMW CEO Warns Against Electric-only Strategy;
California Plan Wants EV Sales To Triple By 2026;
Tesla's Vehicle Output Expected To Be Down 40,000 Units Due To Shanghai Lockdown; Musk Says Tesla Should Consider Entering Lithium Business Amid High Costs;
GM Signs Multi-Year Cobalt Supply Deal With Glencore;
Elon Musk offers to buy Twitter in hostile takeover attempt, says it needs to be ‘transformed as a private company’;
Twitter adopts 'poison pill' intended to thwart Elon Musk's takeover bid;
'This Is American History': The Hall of Fame Reconsiders Race;
These Advanced Stretching Techniques Can Actually Make You More Flexible;
Other news
By denying a Ukrainian culture, Putin flattens his own; The Month That Changed a Century;
Russia's oligarchs have a long record of masking fortunes, Pandora Papers show, which could thwart sanctions related to Ukraine;
Noam Chomsky, 93, issues warning: 'We're approaching the most dangerous point in human history';
How the ​​'Homeless Billionaire' Became a Philosopher King;
A historian at ICE hunts Latin American war criminals hiding in the U.S.;
Thomas Piketty Thinks America Is Primed for Wealth Redistribution;

Survey: 80% Of College Graduates Believe Higher Education Was Worth Their Investment;
NACAC Says More Than 200 Colleges Have Open Seats For Fall 2022; More International Students Are Applying To US Colleges;
Moody's: Inflation And Labor Shortages Set To Squeeze College Budgets; Higher Education Seeks Clarity From ED On Disclosing Foreign Gifts;
Colleges Seek To End Unpaid Internships; West Virginia University To Commit $1.5M For Athlete Education Benefits;
Mizzou Students With No Admissions Test Scores Had Similar Retention Rates To Peers Who Did Have Scores;
Federal Judge Rules University Of North Texas Cannot Charge Out-Of-State Students Higher Tuition Than Undocumented Students;
Free College Plans Now A Reality In Nearly 30 States;
Pennsylvania Board Of Governors Passes 4th Year Of State Universities' Tuition Freeze; Georgia Board Of Regents Vote To Not Raise Tuition At Most State Universities;
New Mexico Expands "Opportunity Scholarship," But Wary Of Impending Reductions;
CFPB: Student-Loan Companies Might Be "Unlawfully Collecting" Debt; Lawsuit Charges For-Profit University Preyed on Black and Female Students;
Experts Discuss What They Want Included In ED’s New Title IX Regulation;
School-Closure Policies Pushing Parents To Support Republicans; A College Fights 'Leftist Academics' by Expanding Into Charter Schools;
American, George Washington Universities Reinstate Indoor Mask Mandate Following Rise In COVID-19 Cases;
Southern Cal Sues YouTubers Over Disruptive Prank Videos;
Khan Academy Founder Interviewed About Boosting Math Performance;

TechNews for the week: April 8; April 6; April 4;

Chronology Ukraine/Russia war
Mariupol Mass Evacuation Falters as Red Cross Judges It Too Dangerous; In eastern Ukraine, the epicenter of the war, a brutal fight rages;
Russia appears to pull back near Kyiv; Russia in Broad Retreat From Kyiv, Seeking to Regroup From Battering; As Russia retreats from Kyiv, U.S. sees uglier fights to come;
Long before Ukrainian deportations, Soviets abducted Baltic citizens; Russia repeats history with its war crimes in Ukraine;
Signs of massacre in Bucha spark calls for war-crime probes; Ukrainians and Europeans accuse Russians of committing atrocities;
Ex-UN prosecutor urges global arrest warrant for Putin;
Exiled Russian oligarch says Putin went 'insane' after Ukrainians did not welcome his invasion and 'meet him with flowers' like he anticipated;
Explosions rock Odessa as Russia claims strikes on oil refinery, fuel depots;
Russia's Latest Atrocity Unleashed Nitric Acid Cloud That Could Blind Ukrainians; Russia-Ukraine fallout starts felling fragile 'frontier' economies;
Ukrainian villagers describe cruel and brutal Russian occupation; Town by town, Ukrainian prosecutors build Russian war crimes cases;
Satellite images show bodies lay in Bucha for weeks, despite Russian claims; Zelensky demands accountability after 'terrible war crimes';
Russia's failure to take down Kyiv was a defeat for the ages; Bucha isn't just a graveyard of Ukrainian dead, it's a cemetery of Russian weapons;
Lavrov says West trying to sink Russia-Ukraine talks with war crimes 'hysteria'; Russia says footage in Ukraine's Bucha was 'ordered' to blame Russia;
Exiled Russian oligarch says 'big cities are going to end up in coffins' if Putin sends conscripts from urban areas to Ukraine;
The Russian rhetoric that adds weight to charges of 'genocide';
NATO says Ukraine to decide on peace deal with Russia — within limits;
Germany says it intercepted Russian messages on indiscriminate killings in Ukraine, undermining Moscow's claims it wasn't involved;
Ukraine presses NATO for more aid: 'Weapons, weapons, weapons'; Javelins, not jets: How the U.S. is arming Ukraine against Russia;
Right-wing Axov battalion emerges as a controversial defender of Ukraine;
Eastern Ukraine braces for renewed assault as Russia regroups;
Western Officials Say Russia Is Recruiting Mercenaries and Syrians to Ukraine;
U.N. General Assembly votes to suspend Russia from Human Rights Council amid global outrage over civilian deaths in Ukraine;
Human rights vote at U.N. highlights stark divisions over Russia;
Russia spent the whole night and morning moving Urals, Grads and Iskanders across the territory of Belarus;
Death toll from Russian airstrike at train station rises to 50, Ukraine officials say; Russian Troops Brag They Bombed Fleeing Families at Train Station;
In eastern Ukraine, Russian military razing towns to take them over;
War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Russian investigative news outlet says Putin was visited by a cancer surgeon dozens of times in 4 years and takes rejuvenating baths in deer antler blood;
Why Tracking Putin's Wealth Is So Difficult; Why Russia's military is so shabby; Life and Death Under Russian Occupation: 'This Is True Barbarity';
In Tbilisi, Georgia, even Russian activists get a less friendly welcome;
Vladimir Putin thought he could play hardball with Moldova's economy and keep it at Russia's mercy. It's backfiring;
U.S. impedes Russia's debt payments as new sanctions package emerges; Russia says it sent $650 million bond payment in rubles after US Treasury blocked dollar transfers;
U.S. widens sanctions against Russia as questions about effectiveness mount; Maldives shelters sanctioned Russian billionaires' yachts;
Wealthy Russians and oligarchs are reportedly buying as many as 4 apartments at once in Turkey in attempts to earn 'golden passports';
Prospect of Finland, Sweden joining NATO discussed at NATO meeting; Russia says it would have to 'rebalance' if Finland and Sweden join NATO;
Finland seizes $46 million in art en route to Russia;
Expulsion of Russian 'diplomats' may strangle Moscow's spying;
Chinese President Xi Jinping warns it could take decades to repair economic damage caused by Ukraine crisis;
China reaches out to Asian neighbours after Ukraine war causes further tensions with US;
Taiwan's Han Chinese seek a new identity among the island's tribes;
North Korea warns of nuclear response if South provokes it;
Iran nuclear talks at stalemate over terrorism issue; Iran blames U.S. for halt to Vienna nuclear talks; Iran Is Ready To Sign The Nuclear Deal But Is Done With Negotiations;
Iran moves machines for making centrifuge parts to Natanz;
Iran welcomes Yemen truce, urges political solution; Saudi-Houthi Truce In Yemen To Add To Downward Momentum On Oil;
Yemen president cedes powers to council as Saudi Arabia pushes to end war; Yemeni Leader Hands Power to New Body as His Saudi Backers Seek to End War;
Israel's Government in Crisis After Senior Lawmaker Quits Coalition;
U.S. Sends Algerian Man Home From Guantánamo Bay After 5-Year Delay;
Pakistan Default Risk Soars, Currency Sinks on Political Turmoil; Pakistan Seeks to Skirt Crisis With Biggest Rate Hike Since 1996;
Claiming No-Confidence Vote Is Compromised, Imran Khan Says He Won't Accept Result; Pakistan's Prime Minister Dissolves Parliament, Blocking an Effort to Remove Him;
Pakistan's Supreme Court Blocks Imran Khan's Move to Stay in Power; By Embracing Putin, Pakistan's Imran Khan May Have Sealed His Own Demise;
Landmark UN report on global warming delayed as top polluters spar over findings; 'Now Or Never': New U.N. Report Sees Narrow Path For Averting Climate Catastrophe;
Biden rebuffed as US relations with Saudi Arabia and UAE hit new low;
A Reinvented Marine Le Pen Threatens to Upend French Elections;
Biden calls Putin a 'war criminal,' urges building evidence to put Russian president on trial after atrocities in Ukraine;
U.S. charges oligarch with sanctions violations; U.S. seizes superyacht of Russian billionaire close to Putin;
New migrants on U.S.-Mexico border: Ukrainian refugees; ICE Lawyers Directed to Clear Low-Priority Immigration Cases;
Homeland Security Watchdog Omitted Damaging Findings From Reports;
Texas Gov. Abbott says Texas will bus migrants to the nation's capital;
Americans strongly disapprove of GOP pushback on Ketanji Brown Jackson; Republicans Target Progressive Advocacy Group Amid Opposition to Jackson;
Senate votes to move ahead on historic Supreme Court nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson;
Senate confirms Ketanji Brown Jackson as first Black female justice on the Supreme Court;
Supreme Court makes it easier to sue police over wrongful arrests; Roberts joins high court's liberals in criticizing 'shadow docket' pollution ruling;
Congress breaks deadlock on Ukraine measures, sends two bills to Biden; Here are the six Republicans who voted against investigating Russia for war crimes;
Immigration snag threatens to stall $10 billion coronavirus package; GOP blocks Senate COVID bill, demands votes on immigration;
As Earmarks Return to Congress, Lawmakers Rush to Steer Money Home;
Garland Faces Growing Pressure as Jan. 6 Investigation Widens; With contempt referrals pending, Justice Department faces fraught decision;
CDC announces plans to revamp agency;
As Both Parties Gerrymander Furiously, State Courts Block the Way; Flurry of New Laws Move Blue and Red States Further Apart;
How Trump allies are pushing to hand-count ballots around the U.S.;
Legal Effort Expands to Disqualify Republicans as 'Insurrectionists';
Arizona AG report finds no evidence of mass fraud in Maricopa County 2020 election results;
Tim Ryan Struggles to Reach Ohio's Exhausted Majority; Sarah Palin running for Alaska congressional seat;
Oklahoma lawmakers pass bill to make performing an abortion illegal, punishable by up to 10 years in prison; Abortion Pills, Once a Workaround, Are Now a Target;
Jury acquits two men, deadlocks on two others in alleged plot to kidnap Michigan governor;
No-knock raids: Where secrets, drugs and money collide; Policing in America;
Pelosi tests positive for COVID-19; 2 Cabinet members test positive for COVID-19;
ABC News reports Secret Service is renting $30,000-a-month Malibu mansion to protect Hunter Biden;
Bidens Will Host a White House Wedding Reception for Their Granddaughter;
The Growing Religious Fervor in the American Right: 'This Is a Jesus Movement';
Trump news and investigation
Large parts of the Jan. 6 'gap' have already been filled; Trump discusses Jan. 6 call logs and how he wanted to march on the Capitol in exclusive Post interview;
Two Top Executives Resign At Truth Social: "All Bets Are Off" In What Could Be One Of Trump's Most Visible Failures;
Trump's Truth Social in trouble as financial, technical woes mount; The Trump Organization used to borrow from major banks. Now look who's lending it money;
Trump asks Clinton-appointed judge to recuse from lawsuit against Dems;
New york AG asks judge to fine Trump $10K a day for failing to turn over evidence ;
Election claims dominate lively night for Trump, allies at Mar-a-Lago; Donald Trump endorses Sarah Palin for Alaska’s lone congressional seat;
Will Elon Musk bring Trump back to Twitter?
Trump again repeated the claim that he won Michigan's 'Man of the Year' award. The award does not exist;
Sununu on Trump roast at Gridiron dinner: 'It's all a joke';
Trump ally Devin Nunes loses Washington Post defamation appeal;
Capital Riot and fallout
Raskin says Gap in Trump call logs on Jan. 6 'suspiciously tailored';
Jan. 6 panel obtains emails ex-Trump lawyer tried to shield; Ivanka Trump Testifies to House Panel Investigating Jan. 6 Attack;
House votes to refer Trump aides Scavino, Navarro to DOJ for criminal contempt;
Justice Dept. Investigation of Jan. 6 Confronts Sprawling Cast of Characters ;
Enrique Tarrio, longtime Proud Boys leader, pleads not guilty in Jan. 6 riot; Proud Boys leader Charles Donohoe admits plan to storm Capitol, will testify against others;
U.S. judge acquits Jan. 6 defendant who said he was waved in by police;
COVID and diabetes creating a public health train wreck; As COVID restrictions ease, a different virus rises;
New COVID-19 variant XE identified: What to know and why experts say not to be alarmed;
CDC director clears up 2nd COVID booster confusion; FDA Advisers To Discuss Timing And Eligibility For Additional COVID-19 Shots;
Analysis Finds Protection Against Infection, Severe Illness Boosted By Fourth COVID-19 Vaccine Dose, But Wanes Quickly;
Medicare enrollees to get free COVID-19 tests at drug stores; Experts Testify Before FDA Panel On Future COVID-19 Booster Policy;
Tennessee Senate passes bill to allow over-the-counter sales of ivermectin;
Appeals Court Upholds Biden's COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate For Federal Workers;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
U.S. Says It Secretly Removed Malware Worldwide, Pre-empting Russian Cyberattacks; US Disrupts Russian Botnet;
German Authorities Shut Down Servers for Russian Darknet Marketplace Hydra;
FBI Official Warns Lawmakers About Russian Hacking on Infrastructure; Bitdefender CEO Warns of New Era of Cyber Warfare Created by Russia;
Cyberweapons Arms Manufacturer FinFisher Shuts Down;
Analysis: Here's how war crimes prosecutions work;
Prosecutor says man arrested for posing as DHS worker claimed ties to Pakistani intelligence;
State Department Launches Cyber Bureau; Crypto could help governments and businesses spy on us;
Hackers Target Election Officials with Invoice-Themed Phishing Emails;
Block confirms Cash App breach after former employee accessed US customer data;
Malicious Android apps found masquerading as legitimate antivirus tools;
AirTags Are Used for Stalking Far More than Previously Reported;
Russian Oligarchs Using Data Privacy Laws to Protect Their Online Images;
Math and science
The top astronomical sights for the rest of 2022;
SpaceX launches first all-private mission to International Space Station;
AWS Joins Blue Origin To Support Orbital Reef Space Station; Rocket Lab Working To Make Its Two-Stage Electron Rocket Partially Reusable;
US kept missile test quiet to avoid raising tensions with Russia; China's Space Transportation To Develop Hypersonic Passenger Aircraft;
DNA Nanotechnology Could Make Vaccine, Drug Development Faster, Cheaper;
Storms Cripple Aging Power Grid As Climate Disasters Continue; NOAA says Methane emissions jumped by record amount in 2021;
Ukraine War Presents New Opportunity For Facial Recognition Technology;
What we can learn from people who take the Flat Earth theory seriously;
Is 30 Minutes of Exercise a Day Enough?
Spreadsheets Are Hot—and Cranking Out Complex Code;
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
Russia Prepares False Information Cases Against YouTube; Russian Mass Media Regulator Accuses Wikipedia of 'Inaccurate Information';
Ukraine misinformation is spreading — and not just from Russia; Hackers Spread Fake News of Ukrainian Surrender to Erode Confidence in Media;
Canadian Agency Reports 'Numerous Russia-Backed Disinformation Campaigns'; Apple restores opposition app to its App Store in Russia;
How Facebook's formula fostered rage and misinformation; Meta Chooses to 'Err On the Side of an Adult' When Uncertain About Images;
NYTimes Examines How Much Information iOS Apps Track;
Canada Proposes Law to Force Payments to News Providers for Online Content;
3G shutdown is underway;
Here's how to move (almost) everything from a wallet to your phone; How to use Google Calendar appointment schedules;
Musk Becomes Twitter's Largest Shareholder;
SC News and Politics
Graham says if GOP were in charge, Jackson wouldn't have been nominee;

Business and Economics
US Added 431K Jobs In March While Unemployment Rate Fell To 3.6%; Unemployment Claims Drop in Week Ending April 2, 2022;
Fed prepares to slash size of swollen balance sheet by $95bn a month;
OMB: Climate Change Costs To Federal Budget May Reach $2T A Year By 2100;
Caring for aging parents and sick spouses is keeping millions out of work;
World food prices hit new record on impact from Ukraine war; Vertical Farms Expand In Popularity Amid Supply Chain Disruptions;
Nearly three quarters of US counties have more businesses than before pandemic;
JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon Warns of Unprecedented Risks for U.S. Economy; Nobel economists were dead wrong on inflation: Don't expect an apology;
Russia cuts interest rates to 17% to support shrinking economy; A Tanker's Giant U-Turn Reveals Strains in the Market for Russian Oil;
Saudi Arabia Hikes Oil Prices Further Into Record Territory; Saudi Arabia Hikes Oil Prices Further Into Record Territory;
Container shipping rates are going mad again;
Shell reveals another tax-free year in UK North Sea;
Justice Department Endorses American Innovation and Choice Online Act;
Texas Is Becoming Next Battleground For Tech Workers; Google Changes Hiring System;
Actuarial Group Takes Steps to Identify Racial Bias in Insurance Rates;
Rural Land Use Opposition Slow Solar Expansion; GE To Develop Hydropower Storage Capacity For Indian Power Corporations;
EPA Proposes To Ban Chrysotile Asbestos, The Most Common Form Of The Mineral Still Used In US;
Ukraine War Expected To Impact Auto Production;
Advocacy Group, Led By Waymo, Ford, Toyota, Releases Policy Agenda To Prepare Workers For AVs;
GAO: Government May Need More Than 100K Charging Stations For EVs; Chase bank is adding electric vehicle charging stations at dozens of branches;
GM, Honda To Jointly Develop Affordable Electric Vehicle; Surge In Car-Crash Deaths Could Be Magnified By New Breed Of EVs;
Toyota Joins Tesla In Developing Self-driving Tech With Low-cost Cameras;
Alphabet's Wing To Start Testing Deliveries In Dallas;
Amazon Announces Deals With Three Rocket Companies To Support Project Kuiper;
Elon Musk to address Twitter staff after outcry over board appointment;
One Of The Worst People In The World Now Owns Over 96% Of SNK;
Clearview AI To Offer Face Recognition Tech To Private Businesses;
South Carolina defeats U-Conn. to win NCAA women’s basketball title; Kansas defeats North Carolina in a stunning comeback to win its fourth NCAA men's basketball title;
Vanderbilt Researchers Use AI To Help Basketball Players Improve Their Abilities;
10 players to watch in the 2022 MLB season;
Boston Marathon bars runners from Russia and Belarus from participating;
Other news
Why Russia gave up Alaska, America's gateway to the Arctic;
Opinion: I tried Trump's Truth Social so you don't have to;
Pandora Papers: These are the gatekeepers who open the U.S. financial system to shell companies, secret owners;

Biden extends federal student loan payment pause through Aug. 31;
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Fines Student Loan Servicer For Allegedly Misrepresenting Loan Forgiveness Eligibility;
Ivy League Universities' Acceptance Rates Drop To New Lows; Number Of Hispanic-Serving Institutions Drop For First Time In Twenty Years;
Analysis Discusses How SAT, ACT Tests May Protect Diversity In Colleges; UNC System Extends Test-Optional Admissions Through Fall 2024;
Appeals Court Rules Indiana University, Purdue Student Suits Seeking Refunds Can Proceed;
Contingent Faculty Often Work For No Pay At Universities; Professor Pay Decreased 5% This Year, After Inflation;
Tuition Increases Approved For Three Public Arizona Universities; Arizona State University Targets Los Angeles Students With New LA Campus;
Report Shows Public Research Universities Spent 70% Of Federal Pandemic Relief Funding;
Study: Grade Forgiveness Leads To Increase In STEM Graduates; International STEM Students With Doctorate Degrees Remain In US After Graduating;
California Community College Students Are Choosing To Study Remotely;
University Of Illinois To Require Diversity Statements To Be Considered For Tenure;
Florida's Accreditation Changes May Cause Problems For State Institutions;
Many Colleges Relaxing COVID-19 Testing Requirements On Campus;
Privacy Activists Oppose Creation Of Federal System To Collect College Student Data;
Florida Faculty Union Urges State Universities To Ignore Controversial Survey On Political Leanings;
University Of Wisconsin System Free Speech Survey Postponed After Interim Chancellor Quit In Protest;
Library group reports record number of 'challenged' books; Conservatives say Teachers who mention sexuality are 'grooming' kids;
Virginia Civil Rights Groups Condemn Governor Youngkin's Attack On Teaching Black History In Schools, Universities;

TechNews for the week: April 1; March 30; March 28;

Chronology Ukraine/Russia war
Ukraine 'disappointed' in NATO, as Biden visits U.S. troops in Poland; Pentagon says Russia begins to mobilize military reinforcements for Ukraine as casualties mount;
Ukraine claims that Russia is using white phosphorus; Ukraine captures one of Russia's most advanced electronic warfare systems, which could reveal military secrets;
Russia Signals Redefined Goals in Ukraine War as Its Advances Stall; Putin wants to wipe Ukrainian cultural heritage off the map;
Turkey defuses mine after Russia warns of strays from Ukraine ports;
Russian soldiers appear to be fixing makeshift cages to the turrets of their tanks in a crude effort to protect themselves against Ukraine's anti-tank missiles;
Ukraine asks Qatar, others to boost energy exports amid war;
Russian forces are occupying city housing Chernobyl workers, mayor says; Rockets strike Lviv, indicating Russia's unrelenting barrage;
Russian generals are getting killed at an extraordinary rate; Putin resorts to Syrian mercenaries in Ukraine;
Zelensky steps up criticism of West, demanding weapons and sanctions;
As the war in Ukraine moves into its second month, fears grow of Mariupol's fall to Russia.;
Ex-separatist leader calls Russian attack on Ukraine a mistake; Putin hit with betrayal as Belarusian battalion turns on Russia and vow to fight for Ukraine;
Pentagon official says Russian ground forces no longer advancing;
Russian Forces Driven Away From Kyiv as Ukraine Regains Territory and Kills Top Commander; Russia says it will cut back operations near Ukraine capital;
Report: Roman Abramovich handed Putin a note from Zelenskyy seeking peace, but Putin replied 'tell him I will thrash them';
Sanctioned Oligarch's Presence Adds Intrigue to Ukraine-Russia Talks;
Ukraine-Russia talks stir optimism; Ukraine warns negotiators not to eat or drink at peace talks amid poison concern;
Putin's senior advisors are feeding him bad information about the Ukrainian invasion because they're 'too afraid to tell him the truth';
Putin ally Ramzan Kadyrov says Ukraine-Russia peace negotiations are pointless and he wants to just keep fighting;
A Brutal Russian Playbook Reapplied in Ukraine; A video shows Russian prisoners of war in Ukraine being beaten and shot in their legs;
Unprotected Russian soldiers disturbed radioactive dust in Chernobyl's 'Red Forest';
Kyiv doubtful of Moscow pullback; Zelensky seeks global security pledge; U.S. leery of Russian troops' shift from Kyiv;
Ukraine says Russia forcibly relocates thousands from Mariupol; Russia Steps Up Attacks Amid Reports of Rifts in Moscow;
Putin ordering draft of 135,000 amid difficulties in Ukraine war;
Chechen chief Kadyrov says Russia will make no concessions in Ukraine; Russia's Ukraine war builds on tactics it used in Syria, experts say;
Mariupol evacuations expected Friday after temporary cease-fire declared; Thousands manage to escape Mariupol even as Red Cross efforts stall;
More Mixed Signals From Russia as Ukraine War Enters Sixth Week; Russia accuses Ukraine of cross-border helicopter strike on fuel depot;
Zelensky: Two Ukrainian generals dismissed for being 'traitors';

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Putin Has Coup-Proofed His Regime; Putin's purge of 'traitors' scoops up pensioners, foodies and peaceniks; Russia rallies its powerful friends;
Sanctioning Russia created a financial world war; Why the world is so worried about Russia's 'tactical' nuclear weapons;
Russia has increased Arctic military presence since Ukraine invasion;
U.S. Treasury's Adeyemo Russian supply chains next in line for sanctions;
A $500 million superyacht thought to belong to a Russian oligarch is returning to Russia after he was sanctioned;
The US reportedly watered down sanctions against a key Russian oligarch out of fear that disrupting his business empire could hurt the global economy;
Several Russian tankers reportedly turned off their tracking systems 33 times last week, a practice the US says could be used to evade sanctions;
Russian secret service agents seized millions of dollars of Swiss luxury watches from Audemars Piguet in apparent retaliation against sanctions;
Report: Wealthy Russian investors are snapping up luxury properties in Dubai amid Western sanctions;
Germany asks people to reduce gas consumption, Poland to halt Russian oil imports;
Turkey's foreign minister says sanctioned Russian oligarchs are welcome as tourists and investors;
Turkish prosecutor moves to halt Khashoggi murder trial amid warming ties to Saudi Arabia; Asks to move Khashoggi murder trial to Saudi Arabia;
Long on Europe's Fringe, Poland Takes Center Stage as War Rages in Ukraine;
Kazakhstan does not want to be behind new iron curtain - deputy minister;
Moldova—where part of the country is already under Russian control— fear they could be next;
Russia says Azerbaijan enters Russian peacekeepers' zone in Nagorno-Karabakh; Armenia urges Russia to make Azeri troops leave in Karabakh flare-up;
Bound by a Sense of Victimhood, Serbia Sticks With Russia;
Israel to Host 3 Arab Foreign Ministers in Historic Meeting; Arab, US top diplomats in Israel as Mideast dynamic shifts;
Abbas Is Destroying Democracy to Ensure His Successor Supports Israel;
Iran diplomat suggests flexibility to restore nuclear deal; Blinken asks Bennett for his Iran deal alternative;
Ukraine has widened the breach between U.S. and Persian Gulf countries;
Saudi-Kuwait Plans To Develop Huge Gas Field Challenged By Iran; UAE energy chief doubles down on OPEC alliance with Russia;
Yemen's Houthis suspend strikes on Saudi Arabia for three days; Saudi Arabia adds 25 to list of those suspected of financing Yemen's Houthis;
Desperate for Cash, Afghans Toil in Mines That Are Deadlier Than Ever;
No-confidence motion moved in Pakistan parliament in bid to remove PM Khan; Pakistan's parliament adjourns debate on embattled premier;
Russian ambassador sues Italian daily over Putin article;
North Korea's latest missile test may not have been what it claimed it was; S.Korea says N.Korea staged 'largest ICBM' fakery to recover from failed test;
U.S. sanctions Russia, North Korea after Pyongyang launches missile that can reach Washington;
Taiwan sees Ukraine war helping Chinese yuan's internationalisation; China's rising influence has complicated the world's response to Ukraine;
China and Solomon Islands Draft Secret Security Pact, Raising Alarm in the Pacific;
Russia's war in Ukraine galvanizes extremists globally;
General Strike Throws India Into Confusion;
President Dissolves Tunisia's Parliament, Deepening Political Crisis;
In Hungary, Viktor Orban Remakes an Election to His Liking;
Mexican village a ghost town after cartel warns: "Leave or you'll die";
Biden says Putin 'cannot remain in power' in forceful speech in Poland; Biden sparks global uproar with nine ad-libbed words about Putin;
Experts say Biden's comment that Putin must go could give the Russian president the freedom to show no restraint;
Biden says he was expressing 'moral outrage' in calling for Putin's ouster, not announcing a new policy; Biden's Putin remark pushes U.S.-Russia relations closer to collapse;
Biden administration to lift pandemic border restrictions; Biden rescinds controversial Title 42 order limiting asylum;
Biden's budget pivots to deficit concerns while boosting military, domestic programs; Four takeaways from Biden's budget proposal;
Biden to unveil tax that targets richest 700 Americans;
'It's about the 30-second ads': Biden budget offers a counter to GOP midterm attacks;
SCOTUS Refuses to Hear Medicaid Challenge; Navy SEALs lose Supreme Court challenge over vaccine mandate;
Texts Show Ginni Thomas's Embrace of Conspiracy Theories; Ethics experts see Ginni Thomas's texts as a problem for the Supreme Court;
Biden signs bill making lynching a federal hate crime;
President Biden Weighs Using Defense Production Act To Boost Battery Production For EVs;
DOJ warns state attorneys general that blocking access to gender-affirming care violates US law;
State Dept. Will Allow Americans to Mark Their Gender as 'X' on Passports;
Congress gives IRA perks to high earners in tax bill; House Passes the Securing a Strong Retirement Act of 2022;
Advocates Fear Federal Inaction On Canceling Student Debt Will Demoralize Young Voters;
How Joe Manchin Aided Coal, and Earned Millions;
Sen. Ted Cruz's battle to keep Trump in power has cost him friends and sparked questions;
Ted Cruz's Daughters Attend a Private School That Is 'Antiracist';
Rep. Jeff Fortenberry to resign after being found guilty of lying to FBI;
Why the 14th Amendment has surfaced in midterms;
Citing 'extreme' gerrymandering, judge throws out congressional map for Md.; Maryland Senate passes new congressional map, which GOP calls gerrymandered, too;
Judge Rules Parts of Florida Voting Law Are Unconstitutional; G.O.P. Presses for Greater Edge on Florida and Ohio Congressional Maps;
Trump allies and election admins battle over vote-counting machines;
G.O.P. Judge Tosses N.Y. District Lines, Citing Democrats' 'Bias';
A Democratic Super PAC's Ad Buy Shows a Widening Battle for House Control;
Utah Legislature Overrides Governor's Veto of Transgender Athlete Bill;
DeSantis Signs Florida Bill That Opponents Call 'Don't Say Gay';
Kentucky Passes Legislation Banning Abortion After 15 Weeks;
South Dakota House nears AG impeachment decision;
How SKDK, a powerful public relations firm, plays a unique role in Biden's Washington;
Washington Post report finds Hunter Biden was paid millions by Chinese state-linked energy firm;
Psaki to leave White House for MSNBC;
Trump news and investigation
The Manhattan DA is reportedly returning evidence to witnesses amid signs it may abandon its Trump investigation;
Federal judge says Trump ‘more likely than not' committed a crime in trying to block congressional confirmation of Biden's win;
Judge Arthur Engoron Demands Trump Org Quit Stalling on Turning Over Evidence;
Federal prosecutors are zeroing in on a single Trump tweet that may have been the catalyst for right-wing extremists to join the Capitol riot;
Trump accidentally proves that the Clinton campaign wasn't the driving force of the Russia probe;
Trump Touts 'Massive' Turnout At Georgia Rally That Journalists Say Was 'Smallest' In Years;
Trump solicits Putin's help to expose alleged dirt on Hunter Biden; Trump reacts with fury after Morning Joe criticise him for trying to involve Putin in scheme to smear Bidens;
GSA approves sale of lease for Trump International Hotel in D.C.;
Ethics professional says Trump's shameless self-promotion with taxpayer funds is 'unsavory' but on-brand for someone committed to 'profiting off of absolutely everything';
She Took the White House Photos. Trump Moved to Take the Profit;
Trump Degrades His Own General as an 'Idiot' Before Gushing Over 'Smart' Kim Jong-un;
Report: Donald Trump's Truth Social App Is Failing Fantastically;
A former Trump official said 'you knew your day was wrecked' when Ginni Thomas showed up at the White House;
Capital Riot and fallout
House Jan. 6 committee votes to recommend criminal contempt charges for former Trump aides Peter Navarro and Daniel Scavino Jr.;
Jan. 6 House committee seeks to interview Virginia Thomas; The Jan. 6 panel had cooled focus on GOP lawmakers. Then Brooks happened;
White House logs from Jan. 6 turned over to House show gap in Trump calls of seven hours and 37 minutes;
Justice Department expands Jan. 6 probe to look at rally preparation, financing;
Cheney says Trump was warned of Jan. 6 violence; Judge says nonviolent Jan. 6 defendants shouldn't get 'serious jail time';
A Jan. 6 pastor divides his Tennessee community with extremist views;
How covid brain fog may overlap with 'chemo brain' and Alzheimer's;
FDA authorizes second coronavirus booster shot for people 50 and older to strengthen waning protection;
CDC data suggest If you got a J&J vaccine, consider two Pfizer or Moderna booster shots; What's going on with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine;
Fewer Americans Regularly Wearing Masks, Skipping Nonessential Travel, Avoiding Crowds, Poll Finds;
For red and blue America, a glaring divide in COVID-19 death rates persists 2 years later;
Shanghai reverses course with total lockdowns as China's covid surges;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
U.S. Indicts Four Russian Government Employees in Hacking Campaign; British Police Arrest Seven People for Ransomware Attack on Okta;
Apple, Meta gave customer data to hackers posing as law enforcement; Hackers hit popular video game, stealing more than $600 million in cryptocurrency;
Chrome Zero-Day from North Korea; A Detailed Look at the Conti Ransomware Gang;
Stalking with an Apple Watch;
Bypassing Two-Factor Authentication;
Math and science
Human blueprint breakthrough: Scientists publish 'gapless' human genome ;
1950 Census data to be unveiled Friday after 72 years under wraps;
NASA is officially tracking over 5K planets beyond our solar system; Paper Explaining James Webb Space Telescope Should Search For Methane To Find Life;
John Hopkins Engineers Build Robot To Perform Surgery Without Doctor;
Report: About half of US water 'too polluted' for swimming, fishing or drinking;
Food insecurity, yo-yo diets may increase heart disease risk;
The military wants AI to replace human decision-making in battle;
CU Boulder Researcher Explores Use Of EVs For Efficient Grid Operations;
What are Czech hedgehogs? Ukraine's surprisingly simple antitank trap;
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
Social media wasn't ready for this war. It needs a plan for the next one; Ukrainians take on 'wall of propaganda' on Chinese social media;
The Kremlin tries to stifle Radio Free Europe — and its audience surges; Novaya Gazeta, the last independent newspaper in Russia, falls silent;
How Ukraine's Internet is still working despite Russian bombs and cyberattacks;
EU Agrees to Digital Markets Act Imposing New Obligations on Tech Companies; U.S., EU Reach Preliminary Deal to Store Data on Europeans in United States;
FCC Adds Kaspersky Lab to List of Banned Telecom Providers;
Emails show Facebook hired a GOP firm to malign its competitor TikTok;
Turmoil at CBS News over Trump aide Mick Mulvaney's punditry gig;
SC News and Politics
Demise of sophomore shuffle a win for someone — but not necessarily The Citadel ;
Citadel investigating Republican club after Orlando CPAC trip;
Citadel assistant professor arrested on kidnapping, domestic violence charges;

Business and Economics
Gallup Poll: Inflation Is Americans' Number One Economic Concern; Consumer Expectations For Inflation Reach Highest Level Since 1981;
Key Inflation Measure Hit 40-Year High In February; Business, Construction Groups Oppose Gas-Tax Holidays;
US stocks end quarter with worst performance in two years; US yield curve inverts is possible recession signal;
US economy gained 431,000 jobs in March as tight labour market persists; 4.4 million Americans quit their jobs in February as job opportunities remained near record levels;
Bloomberg Analysis: Biden Budget Shaping Up As An Appeal To Moderate Democrats; Analysis: A "Growth Recession" May Be Best Economic Outcome Fed Can Hope For;
Oil rises to over $120/bbl after attack on Saudi facilities; Recession Threat From Russian Oil Shortfall;
Biden expected to announce massive release of oil reserves in bid to combat high gas prices; White House Studying Array Of Policies To Address Oil, Gas Prices;
EU and Russia in stand-off over rouble payments for gas; G7 rejects Putin's demand for rouble payment for Russian gas;
European gas buyers have at least 2 weeks to pay in roubles, says Kremlin;
OPEC+ Agrees To Ease Cuts By 432,000 Bpd In May; OPEC and Russia are set to meet as the war continues to roil the oil market;
Experts say Russia will likely default with April 4 payment due of $2.2 billion;
Credit Suisse Stops New Business in Russia, Cuts Exposure; UBS and Credit Suisse make further progress in emergency plans;
Saudi Arabia says it deposited $5B in Egypt's central bank;
Big Four under growing pressure as Chinese developers delay audits;
US Q1 Vehicle Sales Expected To Fall To Lowest In Past Decade; Canada To Ban Passenger Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles By 2035;
Auto Makers Support EPA's Stricter Air Pollution Standards;
GM Will Idle Indiana Truck Plant For Two Weeks Over Chips Shortage;
US Seeks New Sources Of Lithium To Achieve Clean Energy Goals;
Washington State Approves Legislation Only Permitting Sale Of Electric Vehicles By 2030;
Analyst Discusses Status Of Tech Industry Regulation;
U.S. SEC proposes boosting blank-check company disclosures, liability;
AIG files to float its life insurance and asset management business;
Intuit's (INTU) 'Free' TurboTax Software Accused of Misleading Consumers;
How Much Does the NCAA Make Off March Madness?
Other news
The Making of Vladimir Putin; Why Putin Keeps Talking About Kosovo;
James Madison's Montpelier estate strips power from enslaved descendants group; Descendants Trace Histories Linked by Slavery;
Americans Have Never Wanted the TruthAmericans Have Never Wanted the Truth;

Colleges Struggle To Recruit Students As Enrollment Decreases; Some Ivy League Schools Hide Acceptance Rates As Students Await Acceptance Decisions;
Bureau Of Labor Statistics' Updated Data Shows Higher Education Labor Force Has Nearly Recovered; Professors Join Forces With Teachers Union Amid Job Difficulties;
Debt-Free College Initiatives May Not Always Deliver On Its Promises; CNN Analysis: Biden In "Tough Political Spot" Over Student Debt Cancellation;
Some Community Colleges Raise Tuition For Fall; Housing Demand At California Colleges Far Exceeds Supply;
South Dakota Board Of Regents Freezes Tuition At State Public Universities; New Mexico Law Allocates Part Of State Budget To Cover Public College Tuition;
Report Shows Colleges Are Funding Technology For Managing Finance, Employees;
Study Shows Student Learning Loss Slowing in Fall 2021; Louisiana Public Colleges To Eliminate Remedial Courses; MIT Will Again Require SAT, ACT Scores;
Republicans Increasingly Target "Divisive Concepts" At US Colleges; Experts, Faculty Discuss Tennessee Bill Banning Diversity Training, "Divisive Concepts" In Colleges;
Book bans increase the marginalization of our most vulnerable students;
Fighting Over Georgetown Reparations Plans Echoes Larger Cultural Divides;
Northern Virginia Community College Closes Campuses Following Bomb Threats;