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TechNews for the week: May 27; May 25; May 23;

Chronology Ukraine/Russia war
Russia tries to rebound as prospects for victory fade; Russians threaten to fire on a civilian vessel in Ukrainian territorial waters;
Belarusians join war seeking to free Ukraine and themselves; US-supplied howitzers to Ukraine lack accuracy-aiding computers;
After 3 months of war, life in Russia has profoundly changed; 'Unsuccessful' assassination attempt on Putin detailed;
Ukraine rejects concessions as Russians attack Donbas; Russian soldier gets life in prison in Ukraine's first war crimes trial;
Why Severodonetsk in eastern Ukraine is key to Russia's war;
Denmark offers Ukraine Harpoon missiles to fight Russia's Black Sea blockade; American Heavy Artillery Enters the Fight in Ukraine;
Russian parliament scraps age limit for army recruits; Russian media: retired Russian major general killed in skies over Ukraine;
Russian troops plunge through Ukraine lines in Donbas as fighting enters decisive week;
Pentagon says Russia racks up personnel, weapons losses; U.S. intelligence document shows Russian naval blockade of Ukraine;
Ukrainian Intelligence: The Russians are already building the third line of defence in the occupied south;
Russian advances are making the battle for the Donbas a 'different story' to the start of the war;
UAE dismantles plane of gunrunner Russia wants for Americans;
Chechen leader, staunch Putin ally, threatens Poland over support for Ukraine;
Russia needs huge financial resources for military operation - finance minister;
War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
British ex-spy says Putin's leadership is unraveling as he takes regular breaks for medical treatment and is constantly surrounded by doctors;
Lukashenko accuses Poland and NATO of plotting to partition Ukraine; The Russian Orthodox Leader at the Core of Putin's Ambitions;
U.S. says Turkey's approach to Sweden, Finland NATO bid not a bilateral topic;
Russian U.N. diplomat resigns protesting Putin's 'aggressive war';
Ukrainian court orders ex-president's arrest in absentia on treason charge;
Henry Kissinger: Ukraine must give Russia territory;
U.S. pushes Russia toward default by blocking debt payments; Moscow not sure it needs resumed ties with West, will work on ties with China -Lavrov;
Albania offers ex-Soviet built naval base to NATO;
Saudi Arabia signals support for Russia’s role in Opec+ as sanctions pressure mounts;
Qatari FM says Iran's leadership open for a compromise on nuclear file; IAEA at 'very difficult juncture' with Iran on unanswered questions;
Revolutionary Guards say colonel assassinated in Tehran; Iranian President says Iran will avenge slain Revolutionary Guards colonel;
Iran building collapse kills 11 as mayor and others detained;
U.S. seizes Iranian oil cargo near Greek island;
Ahead of Biden visit, Israel launches biggest eviction of Palestinians in decades;
Israeli forces attack Shireen Abu Akleh's funeral; Israeli authorities treated Shireen Abu Akleh's funeral like a security threat;
Hamas challenges Israel over nationalist flag march in Jerusalem;
Turkey's Erdogan threatens new incursion into Syria; Erdogan says he will no longer talk to Greek PM;
Viktor Orbán declares state of emergency over crisis caused by Ukraine war;
Australia ousts prime minister Scott Morrison, ending years of conservative rule;
Russia bans 963 Americans, including Biden and Harris — but not Trump;
Biden Arrives in Tokyo Seeking to Shore Up Support for Economic Plan;
Biden vows to defend Taiwan militarily if it's attacked by China; Biden insists no change in Taiwan policy amid Quad meetings to counter China;
Chinese and Russian nuclear bombers fly over Sea of Japan as Biden visits Tokyo;
China wants 10 Pacific nations to endorse sweeping agreement; Beijing clamps down on elite students after lockdown protests;
China must destroy Elon Musk's satellites with 'hard kill. weapon, say academics;
North Korea fires missiles, as Biden leaves Asia;
Spain prime minister says Spain can solve the problem of Europe's reliance on Russian natural gas;
ISIS plot to assassinate George W. Bush broken up;
Sailors desperate to leave Navy feel tragically trapped;
Biden plan to protect world's biggest sockeye salmon fishery deals potentially fatal blow to proposed gold, copper mine in Alaska;
Supreme Court won't take case on security reviews of government tell-all books;
High court restricts federal intervention in ineffective-counsel cases; The Supreme Court Just Said That Evidence of Innocence Is Not Enough;
Justice Alito's alternate abortion 'facts';
U.S. Republicans join Democrats in backing NATO expansion despite rising nationalism;
Senate GOP blocks domestic terror bill;
'Full investigation' pledged of vast fines imposed by Social Security;
Census Bureau miscounts could have midterm consequences;
Florida appeals court reinstates DeSantis’s congressional map;
Voting is surging in Georgia despite controversial new election law; Two Democratic Congresswomen, One Redrawn Georgia District;
Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock (D) will face Herschel Walker (R) in the fall.; Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp wins GOP primary despite Trump crusade against him;
Ga. Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is projected to win the GOP primary, avoiding a runoff against a Trump-backed candidate;
4 takeaways from Tuesday's primaries, including Trump's drubbing in Georgia;
Pa.'s GOP Senate primary between Oz and McCormick will go to a recount;
Michigan governor candidates face elimination after alleged signature fraud; Appeals court clears way for bid to disqualify Cawthorn as 'insurrectionist';
New Justice Dept. policy says agents must intervene if they see abuse;
Whopping 61 Percent of Trump Voters — And 53 Percent of Fox News Viewers — Agree With Replacement Theory;
From Sandy Hook to Buffalo: 10 years of failure on gun control; Poll finds Black Americans fear more racist attacks after Buffalo shooting;
Two years after Floyd's death, Black Minnesotans say little has changed;
19 children, 2 teachers killed by gunman; Rep. Paul Gosar Spreads Lie About Texas Shooter In Hateful Since-Deleted Tweet;
Police narrative on Texas school shooting in question as new details emerge; Shooter entered Uvalde school unobstructed; gunman was shot about an hour later;
Texas police defend 'complex' shooting response as more details emerge; Police stopped feds from going after gunman;
Police slow to engage with gunman because 'they could’ve been shot,' official says;
More than 311,000 students have experienced gun violence at school since Columbine ;
Biden orders police reforms two years after Floyd killing; 'A plague upon this nation': Lawmakers react to Texas mass shooting that killed 21;
'The Second Amendment is not absolute,' Biden says, expressing frustration with opposition to stricter gun laws after Texas massacre;
Where Senate Republicans Stand on Gun Legislation; Maker of rifle in Texas massacre is deep-pocketed GOP donor; Republicans face online anger over NRA money;
Texas Sen. Ted Cruz receives sharp backlash for comments in wake of Uvalde school shooting; Weakened gun laws put Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on the defensive;
In More Than 100 G.O.P. Midterm Ads This Year: Guns, Guns, Guns;
House panel launches investigation into gun manufacturers;
Sen. Ron Johnson: Report on tax dollar use for vacation travel 'a fully coordinated attack';
How an Organized Republican Effort Punishes Companies for Climate Action;
Trump news and investigation
Trump loses appeal, must testify in New York civil probe; Ethics law offers possible path for Trump prosecution;
Federal judge dismisses Trump's lawsuit against N.Y. attorney general over her probe of his business practices;
Trump Lies about 2020 election now widely accepted as fact among GOP lawmakers;
Donald Trump recalibrates his standing in GOP after primary setbacks; Trump Shares Post Suggesting 'Civil War';
Kushner's and Mnuchin's Quick Pivots to Business With the Gulf;
Trump EPA chief ordered drivers to speed when running late;
Capital Riot and fallout
Appeals court temporarily blocks Jan. 6 committee from getting RNC records; Giuliani Meets With Jan. 6 Committee for Over 7 Hours;
Trump Judge Tosses Kevin McCarthy's Attempt To Butt Into Bannon Prosecution ;
Jan. 6 panel is told that Trump indicated support for hanging Pence during insurrection;
Judge sanctions MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell for 'frivolous' election lawsuit;
Despite Rising COVID Cases, Americans Live Life As If Pandemic Is Over; New Omicron Subvariant Now Dominant Strain Amid COVID Surge;
Early data shows Pfizer covid shot 80 percent effective in young kids; Vaccines may not prevent many symptoms of long covid, study suggests;
CDC tells doctors to be on alert for monkeypox as global cases rise; As monkeypox panic spreads, doctors in Africa see a double standard;
NYTimes Report: Anti-Vaccine Movement Threatens Decades Of Medical Progress;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
Report: US Government Lacks Capacity To Deter Ransomware Attacks;
Experts see progress on federal cybersecurity; The Justice Department Will No Longer Charge Security Researchers with Criminal Hacking;
Manipulating Machine-Learning Systems through the Order of the Training Data;
Malware-Infested Smart Card Reader;
Math and science
Boeing's Starliner Reaches Space Station Some 2 Years After Planned Visit;
Researchers Say We're in the Sixth Mass Extinction. Here's Why It Matters;
Archaeologists reconstruct an ancient Aryan bow;
Florida Lab To Mimic Category 6 Hurricanes With 200 MPH Winds;
Pitt Researchers Reveal New Imaging Method To Generate More Detailed Brain Maps;
Vox Piece Discusses How Quantum Computers Could Change The World;
Why Texas, Florida won't get more House seats from census miscount;
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
Facebook Accused Of Failing To Stop Spread Of Russian Disinformation In Slovakia; YouTube Removes 70,000 Ukraine War Videos for Violating Content Rules;
Meta Will Reveal Political Ad Data For Facebook; Meta to Provide Data on Political Ads to Academics, Researchers;
Misinformation About 2020 Presidential Election May Influence Midterms; Twitter Unveils New Crisis Misinformation Policy With Musk Deal In The Wings;
FTC Fines Twitter For Not Disclosing Sale Of User Data To Advertisers;
US appeals court rejects Florida social media law, finds tech giants have First Amendment rights;
Ohio Court Rules Google Is A Common Carrier;
GitHub Will Make AI-Powered Coding Tool Copilot Generally Available This Summer;
Google's New Text-To-Image AI Able To Create Realistic Images;
SC News and Politics
Summerville neighbors, including an attorney, charged with storming US Capitol on Jan. 6;
Clyburn says 'the country is in danger of imploding';
Arrington security clearance becomes issue in SC; 'You're the liar!' Crowd gets involved as Trump candidate clashes with Republican congresswoman;
Tim Scott to attend Iowa GOP reception in June;
Marine Corps Considers Abandoning Parris Island Amid Rising Extreme Weather Threats;

Business and Economics
S&P 500 Drops for Seventh Straight Week last week but Evades Bear Market;
Congressional Budget Office projects Inflation to remain high for the rest of 2022 and into next year; The U.S. budget deficit is projected to fall to $1 trillion in 2022;
Inflation will be higher for longer — and you're not going to like what comes next; Survey: 57% Of Small Businesses Expect Economy To Worsen;
Fed officials expected to make at least three big rate increases over the next few months. ; AP: Stagflation "Can No Longer Be Dismissed" As A Long-Term Threat;
Economic outlook has 'darkened', business and government leaders warn in Davos; Davos updates: Iran's foreign minister talks war, nuke deal;
Stocks bounce back from market sell-off, consumer discretionary sector adds to yesterday’s gains;
Live Nation subsidiaries got millions in aid meant for independent venues; Tech Companies Continue To Invest Despite Stock Market Decline;
JPMorgan expects to make money from rising interest rates and bumpy markets;
U.S. drilling rigs tick lower, snapping nine-week winning streak; White House Eyes Restarting Idle Refineries to Tame Fuel Prices;
Debate Over Tariffs Reveals Biden's Difficulties on China Trade;
Europe accepts Putin's demands on gas payments to avoid more shut-offs;
SEC unveils rules to prevent misleading claims and enhance disclosures by ESG funds;
Apple Keeping iPhone Production Flat;
Other news
The Root of Haiti's Misery: Reparations to Enslavers; Invade Haiti, Wall Street Urged. The U.S. Obliged;

Higher Education Policy Analyst Says Graduate Programs Are Not Worth Time, Money;
Study: Private Colleges' Net Tuition Revenue From First-Year Students Declined In 2021-22; College Enrollment Continues To Drop As Pandemic Effects Lessen;
Report: Only 52% Of 2021 Tennessee High School Graduates Went Immediately To College;
Federal Reserve Survey Shows Younger Americans, Those With Debt See Less Value In College;
Report: Borrowers With Lowest Student-Debt Balances Have Most Difficulty Repaying;
Debt Collective Activists Pay Off Student Debt For Nearly 500 Black Women At HBCU; Navient Agrees To Cancel $3.5M Of Student Loans;
Latest White House plan would forgive $10,000 in student loans per borrower; Student Debt Forgiveness Complicated By Variety Of Loans;
Federal Lawsuit Seeks End To Title IX's Religious Exemption; Federal Judge Blocks University Of Houston From Reinstating Anti-Discrimination Policy;
Sen. Cotton Says White House Aides With Student Loans Shouldn't Work On Debt Forgiveness;
University Of Hawaii System To Require Masks Indoors Amid COVID Spike;
Princeton Fires Tenured Professor in Campus Controversy;
Survey Shows College Students Largely Have Favorable Opinions Of Professors, Tenure;

TechNews for the week: May 20; May 18; May 16;

Chronology Ukraine/Russia war
Ukraine's military intelligence chief says Putin coup is underway and 'impossible to stop'; Ukraine Is in Worse Shape than You Think;
Ukrainian refugees in Russia report interrogations, detention and other abuses; The Russians are preparing to cross the Siverskyi Donets again Haidai;
Ukraine has deployed new U.S. howitzers at front lines; Russia encounters more obstacles in Ukraine, on global front;
Russian army pushing forward in three directions in Donbas region; Ukraine ends Mariupol battle as steel plant fighters evacuated to Russian-held areas;
Ukrainian Holdouts in Mariupol Surrender to an Uncertain Fate;
Guerrillas blow up a Russian armoured train in captured Melitopol; Ukraine officials give conflicting accounts of attack on Russian train;
Russia Planned a Major Military Overhaul. Ukraine Shows the Result;
Russian soldier pleads guilty to killing an unarmed civilian, the first war-crimes conviction from the invasion of Ukraine;
US intel shows Russians fear Mariupol abuse will backfire; Russia Uses Surrender in Mariupol to Portray Ukrainians as Terrorists;
Russian troops are turning eastern Ukraine into 'hell' — and it's helping them advance ;
In the south, the invaders are not actively advancing, the exit from the Kherson region is blocked;
Moscow Moves to Russify Seized Ukraine Land, Signaling Annexation;
Videos show Russian soldiers leading a group of Ukrainian captives at gunpoint moments before they were executed in Bucha;
Struggling in Ukraine, Russia paves way to sign up over-40s for army;
War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Russia wants 'Merchant of Death' in exchange for Brittney Griner;
Why Russia's Economy Hasn't Collapsed Under The Weight Of Sanctions; In Russia, as Prices Soar, the Outlook for Its Economy Grows 'Especially Gloomy';
Lavrov says all will suffer from West's 'total hybrid war' on Russia; Hungary's new president condemns Putin's 'aggression', plans trip to Warsaw;
Finland, Sweden formally apply for NATO membership, potentially reshaping European security;
Putin says Sweden and Finland joining NATO and breaking with decades of neutrality is fine after all; Russia to cut off Finland from natural gas;
Turkey lays out demands as Finland, Sweden seek NATO membership; Why Turkey dissents on Finland and Sweden joining NATO and why it matters;
Turkey demands Sweden 'cut ties' with Kurdish militia to join Nato; Erdogan says Swedish, Finnish delegations should not bother coming to Turkey;
Zelensky welcomes U.S. Senate delegation led by McConnell to Kyiv in surprise visit;
A Mini-Russia Gets Squeezed by War ; West will not allow Russia a 'diktat peace' in Ukraine, says Germany's Scholz;
Win for Putin as Italy Defies Europe and Opens Ruble Account to Pay for Gas;
UAE's newly elected ruler sees Iran, Islamists as threat to Gulf safe haven;
Analysis-For Riyadh, Hezbollah setback is rare good news from Lebanon;
Iraq balks at greater Chinese control of its oilfields;
Iran inaugurates new drone production line in Tajikistan; Iran academic arrested on security charges, 'foreign links';
Iran's security forces clash with anti-government protesters in several provinces;
Iran Says It Can Double Oil Exports If Market Needs More Barrels;
Qatar emir optimistic on Iran deal, confirms deal on gas supply to Germany; Iran seizes foreign ship with smuggled fuel, detains crew;
UN envoy: US sanctions on Iran worsen humanitarian situation; Germany expects swift conclusion to Iran nuclear talks;
Russia 'sends a message' with first missile attack on Israeli jets in Syrian war; Israel says Iran working on advanced centrifuges at new underground sites;
Amid global anger, Israel says it will investigate police assault on funeral;
Israeli Government Loses Parliament Majority, Raising Prospect of Election;
Germany's Schroeder loses office amid anger over Russia ties;
Germany Identifies Far-Right Extremists Working in Security Services;
A Ruling Family on the Run as Sri Lanka Plunges Into Economic Ruin ;
Taking Aim at Left-Leaning Voters, Macron Names a Woman Prime Minister;
Thousands of Migrants Have Been Waiting for Months to Enter U.S.; Big cross-border tunnel found linking Tijuana, San Diego;
Senate passes $40 billion in Ukraine aid; The list of anti-Ukraine Republican lawmakers is quickly growing;
Biden arrives in South Korea on first Asia trip as president;
SCOTUS deportation ruling draws sharp dissent; Federal judge extends block on Biden administration's plans to lift Title 42;
Thousands rallied in D.C., nationwide to advocate for abortion rights in wake of leaked draft Supreme Court opinion;
Pro-Choice Protesters Are Being Targeted With Red Scare Laws;
Clarence Thomas says Supreme Court leak has eroded trust in institution; Abortion foes push to narrow 'life of mother' exceptions;
Clarence Thomas calls out John Roberts as Supreme Court edges closer to overturning Roe v. Wade;
Oklahoma governor warns tribes not to create abortion havens; Oklahoma lawmakers pass bill that would ban abortions from the moment of 'fertilization';
Court rules SEC's internal judges are unconstitutional;
Supreme Court rules for Ted Cruz in campaign finance dispute; The Little Red Boxes Making a Mockery of Campaign Finance Laws;
The Supreme Court just made corruption a little easier;
Biden condemns racist extremism that motivated Buffalo shooting suspect;
The Right's Violence Problem; Fox News host, Republicans push theory cited by shooter;
Republicans Play on Fears of 'Great Replacement' in Bid for Base Voters; Racist Attack Spotlights Stefanik's Echo of Replacement Theory;
'White supremacy is a poison,' Biden says in Buffalo, growing emotional as he recounts the lives of those lost in shooting;
House unanimous on measure condemning antisemitism, apart from one GOP no vote; Racists Once Terrorized This Georgia County. Diversity Made It Prosper;
Texas Court Allows Abuse Inquiries of Parents of Transgender Children;
For Many Pennsylvania Voters, Trumpism Is Bigger Than Trump; Leading GOP candidates in Pennsylvania were in Washington on Jan. 6;
Oz leading Barnette, McCormick in tight Pennsylvania GOP Senate primary; Don't fear the recount: Vote check in Pennsylvania is just part of democracy;
Pa. governor nominee Doug Mastriano warned of left-wing 'Hitlerian Putsch' in master's thesis;
Conservative earthquake rocks Idaho; A Fracture in Idaho's G.O.P. as the Far Right Seeks Control;
Midterm Stakes Grow Clearer: Election Deniers Will Be on Many Ballots;
Maryland governor tries to grab Reagan mantle with a play to 'exhausted majority';
Wis. Democrats file first-of-its-kind suit vs. fake Trump electors;
Two Nevada Supreme Court justices say prosecutor can't serve in state Senate;
GOP senator apologizes after boos for 'two sexes' remarks;
Florida bans protests outside homes;
Group cites Cruz role in Trump election claims in complaint to Texas state bar;
U.S. sues to compel casino mogul Steve Wynn to register as agent of China;
U.S. Gun Production Triples Since 2000, Fueled by Handgun Purchases; Manchin throwing a wrench into Democrats' push for broader gun control;
Biden uses Defense Production Act to order manufacturers to prioritize baby formula in response to shortage;
Here are the Republicans who bucked the party on baby formula bills; Nearly 200 Republicans vote against bill to ease baby formula shortage;
Review Shows Census Miscounted the Population of 14 States;
Pelosi calls Title 42 hold-up in COVID-19 bill 'blackmail';
Musk says he has no plans to fund GOP super PACs;
How a Social Security program piled huge fines on the poor and disabled;
She expected to pay $1,337 for surgery. She was billed $303,709;
Deaths on U.S. roads soared to 16-year high in 2021;
Trump news and investigation
Trump uses Buffalo mass shooting to make misleading boast about lack of US deaths in Afghanistan during his presidency;
Trump urges Oz to declare victory despite Pennsylvania Senate race being too close to call;
Fiona Hill says Putin got 'frustrated many times' with Trump because the Russian leader 'had to keep explaining things' to him;
Capital Riot and fallout
Senior Trump State Department official met with 'Stop the Steal' activists on Jan. 6;
Select committee says GOP lawmaker led Capitol tour day before Jan. 6 attack;
Ginni Thomas pressed Ariz. lawmakers to help reverse Trump's loss; Oracle's Larry Ellison joined Nov. 2020 call about contesting Trump's loss;
Justice Dept., states seek transcripts of House Jan. 6 interviews;
CDC: Pandemic exposed inequities — especially those involving race; US COVID Cases Tripled, Hospitalizations Up 19 Percent In Last Week;
FDA authorizes a coronavirus booster shot for children as young as 5 as cases rise nationally;
Study Finds Over 75 Percent of Long Covid Patients Were Not Hospitalized for Initial Illness;
Jha Warns US Can't Afford Future Vaccines, Urges Congress To "Step Up.";
North Korea Says Its Covid Outbreak Is Spreading Fast;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
May Crypto-Gram newsletter, Phishing Attacks, Cyberattacks, Vulnerabilities, Backdoors and more;
Space Force Commander Said Military Must Expand Surveillance Beyond Earth Orbit;
FBI Told Israeli Government It Purchased Pegasus to Help in Investigations;
Hacker Shows Off Method To Unlock Tesla Models, Start Engine;
iPhone Malware that Operates Even When the Phone Is Turned Off; Bluetooth Flaw Allows Remote Unlocking of Digital Locks;
The NSA Says There are No Known Flaws in NIST's Quantum-Resistant Algorithms;
Websites that Collect Your Data as You Type;
Homeland Security 'paused' newly created Disinformation Governance Board after its leader came under online attack;
The dangerous business of dismantling America's aging nuclear plants;
Math and science
NASA Releases Image From James Webb Space Telescope; NASA's Perseverance Rover To Seek Signs Of Life In Delta; Insight's Mission Ending;
Chinese Orbital Launch Failed Friday; SpaceX Launched Starlink Satellites From California On Friday And Florida On Saturday;
Boeing's Starliner spacecraft makes it to orbit on third try, heads for rendezvous Friday with International Space Station;
MITRE Developing Space Cyber Lab;
Method Used To Track Ants Underground Could Change How Snow Depth Is Measured From Space;
Florida International University Spearheading NSF Collaboration To Design Testing Facility With Ability To Generate 200 MPH Winds;
Evidence of extinction event could be at the bottom of a South Carolina pond;
In a massive Chinese sinkhole, scientists find a secret forest;
Arizona State Researchers Study How Algae May Help Turn Wastewater Byproducts Into Fuel;
Human Aging Project Works To Understand Age-Related Health Problems;
Abortion Pills Are Used For Most U.S. Abortions;
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
Russia's media propaganda turns to 'spine-chilling rhetoric' to intimidate the West; Russian Official Says, 'We Are Not Planning to Close YouTube';
Russian Hacking Cartel Carries Out Cyberattack Against Costa Rica's Government;
Facebook Oversight Board Criticizes Move to Withdraw Ukraine Guidance;
Twitch Removes Channel Two Minutes After Supermarket Attack Started; Social Media Platforms Used By Buffalo Mass Shooter Come Under Scrutiny;
Twitter rolls out 'crisis misinformation" policy; Appeals Court Allows Texas to Enforce Law Limiting Content Regulation;
Chinese Technology Exports to Russia Plummet Amid U.S.-Led Sanctions;
How the Biden administration let right-wing attacks derail its disinformation efforts;
SC News and Politics
Pedicab driver badly injured in downtown Charleston crash sues DUI suspect;

Business and Economics
US stocks fall Monday as weak China data compound growth concerns;
Wheat Price Spike Fuels Inflation; Gas prices pass $4 per gallon in every U.S. state for the first time;
Yellen warns of global 'stagflationary effects' from food and energy costs, says U.S. gas prices will stay high in the short term;
Dow drops 1,100 points Wednesday for its biggest decline since 2020 as the sell-off this year on Wall Street intensifies;
What Higher Interest Rates Could Mean for Jobs;
S&P 500 briefly tips into a bear market as recession fears grow;
Six Months After Infrastructure Plan Signing, 4,300 Projects Are Underway;
An estimated $163 billion from pandemic unemployment benefits was stolen or misspent;
International investors sell Chinese debt at record pace; How China Is Attempting To Control Middle East Oil Chokepoints;
Russian Google subsidiary files for bankruptcy; McDonald's is quitting Russia after 32 years in the country;
SpaceX May Become Most Valuable US Startup;
Bipartisan Governors Call On Administration To Conclude Solar Investigation;
Companies Offering Carbon-Tracking Tools;
AI Can Improve Supply Chain Management;
Elon Musk says Twitter deal 'cannot move forward' until CEO details bots;
Tesla's Removal From S&P 500 ESG Index Sparks Outburst From Elon Musk;
Pimco: navigating the end of the bond bull market;
This MLB season, the ball is making everyone batty;
Jack Nicklaus says Saudis offered him over $100 million to head series;
New soccer labor deals equalize pay for U.S. men's and women's national teams;
Suicides among college athletes spark calls for NCAA change;
Other news
Justice Thomas thinks he's being 'bullied'? He could use a history lesson; Justice Thomas Should Take a Long Look in the Mirror;
The 17th-Century Judge at the Heart of Today's Women's Rights Rulings;
The roots of the 'great replacement theory' believed to fuel Buffalo shooter; Tucker Carlson plays dumb on 'replacement theory' — then espouses it;

Employers Eager To Hire Class Of 2022 Graduates Amid Hot Job Market; Reports Suggest Young Adults Today Are Slower To Gain Financial Independence;
With Plunging Enrollment, a 'Seismic Hit' to Public Schools; Minnesota State Colleges Poised To Increase Tuition As Enrollment Decreases;
Survey Shows Many Male, Black And Latino High School Students May Not Be College-Bound;
College Tuition Increases As Inflation Grows; Thirty-Eight Governors Call For Increase Of Higher Education Spending;
Report Shows Student Debt Gap Continues To Grow; Higher Education Groups Come Up With Suggestions To Better Student Loan System;
Experts Say Income-Targeting Loan Forgiveness Invites A "Political Train Wreck';
ACT: High School Grade Inflation Picked Up Amid Pandemic;
New Biden Administration Rules for Charter Schools Spur Bipartisan Backlash;
Students, Higher Education Leaders Diverge On Post-Pandemic Priorities; Pandemic-Impacted Ph.D. Students At Rutgers Face Funding Cliff;
lack of access and support keep Black students from choosing STEM careers;
Study Suggests Textbooks Need More Real-World Math Exercises;
List of All K-12 Schools Known to be Impacted by Illuminate Breach of Student Data;
Survey: Most Colleges Permit Faculty To Pause Tenure Probationary Period; Penn State Tenure Denial Cases Raises Questions;

TechNews for the week: May 13; May 11; May 9;

Chronology Ukraine/Russia war
Second Russian Warship Struck by Ukraine; Ukrainian Armed Forces kill 21 invaders and destroy aggressors equipment;
Ukraine lays out peace-talk demands as the West braces for escalation;
Facing heavy casualties, Ukraine and Russia race to resupply; Turning Tables on Russia With West's Arms, Ukraine Goes on Offense;
The War in Ukraine, as Seen on Russian TV; Russian official claims US participating in direct hostilities with his country;
All women, children, elderly evacuated from steel plant where civilians had been trapped; Up to 60 feared dead after Russia bombs school in eastern Ukraine;
Russia's ultimate political survivor faces a wartime reckoning;
CIA director says Putin is 'doubling down' with new offensive by Russia's flagging army because he can't afford to lose;
Russia's space agency chief claimed his nation could destroy NATO countries in 'half an hour' during a nuclear war;
Training, Weapons, Intel: The US Military's Slow Slide Toward Confrontation with Russia over Ukraine;
Russian Pullback Seen Near Kharkiv, Despite Victory Day Push for Gains; Pentagon: Russian military continues to struggle with poor morale, refusal to obey orders ;
Hundreds of videos expose the horrors of war in Ukraine; Russians Reveal Their Secret Dump of Dead Soldiers in Donetsk;
Top Russian journalists say Putin sacked the FSB and put the secretive GRU spy agency in charge of Ukraine intelligence after a string of failures;
Missiles strike port city of Odessa, causing damage; Russia downed satellite internet in Ukraine; Russia's use of cluster munitions causing 'intense' harm in Ukraine;
Four Russian governors resign as sanctions bite;
Fleeing Russian soldiers left behind key military documents that indicate Putin had plans to seize all of Ukraine;
Ukraine's 'hawk and mouse' Kharkiv counteroffensive is nearing Russia's border, threatening supply lines ;
Russians attempting to stop advance of Ukrainian troops toward state border in Kharkiv Oblast;
Head of Donetsk Regional Military Administration Russians advance near Lyman and suffer devastating losses;
Russian commanders taking risks under growing pressure, report says; Ukraine puts soldier on trial;
War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
On Victory Day, Putin defends war on Ukraine as fight against 'Nazis'; U.S. intelligence chief says Putin prepared for 'prolonged' conflict;
There are two lines the U.S. says it won't cross when sharing intel with Ukraine; How serious is Russia about nuclear war?
Ukraine War's Geographic Reality: Russia Has Seized Much of the East; Kremlin says Poland might be a source of threat;
Bulgaria says will veto EU oil sanctions on Russia if it does not get derogation;
Sweden, Finland Sign Defense Treaty with the U.K. ahead of Joining NATO;
Finland to apply to NATO 'without delay' as Russia threatens 'retaliatory steps'; Russia will respond to Finland's NATO accession - foreign ministry;
Turkey's President Erdogan signals he'll block Finland and Sweden's NATO applications, claiming they're home to 'terrorist organizations';
European gas prices soar after Moscow imposes sanctions on EU energy companies;
Italy impounds $700 million megayacht linked to Putin;
Beijing's security-focused candidate wins Hong Kong election unopposed;
Top envoy says China will boost ties with Russia in military tech, energy and space;
Taliban Impose Head-to-Toe Coverings for Women;
Iran says EU nuclear talks envoy to visit as bloc seeks to save deal; Iran detains 2 Europeans; EU envoy in Tehran about nuke deal;
Qatar's emir in Iran in bid to help salvage 2015 nuclear pact; Syria President Assad visits Iran for meetings in rare trip;
Iran's president says oil exports have doubled since August; Iraq strikes deal with Iran to secure summer gas imports;
Iran's Revolutionary Guards shell militant bases north of Iraq's Erbil;
Old Palestinian Wound Resurfaces at Israeli Resort;
American journalist fatally shot by Israeli forces in West Bank; Massive crowds, police beatings as journalist's funeral is held in Jerusalem;
Dozens injured after government supporters attack protesters in Sri Lanka;
Sinn Fein wins in N. Ireland, a victory with big symbolism;
Major Donation to U.K. Conservative Party Was Flagged Over Russia Concerns;
After 36 years, a Marcos is again on the path to power; Marcos Win Prompts Protests in the Philippines;
UN approves Czech Republic to replace Russia on rights body;
Ukraine is now the top recipient of U.S. military aid. Here's how it surpassed even Israel and Egypt;
First lady Jill Biden visits Ukraine in rare trip to war zone;
Biden says inflation is his top domestic priority, vows to work to lower everyday costs while arguing GOP has no plan;
48 million households to qualify for $30 Internet plan under new Biden program;
Biden signs Ukraine lend-lease act into law, expediting military aid;
Rand Paul stalls quick Senate OK of $40B Ukraine package;
Senate blocks bill to codify the right to an abortion as Republicans unify in opposition;
Advocacy groups press Congress to reject Biden weapons sale to Turkey;
Outside Kavanaugh's home, a neighbor rallies for abortion rights; Pro-choice protesters rally outside of Justice Alito's home;
On Roe, Alito cites a judge who treated women as witches and property; Clarence Thomas says he worries respect for institutions is eroding;
NPR reporter says 'leading theory' on SCOTUS leak is conservative clerk;
Supreme Court springs a brand new leak with Roe in the balance;
The Supreme Court's anti-democratic actions extend far beyond Roe; The Supreme Court: Unreachable, inaccessible and frightening;
Treasury secretary warns of 'damaging' economic effects of limiting abortion; New York gov. announces $35 million to protect abortion providers;
Emboldened by wins, GOP goes all in on the culture wars;
GOP bets midterm voters will care more about inflation than abortion; G.O.P. Lawmakers Recast Abortion Stance, Wary of Voter Backlash;
Midterms' Biggest Abortion Battleground: Pennsylvania;
Eric Holder says Democrats 'don't have to cheat' by gerrymandering to win;
OAN acknowledges 'no widespread voter fraud' by Georgia election workers; Ex-Ga. county election official says she let outsiders into her office to probe the 2020 vote;
As QAnon seeps into Baptist Church, pastor walks away; White nationalist 'America First' group plunges into chaos after high-ranking official gets a girlfriend;
DeSantis-appointed judge declares Florida redistricting map unconstitutional over Black voter suppression;
House panel finds Meat producers made 'baseless' claims about pandemic shortages to persuade Trump White House to keep plants open;
Arizona Senate candidate calls gender pay gap a 'left-wing narrative';
DeSantis signs bill establishing 'Victims of Communism Day';
In Nebraska, a Trump-Inspired Candidate Cracks Open Divide in the G.O.P.; A Blood Feud in West Virginia Involves a Familiar Figure: Trump;
US finds 500 Native American boarding school deaths so far;
U.S. surpasses record 100,000 overdose deaths in 2021;
No-knock raids were the rule, not the exception, in a Mississippi county, and led to serious allegations against the sheriff's department;
Trump news and investigation
Trump released an insult-laden message wishing everyone a Happy Mother's Day, including 'Very Unfair Radical Left Democrat Judges';
A glaring omission from Trump's Pennsylvania rally speech: Abortion;
Esper recalls 'outlandish' Trump foreign policy proposals in new memoir; Esper says Trump wanted to reactivate McChrystal, McRaven to court-martial them over criticism;
Judge Dismisses Trump's Lawsuit Forcing Twitter to Stop Banning Him; Judge agrees to stop fining Donald Trump $10,000 a day under certain conditions;
Trump-backed Herbster, accused of groping, loses to Pillen in Neb.; Mooney wins in W.Va.;
Prosecutors say GOP donor described botched vote fraud probe in recording;
Sussmann trial to test credibility of controversial figures from 2016;
Capital Riot and fallout
Inside Mark Meadows's final push to keep Trump in power;
House Jan. 6 panel subpoenas GOP leader Kevin McCarthy, 4 other House Republicans;
As COVID funding stalls, vaccine shortage is expected for Fall; White House issues warning as COVID cases rise yet again;
COVID risks higher from small indoor events than large outdoor ones; Newer COVID-19 variants less likely to cause smell and taste loss;
House report says Vaccine maker Emergent hid potential problem with contaminated Johnson & Johnson doses;
As Poor Nations Seek Covid Pills, Officials Fear Repeat of AIDS Crisis;
China to "strictly limit" unnecessary overseas travels by Chinese citizens to combat COVID;
What to know about getting tested for coronavirus now;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
ICE Is a Domestic Surveillance Agency; Surveillance by Driverless Car;
Clearview AI agrees to stop selling to private entities;
Treasury Department Issues First Sanctions Against Cryptocurrency Mixer;
Apple Mail Now Blocks Email Trackers;
Math and science
First image of supermassive black hole at the center of Milky Way galaxy revealed;
James Webb Space Telescope In Home Stretch Of Testing; NASA's Mars helicopter was supposed to fly five times. It's flown 28;
Scientists Look At Impact Of Growing Number Of Satellites In Low Earth Orbit;
University Of Florida Researchers Grow Plants Using Moon Soil;
Intel Announces New Processors, Including AI Chips, As It Challenges Nvidia And AMD; D-Wave Systems Sets Up Latest Quantum Computer In California;
Researchers Use Micro-CT Scanning To Render 3D Images Of Preserved Animal Specimens;
Chinese Engineers Create Micro Drone Inspired By Maple Seeds;
Senate Confirms UC Merced Professor Asmeret Asefaw Berhe As Office Of Science Director;
Chinese math genius takes 1 night to solve problem that puzzled group of mathematicians for 4 months;
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
Elon Musk says he would reverse Twitter ban on Donald Trump; Elon Musk tweeted that Twitter deal is temporarily on hold;
Elon Musk invited legal scrutiny by tweeting out his doubts about a $44 billion Twitter bid;
How to Preserve Your Digital Legacy (and Why You Should); Thousands of Popular Websites See What You Type— Before You Hit Submit;
SC News and Politics
New audiotapes have leaked of Sen. Lindsey Graham saying that Trump 'went too far' and 'plays the TV game,' while calling Biden the 'best person to have' post-January 6;

Business and Economics
Wall Street, dragged down by tech stocks, racks up more heavy losses;
Fed Says Inflation, Sharp Rise In Rates Pose Financial Risks; Inflation edged down to 8.3% in April compared to a year ago, remaining near 40-year highs;
Senate confirms Jerome Powell to second term as Federal Reserve chair;
U.S. gasoline prices hit a high, but the oil market may signal relief; Rocketing prices at the pump fuel surge in profits at US refiners;
Oil prices tumble to five-week low; U.S. drilling rigs spike to eighth straight weekly gain;
A Fight Over America's Energy Future Erupts on the Canadian Border;
Russian occupying forces have siphoned EU-bound gas via Ukraine; Faroe Islands heads into turbulent waters with first sanctions against Russia;
US forecasts Global wheat crop set to fall for first time in four years; War and Weather Sent Food Prices Soaring. Now, China's Harvest Is Uncertain;
Good News for Food, Bad News for War: Brazil Buys Russian Fertilizer;
The Woman Steering Russia's War Economy;
Commerce Department suspending tariffs on Ukrainian steel; Under U.S. Pressure, Chinese Tech Companies Curtailing Business in Russia;
Utilities push back against growth of rooftop solar panels; Oil Giants Sell Dirty Wells to Buyers With Looser Climate Goals;
Former national security officials push for green card cap exemption for immigrants with advanced STEM degrees;
NLRB Rules Amazon's Anti-Union Meetings Violated Federal Labor Law; Amazon Fires Employees at Unionized Warehouse as Its Tactics Come Under Scrutiny;
Domestic flight bookings fell by 17% in April as air fares continued to rise;
Boeing Deliveries Drop in April but Rise From a Year Ago; Jetmakers' Inflation Shield No Match For Soaring Costs;
VW Says It Has Sold Out Of EVs This Year In US, European Markets; EV Battery Makers Face Rising Raw Material Costs;
Tesla May Stop Taking Orders Due To Supply Constraints;
Musk's Foreign Twitter Funding Could Draw US Scrutiny;
The minor league broadcaster you have to hear to believe;
Other news
Nine Quarters of Jerusalem — a cycle of destruction and reconstruction;
Play mini golf to see how politicians tilt elections using maps;

College Tuition Increases Have Outpaced Wage Growth, Forcing Students To Rely On Student Loans;
How false reports of homework overload in America have spread so far;
About 81% Of Households Would Not Benefit From Biden’s Possible Cancellation Of $10K In Student Loan Debt;
Over 3M Parents Took On Student Loan Debt So Their Children Could Go To College;
Univ Tennessee-Knoxville University Of Tennessee-Knoxville Ends Test-Optional Admissions Program;
Florida Releases Reviews That Led to Rejection of Math Textbooks; DeSantis accused textbooks of 'indoctrination.' Here's what he meant;
Univ Of Florida Appears To Endorse State's New Anti-CRT Law;
Effect Of CSUF's Mathematics Department Grant Profiled;

TechNews for the week: May 6; May 4; May 2;

Chronology Ukraine/Russia war
Ukraine Army destroys Russian command post in Kharkiv Oblast; Amid Hardening Western Resolve, Signs of Russia's Stalling in Eastern Ukraine;
On Russian TV, European countries are threatened with a nuclear strike for assisting Ukraine;
Western artillery surging into Ukraine will reshape war with Russia; How the 'jack-in-the-box' flaw dooms some Russian tanks;
A Russian general who commanded electronic warfare units was killed in a strike that killed 100 soldiers;
F-35 Pilot: NATO Could 'Completely Destroy the Russian Forces'; NATO fighter jets intercept Russian planes over Black and Baltic seas;
Kremlin Deploys New Troops to Ukraine as Both Sides Gird for a War of Attrition;
Foreign affairs expert says Putin is inching towards his nukes, threatening to annihilate the world if he fails to capture Ukraine;
Explosion damages railway bridge in Russia; Explosion at Russian factory that produces charges for air defence and Grad multiple rocket launchers;
Shift to ruble in Kherson could signal consolidation of Russian control in occupied region; U.S. intelligence finds Russia planning to annex new areas of Ukraine;
Deaths of foreign fighters draw renewed attention to the military volunteers in Ukraine;
Ukraine Spy Boss Declares War Will End in Putin's Death;
Ukrainian intelligence uncovers covert mobilisation of the unemployed and "Cossacks" underway in Russia;
Russia pounds Ukraine, targeting supply of Western arms; Russian forces usurp Ukrainian internet infrastructure in Donbas;
Ukraine war: Russia denies it plans to declare war on 9 May; NATO will not expand ONE inch! Xi sends furious warning as China 'backs Putin';
Russia targeting Ukraine's rail system; Kremlin carries out simulated nuclear missile strikes;
Ukraine officials: 12 Russian generals killed in action; Russia's most advanced tank in service was obliterated by Ukraine just days after it was deployed;
Mariupol mayor's office says Video shows conditions in Russian 'filtration camp' ;
Russia ends Ukraine's blockade of Crimea; Putin's Forces Battle in East Ukraine to Feed His Hunger for a Victory;
Ukraine launches offensive to drive out Russian forces in Northeast;
Zelensky outlines what he'd consider Ukrainian victory; A race against time in Ukraine as Russia advances, West sends weapons;
War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
How Putin's brutal war in Ukraine pushed Finland toward NATO; Finnish group ditches Russian-built nuclear plant plan;
Putin puts West on notice: Moscow can terminate exports and deals; E.U. proposes phasing out Russian oil imports by year's end;
Three dozen Russian tycoons met Putin on the day of the Ukraine invasion. Most had moved money abroad; Russian Tycoon Criticized Putin's War. Retribution Was Swift;
Putin cancer rumours grow amid signs of ill health, as 'insider' report suggests he could hand over power;
Russian Orthodox Church scolds Pope Francis after 'Putin's altar boy' remark; Pope Francis Says NATO Started War in Ukraine by 'Barking at Putin's Door';
Zelensky awards Pelosi the Order of Princess Olga, a Ukrainian civil honor;
Russian oligarch's $300 million yacht seized by Fiji on behalf of U.S.;
The frightening debt Vladimir Putin owes North Korea's Kim Jong Un; Anti-Putin Russians Are Leaving, With a Push From the Kremlin;
Pakistani Airstrikes Escalate Conflict on Afghan Border;
As Iran-Taliban tensions rise, Afghan migrants in tinderbox; As the Afghan economy crumbles, small businesses struggle to hang on;
Iran: 'Terrorist attacks' on nuclear facilities behind move of centrifuge machines; Hezbollah leader: Iran could retaliate for Israeli strikes;
Fire at Iran's holiest Shiite shrine; no injuries;
Analysis-Iran nuclear deal near death, but West not ready to pull plug; Iran Moves Ahead With $500 Million South Pars Oil Development Deal;
Sweden says tourist travelling with group detained in Iran;
During Ramadan, Palestinians Barred From Aqsa Turn to Smugglers; Holy City or Theme Park? Israel Plans Zip Line for Ancient Jerusalem;
Israel lashes out at Russia over Lavrov's Nazism remarks; Moscow: Israeli 'mercenaries' fighting 'shoulder to shoulder' with Ukraine’s far-right Azov unit;
Former Saudi spy chief gives strongest public rebuke of Biden to date, saying US let country down by failing to react to terror attacks;
China meets banks to discuss protecting assets from US sanctions; Confronting Russia will deter China, says Japanese defense minister;
Big majority of Americans support sanctions on Russia, aid to Ukraine;
War Crimes Hearing Revisits U.S. Soldiers' Abuse of Detainees;
Cuban Migrants Arrive to U.S. in Record Numbers, on Foot, Not by Boat; Abbott Threatens to Declare an 'Invasion' as Migrant Numbers Climb;
They Grew Up Legally in the U.S., but Can't Stay After They Turn 21;
The Debate Over Russian Uranium Worries U.S. Tribal Nations;
Supreme Court says Boston was wrong to refuse raising Christian group's flag; Satanic Temple wants to raise flag outside Boston City Hall after Supreme Court ruling;
Poll: GOP strong on crime, boosted by trust in inflation;
Leaked document shows Majority of Supreme Court is ready to strike down Roe v. Wade; Read crucial passages of Supreme Court's leaked draft opinion;
The Leaked Draft Opinion on Roe Draws on Familiar Arguments; Democrats hope draft abortion opinion will jolt midterm elections;
Chief Justice Roberts says Supreme Court will investigate leaked draft opinion in abortion case, calling it an ‘egregious breach’;
Majority of Americans say Supreme Court should uphold Roe v. Wade; Biden says 'basic fairness' demands Roe v. Wade be upheld;
The original Roe v. Wade decision also was leaked to the press; The media fell for 'pro-life' rhetoric — and helped create this mess;
Senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski propose alternative abortion legislation after leaked Roe draft opinion;
The Fight Over Abortion History; Democrats Aim to Use Abortion Rights to Jolt State Legislative Races;
Louisiana Republicans advance bill that would charge abortion as homicide; Abortion pills by mail pose challenge for officials in red states;
Biden Received Early Warnings That Immigration and Inflation Could Erode His Support;
Texas Governor Ready to Challenge Schooling of Migrant Children;
Karine Jean-Pierre to be next White House press secretary;
Grand jury being seated in Georgia in new phase of Trump election probe;
Why Republican Insurgents Are Struggling to Topple G.O.P. Governors;
Manchin cuts ad for West Virginia Republican facing Trump-endorsed rival in primary;
Peter Thiel re-emerges as political force by bankrolling Trump-friendly Senate bids; Vance, with a Trump boost, clinches Senate GOP primary in Ohio;
A January 6 rally participant could unseat the longest-serving woman in the House;
Ex-Philadelphia officer charged with murder in killing of 12-year-old;
Chauvin avoids life sentence after plea deal accepted;
Trump news and investigation
Trump grand jury ending in N.Y. with no charges against ex-president;
Slight majority in poll say Trump should be charged over Jan. 6 role;
Trump making closing pitch for Neb. candidate accused of groping; Trump to rally for Cheney challenger in Wyoming;
Former Defense Secretary Mark Esper's book says Trump wanted to 'shoot' demonstrators protesting George Floyd's death;
Esper Says Trump Proposed Launching Missiles Into Mexico to 'Destroy the Drug Labs';
Donald Trump's First Post On Truth Social Is Raising Eyebrows;
DC reaches $750K settlement in Trump inaugural lawsuit; Judge rejects RNC bid to block fundraising, email data from Jan. 6 panel;
Capital Riot and fallout
Judge rebukes GOP effort to delegitimize Jan. 6 committee;
Former NYPD officer guilty in first trial of person charged with assaulting a police officer on Jan. 6;
House Jan. 6 Panel Seeks Interviews With Three More G.O.P. Lawmakers; Donald Trump Jr. met with the House January 6 committee on Tuesday;
New Evidence Undercuts Jan. 6 Instigator Conspiracy Theory; Militia group leader tried to ask Trump to authorize them to stop the transfer of power;
Oath Keeper details pre-Jan. 6 planning, pleads to seditious conspiracy; Who did the Oath Keepers call on Jan. 6 as they tried to reach Trump?
Nearly 15 million deaths worldwide related to the impact of covid-19 as health systems, hospitals were overwhelmed;
Virus mutations aren't slowing. New omicron subvariant proves it; Vanishing variants: Lessons from Gamma, Iota and Mu;
CDC Restates Public Transportation Mask Recommendation Amid Rising Cases;
FDA limits use of Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine over rare blood clot concerns; Pfizer Hopes To Submit Vaccine Data For Children Under Five By Early June;
Bill Gates says world may not have seen the worst of COVID;
Loss of COVID aid stresses hospitals that treat uninsured;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
Russia struggles under unprecedented wave of hacking, puncturing myth of its cyber-superiority;
FBI searched data of millions of Americans without warrants; Homeland Security Advisory Board on Disinformation Creates Partisan Fight;
U.S. to Boost Cybersecurity Efforts Related to Quantum Technology;
New Sophisticated Malware; 15.3 Million Request-Per-Second DDoS Attack;
Zelle Scams: How They Work and How to Keep Your Money Safe;
Math and science
Russia To Withdraw From ISS Due To Sanctions; SpaceX's Crew Dragon Splashes Down Friday Morning Ahead Of Falcon 9 Rocket Launch;
Dry Ice Glaciers On Mars Detected Moving At South Pole; Secrets of the Moon's Permanent Shadows Are Coming to Light;
Canada Considers Legislation Adding Moon Crimes To Criminal Code;
MIT Engineers Create Portable Desalination Device That Transforms Seawater Into Drinking Water;
Scientists Discover Method to Break Down Plastic in Days, Not Centuries; Saving Antarctica's Most Important Species;
Largest US cave figures, about 1,000 years old, discovered in Alabama;
University Of Michigan Researcher Discusses Impact Of Language-Generation AIs On Science;
CU Boulder Professor Discusses How Hypersonic Missiles Work And Their Threats;
Johns Hopkins University Launches Effort To Slow Aging Related Issues;
Researchers Study Physics Of Carrying A Cup Of Coffee Without Spilling It;
Knoxville Computer Scientist Wins A.M. Turing Award;
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
Mass flight of tech workers turns Russian IT into another casualty of war; How millions of Russians are tearing holes in the Digital Iron Curtain;
Russian Law Firm Sues Apple for Withdrawing Its Payment Service;
In Big Speech, Obama 'Trying to Move the Needle' in Disinformation;
Musk Outlined Possible Ways To Monetize Tweets In Finance Discussions;
TikTok Looms Large As Digital Ad Giants Struggle;
Twitter Suspends Accounts of Two Conservative Figures Trying to Evade Bans;
German Classification of Meta Gives It More Control Over Facebook;
You Can Finally Get Your Personal Information Off Google;
SC News and Politics
'Dancing Monkey' Lindsey Graham Performs For Donald Trump In 'Extraordinary' New Audio; Trump loyalists gather in Greenville as primary influence hangs in the balance;
Palmetto State Bank's Murdaugh ties draw scrutiny from grand jury probes, regulators;
Site of Stono Rebellion preserved for historical interpretation, public access ;
Judge rejects SC Jan. 6 defendant's request to join Citadel study-abroad trip in Estonia;

Business and Economics
US 10-year Treasury yield reaches 3% for first time since 2018; Rise in U.S. factory orders beats expectations in March; Manufacturing Growth Slowed In April;
Fed raises interest rates by half a percentage point in more aggressive step to tackle inflation;
Stocks soar to biggest gain in 2 years after Fed downplays higher rate increase;
U.S. Mortgage Rates Jump to 5.27%, Highest Since 2009; The unemployment rate held steady at 3.6 percent in April, near 50-year lows last hit before the pandemic;
Dow Plunges 1,000 Points In Worst Day Since 2020; Americans' View Of Economy Worst In A Decade;
Corporate landlords are gobbling up U.S. suburbs. These homeowners are fighting back;
Europe's energy crisis shakes up global market; U.S. drilling rigs rack up seventh straight weekly gain;
Japan, Biggest Treasury Buyer Outside U.S., Quietly Selling Billions;
BP takes $25.5B hit from Russia pullout;
China's refiners buy Russian oil at steep discounts; Jarring chart shows how China's lockdown could threaten U.S. economy;
Chipmakers Divided Over Fighting U.S. Proposal to Limit Investments in China;
US Plans To Capitalize On Exodus Of Highly Educated Citizens From Russia By Easing Visa Requirements For Those With STEM Skills;
Lockdowns and supply chain disruption to accelerate Apple's move away from China, with India a likely beneficiary;
Apple Reportedly More Focused On Services Over Products Since Departure Of Former Design Chief;
Amazon workers voted against unionization in New York, marking a loss for labor organizers;
Biden Administration Committing $3.1B In Effort To Boost Domestic EV Battery Production;
Analysis: Already Record-High Electricity Bills Could Continue To Spike For Years;
California Invests $20M In Solar Aqueducts To Combat Drought;
Boeing to move headquarters from Chicago to Arlington, Va;
Startups Apply Artificial Intelligence To Supply Chain Disruptions;
Adobe Study Finds High Demand For Workplace Diversity Experts;
Analysis Suggests Automation Is Not The Biggest Threat To US Factory Jobs;
Twitter Deal Could Bolster Lawsuit Over Musk’s $56 Billion Tesla Pay Package;
Intuit owes customers $141 million after it 'cheated' them out of free tax services;
Other news
War in Ukraine: Essential Reading;
How Tucker Carlson Stoked White Fear to Conquer Cable;
Trump's killer tomatoes and the history of food as protest projectile;
How not to run a meeting;

Transfer Enrollment Falls 6.9% This Spring Compared To Last Year; Report Calls On Higher Ed Institutions, Governments To Support Students Returning To College;
Report Finds College Graduates Are Overestimating Starting Salaries By $50K; Colleges Want To Keep Certificate Programs Despite Report Showing They Do Not Pay Off;
Survey Shows Most Americans Don't Favor Affirmative Action In College Admissions;
Some Community Colleges Consider Dropping "Community" From Their Names;
Report Says USC Education School Omitted Key Data For U.S. News Rankings;
White House officials weigh income limits for student loan forgiveness; Administration May Restrict Student Loan Relief To Borrowers Earning Less Than $125K;
Study Shows Negative Impact Of Student Debt On Person's Heart Health; Democratic AGs Argue Biden Has Legal Authority To Fully Cancel Student Debt;
New York Bans Colleges From Withholding Transcripts Over Student Debt;
California Lawmakers Push Bill Creating Stricter Rules For College Remedial Courses;
Expert Makes Case For Real-World Problem Solving For Elementary School Students;
Kellogg Community College Cancels Classes After Ransomware Attack; Austin Peay State University Hit With Ransomware Attack;
How Critics Of "Woke College Students" Miss The Point On Free Speech; Georgia Governor Signs Law Banning “Free Speech Zones” At Public Colleges;
Mississippi Trustees Threaten Tenure, Faculty Speech At Public Universities;
Why School systems don't want you to read these books;