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TechNews for the week: June 24; June 22; June 20;

Chronology Ukraine/Russia war
With scant options in Ukraine, U.S. and allies prepare for long war; Russians Breached This City, Not With Troops, but Propaganda;
Head of Britain’s armed forces says 'Russia is failing' in Ukraine and has already 'strategically lost' the war;
Russia will use nuclear weapons if its sovereignty is threatened - Putin ; Putin says Ukraine invasion was 'forced on us' in speech delayed by cyberattack;
What Hundreds of Photos of Weapons Reveal About Russia's Brutal War Strategy; Ukrainian photojournalist 'executed in cold blood' by Russians;
Russian Forces Tighten Noose Around Important Cities in Ukraine's East;
Russia threatens retaliation against Lithuania following rail 'blockade'; Why is Lithuania risking Russia's wrath over Kaliningrad?
How Kaliningrad, Russian territory surrounded by NATO, is tangled in Ukraine war;
Ukraine war: Russia 'strikes Odesa in revenge for oil rig attack';
NATO chief says Ukrainian troops are deserting battle and Russian troops have 'troubled' morale as the war is expected to last years;
Fears of 'large-scale offensive' in Luhansk region grow as Russia advances; Russia Gains in the East, Threatening to Overrun Luhansk;
The Russians have just used chemical weapons in Mariupol. Does NATO now step in?
Ukrainian troops will pull out of beseiged eastern city of Severodonetsk;
Letters written, tanks in position as battle for Lysychansk looms;
Linchpin of Ukrainian Defiance, a Southern City Endures Russian Barrage;
War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
A Defiant Putin Says Russia Will Flourish Without the West; The New Geography of the Russian Elite;
Last month, China imported more Russian crude oil than ever before; China launches high-tech aircraft carrier in naval milestone;
China floats BRICS free-trade deal, while Russia's Vladimir Putin calls for an alternative to US dollar; China says Ukraine crisis has sounded alarm for humanity;
If the United States allowed China to seize control of Taiwan, America's position as a global power would tumble overnight;
Iran Makes Major Concession To Revive Stalled Nuclear Negotiations; Trump's Shadow Looms Over Fading Iran Nuclear Talks;
US, Iran in tense sea incident; Tehran preps new centrifuges;
Iran orders US to pay compensation for slain nuke scientists; Iran detains 5 over mixed-sex teenage skateboard gathering;
Gaza rocket into Israel breaks 2-month lull, Israel responds; Israeli foreign minister to visit Turkey amid security jitters;
Israel Coalition Government to be Dissolved Next Week; Lapid to become new prime minister as Israel heads to election;
Palestinian officials say Israeli troops kill Palestinian at West Bank barrier;
Israeli settler stabs Palestinian to death; Israeli media says Jewish suspect arrested in connection to fatal stabbing of Palestinian;
The Killing of Shireen Abu Akleh: Tracing a Bullet to an Israeli Convoy; U.N. rights body says Israeli soldiers killed American journalist in West Bank;
Poland wants formal rules for Israeli Holocaust study trips;
Israel says it's building regional air defence alliance under U.S; US envoy to Israel lives in a luxe rental, a Trump legacy;
Human rights, oil and Biden's shifting approach to Saudi Arabia;
Saudi crown prince, Erdogan to meet in Turkey with 'full normalisation' in sights ;
Military recruitment reform sparks furious protests across India; India to Resist Anti-US Messaging at BRICS Summit With Xi, Putin;
New British Army chief: We must be ready 'to fight in Europe once again';
Macron Loses Absolute Majority as Opposition Surges, a Blow for New Term;
Gustavo Petro wins the Colombian election, becoming the country’s first leftist president;
Supreme Court strikes down Roe v. Wade, which for nearly 50 years has protected the right to abortion;
These 13 states will ban abortion within 30 days. Others will follow; Corporate America reacts to Supreme Court abortion decision;
America reacts to the Supreme Court's abortion ruling overturning Roe v. Wade;
Thomas calls for overturning precedents on contraceptives, LGBTQ rights ; Pence calls for national abortion ban, as Trump, GOP celebrate end of Roe;
Biden says restoring abortion rights is up to voters, warns that same-sex marriage, contraception may be under threat;
6 takeaways from the Supreme Court opinion that ended Roe v. Wade; As Republicans celebrate end of Roe, Democrats vow revenge at polls;
Read the full decision for Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization;
The Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade makes the United States a global outlier;
Supreme Court could soon make it easier to carry guns in six states; Texas GOP rebukes Cornyn, rejects gun legislation framework;
Supreme Court says N.Y. gun law is too restrictive and violates right to carry firearms outside the home for self-defense;
Breakthrough in gun legislation, as senators resolve key snags; Senate votes to advance bipartisan gun deal, breaking 30-year logjam;
Senate passes first significant gun legislation in nearly three decades. The bill is expected to clear the House as well; What's in the Senate's new gun control bill;
Loopholes and Missing Data: The Gaps in the Gun Background Check System;
Maine's End Run Around the Supreme Court Offers States a Blueprint on Guns;
Supreme Court says Maine cannot deny public funds to schools that promote religious instruction;
Republican Drive to Tilt Courts Against Climate Action Reaches a Crucial Moment;
Texas Republicans Approve Far-Right Platform Declaring Biden's Election Illegitimate; Amid Jan. 6 Revelations, Election Lies Still Dominate the G.O.P.;
New Mexico county backs down under court order, certifies election results;
Tennessee G.O.P. Removes Trump-Backed House Candidate From Ballot;
The seven Senate seats most likely to flip in 2022;
Takeaways from the elections in Alabama, Georgia and Virginia; DeSantis edges Trump in New Hampshire poll;
Liberal groups devote millions to blocking GOP election deniers; Voters evenly split on generic congressional ballot ahead of midterms ;
Sen. Ron Johnson under fire over fake-electors disclosure at hearing;
Andrew Gillum, DeSantis's 2018 Rival, Is Charged With Conspiracy and Fraud;
Justice Dept. wants to know whether Sidney Powell is funding Oath Keepers' defense;
South Dakota Removes Its Attorney General After Fatal Crash;
Supreme Court rules for GOP NC lawmakers in voter ID case;
Appeals court upholds Arkansas' Israel boycott pledge law;
GOP Senate candidate urges supporters to order their 'RINO Hunting Permit' in gun-heavy video; Greitens's violent ad sets off GOP scramble to stop his Senate bid;
U.S. to require cuts to cigarettes' nicotine levels in bid to curb addiction and reduce top cause of preventable deaths;
Uvalde officers quickly got shields, rifles but didn't breach classroom door, which is believed to have been unlocked;
Pride events targeted in surge of anti-LGBTQ threats, violence;
Failed Autopsies, False Arrests: A Risk of Bias in Death Examinations;
Trump news and investigation
Watergate prosecutor: Georgia case could 'send Donald Trump to prison'; Despite Growing Evidence, a Prosecution of Trump Would Face Challenges;
Trump says he hasn't endorsed McCarthy for Speaker;
Federal agents searched home of Trump Justice Dept. official Jeffrey Clark;
Wisconsin election investigator says he deleted records;
Capital Riot and fallout
Jan. 6 Panel Could Start Sharing Transcripts With Justice Dept. as Soon as July; Jan. 6 committee delays hearing schedule until July;
GOP member of Jan. 6 committee warns that more violence is coming; Lawmakers on Jan. 6 committee ramp up their security as threats increase;
Trump campaign documents show that advisers knew the fake-elector plan was baseless;
Speaker at meeting of Ginni Thomas group called Biden's win illegitimate long after Jan. 6, video shows;
Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) offered to deliver fake electors to Vice President Pence, House Jan. 6 committee says in video at hearing;
A top Arizona Republican's compelling testimony builds out Jan. 6 committee's case against Trump, plus other takeaways;
Trump's pressure drew violence, threats to local officials, committee shows;
Jan. 6 hearing takeaways: Who sought pardons, a possible new link between Trump and DOJ plotters and more from today's session;
Trump White House aides say several Republican lawmakers sought pardons over Jan. 6 insurrection;
The role Rep. Scott Perry played in promoting 'Italygate,' false claims of fraud;
COVID-19 and other health issues
CDC, FDA Approve Pfizer, Moderna COVID-19 Vaccines For Children As Young As 6 Months;
Despite Another Covid Surge, Deaths Stay Near Lows;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
Has Your State Made It Harder To Vote?
On the Subversion of NIST by the NSA; Hidden Anti-Cryptography Provisions in Internet Anti-Trust Bills;
Justice Department Dismantles Russian Network of Hacked Devices;
On the Dangers of Cryptocurrencies and the Uselessness of Blockchain;
Tech Executives Want More Cyber Threat Intel;
Hartzbleed: A New Side-Channel Attack; Symbiote Backdoor in Linux;
Math and science
Photos show a centuries-old shipwreck found off Colombia's coast carrying lost treasure worth billions of dollars, including gold coins and emeralds;
The Colorado River is in crisis, and it's getting worse every day;
Study: Feeding Metals To Microbes Could Reduce Greenhouse Gases; Scientists Discover Centimeter-Long Bacteria;
Study: Invasive Fire Ants Could Be Controlled By Viruses; CU Boulder Researchers Study Fireflies In Hopes They Will Aid Robot Communication;
Analysis Discusses How AI's Hold Over Humans Is Becoming Stronger; Research Finds AI Adoption Is Growing But Governance Is Lagging;
Amazon Launches AWS Center For Quantum Networking;
Growth In Carbon Capture Projects Raises Questions About Tech’s Efficacy, Cost;
US Weapons Technology Can Aid Ukraine While Reassuring Russia;
NASA Finishes SLS Testing;
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
YouTube Removes Trump Clip Posted by January 6 House Committee; Lawmakers Ask Google CEO to Probe Misleading Abortion-Related Searches;
Microsoft launches effort to slow Russian propaganda on war, vaccines; Senators Ask TikTok CEO About Allowing Russian State-Approved Media;
TikTok Says '100% of U.S. User Traffic' Routed to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure;
Instagram Launches New Tools For Age Verification;
Japanese Government to Fine 48 Tech Companies for Failing to Register;
The media bubble is real: Study shows massive disconnect between journalists, public;

Business and Economics
Biden to urge Congress to suspend federal gas tax for 3 months; Americans are starting to pull back on travel and restaurants;
Federal Reserve Chair: Inflation Must Be Brought Down To 2% Even If It Causes A Recession;
History says the next bull market is just months away, and it could carry the S&P 500 to the 6,000 level, according to Bank of America;
Inflation Taking A Toll On Infrastructure Projects;
The unintended consequences of the $178 billion bailout to keep hospitals and doctors afloat;
Federal Reserve Board releases results of annual bank stress test; Watchdog says IRS has backlog of 21.3 million paper tax returns;
Oil refineries are making a windfall. Why do they keep closing? U.S. rig count rises again, now 60% above last year's level;
Apple workers in Towson, Md., vote to unionize, the first of the tech giant’s U.S. retail stores to do so;
Modern 'redlining' is pushing some Texans out of their homes;
Lockheed Martin, Westinghouse, XI Awarded Contracts To Design Lunar Nuclear Power Systems;
Industry And Government Push To Expand EV Charging Network; Texas EV Charger Plan Promises A Station Every 50 Miles;
Tesla Cuts Job Openings Since Elon Musk's Economic Warning; Tesla CEO Elon Musk Says Firm Losing Billions Due To High Expenses At Newest Factories;
Tesla Sells The Most "American-Made" Vehicles On The Market, According To;
Tesla And Volkswagen Square Off In Duel For Electric-Car Dominance;
Meet the Billionaire and Rising GOP Mega-Donor Who's Gaming the Tax System;
This inflation-proof bond is paying 9.62%. Here's how to buy it;
Proposed changes to retirement system get approval from Senate committee, setting stage for potential passage of ‘Secure 2.0’ this year;
Other news
The Watergate Hearings, 50 Years Ago: Truth Was Not Up for Debate;
After Juneteenth, many Black people in Texas remained enslaved;
79 years after a brutal battle to oust the Japanese, a remote piece of US territory is the center of attention again;
Russia's World War II Invasion of Finland Eerily Mirrors Ukraine;

College Graduates Increased In 2020-21; Credential Stacking Raised Number Of Undergraduate Degrees Earned Last Year By 1.1%;
Education Industry Leaders Suggest Blurring Lines Between K-12, Higher Education And Workforce;
Survey Shows Increase In International Student Enrollment In 2022-23;
Colleges Attempt To Improve Student Success; What Happens When American Children Learn About Racism?
Biden Is Still Considering Student Debt Cancellations; GOP Bill Would Block Biden Administration From Canceling Student Loan Debt;
Biden administration agrees to cancel student debt of 200K borrowers who say they were defrauded ;
SCOTUS: State Tuition Aid Plans Cannot Discriminate Against Religious Schools;
Biden administration will protect trans students and college sexual assault survivors in new Title IX rules;
Dartmouth College Eliminates Undergraduate Student Loans, Replaces Them With Scholarship Grants;
Survey Shows How Community Colleges Spent Their Pandemic-Relief Funds;
University System Of Maryland Governing Board Ends Admissions Testing Mandate; Scrutiny Grows Of Withholding Transcripts To Collect Student Debt;
AAUP, AFT Partner To Create Sizable Higher Education Faculty Alliance; AAUP Condemns UNC System For Systemic Racism, Political Interference;
Report Shows Largest One-Year Drop In Faculty-Pay In 50 Years;
Virginia Lawmakers Fail To Pass Anti-Hazing Bill Inspired By Death Of Student At Fraternity House;
College Campuses Prepare For Overturning Of Roe V. Wade;
Court Rules Descendant Of Enslaved Man Can Sue Harvard University;

TechNews for the week: June 17; June 15; June 13;

Chronology Ukraine/Russia war
Lukashenko admits that Belarus will fight for west of Ukraine; Shortage of Artillery Ammo Saps Ukrainian Frontline Morale;
U.S. official says Russia likely to seize all of Luhansk in coming weeks; Ukrainian forces pushed from Severodonetsk city center;
Russia seeks to militarize schoolchildren and censor textbooks amid war; In Kherson, misery under Russian occupation, hope over Ukrainian gains;
Russian army ramps up recruitment as steep casualties thin the ranks; North of Kyiv, the Russians Retreated. But the War Never Left;
Russia aims to boot former Soviet nations from NATO by relinquishing sovereign recognition;
Leaders of France, Germany and Italy make first wartime trip to Kyiv; France, Germany and Italy back Ukraine's E.U. candidacy in leaders' first wartime trip to Kyiv;
U.S. probing how American electronics wound up in Russian military gear;
In Ukraine, a Minority Group Feels Ambivalence About the War;
War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
N.Korea's Kim vows 'power to power' military; promotes nuclear envoy; Seoul: North Korea fires suspected artillery pieces into sea;
China calls U.S. a 'bully,' vows to 'fight to the end' for Taiwan; China and Pakistan, jolted by Karachi attack that killed Chinese, vow stronger military and security ties;
Syria: 'significant' damage to airport from Israeli strike; Israel strike crippling Syria's main airport hikes tensions;
Russia expresses 'serious concern' to Israeli ambassador over Syria air strikes; US military ground raid in Syria captures top ISIS leader ;
Israeli settlers at risk of losing special West Bank status; Israeli court finds Gaza aid worker guilty on terror charges;
Largest Palestinian displacement in decades looms after Israeli court ruling; Israeli lawmaker chided for wishing Palestinians 'disappear';
Israel's government closer to collapse after lawmaker quits; One year in, Israel's "salvation government" hangs by a thread;
Israel tells its citizens to avoid Istanbul, warns Iran not to harm them; Israel’s defense industry unveils new weapons at Paris defense confab;
Lebanon preparing to offer compromise on maritime spat with Israel; Hezbollah members get life terms for Lebanese leader's death;
Possible successor to Abbas warns Israel, but works with it;
Iraqi Shi'ite Sadrist lawmakers resign from parliament;
2 members of Iran's Revolutionary Guard die amid tensions; Iran arrests suspect allegedly plotting with French spy ring;
Iran Suspects Israel Poisoned 2 Scientists; Fears Grow Over Iran's Nuclear Program as Tehran Digs a New Tunnel Network;
Argentine authorities impound Venezuelan aircraft, Iranian state media say;
Turkey to Impose Residence Quotas on Foreigners From July 1;
Activists say Dubai and UAE should be blacklisted and face sanctions for sheltering oligarchs and 'dirty money';
Austin says Russian invasion of Ukraine 'preview' of 'possible world of chaos';
Treaty ends 'war' as Canada and Denmark agree to split Arctic island;
Supreme Court Dismisses Bid by G.O.P.-Led States to Defend Trump Immigration Plan ; Supreme Court rules against Navajo Nation member;
March for Our Lives 2022: Thousands gather to protest gun violence;
Senators strike bipartisan gun deal, heralding potential breakthrough, but falling short of tougher measures sought by Biden;
Gun Talks Snag on Tricky Question: What Counts as a Boyfriend?
Post analysis finds More than 100 GOP primary winners back Trump’s false election fraud claims;
Democrats' Risky Bet: Aid G.O.P. Extremists in Spring, Hoping to Beat Them in Fall;
Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo, who has Donald Trump's backing, is projected to win the GOP gubernatorial nod in Nevada;
4 takeaways from the elections in Texas, South Carolina and Nevada; Palin, Begich, Gross advance to general election in Alaska House race;
Abbott leading O'Rourke in tightening Texas race; Herschel Walker says he didn't try to hide his other three children;
The shadow race is underway for the Republican presidential nomination;
As Montana reels from floods, no one is sure where Gov. Gianforte is;
Florida synagogue files suit over 15-week abortion ban, citing violation of religious freedom;
Wisconsin election investigator fined $2K daily for contempt;
Retired general resigns from Brookings think tank amid federal probe;
Officer Who Displayed Nazi Insignia Will Receive $1.5 Million to Resign;
A Black Army vet spent 16 months in solitary. Then a jury heard the evidence and acquitted him in two hours;
31 tied to hate group Patriot Front charged with planning riot near LGBTQ event in Idaho;
Trump news and investigation
How the Jan. 6 hearing played out on the pro-Trump web; A Striking Contrast: Trump Officials Then and Now;
Trump releases 12-page response to Jan. 6 hearing; Trump Hits Back at Daughter's Account That She Accepted His Election Loss;
Trump attacks Jan. 6 committee, Pence and Barr in speech to conservative group;
Capital Riot and fallout
Jan. 6 Committee Appears to Lay Out Road Map for Prosecuting Trump; Rep. Liz Cheney tells Americans why Jan. 6 should terrify them;
4 takeaways from the second hearing; Jan. 6 committee focuses on how Trump's 'big lie' fueled the insurrection;
Testimony shows Trump repeatedly ignored advisers who told him election fraud claims were baseless;
Barr testifies Trump became 'detached from reality' on election fraud claims; Former Philadelphia city commissioner recalls death threats after Trump tweeted about him;
New details emerge of Oval Office confrontation three days before Jan. 6; Trump Lawyer Cited 'Heated Fight' Among Justices Over Election Suits;
Pro-Trump lawyer sought pardon after pushing plan to overturn election that he knew to be illegal, evidence and testimony shows;
4 takeaways from the Jan. 6 committee's hearing on Pence; Trump aides told him that using Pence to overturn election was illegal;
Michael Luttig's Jan. 6 testimony gave a clear warning to a country whose democracy is on 'a knife's edge';
'So the Traitors Know the Stakes': The Meaning of the Jan. 6 Gallows;
Emails between Ginni Thomas and a pro-Trump attorney are said to illuminate her involvement in bid to overturn the 2020 election;
John Eastman says Ginni Thomas invited him to speak on 'election litigation'; Panel chair says Jan. 6 committee will seek interview with Ginni Thomas;
Publix heiress paid Guilfoyle's $60,000 speaking fee on Jan. 6;
Anti-vaccine doctor sentenced to prison for Capitol riot;
COVID-19 and other health issues
Moderna's coronavirus vaccine for children 5 and younger is safe and effective, according to an FDA analysis; FDA Says Pfizer COVID Shot Effective For Children Under 5;
FDA Advisers Recommend Use Of Moderna's COVID Vaccine In Children Ages Six To 17;
Coronavirus vaccines for youngest kids authorized by FDA. Shots could come as soon as next week, after CDC gives final green light;
How Long Does COVID Immunity Last; Covid is making flu and other common viruses act in unfamiliar ways;
Those 'free' COVID tests you take? Labs are raking in millions in tax dollars;
Top GOP senator knocks Biden officials' calls for more COVID-19 funding;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
June Crypto-Gram Newsletter, Flaws, Privacy and more;
How to Keep Hackers Out of Your Wi-Fi Network; Tracking People via Bluetooth on Their Phones;
Attacking the Performance of Machine Learning Systems;
New M1 Chip Vulnerability;
Math and science
Scientists use ancient DNA samples to explain Black Death origins;
Air Force Uses AI To Create Accurate Weather Models;
Smartwatches Have Measured Blood Oxygen for Years;
Technology, Data Skill Proficiency Dropped "Significantly" In 2021;
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
Meta Faces Eight Lawsuits Alleging It Makes Apps Addictive For Profit;
Panel Of Experts Say Tech, Media Companies Must Be Held Accountable For Disinformation;
Meta, Google, Twitter, Others Agree To Better Combat Disinformation As EU Threatens Fines;
Proposed Senate Bill Would Prohibit Sale Of Location, Health Data By Data Brokers;
Lawsuit Asserts Amazon Tapping Alexa To Target Ads At Customers;
Study Shows Research Retractions Take Too Long To Curb Misinformation;
Democratic Senators Urge Klobuchar To Revise Antitrust Bill;
USA Today to pull nearly two dozen articles by reporter who fabricated facts;
Democrats bought a Miami giant of talk radio, spurring a debate over Spanish-language misinformation;
SC News and Politics
Outside groups spent almost $1.7M influencing SC's 1st District GOP primary voters;
Rep. Nancy Mace (R) is projected to win her South Carolina primary in a blow to Donald Trump;

Business and Economics
Average U.S. gas prices top $5 a gallon, as surging energy costs squeeze the economy — and the White House;
S&P 500 slides 2.4 percent amid global sell-off to tip into bear market; S&P 500 slumps into bear market Monday, Dow dives 875 points as 2022 losses accelerate;
New Jobless Claims Rise To 229,000; Continuing Claims Unchanged, At Lowest Level Since 1969;
Forecaster says The Russian invasion of Ukraine accounts for more than a third of U.S. inflation; Biden Again Blames Putin For High Inflation;
Fed raises interest rates by three-quarters of a percentage point, the biggest increase since 1994, in effort to fight inflation;
Stocks tumble, with Dow falling 700 points, erasing rally yesterday; Dow closes below 30,000 as recession fears push stocks lower, mortgage rates higher;
Stocks close out worst week since March 2020;
The Hidden Fees Making Your Bananas, and Everything Else, Cost More; White House Considering A Federal Gas Tax Holiday;
Major cryptocurrency bank Celsius freezes withdrawals, chilling market; Coinbase lays off 18 percent of workforce as CEO braces for crypto winter';
Yen falls to ¥135 against the dollar for first time since 2002;
Lawmakers Agree On Legislation To Block US Investment In China;
Amazon, Other Tech Companies Call For US To Permit Children Of H-1B Visa Holders To Remain Past Age 21;
EV Tax Credits Face Opposition From Manchin; Ford CFO: Automaker Still Seeing High Demand;
Amazon calls cops, fires workers in attempts to stop unionization nationwide;
Teslas in Autopilot mode have been in 273 crashes in less than a year, according to regulator data, far more than previously known;
SpaceX fires workers who criticized Elon Musk in open letter; Musk Seeks To Reassure Twitter Employees About Purchase Bid;
Credit Card Mistakes? Here's How to Stop;
North Greenville University wins Division II World Series;
In Stephen Curry's crowning achievement, Warriors win fourth NBA title in eight years;
Other news
Stonewall Jackson's Name Fell Fast, and a Fury Quickly Followed;
A 1955 book on right-wing extremists predicted the Jan. 6 attack;
What the research really says about American immigration;

Southern Regional Education Board Reveals Two-Year College Enrollment Drops; Why Students Are Choosing H.B.C.U.s: '4 Years Being Seen as Family';
Teachers Report Slightly Fewer Students Were Behind in Spring 2022; Caught in the culture wars, teachers are being forced from their jobs;
High Inflation Complicates Biden Decision On Forgiving Student Debt; DesJarlais Bill Would Block Biden's Student Loan Forgiveness Plan;
National Survey Shows 51% Of Voters Support Biden’s Student Loan Debt Forgiveness Plan; Many Graduate Degree Holders Face High Student Debt, Low Paying Jobs;
University, Tech Leaders Ask Congress To Expand Access To Short-Term Pell Grants;
Dozens Of Calif Community Colleges Unnecessarily Enrolling Students In Remedial Math Classes; Calif Community Colleges Chancellor To Resign Amid Declining Enrollment;
Proposal Would Limit American Universities' Partnerships With Chinese Companies;
Physician Claims University Of Florida Is Discriminating Against White People By Offering Scholarship For Underrepresented Groups In Medicine;
Ohio Passes Law Allowing Teachers To Be Armed With Only 24 Hours of Training;
Judge Orders Yeshiva University To Recognize LGBT Club As Other Clashes Over Religious Exemptions Loom;
Purdue Faculty Condemn Secret Presidential Search;

TechNews for the week: June 10; June 8; June 6;

Chronology Ukraine/Russia war
Russia brings five large landing ships into Black Sea; Thousands Swept Up as Kremlin Clamps Down on War Criticism;
Hail of Russian artillery tests Ukrainian morale; Ukraine has retaken about 20% of territory lost in Sievierodonetsk -regional head;
Russia puts more strength behind 'creeping' Ukraine advance; Russia 'suffering huge losses' as Ukraine fights back in Donbas;
Putin warns West: Russia will strike harder if longer-range missiles supplied;
Ukraine's volunteer 'Kraken' unit takes the fight to the Russians;
Sievierodonetsk is not of great strategic significance, Lysychansk is more important - Luhansk Oblast Military Administration;
Russian state media reporter says Russian general killed in eastern Ukraine; Another top Russian general reportedly killed in Ukraine;
Renowned PMC Wagner Group member 'Vakha' killed; In the Kharkiv region, the Russians are defending themselves, Iin the Donetsk region they are trying to attack;
Guerrilla Attacks Signal Rising Resistance to Russian Occupation;
Ukraine war: Severodonetsk and Lysychansk are dead cities - Zelensky; 'Dead Cities' Become the Flashpoint for the Fierce War in the East;
Kyiv asks for more rocket systems as Kremlin warns of potential strikes in Russia;
Russia Is Racing to Cement Its Control in Southern Ukraine; Russian forces pummel key cities as they advance in eastern Ukraine;
Putin compares self to monarch, foreign fighters face death;
Zelensky says Russia trying to 'delete' Ukraine's history;
War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Russia must not be humiliated despite Putin's 'historic' mistake - Macron ; As Battles Rage, Ukraine Rejects Macron Plea Not to 'Humiliate' Russia;
Putin likens himself to Peter the Great, links imperial expansion to Ukraine war; Putin's Shadow Soldiers: How the Wagner Group Is Expanding in Africa;
Don't close the embassy, U.S. ambassador tells Russia; Russia's Lavrov calls decision to block plane 'unprecedented';
Moscow rebuked at U.N. for fueling food crisis; U.S. Warns Russia Seeks Buyers for Plundered Ukraine Grain;
The EU's 3 biggest shipping countries have doubled Russian oil shipments since the invasion of Ukraine, and it's undermining attempts to hurt Putin;
Russian Orthodox Church sends its second most powerful figure on lower-ranking overseas posting;
Putin unexpectedly postpones his annual phone marathon for the first time in 18 years;
Russian military moves in the Arctic worry the U.S. and NATO; Russia says West risks 'direct military clash' over cyber attacks;
Estonia summons Russian envoy to protest Putin remarks;
Gen. Milley visits Sweden in show of support for NATO bid; U.S. Warship Arrives in Stockholm for Military Exercises, and as a Warning;
North Korea test-fires salvo of short-range missiles; U.S. and South Korea respond to North Korean launch with 8 missiles of their own;
Beijing Eyes New Military Bases Across the Indo-Pacific; China's Reach Tests the Pacific's Fragile Island Democracies;
China secretly building naval facility in Cambodia for the exclusive use of its military as it moves to become a true global power;
The pocket of resistance that the Taliban doesn't want to talk about; Watchdog's report details millions looted from Afghan government during Taliban takeover;
Israel Builds Laser Weapon to Zap Threats Out of Sky;
Report: 'Perpetual' Israeli occupation at root of violence; Israeli nationalists wage battle against Palestinian flag;
Israeli coalition suffers loss and faces uncertain prospects; Netanyahu's Plan to Regain Power in Israel: Vote Against His Views;
Chief says Lebanon's Hezbollah can stop Israeli gas extraction from disputed field; Israel Sends Navy To Escort Drilling Rig In Disputed Gas Field;
Hezbollah says 'ready' to act if Lebanon says Israel violating water rights; Hezbollah leader threatens to hit Israel's offshore gas rig;
Israeli PM Bennett in snap UAE visit amid standoff with Iran;
Senior Iranian Officer Dies, Leaving Questions About His Death;
Iranian scientist and a senior military officer found dead in mysterious circumstances amid a new wave of tension between Iran and Israel;
Supreme Leader acknowledges Iran took oil from Greek tankers; Greek court overturns decision on U.S. seizure of Iranian oil cargo;
Iran Begins to Dismantle Nuclear Program Cameras After Western Criticism; IAEA warns of 'fatal blow' to nuclear deal as Iran removes its cameras;
Syria suspends Damascus airport flights after Israel strike; Syria army should use air defences against Turkish invasion, U.S.-backed SDF says ;
Saudi-led airstrikes in Yemen have been called war crimes. Many relied on U.S. support;
Cyprus to UN: Turkey seeks full control of breakaway north; Turkey calls on Greece to demilitarize Aegean islands;
Syrian, Russian forces boosted after Turkey signals operation;
India's ruling party suspends official over comments about Islam;
Swedish government survives no-confidence vote with help of former Kurdish fighter;
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson survives party no-confidence vote;
Niacaragua authorizes entry of Russian troops, planes, ships; Venezuelan leader, barred from US summit, arrives in Turkey;
Maduro says Venezuela, Iran to sign 20-year cooperation plan;
At Summit of Americas, Biden Pledges U.S. Help on Latin American Problems; Mexico's president snubs Biden's invitation to summit;
How Asylum Seekers Cross the Border; Lawyers for migrants say U.S. officials slowed family reunifications;
Kamala Harris Announces $3.2B In Private-Sector Investments For Central America, Part Of Effort To Address Immigration;
Gina Haspel Observed Waterboarding at C.I.A. Black Site, Psychologist Testifies;
Retired General Investigated Over Undisclosed Lobbying for Qatar;
House Adopts $1.6T Discretionary Spending Cap For Fiscal 2023; Democrats Face Steep Obstacles, Short Deadlines To Pass Reconciliation Bill;
Justice Sotomayor Upbraids Congress for Bankruptcy System that Left Debtors in 2 States Paying Much Lower Fees Than the Rest of the Country;
SCOTUS Rules Florida Can Recoup Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in Medicaid Payouts from Personal Injury Settlement of Woman in Vegetative State;
Court documents shed light on secretive Christian sect tied to Amy Coney Barrett;
Supreme Court Sides With Border Agent Accused of Using Excessive Force;
10 dead in shootings in Philadelphia, Tennessee, S. Carolina and Michigan; Retired Wis. judge killed in 'targeted act' against judicial system;
Man with weapon detained near Brett Kavanaugh's home. He allegedly told police he wanted to kill the Supreme Court justice;
How a New York County Used the State's 'Red Flag' Law to Seize 160 Guns;
House passes sharp new gun restrictions, but they are unlikely to become law;
Senators say gun deal is within reach, but without Biden's wish list; With Cornyn in the Room, Senate Gun Talks Focus on Narrow Changes;
Axon Suspends Plans To Develop Taser Drones For School Security;
A Broken Redistricting Process Winds Down, With No Repairs in Sight; Supreme Court allows 'undated' Pennsylvania ballots to be counted;
Critics say Mastriano's pledge to make Pennsylvania citizens reregister to vote is aimed squarely at Black Americans;
In Races to Run Elections, Candidates Are Backed by Key 2020 Deniers; Mich. gubernatorial candidate arrested on Jan. 6 Capitol riot charge;
DeSantis spokeswoman belatedly registers as agent of foreign politician;
Cheney faces pivotal moment with Jan. 6 prime time hearing; Liz Cheney got her chance to rebut her dishonorable peers. She didn't miss;
Black voters propelled Biden to the White House. Their enthusiasm for him has cooled;
White supremacist attacks stir GOP fears for safety of White people;
US, Israeli officials call out Boston group over 'mapping project' linking Jewish groups to media, government;
Trump news and investigation
Donald Trump explains why he can't find so many of the former assistants NY AG Letitia James wants to hear from;
Judge orders Trump attorney to turn over documents to Jan. 6 panel;
How Jared Kushner Washed His Hands of Donald Trump Before Jan. 6;
Capital Riot and fallout
6 takeaways from the Jan. 6 committee’s first prime-time hearing; Trump Is Depicted as a Would-Be Autocrat Seeking to Hang Onto Power at All Costs;
Jan. 6 committee uses video, testimony to tell tale of the insurrection;
Top Trump advisers did not believe election fraud claims had merit, new Jan. 6 testimony shows; Capitol Police officer describes bloody 'war scene' outside Capitol on Jan. 6;
Cheney says Jan. 6 attack part of 'extremely well-organized' conspiracy; Before Jan. 6, Aide Warned Secret Service of Security Risk to Pence;
Kushner Says He Dismissed White House Counsel’s Threats to Resign; Jared and Ivanka, Without the Power or the Masks;
Trump said on Jan. 6 that Pence 'deserves' to be hanged, per testimony;
Proud Boys charged with seditious conspiracy in Capitol riot; Proud Boys blast sedition charge as politically orchestrated;
Email shows Fake Trump electors in Ga. told to shroud plans in 'secrecy';
Ginni Thomas emailed dozens of Arizona lawmakers urging them to overturn Biden's 2020 win;
COVID-19 and other health issues
FDA advisers recommend authorizing Novavax coronavirus vaccine, which uses a more traditional technology than earlier shots;
CDC data: The U.S. has discarded over 82 million COVID vaccine doses; Why boosted Americans seem to be getting more COVID infections;
Moderna seeking FDA authorization of omicron-specific booster shot;
Due To "Funding Crunch," Administration Re-Routing Some COVID Funds To Vaccines, Paxlovid;
U.S. to lift coronavirus testing requirement for flyers returning to U.S.;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
Smartphones and Civilians in Wartime; Leaking Military Secrets on Gaming Discussion Boards;
Trial To Test Limits Of Anti-Hacking Law; Long Story on the Accused CIA Vault 7 Leaker;
Twitter Used Two-Factor Login Details for Ad Targeting;
Math and science
Five planets are aligned in night sky for the first time in 18 years;
Lockheed Martin, GM Plan To Produce Lunar Rovers For Commercial Space Missions;
As the Great Salt Lake Dries Up, Utah Faces An 'Environmental Nuclear Bomb';
New images released of famed sunken treasure in Colombia; two new shipwrecks found;
Chinese scientists develop 'vampiric' technique that may reverse aging process; How the Brain 'Constructs' the Outside World;
Univ Pittsburgh Engineers Developing New Technology To Clean, Reuse Wastewater From Fracking And Drilling;
Plastic-Eating Beetle Larvae May Hold Potential For Recycling Revolution;
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
Beware partisan 'pink slime' sites that pose as local news; James Webb Space Telescope hit by tiny meteoroid;
The biggest U.S. newspaper chain wants less opinion in its pages;
Lawmakers Face Pressure To Pass Antitrust Reform Ahead Of Midterms;
Yubo Adding New Safety Changes To Platform In Wake Of Uvalde School Shooting;
Meta Scraps Plan To Release Watch With In-built Cameras;
E.U. says Smartphones must have common charging port by 2024;
Guide to Windows 11 Keyboard Shortcuts;

Business and Economics
Inflation rose 8.6 percent in May compared to the year before, still at 40-year highs; Poll: 75% Of Americans Cutting Back Due To Inflation; 66% Expect It To Get Worse;
Hiring Remains Strong Even as Fed Tries to Cool Economy; Household Wealth Falls for First Time in Two Years;
Five charts explaining why inflation is at 40-year high;
Media Analyses: Economy Shows Signs Of Resilience Despite Recession Fears; Yellen Says American Rescue Plan Spending Did Not Cause "Bulk" Of Inflation;
World Bank warns global economy may suffer 1970s-style stagflation; Is 'Greedflation' Rewriting Economics, or Do Old Rules Still Apply?
White House Moves To Boost Solar Industry; Chip Crisis Shows Signs Of Easing;
Treasury bans Americans from buying Russian stocks and bonds;
How Russia sanctions helped kill 15-minute delivery in New York;
International Shippers Create New Routes To Avoid Russia;
Pipelines unclogged, but Canadian crude now faces U.S. Gulf Coast glut; Explosion at Texas LNG plant puts added strain on global energy market;
Transportation Department Proposes Standards For EV Charging Stations; EVs Found To Have Lower Emissions, Carbon Footprints Than Gasoline Vehicles;
EVs Nearing Mass Adoption Price Range; EU Lawmakers Back Ban On New Fossil-fuel Cars From 2035;
Tesla's Share Of Global EV Sales Falls To Three-Year Low; Elon Musk Wants To Cut 10% Of Tesla Jobs; Tesla Autopilot Safety Data "Misleading';
At WWDC, Apple Announces New Features For iOS 16, watchOS 9, macOS Ventura;
Musk Threatens To Abandon Twitter Deal; In a reversal, Twitter plans to comply with Musk's demands for information about spam and fake accounts;
Airlines cancel hundreds of flights before summer travel season because of pilot shortage;
XGoogle To Invest $1.2B In Digital Infrastructure, Skill Development In Latin America;
SEC Proposes Major Overhaul to Stock Trading Rules;
College Athletes Advocating For Closer Attention To Mental Health;
PGA Tour suspends players in Saudi-backed event, including Phil Mickelson;
Five Stretches You Should Do Every Day;
Other news
Woodward and Bernstein thought Nixon defined corruption. Then came Trump;

Labor Economists Warn Skipping Education To Take Higher Paying Job Could Have Long-Term Downside;
Report Finds Reauthorization Of Higher Education Act Failed To Improve Student Outcomes;
Study Finds Nearly Half Of For-Profit Colleges Would Fail To Meet Biden Administration’s Proposed Gainful Employment Standard;
Higher Ed Company Proposes Simplified, More Equitable College Admissions System;
Large Employers Working With HBCUs To Recruit Diverse Workforce;
Maryland Sees Shift In Enrollment Numbers Across Public, Private Universities; Tennessee Officials Grapple With Declining Enrollment At State Colleges;
Maine Community Colleges See Surge Of Enrollment, Applications Due To Free Tuition Program;
More Labor Unions Join Push For Student Debt Relief; Bennet Criticizes Administration's Student Loan Forgiveness Plan;
Law School Graduates Have Mixed Feelings About Possibility Of $10K In Student Debt Relief;
S&P: Median College Received $13.2M In Government Relief Funding Through Pandemic;
Fake New Orleans University Has Scammed Thousands From Hopeful Students;
Uncovered Draft Legislation In Florida Reveals Plans To Consolidate Power Over State Education, Higher Ed By Political Appointees;
Anti-CRT Bills Introduced In State Legislatures Are Increasingly Targeting Higher Ed;
Five Virginia Community Colleges Finish Changing Names Away From Racist Historical Figures;
TIME Releases Annual Innovative Teachers List;

TechNews for the week: June 3; June 1;

Chronology Ukraine/Russia war
Ferocious Russian Attacks Spur Accusations of Genocide in Ukraine; Putin's war grinds on, with dissent from Russian hawks and peace-seekers;
Russia claims capture of key transport hub as Zelensky remains defiant; Zelensky warns of 'hunger catastrophe,' accusing Russia of blocking Ukraine's grain exports;
US think-tank says Russian offensive likely to culminate when battle for Severodonetsk ends; Russia Edges Closer to Seizing Key City in Eastern Ukraine;
UK says Russia suffers devastating losses among lower-ranked officers;
Ukraine Battle Expands as Kyiv Launches Counteroffensive; Along Ukraine's northern border with Russia, fears of a new invasion;
Russian offensive leaves eastern Ukraine in ruins; Russia seizes half of key city Severodonetsk;
Berlin to supply arms to Greece, Athens to deliver Soviet weapons to Kyiv; U.S. will send advanced rocket systems to Ukraine;
Russia says U.S. 'adding fuel to the fire' by sending rockets to Ukraine; Kremlin TV Names the Country Putin Will Invade Next;
Ukraine's troops retreat from besieged city of Sievierodonetsk; 80% of Sievierodonetsk occupied, but Armed Forces of Ukraine have counterattacked and captured prisoners ;
In Chernobyl’s delicate nuclear labs, Russians looted safety systems; Russia Goes After British MP's Son for Killing of Chechen Commander in Ukraine;
Putin fires five more generals;
Ukraine marks 100 days of war, under bombardment and on the counterattack;
War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Kremlin official rails against West, accuses it of 'canceling Russia'; Putin's Threats Highlight the Dangers of a New, Riskier Nuclear Era;
Russian elites say Putin thinks West will blink first in war of attrition; Hillary Clinton: Putin has an 'almost messianic belief in himself';
Russia says Germany is risking European security by 'remilitarizing';
Yeltsin's son-in-law quits as Putin adviser;
In Mali, a Massacre With a Russian Footprint;
U.S. issues sanctions targeting North Korean weapons of mass destruction program;
Erdogan says won't let 'terrorism-supporting' countries enter NATO; Erdogan: Turkey's Syria operation could happen 'suddenly';
For NATO, Turkey Is a Disruptive Ally; Turkish leader claims US bases in Greece pose direct 'threat' amid spat with Athens over NATO expansion;
No more Turkey: Country in push to be known as 'Türkiye';
Erdogan discusses Turkey's Syria incursion plans with Putin; U.S.-backed Syrian force warns against new Turkish attack, Russia alarmed;
E.U. agrees to phase out Russian oil but exempts pipeline deliveries;
Governing coalition collapses in Estonia;
China bars Russian airlines with foreign planes; Chinese officials say Beijing chafes at Moscow’s requests for support;
Why China Is Miles Ahead in a Pacific Race for Influence; Senators send bipartisan letter to Biden urging him to keep Trump's China tariffs;
Sensitive Iranian Military Site Was Targeted in Attack; Iran shows off underground drone base, but not its location;
Protesters chant 'death to Khamenei' over Iranian building collapse; Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visits the opposition and alternative to theocracy in Iran;
Iran reports death of another Revolutionary Guard colonel;
Iran decries 'unfair' IAEA report on nuclear activities; Iran says crew of two seized Greek tankers not detained and are on board;
Israeli PM Bennett says Iranian 'immunity' is over; Israel-Iran: This Could Be the Next Big War That Grips the Entire World;
Israel Warns It Will Use "Right To Self-Defense" To Keep Nukes Out Of Iran; Israel says Iran used stolen U.N. watchdog documents to evade nuclear probes;
Israel warns against travel to Turkey citing Iran assassination; Israel simulates long-range air strikes over Mediterranean;
Yamina lawmaker and former coalition whip to oppose bill renewing application of Israeli law to settlers;
Report: Israel arrested no Jews over violent, racist march;
Court Deals Blow to Case Against Netanyahu;
Colombia's Trump May Be Headed for the Presidential Palace;
Canada vows to 'freeze' handgun sales, buy back assault-style weapons;
Biden to Travel to Saudi Arabia, Ending Its 'Pariah' Status;
U.S. has experienced more than 230 mass shootings so far this year; Angry young men and guns: Mass shooter patterns emerge;
Biden visits Uvalde, a city in mourning; Biden calls for banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. 'How much more carnage are we willing to accept?';
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's school shooting response under scrutiny;
At N.R.A. Convention, the Blame Is on 'Evil,' Not Guns; Conservatives blame everything but guns for mass shootings;
DeSantis vetoes funds for Tampa Bay Rays practice facility after team tweets on gun control;
States Rush Toward New Gun Restrictions as Congress Remains Gridlocked; A Supreme Court justice's suggestion on guns: Repeal Second Amendment;
Veteran U.S. judge joins calls for Supreme Court ethics code; Federal judges resist 'mandatory' training on workplace disputes;
Why the Once-Hawkish Heritage Foundation Opposed Aid to Ukraine;
Alaska special election for House seat becoming a crowded, unpredictable affair; Republicans fume at Michigan GOP for defending candidates busted for fraud;
Georgia's primary went smoothly. Voting advocates worry about November;
Lawyer Who Plotted to Overturn Trump Loss Recruits Election Deniers to Watch Over the Vote ;
Supreme Court Vote-Count Order May Affect McCormick Race; Alito delays counting of undated ballots in Pennsylvania;
David McCormick concedes to Mehmet Oz in Pa. Republican primary Senate race;
Appeals court says trial judge overstepped in ruling on DeSantis’ redistricting map;
Florida Supreme Court's decision leaves DeSantis congressional map in place; Herschel Walker 'mad' at Trump over remarks about Senate bid;
Ohio Senate race in virtual deadlock;
Mallory McMorrow, rising Democratic star, says it's time to answer conservative culture war attacks;
Calif. calls for 'comprehensive reparations' for Black Americans;
Whopping 64 Percent of Republicans Say Discrimination Against White People 'As Big a Problem' As Anti-Black;
How the Proud Boys Gripped the Miami-Dade Republican Party;
Forest Service finds its planned burns sparked N.M.'s largest wildfire;
Trump news and investigation
Up to 50 Subpoenas Expected as Grand Jury Begins Trump Inquiry;
Freedom Caucus members to huddle with Trump; Two words explain why Trump won't run in 2024; A Big Lie in a New Package;
Trump threatens Pulitzer committee with legal action if they don't rescind award for Russia probe coverage;
Michael Sussmann, who offered damaging allegations about Trump in 2016, acquitted of lying to FBI;
House Panel Examining Jared Kushner Over Saudi Investment in New Firm;
Capital Riot and fallout
As Jan. 6 subpoena deadline looms, Jordan, McCarthy mull options; Jan. 6 panel lays out inquiries for Jordan, extends subpoena deadline;
Former Trump trade adviser Peter Navarro indicted on contempt of Congress charges after defying subpoena from Jan. 6 committee;
COVID-19 and other health issues
Reported COVID infection levels nearly 6 times higher than last Memorial Day; During the Omicron Wave, Death Rates Soared for Older People;
Inaccurate oxygen level readings delayed COVID-19 therapies for Black, Hispanic patients;
Airlines, travel industry push White House to end testing requirements; U.S. asks court to reverse order lifting plane mandate;
Pfizer Submits Application To FDA For Authorization Of COVID-19 Vaccine For Children Under 5 Years Old;
Hepatitis A outbreak likely sparked by contaminated organic strawberries sold in leading grocery stores;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
Only 19% of Cyber Risk Executives Prepared to Respond to Ransomware Attacks;
Ransomware Attacks Increased 13% in 2021, According to Verizon Report; Sanctioned Ransomware Groups Finding Ways to Keep Receiving Payments;
Clever — and Exploitable — Windows Zero-Day;
The Limits of Cyber Operations in Wartime;
Remotely Controlling Touchscreens;
Math and science
Hubble telescope discovered a new galaxy with mysterious surroundings; Webb Telescope to Target a Super-Earth Covered in Lava Oceans;
NASA Rover Helps Scientists Figure Out Why Mars Is So Crazy Hazy; NASA To Buy Five More SpaceX Missions To ISS;
Killer Asteroids Are Hiding in Plain Sight. A New Tool Helps Spot Them;
Archaeologists discover ancient Mayan city on construction site;
Scientists fully sequenced DNA of a man who died at Pompeii and found he may have had a disease that hindered his escape;
Egypt unearths trove of artifacts, 250 mummies in ancient necropolis; The Underwater 'Lost City of Zakhiku' Resurfaces 3,400 Years Later On Tigris River;
The Women Who Ran Genghis Khan's Empire;
US Reclaims Supercomputing Crown With AMD-Powered Frontier;
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
Want to regulate social media? The First Amendment may stand in the way; 11th Circuit Rejects Florida's Law Limiting Social Media from Banning Politicians;
Supreme Court puts on hold Texas law that limits social media companies' moderation efforts;
Russia summons heads of U.S. media outlets, warns of 'stringent measures'; Chinese-Backed Content on Political Positions Tops Search Results;
Virtual Learning Apps Tracked, Shared Students' Data, Online Activities With Advertisers; Twitter to Pay $150 Million to Settle 'Security and Privacy' Allegations;
GOP ads and social media draw criticism for increasing use of gun imagery;
EU Lawmakers Set to Approve Single Charging Port for Mobile Devices;
Longtime Meta COO Stepping Down;
How to record a phone call on your Android phone;
The best photography drone: Zoom with a view;
SC News and Politics
South Carolina regulator nixes Duke Energy bid to reconsider coal plant order;

Business and Economics
US STOCKS-Wall Street rallies, snaps longest weekly losing streak in decades;
Top Fed official warns half-point rate rise may be needed in September;
Administration Can Do Little To Lower Gas, Food Prices In Near Term;
Job openings in April remain near record highs, U.S. employers report; May unemployment rate holds steady at 3.6%, a pandemic low;
Consumer Confidence Index Dips, But Remains "Strong";
Brent crude breaks $120 a barrel as gas prices soar; U.S. drilling rigs remain flat in Baker Hughes survey; Shortage Of Fuel-Making Facilities Drive Up US Gas Prices;
Oil prices surge, gas hits new high after E.U. cracks down on Russia; Saudi Arabia readies to pump more oil if Russian output sinks under ban;
OPEC boosts oil production as gas prices soar;
Move over, China: US is now India's biggest trading partner; China's EV Growth Forecasts Are Starting To Look Shaky;
The Texas Law That Has Banks Saying They Don’t 'Discriminate' Against Guns;
The SEC is looking into Tesla CEO Elon Musk's disclosure of his stake in Twitter; China's hold over Tesla raises questions about Musk's bid for Twitter;
Apple Moves To Undercut Retail Employees' Unionization Efforts; Amazon Ramps Up Criticism Of American Innovation And Choice Online Act;
Automakers, Dealers Maintaining Strong Profits Amid Supply Chain Disruption And Rising Prices;
Ford CEO Says Electric Vehicles Will Be Sold 100% Online With Nonnegotiable Price;
Car Insurance Premiums Rise, With Further Hikes Expected;
Tesla Executives Discuss Virtual Power Plants;
Musk Demands Workers Spend 40 Hours In Office Or Quit;
The Crypto Bros Are Snapping Up Manhattan Real Estate;
After record sale, rare 1914 Babe Ruth card is back home in Baltimore;
2022 NBA Finals: Warriors vs. Celtics;
Other news
Deep in Vatican Archives, Scholar Discovers 'Flabbergasting' Secrets;
After another massacre, one gunmaker maintains a familiar silence;
The truths Vladimir Kara-Murza spoke that Putin wants suppressed;

Report: Historic Decline in U.S. Public School Enrollment From Fall 2019 to Fall 2020; Dropout Rates Fell Since 2010 Among Hispanic, Black Students;
Survey Finds Test-Optional Policies Motivated Minority Students To Apply To College; Study Suggests Diverse College Campuses Help Reduce Racial Graduation Gap;
Survey Finds Percentage Of College Students Who Believe Campus Environment Prevents Free Expression Rose To 63% In 2021;
Data Show New York Free College Program Falls Short For Low-Income Students;
In largest group cancellation of federal student loans, U.S. to forgive $5.8 billion for ex-students of defunct Corinthian Colleges;
Report Finds Most PLUS Loan Borrowers Still Owe More Than Half Of Initial Balance After Ten Years Of Repayment;
White House Says Plan To Forgive $10K In Student Debt Is Not Final;
Image-Conscious New York Colleges Request Board Of Regents Designate Institutions As Universities;
University Of Georgia System Ends Era Of Free-Speech Zones On State College Campuses;
Model Minority Myth Masks "Disconcerting" Gaps In College Outcomes For Larger Asian American Community;
California Universities Facing Challenges In Eliminating Remedial Classes For Students;
Interest In U Of Washington's Allen School Of Computer Science & Engineering Outpaces Available Seats;
Leaked report says Harvard has remains of 7,000 Native Americans and enslaved people;
New "Sidechat" Anonymous Messaging App Gains Popularity On College Campuses;