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TechNews for the week: August 12; August 10; August 8;

Chronology Ukraine/Russia war
Russia and Ukraine accuse each other of shelling Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant; Rocket attacks at Ukraine power plant raise fears of 'nuclear catastrophe';
Russia, Ukraine open to IAEA visit after 'suicidal' nuclear plant strike;
Problems remain with Kaliningrad transit despite EU deal; Kremlin Escalates Estonian Row Over Removing Soviet-Era Tank;
Estonia, Finland want Europe to end Russian tourist visas;
What we know about the blast that killed Ukrainian POWs in Olenivka;
Shift in war's front seen as grain leaves Ukraine; plant hit; The first Ukraine grain cargo refused by buyer -Ukrainian embassy in Lebanon;
First Ukraine grain deal ship docks in Turkey after Lebanese buyer refused delivery;
Russia starts stripping jetliners for parts as sanctions bite; Russia struggles to replenish its troops in Ukraine;
Ukrainian resistance grows in Russian-occupied areas;
Russian disinformation spreading in new ways despite bans;
Ukraine Claims Responsibility for Massive Blasts at Russian Base in Crimea Despite Kremlin’s Story; Ukraine says 9 Russian warplanes destroyed in Crimea blasts;
Russia, Belarus military bases rocked by fire, explosions days after Crimea air base sees destructive blasts;
On the Kherson front lines, little sign of a Ukrainian offensive;
UK intelligence: Russia 'almost certainly' has established major new ground force to fight in Ukraine;
4 Weapons the War in Ukraine Is Proving Obsolete;
Ukraine says it can hit 'almost all' Russian supply lines in occupied south;
War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
'There's no path out of economic oblivion for Russia': New report reveals how corporate exodus has already wiped out decades of post–Cold War growth;
Putin allows Russian banks under sanctions to halt some FX operations; bans Western investors from selling banking, key energy stakes;
Russia Bans U.S. from Checking Its Nuclear Arsenals, Violating START Treaty; Russia May Give Up Majority Stake in Eurasian Development Bank;
NORAD says Russian surveillance aircraft entered Alaska defense zone;
Russia successfully launches Iranian satellite;
Mongolia's Prime Minister Wants to Transform the Country. That Means Looking Beyond Russia and China;
China Sends Ships and Planes Toward Taiwan, Defying Rising Criticism; China expands military drills, escalates threats against Taiwan;
U.S. Seeks to Reassure Asian Allies as China's Military Grows Bolder; After China's Military Spectacle, Options Narrow for Winning Over Taiwan;
Chinese aircraft simulate attack on Taiwan's main island; Taiwan says military drills show China is preparing to invade;
U.S. Insists It Will Operate Around Taiwan, Despite China's Pressure; As China Vows More Military Exercises, Taiwan Is Undeterred;
In Turbulent Times, Xi Builds a Security Fortress for China, and Himself; China's growing reach is transforming a Pacific island chain;
China calls U.S. 'main instigator' of Ukraine crisis;
South Korea Says Missile Shield 'Not Negotiable' With China;
Latvia, Estonia withdraw from China cooperation group;
Russia condemns Latvia's "xenophobia" in calling Moscow terrorism sponsor;
Erdogan and Putin: Complicated Relations With Mutual Benefits;
Russian Oil Flows Halted Through Pipeline to Central Europe;
Pakistani Taliban leader killed in Afghanistan;
Airstrikes break lull that followed wave of violence in West Bank and Israel;
Israel vs. Islamic Jihad: What is source of latest conflict and whether it could mean all-out war;
Israel kills second militant leader in Gaza; rockets target Jerusalem; Israel says Iron Dome shoots down 97% of Gaza rockets;
Israel, Palestinians agree truce from Sunday evening; Gaza death toll rises amid cease-fire talks; Death toll from Israel-Gaza fighting rises to 48, including 17 children;
For Palestinian Prisoners, Hunger Strikes Are a Battle of Stomachs; Away from Gaza, Islamic Jihad digs in against Israel on West Bank;
Palestinians Claim Banksy Painting Ripped From West Bank Wall Was Stolen After Turning Up in Israel;
Hezbollah warns Israel over border dispute with Lebanon;
Israel's president speaks to Putin over Russian push to ban Jewish non-profit;
Honduras to consider returning Israeli embassy to Tel Aviv from Jerusalem;
EU diplomats visit West Bank school slated for demolition;
Iranian charged in alleged plot to kill ex-Trump national security adviser John Bolton; White House warns of 'severe consequences' if Iran attacks any US citizen;
Iran Signals That Latest Nuclear Deal Proposal Could Be 'Acceptable';
Egypt's Political Prisoners Recount Horrific Conditions: 'A Slow Death';
Shiite Muslims in Mideast mark solemn holy day of Ashoura;
Blinken commits U.S. to defending Philippines against armed attacks;
Pentagon says New Ukraine military package is largest yet;
Biden administration says 'Remain in Mexico' policy is over;
G.O.P. Governors Cause Havoc by Busing Migrants to East Coast;
Senate approves sweeping economic package that aims to lower health-care costs and combat climate change;
Climate and Tax Bill Scales Crucial Senate Hurdle, Paving Path to Passage; With Sinema's help, private equity firms win relief from proposed tax hikes;
Republicans block cap on millions of patients' insulin costs;
House passes major climate, health-care and tax bill, sending Biden the centerpiece of his economic agenda to sign into law;
Inflation Reduction Act Could Revive US Reputation As A Climate Leader; Inflation Reduction Act Spending Could Reduce US Carbon Emissions By Two-Fifths By 2030;
Legislation Provides $5M For EPA To Monitor Companies' Climate Pledges;
Indiana passes near-total ban on abortion, first state to do so after the fall of Roe v. Wade;
Drop Box for Babies: Conservatives Promote a Way to Give Up Newborns Anonymously; Abortion bans complicate access to drugs for cancer, arthritis, even ulcers;
Alex Jones warns Steve Bannon: 'Obama and his people' could stage terror attack before midterms;
Maps in Four States Were Ruled Illegal Gerrymanders. They're Being Used Anyway;
Five Takeaways From Tuesday's Elections; Primary takeaways: Dems eye WI Sen. Johnson; Vt looks to break ceiling; Omar survives MN squeaker;
Trump-backed Michigan attorney general candidate involved in voting-system breach; Michigan Officials Detail a Brazen Voting Machine Scheme by Trump Supporters;
She Questioned Disabled People's Right to Vote. Now, She's Running to Be Minnesota's Chief Election Official;
Wisconsin Republicans Embrace Trump in a Race Defined by 2020 Grievances; In Wisconsin, G.O.P. Voters Demand the Impossible: Decertifying 2020;
Trump's pick for Wisconsin governor won't weigh in on 2020 results; Wisconsin GOP fires election investigator who pushed false fraud claims;
Hunting for Voter Fraud, Conspiracy Theorists Organize 'Stakeouts';
How 'infant' Josh Hawley promotes the 'degradation' of both politics and journalism;
Liz Cheney Is Ready to Lose. But She's Not Ready to Quit;
Kemp Slams Abrams for Something She Didn't Do—but He Did; Abrams: Georgians do not have to choose between 'strong economy and an extremist agenda';
Republicans criticize FBI search of Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence, vowing to investigate Justice Dept.;
FBI's search of Mar-a-Lago puts Merrick Garland in the middle of a political firestorm; GOP locked and loaded: 500 'preservation letters' sent for investigations;
Who is Scott Perry, Trump ally and lawmaker whose phone was seized by FBI
FBI Director Wray denounces threats over search of Trump's home;
Justice Dept. investigating Southern Baptist Convention over alleged mishandling of sexual abuse;
Two Indiana officers wanted to keep a man from running for office. They arrested him;
'Everybody Is Armed': As Shootings Soar, Philadelphia Is Awash in Guns;
Police Say Killings of Three Muslim Men in Albuquerque May Be Linked; Salman Rushdie attacked onstage at literary festival in New York;
Alabama City Moves to Dissolve Police Department Over Racist Text;
Breonna Taylor Raid Puts Focus on Officers Who Lie for Search Warrants;
Ex-Louisville detective to plead guilty to charges involving Breonna Taylor warrant, the first criminal conviction in killing;
Cincinnati FBI shooter was prolific contributor to Trump's Truth Social website;
Trump news and investigation
Update: FBI search warrant shows Trump under investigation for potential obstruction of justice, Espionage Act violations;
Unsealed court filing shows FBI took items including 11 sets of classified documents from Trump's Mar-a-Lago club;
Trump says FBI raided Mar-a-Lago; The search appears to be focused on materials Trump took from the White House;
If Trump broke a law on the removal of official records, would he be barred from future office?
After Mar-a-Lago search, Fox News, Trump supporters decry 'abuse' of power; Simmering threat of violence from the right comes to fore with search of Trump property;
Before FBI search of Mar-a-Lago, federal officials suspected Trump and his aides had withheld documents;
Subpoena Preceded Search Warrant in Push to Retrieve Material From Trump; Trump should make the search warrant public;
Trump lawyer says FBI teams focused on three areas at Mar-a-Lago; 'We're going to fight until the end': FBI Mar-a-Lago raid fires up Trump's base;
Citizen Trump may have broken a law that President Trump made a felony;
Attorney General Merrick Garland asks judge to unseal search warrant for Trump's Florida home, defends FBI agents from attacks;
FBI searched Trump's home looking for nuclear documents and other items, according to people familiar with the investigation;
Five takeaways from the FBI raid on Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate;
Trump allies say he declassified Mar-a-Lago documents. Experts say it's unclear whether that will hold up;
Paul Manafort Admits Sharing Trump Campaign Data With Suspected Russian Asset For Money;
Pro-Trump Apparel Company Agrees to Pay Over $200K Fine for Ripping Out ‘Made in China’ Tags and Replacing Them With ‘Made in USA’ Tags;
Trump Tried to Keep Injured Vets Out of His Big July 4 Parade: 'I Don't Want Any Wounded Guys' Because it 'Doesn't Look Good for Me';
Trump targets top Wisconsin GOP lawmaker for not overturning election;
Trump Said He Wanted Generals to Be Loyal to Him Like Nazis Were to Hitler;
Federal appeals court: House panel has right to see Trump tax records;
Donald Trump takes the Fifth Amendment in a New York deposition; Trump pleading the Fifth isn't just about hypocrisy;
Manhattan judge refuses to dismiss felony charges against ex-Trump Organization CFO;
Trump Claims He's a Victim of Tactics He Once Deployed;
Trump supporter believes he won in 2020 because 'everybody that I’ve talked to voted for him';
Capital Riot, Jan. 6 Committee, and Georgia investigation
Lawyer: Giuliani won't testify Tuesday in Ga. election probe; But Judge says Giuliani must go to Atlanta for election probe;
Rudy Giuliani's lawyer says he had 'no idea' a Ukrainian oligarch's company bankrolled his travel expenses;
Trump allies resist testifying as Georgia election probe expands;
Trump Hires 'Billion Dollar Lawyer';
Under fire over missing Secret Service texts, Homeland Security watchdog delays wider misconduct probe — with GOP help;
COVID-19 and other health issues
CDC relaxes some coronavirus recommendations as Biden administration signals a shift in pandemic strategy;
Are 'Novids' special or just lucky at avoiding COVID? Fewer Americans say COVID situation is improving;
Carnival, Royal Caribbean and more drop pre-cruise testing after CDC ended its COVID-19 program;
BioNTech expects Omicron-targeting vaccine as soon as October;
MIT Researchers Develop Blood Test To Measure COVID-19 Immunity;
CDC official: Several hundred polio cases likely circulating in New York;
What is the new Langya virus that has infected dozens in China; New Langya virus that may have spilled over from animals infects dozens;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
Taiwan's Military Says China Continuing Attacks Against Government Websites;
Finland's parliament hit with cyberattack following US move to admit the country to NATO;
Twitter Exposes Personal Information for 5.4 Million Accounts; Former Twitter Employee Convicted Of Spying For Saudi Arabia;
Treasury Department Blocks Cryptocurrency Platform 'Tornado Cash';
NIST's Post-Quantum Cryptography Standards;
A Taxonomy of Access Control;
Hacking Starlink;
Math and science
The Cartwheel Galaxy Is the Webb Telescope's Latest Cosmic Snapshot;
Study finds Arctic warming happening faster than expected; Why The Same Temperature Can Feel Different Somewhere Else;
Colonial Williamsburg tells the story of early American settlers. But in 1956 it paved over Black history to make a parking lot;
Data reveals what really defines the American South;
How to spot a deepfake? One simple trick is all you need;
How to Estimate Distance Using Just Your Thumb;
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
Donald Trump's Social Media Platform Is 'Blocking Or Deleting Posts' Despite Boasting About Free Speech;
Meta Cuts Back On Election Misinformation Efforts; Meta Chatbot Spreads Antisemitism, 2020 Election Theories;
Facebook bans hate speech but still makes money from white supremacists;
Google gets green light to exempt campaign emails from spam detection;
Twitter Revives Political Misinformation Filters Ahead Of November Elections;
Musk Questions SEC Inaction On Twitter, But Says Deal Could Proceed With "Bot" Info;
Twitter Acknowledges Data Breach Exposing Anonymous Account Owners;
Russian Soldiers Use Force to Take Over, Reroute Internet Traffic in Ukraine;
Despite Other Tech Restrictions, Russia Allows Citizens to Access YouTube;
SC News and Politics
Graham warned to follow decorum rule after he attacks Democratic colleague; Graham: 'God help us' when IRS gets 87,000 new agents;

Business and Economics
With Surge in July, U.S. Recovers the Jobs Lost in the Pandemic; How This Economic Moment Rewrites the Rules;
The pace of inflation slowed slightly in July, but prices remain high — up 8.5% in the past year; New figures suggest inflation may be at a turning point;
Gas prices in the U.S. fall below $4 a gallon, their lowest point since March;
Poorer Americans Hurt Worst By Inflation, Posing Challenge For Fed; More Americans Are Going Hungry, and It Costs More to Feed Them;
JCT Analysis: Corporations Will Pay $296B More, Middle Class Will See Tax Cuts Under Inflation Reduction Act;
The Senate bill and Biden's pledge to not raise taxes on people making less than $400,000; Why does the IRS need $80 billion? Just look at its cafeteria;
The Carried Interest Loophole Survives Another Political Battle;
US Consumer Borrowing Jumps by More Than $40 Billion, Second-Most Ever; NY Fed: Pandemic Student Loan Freeze Has Dramatically Improved Credit Scores;
Data Show Gender Pay Gap Emerging Soon After College Graduation;
Biden Signs CHIPS Act Into Law, Sending $53 Billion to US Chipmakers; U.S. Accuses Chinese Cable Manufacturer of Violating Export Controls;
More than 1,500 flights canceled in another tough weekend for US travel;
Beneficiaries of two American oil fortunes are supporting groups trying to block fossil fuel projects;
Global physical oil market weakens as recession jitters mount; Kazakhstan to start oil sales via Azeri pipeline to bypass Russia;
Major Indiana Employers Criticize State's New Abortion Law; Physicians, Medical Students Hesitant To Pursue Careers In States With Abortion Bans;
NYTimes Analysis: Gas Price Pressures Prompt Comeback For Plug-In Hybrids; Ford CEO Does Not Expect EV Battery Costs To Fall Anytime Soon;
Automakers Say Few Vehicles Will Qualify For EV Credits; Tesla, GM Score Biggest Share Of $1.2 Billion EV Order From Startup Autonomy;
Semiconductor Industry Officials Warning Slowdown To Expand Beyond PCs, Smartphones;
Labor Shortages Pushing Supply Chains To Automate; Apple Asking Suppliers To Maintain Device Production At Levels Equal To 2021;
Musk Sells $6.9 Billion of Tesla to Avoid Twitter Fire Sale; Elon Musk's Cash Needs Under Fresh Scrutiny After Big Tesla Sale;
NBA permanently retires Bill Russell's No. 6; Serena Williams suggests upcoming retirement from tennis;
Olympiad gold for Uzbekistan — and in addition for England's David Howell;
LIV Golf sellouts bailed on the PGA Tour. Now they want back in; Judge denies LIV golfers' bid to play in PGA Tour’s playoffs;
In 'remarkable' moment, Little Leaguer hugs opponent after scary pitch;
Other news
The lost nuclear bombs that no one can find;
David McCullough dies at 89. The historian won Pulitzer Prizes for his biographies of presidents John Adams and Harry S. Truman;

Growing Number Of High School Graduates Question Value Of College Degrees;
University Of California Admits Record Number Of Californians, Fewer Out-Of-State Students; UC Berkeley Admits Smallest Freshman Class In Three Years;
Data Show Higher Proportion Of California Students Attending Out-Of-State Colleges; Chinese Student Visas To US Fall From Pre-Pandemic Levels;
College Students Face Housing Difficulty Amid Increasing Rent Costs; Rising Rent Costs Add To College Students' Struggles For Affordable Housing;
Administration Faces Pressure To Extend Expansion Of Public Service Loan Forgiveness Past Oct. 31;
Report Shows College Endowment Returns Have Decreased;
Purdue University's Tuition Freeze Allows Majority Of Undergraduates To Graduate Debt-Free;
Colleges Intensifying Preparatory Classes To Accommodate Learning Loss During COVID-19 Pandemic; 'I didn't really learn anything': COVID grads unprepared for college;
College Officials Anticipate Fully In-Person Learning Will Become A Rarity By 2025;
End Of Campus Child Care Facilities Leaves Parents Stressed;
Bipartisan Bill Proposes To Increase Campus Safety Reporting Requirements; Experts Say Colleges Need To Update Consent Education;
Seattle Pacific University Says Washington AG's Investigation Into Hiring Policies Violates Religious Rights;
Experts Encourage Colleges To Prepare For Possible Monkeypox Outbreaks;
Professors To Study Faculty Who Teach Critical Race Theory Amid Conservative Criticism;
Florida Professors Feel Pressure From DeSantis' Education Legislation;
Supreme Court To Hear First Of Two Affirmative Action In University Admissions Cases On Oct. 31;
Researchers Remain Skeptical Of Claims Of "National Teacher Shortage";

TechNews for the week: August 5; August 3; August 1;

Chronology Ukraine/Russia war
Russian forces dress in Ukrainian military uniform during assault operations near Pisky; How the Kremlin Is Forcing Ukrainians to Adopt Russian Life;
Ukraine says scores of Russians killed in Kherson fighting; Russian official says Ukraine carried out drone attack on Black Sea fleet HQ;
Ukraine seeks to retake the south, tying down Russian forces;
Lebanon clears ship Ukraine says is carrying stolen grain; First ship carrying grain leaves Ukrainian port under U.N.-brokered deal to ease global food crisis;
UN nuclear chief: Ukraine nuclear plant is 'out of control'; Using Nuclear Reactors for Cover, Russians Lob Rockets at Ukrainians;
Head of Ukrainian Intelligence: The Coup D'Etat in Russia Has Already Started;
Putin can't control his Ukraine cataclysm — and the US must get ready;
Pentagon: Russian claims of destroying Ukrainian HIMARS false;
Ukraine Builds a Case That Killing of P.O.W.s Was a Russian War Crime; In Ukraine, Devastation Spreads as Russia Regroups for New Offensive;
Russia's vow to annex occupied Ukraine sparks divisions, pleas for aid; Russia's Shortfalls Create an Opportunity for Ukraine, Western Officials Say;
Russian-backed Kherson administration denies that its leader is in a coma; Ukrainian frontline city imposes weekend curfew to root out collaborators;
War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Russia would want notorious arms dealer Viktor Bout included in a prisoner swap with the United States;
Kremlin calls for restraint from Azerbaijan, Armenia over Karabakh fighting; Russian lab head supporting hypersonic missile program held for treason;
China announces military exercise opposite Taiwan; Why Taiwan is the biggest flashpoint in the increasingly fraught US-China relationship;
Nancy Pelosi meets Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen as China ramps up pressure on the island; White House warns China not to overreact to potential Pelosi visit to Taiwan;
China fires missiles near Taiwan in drills after Pelosi visit; White House summons Chinese ambassador for rebuke on Taiwan response;
China halts climate, military ties over Pelosi Taiwan visit; Japan protests after Chinese missiles land in its exclusive economic zone;
North Korea Threatens Nuclear Strike on U.S.;
Nord Stream gas row deepens as Gazprom airs new complaints on turbine; 'The turbine works': Germany's Scholz points finger at Russia in energy row;
Germany's Scholz says Russia has no reason to hold up turbine return;
Palestinian Flags Aren't Illegal in Israel. They Still Get Torn Down;
Pro-Israel group AIPAC pours millions into primary to defeat pro-Palestinian Jewish candidate; Pro-Israel groups denounced after pouring funds into primary race;
Israel demands U.N. disband Gaza war panel over alleged anti-Semitism;
Palestinians left in tense limbo by Israeli expulsion order; Gaza faces more power cuts as Israeli blockade enters third day;
Israel sends reinforcements to Gaza border as tensions rise; Israeli strikes in Gaza kill senior militant leader and at least 7 others;
In Israel, a Biblical Tongue Meets Gender Politics; At flashpoint Jerusalem holy site, whispered prayers defy unwritten accord;
Putin's Courting of Israel Fades as Ties Turn Bitter on Ukraine;
Hezbollah airs video of Israeli barges in disputed gas field; warns Israel against 'playing with time' over maritime border dispute;
Hezbollah Threatens Israel With War Over Disputed Gas Field; Clergy, bags of cash set off new sectarian brawl in Lebanon;
Iran now speaking openly on nuclear bomb prospects; Iran says it responded to EU proposal aimed at salvaging 2015 nuclear deal;
Iran arrested Baha'i citizens, accuses them of Israel links; Iran says border guards have clashed with Afghan Taliban;
Tensions Flare on Kosovo-Serbian Border Amid Protests and Gunfire;
Guatemalan journalist arrested in growing crackdown on political dissent;
Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, who played key role in 9/11 attacks, is killed in U.S. operation;
Blinken Resists Push to Label Russia a Terrorist State;
Senate votes to approve NATO membership for Sweden and Finland;
Senate passes bill to aid veterans exposed to toxic burn pits after Republicans had stalled measure for days;
House votes to ban assault weapons after a string of mass shootings, backing the prohibition for the first time in three decades;
Senate Democrats secure Sen. Kyrsten Sinema's support for Inflation Reduction Act with changes to tax provisions;
JCT Analysis Sparks Partisan Messaging War Over Bill's Tax Increases; Republicans Plan To Use Byrd Rule To Challenge Bill's Provisions;
Manchin Joins GOP To Pass Congressional Review Act, But Measure Faces Headwinds In House And White House;
Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley said he thinks he will vote for Electoral Count Act changes;
Kansas rejects weakening of abortion rights in ballot initiative; Dirty tricks in Kansas via text: Does yes actually mean no?
Five Takeaways From Tuesday's Elections; Five takeaways from primaries in Arizona, Missouri and beyond;
Two 'Squad' members survive primary challenges; In 4 Swing States, G.O.P. Election Deniers Could Oversee Voting;
States With Abortion Bans Are Among Least Supportive for Mothers and Children; States may revive abortion laws from a time when women couldn't vote;
Major legal fights loom over abortion pills, travel out of state;
Clergy sue over Florida abortion law, say it violates religious freedom;
Justice Dept. sues Idaho over upcoming near-total abortion ban in its first legal action since Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade;
GOP Sen. Ron Johnson suggests ending Medicare, Social Security as mandatory spending programs;
Federal judge strikes down Texas voter residency law;
Pushing an Immigration Conspiracy Theory, While Courting Latinos;
DeSantis suspends state attorney for refusing to enforce laws on abortion, transgender surgery;
GOP governor's nominee quits historic resources board after defending Southern secession;
RNC officially picks Milwaukee for 2024 convention;
How Coal Mining and Years of Neglect Left Kentucky Towns at the Mercy of Flooding ; Big Trouble in Little Loving County, Texas;
Four officers in Breonna Taylor case charged with federal crimes two years after fatal shooting in Louisville;
Police change account of crash killing Indiana Rep. Walorski;
Police claimed they'd averted a mass shooting. Now it's not so clear; Police accused her of making up her rape, then destroyed the evidence;
Alex Jones's media company files for bankruptcy during Sandy Hook trial;
Sandy Hook lawyer says Alex Jones's attorneys accidentally shared previously undisclosed texts and financial information;
Alex Jones ordered to pay $45.2 million more to Sandy Hook parents in damages over 'giant hoax' claim;
Trump news and investigation
The status of key investigations involving former president Donald Trump; How Trump's effort to overturn 2020 is sanitized for the general public;
On the eve of Roger Stone's 2019 trial, a hot mic caught Rep. Matt Gaetz assuring him that 'the boss' would pardon him if necessary;
LIV Golf crowd shouts 'Let's go Brandon' to Trump, Greene, Carlson; The latest Trump grift? Burying Ivana at their golf club;
Amid 'mixed race' speech furor, Orban echoes Trump in Dallas;
Dick Cheney calls Trump a 'coward' in campaign ad for his daughter;
Capital Riot, Jan. 6 Committee, and Georgia investigation
Homeland Security watchdog halted plan to recover Secret Service texts, records show; Report: Homeland Security watchdog previously accused of misleading investigators;
Phones of top Pentagon officials were wiped of Jan. 6 messages;
First Capitol rioter convicted at trial receives stiffest Jan. 6 sentence yet: More than 7 years for leading a mob while armed;
COVID-19 and other health issues
When you have covid, here's how you know you are no longer contagious;
Study: Long COVID comes in three forms; What is 'rebound COVID'? Is there a link to Paxlovid?
Is there a link between COVID smell loss and dementia? Study: Lower sex drive and losing hair among 'long COVID' symptoms;
Your COVID Test's Expiration Date May Be Wrong: How Long Kits Last;
Biden administration takes 'significant step' forward in 'long COVID' response;
Biden tests positive for coronavirus again in 'rebound' case;
Administration To Purchase 66 Million Doses Of Moderna's Omicron Booster;
Study: Colleges' Vaccine Mandates Substantially Decreased COVID-19 Deaths;
Monkeypox outbreak in U.S. expected to be declared public health emergency;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
How the nation's oldest intelligence agency engages the new world;
Taiwan's Presidential Office Suffers Cyberattack as Pelosi Visits;
Cell carrier privacy settings to change now; Surveillance of Your Car;
Ring Gives Videos to Police without a Warrant or User Consent; Drone Deliveries into Prisons;
SIKE Broken;
Math and science
China's most powerful rocket falls back to Earth, lands in criticism; UCLA Researchers Say Moon Formations May Provide Stable Temperatures For Humans;
UArizona Researchers Develop Metal-Free Electrolyte, Provide Answer To Formation Of Ice Sheets, And Sailplanes For Mars;
Diner accidentally discovers dinosaur footprints at restaurant in China; Humanoid Diving Robot Explores Shipwrecks;
Kentucky Flooding Highlights How US Infrastructure May Not Be Able To Handle Climate Change;
MIT Scientists Design Skin Patch That Transmits Ultrasound Images;
Researchers Develop System That Restored Cell, Molecular Function In Dead Pigs;
Rice Univ Researchers Turn Dead Spiders Into "Necrobots" To Help Pick Up Objects;
Global study finds Men have a high likelihood of outliving women;
The Elusive Origin of Zero;
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
Poll Finds Majority Of Voters Support Big Tech Antitrust Bills; Legislators Consider Regulations On Cloud Infrastructure;
Netflix Sues TikTok Stars for Copyright Infringement Over 'Bridgerton' Videos;
SC News and Politics
Graham renews effort to block Georgia grand jury subpoena;

Business and Economics
Employers added 528,000 jobs in July as the labor market powered on, despite recession and inflation fears; New Jobless Claims Rose Last Week, Near Highest Level Of Year;
Better-Than-Expected US Manufacturing Activity Report Indicates Inflation May Have Peaked;
Pay growth and prices picked up, keeping the Fed on track for rate increases; U.N. agency says Food prices fell again in July;
Credit card debt has increased at the fastest clip in more than 20 years as Americans borrowed more and spent more;
If the Economy Is Shaky, Why Are Company Profits Still Strong?
CBO Estimates Bill Would Reduce Deficit By $101.5B Over Next Decade; Ex-IRS heads say reconciliation bill will help agency target wealthy tax cheats;
Manchin, Democrat Leaders Reach Side Deal To Finish Pipeline, Speed Approval Of Energy Projects;
German retail sales fall by largest rate on record;
Chipmakers Have A Message For Carmakers: Your Turn To Pay;
Musk Files Countersuit Against Twitter As Judge Sets Trial For October 17; Elon Musk's Antics Turn Owners And Would-Be Buyers Against Tesla;
Automakers Want Input On Changes To Federal EV Tax Credit Proposed By Manchin, Schumer;
NBA legend Bill Russell has died at 88;
A new wave of high-tech pitching machines can throw like any MLB ace;
When Is a Workout Finished? 4 Signs You've Trained Hard Enough;
Other news
Inside an international network of teenage neo-Nazi extremists;
How the Marine Corps tracks — and hides — the crimes of its officers;
Last Conviction in Salem Witch Trials Is Cleared 329 Years Later;

Two-Thirds Of Adults Say College Does Not Serve Needs Of Today's Students; Most High School Students Interested In College Question If It's A Worthwhile Investment. ;
Despite Low Unemployment, New College Graduates Face Tough Labor Market; Average college student needs more than five years to graduate;
Report Shows Students Lack Interest In Going Into In-Demand STEM Jobs; Employers Help Students Forgo College With Short-Term Training Programs;
Alabama, Mississippi Colleges Receive Bomb Threats; Okla. downgrades school district over complaint it shamed White people;
Insurrectionist teacher who told his students debunked election lies praised by new school district;
Remote Work, Building Sale Helped Pennsylvania's Higher Education System Redesign;
Lawmakers, Higher Education Experts Divided On Actual Impact Of Student Loan System Overhaul;
Polling Show Slight Majority Of Americans Support Forgiving $10K In Student Debt;
GAO Report Says Student Loans Have Cost Federal Government $197 Billion Since 1997;
House Republicans Introduce Alternative Proposal To Reform Aspects Of Federal Student Loan System;
Data: Some Highly Selective Private Colleges Enrolled More Black, Latinx, Low-Income Students In Fall 2021;
Tech Companies Support Affirmative Action In Harvard Case;
Education Department's Proposed Title IX Rule Likely To Be Challenged In Court;
America faces catastrophic teacher shortage; Nation Faces Widespread Shortage Of Teachers;
Ten Universities Launch "Metaversities" For Students This Fall;
Northeastern University Waives Postdoctoral Requirement For Science Hires;
UC Berkeley Suspends Construction Of Controversial Housing Project After Protests;
Indiana University-Bloomington Provost Does Not Want To Recognize Graduate Student Union;