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TechNews for the week: July 29; July 27; July 25;

Chronology Ukraine/Russia war
Russia hits Ukraine's Black Sea port despite grain deal; Reactions to Russia's strike on Ukraine's Odesa port;
Russia Tells Famine-Fearing Africa It's Not to Blame for Food Shortage; Egypt Cancels 240,000 Tons of Ukrainian Wheat Contracts;
Last Stand at Azovstal: Inside the Siege That Shaped the Ukraine War;
Ukraine wants more 'game-changer' precision rocket systems. The U.S. says it's complicated;
Lavrov says Russian goal to oust Ukraine's president; Moldova 'very worried' Russia may invade, prime minister says;
Ukraine steps up drive to retake Russian-controlled south with air strikes; US rocket system enables Ukraine to strike key supply bridge;
Ukraine and Russia trade blame for attack killing Mariupol prisoners;
War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Days after reopening its Nord Stream 1 pipeline, Russia says it will reduce gas to Germany, keeping Europe in state of uncertainty;
Russia's New Gas Deals With Iran Are A Threat To The West; Russia Is Wiring Dollars to Turkey for $20 Billion Nuclear Plant;
Kremlin: German ex-chancellor Schroeder in Moscow, meeting possible;
Looming Question for Putin Opponents: Can You Change Russia From Jail?
In rare contact, US offers Russia deal for Griner, Whelan;
Kremlin warns US against 'provocative' moves toward China;
Milley: China more aggressive, dangerous to US, allies; Why is China so concerned at the prospect of South Korea joining a US-led chip alliance?
China Getting 'Seriously Prepared' for Pelosi Visit to Taiwan; Isolating China through decoupling would be a mistake;
South China Sea law enforcement ship unveiled as Beijing seeks to tighten control over disputed waters;
Kim threatens to use nukes amid tensions with US, S. Korea; S.Korea doubles down on risky 'Kill Chain' plans to counter N.Korea nuclear threat;
Ehud Barak: Iran Can Transform Itself into a Nuclear Power — And It's Too Late to Stop It By Surgical Attack;
Iran says it dismantled group with ties to Israel's Mossad; Nour News Says Iran Foils Mossad Bombing of 'Sensitive' Site;
Saudi police arrest man who helped Israeli sneak into Mecca; Saudi Family Office Builds Largest Stake in Israel's Otonomo;
Mossad Sheds New Light on Argentina Terrorist Attacks in 1990s;
Israeli forces kill two gunmen in W.Bank clash, strike boat off Gaza; Israel demolishes homes of suspected Palestinian attackers;
Israeli soldier kills Palestinian teenager in West Bank confrontation;
Israel's interim leader meets Jordan's king in Amman; Jordan's king to Israeli PM: Palestinians must join regional projects;
Israel colluding with US imperial war machine, weapons industry to fuel aggression;
Palestinians strive to stop Gaza shore erosion with concrete and rubble;
Lebanon optimistic on reaching maritime border deal with Israel;
Hungary's leader Orbán bashed Western Europeans for 'mixing with non-Europeans' and said Hungarians 'do not want to become a mixed race';
Turkey's Erdogan rails at Greece over Muslim minority rights;
Volcano erupts in Japan; alert level raised;
Pope Francis, in Canada, apologizes for 'evil committed by so many Christians' in residential schools for Indigenous children;
Smuggling Migrants at the Border Now a Billion-Dollar Business;
Biden poised for big wins in Congress; Senate Votes To Advance Semiconductor Bill; House Passes Chips And Science Act, President To "Swiftly" Sign It Into Law;
GOP senators block bill expanding care for veterans exposed to toxins;
Manchin reaches agreement with Senate Democrats on reducing health-care costs, addressing climate change and lowering deficit;
After Roe, Republicans Sharpen Attacks on Gay and Transgender Rights; After Supreme Court ruling, activists push prayer into schools;
Samuel Alito mocks foreign critics of repealing Roe v. Wade in Rome speech on religious liberty; AOC slams Alito for 'politicized' and 'alarming' Roe v. Wade remarks;
Supreme Court 'Originalists' Are Flying a False Flag;
Clarence Thomas ditches plans to teach at GWU due to Roe backlash;
Those who see Roe's fall as loss less likely to vote than those who don't;
Buttigieg edges out Biden among Democrats in New Hampshire poll;
Battles over Israel divide Democratic primaries;
On the campaign trail, many Republicans see a civil war; GOP candidates increasingly ramping up threats of riots and civil war as election looms;
Inside the remote California county where the far right took over: 'Civility went out the window';
The Fake Electors Scheme, Explained; 2020 Election Deniers Seek Out Powerful Allies: County Sheriffs;
Colorado Man Pleads Guilty to Casting Missing Wife's Ballot for Trump;
Liz Cheney braces for primary loss as focus shifts to 2024; Liz Cheney understood the assignment;
Republicans Confront Unexpected Online Money Slowdown; As fundraising slows, the GOP is blaming Gmail's spam filter;
The unsubstantiated claim that sex ed 'grooms' kids jolted Nebraska politics a year before it swept the nation;
First Snooki, now Little Steven: Fetterman trolls Oz with N.J. celebrities; GOP Pa. governor nominee under fire for ties to white nationalist site;
2016 Campaign Looms Large as Justice Dept. Pursues Jan. 6 Inquiry;
Mississippi Fires Lawyer Trying to Recoup Misused Welfare Funds; Cattle-rustling sting operation snares Texas judge;
Assault Weapons Makers Testify They Bear No Responsibility for Gun Violence;
DeSantis files complaint against Miami restaurant after kids attend drag show, citing 1947 ruling on 'men impersonating women';
Police sergeant charged after gripping colleague’s neck during arrest;
Alabama city says releasing this bloody secret video may cause riots and expose cops to 'annoyance and embarrassment' ;
A North Carolina city hired a Black town manager. Then its entire police force resigned;
Trump news and investigation
On the Docket: Atlanta v. Trumpworld; Prosecutor Is Barred From Pursuing Criminal Case Against Trump Ally;
Trump: 'Fox & Friends' has gone to the 'dark side';
Navarro urges Trump to skip planned DC speech: I had to fight 'Brother Larry' Kudlow on daily basis;
RNC warning to Trump: If you run for president, we stop paying your legal bills;
Trump uses presidential seal at N.J. golf club amid ethics complaints;
The Claremont Institute triumphed in the Trump years. Then came Jan. 6;
Capital Riot, Jan. 6 Committee, and Georgia investigation
Hearings test Trump's clout and GOP's wish to 'forget about Jan. 6'; As Jan. 6 Panel's Evidence Piled Up, Conservative Media Doubled Down;
U.S. Secret Service Director James Murray faces scrutiny for his ties to Trump amid speculation about the deleted Secret Service text messages;
Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger Say Secret Service Agents Won't Testify About Jan. 6 Under Oath;
Key Democrats want DHS inspector general removed from Secret Service probe after he failed to notify Congress of deleted texts;
Jan. 6 texts missing for Trump Homeland Security's Wolf and Cuccinelli; Jan. 6 committee to 'contemplate a subpoena' for Ginni Thomas;
Justice Dept. investigating Trump's actions as part of Jan. 6 criminal probe, people familiar with inquiry say;
Trump again tries to get immunity from Jan. 6 civil suits;
Sharp Contrasts With Other Jan. 6 Inquiries Increase Pressure on Garland;
In Jan. 6 Hearings, Gender Divide Has Been Strong Undercurrent;
McCarthy says he does not recall Jan. 6 Cassidy Hutchinson call on Trump going to Capitol;
W.Va. man pleads guilty after being charged in Jan. 6 assault on Capitol police officer who died a day later of natural causes;
COVID-19 and other health issues
WHO declares monkeypox a global emergency as infections soar, a move expected to marshal funding and make governments act;
New papers suggest there may be a better way to detect Omicron variant; Expert Says COVID-19 At All-Time Highs In US Wastewater;
Study FindsCOVID-19 Vaccines Still Do "Pretty Good Job" Of Neutralizing BA.5 Variant, ;
In Rural America, Covid Hits Black and Hispanic People Hardest; Study finds Smoking linked to severe COVID-19 complications;
Biden administration estimates Full monkeypox response could cost U.S. nearly $7 billion;
Scientists hone argument that coronavirus came from Wuhan market;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
Russian accused of influencing US political groups to interfere in elections is indicted;
DOJ: Russian Man Recruited U.S. Groups from Florida, Georgia and California to 'Sow Discord' and Push Anti-U.S. 'Agitprop';
U.S. Disrupts N. Korean Ransomware Operations Targeting Medical Facilities; FBI Reportedly Found Chinese Equipment Could Disrupt Military Communications;
Justice Department Investigating Data Breach at Federal Courts System; Microsoft Zero-Days Sold and then Used;
Human Rights Activists, Journalists Urge Action Against Commercial Spyware;
Documents: Google Selling Advanced AI Tools To Israeli Government;
New UFEI Rootkit; Securing Open-Source Software;
T-Mobile Agrees to $500 Million Settlement in Cyberattack; Apples Agrees to $50 Million Settlement in Suit Over 'Butterfly' Keyboards;
Math and science
Russia to withdraw from the International Space Station after 2024, plans to construct its own;
Debris from China rocket launch to crash land — and no one knows where; First Mission To Mars To Return To Earth With Samples In 2033;
US-European Satellite Will Make World's First Global Freshwater Survey;
Rio Grande runs dry in Albuquerque for the first time in 40 years;
Scientists Unveil Software That Dreams Up New Proteins For Potential Medicines, Vaccines;
George Mason Team Designs E-Nose To Measure Glucose Levels Based On Person' Breath;
Election Polls Are Only 60 Percent Accurate;
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
Russia Fines Google $374 Million for Failing to 'Remove Prohibited Information'; Russian Court Fines WhatsApp, Snap for Refusing to Store User Data Locally;
Russia Today loses fight against EU ban, Moscow warns of retaliation;
Tech Industry Group Seeks Changes to India's New IT Rules;
Amazon Sues Administrator of 10,000 Facebook Groups Over Fake Reviews; Facebook's Meta Weighing Whether To Relax COVID-19 Misinformation Policy;
Democrats Introduce Bill to Restore Net Neutrality, Give FCC Broadband Power;
Dems fume at Disney's Hulu for blocking ads on abortion, guns; Inside a gunmaker's publicity stunt over a rejected Super Bowl ad;
Big Tech Companies Making Bids For Rights To Broadcast Live Sports;

Business and Economics
The economy shrank at a 0.9 percent annualized rate in the second quarter, fueling fears that the U.S. is entering a recession;
Signs Suggest Inflation Has Peaked, But Economists Project Slow Return To Normal; Consumer spending surged in June amid higher fuel, food costs;
Fed hikes interest rates by three-quarters of a percentage point, the fourth increase this year, to battle inflation;
The strong dollar wipes billions off US corporate earnings; Why the U.S. wealthy are sneaking cash abroad;
The US is the world's biggest oil producer — so why do we still need to import crude and ask countries like Saudi Arabia for help?
U.S. drilling rigs rise by 9, tallying record 24th straight month of gains;
Inverted yield curve in China savings rates signals sustained economic slowdown; China Evergrande C.E.O. Resigns After Loans Come Under Scrutiny;
Tech Workers Quit High-Paying Jobs To Help Fight Climate Change;
Microsoft Reports Slowest Sales Growth In Two Years Alphabet Posts 14% Decline In Q2 Profit But Revenue Up 13%;
Tesla Discloses New Subpoena On Musk's 2018 Tweet;
Millions will be affected if the Inflation Reduction Act becomes a reality. Here's what it would do;
Why You Should Be Wary of Wall Street's Upbeat Stock Forecasts; Rejected by courts, retirees take last shot to save pensions;
7 Fitness Mistakes to Avoid in Your Workout Routine (and the Best Lessons Learned);
How Hot Is Too Hot to Exercise?
Other news
In one Oval Office meeting, a triple Russian threat;
The Yale historian who predicted Trump's fascist turn foresees Putin's failure in Ukraine: 'You pretend to win a war and we pretend to show enthusiasm';
Why People Fall for Conspiracy Theories;
Land-grant colleges: This Land is Their Land;

Survey Shows Sharp Drop In Americans' Confidence In Higher Education; Continuing Coverage: Survey Shows Decrease In Public Support For Higher Education;
Survey: Over Half Of Higher Education Employees Likely To Seek Another Job;
Economic Mobility Index Updates Economic Mobility Index Updates Seeks To Help Policy Makers Understand Which Colleges Are Best For Low-Income Students;
College Students Feel Impact Of Inflation, May Affect Future College Attendance; 'Sudden surge' of US students consider studying abroad after Roe v Wade overturned;
UC Faces Record Surges, May Grow By 33,000 California Students; Univ Of California Tracks Drop In Students Returning After Enrolling Amid Pandemic;
Pennsylvania University System Seeks To Boost Enrollment By 20%; Penn State Trustees Approve Tuition Increase, Employee Raise;
Four Pennsylvania Universities Reject GOP Call To Freeze Tuition;
Indiana Male High School Graduates Go To College At Much Lower Rates Than Female Graduates;
Study Shows Racial Preferences Boost Black, Hispanic College Applicants; Over 1,700 Colleges Will Not Require SAT, ACT For Fall 2023;
Education Department Tells Student Loan Servicers To Hold Off On Sending Billing Statements; Democrats urge Biden administration to extend student loan payment pause;
Supreme Court Separates Affirmative Action In College Admissions Cases; Harvard Urging Supreme Court To Preserve Affirmative Action In College Admissions;
Mask Mandates Return To Some California Universities Amid Latest COVID Outbreak; More School Districts Abandon COVID Leave Policies For Employees;
Disagreements Further Delay Adoption Of California Math Guidelines;
College Presidents Censor Themselves From Speaking Out On Controversial Issues;
Ransomware Attacks Increase Against Colleges;

TechNews for the week: July 22; July 20; July 18;

Chronology Ukraine/Russia war
Kyiv says Ukraine strikes significantly reducing Russia's offensive potential; Gaps in Arms Supplies to Ukraine Point to Countries' Divergent Strategies;
Why hasn't the Russian economy tanked yet? Putin has been preparing for this moment for years;
Tony Blair says Ukraine war shows West's dominance is ending as China rises;
Moscow Signals a Shift to a More Aggressive Phase of Ukraine War; Russia's Medvedev: Attack on Crimea will ignite 'Judgement Day' response;
Russia targets Ukraine's missiles as Western-supplied weapons bite;
On Donetsk's Front Line, Small Gains and Losses Impose a Heavy Toll; War narrows the many divides between east and west in Ukraine;
Russia sending teachers to Ukraine to control what students learn; Zelensky Takes Aim at Hidden Enemy: Ukrainians Aiding Russia;
Ukraine’s farmers become the latest target of Russian missiles; Russia pounds Ukraine as uncertainty swirls over gas pipeline restart;
Ukrainian forces strike key bridge in Russian-occupied south;
Lavrov says Russia's aims in Ukraine now go beyond Donbas; Russia makes moves to redraw its borders and include pieces of Ukraine;
A Village Retaken, and a Confidence Boost for Ukraine's Troops; Ukraine graft concerns resurface as Russia war goes on;
Kharkiv Tried to Return to Normal. Russian Shelling Wouldn't Let It; Russia pounds major Ukrainian city after expanding war aims;
CIA chief says 15,000 Russians killed in war, dismisses Putin health rumors;
Putin endorsed by Iran for invasion of Ukraine but clashes with Turkey at summit;
Putin bets on an ancient weapon in Ukraine: time ;
U.N. chief announces deal to end Russian blockade of Ukrainian grain, amid global shortages, higher prices;
As Ukraine pounds Russian targets, U.S. sends more artillery;
War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Putin Aims to Shape a New Generation of Supporters, Through Schools; Moscow says Moscow says US must respect Russian law in Griner case;
US must designate Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism;
Western companies face 'existential crisis' as fears grow of Chinese invasion of Taiwan;
Chinese military upgrades near disputed Himalayan border viewed as provocative in India ;
China says progress is being made in India border talks, but New Delhi warns of stalemate;
China warns of 'forceful measures' if U.S. House Speaker Pelosi visits Taiwan; Is strained China-US relationship spiralling towards a Thucydides Trap scenario;
Japan warns of rising global tension, Russia-China arms ties;
The Presbyterian Church voted to declare Israel an apartheid state. Jewish organizations are calling the move antisemitic;
Supporters of Palestinians in U.S. see little hope for peace progress with Biden's Middle East visit; Biden brings Palestinians aid but no new peace plan;
Israel Finance Minister seeks transfer of Russian funds to immigrants;
Russia moves to dissolve Jewish Agency branch that promotes immigration to Israel; Israel aims to stop Russian move against Jewish nonprofit;
Israel's Supreme Court rules 'disloyal' citizens can be stripped of status;
In West Bank, Biden says 'ground is not ripe' for peace;
Palestinian attacker shot; Israel and Hamas exchange fire; Gunmen shoot, wound Hamas official in West Bank;
Morocco, Israel strengthen military links as army chief visits kingdom;
Israel strikes Gaza target in response to rocket fire; Israeli strike kills three soldiers in Syria, Syrian state media says;
U.S. welcomes Lebanon, Israel maritime boundary efforts;
Israel to boost Asia flights when Saudi Arabia opens airspace; Israeli minister rues 'stupid' Israeli TV report in Mecca;
Putin visits Iran, for talks including Turkey's Erdogan; Putin discusses oil market with Saudi crown prince who hosted Biden last week;
Arrest of Saudi for lying to FBI shows kingdom's reach in US;
Saudi prince told Biden that U.S. has made mistakes too; White House seeks to delay decision on Prince Mohammed immunity over Khashoggi murder;
Biden left with few options on Iran as nuclear talks stall;
Khamenei adviser says Tehran 'capable of building nuclear bomb'; IAEA chief says Iran's nuclear programme is "galloping ahead";
Iran imposes sanctions on 61 Americans as nuclear talks hit impasse; Air Force official: Iran will resume attacks against U.S.;
Italy's PM Draghi resigns after major parties abandon him;
U.K. braces for record temperatures as 'heat apocalypse' hits Europe; Flights halted out of UK air base after runway melts due to heat wave;
As the Planet Cooks, Climate Stalls as a Political Issue;
With Few Able and Fewer Willing, U.S. Military Can't Find Recruits;
Alleged Biden/McConnell deal off for surprising reason;
Senators introduce bipartisan resolution recognizing Russian acts in Ukraine as genocide;
The 18 House Republicans who voted against a resolution to support Finland, Sweden joining NATO ;
Supreme Court says Biden administration cannot reinstate policy limiting immigration arrests, will hear merits of case in December;
Federal Judge Temporarily Blocks Enforcement of L.G.B.T.Q. Protections; Illinois-based Catholic hospital system plans to deny LGBTQ workers fertility coverage;
House passes protection for same-sex, interracial marriages with bipartisan support;
After New Abortion Laws, Some Patients Have Trouble Obtaining Miscarriage Treatment; Women Face Risks as Doctors Struggle With Medical Exceptions on Abortion;
Here's a wake-up call for the country: 195 House Republicans want to end right to birth control;
On party line vote, Wisconsin's House Republicans oppose legislation protecting contraceptive access;
Black Gun Owners React to Supreme Court's Concealed Carry Decision; Voters of color are backing the GOP at historic levels;
Congress wants more red-flag laws. But GOP states, gun groups resist;
Prosecutor Warns Georgia Officials They May Face Charges in Trump Inquiry; GOP fake electors are 'targets' in Georgia election fraud inquiry;
Trump wanted Pence to reject electoral votes for Biden on Jan. 6. The Senate just introduced a bipartisan bill to prevent that.;
Bipartisan Senate Group Strikes Deal to Rewrite Electoral Count Act;
AP finds No major problems with ballot drop boxes in 2020;
Rep. Budd (NC) Introduces Bill To Shut Down Biden's Executive Order To 'Promote Voter Registration';
Harris says rights under assault from 'extremist so-called leaders'; Biden's Realist Tendencies Colliding With Base That Wants A More Aggressive Leader;
This law professor has a new proposal for Supreme Court reform: buyouts; House Democrats tout bill to add four seats to Supreme Court;
Democratic Primaries Are Embroiled in Debate Over Support for Israel;
Native Americans fight for items looted from bodies at Wounded Knee;
Arizona House GOP censures its Speaker for testifying against Donald Trump; Pence endorses Robson for Arizona governor, colliding with Trump in key primary;
If Republicans retake the House, steel yourself for the New McCarthyism; GOP plans so many Biden investigations they can hardly keep up: 'We only have 50 weeks a year';
New Findings Detail Trump Plan to Use Census for Partisan Gain;
DeSantis uses federal COVID-19 relief funds to send nearly 60,000 Florida families a $450-per-child check to 'offset the costs of rising inflation';
As Hate Crimes Pile Up Against Churches and Pregnancy Centers, Hawley Cracks Down;
Document Shows Uvalde Officials Sought Favorable Account of Police Action;
Uvalde school shooting report faults local police for mistakes, spreads blame to experienced agencies for failing to take the lead;
Texas grand jury declines to indict man accused of killing 9-year-old girl while shooting at armed robber;
Police chief bragged about shooting Black man 119 times, according to recording;
Trump news and investigation
Prosecutor says Bannon thumbed his nose at the law when he refused to comply with Jan. 6 subpoena;
Prosecution rests contempt case against Bannon after two witnesses; Bannon defense calls no witnesses; closing arguments set for Friday;
Stephen K. Bannon found guilty of contempt of Congress for refusing to comply with Jan. 6 attack subpoena;
Trump called 'within the last week' to overturn Wis. election results, speaker says;
Outtakes of Trump speech show he struggled to condemn Jan. 6 riot, even a day after; Fox News flips on Donald Trump during Jan. 6 hearings;
9/11 Families Call on Trump to Cancel Saudi-Backed Golf Event;
Former GOP Sen. Simpson in book: Trump has 'poisoned our democracy';
Retired generals, admirals in op-ed: Trump's Jan. 6 actions were 'dereliction of duty';
Capital Riot, Jan. 6 Committee, and Georgia investigation
Kinzinger says Committee has 'filled in the blanks' on Trump's Jan. 6 activities; Committee shows Trump's choices set nation on path to Jan. 6 violence;
Jan. 6 hearing dominates top TV networks — except on Fox; Trump White House aide goes on sexist tirade, calls Jan. 6 panel 'anti-White';
The most compelling timeline yet of Trump's action — and inaction — on Jan. 6, and other takeaways from the hearing;
'I don't want to say the election's over,' Trump said in a speech outtake the day after Jan. 6, newly released video shows;
Trump was glued to Fox News as January 6 riot unfolded, committee hears;
Five takeaways from the eighth hearing of the Jan. 6 committee; A Jan. 6 Mystery: Why Did It Take So Long to Deploy the National Guard?
Trump slams McConnell as 'disloyal' amid Jan. 6 hearings;
The biggest things we learned in each Jan. 6 hearing; Seven stunning moments from the Jan. 6 hearing;
Jan. 6 committee subpoenas Secret Service for missing text messages;
Secret Service may be too close to Trump — and they might even be co-conspirators: impeachment lawyer;
Mystery over Secret Service texts deepens: Watchdog knew messages around time of Jan. 6 attack were purged but didn't alert Congress;
Secret Service says it can't recover texts for Jan. 6 panel; National Archives seeks details on ‘potential unauthorized deletion’;
Watchdog launches criminal investigation into Secret Service's missing text messages from around time of Jan. 6 Capitol attack;
Rep. Jody Hice subpoenaed in Georgia election investigation;
Jan. 6 chairman tests positive for COVID-19;
COVID-19 and other health issues
Covid-19 Continues To Threaten Global Economy; BA.5 Variant Spurs New Calls To Fund Next-Generation COVID-19 Vaccines;
BA.5 Variant Spreads Across United States, Leading To Rise In Cases; Muted warnings, murky data fuel latest COVID-19 wave;
CDC Recommends Novavax COVID-19 Vaccine For Adults; Scientists Developing COVID Vaccine Delivered To Nose, Mouth;
How COVID-19 symptoms are changing: A sore throat and hoarse voice became top symptoms with newer variant;
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation partly funded an Omicron variant study with a surprising conclusion about boosters;
New Study Offers Insight Into Long COVID;
White House says Biden tests positive for coronavirus, experiencing mild symptoms;
U.S. Attempts To Catch Up With Rising Monkeypox Cases;
First U.S. case of polio in nearly a decade confirmed in unvaccinated 20-year-old in New York state;
Anthony S. Fauci to retire by end of Biden's term;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
Critical Vulnerabilities in GPS Trackers; Russia Creates Malware False-Flag App;
NSO Group's Pegasus Spyware Used against Thailand Pro-Democracy Activists and Leaders;
Facebook Is Now Encrypting Links to Prevent URL Stripping;
Taiwanese Prosecutors Accuse Chinese Apple Supplier of Stealing Secrets;
Math and science
JWST Photographs Jupiter; NASA Selects SpaceX Falcon Heavy For Next Space Telescope Launch;
Scientists Investigating How Stem Cells Grow In Space; Environmental Study Launched For Thirty Meter Telescope In Hawaii;
Startup Genetically Modified Trees To Absorb More Carbon Dioxide To Combat Climate Change;
Interactive: What extreme heat does to the human body;
Report: Daily coffee drinkers have better chance at longer life span;
University Of Arizona Scientists Design Screening Tool For Ovarian Cancer;
In West Africa and Beyond, Mali's Famed Manuscripts Are Put to Use; Stolen artifacts, some from 400s B.C., returned to Italy from New York;
Native Americans may have originated from China, says new study on 14,000-year-old human fossils;
MIT Helped Blind Robot Teach Itself To Walk In Three Hours;
These robots were trained on AI. They became racist and sexist; Global Effort Focuses On Building More Transparent, Accountable AI With Less Bias;
How Imaginary Numbers Describe the Fundamental Shape of Nature;
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
Meta Releases First Human Rights Report, but Critics Call It 'Selective'; Reporter: Facebook using ex-CIA to decide misinformation policy is 'very, very worrying';
UNESCO Study Finds Widespread Holocaust Distortion on Telegram;
YouTube To Remove Misleading Videos About Abortion;
House Republicans Ask TikTok for Details About Chinese Employees' Access;
FCC Chair Considers Increases to Minimum High-Speed Broadband Service; Democratic Lawmakers Plan Net Neutrality Bill;
SC News and Politics
South Carolina Ranked 4th Worst State to Live In For 2022;
Murdaugh pleads not guilty to murders of wife and son, bond denied;
Nancy Mace Wears Jacket With Message Reading 'My State Is Banning Exceptions. Protect Contraception';
South Carolina bill outlaws websites that tell how to get an abortion;

Business and Economics
Stock market: Stocks slide on Friday, Snap crashes 39%; U.S. equity funds' net assets shrank by $2 trillion in second quarter;
Conference Board says U.S. leading economic index pointing to recession around end of the year;
Larry Summers Says Raise Taxes 'Right Now' to Help Battle Inflation; Gas Prices May Surge Ahead Of Midterms;
Calpers, largest pension fund, records first loss since 2009 in 'tumultuous' markets;
Truckers shut down operations at California port;
U.S. Treasury gives green light to Russian default insurance payouts; Putin Signs Law Prohibiting Use of Digital Assets as Form of Payment;
Senate Votes To Move Ahead On Semiconductor Bill; CBO: Senate Chips Bill Would Add $79B To Deficit;
Commerce Secretary Says U.S. Supports Law to Boost Semiconductor Industry and improve competitiveness with China;
European Central Bank surprises markets by raising interest rates by half a percentage point to fight inflation;
China is no longer the top holder of US debt after its total dips below $1 trillion for the first time in 12 years;
China reckons with its first overseas debt crisis; China's Top Chipmaker Achieves Breakthrough Despite US Curbs;
Russia won't supply oil if price is capped below production cost; Saudis say as Biden departs Oil production decisions to be made by OPEC;
Russia's crude deliveries to China and India have plunged 30% from their wartime peak as concerns mount that Asia can't fully absorb Moscow's shrinking oil market;
Russia's Gazprom resumes gas flows to Germany after Nord Stream maintenance; Russia restarts Nord Stream 1 pipeline, but Germany's energy woes are far from over;
Microsoft President Warns US Companies Face "New Era" Of Stagnating Labor Pool; Tech Industry Layoffs May Undo Diversity Gains In Workforce;
Biden Administration Announces Cybersecurity Workforce Push;
Apple To Slow Hiring, Spending For Some Teams Next Year; Automakers Start Pushing Electric Compact SUVs In US;
Ford Motor is reportedly preparing to cut up to 8,000 jobs; Lyft cut about 60 jobs and folded its direct rentals business;
Amazon To Acquire Healthcare Company One Medical;
Twitter Accuses Musk Of "Slow-Walking" Trial Over $44B Purchase;
Retirees could see their monthly Social Security checks jump by $175 next year;
A wild night at the world championships; Shes 37. A mom of two. And America's fastest female marathoner; Fred Kerley is world's fastest man after leading 1-2-3 finish for USA;
Nats' Juan Soto wins Home Run Derby, powering past rookie Julio Rodríguez;
World chess champion Magnus Carlsen gives up crown;
Other news
All History Is Revisionist History;
'They are preparing for war': An expert on civil wars discusses where political extremists are taking this country;
A 1792 case reveals that key Founders saw abortion as a private matter;
How researchers preserved the oral histories of formerly enslaved Virginians;
How Putin Learned to Hold Deadly Grudges;

Report Highlights Policies That Can Rescue Stranded Credits, Help Colleges Retain Students;
Fall Campus Housing Shortage Different Due To "Pent-Up Demand," National Housing Crisis;
Education Department Issues New Guidance To Make It More Difficult For Colleges To Switch Accreditors;
FAFSA Completion Rates Increase For Class Of 2022; Community College Students Pause Education Amid Job Market Vacancies;
Tribal Colleges, Universities Testify To Congress About Their Importance; Harvard University Pushes Congress To Cut Endowment Tax;
Americans Remain Divided Over Costs Of Student Loan Forgiveness;
UC Irvine To Reinstate Indoor Mask Mandates As COVID-19 Cases Continues To Rise;
More Research Universities Create Formalized Teaching Tracks That May Improve Undergraduate Education;
Morehouse College Experiments With Metaverse Classes While Some Remain Skeptical;
Some Colleges Resist Providing Access To Abortion;
U.S.C. Sex Scandals and the Paper That Tried to Cover Them Up;

TechNews for the week: July 15; July 13; July 11;

Chronology Ukraine/Russia war
As Russia Looms, a Ukrainian City's Loyalties Divide; Zelenskiy sacks Ukraine's envoy to Germany, other ambassadors;
Putin says Russia just starting in Ukraine, peace talks will get harder;
Ukraine says Powerful long-range US rocket systems have helped destroy 20 depots of Russian artillery ammunition, disrupting Putin's firepower;
Ukraine and the Contest of Global Stamina;
Desperate for Recruits, Russia Launches a 'Stealth Mobilization'; TASS: Leader of Russian-occupied Ukrainian town killed by car bomb;
White House: Iran set to deliver armed drones to Russia; Within the war between Russia and Ukraine, a war between Chechens;
Russia says Ukraine must recognise 'territorial reality' for peace; Russia Steps Up Attacks on Civilian Areas, Even With Advance Paused;
Priests Once Aligned With Russia Come Under Suspicion in Ukraine;
War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Nuclear war would be enough to plunge the whole world into a 'Little Ice Age';
Europe braces for gas 'nightmare' as pipeline from Russia shuts off; Russian court allows Kazakh oil exports via key pipeline to continue;
Putin signs law seeking to help Russian investors ditch frozen assets; Russia holding 400 passenger jets hostage in global sanctions fight;
South Korea detects shots apparently launched by North Korea;
Israel's Defense and Justice Ministers Agree to Merge Parties; Why Jewish giving to Israel is losing ground;
With Biden, Palestinians seeking freedom get permits instead; Growing Israeli West Bank settlements test US position ahead of Biden visit;
Secret Service agent sent home from Israel after alleged "physical encounter";
Israel Works With Arab Allies to Down Drones, in Sign of Growing Ties;
Hezbollah threatens Israel with escalation in border spat; Hezbollah chief vows 'no one' will extract gas, oil from maritime zones if Lebanon unable to do so;
Palestinian leader, Israeli PM hold first call in years;
Biden slams progressive Democratic critics of Israel: 'They're wrong'; Biden dodges questions on Iran's nuclear program as Israel's leader calls for action;
Biden backs Palestinian state, calls for accounting of U.S. journalist death;
Why Biden is going to Saudi Arabia; Saudi dissident killed in Lebanon; his brothers detained;
Iran enriches to 20% with new centrifuges at fortified site; Israeli Security Officials Are Divided Over Iran Nuclear Deal;
Putin to visit Iran next week; Iran says U.S.-backed air defence pact with Arabs will raise tensions;
Sri Lankan prime minister resigns; protesters storm president's home;
Japan's ruling party appears to secure big election win in aftermath of assassination of Abe;
U.S.-China tensions, Kiribati's shock withdrawal overshadow Pacific leaders meeting; Solomons Island leader: Chinese base would make his people targets;
US warns it will defend ally if China breaks sea ruling;
India to Surpass China as Most-Populous Nation in 2023;
U.S. says Key Islamic State figure killed in Syria drone strike; ISIS planned chemical attacks in Europe, new details on weapons program reveal;
Nukes, Oil and a Prince's Redemption: A Trip Fraught With Perils for Biden; US doesn't expect boost to Saudi oil production;
Mexico captures Rafael Caro Quintero, historic drug lord and nemesis of the DEA;
Brett Kavanaugh is the latest target of protests at D.C. restaurants; Buttigieg says officials like Kavanaugh 'should expect' public protest;
Morton's has been flooded with phone calls and fake reservations after it said Brett Kavanaugh had a 'right' to 'eat dinner' without protestors gathering outside;
Hundreds march to White House, risking arrest to protest Roe's reversal;
Judge blocks Arizona 'personhood' law aimed at criminalizing abortion;
Texas sues Biden administration over federal rules that require abortions be provided in medical emergencies to save life of mother;
Indiana AG threatens license of doctor who provided abortion to 10-year-old rape victim ;
GOP senator blocks bill to protect interstate travel for abortion; GOP lawmaker: Womb has 'no specific purpose' to a woman's 'life or well-being';
New Arizona law criminalizes filming police from less than 8 feet away;
Replacement theories, hunting RINOs: How GOP candidates, lawmakers push 'dangerous' language;
'A little extreme' House GOP candidate wants immigrants who legally became citizens barred from voting;
Republicans Are Attacking Wisconsin's Lieutenant Governor for Saying Slavery Was Terrible;
Republicans threaten Wall Street over climate positions;
As Faith Flags in U.S. Government, Many Voters Want to Upend the System;
Many red-state Trump voters say they'd be 'better off' if their state seceded from U.S.; Idaho Republicans poised to reject 2020 election results;
Most Democrats Don't Want Biden in 2024, New Poll Shows;
NYTimes Report: Manchin Continues To Oppose EV Credits In Biden Spending Bill; Manchin "More Cautious" About Spending Bill In Light Of New Inflation Numbers;
Manchin Will Not Support New Climate Spending And Tax Hikes On Wealthy; How Joe Manchin Doomed the Democrats' Climate Plan;
Democratic senator questions why Manchin is chairman of Natural Resources panel;
Biden urges Congress to pass health-care bill, promises executive action on climate after Manchin talks falter;
Top Social Security official keeps job months after reports of being routinely impaired at work, acting erratically;
The misplaced outrage over Hunter Biden and U.S. oil reserves bought by China;
Iowa town's library closes after almost all staff quit amid residents' complaints over LGBT staff and books;
Sexual Abuse of Teens in the Military's J.R.O.T.C. Program;
Trump news and investigation
The escalating dispute between Trump's and Bannon's legal teams;
Ivana Trump, ex-wife of Donald Trump, has died at age 73;
Latest move in Georgia probe threatens major implications;
Capital Riot and fallout
Stephen K. Bannon, dangling possible testimony before Jan. 6. committee, brings new focus to his role; Judge rejects Bannon's bid to delay trial and his executive privilege claim;
5 takeaways from today's hearing on extremism and Trump;
New evidence that the call to march to the Capitol was planned, not spontaneous, and other takeaways from today’s Jan. 6 hearing;
Trump tweet promoting Jan. 6 protest turned online planning 'openly homicidal';
Cheney says Trump tried to contact Jan. 6 witness, Justice Department has been notified; Trump called member of White House support staff amid Jan. 6 probe;
Raskin Brings Expertise on Right-Wing Extremism to Jan. 6 Inquiry; Ex-Oath Keeper outlines dark worldview behind U.S. Capitol attack;
Secret Service 'erased' text messages from Jan. 5 and 6, 2021, that were requested as part of Capitol riot inquiry;
Alleged Oath Keeper accused of bringing explosives to D.C. on Jan. 6;
COVID-19 and other health issues
As the BA.5 variant spreads, the risk of coronavirus reinfection grows; New coronavirus mutant raises concerns in India and beyond;
Administration To Extend COVID Public Health Emergency; Officials Favor Plans To Offer Second COVID Booster To All Adults;
FDA authorizes Novavax coronavirus vaccine, adding to pandemic arsenal; U.S. orders 3.2 million doses of Novavax COVID vaccine;
American men's health fares worse than in other high-income countries;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
July Crypto-Gram Newslatter, Vulnerabilities, Malware, Surveillance, and more;
Former senior U.S. official John Bolton admits to planning attempted foreign coups ; Defense Firm Said U.S. Spies Backed Its Bid for Pegasus Spyware Maker;
San Francisco Police Want Real-Time Access to Private Surveillance Cameras;
DHS review board says it could take years to fix Log4j government software vulnerability; Security Vulnerabilities in Honda's Keyless Entry System;
Post-Roe Privacy; New Browser De-anonymization Technique;
Help Desk: Deleting files isn't enough. Here's how to properly erase hard drives;
Math and science
NASA unveils first full-color image from Webb telescope, showing early universe; Next Steps For James Webb Space Telescope Outlined After First Images Released;
China tests first-ever giant 'sail' on rocket to help clear space junk from Earth's orbit;
SMU Researchers Develop Rice-Sized Sensor That Improves Odds Of Landing On Mars;
Researchers Study Dark Matter In Underground Tank In South Dakota;
Global population growth hits lowest rate since 1950;
MIT scientists think they've discovered how to fully reverse climate change;
Scientists Create New Tool For Using Human Waste To Track COVID-19 Variants;
DNA Databases Help Identify Cancer-Causing Mutations;
Researchers Create Octopus-Inspired Glove To Help Humans Grip Slippery Objects;
In West Africa and Beyond, Mali's Famed Manuscripts Are Put to Use; Oldest Images of Wildly Misunderstood Biblical Heroines Found;
Secret Van Gogh self-portrait discovered by X-ray of another painting;
June Huh Dropped Out to Become a Poet. Now He's Won a Fields Medal;
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
China Fines Alibaba Tencent for Failure to Comply with Anti-Monopoly Rules;
New York Law to Require Gun Applicants to Provide List of Social Media Accounts;
In leaked memo, Facebook tells managers low performers don't belong;
Twitter Suffers Service Interruption Thursday morning;
SC News and Politics
Alex Murdaugh charged with murder in death of wife, son;

Business and Economics
Stronger Than Expected June Job Growth As Private Sector Employment Beats Pre-Pandemic Numbers; Fed Officials Say Jobs Report Shows Need For Continued Rate Hikes;
Inflation in June soared 9.1 percent higher than last year, hitting a new peak amid rising gas prices; AP-NORC Poll Shows Growing Concern About Inflation, Economy;
Five charts explaining why inflation is so high; Yellen Concedes Inflation Is "Unacceptably High";
Crude oil, energy stocks drop amid concerns of a COVID comeback;
Oil prices drop below $95 for first time since invasion of Ukraine; California's Pump Prices Drop Below $6 With More Room to Slide;
The euro is nearly equal to the dollar. Here's why it matters;
California Throws 70,000 Truckers in Gig-Work Legal Limbo, Risking Supply Chains; Starbucks is closing 16 locations due to worker, customer safety fears;
Democrats call on IRS to extend child tax credit deadlines for taxpayers without SSNs;
Democrats race to reach deal to prevent spike in health premiums;
Drugmaker seeks approval for first nonprescription birth control pill in U.S.;
Why Is The U.S. Sending Its Emergency Oil Reserves To China?
China narrowly misses second-quarter contraction as zero-Covid batters economy; Chinese Homebuyers Across 22 Cities Refuse to Pay Mortgages;
Israel sells Haifa Port to India's Adani Ports, Israel's Gadot for $1.2 billion;
Google Announces Plans To Slow Hiring For Rest Of 2022; Google Offers Concessions To Avoid US Antitrust Lawsuit;
US Crosses The Electric-Car Tipping Point For Mass Adoption;
GM Plans Network Of 2,000 EV Charging Stations; EV Makers Are Gaining Ground On Tesla As Chinese Rivals Loom;
Report: Apple's AVs "Slammed Into Curbs," Failed To Stay In Lanes;
Tesla AI, Autopilot Leader Announces Departure Of Company;
Crypto lender Celsius files for bankruptcy in New York;
Elon Musk files to end $44 billion Twitter deal. Experts say he can't just walk away; Twitter sues Elon Musk to force him to complete his purchase of the company;
SEC Expands Inquiry Into Musk’s Twitter Disclosures;
IOC reinstates Jim Thorpe as sole winner of two golds from 1912 Olympics;
Other news
The Supreme Court's Partisan Divide Hasn't Been This Sharp In Generations;
In 1871, the US almost acquired the Dominican Republic. President Ulysses S. Grant hoped that 'the entire colored population of the United States' would move to the island;

Most Americans Skeptical Of Value Of College Degrees; Americans Say They Value Higher Education, But Tuition Is Too Expensive;
America's Confidence In Public Schools Nears Record Low; Teachers go to the 'dumbest colleges' — who said it and why it matters;
U.S. News Removes Columbia University From Best Colleges Rankings Amid Investigation;
Tuition Prices Increase As Colleges Grapple With Inflation, Demands For Wage Increases; Half Of Americans Support Canceling 10K In Student Debt Per Borrower;
Study Shows 12% Of Google Ads For Student Loan Relief Are Scams;
Education Department Wants To Limit Interest Capitalization On Student Loans In Certain Situations;
Pennsylvania Higher Education System Receives Nearly 16% Boost In State Funding;
People From Elite Backgrounds Increasingly Dominate Academia; Elite Colleges' Quiet Fight to Favor Alumni Children;
University Of Illinois System Ends Transcripts Holds;
Survey: 60% Of US College Students Have Mental Health Condition;
Scholar Discusses Improving Science Literacy By Changing Science Education; University Hiring Of AI Faculty Has Not Kept Pace With Student Demand;
Florida Files Motion To Exclude Former Education Commissioner In "Intellectual Freedom" Case;
Univ Washington Professor Facing Punishment For Challenging School's Statement About Native American Land Sues School Over Free-Speech Violation;
Univ Of Central Florida Removes Anti-Racist Statements From Department Websites;

TechNews for the week: July 8; July 6;

Chronology Ukraine/Russia war
Officials Say Advanced U.S. Arms Make a Mark in Ukraine War; As Ukraine war bogs down, observers debate whether U.S. assessments are realistic or overly rosy;
Russia seizes control of Sakhalin gas project, raises stakes with West;
Ukraine's Zelensky accuses Russia of 'terror,' as missiles rain down on civilians; Russia's messages with missiles tell West to back off;
Ukraine requests Turkey detain Russian-flagged ship it says carrying Ukrainian grain; Ukraine to summon Turkey envoy after Russian grain ship sailed;
Russia claims capture of Lysychansk, key for control of Ukraine’s east; Kyiv says Donbas battle is ‘not over’;
Putin urges generals to carry on into Donetsk after fall of Luhansk; Russian missiles kill 20 in strikes on Odesa apartments, recreation center;
German chancellor says many thought the world moved past countries trying to conquer their neighbors but that 'agreement is now canceled by Putin';
Ukraines Foreign Ministry reminds Western media that the "separatists" in Temporarily Occupied Areas of Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts are also Russia;
High cost of Russian gains in Ukraine may limit new advance;
As Russia Moves on Another Province, Ukrainians Leave Ghost Towns Behind; Syria to recognize Ukraine's Luhansk and Donetsk regions;
U.S. weighs capping Russian oil at $40-$60 to cut war financing; How to Equip Ukraine to Break the Black Sea Blockade;
Ukraine's Herculean Task: Helping Millions Whose Homes Are in Ruins or Russia's Hands;
Putin threatens Ukraine to agree to terms, or else the worst is yet to come; Putin challenges West to fight Russia on the battlefield: 'Let them try';
Putin says Ukraine is heading for 'tragedy,' Kramatorsk city prepares its defence;
War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Russia sticks US, UK embassies with 'unrecognized' addresses; Russia's Lavrov walks out of G20 as West denounces Ukraine war;
Russian envoy to Bulgaria to ask Moscow to shut embassy after mass expulsions;
Economist's arrest ends last vestige of liberal influence in Putin's Russia; In Putin's Russia, the Arrests Are Spreading Quickly and Widely;
Top Russian Official's Crazed Threat: Alaska Takeover Could Be Next;
A new corridor for India-Russia trade via Iran is almost ready;
Wary of China threat, Taiwanese join Ukraine's fight against Russia; China warns top U.S. general off 'arbitrary provocations';
Shinzo Abe, former Japanese leader, dies after being shot at a campaign event; China Tries to Tamp Down Nationalist Fervor Over Abe Shooting;
Iran condemns airstrike, opposes Turkish move into Syria; U.N. estimate: War has killed 1.5% of Syria's population;
Russia vetoes 12-month extension of U.N. aid into Syria from Turkey;
Erdogan says no meeting until Greek PM "pulls himself together";
Two injured in Israeli 'aggression' targeting Syria's Tartus; Russia condemns Israeli 'air aggression' on Syria;
Israel's caretaker PM Lapid holds first Cabinet meeting;
Israeli PM to push France on Iran, warn Hezbollah 'playing with fire'; Israel shoots down Hezbollah drones over Mediterranean;
Lebanon PM chides unofficial moves in Israel row after Hezbollah sends drones ; Hezbollah sends drones toward Israeli gas rig in disputed waters;
Israel says Iran military build up in Red Sea is threat to stability;
Israel Says Russia Threatens to Halt Jewish Agency Activity; Israel asks Saudis to let Mecca pilgrims fly direct from Tel Aviv ;
U.S. concludes Israeli fire killed Palestinian American journalist; Palestinian Outrage After U.S. Says Journalist Was Killed by Accident;
Iran adds demands in nuclear talks, enrichment 'alarming'-U.S. envoy;
British diplomat among several foreigners detained by Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps, according to Iranian state media;
Judge asks U.S. if Saudi crown prince should be immune from Khashoggi suit;
Boris Johnson blames 'the herd' as he resigns to make way for new U.K. prime minister;
New Zealand Designates Proud Boys a Terrorist Group;
Trust in Supreme Court falters after Roe decision; Supreme Court marshal asks Maryland leaders to enforce anti-picketing laws;
In an ultimate coup for the right, it's Justice Thomas’s Supreme Court now;
Next Front Line in the Abortion Wars: State Supreme Courts; Texas Supreme Court blocks order that allowed abortions to resume;
Biden to sign executive order on abortion, outline new steps aimed at protecting access; Inside the Extreme Effort to Punish Women for Abortion;
Texts, web searches about abortion have been used to prosecute women;
As some Democrats grow impatient with Biden, alternative voices emerge;
Texas Governor Orders State Police to Return Migrants to Border;
Border Patrol agents on horseback behaved inappropriately in Texas case but did not strike migrants, internal inquiry finds;
House Democrats Seek To Attach Immigration Amendments To FY23 Defense Authorization Bill;
Democrats Offer Plan to Cut Drug Costs, Seeking Climate and Tax Deal; Democrats Propose Raising Taxes on Some High Earners to Bolster Medicare;
In Wake Of SCOTUS Ruling, Administration Developing Regulatory Approach To Climate Change;
GOP officials escalate efforts to use pandemic funds for tax cuts, defying Biden administration; Republican states are trying to use federal covid aid to cut taxes;
These candidates lost badly, but now are claiming fraud; Election deniers have taken their fraud theories on tour — to nearly every state;
Violent Threats to Election Workers Are Common. Prosecutions Are Not;
Justice Dept. sues Arizona over requiring proof of citizenship to vote;
Ballot drop boxes not allowed in Wisconsin, state Supreme Court rules;
Domestic terror cases increasingly cross borders, FBI director says;
U.S. Secret Service Director James Murray leaving agency for Snapchat, a DHS official says;
Michael Flynn cited for unauthorized foreign payments;
He threatened to kill Joe Biden. His family says he's a casualty of war;
Akron, Ohio, police release footage of officers shooting a Black man dozens of times after he fled a traffic stop;
Videos of Jayland Walker Shooting by Police Raise More Questions;
Trump news and investigation
Trump Eyes Early 2024 Announcement as Jan. 6 Scrutiny Intensifies;
Trump cracks down on deceptive fundraising by others using his name; Trump's new money-maker: political speeches to fans;
Giuliani, Graham subpoenaed by Fulton County, Ga., grand jury in probe of whether Trump illegally tried to influence 2020 election;
Sen. Lindsey Graham says he'll challenge subpoena in Georgia Trump probe;
Former FBI leaders who drew Trump's ire were both audited by IRS;
Trump and son removed from social media firm’s board weeks before federal subpoenas;
Michael Lewis: 'The thing that really works for Trump is: the system’s rigged';
Capital Riot and fallout
Jan. 6 showed two identities of Secret Service: Gutsy heroes vs. Trump yes-men;
Two former White House aides say top Secret Service official defending Trump on Jan. 6 has history of lying;
Jan. 6 panel member 'surprised' by prosecutors' reaction to Hutchinson testimony;
Liz Cheney says Not prosecuting Trump for Jan. 6 would fuel a 'much graver threat'; Multiple criminal referrals of Trump possible;
Former White House counsel Cipollone to testify before Jan. 6 committee;
Trump considers waiving claim of executive privilege for Stephen Bannon to testify before Jan. 6 House committee;
An American's Murky Path From Russian Propagandist to Jan. 6;
The Man Helping Drive the Investigation Into Trump's Push to Keep Power;
COVID-19 and other health issues
Omicron BA.5 Variant Now Dominant In United States; What the BA.5 Subvariant Could Mean for the United States;
Covid-19 Vaccine Doses Discarded Due To Low Demand;
Study Shows Structural Racism Associated With Higher COVID-19 Death Rates In Louisiana;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
Ubiquitous Surveillance by ICE; Space Force Assesses Cybersecurity Threats;
Hackers claim they breached police data on 1 billion Chinese residents;
FBI, MI5 Warn Chinese Intelligence Targeting Aerospace Businesses; Automotive Industry Racing Against Cybersecurity Threats As Vehicles Get More Connected;
NIST Announces First Four Quantum-Resistant Cryptographic Algorithms;
How cyber criminals are targeting Amazon Prime Day shoppers;
Apple's Lockdown Mode;
Math and science
Scientists Say They've Solved a 700-Year-Old Mystery: Where and When Black Death Began; Historic redlining linked to present-day heart disease risks;
CERN is firing up its Large Hadron Collider at record energy levels, in search of dark matter;
Scientists Design Robot To Search For Life In Martian Caves;
NASA Reestablishes Communications With CAPSTONE Spacecraft; Capstone Resumes Delayed Trajectory Correction Maneuvers;
Rocket carrying new nuclear missile component explodes in late-night test;
SpaceX Launches 53 Additional Starlink Satellites;
New study suggests Becoming 'hangry' is a real thing;
A Refreshing Look at Egypt's Ancient Pyramids;
Top secret D-Day map of Omaha Beach goes to Library of Congress;
Princeton mathematician June Huh awarded prestigious Fields Medal;
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
On Conservative Radio, Misleading Message Is Clear: 'Democrats Cheat';
Google will remove user location history for abortion clinic visits; Google Announces New Privacy Protections For Users' Abortion Information;
European Parliament Approves Laws on Antitrust, Digital Content Regulation;
Russian Lawmakers Expand Penalties for Foreign Internet Companies;
Lawsuits Claim Amazon, Microsoft Facial-Recognition Research Violated Illinois Law;
SC News and Politics
Legacy of Denmark Vesey and crushed 1822 slave revolt;

Business and Economics
Dow falls 500 points as worries grow over slowing economic growth; U.S. pump price posts biggest one-day drop since '08;
U.S. oil prices drop below $100 to lowest in 2 months on a strong dollar, fears of a recession; Crude oil could collapse to $65/bbl by year-end if recession comes;
U.S. employers added 372,000 new jobs in June; Jobs Aplenty, but a Shortage of Care Keeps Many Women From Benefiting;
As inflation grows, so does U.S. housing crisis;
Railroad bottleneck at nation's busiest West Coast ports reaches inflection point;
Bill to grant crypto firms access to Federal Reserve alarms experts;
76 Fake Charities Shared a Mailbox. The I.R.S. Approved Them All;
OPEC Secretary General dies; Iran Slashes Cost of Its Oil to Compete With Russia in China;
Huge rare earth reserve discovered in Turkey, but experts caution that 'grade is king';
US CEOs Highlight Plans To Shift Production From China, Often To US;
Google Cloud Announces Collaboration With Nana Direct;
Ben & Jerry's sues parent Unilever to block sale of Israeli business;
New Vehicle Sales Fall On Supply Issues As Demand Remains High; General Motors Sales Fall 15% Due To Chip Shortage;
Iran, Russia, And Turkey Mull Joint Car Production; UK's New Car Sales Drop 24% To Mark Weakest June Since 1996;
Ford's June Sales Up 31.5% While Full Q2 Sales Were Below Analyst Expectations; Volkswagen CEO Eyes 'Big Moves' In China To Gain Thousands Of Coders;
Tesla Sold 78,000 China-Made Vehicles In June, Up 142% Vs May, According To CPCA Estimates;
Shenzhen Approves Law Allowing AVs On City Roads; China Unveils More Plans To Spur Car Demand;
Tech Companies, EV Makers Hire Tesla Employees Affected By Layoffs;
Michigan Regulators Demand Additional Info On Enbridge Line 5 Tunnel Plans;
Elon Musk notifies Twitter he's terminating deal to buy it;
USC and UCLA share values with the Big Ten all right. Greed, for one;
Study finds Exercising only on the weekend is still effective;
The Fatal Flaw of the Pulse Oximeter;
Other news
How Generations of Black Americans Lost Their Land to Tax Liens;
Trump's influence over the Supreme Court is just beginning. Next the conservative majority could upend elections with an 'extraordinary power grab';
'It Was All Just a Show': Confessions of a Republican Campaign Hit Man;
Zoroastrians confront depletion of their ancient faith;
American Flag history: False Flag;

Moody's: Public Colleges' Operating Revenue Rose In 2021 Despite Lower Net Tuition; Evidence Shows Professors Are Leaving Academe During Great Resignation;
Columbia University To Skip U.S. News Rankings After Professor Questioned Data;
To combat sleep loss, California schools are pushing back start times;
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis's plans for colleges rattle some academics; DeSantis accused textbooks of 'indoctrination.' Here's what he meant;
In trainings, Florida tells teachers that religion belongs in public life;
Virginia Governor Pushes For More Say In Virginia Community College System Chancellor Search; Appoints Conservatives To Virginia Military Institute Board;
US Colleges Seeing Decline In Petroleum Engineering Program Enrollments;

TechNews for the week: June 29; June 27;

Chronology Ukraine/Russia war
Ukraine accuses Russia of launching missiles from Belarusian airspace;
Western assessments predict Russia will soon exhaust its combat capabilities; Commando Network Coordinates Flow of Weapons in Ukraine;
Russian lawmaker calls for airstrikes on US Embassy in Kyiv, revenge for giving Ukraine long-range artillery;
Russia Unleashes a Missile Barrage, While Inching Ahead in Eastern Ukraine; Coal Dust and Methane Below, Russian Bombs Above;
A bloody retreat as Ukrainian unit hit by Russian cluster bombs;
Missile Strike in Kyiv Rattles Residents After Weeks of Quiet; Russian missile strike hits crowded shopping mall in Ukraine;
Nato increases forces on high alert from 40,000 to more than 300,000 amid Russia threat;
Zelenskyy asked Biden to label Russia a state sponsor of terrorism;
Near Kherson, Ukrainians regain territory in major counteroffensive; Russian forces withdraw from Ukraine's strategic Snake Island;
At least 18 dead in Odessa region after Russian attack;
Ukraine scatters arsenal to protect weapons from Russian strikes;
Patient and Confident, Putin Shifts Out of Wartime Crisis Mode;
Putin Vows to 'Accelerate' Unification of Russia, Belarus in Response to Threat from 'Collective West';
War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Russia's Putin to make first foreign trip since launching Ukraine war; Italian Prime Minister Draghi says Indonesia's president to bar Putin from G-20 gathering in Bali;
Russian espionage 'booming' in Switzerland, intelligence chiefs warn;
Russia threatens retaliation against Norway over access to Arctic islands ; Putin: Russia will respond if NATO sets up infrastructure in Finland, Sweden;
Russia hauls in ambassador over 'offensive' UK comments on nuclear weapons;
Russia has defaulted on its foreign debt for the first time in more than a century;
Russia and China are brewing up a challenge to dollar dominance by creating a new reserve currency ;
China marks Hong Kong handover anniversary, as doubts hang over city; Chinese military says U.S. plane in Taiwan Strait endangered peace;
Nato poised to harden position on China as support for Russia deepens distrust;
Sweden's Kurds fear they may pay price for NATO bid as Turkey fumes; Erdogan tells Sweden, NATO leaders that Turkey awaits steps for NATO bids;
Turkey drops opposition to Finland, Sweden joining NATO, paving way for alliance to grow;
UN says Israeli Security Forces’ Bullet Killed Palestinian Journalist Shireen Abu Akleh;
Israeli military, Palestinians clash at West Bank shrine; Israeli troops kill Palestinian militant in West Bank raid;
Israel to let more Palestinians work in manufacturing to fill labour shortage; Stunning Roman mosaics return home to new Israeli museum;
PM Naftali Bennett Says He's Leaving Politics; Can Netanyahu regain Israel's premiership?
Why Israel keeps assassinating Iranian officials;
Pro-Palestine Mapping Website Raises Alarm in Jewish Groups;
Rights group: Palestinians torture detainees with impunity;
Rise of Arab-Israel axis pushes Iran to redouble nuclear talks push; Iran launches rocket into space as nuclear talks to resume;
Cyberattack forces Iran steel company to halt production;
Iraqi PM heads to Saudi Arabia, Iran for new dialogue;
U.S. negotiating to let Afghanistan use central bank funds for humanitarian aid without enriching Taliban;
Scotland's leader seeks new independence vote in October 2023;
When Brazil Banned Abortion Pills, Women Turned to Drug Traffickers;
At least 40 migrants found dead in trailer in San Antonio; Truck Carrying Dead Migrants Passed Through U.S. Checkpoint;
Court Widens Scope of Deportations;
Supreme Court clears Biden to shut down Trump-era 'Remain in Mexico' policy for migrants seeking asylum in U.S.;
Kavanaugh Gave Private Assurances. Collins Says He 'Misled' Her;
The Dobbs v. Jackson Decision, Annotated; Decades Ago, Alito Laid Out Methodical Strategy to Eventually Overrule Roe;
The Supreme Court prompts the question: Who gets rights in America?
Chasm opens between states over abortion pills and out-of-state care; Abortion Pills Take the Spotlight as States Impose Abortion Bans;
GOP lawmaker calls Roe ruling 'victory for white life' as Trump rally cheers;
GOP governors in four blue states pledge to uphold right to seek abortion; California to vote on constitutional amendment protecting abortion rights;
Judge blocks Louisiana trigger law banning abortion; Abortions in Texas can temporarily resume, judge rules;
Florida law banning abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy blocked by judge;
Antiabortion lawmakers want to block patients from crossing state lines; In States Banning Abortion, a Growing Rift Over Enforcement;
Abortion Rights Groups Take Up the Fight in the States;
Physicians face confusion and fear in post-Roe world;
Mississippi House speaker says 12-year-old incest victims should carry pregnancies to term;
Justices go against public opinion on abortion, guns; For Many Women, Roe Was About More Than Abortion. It Was About Freedom;
Biden chastises Supreme Court for 'outrageous behavior,' endorses scrapping Senate filibuster to codify abortion rights;
How the Supreme Court ruled in the major decisions of 2022;
Supreme Court Narrows Ruling for Tribes in Oklahoma; frees Louisiana to use congressional map drawn by GOP; quietly slashed Sixth Amendment rights;
Supreme Court limits EPA in curbing power plant emissions; Court temporarily halts FDA ban on Juul e-cigarettes;
Supreme Court says it will consider next term what would be a radical change in the way federal elections are conducted;
U.S. Supreme Court takes aim at separation of church and state; GOP Rep. Boebert: 'I'm tired of this separation of church and state junk';
Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to officially retire Thursday; Ketanji Brown Jackson is set to be sworn in as the Supreme Court's first Black female justice;
Supreme Court steps into a void left by congressional dysfunction;
Biden signs gun-control legislation into law; For Gun Violence Researchers, Bipartisan Bill Is a 'Glass Half Full';
Ed Gonzalez, Biden's Long-Stalled Nominee to Lead ICE, Withdraws;
Congress extends pandemic-era school meal program, with caveats;
More than 1 million voters switch to GOP in warning for Dems;
Republicans continue nominating far-right candidates for statewide office — plus five other takeaways from last night's primaries;
In Illinois, MAGA Congresswoman In Illinois, MAGA Congresswoman Rallies to Oust Her G.O.P. Colleague;
Election deniers in Colo. rejected in favor of more moderate Republicans;
Wisconsin Court Validates a Republican Strategy to Preserve Power;
Democrats Consider Trimming Biden Tax Increases To Get Manchin's Vote; Biden opens door to more offshore drilling, despite earlier climate vow;
Poll: Surging DeSantis closes gap with Trump to single digits; Ron DeSantis Fights For Free Speech By Banning Teachers Mentioning Slavery And Gay People ;
Two workers fired for not attending company’s prayers, lawsuit says;
Texas Republicans Get Deadly Serious About Secession;
Quarter of voters say they may soon have to take up arms against the government;
Trump news and investigation
What is defensible in the case against Trump? How Trump World pressures witnesses to deny his possible wrongdoing;
Federal grand jury subpoenas firm that merged with Trump social network;
Capital Riot and fallout
All the bombshells Cassidy Hutchinson revealed about Trumps involvement in Jan. 6; Cassidy Hutchinson's Testimony Highlights Legal Risks for Trump;
Trump wanted security removed and Jan. 6 crowd to march to Capitol even though rallygoers were armed, former White House aide says;
Meadows and Giuliani sought pardons for role in Jan. 6, former White House aide testifies;
The campaign to discredit ex-White House aide has begun; Trump supporters raced to debunk Jan. 6 testimony. Then they got confused;
Jan. 6 committee subpoenas former White House counsel Pat Cipollone after Tuesday's blockbuster testimony from ex-aide;
4 key Jan. 6 committee witnesses after Cassidy Hutchinson's testimony;
Federal agents seized phone of John Eastman, lawyer who pushed Trump false elector claims;
Trump Group Pays for Jan. 6 Lawyers, Raising Concerns of Witness Pressure;
Proud Boys Ignored Orders Given at Pre-Jan. 6 Meeting;
COVID-19 and other health issues
FDA advisers approve new COVID-19 booster doses; Omicron-Targeting COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters To Roll Out In The Fall;
New Omicron Subvariants Now Responsible For Majority Of US Cases;
Reports Show More People Feeling Stressed, Sad Since Rise Of COVID-19;
Supreme Court lets N.Y. vaccine mandate stand without religious exemption;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
Analyzing the Swiss E-Voting System; FBI Warns of Increase in 'Deepfake' Cases Involving Job Applications;
Most Russian Cyberattacks Failed in First Months of Ukraine War;
Cybercriminals Steal $100 Million of Cryptocurrency in Horizon Hacking; Former Uber Security Chief Faces Charges for Covering Up Hacking;
Semiconductor Shortage Leads to Spike in Wire Fraud Cases, Company Says;
ZuoRAT Malware Is Targeting Routers;
When Security Locks You Out of Everything;
Math and science
NASA says Mystery rocket crashes into Moon and leaves baffling 'double crater';
NASA asteroid mission on hold due to late software delivery; NASA Developing Robots To Search Seas Of Other Worlds For Life;
UNC-Chapel Hill Professor Explores Mariana Trench After Recent Trip To Outer Space;
World's deepest shipwreck, the Sammy B, is discovered by explorers;
Indigenous Groups Use 3-D Technology To Preserve Ancient Practices;
The Many Uses of CRISPR; New Computational Model May Be Able To Predict Next Coronavirus Variant;
Univ Of Maryland Doctors Look At College Athletes To Understand Cardiovascular Effects Of COVID-19;
US weather, climate forecasting is about to get way better; The 5 best weather apps;
Tritium Fuel Shortage Poses Issues For Nuclear Reactors;
AWS Official Recently Touted Value Of Using Synthetic Data;
Florida State University Research Shows How Low-Energy Light Can Bend Plastic;
A record setter: Airbus Wichita engineer design sets paper airplane mark;
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
Supreme Court's Abortion Decision Prompts Push for Data Privacy Laws; Internet Searches, Other Digital Data Could Support Abortion Prosecutions;
Advocates Worry About How Tech Platforms Will Address Law Enforcement Requests For Data Following Roe V. Wade Decision;
Analysis Indicates Planned Parenthood Website Can Share Patients' Reproductive Data With Third Parties Such As Facebook;
Facebook And Instagram Delete Posts Offering To Provide Abortion Pills; Microsoft Removes Facial Recognition Features Amid Controversy Over Emotion AI;
After Abortion Decision, Google Tells Employees They Can Relocate;
FCC Commissioner Seeks TikTok's Removal From Apple, Google App Stores;

Business and Economics
S&P 500 ends a dismal first half — its worst since 1970 — as inflation, recession fears take toll; 75% Of Americans Say Economy Is "Fairly Bad Or Very";
U.S. consumer spending growth slows in May, as higher prices weigh on the economy; Big Banks Announce Dividend Plans;
National Average Gas Prices Decline To $4.88 Per Gallon; Think U.S. gas prices are high? Here's how far $40 goes around the world;
U.S. crude stockpiles fell 3.8M barrels; OPEC reaffirms slightly higher oil output for July and August;
Eurozone inflation hits record 8.6% in June;
As Russia Chokes Ukraine's Grain Exports, Romania Tries to Fill In; Ships going dark: Russia's grain smuggling in the Black Sea;
Dual-Use Solar Panels Share Land With Crops While Providing Power;
As Dockworkers Near Contract's End, Many Others Have a Stake;
Over 360 newspapers have closed since just before the start of the pandemic;
Boeing 737 Max Flies Again, but Crash Victims' Kin Say Risks Remain;
Tesla Job Cuts Include Workers Who Joined The Company Weeks Earlier; Tesla Lays Off Some Staff In Closing San Mateo, California, Office;
Tesla Among Firms Targeted By Investors Over Climate Reporting;
White House Announces $700M In Pledges To Boost EV Manufacturing;
Ericsson: IoT Can Reduce Fuel Consumption Up To 15%, Improve Vehicle Safety;
FCC Allows SpaceX To Connect Vehicles To Starlink;
Ben & Jerry's Disagrees With Unilever Divesting Brand To Israel Local Licensee;
Social Security Checks Could Soar in 2023: Here's How Much Extra Seniors Might Receive;
How the Oil and Gas Industry Works;
The first woman to play in the Atlantic League has MLB dreams;
USC and UCLA are planning to move to the Big Ten Conference in 2024;
Other news
January 6 Was Only the Beginning;
The Supreme Court rulings represent the tyranny of the minority;
What's the Best Way to Help Extremely Poor People? After 20 Years, the Evidence Is In.;

Report Shows Rebound In International Students In US Campuses; Graduate-Student Enrollment Successes Is Putting Strain On Program Recruiters;
Student Persistence Rates Rose Last Fall But Did Not Reach Pre-Pandemic Levels; Increase In Credential Earners For 2020-21 Obscures Worrying Trend;
Survey Shows Growing Number Of People With Doctoral Degrees Working Outside Of Academe; New Study Finds Evidence Of Name Discrimination In Hiring For Ph.D.s;
Tulane University Admitted Two-Thirds Of Its Class Via Early Decision; Indiana Grant Offers One-Year College Certificate;
University Of Arizona Offers Free Tuition For Native American Undergraduates; University Of Hawaii Grant Combats Gaps For Native Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders;
Education Department Forgives Loans Of 45K Additional Public Sector Workers; College Leaders Seek Short-Term Pell Grants For Online Programs;
Fine Print In New York's Excelsior Scholarship Limits Recipient Numbers;
California State Auditor To Probe How Community Colleges Spent Money Intended For Hiring Full-Time Faculty;
Colleges Use Telehealth Services To Support Students Outside Academic Year;
California Universities May Become Safe Havens For Out-Of-State Students After Roe's Overturn; Colleges Work To Support Pregnant Students, Provide Access To Abortions;
Conservative Religious Colleges Celebrate Supreme Court's Reversal Of Roe V. Wade;
Universities Attempt To Reign In Conservative Elected Officials As They Attempt To Influence Campuses;
Twenty States Ask Federal Court To Block ED's Title IX Policy That Protects LGBTQ Students;
Supreme Court To Hear Cases On Race In College Admissions, Gay Rights, Environment;
Texas education board rejects proposal to call slavery 'involuntary relocation';