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TechNews for the week: February 23; February 21;

Ukraine/Russia war
Ukraine withdrew from Avdiivka, a ruined city and frontline stronghold in the east, giving Russia its first major gain since May.;
Kremlin documents show Moscow is running a disinformation campaign to undermine Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky;
Zelenskyy takes an apparent dig at Congress over military aid: 'Dictators do not go on vacation';
Man found dead in an apparent assassination in Spain was a Russian defector;
Hundreds of Ukrainian Troops Feared Captured or Missing in Chaotic Retreat; Russian Forces Press On With Attacks in Southern Ukraine;
Iran sends Russia hundreds of ballistic missiles;
US,Israel/Hamas Conflict
Israeli forces carry out arrests inside Nasser Hospital as raid continues; WHO says Nasser Hospital no longer functional as Israeli raid continues;
Egypt denies allegations of participating in any process involving displacement of Gazans into Sinai;
Hezbollah says Israel will pay 'in blood' for killing civilians;
ICJ holds hearings on Israel's occupation of Palestinian territories;
Israel strikes 'reputation blow' to Iran with sabotage attacks on its gas pipelines;
Israel is trying to undo UNRWA, but few options remain for Gaza aid;
Large Antigovernment Protest Returns to Tel Aviv, as Criticism of Netanyahu Mounts; Israeli cabinet rejects international calls for Palestinian state;
Palestinian PM Shtayyeh: Egypt won't let anyone enter from Gaza ; Qatar PM says Gaza ceasefire negotiations 'not very promising' in recent days;
Top UN court to hold hearings on legality of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian-claimed lands;
West Bank Palestinians paying the price for Gaza war;
Netanyahu says further cease-fire talks are pointless;
Brazil’s President Angers Israel After Comparing War in Gaza to the Holocaust;
Israel sets Ramadan deadline for feared Rafah invasion; Israel to restrict access to Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque during Ramadan;
Palestinians to Hague court: Israeli occupation is illegal ; ‘Our people are here to stay’: World Court hears arguments over Israeli occupation of Palestinian-claimed land;
Palestinian diplomat accuses Israel of apartheid and asks UN court to declare its occupation illegal;
Israel assembly falls short in vote to expel lawmaker over genocide case;
As war in Gaza rages, Israel weighs Eichmann-style public trials for October 7 attackers;
The US vetoes an Arab-backed UN resolution demanding an immediate humanitarian cease-fire in Gaza;
US pushes for UN to support temporary Gaza ceasefire, oppose Rafah assault; U.S. expected to defend Israel at top U.N. court after cease-fire veto;
Houthi missiles strike British bulk carrier in Red Sea, forcing crew to abandon ship;
Israeli airstrike kills two people in Damascus, Syrian state TV says;
Israeli forces fired on food convoy in Gaza, UN documents and satellite analysis reveals; Gaza aid delivery hampered by Israeli attacks on police, rising chaos;
The Israeli military’s top lawyer reports some troop conduct that crosses ‘the criminal threshold’; Gaza death toll rises to 29,313, Rafah residents killed in strike;
Biden faces growing pressure to back Gaza cease-fire; CIA chief expected in Paris for Gaza hostage talks as U.S. pushes for deal before Ramadan;
Israel hits Gaza's Rafah flattened a mosque in one of their worst nights yet; Hamas chief's trip raises truce hopes;
Houthis to step up Red Sea strikes, use 'submarine weapons', leader says ;
China asks World Court to speak out on 'unlawful' Israeli occupation;
Netanyahu's post-war plan says Israel to keep security control on Palestinian areas;
The U.S. considers new Israeli settlements in the West Bank illegal, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said, reversing a Trump-era policy.;
War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Russians risk arrest to mourn Alexei Navalny with vigils and flowers; Most of Russia’s opposition is either dead, in exile abroad or in prison at home. What happens now;
Russian authorities threaten to bury Navalny in prison colony, aide says;
U.S. hits Russia with more than 500 new sanctions after Alexei Navalny’s death;
Chinese police work in Kiribati, Hawaii's Pacific neighbour; Eyeing China, senior US lawmaker vows to back funding for Pacific islands;
Pakistan politician gives up seat saying vote rigged in his favour;
Police fire tear gas on Indian farmers marching to capital, government offers talks;
Iran accuses Israel of sabotage attack that saw explosions strike a natural gas pipeline; Iran, wary of wider war, urges its proxies to avoid provoking U.S.;
Hungary blocks joint EU appeal to Israel not to invade Rafah;
France's Macron opens door to recognising Palestinian state;
House of Commons descends into chaos over Gaza vote;
Legal migration to EU must increase as workforce ages, commissioner says; How Europe can dodge a birth rate hard landing;
Thousands march against López Obrador’s institutional overhaul in Mexico;
El Salvador confirms Bukele's supermajority after opposition calls to void election results;
U.S. isolated at G-20 as Gaza crisis worsens;
Prominent Black Church Leaders Call for End of U.S. Aid to Israel;
The Supreme Court declined to hear a challenge to admission rules at a Virginia school, allowing a policy aimed at diversifying the student body;
Supreme Court declines to undo sanctions on pro-Trump 2020 campaign lawyers ; Supreme Court turns away House GOP lawmakers’ appeal over mask rule violations;
Supreme Court Allows $2.4 Billion Boy Scouts Sex Abuse Deal to Go Forward; New York’s rent stabilization laws will stand after Supreme Court declines to hear challenges;
Supreme Court reviews EPA plan to cut pollution that crosses state lines;
Justice Alito Renews Criticism of Landmark Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage; Alito’s delusions of persecution;
Frozen embryos are children, Ala. high court says in unprecedented ruling; After ruling, UAB health system pauses I.V.F. procedures;
Biden rips ‘outrageous and unacceptable’ Alabama IVF decision;
Alabama lawmakers are considering protecting in vitro fertilization after a top state court ruling led some clinics to halt I.V.F. treatments.;
Border deal collapse raises pressure on DHS funding talks;
Gov. Noem deploying troops from South Dakota to border ‘warzone’; Missouri governor announces troop deployment to southern border;
President Biden is considering an order that could restrict asylum claims for people who enter the U.S. illegally;
Hispanic Caucus says it’s ‘unbelievable’ Biden considering restricting asylum;
Japanese internment camp Day of Remembrance a time to ‘reckon with imperfections’;
Indictment of Informant Undercuts G.O.P.’s Impeachment Drive; Hunter Biden’s lawyer says informant charged with lying ‘infected’ the case;
Informant charged with lies about Bidens also claimed Russian contacts, feds say; Informant who allegedly lied about the Bidens is rearrested;
James Biden testifies brother had no ‘direct or indirect financial interest’ in business ventures;
GOP on defense over Biden probe after Russian revelations; Republican: Colleagues were warned informant’s Biden claims could not be corroborated;
Trump pushed Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden, transcript shows; How a Bill Barr ‘assignment’ led to a Biden impeachment effort based on a lie;
White House medical unit's 'systemic problems' under Trump and Obama tied to physician Ronny Jackson, reports and ex-staffers say;
Bipartisan lawmakers urge colleagues to back bill combining Ukraine aid, border security; Trumpworld takes aim at Republicans who supported Ukraine aid push;
Freedom Caucus pushes Speaker Johnson for full-year CR in absence of policy concessions; GOP shutdown fears grow: ‘We could be in a world of hurt’;
Republican US House hardliners ask Johnson to abandon spending talks;
A guide to the 5 GOP factions roiling the House;
A Nerve Center for the Right Wing Rises in Washington;
New Wisconsin Legislative Maps Diminish G.O.P. Advantage; Wisconsin ethics commission refers Trump fundraising arm for prosecution;
DeSantis staffers blocked public records of taxpayer-funded travel, ex-law enforcement officials say;
Ex-N.R.A. chief Wayne LaPierre found liable for financial misconduct;
A reporter investigated neo-Nazis. Then they came to his house in masks;
Campaign politics
Trump’s anger at courts, frayed alliances could upend approach to judicial issues;
Trump Allies Plan New Sweeping Abortion Restrictions; Trump and allies plotting militarized mass deportations, detention camps;
Trump’s first remarks about Navalny compare Russian’s death to his legal situation;
Trump equates his domestic political opposition to WWII enemies abroad; Trump portrays 2024 race as a Christian battle, akin to D-Day;
Fearful Trump critics weigh the risk of retribution if he's re-elected;
Trump confirms names on VP shortlist: ‘They’re all good, they’re all solid’;
Haley Says She Is Going the Distance Against Trump. Here’s Her Plan; Seeing Haley’s attacks on Trump, some claim her as a member of the resistance;
Haley slams Biden: ‘He sounds like his mind is closing up shop’;
Republican US presidential candidate Nikki Haley says embryos are babies; Haley: I didn’t say I agreed with Alabama IVF ruling;
Haley says U.S. "will have a female president" in 2024, be it her or Harris; Phillips says he’s open to being Haley VP on ‘unity ticket’;
Trump and Haley burned through cash in January; Trump leadership PAC spent nearly $3M on legal expenses in January;
Teamsters give $45,000 to RNC, the union’s first major donation to Republicans in years;
Reeling From $450 Million Penalty, Trump Hawks $400 Shoes;
Pence group announces $20 million effort to fight GOP’s ‘drift toward populism’;
Nate Silver urges Biden: Reassure voters or ‘stand down’; Fetterman to Democrats criticizing Biden: ‘Get your MAGA hat’;
Biden faces major challenge on Gaza in next week’s Michigan primary; Rep. Ro Khanna, a Biden ally, to meet with Arab American leaders in Michigan before state's primary;
Anti-Trump Burnout: The Resistance Says It’s Exhausted; Trump removal from ballot splits public;
GOP chances of winning the Senate on the rise;
CPAC denying press passes to WaPo, MSNBC, HuffPost journalists; CPAC Straw Poll, Slighting Haley, Will Ask About Trump’s Ideal Running Mate;
Massacre survivors plead with Republican candidates to talk about guns;
Trump news and classified doc case
Legal expert warns delay by Judge Cannon could badly backfire on Trump;
Trump again claims immunity in effort to toss Fla. classified documents case;
Trump organization NY fraud trial
At Rally in Michigan, Trump Lashes Out at Judge Who Fined Him $355 Million; Ex-Trump Org Exec Predicts Exactly How Trump Will Capitalize On $355 Million Ruling;
The NYC skyscraper Trump could dump to pay off $355M fraud fine — and it doesn’t even bear his name;
Trump attorneys request delay on enforcement of $355 million judgment payment; Trump lawyer brushes off NY AG threat to seize assets: ‘It will not be successful’;
Legal analyst "shocked" after Trump's "angry" lawyers demand judge delay fraud payout;
Warren Buffett Exposed The Reason For Trump's Failed Business Ventures Decades Before The Fraud Case;
Health: COVID-19 and other health issues
Largest multicountry COVID study links vaccines to potential adverse effects;
Florida surgeon general defies science as school tries to contain measles outbreak;
Women need less exercise than men for same cardiovascular benefits;
Why Viagra has been linked with better brain health;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
North Korean hackers use AI to up their game; Russia, China Reportedly Using AI Tools to Improve Hacking Abilities;
Could AI sway the 2024 election? Here's what's being done nationally to stop deepfakes;
Leaked files from Chinese firm show Beijing’s vast international hacking effort against foreign governments and companies;
FBI Disrupts Russian Hacking Operation That Infiltrated Routers; ‘World’s most harmful’ cybercriminal group disrupted in 11-nation operation;
Intel sources say Russia attempting to develop nuclear space weapon to destroy satellites with massive energy wave;
AIs Hacking Websites; New Image/Video Prompt Injection Attacks; Details of a Phone Scam;
Microsoft Is Spying on Users of Its AI Tools;
EU Court of Human Rights Rejects Encryption Backdoors;
Math and science
A U.S. spacecraft successfully lands on the moon for the first time since the Apollo 17 flight 51 years ago;
Astronomers say mysterious galactic ‘wave’ may have once washed over Earth;
The sun just launched three huge solar flares in 24 hours. What it means;
The East Coast is sinking; One in five of world's migratory species at risk of extinction;
Rare armor unearthed at site of 17th-century fort in Maryland;
Duke University To Close Herbarium Against Outcry From Scientific Community;
UChicago Researchers Create Minimally-Invasive Pacemaker Controlled By Light;
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
Sinclair Broadcast Group’s recipe for TV news: Crime, homelessness, illegal drugs;
How everything became a ‘psyop’ for conservative media;
Judge Blocks Ohio's Law Requiring Parental Consent for Social Media;
Elon Musk’s X Briefly Bans Account Of Navalny’s Widow Without Explanation;
FTC finds Employees prevented Musk from breaking federal Twitter order;
Reddit in AI content licensing deal with Google;
The Two-Decade Fight for Two Letters on the Internet;
AI and Chatbot issues
White House Enters Debate On Whether AI Systems Should Be “Open-Source” Or “Closed”; US House sets up task force to manage AI;
AI Researchers Turn To Self-Learning To Improve Generative AI Models; Researchers Are Working To Develop ChatGPT-Powered Robots;
China’s Rush to Dominate A.I. Comes With a Twist: It Depends on U.S. Technology;
Google Introduces Open Source LLMs; Google Suspends Gemini AI Chatbot From Generating Pictures Of People;
Amazon Tells Employees Not To Use Generative AI Tools For Work;
SC News and Politics
Graham’s U-turns have Senate colleagues fed up: ‘Annoying,’ ‘tiresome’;
Banking news
Capital One is acquiring Discover Financial Services, combining two of the largest credit card companies in the U.S.;
Bad property debt exceeds reserves at largest US banks;
China's central bank unexpectedly cuts benchmark lending rate y 25 bps to 3.95%;

Business and Economics
Dow Jones Rallies Thursday After Surprise Jobless Claims; Nvidia Soars To Record Highs;
Amazon to Replace Walgreens in Dow Jones Industrial Average;
Nvidia adds record $277 billion in stock market value;
Student Loan Borrowers With Smaller Loans Have $1.2 Billion In Debts Forgiven; Biden Chips Away at Student Loan Debt, Bit by Bit, Amid High Expectations;
Senate report blasts high-end life insurance plans as $40B ‘tax dodge’; As Home Insurance Bills Go Up, Owners’ Coverage Is Going Down;
Israel’s economy shrank at 20% rate after outbreak of war;
Bundesbank says Germany likely in recession;
Japan’s Nikkei 225 index passes record high after 34 years; Japan's Nikkei then and now;
China circumvents US tariffs by shipping more goods via Mexico;
Dropping Degree Requirements Barely Mitigated Employers’ Labor Shortages;
More Wall Street Firms Are Flip-Flopping on Climate. Here’s Why; As DEI gets more divisive, companies are ditching their teams;
Carl Icahn to get two board seats on JetBlue's board;
Elon Musk's SpaceX was boosted in Indonesia by a Chinese rocket failure;
Rise of fast-fashion Shein, Temu roils global air cargo industry;
Head of Boeing 737 Max program to leave company immediately as part of shake-up at embattled plane manufacturer;
Nationwide AT&T cellphone outage prevents emergency calls, some 911 centers say;
Could a US pensions revolution be on the cards?
IRS to ramp up audits of private jet usage; Tax records reveal the lucrative world of covid misinformation;
Other news
What does it mean to claim the US is a Christian nation, and what does the Constitution say?
America is facing a threat of biblical proportion: The rise of Christian nationalism;
Presidential experts rank Biden 14th among presidents in survey, Trump comes in last;
Documents reveal Abraham Lincoln pardoned Biden’s great-great-grandfather;

Half Of Graduates Are Underemployed After College; Students Of 1 In 4 Higher Ed Programs Earn Less Than High School Graduates;
Students Judge Graduate Program Satisfaction By Their Career Outcomes; California Colleges Often Overlook Value Of Students Who Drop Out;
Experts Say That Despite Their Confidence, High School Students Aren’t Prepared For College;
Student Loan Borrowers With Smaller Loans Have $1.2 Billion In Debts Forgiven;
More Colleges And Universities Extend Deadlines Due To FAFSA Delays; Students Are Postponing College Decisions Due To FAFSA Delays;
Education Department Announces Workaround For Immigrant Families Blocked By FAFSA Glitch;
Teachers Are Missing More School, and There Are Too Few Substitutes;
Cal State Faculty Union Approves Contract With University To Raise Salaries, Increase Benefits;
University Of Arizona’s Upcoming Budget Cuts Spark Concerns Among Students, Workers;
University Of Texas Exemplifies Impacts Of DEI Bans Across GOP-Led States;
Oklahoma Colleges Unclear On How New Anti-DEI Order Will Impact Campuses;
Indiana Bill Targets College Tenure For Faculty Members Who Fail To Provide “Intellectual Diversity”;
Indiana Bill Pushing “Intellectual Diversity” Continues To Draw Criticism From Democrats, College Faculty;
Univ Of Michigan Stops Work On AI System After Vendor Offers To Sell Student Data;
Many School Districts Have Yet To Implement Clear Policies On AI Tools; New Guide Will Help Superintendents Navigate Their Questions About AI;
How Khan Academy’s AI-Powered Tutoring Model Improved ChatGPT; AI-Powered Tutoring Bot Struggled With Basic Math During Tests;
Yale University will require standardized test scores for admission;
House Education Committee Subpoenas Harvard In Antisemitism Probe;
Texas judge says Black teenager’s suspension over dreadlocks doesn’t violate CROWN Act;

TechNews for the week: February 16; February 14; February 12;

Ukraine/Russia war
Moscow calls Ukraine's new Russian-born army chief a traitor, says he won't win;
Russia using Elon Musk’s Starlink on Ukraine front line; Ukraine says Russia buying Starlink terminals in 'Arab countries';
Ukraine Claims Russia Used New Hypersonic Missile for First Time; Ukraine leaves part of Avdiivka, says there's no strategic win for Russia;
German and Ukrainian leaders sign security pact, condemn Navalny's death;
US,Israel/Hamas Conflict
Netanyahu Orders Evacuation Plan for City Where a Million Gazans Shelter;
Abbas says Israeli plan for Rafah assault aims to drive Palestinians from Gaza; Israeli Settlers Left Gaza in 2005. They Now See a Chance to Return;
Israeli strikes kill 44 Palestinians in Rafah after Netanyahu says ground invasion is coming there; Israeli air strikes hit Rafah hours after Netanyahu ordered evacuation plan;
An Israeli drone strike in Lebanon kills 2 in one of the deepest hits inside the country in weeks;
Israeli checkpoints 'paralyse' West Bank life as Gaza war rages; The economy of this Palestinian village depended on Israel. Then the checkpoint closed;
Soldier videos from Gaza could breach international law, experts say; Young Israelis block aid to Gaza while IDF soldiers stand and watch;
How Trump advanced Arab-Israeli peace but fueled Palestinian rage;
Israel strikes Rafah in southern Gaza to rescue two hostages; Panic mounts in Rafah over looming Israeli offensive after night strikes;
Yemen's Houthis target cargo ship bound for Iran, shipping analysts say;
Dutch court bans export of F-35 fighter jet parts to Israel;
Looming Rafah catastrophe sparks new progressive rage at Biden;
France proposes Hezbollah withdrawal, border talks for Israel-Lebanon truce;
Egypt is threatening to void its decades-old peace treaty with Israel. What does that mean; Truce talks open in Cairo as Gazans brace for Israeli assault on Rafah;
Israel Media Report Netanyahu Has Pulled Out of Cease-fire Talks in Egypt;
U.S., U.N. and International Criminal Court Intensify Warnings Against Invading Rafah; South Africa Asks Top U.N. Court to Act Against Israel’s Plans for Rafah;
Israel hits Lebanon with heaviest strike since Gaza war began; Hezbollah fires rockets at northern Israel in reprisal for deadly day;
Israeli Minister Blocks Flour From Reaching UNRWA in Gaza; Jordan to be hit hard if UNRWA funding does not resume;
Ireland to give UNRWA 20 million euros after key donors suspend aid;
Israeli troops have entered Nasser Medical Complex, the largest hospital in southern Gaza;
Israeli forces storm the main hospital in southern Gaza, saying hostages were likely held there; 5 patients die as oxygen runs out in Gaza hospital seized by Israeli forces;
Netanyahu rejects international pressure on peace plan, Palestinian state; Israel tones down criticism of Vatican's Gaza remarks;
Egypt setting up area at Gaza border which could be used to shelter Palestinians;
Blinken offers condolences on reported killings of two Americans in West Bank and calls for investigation;
Senate Democrat accuses Israel of ‘textbook war crime’ in Gaza;
Israel demands Release the hostages or we will invade Rafah;
War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Alexei Navalny, Russian opposition leader, dies in prison, officials say; Biden blames Kremlin for death of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, calling it ‘proof of Putin’s brutality’;
Former ambassador to Russia: ‘Putin killed Navalny, let’s be crystal clear’;
Putin bombshell claims: Poland started WWII, CIA blew up Nord Stream;
Tucker Carlson exposed Putin’s true war motive: For Russia to own Ukraine; Senate Republican rips Tucker Carlson over Russia grocery store trip;
Putin Delivers Damning Assessment Of Tucker Carlson Days After Interview;
Russia and China clash with US and UK over attacks on Yemen rebels for strikes on Red Sea ships;
Estonia says Russia preparing for military confrontation with West;
Indonesia's Prabowo claims victory in presidential election; A Feared Ex-General Appears Set to Become Indonesia’s New Leader;
Imran Khan loyalists win shock victory in Pakistan election;
Pakistan election: Imran Khan's party wants to form government, threatens protests; Pakistan parties wrangle over premiership, vote rigging allegations rejected;
Hindus throng another disputed mosque in India; Small Indian state passes landmark civil code opposed by Muslims;
Why are Indian farmers protesting again? Demands for government explained; India security forces fire tear gas at protesting farmers on drive to Delhi;
India’s Supreme Court scraps Electoral Bonds in setback to Modi’s BJP; Israel’s finance minister blasts Moody’s downgrade of the country’s credit rating;
Iran's main gas pipeline hit by sabotage, oil minister says; Iran will reciprocate if its ships are seized, official says;
U.S. conducted cyberattack on suspected Iranian spy ship;
Biden welcomes the King of Jordan as framework for hostage deal is decided in Israel-Hamas conflict;
Alex Stubb to become Finland’s next president;
Trump’s NATO-bashing comments rile allies, rekindle European fears; Europe must rearm as new threats loom, German minister says;
Key Viktor Orbán ally resigns as Hungary’s president in row over criminal pardon;
Greece becomes first Orthodox Christian country to legalize same-sex marriage;
This Centuries-Old Border Dispute Pits an Army Against Unarmed Volunteers;
Trump’s NATO Threat Reflects a Wider Shift on America’s Place in the World;
Supreme Court to confront 14th Amendment disqualification — and not just Trump’s;
Judge resigns after allegedly texting through trial of man accused of killing toddler;
Biden disparages Netanyahu in private but hasn’t significantly changed U.S. policy toward Israel and Gaza;
In Private Remarks to Arab Americans, Biden Aide Expresses Regrets on Gaza; Biden Shields Palestinians in the U.S. From Deportation;
U.S. immigration authorities consider releasing thousands of detainees to close a $700 million budget gap after border bill collapse;
Watchdog report finds failures in US vetting of adults to take in unaccompanied migrant kids;
Republicans are ‘owning’ the message of abandoning Ukraine;
Senate passes $95 billion Ukraine, Israel aid package amid GOP divide;
White House says House GOP rejection of bipartisan Senate bill helps Russia, Iran; Democrats eye long-shot discharge petition for Ukraine aid;
White House hits Johnson for going on recess without passing Ukraine aid; House Lawmakers unveil bipartisan bill combining Ukraine aid and border security;
After embarrassing failed vote, House GOP will try again to impeach Mayorkas;
The House, in its second attempt, impeached Alejandro Mayorkas, the homeland security secretary, over his handling of immigration and the border;
Mayorkas impeachment headed toward Senate graveyard;
House Lawmakers face sticking points as looming shutdown deadline nears; Budget chief faces heat as Congress feuds over spending;
Rep. Emmer Says House Won’t Pass Another Temporary Spending Bill;
The White House clashed with the Justice Dept. ahead of a report about President Biden’s handling of classified documents, correspondence shows.;
Former FBI official: Similarities between Biden and Hillary Clinton reports ‘nauseating’;
A former FBI informant is charged with lying when he made corruption claims about President Biden and his son Hunter;
Trump ramps up calls to Congress to impeach Biden; Biden: Impeachment inquiry should be dropped after key source was indicted;
House intel chair makes rare request that Biden declassify ‘serious national security threat.’ It involves Russia, people familiar say.;
Buttigieg swipes at congressional inaction on rail safety bill as Biden heads to East Palestine;
Outgoing Republican Rep. Mike Gallagher blames dysfunction on ‘lifers and careerists’;
Tom Suozzi defeated Mazi Pilip, flipping a House seat to Democrats in the critical special election to replace George Santos in New York.;
Kushner says he hasn’t seen US report on Saudi leader’s role in killing Khashoggi;
Watchdog blames Bureau of Prisons ‘deficiencies’ for 187 deaths by suicide;
Campaign politics
Majority of Americans think both Biden and Trump are too old to serve second terms; Why the Age Issue Is Hurting Biden So Much More Than Trump;
Bruised and betrayed, Nikki Haley defies Trump juggernaut;
Trump says Russia can do what it wants to Nato allies who pay too little; White House says Trump comments on Russia, NATO 'appalling and unhinged';
Haley on Trump’s NATO remarks: ‘Don’t take the side of a thug’; Scaramucci slams Trump’s NATO threats: He’s in ‘love affair’ with Putin;
Haley calls Trump ‘unhinged’: ‘An unhinged president is an unsafe president’;
Biden trolls MAGA Republicans with Super Bowl tweet; RFK Jr. apologizes after super PAC’s Super Bowl commercial;
‘Anti-CPAC’ summit planned with prominent GOP Trump critics;
Trump endorses Michael Whatley to lead RNC, with Lara Trump as co-chair; Lara Trump says she’d spend ‘every single penny’ of RNC funds to elect father-in-law;
Trump’s civil service plans unsettle labor leaders at start of campaign season;
Trump wants to fire thousands of government workers. Liberals are preparing to fight back if he wins;
Donald Trump has been privately backing a 16-week national abortion ban, people with knowledge of his deliberations said;
Kushner says he’d turn down Trump request to return to White House;
Powerful House GOP chair retiring after Mayorkas impeachment; Michigan GOP chair officially ousted after weeks of chaos;
Biden campaign says idea president is unfit for office is ‘bucket of BS’; Democrats Might Need a Plan B. Here’s What It Looks Like;
Clyburn to step out of Democratic leadership;
Manchin to announce he won’t run for president, ending months of speculation;
Trump news and classified doc case
Prosecutors Seek to Protect Witnesses in Trump Classified Documents Case;
It's unlikely witnesses against Trump in the Mar-a-Lago documents case will be outed despite judge's ruling;
Cobb says Cannon has ‘no intention’ of letting Trump documents case go to trial before election;
Trump's NY hush money case
Jury selection in Trump N.Y. hush money case to begin March 25; Fact check: Trump makes false and evidence-free claims at Manhattan courthouse;
Former federal prosecutor: ‘Chutzpah doesn’t begin to describe’ Trump legal claims;
Trump Jan 6th indictment
Appeals court rejected Trump's immunity claim. Could he go on trial?;
Trump asks Supreme Court to keep Jan. 6 case on hold, saying the D.C. trial would ‘radically disrupt’ his bid for reelection;
Supreme Court gives Smith one week to respond to Trump on immunity; Special counsel asks Supreme Court to let Trump’s D.C. trial proceed;
Trump opts against appealing civil immunity claim in Jan. 6 lawsuits to Supreme Court;
Georgia indictment
Georgia judge moves forward with hearing on Fani Willis misconduct claims;
Fani Willis accuses defense of lying in fiery testimony at Georgia hearing; Fani Willis, Trump collide in dramatic day: 5 takeaways;
Trump organization NY fraud trial
Trump fined $354 million in civil fraud case and can't be an officer or director of a New York company for 3 years;
Read the full ruling from Judge Engoron in Trump’s civil fraud trial;
Health: COVID-19 and other health issues
CDC plans to drop five-day covid isolation guidelines; COVID patients 4 times more likely to develop chronic fatigue;
Oregon officials confirm case of human bubonic plague, say it likely came from pet cat;
Study finds Proteins may predict who will get dementia 10 years later;
Nitazenes more powerful than fentanyl? What you need to know;
Almost half of health-care workers witness racism toward patients;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
February Crypto-Gram Newsletter, Bots, AI, Hacking and more; Molly White Reviews Blockchain Book;
Accused Russian spy worked for U.K. intelligence, met with prime ministers and princes;
The U.S. has new intelligence about Russian nuclear capabilities that could pose an international threat;
U.S. Authorities Seize Four Domain Names Selling 'Warzone RAT' Malware;
Ransomware Payments Reportedly Hit Record High $1.1 Billion in 2023;
On the Insecurity of Software Bloat;
Improving the Cryptanalysis of Lattice-Based Public-Key Algorithms;
Math and science
SpaceX launches a commercial lander to the moon in historic mission; NASA’s Intuitive Machines Lunar Landing To Pave Way For Artemis Missions;
Follow Perseverance’s path on Mars as it hunts for signs of ancient life;
University Of Nebraska-Lincoln Robot Performs Successful Surgical Simulation In Space;
University Of Arizona Researchers Develop Lunar Habitat Concept Inspired By Massive Termite Mounds;
A 1940 shipwreck was discovered in Lake Superior. Its mystery endures;
How digital transformation is shaping the Middle East;
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
US judge orders Elon Musk to testify in SEC's Twitter probe;
China-based propaganda accounts flourish on X as others try to curb them;
Meta to Stop Recommending Political Content on Instagram, Threads;
TikTok to ramp up fight against fake news, covert influence ahead of EU elections;
Amazon Researchers Train Largest Ever Text-to-Speech Model;
AI and Chatbot issues
Nvidia CEO Huang says countries must build sovereign AI infrastructure;
FTC Warns Companies Against Using Customer Data To Improve Artificial Intelligence Models;
OpenAI Gives ChatGPT Ability To Remember Facts; OpenAI introduces AI model that turns text into video;
OpenAI CEO: “Very Subtle Social Misalignments” Could Cause AI Havoc;
Tech Companies Develop Agreement To Help Identify AI-Generated Content To Prevent Election Deepfakes;
Nvidia's new AI chatbot runs locally on your PC, and it's free; The best AI chatbots: ChatGPT and other noteworthy alternatives;
University Of Michigan Allegedly Selling Student Data To Train AI; Scientists, Bloggers Using AI To Expose Flawed Research;
Amazon Study Predicts AI-Enabled Careers Of The Future;
SC News and Politics
What South Carolina’s execution dilemma says about America’s death penalty;
Mace braces for personal, potent primary amid GOP backlash; McCarthy says Mace needs help ‘to straighten out her life’;
Lindsey Graham, a longtime foreign policy hawk, bows to Trump on Ukraine; Lindsey Graham’s position is clear;
Why Is Nikki Haley Struggling in South Carolina? ‘Relationship Management 101’;
Banking news
Citi hit by new Fed rebuke, setbacks on consent orders;
HSBC to improve ties with Hong Kong unit Hang Seng to mitigate risk;
Unfazed by recession, BOJ keeps April policy shift on table;

Business and Economics
U.S. consumer prices rose 3.1 percent in the year through January, cooling less than expected;
Stocks drop, dollar and yields gain after hot US inflation data;
Why Beef prices could hit record highs in 2024;
Nvidia replaces Alphabet as Wall St's third most valuable company;
Moody’s downgrades Israel’s credit rating, citing war in Gaza;
$1 million in extra costs and weeks of delays. How the Red Sea crisis is upending global trade;
German investment in China rises to record high; Chinese Technology Company Threatens To Sue US Government;
Japan’s Economy Slips Into Recession and to No. 4 in Global Ranking; UK economy falls into recession, adding to Sunak's election challenge;
Amazon Future Engineer Program Expands In Andhra Pradesh, India;
Australia to allow workers to ignore after-hours calls from bosses;
Older workers find a less tolerant workplace: Why many say age discrimination abounds;
145 reps call on Delta CEO to stay out of union organization efforts; Flight attendants join hands to picket outside 30 airports for better pay;
Automakers, UAW Oppose Strict New EPA EV Mandates; California Lawmakers, Union Push For Autonomous Vehicle Restrictions;
Slowing EV Demand Leaving Many Workers With Jobs In Jeopardy Ford Has Team Working On Low-Cost EVs;
American Business Cut Back On Robot Orders Last Year;
Elon Musk shifts Neuralink’s incorporation to Nevada; Musk moves SpaceX incorporation to Texas amid frustration with Delaware court;
Tesla’s Chair Under Scrutiny for Oversight of Elon Musk;
SEC approves Trump Media merger that could mean a huge windfall — potentially $4 billion — for the former president;
Airbus Pulls Further Ahead of Boeing in Global Plane Rivalry;
Amazon joins companies arguing US labor board is unconstitutional;
Student Loan Debt Putting Americans’ Retirement Savings At Risk;
Iowa star Caitlin Clark sets NCAA Division I women’s basketball career scoring record;
Kelvin Kiptum, Marathon World Record Holder, Dies in Car Crash at 24;
All the Super Bowl ads, ranked;
Other news
How your memory really works, and how it changes as you age;
How Donald Trump assembled his team of criminal defense lawyers;

HBCU Graduates Have More Debt, Earn Less Than Peers; The trouble with schools is too much math;
Panel Will Discuss Why Most California Students Aren’t Able To Apply To Public Universities;
ED Says Colleges Will Be Delayed In Receiving FAFSA Records This Yea; Colleges Extend Admissions, Financial Aid Deadlines Due To FAFSA Delays;
Biden Administration Announces New Steps Giving Colleges More Financial Aid Flexibility;
More Colleges Are Pushing Back Commitment Deadlines After FAFSA Delays;
HBCUs Offer Support To Students Uncertain Of Higher Ed After Affirmative Action Ruling;
Biden Administration Expects To Forgive Even More Student Loan Debt; Administration Proposes Student Debt Relief For Borrowers “Highly Likely” To Default;
College Administrators, Professors Urge ED To Keep Rules Allowing Inclusive Access;
More Elite Universities Are Reconsidering SAT Testing Requirements; College Board to pay $750K for selling New York students’ SAT data;
More Colleges Are Investing In Major Student Housing Expansions;
Northern Nevada Career College Suddenly Closes Operations; Louisiana, Other States Are Having Difficulties Showing The Effectiveness Of Career Education;
Ohio Invests $6M In Professional Development For K-12 Computer Science Instruction;
UW-Madison Expects To Recruit 120-150 New Faculty Members During Hiring Spree;
Penn Becomes First Ivy League To Offer Degree In AI; AI-Generated Deepfakes Highlight Need For Media Literacy In Schools;
Analysis Finds Low-Income Students More Likely To See Ads In Their Schools’ Tech;
Kentucky Senate Passes Bill To Limit DEI Initiatives At Public Colleges; Nebraska GOP Bills Would Ban DEI Programs, Limit Tenure At Public Colleges;
Wisconsin Legislature Passes Constitutional Amendment Targeting DEI Efforts;
Yale University apologizes for its role in slavery;
California’s Push for Ethnic Studies Runs Into the Israel-Hamas War; Report: Teachers are limiting lessons on political, social issues;
Rival University Of Michigan Student Leaders Clash Over Gaza Conflict; Most Jewish Students Dissatisfied With Colleges’ Responses To Antisemitism;
Education Department Opens Civil Rights Investigation Into Johns Hopkins University; Families’ claims against Harvard dismissed in morgue case;
Idaho Lawmakers Threaten Lawsuit To Halt University Of Phoenix Purchase;

TechNews for the week: February 9; February 7; February 5;

Ukraine/Russia war
World Court says it will hear part of Russia-Ukraine genocide case;
Ukraine's Donetsk region pounded by up to 2,500 Russian strikes daily; Feb 7: Russian missile strikes on Ukrainian cities kills five;
Front-line Ukrainian infantry units report acute shortage of soldiers;
Zelensky replaces top general Valery Zaluzhny with ground forces commander Oleksandr Syrsky, ending days of speculation;
Israel/Hamas Conflict
Israel Signals Its Military Will Move Into a Gazan City Turned Refuge; Israel pressures Gaza cities, health officials say 18 die in airstrikes;
Gazans fear Israeli attack on their last refuge; US launches retaliatory strikes;
US starts retaliatory strikes in Iraq and Syria against Iran-linked targets; Iran Condemns US Air Strikes as Violations of Iraqi, Syrian Sovereignty;
U.S. forces launch new wave of strikes, hitting Iran-linked targets in Yemen; Yemen’s top diplomat blasts US, EU for ignoring Houthi warnings;
Hamas demands Israel release Marwan Barghouti, a man some Palestinians see as their Nelson Mandela;
Iran says US strikes are a 'strategic mistake'; U.S. Strikes Iranian-Backed Targets for Third Day in a Row;
Iran-backed group kills U.S. allies in Syria amid high-stakes tit-for-tat;
Hamas hounds Israeli forces in main Gaza cities; Blinken arrives in Egypt; Gazans fear Israel’s plans for crowded Rafah;
More than a fifth of the remaining hostages held in Gaza are dead, according to an internal Israeli military report.;
Qatar says Hamas ‘positive’ on proposed deal to release hostages in Gaza;
Amnesty International accuses Israeli forces of killing Palestinians in the West Bank with impunity; Israeli Soldiers’ Videos Reveal Cheering Destruction and Mocking Gazans;
Feb. 6: Hamas demand for permanent ceasefire in hostage talks unacceptable — Israeli source;
Blinken in Israel to try to seal Gaza truce deal; Hamas proposes 135-day Gaza truce with complete Israeli withdrawal;
Israeli tank fire killed Reuters journalist Issam Abdallah in Lebanon;
Netanyahu rejects Hamas’s Gaza cease-fire proposal, calling it ‘delusional’ — a setback for Blinken on his Israel trip;
Blinken ends latest Mideast mission after new Israeli snub of proposed Gaza cease-fire plan;
Palestinian Authority to pay reduced salaries as Israel blocks funds;
U.S. airstrike in Baghdad kills Iranian-backed militia leader suspected of coordinating attacks on American troops;
Gazans’ last refuge becomes Israel’s next target; Aid groups warn against assault on last Gaza refuge as Israel strikes Rafah;
Netanyahu dismisses US and UN pleas for Israel not to attack Rafah; Netanyahu calls for massive operation in Rafah;
Three U.S. citizens detained by Israel in West Bank, Gaza, families say;
Biden says Israel’s military conduct in Gaza has been ‘over the top,’ his sharpest public rebuke since conflict began;
War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Russia moves to ban presidential candidate from running against Putin;
Kremlin confirms Putin gave interview to ex-Fox News host Tucker Carlson; Putin, in rambling interview, barely lets Tucker Carlson get a word in;
Putin interview with Tucker Carlson shows Kremlin outreach to Trump’s GOP; Tucker Carlson joins long line of ‘useful idiot’ journalists helping tyrants;
Vladimir Putin hints at swapping US reporter Evan Gershkovich for Russian assassin;
With the US looking elsewhere, Uzbekistan and China quietly cement a regional alliance;
Pakistan’s Military Has Swayed Many Elections. Now It’s Going Full Tilt; Blasts near Pakistan candidates' offices kill 26 on election eve;
Will Pakistan’s military regret turning on Imran Khan; With over half the seats counted, Imran Khan's supporters lead in Pakistan polls;
Iraq says US strikes push government to end mission of U.S.-led coalition;
Many Israelis Want Netanyahu Out. But There Is No Simple Path to Do It;
Denmark warns Russia could attack a Nato country within 3 to 5 years;
Sweden ends Nord Stream sabotage probe, hands evidence to Germany;
Northern Ireland appoints Irish nationalist as First Minister in historic shift;
King Charles III has been diagnosed with an undisclosed form of cancer and will suspend public duties to undergo treatment.;
Panama presidential frontrunner ‘barred’ over money laundering case;
El Salvador's Bukele re-elected as president in landslide win;
Brazilian federal police accused the former president Jair Bolsonaro of attempting a coup following Brazil’s 2022 presidential election;
Slowpoke federal appeals court puts 2024 election in jeopardy;
Preview: Supreme Court to decide whether insurrection provision keeps Trump off ballot;
Trump plans to stay away from Supreme Court arguments after turning past court appearances into campaign stops;
Supreme Court seems poised to allow Trump to remain on the Colorado ballot by reversing a lower court ruling; Van Jones: Supreme Court losing ‘a game of chicken’ with Trump;
Trump hopes semantics will save him at the Supreme Court; Transcript of the Trump Supreme Court oral arguments;
What the Law Says in 3 Cases That Could Decide Trump’s Fate; Breaking Down the Amicus Briefs in Trump v. Anderson;
Trump heads to US Supreme Court with a familiar claim: he is untouchable ; Court rejects Trump’s claim of absolute immunity;
Clarence Thomas and Donald Trump face the same question: How far is too far;
A Suddenly Media-Shy Speaker Can’t Answer Questions. He’s on the Phone;
Senators reveal a bipartisan border deal that pairs migration deterrents with Ukraine funding; Here’s what’s in the Senate’s border security deal;
Border deal meets immediate blowback from conservatives, Trump allies in Congress; Speaker Johnson: Border bill is ‘even worse than we expected’;
Chamber of Commerce calls for immediate passage of border bill; Border bill faces uphill climb amid growing GOP opposition;
At Rally for Border Security in Texas, Fears of ‘Invasion’ and ‘Civil War’;
Jayapal (D-Wash.): Border deal would force many migrants unable to seek asylum ‘back to certain death’;
Biden blames Trump for impending collapse of border bill; GOP delivers death blow to bipartisan border bill;
Chip Roy knocks Trump over border claim: ‘That any executive could unilaterally close the southern border’;
White House calls House GOP’s $17.6B Israel aid bill a ‘cynical political maneuver’; House GOP fails to pass Israel package as congressional impasse continues;
Senate to vote on Plan B: Ukraine funding without border security; Senate advances Ukraine funding without border security reforms;
Senate votes to advance Ukraine-Israel package after border deal fails;
Speaker Johnson in increasingly tough spot on Ukraine; Tempers flare after Graham accuses Sinema of ‘half-ass’ border effort;
Political Divisions Threaten Appropriations Process As Deadline Draws Nearer;
CBO says Biden-McCarthy deal will limit debt growth by $1.4 trillion; Inflation Reduction Act Costs Continue Rising Due To Popularity;
Republican House Leaders Face Revolt Around Rule Suspension; Funding Bills May Need Supermajority To Pass;
Legal experts counter GOP claims that Mayorkas broke the law;
The House failed to impeach Alejandro Mayorkas, the homeland security secretary, after a small group of Republicans broke with their party.;
Republicans thought they had the votes to impeach Mayorkas, until they didn’t. Then the shouting began;
Special counsel will soon release report critical of Biden’s handling of classified documents, but no criminal charges are expected;
Special counsel recommends no charges for Biden over classified document mishandling; 4 key takeaways from the report;
Biden pushes back angrily at special counsel classified documents report that questioned his memory, mental acuity;
Americans know Trump is extreme. They might elect him anyway;
Republicans fear they will be targets in Trump’s ‘retribution’ campaign; J.D. Vance would have upended democracy over right-wing nonsense;
How the 'squad' is fighting back against pro-Israel PACs with record fundraising;
Biden condemns ‘anti-Arab hate’ after Wall Street Journal op-ed labels Michigan city ‘America’s jihad capital’;
Mattis secretly advised Arab monarch on Yemen war, records show;
Federal Records Show Increasing Use of Solitary Confinement for Immigrants;
Some college students find it harder to vote under new Republican laws;
Oxford High shooter’s mother convicted of involuntary manslaughter. She’s the first parent to face this charge for a child’s crime;
Campaign politics
Trump’s Tariffs Hurt U.S. Jobs but Swayed American Voters, Study Says; Trump Pushes Immigration Conspiracy Theories and Mass Deportations;
At R.N.C. Meeting, Talk Is of Coming Trump Merger and Chairwoman’s Fate; Ronna McDaniel is expected to leave as RNC chair amid pressure from Trump;
Trump seeks debate with Biden in 2024 presidential race;
Biden wins the South Carolina Democratic primary in his first test on a 2024 ballot; Veterans group spending $45M on Biden, Democrats;
Biden courts Nevada voters after narrow 2020 win; Biden thanks hospitality workers in Las Vegas ahead of Nevada’s Tuesday primary;
Forget No Labels. Biden’s Third-Party Peril is on the Left;
Eight Words and a Verbal Slip Put Biden’s Age Back at the Center of 2024;
73 percent in North Carolina poll say US on wrong track;
Nikki Haley makes surprise appearance in ‘SNL’ cold open;
Haley campaign blasts Nevada caucuses as ‘rigged for Trump’; Haley hits Trump’s nod to Xi: ‘Praising dictators is not normal’;
Nikki Haley was outvoted by the “None of These Candidates” option on a ballot that did not include Donald Trump;
Stefanik says she ‘would not have done what Mike Pence did’ on Jan. 6;
George Stephanopoulos Shuts Down Interview With Sen. J.D. Vance;
Spartz (R-Ind.) reverses decision, will run for House again;
Former Md. governor Larry Hogan (R) to run for U.S. Senate in last-minute bid;
Why it matters that this year’s election campaign will be so long;
Trump news and classified doc case
New Jack Smith filing blows up Trump's false Mar-a-Lago narrative: "Inaccurate and distorted";
“Awful and unethical”: Legal experts say Judge Cannon could face removal for “disturbing” order;
Trump Jan 6th indictment
After Speedy Start, Appeals Court Slows Down on Trump Immunity Decision; Court rejects Trump’s claim of absolute immunity;
‘DC Circuit Gives Supreme Court Easy Out of Trump Immunity Fight’;
Former federal prosecutor says he’s ‘officially’ freaking out about Trump Jan. 6 case;
Dozens of House Republicans Declare Trump’s Jan. 6 Actions Were Not Insurrection;
Trump organization NY fraud trial
Trump's New York criminal case, likely first for trial, faces crucial test;
“Trump is in even more trouble”: Judge demands answers after report that Trump CFO “lied under oath”;
NY AG, Trump lawyers ask fraud trial judge to disregard reported perjury inquiry as verdict looms;
Health: COVID-19 and other health issues
Appeals court says Not wearing a mask during COVID-19 health emergency isn’t a free speech right;
Federal officials investigate alleged Medicare fraud scheme estimated at $2 billion;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
Dutch Intelligence Agencies Say Chinese Spies Accessed Military Network; FBI Director Says Chinese Hackers Plan to 'Wreak Havoc' on U.S. Infrastructure;
'Cybersecurity Incident' Targeted Fulton County Government;
Bruce Schneier predicts a future of AI-powered mass spying: Lock and Code podcast;
With ‘pig butchering’ scams on the rise, FBI moves to stop the bleeding;
Teaching LLMs to Be Deceptive; On Software Liabilities; Deepfake Fraud;
Documents about the NSA’s Banning of Furby Toys in the 1990s;
Math and science
Could a Giant Parasol in Outer Space Help Solve the Climate Crisis; NASA Launches PACE Climate Satellite To Study Earth’s Oceans, Atmosphere;
U Arizona Researcher Says NASA Asteroid Samples Could Originate From Ancient Ocean World;
Why scientists are starting to worry about the moon shrinking;
Why this is one of the planetary shifts scientists are most worried about;
AI breakthrough enables scientists to read Roman scrolls once buried by Mount Vesuvius;
Texas A&M Professor Recognized For Her Popular TikTok Videos About Physics;
Teenage 'Newton of Gaza' creates system to light up family tent;
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
The wild probe into investors of DWAC, Trump Media’s proposed merger ally;
Meta Oversight Board Calls Company’s Policies On Manipulated Media “Incoherent”;
Inside Meta, a debate over when the word ‘Zionist’ is hate speech; Meta considers aggressive removal of posts containing ‘Zionist’;
Google Rebrands Bard As Gemini, Introduces AI Smartphone App; Google Bard's New AI Image Generator: Here's How It Turned Out;
CNN revamps morning slate of programming in latest shakeup;
AI and Chatbot issues
Experts: AI Should Be Regulated Based On Ability To Generate Positive Outcomes;
Research Suggests LLMs’ Language Learning Capability Nearly As Good As Infants;
OpenAI Updates ChatGPT To Address Perceived Laziness;
Meta to start labelling AI-generated images from other companies like Google, OpenAI;
FCC bans AI-generated voices in robocalls;
SC News and Politics
"She's a joke": Nancy Mace's ex-aides spill the beans after entire staff bails in just 3 months;
Banking news
UBS resumes buybacks, seeks more cost savings from Credit Suisse takeover;
Why One Shaky Bank Is Stirring Fears of a Wider Financial Mess;

Business and Economics
Powell: ‘The US is on an unsustainable fiscal path’; Index Drops After Powell Reiterates Cautious Stance;
S&P 500 reaches 5,000 to mark record for US stocks;
Why Are Americans Wary While the Economy Is Healthy? Look at Nevada;
For First Time in Two Decades, U.S. Buys More From Mexico Than China;
FCC To Suspend New Applications To Internet Subsidy Program Due To Lack Of New Funding;
Policy Will Allow U.S. to Impose Visa Limits Related to Commercial Spyware;
China stocks rebound sharply on renewed talk of official support; China jettisons securities watchdog head as Beijing battles turmoil;
China's Jan inflation hits 14-year-low; CPI +0.3% m/m with y/y remaining in deflation at -0.8%;
Japan’s Nikkei hits 34-year high on weak yen;
Yandex owner to exit Russia in $5.2 billion deal; Why the sale of Russia's Yandex is significant;
Tech Layoffs Beginning To Weigh On Industry Morale;
Trump Pardon Recipient Fined $20 Million in Predatory Lending Case;
Judge Rules in Favor of Apple in Smartwatch Heart-Monitoring Tech Case;
Ford Considering Changing EV Plans, Reconsidering Vertical Battery Integration;
Tesla Lags Behind GM, Ford In Revenue Generated Per Employee, Financial Reports Show;
Boeing finds new problem with 737 Max fuselages;
California’s High-Speed Rail Becoming A Reality Despite Political Disputes;
2024 Tax Brackets: Here's Why Your Paycheck May Be Bigger; The IRS has all our tax data. Why doesn’t its new website use it;
How to Scan Your Important Tax Documents With Your Phone This Tax Season;
How to choose the streaming services that are right for you;
In her first marathon, Fiona O’Keeffe sets an Olympic trials record;
ESPN, Fox and Warner Team Up to Create Sports Streaming Platform;
Other news
Two daring slave escapes, two descendant families and a DNA mystery;
Here’s how 2 sentences in the Constitution rose from obscurity to ensnare Donald Trump;
A Legal Outsider, an Offbeat Theory and the Fate of the 2024 Election; The retribution presidency;

K-12 Enrollment Remains Below Pre-Pandemic Levels; Census Data Show Colleges Could Face Second Enrollment Cliff By 2039;
College Financial Aid Administrators Upset By Delayed FAFSA Rollout; Education Department Announces FAFSA College Support Strategy;
DC Scholarship Program Faces Delays Amid FAFSA Setbacks; How Washington Could Get More Students To Complete Their FAFSA Forms;
University Of California, Cal State Extend Deadline To Accept Admission Due To FAFSA Delays;
Colleges Should Use FAFSA Data To Help Meet Students’ Basic Needs;
Education Department Sends Final Title IX Rule To OMB For Review;
SAT Tests Will Be Digital Starting This Year; Dartmouth College To Reinstate Standardized Testing Requirement For Applicants;
New Data Show Only 16% Of Community College Students Earn Bachelor’s Degrees After Transferring;
College Diplomas Likely To Retain Their Value As States Drop Degree Requirements;
Supreme Court’s Affirmative Action Ruling Shows Increased Volume, Diversity Of College Applicants;
UCLA Will Double Down On Expanding Ethnic Studies Amid Fraught Political Climate;
Oklahoma Governor Calls For Higher Ed Consolidation In State Of The State Address; Maryland Governor Proposes $22 Million Funding Cut For Community Colleges;
Wisconsin GOP Bill Would Officially Eliminate DEI Statements At Colleges; Kentucky Senate Panel Advances Bill Limiting DEI Initiatives On College Campuses;
San Francisco Unified Set To Reverse Early Algebra Policy After Yearslong Battle With Parents;
Survey: Only 16% Of Faculty Feels Prepared For GenAI In Higher Ed; Certain Words Help Admissions Committees Spot AI In College Applications;
Research Shows Rise Of AI Technology Hasn’t Resulted In A Proliferation Of Student Cheating;
Zuckerberg- And Ackman-Backed Harvard Board Candidates Fall Short Of Required Signatures;
OCR Opens Investigation Into Claims Of Discrimination Against Palestinian Students At Harvard;
UT-Austin Investigating Four Students Amid Tensions Over Israel-Hamas War;
Students Say Columbia’s Limiting Of Pro-Palestine Campus Demonstrations Forces Protests Onto City Streets;
Columbia’s Jewish Community Alarmed By Antisemitic Skunk Poster Displayed On Campus;
Indiana University Criticized For Canceling Pro-Palestinian Campus Events For “Security Risks”;
A Politician Vying for a Florida Presidency Complained About the Search. Hours Later, It Was Suspended;
Texas A&M Board Of Regents Votes To Close Qatar Campus;

TechNews for the week: February 2; January 31; January 29;

Ukraine/Russia war
U.S. doesn’t anticipate big gains by Ukraine against Russia in 2024; Russia and Ukraine swap hundreds of POWs, Moscow says;
As missiles hit, Slovak PM Fico claims there's no war in Kyiv;
European Union approves more than $50 billion support package for Ukraine;
Zelensky’s shake-up of military command, meant as a refresh, risks backlash;
Israel/Hamas Conflict
International Court of Justice rules against Israel but declines to order end to genocide in Gaza; South African president hails ruling against Israel as step toward justice;
ICJ genocide ruling threatens global support for Israel; The Israeli public is convinced the world is against it.;
Trafigura Tanker Carrying Russian Fuel Struck by Houthis;
Israeli commandos waging guerilla campaign in Khan Younis;
End Gaza war before US elections, Biden tells Netanyahu;
Western nations follow U.S. in suspending UNRWA aid after allegations over Oct. 7 attacks; USAID’s Samantha Power, genocide scholar, confronted by staff on Gaza;
Where Is Hamas Getting Its Weapons? Increasingly, From Israel;
Three US troops killed and 'many' wounded in drone attack by Iran-backed militia in Jordan;
A U.S. drone was returning to a base in Jordan as another attacked, confusing defenses before a strike killed 3 U.S. soldiers;
Drone attack in Jordan complicates Biden's effort to contain Israel-Hamas war;
Israel strikes Gaza, regional tensions high as Hamas studies ceasefire proposal; Hamas reiterates that Gaza war must end for any hostage release;
Israeli agents disguised as doctors, patients kill 3 at West Bank hospital;
U.K. considers recognizing Palestinian state to advance 2-state solution; On Palestinian statehood: Lessons from Germany and Japan;
Egypt-Israel ties in jeopardy over intensifying Gaza border dispute;
IDF says they destroyed this Gaza graveyard because of Hamas activity. CNN can’t find the evidence ;
Mythology behind anti-Semitism drives disconnect over support for Palestinians;
Biden Imposes Sanctions on Israeli Settlers Over West Bank Violence;
UN: Gaza economic recovery to take decades;
Israel and Lebanon are prepping for a war neither wants, but many fear it's becoming inevitable ;
South Africa says all states must stop funding Israel's military;
Backs to the wall, Gazans fear Israeli assault on last refuge; A Palestinian posted a message on Oct. 7. Then came the death threats;
US hits Houthi UAVs, ground control station in Yemen; U.S. conducts retaliatory strikes in Iraq and Syria after attack on Jordan base that killed three Americans;
Iranian military adviser killed in suspected Israeli air strike in Syria;
War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Russia projects confidence as it pursues alliances to undermine the West; Russia lawmakers back property confiscations for discrediting army;
A Collective ‘No’: Anti-Putin Russians Embrace an Unlikely Challenger; Anti-war Putin rival Nadezhdin says he has enough signatures to run for president;
Russia’s New Threats to Exiles: Seized Assets and Forced Returns;
Precision manufacturing equipment for Russian arms makers came from U.S.-allied Taiwan, despite expansive restrictions;
Why China is reluctant to wade into the Red Sea crisis and join US-led attacks on Houthis;
China is absorbing Hong Kong, as geography follows politics; Hong Kong leader starts push for new security laws, says city 'can't afford to wait';
How the US is preparing for a Chinese invasion of Taiwan;
Philippines' Marcos hits back at predecessor Duterte;
Modi's party set to bring contentious common civil laws in India through states;
Gunmen in Iran kill nine Pakistanis days after tit-for-tat strikes;
Iran's Guards pull officers from Syria after Israeli strikes;
Iran won't start a war but will respond to bullies, says president;
US agrees to sell Turkey jets after Ankara approves Sweden’s Nato bid;
Brussels threatens to hit Hungary’s economy if Viktor Orbán vetoes Ukraine aid; Hungary parliament speaker sees 'no urgency' in voting on Sweden's NATO accession;
German rightwing populists defeated in regional election;
For Europe and NATO, a Russian Invasion Is No Longer Unthinkable;
In Northern Ireland, a Knotty Brexit Problem Is on the Brink of Being Solved; The new Northern Ireland deal and how will it work;
Supreme Court to hear abortion pill arguments in March; The Supreme Court’s Mixed Record on Adhering to Precedent;
Republicans now say it might be okay to ignore the Supreme Court;
Oregon Supreme Court rules GOP lawmakers who walked out can’t run for reelection;
Judge dismisses Disney’s lawsuit against DeSantis that alleged Florida’s dismantling of a special tax district was retaliatory;
Palestinian Americans’ Lawsuit in Oakland Seeks to Halt U.S. Support for Israel;
Half in new poll say Israel has gone too far in Gaza war;
Biden’s done more on immigration than Trump. It hasn’t worked; Biden backs Senate border deal, vows to 'shut down the border' when overwhelmed ;
Lankford defends bipartisan border security bill after attacks by Trump, GOP; Oklahoma GOP votes to censure Lankford over Senate border talks;
Biden and senators on verge of striking immigration deal aimed at clamping down on illegal border crossings;
25 states with Republican governors sign letter supporting Texas in border control fight; Denver mayor says city ‘very close to its breaking point’ amid influx of migrants;
House Republicans poised to torpedo GOP’s best chance in years to pass border bill;
Tlaib opposes ‘fear-mongering’ bills adding immigration restrictions; House passes bill strengthening ability to block immigrants for DUIs;
Senate’s border bill faces unexpected problem: Democrats; Hispanic Caucus urges new direction in immigration talks;
History of Failure on Border Policy Hangs Over Current Push in Congress;
These GOP lawmakers hate federal spending, except for their own districts;
White House Announces $150M In New Federal Research Funding;
Congressional Negotiators Reach Spending Agreement In Budget Plan; Biden Says More Work Needs To Be Done On Pay Equity;
Tax deal likely much more expensive than official estimate, experts warn ; GOP moderates send warning shot to Johnson over tax deal;
New York GOP moderates get SALT commitment after floor protest; Neutralizing hardliners, House Republicans using special process to pass bills;
House passes bipartisan bill to expand child tax credit and bolster corporate tax breaks; House-passed tax bill heads into Senate GOP buzzsaw;
House Republicans vote to advance Homeland Secretary Mayorkas’s impeachment case to full chamber as Democrats call process a sham;
Comer: Hunter Biden associates ‘had a hard time remembering the bad things’;
Illinois officials to weigh whether to boot Trump off ballot; Illinois Hearing Officer, Ex-G.O.P. Judge, Says Trump Engaged in Insurrection ;
Texas AG seeks transgender records in Georgia as part of his wider probe; Utah becomes latest state to regulate bathroom access for transgender people;
John Podesta, a senior Biden adviser, will succeed John Kerry as the top U.S. climate diplomat;
How Does Biden’s travel measure up with his predecessors;
Cheney recirculates Stefanik Jan. 6 statement after she reportedly deletes it;
Attorney General Merrick Garland will undergo back procedure Saturday, turn over duties temporarily to deputy;
Republican legislatures in some states are trying to keep abortion off the ballot;
Ex-IRS consultant sentenced to 5 years in prison for leaked tax returns; New Mexico won’t charge officers who went to wrong house, killed resident;
Prisoners in the US are part of a hidden workforce linked to hundreds of popular food brands;
Jackie Robinson statue found burned, dismantled in Wichita trash can;
Since Ohio Train Derailment, Accidents Have Gone Up, Not Down;
Campaign politics
Why Nikki Haley Has So Few Friends Left in South Carolina Politics; Haley’s Dilemma: How to Diminish Trump Without Alienating Republican Voters;
Nikki Haley suggests she'll stay in Republican race after South Carolina; Haley defends verdict against Trump in Carroll case: ‘I absolutely trust the jury’;
GOP mega-donor calls Haley ‘a tremendous candidate’; Trump’s attacks on Haley pose risks with female voters;
Inside Trump's election A-team: Lean, mean and largely unseen; Tim Scott to serve as key Trump surrogate amid push for Black voters;
Donald Trump wants to impose a 10% tariff. Here's what happened when Nixon tried the same thing;
Trump brags about efforts to stymie border talks: ‘Please blame it on me’; Trump says he would block US Steel sale;
Trump claims credit for record-high stock market under Biden; Trump blasts Powell as ‘political’ as Fed weighs rate cuts;
Trump says he ‘never spoke’ to ‘hopeless’ UAW;
Poll points to deep trouble for Trump if he gets convicted; At the Defense Table, Trump Uses the Courtroom as a Stage;
Most Republicans aren’t aware of Trump’s various legal issues;
Is it really sexism that Trump is showing? Is it really sexism that Trump is showing? Or is it something worse?
Illinois voters turn to court after board rejects effort to remove Trump from ballot;
Some Major G.O.P. Donors Begin a Slow Turn Toward Trump;
Trump holds large lead over Haley in South Carolina, poll finds; Democrats Warn Their Voters Against Backing Haley in South Carolina;
Trump puts on full-court press for big-time donors — and nabs more than a few; Republican National Committee January fundraising best monthly haul in 2024 cycle;
MoveOn Will Spend $32 Million to Back Biden and Other Democrats;
Biden Must Campaign Against a Man Who Already Thinks He’s President;
Advocacy group for retirees endorses Biden in reelection bid;
Michigan's Arab American leaders shun Biden campaign; Biden struggling in Michigan as Trump grabs strong lead, poll shows;
Michigan becomes quagmire for Biden; Biden’s approval rating dips as border concerns grow;
Biden opens up lead on Trump amid growing gender gap;
Biden raised $6.2 million at a Tuesday fundraiser in Florida;
What we learned from 2024 candidates’ year-end fundraising reports;
GOP’s Salazar says she can’t recall how she voted on CHIPS, appropriations bills;
Lawmakers spoof Santos, Boebert at annual Congressional Dinner;
Trump news and classified doc case
Trump’s PACs Spent Roughly $50 Million on Legal Expenses in 2023; Trump lawsuit over claims in ‘Steele dossier’ dismissed in UK;
Ex-US attorney alarmed over Judge Cannon's "oddly scheduled" docs meeting;
Former prosecutors: "Screw up" by Judge Cannon could lay groundwork for Jack Smith appeal;
Trump defamation case
In Trump’s Bitter, Yearslong Brawl with Roberta Kaplan, He Keeps Losing ; Judge threatens to send Trump attorney Alina Habba to jail over interruptions;
After Trump’s $88 million judgments, new penalty could come soon; "Trump doesn't have an appeal": Experts say Trump may fire lawyer after being "burned very severely";
Trump says he’s interviewing new lawyers for Carroll case appeal, attacks judge;
Trump Jan 6th indictment
Men accused of hurling barricades on Jan. 6, opening a path for mob, are convicted of assaulting police;
Trump’s D.C. trial has been dropped from federal court’s March calendar while his immunity claim delays his case;
The ‘runt’ of Trump cases now likely to be his first criminal trial;
Georgia indictment
Georgia prosecutor in Trump case settles divorce ahead of hearing;
Trump organization NY fraud trial
Trump targets New York judge, AG as civil fraud case verdict looms;
Health: COVID-19 and other health issues
Women make up 4 out of every 5 autoimmune disease patients;
The surprisingly simple exercise that can lower your blood pressure;
What are the health benefits of dark chocolate;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
FBI warns China seeks to ‘wreak havoc’ by targeting US water, electricity; NSA Buying Bulk Surveillance Data on Americans without a Warrant;
Ring to Stop Allowing Access to Video Camera Footage by Police Departments;
A Self-Enforcing Protocol to Solve Gerrymandering;
Facebook’s Extensive Surveillance Network;
Class-Action Lawsuit Accuses 23andMe of Privacy Violations;
Retired conservative judge: ‘Trump disqualified himself’ from ballot;
CFPB’s Proposed Data Rules;
Microsoft Executives Hacked;
Math and science
Japan’s lunar craft regains power after upside-down landing;
NASA To Partner With ESA on Venus, Gravitational Wave Space Missions; Mars rover data confirms ancient lake sediments on Mars;
Webb telescope captures 'stunning' images of 19 spiral galaxies;
Satellites Launching This Year Will Help To Track Atmospheric Methane; Virgin Galactic Launches First Suborbital Mission Of 2024;
SpaceX Utilizing Lasers For Global Internet Connectivity;
Musk says Neuralink has implanted brain chip in its first human subject;
Scientists use Crispr gene editing to treat hereditary disorder;
The World Hasn’t Seen Cicadas Like This Since 1803;
Pilot believes he found Amelia Earhart’s plane on the ocean floor;
Early testing suggests highway guardrails not built for heavy EVs;
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
X Blocks Searches for Taylor Swift After Proliferation of Fake Graphic Images;
Six takeaways from Senate hearing about online child safety; Young Adults, Civil Rights Groups Condemn Kids Online Safety Act Despite Senate Hearings;
AI Executives’ Efforts To Address Risks Contrasts With Social Media Leaders;
Universal Music Group pulled songs from TikTok after licensing negotiations broke down;
Sports Illustrated publisher pulls transgender boxing story from magazine;
AI and Chatbot issues
Biden Administration To Begin Requiring AI Companies To Disclose Safety Test Results;
More Than 100 Congressional Offices Using AI For “Everyday” Tasks;
Some Question Benefits Of Military AI Research At Universities;
SC News and Politics
Cross burning in South Carolina stirs debate over hate-crimes laws;
Banking news
HSBC failed to protect $142 billion in deposits, receives bumper fine;
Deutsche Bank to cut 3,500 jobs and reward shareholders;
US regional bank sell-off a cautionary sign of more pain to come;

Business and Economics
Consumer confidence hits highest level since December 2021; Employers added 353,000 jobs in January, starting the year off surprisingly strong;
Fed holds rates steady, says more 'confidence' needed in inflation slowdown before cuts;
S&P 500 surges to record closing high on solid earnings, robust data;
US Debt Interest Payments Soon To Exceed Yearly National Defense Budget;
US Treasury to hold largest-ever bond auctions to plug budget deficit;
China's factory activity contracted for fourth straight month in January amid soft demand;
Real estate giant China Evergrande ordered by Hong Kong court to liquidate;
Saudi Arabia ditches plan to raise oil production; U.S. drilling rig count ticks lower, down 18% from year ago;
Russian oil flows through Red Sea still face lower risks;
Air freight rates rise amid Red Sea crisis and in run-up to Asia's Lunar New Year;
Tesla erases $80 bln in valuation after Musk's sales warning; US auto safety agency upgrades probe into Tesla power steering loss;
Elon Musk’s record $55bn Tesla pay package voided by US judge; Musk seeks Tesla shareholder vote on moving incorporation to Texas;
China challenges the west for driverless car supremacy; Nvidia's new China-focused AI chip set to be sold at similar price to Huawei product;
China’s Temu launches $3bn US online ads blitz in challenge to Amazon;
Toyota halts shipment of some vehicles over certification issues;
U.S. Energy Department Allocates $131 Million For Improving EV Battery Tech;
Pentagon plans AI-based program to estimate prices for critical minerals;
Financiers grapple with plane shortages amid Boeing MAX crisis;
Bayer shares fall nearly 6% on court order to pay $2.25 bln in damages;
UPS to cut 12,000 jobs, citing softer demand and higher labor costs;
Over 500 journalists were laid off in January 2024 alone; Wall Street Journal shakes up D.C. bureau with big layoffs;
Walmart to open 150 new stores in US;
Massachusetts To Drop Degree Requirements From Most State Government Job Listings;
Amazon Shares Boosted by Q1 Sales Rise Forecast;
The NFL concussion settlement promised payouts to ailing former players. Hundreds have been denied, including many with CTE;
Other news
The Statue of Liberty was created to celebrate freed slaves, not immigrants, its new museum recounts;
Former senator says new film shows ‘how close’ we came to losing democracy on Jan. 6;
Today’s Teenagers: Anxious About Their Futures and Disillusioned by Politicians;
20 Countries With The Largest Jewish Population In The World;
Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce and a MAGA Meltdown;
They’ve lived 100 years. Here’s their advice about everything;
The problem with primaries;

Data Show Rise In College Degree And Credential Attainment, But Gaps Persist;
ED Will Release Another FAFSA Fix To Account For Rising Inflation; Education Department Says Colleges Won’t Receive FAFSA Student Info Until March;
Higher Ed Organizations Call For Colleges To Extend Decision Deadlines After FAFSA Delay;
Navient Seeks To Transfer Student Loan Servicing After Business Review; Student Loan Debt Balloons For College Dropouts Without Degrees;
Education Department To Hold Fourth Student Loan Forgiveness Rulemaking Session; ED Would End Colleges’ Ability To Bill Students Automatically For Books And Supplies;
North Carolina Community Colleges Considering New Workforce-Focused Funding Model;
Pennsylvania Governor Announces Plans For Overhaul Of State Higher Ed; University Of Connecticut Set To Make Big Budget Cuts Ahead Of $70M Deficit;
University Of Arizona Officials Begin To Address Financial Recovery Plan After Budget Error; Cal State Campuses Start Making Cuts As System Anticipates Less State Funding;
At colleges, unions fight for equity as well as pay;
Colleges With Female Presidents Receive Most Federal Discrimination Complaints; At Penn, Tensions May Only Be Growing After Magill’s Resignation;
Popular Pandemic-Era Faculty Tenure Clock Delays Heightened Gender Disparities;
US Appeals Court Declines Request To Block West Point’s Race-Conscious Admission Policy;
Civil Rights Complaint Alleges Harvard Didn’t Protect Pro-Palestinian Students From Harassment, Intimidation;
Federal Judge Dismisses Discrimination Case Against Florida A&M University;
Utah Governor Signs Bill Banning DEI Efforts On Campus, In Government;
Florida State Suspends Pro-Palestinian Student Group That Disrupted Board Of Trustees Meeting;
China Protests Interrogations, Deportations Of Its Students Arriving In America;
North Carolina Sets Standards For Varying Use Of AI In Classrooms;
Survey Finds Workers In STEM Fields See Need For Improved K-12 STEM Education;
UNC System Policy Proposal Would Set New Instruction Mandates In Government, History;
Most Surveyed Colleges Have Restrictive Speech Policies;
House Democrats Release Higher Ed Reform Plan; Senate Democrats Seek Greater Oversight Over For-Profit Colleges;