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TechNews for the week: March 31; March 29; March 27;

Chronology Ukraine/Russia war
Erdoğan calls for ‘immediate’ end to war in Ukraine during call with Putin ;
Putin Says He Could Put Tactical Nuclear Weapons in Belarus by Summer; Russia says Western sanctions won’t stop it from moving tactical nuclear weapons to Belarus;
U.N. Official Warns Soldiers Massing Near Ukrainian Nuclear Plant;
Russia detains a Wall Street Journal reporter, accusing him of espionage;
War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
China threatens consequences over US warship's actions;
In China, Marriage Rates Are Down and ‘Bride Prices’ Are Up;
Hong Kong sees first protest in three years — under strict controls;
In Blow to Taiwan, Honduras Switches Relations to China;
China warns of ‘resolute countermeasures’ if McCarthy meets Taiwan president;
A Refuge for Russians and Ukrainians, Bali Rethinks Its Open-Door Policy;
Sweden summons Russia's ambassador over "legitimate target" statement;
Finland clears last hurdle to join NATO, reshaping balance of power;
Biden warns Iran after U.S. forces clash with proxy groups in Syria;
Tens of thousands visit Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa for first Friday prayers of Ramadan ; Israel's Palestinians mostly sit out democracy protests;
Israel’s Defense Minister Says Government Should Halt Contentious Judicial Plan; Netanyahu Fires Defense Minister Who Urged Delay in Court Overhaul;
Israel's attorney general accuses Netanyahu of breaking the law;
Israel faces airport closure, strikes as rage over courts overhaul mounts ; Palestinians accuse settlers of West Bank arson, Israel sees electrical fire;
Israel paralyzed by nationwide strikes and protests as pressure grows on Netanyahu to halt judicial overhaul; Netanyahu delays plan to overhaul top court;
Netanyahu’s political touch eludes him as Israel spirals into chaos;
Isaac Herzog, the Israeli president trying to save a disappearing 'Jewish Wakanda';
Netanyahu hits back after Biden expresses alarm over judicial overhaul; Biden-Netanyahu spat bursts into full view;
2 West Bank settlers charged in axe attack on Palestinians; Fearing Palestinian attacks, Israelis seek security in guns;
The Influential Rabbi Who Wants to Turn Israel Into an Iran-style Fundamentalist State;
Azerbaijan denounces 'slanderous' comments by top Iranian commander;
Hungarian parliament approves Finland’s bid to join NATO;
Pope Francis Is in Hospital and Will Stay for Several Days;
U.S. holds back nuclear forces data from Russia in response to treaty violations;
Mexico is moving to power California and Arizona. But who will pay for it;
U.S. Border Policies Have Created a Volatile Logjam in Mexico; Congress has failed for more than two decades to reform immigration — here's a timeline;
Mexican officials are investigating the deaths in a migrant detention center fire as homicides, saying workers failed to allow people to escape;
Supreme Court Hears a Free Speech Challenge to an Immigration Law;
An activist group led by Ginni Thomas collected nearly $600,000 in anonymous donations to wage a cultural battle against the left;
Supreme Court justices under new ethics disclosures on trips, other gifts;
Texas judge strikes down ObamaCare’s free preventive services requirement;
Biden Touts Importance Of US-Canada Relationship; Two key Biden nominees cave to GOP pressure campaign: Why it matters;
President Biden Calls on Congress to Pass Assault Weapons Ban After Nashville School Shooting; In Congress, little urgency to address gun violence with legislation;
Senate Republicans Use Congressional Review Act To Attempt To Bypass Filibuster, Overturn Student Loan Forgiveness Plan;
The Senate voted to repeal two authorizations for combat in Iraq in a bipartisan bid to reclaim war powers from the executive branch.;
Sen. Mitch McConnell out of rehab facility after a fall; Comes Out Swinging Against Authorization of Military Force Repeal;
Defense chief slams Tuberville’s hold on Pentagon nominees over abortion policy;
House passes GOP-led energy package touted as party’s top priority; White House Says Biden Will Veto Lower Energy Costs Act;
McCarthy warns of ‘dire ramifications’ over Biden debt limit negotiation position; GOP downplays importance of budget with debt ceiling looming;
Americans could lose $20,000 in retirement savings and private student-loan borrowers could see their payments surge if Republicans don't raise the debt ceiling;
Netanyahu’s judicial reforms have US lawmakers worried about Israeli democracy;
Bragg says ‘unprecedented’ GOP inquiry undermines prosecutors’ ‘legitimate work’;
Missouri House Votes To Ban Government Spending On DEI For State Agencies, Colleges;
North Carolina legislature overrides veto and repeals permit requirement for handgun purchase;
How a change in the law could provide crucial seconds for people to survive a mass shooting;
Tennessee Republican responds to school shooting: ‘We’re not gonna fix it’;
Nashville shooting exploited by right to escalate anti-trans rhetoric; Ariz. governor’s press secretary resigns amid backlash over gun-toting post;
Why D.C. U.S. attorney declined to prosecute 67% of those arrested;
Many police officers now carry AR-15s. They still feel outgunned;
How does fentanyl get to Dallas? Federal investigation reveals the pathway;
Campaign politics
Attacks on investigations and DeSantis: Takeaways from Trump's first major 2024 campaign rally;
Ramaswamy airing first presidential ad in New Hampshire, Iowa;
Nikki Haley wants to ban TikTok, not guns: Takeaways from her 2024 campaign stop in N.H.;
Veterans of Ted Cruz's 2016 campaign sign up to help DeSantis beat Trump;
Trump campaign leans in on made-for-social media videos;
Trump news and investigation
A grand jury in New York has voted to indict Donald Trump over his role in a hush money payment to a porn star;
Most in new poll say Trump investigations are fair;
Trump Begins the ‘Retribution’ Tour; Indictment or no, Trump’s strategy is the same: Attack and threaten;
Trump extends election-rigging myth to his potential criminal charges;
Donald Trump Has a Fresh Legal Headache, and It May Be His Worst Yet;
Capital Riot, Jan. 6 Committee, Trump organization and Georgia investigation
Judge Says Former Trump Officials Must Testify in 2020 Election Inquiry;
A federal judge ordered Mike Pence to testify before a grand jury investigating Donald Trump’s attempts to overturn the 2020 election.;
Interview describes the behind-the-scenes deliberations that jurors had in the Oath Keepers case;
Capitol rioter known as "QAnon Shaman" released early from federal prison;
Fox fires producer who took legal action against company;
Health: COVID-19 and other health issues
Drug overdose antidote Narcan to be available without a prescription, FDA says in long-awaited decision;
WHO revises guidance on COVID-19 vaccination; 7 most common 'long COVID' symptoms;
Study Finds Air Pollution May Be Causing Eczema;
Understand What Normal Blood Pressure Is? Many Americans Wrongly Assume They Know;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
Massive documents leak offers rare look at how Russia wages cyberattacks, sows disinformation and surveils the internet;

Microsoft Introduces “AI-Powered Cybersecurity Assistant”;
The Security Vulnerabilities of Message Interoperability; Security Vulnerabilities in Snipping Tools;
Hacks at Pwn2Own Vancouver 2023;
Math and science
China to slash foreign researchers’ access to academic database; China’s fake science industry: how ‘paper mills’ threaten progress;
Australian Engineers Develop “Flexible Robot” For 3D Printing Inside The Human Body;
Naughty Nuns, Flatulent Monks, and Other Surprises of Sacred Medieval Manuscripts;
Researchers Solve Longstanding “Einstein” Problem In Mathematics Of Tiling;
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
Meta considers a new social network, as decentralized model gains steam;
Chinese exile controls social media site that reaches millions of Americans, ex-employees say;
Twitter said parts of the underlying code that runs the social network were posted online, adding to the challenges facing Elon Musk’s company.;
ChatGPT Data Leak More Extensive Than Previously Reported;
Microsoft Threatens To Restrict AI Data From Rival Search Engines;
State, Local Governments Taking Action Against Social Media Outlets; Lawsuits Against Tech Giants Allege Companies Are Harmful To Kids And Parents;
Twitter reinstates Greene’s account; restricts Greene’s congressional account over ‘vengeance’ post;
Twitter pushes hate speech, extremist content into ‘For You’ pages;
AP Compares Google’s Bard To Bing AI;
TikTok’s Owner Promotes New App;
Judge Rules Internet Archive Digital Library Infringes Publishers’ Copyrights;
How to use ChatGPT to write Excel formulas;
SC News and Politics
South Carolina comptroller to resign after $3.5B error;
At Union Pier, a visionary flood management plan comes with a price;
Legislation aimed at ensuring SC’s pension isn’t invested in ‘woke’ agendas advances;
Another SC resident, the 16th, charged in the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol;
Bank failure fallout
Latest crisis to hit U.S. economy illustrates the costs of complacency;
White House Asserts Banking System Is “Safe” After First Citizens Agrees To Acquire SVB;
Regulators Blame Executive Mismanagement For Collapse Of SVB, Signature Bank;
FDIC says First Citizens Bank agrees to buy Silicon Valley Bank after collapse; FDIC Considers Forcing Big Banks to Pay Up After $23 Billion Hit;
Saudi National Bank Chair Resigns After Credit Suisse Remark;

Business and Economics
Pending home sales squeezed out a tiny gain in February, as mortgage rates jumped;
US Consumer Confidence Up “Unexpectedly” This Month;
Resumption Of Student Loan Payments Likely To Impact Consumer Spending Negatively;
Several States Considering Raising Minimum Wage Due To Inflation;
DC Judge Says H-1B Tech Sector Workers’ Spouses Can Work In US;
Cigna Saves Millions by Having Its Doctors Reject Claims Without Reading Them;
Senate Committee finds Credit Suisse has violated U.S. tax evasion deal;
Biden Likely To Clarify Stance On EV Tax Credits This Week;
US has replaced Russia as Europe’s top crude oil supplier; Big Oil is selling off its polluting assets — with unintended consequences;
China’s industrial profit slumps 22.9% in the January to February period;
China grants billions in bailouts as Belt and Road Initiative falters; China's Alibaba to break up empire into six units as Jack Ma returns home;
Saudi Aramco strengthens China ties with two refinery deals;
Manufacturers Still Dealing With Persistent Supply-Chain Shortages;
AI could affect up to 80 percent of US workforce; Employer Hiring Platforms Obstruct Access To Applicants’ Microcredential Information;
Judge Sets Fast Schedule For DOJ Antitrust Lawsuit Against Google;
Google Employees Leaving Company To Found Generative AI Startups;
Apple Begins Launch Of Apple Pay Later With Randomly Selected Invitations;
First Humanoid Robots Designed For Warehouse Work Are Unveiled;
Schwab’s $7 Trillion Empire Built on Low Rates Is Showing Cracks ;
Ten Classic Baseball Reads for Opening Day; Is the pitch clock really speeding up baseball? You have to see it to believe it;
Indonesia stripped of hosting Under-20 World Cup by FIFA;
Other news
Edith Wilson: The first lady who fooled D.C. and ran the White House;

College Enrollment For Spring Remains Steady While Four-Year University Enrollments Drop;
How Supreme Court’s Decision To Ban Affirmative Action Would Impact College Admissions;
UC Launches First-Ever Systemwide Admission Guarantee For Qualified Transfer Students; UCLA’s Acceptance Rate Has Plummeted In Last Three Decades;
Low-Income Families Receive Less College Aid Than Wealthier Students Following Tuition Hikes; Ivy League College Tuition Nears $90,000 Per Year;
ED Says 453K Student Loan Borrowers Have Gotten Debt Cleared Via Public Service Loan Forgiveness Waiver;
Colorado Bill Would Allow Universities To Admit More Out-Of-State Students To Increase In-State Aid;
New York Governor’s Proposal Could Increase Tuition By 9% At Some SUNY Campuses;
Georgia Lawmakers Approve Budget To Fund Full Tuition For College Scholarship Recipients;
Students List Teaching Style, Less Flexibility As Top Barriers To Academic Success; Movement To Eliminate College Letter Grades Grows To Assist Freshmen Transitions;
Los Angeles schools and 30,000 workers reach deal after strike;
Navajo Technical University Becomes First Tribal University To Offer PhD Program;
Teachers Adopt Using ChatGPT For Class Lessons, Highlight Positive Impact On Education;
Number Of Contingent College Faculty Has Nearly Tripled In Past Decades;
DeSantis Advocates For GOP Legislator To Become Florida Atlantic University’s Next President;
Iowa Wesleyan University Closing After 181 Years; California AG Complaint Could Shutter Olivet University Amid Money Laundering, Fraud Probe;
George Washington University To Rename Athletic Teams, Drop “Colonials” Following Student Criticism;
Temple University President Resigns Over Worsening Crime Around Campus, Loss Of Confidence From Faculty;
College Officials Respond To Growing Antisemitic Vandalism On Campuses;
George Washington University Probe Exonerates Professor Accused Of Antisemitism;

TechNews for the week: March 24; March 22; March 20;

Chronology Ukraine/Russia war
Ukraine Is Getting MiG-29 Fighter Jets from Poland and Slovakia;
Putin visits occupied Mariupol and Crimea; Xi heads to Moscow; Russia flies strategic bomber planes near Japan as its PM visits Ukraine;
Drone strikes, sabotage, shelling: Russia’s war on Ukraine comes to Russia;
Pentagon says U.S. will speed transfer of Abrams tanks to Ukraine; Ukraine, pumped up by Western weapons, is held back by slow deliveries;
NATO to hold Ukraine meeting despite Hungary's objections;
International Criminal Court to open Ukraine office following Putin arrest warrant;
War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
As Xi visits Russia, Putin sees his anti-U.S. world order taking shape; Xi invites Putin to visit Chin;
Xi snubbed Putin after their summit, calling a meeting of Central Asian countries as part of an audacious power play;
China raids US firm in Beijing, detains five staff members;
Finland's President seals NATO bid by signing required laws; Turkey’s Erdogan Finally Endorses Finland’s NATO Bid, but Not Sweden’s;
Sweden to Pursue NATO Entry as Turkey Decouples Nordic Bids;
Leader of India’s opposition to Modi is expelled from Parliament; Indian officials cut internet for 27 million people amid search for fugitive;
Shocking Attack on Palestinian Civilians May Be a Sign of What's to Come;
Israel must recognize marriages performed online through Utah County portal; In Israel, TV's dystopian 'Handmaids' is protest fixture;
Netanyahu urges military chief to contain reservist protest ;
Israeli and Palestinian officials meet in pre-Ramadan push for calm;
Israeli minister inflames tensions in speech denying existence of Palestinian people;
Israel repeals law that ordered dismantling of four West Bank settlements; Israel promotes bids for 1,000 settlement homes;
U.S. 'extremely troubled' by Israeli move to lift ban on return to West Bank settlements;
Palestinian militant group: commander assassinated in Syria;
Netanyahu vows to push through judicial overhaul amid nationwide protests; Israel Bond Market Joins Backlash Against Netanyahu’s Court Plan;
Who’s Behind the Judicial Overhaul Now Dividing Israel? Two New Yorkers; How far-right American Jews are enabling Netanyahu’s court takeover;
Trapped and jobless, Gaza youths look for a way out;
Israeli army admits to covert influence campaign in Gaza war;
Israel ratifies law limiting conditions for a Netanyahu ouster; Israeli leader halts bill against Christian proselytizing;
Dozens in Indonesia protest Israel's presence at U-20 Cup;
Blinken offers US support to Armenia for peace talks with Azerbaijan ;
American contractor killed, several U.S. troops wounded in attack on military outpost in Syria; Second US base hit in Syria following retaliatory strikes;
A ‘New Cold War’ Looms in Africa as U.S. Pushes Against Russian Gains;
Macron’s Government Survives No-Confidence Vote; France strikes intensify as anger mounts against raising retirement age;
Major U.N. report: Earth to Hit Critical Warming Threshold by Early 2030s;
Supreme Court hears oral arguments on Navajo Nation water rights; U.S. Supreme Court rejects Christian preacher's challenge to university;
Supreme Court sides unanimously for student with disability; Judge Jackson dissents in abortion case;
In the Gun Law Fights of 2023, a Need for Experts on the Weapons of 1791; Residents’ Right to Be Rude Upheld by Massachusetts Supreme Court;
Trump DC hotel dispute with House Democrats lands at Supreme Court;
The Justice Department’s fight against judge shopping in Texas;
Oregon’s Rural-Urban Divide Sparks Talk of Secession ;
Pro-Moscow voices tried to steer Ohio train disaster debate;
President Biden to protect more than a half-million acres in Nevada and Texas;
Biden issues first veto, rejecting bill to reverse ESG rule; House fails to override Biden’s first veto;
White House Economic Report Warns About Impact Of Climate Change On Federal Spending Programs;
5 ways House Republicans' budget plan 'will be a disaster for families,' according to the White House;
Democrats, Experts Cast Doubt On GOP “Debt Prioritization” Effort; House Republicans Preparing “Term Sheet” Of Conditions For Debt Limit Increase;
Jeffries waves aside plan to raise debt limit with House discharge petition;
House Republicans seek testimony from Manhattan DA on Trump hush money probe; N.Y. prosecutor’s office pushes back on GOP demands on Trump probe;
McConnell’s absence leaves colleagues wondering about GOP’s future;
Republican Energy Legislation Would Accelerate Domestic Fossil Fuel Production;
Hawley introducing legislation revoking China’s normal trade relations status;
Comer agrees it could be politically unsustainable to investigate Kushner;
House Republicans are strategizing during a retreat in Orlando this week; Trump throws GOP retreat off course;
DeSantis called for Google to be broken up; DeSantis wants ‘media accountability.’ A new bill makes suing journalists easier;
'Don't Say Gay' lawmaker pleads guilty to $150K COVID relief fraud;
House Republicans pass Parents Bill of Rights that emphasizes parental rights in the classroom;
Iowa’s sharp right turn: From centrist state to ‘Florida of the North’;
In Memphis, Car Seizures Are a Lucrative and Punishing Police Tactic;
Campaign politics
Election conspiracy movement grinds on as 2024 approaches;
DeSantis’s pivotal service at Guantánamo during a violent year; DeSantis faces political minefield with possible Trump indictment;
DeSantis ignored Trump, then sided with him, then criticized him. GOP hopefuls grapple with taking him on;
Trump swipes at DeSantis over Florida governor’s response to potential indictment;
Trump campaign prepares for ‘new normal’: Running under indictment;
National Republicans are looking for rich Senate candidates;
Trump news and investigation
Donald Trump claims he will be arrested Tuesday in Manhattan probe, calls for protests, but he wasn't;
Manhattan District Attorney says Trump created ‘false expectation’ on potential arrest;
Trump seeks to use indictment to his political advantage; accuses Manhattan DA of ‘interference in a presidential election’; The payoff that could get Donald Trump indicted;
Trump lawyer: If he’s indicted ‘this is an all-out war’; Trump calls for removal of every top official investigating him; warns of ‘potential death and destruction’ if he’s indicted;
Trump at Mar-a-Lago: Magical Thinking and a Perp-Walk Fixation;
Bomb Threat Called In to NY Court Where Trump Hearing Held;
Judge rejects Trump legal team's request to delay NY AG's civil trial;
New York AG Says New Trump Accountants Are Withholding Records;
Trump lawyer must turn over evidence on classified documents, court rules;
Judge orders anonymous jury in Trump sexual battery trial;
Capital Riot, Jan. 6 Committee, Trump organization and Georgia investigation
Trump moves to quash Georgia special grand jury report;
Four Convicted of Obstruction on Jan. 6 in Final Oath Keepers Trial ;
Health: COVID-19 and other health issues
Long-covid symptoms are less common now than earlier in the pandemic; How worried should you be about COVID right now?
C.D.C. staff recall despair as Trump officials squelched Covid research;
Newly implemented rules reduce liver transplants in some poorer states as wasted organs hit record high;
U.S. plans to overhaul organ transplant system, including breaking up the monopoly power of the nonprofit organization that runs it;
People with A.D.H.D. are claiming Adderall is “different” now;
Wyoming’s GOP governor signs law banning abortion pills; Idaho hospital to stop delivering babies, partly due to ‘political climate’;
Oklahoma must allow abortion if mother’s life is threatened, court rules;
12 Rules for Gut Health;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
ChatGPT Privacy Flaw;
Mass Ransomware Attack; US Citizen Hacked by Spyware;
Exploding USB Sticks;
Math and science
Asteroid expected to pass close to Earth on Saturday;
Many Antarctic glaciers are never snow-free. See how remarkably different this year is;
Climate Scientists Debate Risks And Benefits Of Stratospheric Aerosol Injection Technology;
Scientists Work To Insert Electrodes In Human Brains Through Injectable Gel;
Natural History Museums Reveal Complete Inventory Of 1.1B Objects;
The Elon Musk request that left Tesla engineers aghast, and the fallout that followed;
Why You Wake Up at the Same Time Every Single Night;
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
Meta Launches Twitter-Like Verification For Facebook, Instagram;
Lawsuits Target California’s Covid Misinformation Law;
Lawmakers Should Weigh In On Who Is Liable For What ChatGPT Produces;
A Fox News producer sued the network, accusing Fox lawyers of coercing her into giving misleading testimony in the Dominion case;
Is Sean Hannity a journalist? Role of hosts is key in Fox News lawsuit;
TikTok Updates Content Rules Standards As Part Of “Counteroffensive.”; TikTok: What It Is, How It Works, and Why It’s Popular;
Review Finds Government Websites Of 27 US States Use TikTok Trackers; State Government Sites use Web-Tracking Code from ByteDance;
Lawmakers Say Big Tech Using Trade Agreements To Circumvent Consumer Data Legislation And Conceal Software Codes;
TikTok CEO to Tell Congress, 'ByteDance is Not an Agent of China'; Why The Government Keeps Looking At TikTok;
Biden administration officials do not think they have the legal authority to ban TikTok without an act of Congress;
America’s online privacy problems are much bigger than TikTok;
Zigazoo is a less toxic TikTok alternative;
Internet Archive Defends Free Book Library in Publishers' Court Case;
Google begins rolling out its ChatGPT rival;
SC News and Politics
After Police Killing of Walter Scott, a Department Tries to Rebound;
Case of teen’s 2015 death, reopened during Murdaugh investigation, now ruled a homicide;
Ethics panel admonishes Graham for soliciting campaign contributions for the 2022 Senate runoff race in Georgia during an interview with Fox News;
Bank failure fallout
SVB was under scrutiny by the Fed for over a year for risky practices and the bank received repeated warnings;
Swiss banking giant UBS takes over troubled rival Credit Suisse, a move that aims to quell fears of a global banking crisis;
Asian bank debt and shares fall after $17bn Credit Suisse bond writedown; Banks’ Riskiest Bonds Sink as Credit Suisse Wipeout Jolts Market;
Credit Suisse promises to pay bonuses to staff despite UBS rescue; Credit Suisse bondholders prepare lawsuit after contentious $17 billion writedown;
UBS buys back bonds days after issue to buoy investor confidence;
Close to 190 banks could face Silicon Valley Bank's fate, according to a new study;
After Signature Bank Deal, FDIC Is Left With $11 Billion in ‘Toxic Waste’ Loans; Silicon Valley Bank tripled loans to insiders in months before its collapse;
Yellen says Treasury is ready to take ‘additional actions if warranted’ to stabilize banks;
Major lenders tell employees not to poach clients from stressed banks;

Business and Economics
Stocks rise, Dow jumps Monday as banks rebound after UBS buys Credit Suisse;
New Jobless Claims Little Changed Last Week;
The Federal Reserve raises its benchmark rate by 0.25 point, balancing fight against inflation with risks to banking system;
Think Inflation Is Bad in the US? See What Other Countries are Dealing With;
Could the farm bill save parts of the West from turning into a Dust Bowl? Michael Bennet thinks so;
First Crypto Lawsuit Reaches U.S. Supreme Court;
JPMorgan Chase buys data platform for startups in push to serve venture capital investors;
U.S. proposes rules to block China, Russia-linked companies from CHIPS funding;
Geothermal Power, Cheap and Clean, Could Help Run Japan. So Why Doesn’t It?
Crude prices fall as US holds off on replenishing reserves; Russia tops Saudi Arabia as China's biggest oil supplier;
Saudi Arabia says it's 'open' to the idea of trading in currencies besides the US dollar — does this spell doom for the greenback;
Amazon to lay off 9,000 more workers in addition to earlier cuts; Apple Taking Steps To Avoid Layoffs;
Walmart laying off hundreds of US workers at five e-commerce fulfillment centers; NPR cancels 4 podcasts in biggest wave of layoffs in decades;
California Legislation Would Require Tech Giants To Pay News Outlets;
Falling Lithium Prices Boosts Affordability Of Electric Cars; Hyundai Creates An Automatic Charging Robot For EVs;
Chicago to debut first commercial electric air taxi route;
Educated White-Collar Workers With $80k Salaries Most Likely To Be Affected By AI;
Senators Question Norfolk Southern CEO Over Commitment To Safety Improvements;
Leading US Tech Companies Pushing Congress To Limit FISA Section 702 Powers;
Senior care is crushingly expensive. Boomers aren’t ready;
Goldman Expects US Households to Sell $750B in Stocks This Year;
With an epic ending, Shohei Ohtani and Japan reclaim the World Baseball Classic crown;
The best pitcher in baseball is 40 years old;
Other news
A Four-Decade Secret: One Man’s Story of Sabotaging Carter’s Re-election;
How a valet and Navy veteran got to the center of the Justice Department’s probe of Mar-a-Lago classified documents;
Meet ‘the five families’ that wield power in McCarthy’s House majority;

Undergraduate Credential Earners Fall To Four-Year Low In 2021-2022 Academic Year;
More Than 40% College Students Considered Withdrawing Over Six-Month Period Last Year; Cal State To Launch New Dual Admission Transfer Program;
One-Time Adjustment Will Help Millions Of Federal Borrowers Move Toward Forgiveness; Langston University Cancels Student Debt Balances For Second Time;
CFPB Cautions Private Loan Servicers To Halt Collections Discharged By Bankruptcy Courts;
Borrower Defense Settlement Won’t Clear Student Debt For Borrowers With Private Loans;
GOP Senators To Introduce Measure To Overturn Biden Student Loan Forgiveness Plan;
Researchers Say New Classification System For Minority-Serving Institutions Could Increase College Funding;
Higher Education Officials Urge Congress To Consider Farm Families Amid Funding Formula Change;
High-Cost Colleges Had Higher COVID Infection Rates On Campus; Covid changed parents’ view of schools — and ignited the education culture wars;
Red States Working To Remove DEI From Public Colleges; Republican Leaders Increasingly Turn On Diversity Programs In Education, Workplaces;
Appeals Court Rules Injunction Blocking Florida’s Anti-CRT Law Can Remain In Effect; Florida Professor Lost His Job Over Complaints About Racial-Justice Lessons;
Ohio Considers Bill That Would Ban Public College Employee Strikes, DEI Statements In Hiring;
University Of Houston-Downtown Removes DEI Statement Following Conservative Professor’s racist Complaint;
Ohio Bill Would Require Colleges And Universities To Disclose Financial Aid, Costs, Alumni Income;
Columbia University Research Project Hopes To Improve Coverage Of Racial Inequalities By Exploring History;
Temple University Faculty Union Makes Case For No-Confidence Vote Against University Leaders;
L.A. school employees will begin a three-day strike on Tuesday, canceling classes for more than 400,000 students;
ChatGPT sends shockwaves across college campuses; College Marketing Teams Taking Advantage Of TikTok Despite State Restrictions;
Education Department Says Redesigned FAFSA Will Launch In December;
Decades Of Concerns Against U.S. News College Rankings Led To Rebellion;
University Of Phoenix’s Potential Sale Raises Questions On For-Profit Higher Education;
University Of Phoenix Receives More GI Bill Funding Than Other Colleges Despite Controversies;
Survey Reveals Students Struggle With Teaching Styles, Want More Flexibility In Class;
Stanford Professor Participates In “Math Wars” Over Her Proposed Framework For Teaching;
Oregon Bill Would Require Colleges To Track, File Sexual Misconduct Reports;
North Carolina House Passes Law To Require Civics Class For College Graduation;

TechNews for the week: March 17; March 15; March 13;

Chronology Ukraine/Russia war
Front Line Shifts in Russia’s and Ukraine’s Battle for Bakhmut;
Ukraine Steps Up Calls for Evacuation of Kupiansk Under Relentless Russian Shelling ; Ukraine short of skilled troops and munitions as losses and pessimism grow;
Russian jet strikes an American surveillance drone, forcing it down over the Black Sea; US military releases video from Russian fighter jet crash with drone;
Pentagon and Kremlin clash over Russian jets’ role in downing U.S. drone; Five key takeaways from the Russian jet-US drone incident;
Deadly explosion rips through spy agency building in Russia;
Poland says it will send Ukraine fighter jets, the first NATO country to provide long-sought warplanes;
The International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for President Vladimir Putin of Russia for war crimes.;
Putin’s war is headed for a terrifying escalation ;
War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Xi and Putin will meet and hold a news conference on Monday; China and Russia have deep defense sector ties. Putin’s war has not changed that, data show;
‘Russia Outside Russia’: For Elite, Dubai Becomes a Wartime Harbor; Flood of Russians Alters Life for Countries That Took Them In;
The Danger of Russia Becoming President of the U.N. Security Council;
Swedish PM says Likelihood Finland joins NATO before Sweden has increased; Erdogan hints Turkey may ratify Finland's NATO membership;
Hungary pressures EU by delaying Finland, Sweden NATO vote;
North Korea test fires missiles from submarine amid US, South Korean military drills;
Leaders of Japan and South Korea hold first summit in 12 years;
South Korea proposes increasing the 52-hour workweek to 69 hours;
China brokers Iran-Saudi Arabia detente, raising eyebrows in Washington; Saudi Deal With Iran Surprises Israel and Jolts Netanyahu;
Chinese-Brokered Deal Upends Mideast Diplomacy and Challenges U.S.; Netanyahu’s Response to Iran-Saudi Deal Shows a Growing Detachment From Reality;
Israel’s Elite Unit of F-15I “Thunder” Fighters Abort Planned Strike;
West Bank Palestinian village on edge after Israeli settler attacks; Young Palestinian fighters rise as West Bank boils;
‘Biggest in Israeli History': Organizers Claim Half a Million Protesters Against Netanyahu's Constitutional Coup;
‘U.S. Conservatives Are Starting to Understand That Israelis Are Lying to Them’; New Hampshire politicians seek to prohibit support for Palestine;
How Israel’s Far Right Is Prompting Outrage from the Jewish Diaspora; Netanyahu allies in Israel plow ahead on legal overhaul;
President Herzog’s Outline for Judicial Reform Rejected by Coalition, Praised by Opposition; An Effort to Resolve Israel’s Impasse Stalls on How to Pick Judges;
Far-right Israeli minister orders demolition of Palestinian homes during Ramadan; Hamas warns Israel against 'violations' during Ramadan;
UAE pledges $3 mn to rebuild Palestinian town raided by settlers;
Netanyahu Meets Italy's Far-right PM Meloni in Rome, Gets Chilly Reception From Jewish Community;
Saudi Arabia Blocks Israelis From Attending UN Event;
Iran says deal reached to buy Russian fighter jets;
Tensions Mount Between Azerbaijan And Iran; Armenian PM critical of Moscow-dominated security pact;
Saudi Arabia's golf case threatens to spill kingdom secrets;
Biden, in a challenge to China, announces major submarine deal;
Macron Pushes French Pension Bill Through Without Full Vote;
Biden to declare Arctic Ocean off limits to oil and gas leasing when he announces protections for over 16 million acres in Alaska;
Tax Increases In Biden Budget Are More Than Lawmakers Expected; Biden Awaits Republican Counter-Proposal On Budget;
Senate Republicans Say Biden Misleading American People About Deficit Reduction;
Biden takes heat for border measures, but illegal crossings are down;
Biden issues order to stiffen checks on gun sales;
Biden calls on Congress to tighten rules to claw back executive pay, levy penalties in bank failures;
Biden says U.S. banking system is ‘safe’ after the failure of Silicon Valley Bank; Biden stresses that Silicon Valley Bank is not getting a bailout;
U.S. Is Said to Open Investigation Into Silicon Valley Bank Collapse;
Republicans are blaming the bank collapse on wokeness; Why the GOP is blaming Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse on ‘woke’ capitalism;
Senate votes to proceed with repeal of authorizations for Iraq, Gulf wars; Paul storms out of Homeland Security markup after clash on amendments;
House Republicans Blast FTC Investigation Of Twitter’s Security Practices;
House Republicans Quietly Halt Inquiry Into Trump's Finances; House Democrats say Comer stymies probe into Trump tax records;
Top ‘weaponization’ subcommittee Democrat: Jim Jordan ‘not an honest broker’;
Republicans Set To Challenge Biden’s Energy And Climate Spending Proposal;
Federal judge seems open to claim that abortion drug mifepristone was not properly vetted by FDA;
N. Dakota Supreme Court Blocks Abortion Ban; Says Constitution Protects Procedure;
Florida Faces Federal Lawsuit Over Signature Rules for New Voters; Ohio joins GOP-led states withdrawing from group that helps clean up voter rolls;
Feinstein, Fetterman absences leave Democrats with fragile majority;
Gov. Sanders signs Ark. trans care malpractice bill into law;
DeSantis dismisses Russian invasion of Ukraine as a ‘territorial dispute’; Ron DeSantis’s Politicized Removal of an Elected Prosecutor;
Axios fires reporter after email calling DeSantis press release ‘propaganda’ ;
Florida bill would ban young girls from discussing periods in school;
SNAP benefits drop as food prices climb: 'Back to one meal a day'; Legislator opposed to free school meals says he's never met a hungry Minnesotan;
Nevada considers capping water use for homes in Vegas;
Trains derail in Arizona, Washington state;
Experts Say Attacks On Free Speech Are Increasing Across US;
A Va. bakery gave BLM activists free coffee. Then came the backlash;
F.B.I. Finds Hate Crimes Rose 12 Percent in 2021;
Memphis police needed new hires. Instructors say they lowered standards in a way that made Tyre Nichols’s beating more likely;
Trump news and investigation
Michael Cohen is set to testify before a grand jury next week, as a likely indictment of the former president looms;
Trump prepares an extensive opposition file on ‘Ron DeSanctimonious’;
Steps from the Capitol, Trump allies buy up properties to build MAGA campus;
Judge rules Prosecutors investigating Donald Trump’s handling of classified documents can compel his lawyer to answer more questions;
Report: Officials can’t find two gifts Trump and family received from foreign nations;
Capital Riot, Jan. 6 Committee, Trump organization and Georgia investigation
Trump claims violence he inspired on Jan. 6 was Pence’s fault;
U.S. fires back at claim that Tucker Carlson footage was withheld;
Grand jury heard another recording of Trump pressuring Georgia official;
At center of Fox News lawsuit, Sidney Powell and a ‘wackadoodle’ email;
House GOP launches new Jan. 6 investigation;
Trump-commissioned report undercut his claims of dead and double voters ;
Health: COVID-19 and other health issues
The Stomach Bug Shigella Isn’t Responding to Antibiotics. Scientists Are Worried;
Almost 2 in 3 Americans say threat of deadly pandemics is growing;
Denied by AI: How Medicare Advantage Plans Use Algorithms to Cut off Care for Seniors in Need;
NY issues travel alert for Israel after 8-year-old gets paralytic polio;
Scientists found genetic data from a Wuhan market linking illegally traded raccoon dogs to the Covid pandemic’s origins.;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
March Crypto-Gram Newsletter, ChatGPT, Cyberwar Lessons, Undetectable Backdoors and more; How AI Could Write Our Laws;
SEC Proposes Cybersecurity Rules for Brokers, Asset Managers;
Cyberattacks Are Growing Threat To School Districts;
Russian-Linked Hacking Group Preparing Cyberattacks on Ukraine;
NetWire Remote Access Trojan Maker Arrested;
Math and science
The Electron Is Having a (Magnetic) Moment. It’s a Big Deal;
A warmer world causes extreme drought and rain. 'Indisputable' new research proves it.;
Pythons, Invasive and Hungry, Are Making Their Way North in Florida;
Scientists Find Technique For Capturing And Storing Carbon Pollution;
Scientist Launches Company With Goal Of Gene-Editing That Is Safer Or More Complex Than CRISPR;
Who Invented Paper? A New Discovery in Egypt Upends the Consensus;
A 1,600-Year-Old Coffin May Shed Light on Roman Britain;
Some Educators Argue Calculus Should Be Dethroned: ‘A Bankrupt Concept of Math’;
Mathematicians Roll Dice and Get Rock-Paper-Scissors; The Most Boring Number in the World Is ...;
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
U.S. Pushes for TikTok Sale to Resolve National Security Concerns; Governments around the world have moved to ban or restrict TikTok amid security fears ;
Justice Dept. Investigating TikTok’s Owner Over Possible Spying on Journalists; TikTok To Add STEM Feed For Science And Math Videos;
Setting time limits for TikTok or YouTube may backfire. Here’s what researchers found;
GPT-4 has arrived. It will blow ChatGPT out of the water;
ChatGPT bypassed a security check... by pretending to be a blind person and hiring someone online to complete the form;
ChatGPT threaten to revolutionize how disinformation spreads online;
Microsoft adding AI technology to Word, Excel;
Google's New AI Tools for Gmail, Docs Can Write Drafts for You; Google To Make More AI Features Available For Cloud Computing Customers;
Amazon, Walmart Warn Employees Not To Share Confidential Information With ChatGPT;
AI Expert Expresses Confidence In China’s Ability To Catch Up In AI Tech; Baidu Unveils “Ernie Bot” Chatbot To Mixed Reception;
Microsoft Scraps Entire Ethical AI Team Amid AI Boom;
Meta Plans To End News Access For Canadians If Online News Act Becomes Law;
YouTube reinstates Donald Trump’s account;
SC News and Politics
Former Citadel cadet sentenced to 14 days in jail for Jan. 6 trespass during Capitol riot;
How SC police departments use vague exemptions to block reports from the public;

Bank failure issues
Yellen: No federal bailout for collapsed Silicon Valley Bank; U.S. says all deposits at failed bank will be available Monday;
Israel to weigh action after Silicon Valley Bank collapse; Israel Finance Minister says immediate liquidity risk averted after SVB collapse;
Federal regulators are considering safeguarding all uninsured deposits at Silicon Valley Bank to secure the U.S. financial system;
Warning Signs At SVB May Have Been Missed Because Of Trump Era Stress Test Relaxations;
Federal officials closed a second bank; Orthodox Jewish community Grapple With Signature Bank Collapse;
HSBC pays £1 to rescue UK arm of Silicon Valley Bank after all-night talks;
Fed’s New Backstop Shields Banks From $300 Billion of Losses; US Discusses Fund to Backstop Deposits If More Banks Fail;
Regional Banks Slammed by Fear of a Broader Financial Crisis; Back-to-Back Bank Collapses Came After Deregulatory Push;
First Republic Bank said it had shored up its finances with additional funding from the Federal Reserve and JPMorgan Chase.;
First Republic will get $30 billion in deposits from JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and nine other banks in a deal to prevent a wider crisis.;
Signature Bank Collapse Creates New Challenges for New York Real Estate Players;
Credit Suisse flags 'material weaknesses' in reporting, outflows not reversed; Stock markets tumbled globally after a plunge in Credit Suisse shares, undoing a Tuesday rally;
Swiss National Bank will provide troubled Credit Suisse financial support 'if necessary' but signals firm isn't in immediate danger;
Credit Suisse shares soar following proposed $53.7B loan from central bank;
Moody’s weighs downgrade for six US banks following SVB collapse; Goldman Cuts GDP Forecast on Banking Concerns;
Here’s who is paying to restore Silicon Valley, Signature Bank deposits; Will Americans end up footing the bill for bank failures?
Silicon Valley Bank hit with first shareholder fraud lawsuit over collapse; SVB's Parent Company Files For Bankruptcy;
Unrealized Losses Have Piled Up at Regional Banks Facing Credit Downgrades;
Charles Schwab feels heat after SVB collapse; Investors tiptoe back into US bank stocks, regulators probe SVB collapse;
25 Largest Banks in the US by Asset Size;

Business and Economics
US stocks fall Friday as bank worries linger after firms borrow $165 billion from Fed to shore up liquidity;
Inflation eased again in February, but bank failures are complicating the Fed’s interest rate path;
The European Central Bank Raises Rates Half a Point Amid Uncertainty;
Energy stocks drop with crude prices as SVB collapse sparks economic fears; Energy stocks stumble as crude oil hits 15-month low;
Economists Believe Market Crash Will Cause Congress To Raise Debt Limit;
Survey Shows H-1B Visa Restrictions Forcing Jobs Out Of US;
Insurers slashed Hurricane Ian payouts far below damage estimates, documents and insiders reveal;
Saudi Aramco posted record profits of $161 billion for 2022, the largest ever from an oil firm;
Polis Orders Colorado Regulators To Set New Rules For Oil And Gas Industry To Sharply Cut Ozone By 2030;
Boeing lands mega deal with Saudi Arabia; Airbus, Boeing Seek High-Skill Talent In India;
Meta plans to lay off roughly 10,000 employees. The cuts follow 11,000 layoffs in November;
Musk Moved Tesla To Texas To Continue Growing With Fewer Regulatory Challenges;
DOT Makes $2.5B Available For EV Charging Stations; Volkswagen CEO Says EV Partnership With Ford Is “Intensifying”;
Ohio is suing Norfolk Southern over toxic train derailment;
US Women More Likely To Cite “Toxic Culture” As A Workplace Problem;
Public Health vs. Economic Growth: Toxic Chemical Rules Pose Test for Biden;
More Retiree Health Plans Move Away From Traditional Medicare;
The banks getting crushed right now—and what to do if your money is there;
Other news
Daylight Saving and the Politics of Time;
The 72-hour scramble to save the United States from a banking crisis;

Survey Finds Fewer Students Of Color From Underserved Backgrounds Want To Attend College;
Many Gen Z Workers Don’t Believe Successful Careers Require College Degrees; Apprenticeships Increasing In Popularity Among High School Graduates;
Small College Towns Face Consequences Of Shrinking Enrollment Rates;
Dual Enrollment Programs Spike Following Support From College Advocates, High School Students;
Survey Shows 62% Of Americans Support Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan; CFPB Tells Servicers To Stop Collecting Discharged Student Debt;
Congressional Budget Office Estimates Income-Driven Repayment Reform Would Cost At Least $230 Billion;
States Considering Expanding Student Loan Reimbursement Programs;
Wayne State University To Offer Free Tuition To Eligible Michigan Students; Maryland’s HBCUs Face Pressure To Fix Buildings Amid Rising Enrollment Rates;
Georgia Tech Evaluates Student Assessment Of General Education Courses; Movement To End A-To-F Grading For College Freshmen Gains Traction;
Colorado Considers Free College, Scholarships For High-Demand Fields; Valparaiso To Sell Art Pieces To Renovate Dorms, Combat Declining Enrollment;
Palm Springs Unified Becomes First School To Offer Drone Education;
Adviser For #GoOpen Discusses Benefits Of Open Educational Resources;
Khan Academy Pilots GPT-4 Powered Tool Khanmigo for Teachers; OpenAI says new GPT-4 can beat most people's SAT scores;
Educators Consider Possibility Of Using AI To Measure Students’ Reading Comprehension; Only 14% Faculty Say Their College Has Guidelines For ChatGPT In Classroom;
Temple University Graduate Students Ratify “Robust” Contract And End Six-Week Strike;
New College Of Florida Donors Cancel $29M In Planned Donations Over DeSantis Takeover;
Florida Scoured Math Textbooks for ‘Prohibited Topics.’ Next Up: Social Studies;
Ohio Higher Ed Bill Would Ban Diversity Mandates, Increase Tenure Scrutiny; Texas Republicans Introduce Bills Seeking To Reform Higher Education;
Ohio State Asks SCOTUS To Consider Legal Questions Surrounding Title IX;
Lawsuits Challenge Language Proficiency Criteria For Fulbright-Hays Fellowship;
Virginia Education Dept Directs Fairfax County Schools To Cut Ties With Chinese-Linked Groups;
Stanford Investigating Antisemitic Incident Following Swastikas, Hitler Image Left On Student’s Door;

TechNews for the week: March 10; March 8; March 6;

Chronology Ukraine/Russia war
Crowd erupts in laughter at Russia's top diplomat after he claimed the Ukraine war 'was launched against us';
Ukrainian Soldiers, Nearly Encircled, Push Russians Back; Wagner chief warns of collapse of Russian front line if there is retreat from Bakhmut;
US-sanctioned Russian ship loaded with military cargo enters Black Sea;
Why Biden is ambiguous on Ukraine’s Crimea question; In race to arm Ukraine, U.S. faces cracks in its manufacturing might;
Russia advances in Bakhmut by sending waves of mercenaries to certain death; Ukraine Signals It Will Keep Battling for Bakhmut to Drain Russia;
Intelligence Suggests Pro-Ukrainian Group Sabotaged Pipelines, U.S. Officials Say;
Explosions Reported in Central Kyiv and Across Ukraine in Early Morning Attacks; Russia Blasts Ukrainian Cities, Including Biggest Use of Advanced Missiles;
Why would Russia use hypersonic missile to strike Ukraine;
Firing anti-ship missiles at ground targets is a chaotic strategy Russia may regret;
Anti-Russia guerrillas in Belarus take on 'two-headed enemy';
War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Russia cautions regional allies against aligning with the United States; Russia eyes pressure tactics to lure fleeing tech workers home;
Inside the Chinese war machine plotting to transform Putin’s invasion;
China proffers 'peaceful reunification', Taiwan says respect our democracy; China’s Ukraine plan is actually about Taiwan;
After China’s Winter of Discontent, Xi Jinping Sets Sights on Growth and Power ; China warns U.S. to stop suppression or risk 'conflict';
Kim's sister warns of 'overwhelming' step against US, SKorea; Seoul's intelligence reveals new facts about North Korean leader's daughter;
South Korea to compensate victims of Japan’s wartime forced labor;
Hungarian delegation backs Sweden's NATO application;
Is India Drifting Away From The U.S.; India Is Arming Villagers in One of Earth’s Most Militarized Places ;
European nations condemn West Bank violence, urge calm; EU diplomat demands accountability after Israeli settler rampage in West Bank;
Israelis rally again against government's judicial overhaul; Netanyahu overrates Israel’s Supreme Court — in order to destroy it;
Protests Over Netanyahu’s Judiciary Overhaul Spread to Israel’s Military;
Israel’s esteemed military taking sides as Netanyahu critics see his new far-right government deserting democratic principles;
Netanyahu tries to calm outcry over minister's remarks on Palestinians;
Netanyahu rebuffs IAEA chief's remarks against possible attack on Iran;
Israel strike knocks out airport in Syria's Aleppo;
Israeli forces raid West Bank refugee camp, five dead; Israeli troops kill six during new raid in Jenin; Six killed in Israeli raid on Jenin as settlers attack Palestinian town again ;
UN 'alarmed' at West Bank violence day after Israeli raid;
Shock, Rage and Despair in Hawara in Wake of Settler Pogrom; Netanyahu Can't Stop Israel's Regime Coup – and He Can't Stop Lying;
Escalating Police Violence Against Israeli Protesters May Have a Surprising Outcome; 3D analysis shows Israeli forces opening fire at least 14 times into a group of civilians;
Traffic Blocked Thursday as ‘Day of Resistance’ Against Judicial Reforms Intensifies;
Israeli lawmakers advance bill on $270,000 gift to Netanyahu;
Biden administration urged to block extremist Israeli minister’s visit; US defence secretary cuts short trip to Israel ahead of mass protests;
AIPAC-affiliated Rabbis Come Out Against Netanyahu's Government;
Iran's Khamenei calls girls' poisoning 'unforgivable' after public anger; Iran announces first arrests over poisoning of hundreds of schoolgirls;
Iran is gearing up to attack Britain and the West;
Saudi Arabia and Iran Agree to Re-establish Ties in Major Regional Shift;
Five dead in new Azerbaijan-Armenia clash over Karabakh; Russia expresses 'serious concern' over Karabakh after shoot-out;
Serbian nationalists march in protest against Kosovo talks;
Georgia withdraws Russian-style foreign influence bill after protests;
Cuba's president meets CEO of Russia's Rosneft amid fuel shortage;
Striking French workers dispute that they want a ‘right to laziness’;
Trudeau, Von Der Leyen Announce Hydrogen Agreement, Critical Minerals Plans, Ukraine Support;
Egypt withdraws from UN grain treaty prompting sadness and concern;
Spying by Mexico’s Armed Forces Brings Fears of a ‘Military State’;
Mexico rebukes GOP push to deploy U.S. military on cartels across border; Mexican cartel delivers ‘kidnappers’ — five bound men — and an apology;
Mexican president to US: Fentanyl is your problem; Graham says he will introduce bill to ‘set the stage’ for US to use military force in Mexico ;
U.S. Is Said to Consider Reinstating Detention of Migrant Families;
U.S. Supreme Court rebuffs Florida city's challenge to atheist lawsuit;
Neil Gorsuch cast doubt on a group of atheists' lawsuit over a Florida city's prayer vigil, saying everything done by the government 'probably offends somebody';
Missouri gun law ruled unconstitutional;
5 women denied abortions sue Texas in landmark post-Roe case; Harris backs lawsuit filed by Texas women over ‘extreme’ GOP abortion laws;
Biden calls for trillions in new spending and higher taxes in budget, a sharp contrast with the GOP as debt limit fight nears;
Breaking down Biden’s budget: Here’s what’s in it; 7 key takeaways from President Biden’s $6.9 trillion new budget plan;
Fact sheet for The President’s Budget; Republican Votes Helped Washington Pile Up Debt;
Conservative caucus offers ‘policy menu’ for debt limit negotiations; House Republicans Lay Out Who Gets Priority Payments If Debt Ceiling Hit;
Senate confirms Biden IRS nominee in bipartisan vote;
Biden FCC pick, Gigi Sohn, withdraws, citing lobbyists’ ‘cruel attacks’ in statement to The Post, after her nomination was blocked for 16 months;
Senate panel passes bipartisan bill to repeal Iraq, Gulf War authorizations; What to know about the (apparently doomed) D.C. criminal code;
Five takeaways from this year’s CPAC; Haley heckled as Trump movement asserts its dominance at shrunken CPAC;
GOP operative comes forward as accuser in sexual misconduct claim vs. CPAC head;
Texas congressman who broke with GOP is censured;
Election-denying former Colorado clerk guilty of obstruction; Judge orders sanctions against Arizona GOP candidate who refused to accept loss;
Arkansas Gov. Sanders signs law loosening child labor protections;
Florida Is Trying to Take Away the American Right to Speak Freely;
In Calif. speech that draws protests, DeSantis stokes fight over pandemic; Rep. Frost (D-Fla) on DeSantis targeting Black, LGBTQ, transgender people: ‘it’s fascism’;
Rep. Judy Chu: I am a target of the right’s new McCarthyism;
Election deniers take aim at group that helps states maintain voter rolls;
Ex-Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan won't challenge Trump in 2024;
Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) Hospitalized for Concussion After Fall at Washington Hotel;
Cloistered at Walter Reed, Fetterman Runs His Senate Operation From Afar;
Teamsters president calls GOP senator a ‘greedy CEO’ in heated exchange;
Anti-Defamation League Report Finds White Supremacist Propaganda Soared Last Year;
Justice Dept. says Louisville police engaged in systemic civil rights abuses, excessive force before Breonna Taylor killing;
Secretive Catholic group spent millions on data that tracked priests on gay dating apps and then shared information with bishops;
Trump news and investigation
Trump delivers wildly dishonest speech at CPAC; Trump, Vowing ‘Retribution,’ Foretells a Second Term of Spite;
Paul Manafort agrees to pay $3.15 million to settle with Justice Dept.;
Trump criminal charges are likely, prosecutors signal;
Capital Riot, Jan. 6 Committee, Trump organization and Georgia investigation
Rupert Murdoch mused Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham ‘went too far’ in promoting election fraud claims, lawsuit against Fox shows;
Trump blasts Rupert Murdoch in early morning social media post: How can he say ‘no election fraud’;
'A lie, pure and simple': Schumer rips McCarthy, Fox; Capitol Police chief blasts Tucker Carlson over ‘misleading’ Jan. 6 footage;
4 takeaways from the new Dominion-Fox lawsuit documents; GOP officials criticize 'shock jock' Tucker Carlson for minimizing Capitol attack;
House GOP organizing trip to see jailed Jan. 6 defendants, led by Marjorie Taylor Greene;
Trump attorney admits misrepresenting evidence of election fraud;
Health: COVID-19 and other health issues
Study reveals reasons parents misled others about children's COVID status; Workers sue Tyson over skimping on COVID safety;
Doctors Are Seeing These Common Long Covid Symptoms Most;
U.S. to end COVID test rule for Chinese travelers;
Cholesterol drug lowers heart attack risk; avoids muscle side effects; Diabetes and obesity rising in young Americans;
Children of same-sex parents see outcomes as good or better than heterosexual couples;
A proposed six-week abortion ban in Florida could threaten access for the entire South;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
New National Cybersecurity Strategy; CrowdStrike: Cyberattacks On Cloud Systems Boomed In 2022;
BlackLotus Malware Hijacks Windows Secure Boot Process; Another Malware with Persistence;
Australia's Home Affairs Secretary Demands Russia Crack Down on Cyber Criminals;
EPA Requiring Water Systems To Report Cybersecurity Threats;
Prompt Injection Attacks on Large Language Models;
Math and science
The discovery of giant superclusters of galaxies are challenging our very understanding of the Universe;
New Radio Array Set To Revolutionize Astronomy; Radio Astronomy Faces An Overcrowding Problem;
La Niña is officially over, NOAA announces: What does that mean; Solving The Water Crisis In The West;
Nearly A Dozen Countries Using Floating Solar Panel Farms For Powering Grids; Large Underwater Robot Trials Beginning;
Scientists Say They’ve Created A More Practical Superconductor; Solving The EV Cold Weather Problem;
Using A.I. to Detect Breast Cancer That Doctors Miss;
The Secret Life of the North Pole;
Mass grave found in Williamsburg is linked to Civil War battle;
The inside story of how ChatGPT was built; How does ChatGPT work;
Math Hacks for Math Haters;
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
At Elon Musk’s ‘brittle’ Twitter, tweaks trigger massive outages; Twitter Proceeds with Verification System Despite Promise to EU Watchdog;
FTC Seeks Internal Documents from Twitter About Protecting Users; FTC Pushes Back On GOP Criticism Of Twitter Probe;
Facebook and Google Are Handing Over User Data To Help Police Prosecute Abortion Seekers;
Google Releases Audit on How Its Services Impact Civil Rights;
ChatGPT Users Share How To Unlock Less-Ethical Alter Ego; Companies Using ChatGPT To Automatically Write Emails;
Microsoft Announces AI-Powered Bing Surpasses 100 Million Daily Active Users;
Dafna Linzer abruptly steps down as Politico’s executive editor;

Business and Economics
Stocks smoked Friday after jobs beat and SVB collapses;
Stocks fall Tuesday after Powell tells Congress rates could go 'higher'; See how the national debt grew to $31 trillion; The Fed’s trillion-dollar bridge to nowhere;
Chair Jerome Powell says Fed may need more aggressive interest rate hikes because economy is slowing less than expected;
U.S. added 311,000 jobs in February; unemployment rate at 3.6%; Jobless Claims Up Sharply Last Week, But Still Suggest A Tight Labor Market;
Why ‘sky-high’ job openings are boosting pressure on the Fed to hike rates faster;
White House, CFPB Urge States To Crack Down On “Junk Fees”;
Silicon Valley Bank shut down by regulators as investors worry about risk to broader financial market; 2 bank crises are unfolding in California;
US Banks Are Finally Being Forced to Raise Rates on Deposits; Conservative effort against banks that factor in climate, social concerns is backfiring;
Yellen warns climate change could trigger asset value losses, harming US economy;
Professor: Climate Policy Needs To Be Weighted Against Threats From China;
Saudi Arabia says it deposited $5B in Turkish central bank;
India's oil deals with Russia dent decades-old dollar dominance; Why Russia Has Such a Strong Grip on Europe’s Nuclear Power;
Biden Administration Expected To Make Decision On ConocoPhillips Willow Project Soon;
Credit Suisse Loses One of Its Biggest Backers; Credit Suisse to delay its 2022 annual report after a ‘late call’ from the SEC;
Taiwan Working To Develop, Attract Chip Talent; Tesla’s New Mexican Factory Could Potentially Begin Operations In 2024;
DOJ sues to block JetBlue-Spirit merger, saying airline consolidation would harm consumers;
GM Offering Buyouts To Most US Salaried Workers; Women Going Into Tech, But Industry Having Trouble Retaining Them;
Ford To Increase Hiring, Production As US Auto Sales Recover; Tesla Cuts Prices On Two Top End Models;
Geely Announces Satellite Constellation To Support New Cars; GM’s Ultra Cruise Will Use Radar, Camera, And Lidar To Enable Hands-free Driving;
Artificial Intelligence Surge Leads To Increased Carbon Footprint;
Food fight: FDA is redefining ‘healthy’ and food industry is pushing back;
IRS braces for the unthinkable: A normal tax season;
Baseball can no longer ignore Ron DeSantis’s culture wars;
We asked ChatGPT to be a fantasy baseball expert. Here’s how it did;
Other news
What is a pogrom? Israeli mob attack has put a century-old word in the spotlight;
America faces a type of extremist violence it does not know how to stop;
The Daring Ruse That Exposed China’s Campaign to Steal American Secrets;
Inside the simmering feud between Donald Trump and Fox News;
‘Dilbert’ creator Scott Adams: Outrage mostly from white people;
Noam Chomsky: The False Promise of ChatGPT;

Report: Most Jobs Don’t Need Four-Year Degree Requirement; More Young Americans Are Opting Out Of College;
Ivy League Isn’t All There Is When It Comes To Good Education; Shapiro Aims To Rethink PA Higher Education;
Transfers From Community Colleges Continue To Drop; UCLA Faces Pressure From Governor To Create Pathway For Transfer Students;
Stanford University First-Year Admissions Rate Drops To Historic Low; Performance-Based College Funding Linked To Higher SAT Scores;
Maine Legislature Weighs Bill To Waive Half Of University Of Maine Tuition For State High School Students;
Florida bills would ban gender studies, transgender pronouns, tenure perks; ‘Slavery was wrong’ and 5 other things some educators won’t teach anymore;
Documentarian Ken Burns says DeSantis education bills are like ‘Soviet system’; White teachers often talk about Black students in racially coded ways;
The MAGA-fication of North Idaho College; Iowa Bill Would Ban DEI Spending In State Universities;
Five Tips For Navigating ChatGPT, AI Tools In Classrooms; French Student Uses ChatGPT To Simplify Difficult-To-Understand Course Material;
Research Suggests Ways To Recruit More Science Teachers;
Librarians, Students Criticize Vermont State University’s Transition To All-Digital Libraries;
Temple Strike Goes Into Second Month As Pressure Mounts;

TechNews for the week: March 3; March 1; February 27;

Chronology Ukraine/Russia war
Ukraine 'strikes out-of-reach Mariupol'; Putin’s army stuck in mud like Hitler's in 1941;
Russia, Ukraine and the West Vow to Fight On, in a War With No End in Sight;
Ukraine-Russia war: Putin says Russian people 'may not survive'; Deadly Russian Artillery Strikes Reported in Ukraine’s East and South;
Russia warns West over threatening its troops in breakaway Moldovan region; Moldova: Anti-government protest stirs fears of more unrest;
Kremlin says it is concerned by situation in breakaway Moldovan region;
Protest in Berlin over arming Ukraine against Russia draws thousands;
U.N. Human Rights Council begins session with condemnation of Russian aggression; Kremlin funded torture centers in Kherson, investigators say;
Putin orders Ukraine border tightening as drones hit Russia;
Belarus activists say they blew up Russian military aircraft near Minsk;
Russia journal: Moscow mulls possible use of nuclear arms to fend off US attack;
Heavy fighting as Russians advance in Bakhmut but Ukrainian units hold on;
How are Russian airlines still flying if they can't import spare parts?;
War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Swiss prosecutors charge four bankers with helping to hide Vladimir Putin’s millions;
Blinken meets Russian foreign minister face-to-face for first time since Russia's invasion of Ukraine;
Belarus sentences Nobel Peace laureate Ales Bialiatski to 10 years in jail;
North Korea's Kim orders 'fundamental transformation' of agriculture amid reports of food shortages;
US, South Korea announce largest military drill in years;
China Accuses US Of Politicizing COVID-19 Pandemic;
US joins EU in rejecting Beijing's peace proposal, sanctions more Chinese firms;
Netanyahu Is No Longer Israel's Legitimate Prime Minister; Israelis Are Waking Up to the Threat From Netanyahu's Government;
Israeli settlers rampage through Palestinian town in revenge for shooting; Revenge Attacks After Killing of Israeli Settlers Leave West Bank in Turmoil;
Israeli PM's ultranationalist ally quits as deputy minister;
Israel's Cabinet Just Advanced Full-fledged Apartheid in the West Bank; Israelis Still Expect the Palestinians Will Surrender;
Israeli minister's call to 'erase' Palestinian village an incitement to violence; Palestine’s West Bank villages torched in violent clashes;
Army blocks Israeli rally supporting torched West Bank town;
Cyber firm Wiz raises $300 million, won't move funds to Israel amid judicial reform risk; Israel’s ‘Startup Nation’ Braces For A Political Earthquake;
Netanyahu denounces protesters after salon siege of his wife;
A new generation of Palestinian fighters is rising up in the West Bank; With West Bank in turmoil, new Palestinian militants emerge;
Why Israeli Settler Attacks Are Growing More Frequent: ‘The Arsonists Are Running the Fire Station’;
Laws Preventing Boycotts of Israel Are Sweeping the U.S. This New Documentary Chronicles the Fight;
Israel’s Window to Strike Iran Narrows as Putin Enters Equation; Israel tells top U.S. general it sees need to cooperate against Iran;
Their Hair Long and Flowing or in Ponytails, Women in Iran Flaunt Their Locks;
Brazil allows two Iranian warships to dock in Rio despite US pressure;
Iraqi president says country now peaceful, life is returning;
Finland’s parliament votes 184-7 to formally authorize NATO accession; Hungary further delays vote on Sweden, Finland joining NATO;
NATO chief: membership for Finland, Sweden 'top priority';
Turkey's last Armenian village fears for its future after quake;
U.S. Commandos Advise Somalis in Fight Against Qaeda Branch;
To Heal Brexit Wound, U.K. and E.U. Strike a Northern Ireland Trade Deal;
‘Havana syndrome’ that sickened diplomats was not caused by energy weapon or foreign adversary, intelligence review finds;
Many Undocumented Immigrants Are Departing After Decades in the U.S.;
Supreme Court Rejects Case To Reinstate Trump Over 'Rigged' Election; SCOTUS decision on guns produces scores of new lawsuits;
Supreme Court skeptical of Biden’s student loan cancellation plan;
White House doctor says Lesion removed during Biden's physical was cancerous;
Biden nominates Julie Su for labor secretary; Republicans vow to block Biden FAA pick as Democrats double down;
Mitch McConnell tells U.S. to ‘wake up’ to threat of Russia on Ukraine war anniversary;
Bipartisan Plans to Move Aggressively on China Face Political Hurdles in Congress;
Biden Warns Republicans Want To Cut Healthcare; New GOP state bills aim to restrict transgender health care for adults;
Merrick Garland faces Senate panel amid multiple controversies, including Mar-a-Lago search;
Senate overturns federal rule on ESG investments, Biden vows to veto; Tester to join Manchin, Republicans in blocking DOL green investment rule;
Biden says he’ll sign GOP resolution overturning DC crime bill;
Bill to make daylight saving time permanent reintroduced in Congress; Bill reintroduced that would give Americans a four-day workweek;
Rand Paul laments overclassification of documents in hearing for Archives nominee;
Emboldened by its majority, House GOP turns up heat on federal workers;
The story behind Gaetz citing Chinese propaganda at a hearing; Texas Republican doubles down on attack on Judy Chu's heritage;
Poll: 68% of voters say Biden is 'too old for another term' — and more Democrats agree than disagree;
Wisconsin court candidate won't hear Democrats' lawsuits;
Chief of a Democratic Super PAC Is Stepping Down;
North Carolina Republicans reach deal to expand Medicaid;
House ethics panel to investigate Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) on alleged campaign violations, sexual misconduct with job applicant;
Ron DeSantis, Florida Officials Seek to Dismiss Lawsuit From Martha’s Vineyard Migrants;
Haley’s mental competency tests could rock Washington — but would be hard to implement;
The right’s new culture-war target: ‘Woke AI’; Republicans retool crime message for 2024;
Democratic Rep. Elissa Slotkin announces Senate run in Michigan;
Trump’s polling strength causes heartburn for Senate GOP; A Wealthy ‘Anti-Woke’ Activist Joins the 2024 Presidential Field;
As CPAC’s head faces sexual assault claim, other leadership concerns emerge;
Lori Lightfoot, Chicago’s first Black woman mayor, fails to advance to a runoff;
Sen. Tommy Tuberville: Democrats ‘want one gender,’ trying to ‘get to our young kids’;
Pence Tells Pro-Israel Group Though Admin ‘Did Not End Well,’ Proud of Israel Accomplishments;
‘Christian patriots’ are flocking from blue states to Idaho;
Cheney joining University of Virginia politics center as professor;
Could a wealthy Atlanta neighborhood secede from the city? Controversial issue advanced by GOP lawmakers;
Trump news and investigation
Trump works state-by-state to improve chances at Republican convention;
FBI agents and Justice Department prosecutors argued over how aggressively to handle Trump documents probe and Mar-a-Lago raid;
As 2024 race begins, special counsel advances with focus on Trump lawyers;
Capital Riot, Jan. 6 Committee, Trump organization and Georgia investigation
Georgia judge gave grand jurors lenient guidance on talking to media about Trump case; Christie: Trump grand jury foreperson ‘did a lot of damage’ to case;
News outlets demand release of Jan. 6 footage given to Tucker Carlson; Republicans say Tucker Carlson Jan. 6 tapes subject to security review;
McCarthy defends giving Tucker Carlson access to Jan. 6 footage, calls media ‘jealous’; McCarthy, GOP pump brakes on release of Jan. 6 footage to Tucker Carlson;
Fight over Rep. Perry’s phone has prevented review of 2,200 documents in Jan. 6 probe;
GOP Witnesses, Paid by Trump Ally, Embraced Jan. 6 Conspiracy Theories;
Murdoch Acknowledges Fox News Hosts Endorsed Election Fraud Falsehoods; Fox News bosses scolded reporters who challenged false election claims;
Prosecution’s Witness at Proud Boys Trial Shows Complexities of the Case;
Justice Dept. says. Trump can be sued over Jan. 6 Capitol riot. Two police officers and several lawmakers had already filed suit.;
Health: COVID-19 and other health issues
White House: No government consensus on COVID lab leak theory;
Cardiovascular deaths rose in 1st years of COVID; Study links long COVID with lower brain oxygen;
Eli Lilly Says It Will Cut the Price of Insulin;
More colon cancer cases found in younger people, new report shows; CDC issues warning about rise in highly drug-resistant stomach bug;
Rural Hospitals Are Shuttering Their Maternity Units; 12 states sue FDA to make abortion pill more accessible;
Doctors who touted ivermectin as covid fix now pushing it for flu, RSV;
Mississippi bans gender-affirming health care for trans minors;
How does the brain age across the lifespan? New studies offer clues;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
Banning TikTok;
The government cannot win at cyber warfare without the private sector; Nick Weaver on Regulating Cryptocurrency;
Fooling a Voice Authentication System with an AI-Generated Voice;
Dumb Password Rules;
Math and science
Study Finds China Leads In 37 Of 44 Critical And Emerging Technologies;
Scientists Turning To Oceans In Fight Against Climate Change;
A.I. Chatbots Explain How They Communicate With Each Other;
Researchers Believe Human Brain Cells Could Power “Biocomputers”;
Wine grapes were first domesticated 11,000 years ago, gene study says;
How Loneliness Reshapes the Brain;
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
Researchers Say More Countries Instituted Internet Shutdowns in 2022 Than Ever;
The People Onscreen Are Fake. The Disinformation Is Real;
Meta Announces New Large Language Model To Be Made Available To Researchers; Kosmos-1 AI has skills ChatGPT can't match;
ChatGPT Is Set To Change Access To Medical Information;
Wall Street Banks Put Restrictions On Employee Use Of ChatGPT; OpenAI Launches API To Allow Businesses Incorporate ChatGPT Into Their Apps;
Fired Google Engineer Who Claimed A.I. Was Sentient Criticizes Microsoft’s Chatbots;
U.S. House panel approves bill giving Biden power to ban TikTok; White House Requires Federal Agencies to Remove TikTok from Official Devices;
TikTok To Set Screen Time Limits For Children And Teens, Expand Family Pairing;
Twitter Announces New 'Violent Speech Policy' That Targets Threats;
SC News and Politics
Alex Murdaugh is found guilty of murdering his wife and son at South Carolina estate; Alex Murdaugh sentenced to life in prison in murder of wife and son;
What to know about Moselle, the scene of the killings in Alex Murdaugh’s trial; Excused Murdaugh juror left ‘a dozen eggs’ in jury room;

Business and Economics
Investor Optimism Wanes as Bond Yields Rise, Pushing Up Mortgage Rates;
US Jobs Market Remains Strong Despite Recession Concerns; Black, Latino Employment Hurt Most by Recessions;
Car Debt Is Piling Up as More Americans Owe Thousands More Than Vehicles Are Worth;
US home prices fell in December for the sixth-straight month; Housing affordability hits historic low;
Fading Hopes of a Fed Cut Wipes Record $327 Billion From Bonds; Ten-year US Treasury yield hits 4% on rate expectations;
US Consumer Confidence Declined Again in February; What history says about debt standoffs;
Money Is Motivating 92% of Americans To Work Past Retirement;
U.S. retailers' ocean shipping price woes ending as new delays threaten;
China's factory activity stuns with fastest growth in a decade; China’s factory, services activity enjoys ‘rapid’ economic rebound in February after reopening;
Tech Companies Laying Off H1B Visa Holders Previously Lobbied Congress For Increase To Caps;
Amid Layoffs, CIOs Say They Aim To Spend More Efficiently; GM To Cut “Hundreds” Of Executive Jobs;
Reuters Analysis: Biden Using New Federal Spending To Reshape Corporate Practices;
House Passes Legislation Requiring Administration To Estimate Inflationary Impact Of Major Executive Orders;
Amazon pauses construction on its second headquarters, delaying plan to bring 25,000 employees to the offices in Northern Virginia;
Gov. DeSantis targets Reedy Creek. 10 things to know about the Disney-run tax district; What did Disney lose in battle with DeSantis?
A cleaning company illegally hired a 13-year-old. Her family is paying the price;
Speculation Grows That Musk Will Pick Boring Company CEO Davis To Lead Twitter;
Tesla To Build Factory In Northern Mexico; Tesla Breaks Ground On Corpus Christi Lithium Refinery;
Tesla To Slash Cost Of Next Generation Of Vehicles In Half; Tesla, Musk Sued By Shareholders Over Self-driving Safety Claims;
SEC Rejects Elon Musk’s Efforts to Escape ‘Funding Secured’ Tweet Settlement;
FTX Director Singh Pleads Guilty to Criminal Charges, Sued For Fraud By SEC;
Why the South has such low credit scores;
With food stamp cuts just days away, millions of Americans brace for tougher times in the grocery aisle;
Pitch clock brings quicker games — and a little drama — to spring training;
Manny Machado becomes 1st victim of MLB's new pitch clock in spring training;
The night Pete Maravich broke Oscar Robertson’s NCAA scoring record;
Other news
How a small-town train derailment erupted into a culture battle;
The Texas judge who could take down the abortion pill is a religious conservative with a long history of antiabortion beliefs;
A Murdaugh family death in 1940 was also suspicious — and eerily similar;
The ugly reason ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ didn’t become our national anthem for a century;
Scott Adams and the right-wing insistence on White victimhood;
New York Times review pans new Ron DeSantis book;

Student Loan Debt Surpasses $1.6T Due To Education Costs, Increased Borrowing; Millions of borrowers have had billions in student loan debt erased and there's more to come;
Education Dept. to private colleges: Pay off alumni debt; ED Issuing Guidance To Hold Leaders Of Failing Private Colleges Liable For Government Debts;
Tuition Costs Leading More American Students To Apply To Programs Abroad; Justice Thomas wrote of 'crushing weight' of student loans;
Workforce Training Providers Receive Millions In Federal Funds With Little Accountability;
Colleges Grapple With Tough Budget Season Due To Low Revenues, Enrollments;
U Of California Applications Remain Steady For Californians As Nonresident Applicants Drop; California’s Undocumented Students Lack Access To Financial Aid;
Columbia, William & Mary move forward with test-optional admissions policies;
Experts Find Short-Term Thinking By College Leaders Obstructs Transfer Process; University Of California System Closes Loophole Allowing Fully Online Degrees;
Survey: Nearly Half Of Students Lack Guidance On Required Courses;
Supreme Court To Decide Whether Race Matters In College Admission Decisions; Costly Sexual-Misconduct Lawsuit Payouts Lead To Tensions Between Colleges, Insurers;
Florida Bill Targets Diversity Programs At Universities, Centralizes DeSantis’ Control Over Board Of Governors;
New College Trustees Vote To Abolish DEI Office; University Of North Carolina Moves To Ban DEI Statements From Admission, Hiring;
University Employees Still Organizing In States Without Collective Bargaining Rights;
Court Stops UC Berkeley From Building Student Housing At People’s Park;
Higher Ed Organizations Offer Tips For College Leaders Grappling With Educational Censorship Bills;
Cardona Criticizes U.S. News Rankings At Harvard-Yale Law Conference;
Michigan State To Restrict Building Access Following Campus Shooting; West Virginia Governor Signs Bill Allowing Guns On Campus;
University Of Arizona Professor Says ChatGPT Can Benefit Students; Higher-Level Math Courses Could Play Role In College Success;
NY Yeshivas Tell Judge They Were Targeted by Curriculum Regulations;