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TechNews for the week: July 19; July 17; July 15;

Ukraine/Russia war
Poland considers shooting down Russian missiles heading to Ukraine;
Ukraine Is Targeting Crimea, a Critical Base for Russia’s Invasion; Ukraine's mobilisation campaign picks up despite faltering enthusiasm;
Donald Trump will demand Russia-Ukraine peace talks, claims Viktor Orbán;
Ukrainian attacks wound six, cause factory fire in Russian border regions;
Slovakia, Hungary say Ukraine has halted Lukoil's Russian oil transit; Kremlin: Interruptions in Russian oil transit via Ukraine a 'crisis' for buyers;
The Ukrainian army pulls out from another eastern village as Russia smashes defensive positions;
US,Israel/Hamas Conflict
Israel targets Hamas military chief; Gaza health officials say at least 71 killed; Israel says Half of Hamas military leadership has been killed since Oct. 7;
Biden says Israel-Gaza war should end now and Israel must not occupy Gaza;
Israeli drone strike kills a prominent Syrian businessman with close ties to Assad; Israeli strikes across Gaza kill at least 57;
How the Israeli Hostage Rescue Led to One of Gaza’s Deadliest Days;
Surge in Violence by West Bank Settlers Draws Ire of Israel’s Allies;
Israel bombards central Gaza as tanks advance deeper in Rafah;
Drone strike by Yemen's Houthi rebels kills 1 person and wounds at least 10 in Tel Aviv;
Global Court Says Israel’s Occupation of Territories Violates International Law;
War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
What to know about the growing number of treason and espionage cases in today's Russia under Putin;
Russian court jails US reporter Gershkovich for 16 years after convicting him of espionage;
Australia PM tells Russia to 'back off' after claims over espionage arrests;
Russia Threat Reaches ‘Across Europe,’ U.K. Leader Tells Summit; Baltic countries notify Russia and Belarus they will exit the Moscow-controlled electricity grid;
North Korea warns of 'devastating consequences' over leaflets from South;
The Chinese Base That Isn’t There; Taiwan responds to Trump comments, says defense spending has reached historic levels;
Pakistan to ban Imran Khan's party, file treason case against ex-PM;
U.S. Detected Potential Iranian Plot to Kill Trump Separate From Saturday’s Shooting;
Migrant crossings continue to plunge, nearing the level that would lift Biden's border crackdown;
Supreme Court stays execution of Texas man convicted in 1998 killing; Minnesota’s age restriction to carry handguns is unconstitutional, court rules;
Biden set to announce support for major changes to the Supreme Court; Most Americans support Supreme Court reforms, poll finds;
Congressional committee: Finance, housing sectors ripe for AI regulation;
Nevada Conservative Accused of Fraud Over Fund-Raising for Charity;
Fact check: Biden makes false claims about Israel, immigration and his administration’s spending;
Leaked document reveals J.D. Vance’s anti-woke campaign holding up key State Deptartment nominations;
Widespread technology outage disrupts flights, banks, media outlets and companies around the world;
Major U.S. air carriers ground flights as mass IT outage hits Windows users; Microsoft Users Impacted By Global Service Outage;
Republican Convention
Trump aides script GOP convention to soften his image, but face challenges; Republicans approve platform with revised abortion position;
Trump picks Sen. J.D. Vance (R-Ohio) to be his running mate; With Vance, Trump is doubling down on Maga;
Vance, Trump's Vice Presidential Pick, Favors Big-Tech Antitrust Enforcement;
5 takeaways from Night 1 of the Republican National Convention; 13 claims that were false or misleading;
Jan. 6 marchers at Republican convention complicate efforts to avoid subject; Van Jones: DeSantis ‘sounded like ChatGPT for mean people’ at RNC;
4 takeaways from the second night of the convention; Misleading claims were mainly focused on immigration, crime;
Takeaways From Day 3 of the Republican Convention; Vance sends a signal to the GOP of old, and 3 other takeaways;
2024 RNC: Trump delivers a message of ‘unity’ in speech — until he doesn’t; Trump Struggles to Turn the Page on ‘American Carnage’;
In accepting the Republican nomination, Donald Trump outlined a series of grievances that propelled his first campaign eight years ago;
3 takeaways from Trump’s address, final night of the convention; Trump Fans Try Playing Nice, but ‘Fight, Fight’ Comes More Easily;
Fact-checking Trump on Day 4 of the 2024 Republican National Convention; Trump comes out fighting after rally shooting: 5 takeaways from RNC’s final night;
Matt Gaetz and Kevin McCarthy's feud erupts at Republican convention;
Campaign politics
Biden delivers newly fiery speech declaring Trump unfit to be president;
Pro-Trump Christian extremists use scripture to justify violent goals; Trump, long comfortable with political violence, becomes another victim;
Trump is ‘fine’ after being rushed away from a rally when loud noises were heard; Misinformation spreads swiftly in hours after Trump rally shooting;
Trump rally shooting live updates: Fatal victim identified as Corey Comperatore; Biden to address nation;
Shooter was a registered Republican and worked at a nursing home in Pennsylvania;
Details on Trump’s health after shooting trickle out from friends, family;
After Saturday, Trump’s Devotees See ‘God’s Protection’; Shooting makes Trump ‘indestructible’ in eyes of supporters;
Elon Musk Endorses Trump, Moments After Shooting at His Rally; Musk, other pro-Trump billionaires have helped shape shooting narrative;
Axelrod: Vance’s post on Trump rally shooting ‘ought to disqualify him’;
Unbowed by Jan. 6 Charges, Republicans Pursue Plans to Contest a Trump Defeat;
Ken Griffin gives over $20mn to US Republican fundraising committees;
DNC announces 2024 party platform draft outlining Biden agenda, contrast with Trump;
5 notable moments from Biden’s interview with NBC’s Lester Holt; Biden issues warning to Black Americans, promises change if reelected;
D.N.C. Aims to Push Biden Toward Nomination Next Week, Despite Doubts; Biden says only a medical condition would cause him to reevaluate his candidacy;
In blow to Biden, Teamsters consider no endorsement in 2024 race;
These 4 Democrats outpace Biden by 5 points against Trump in key states; Adam Schiff said President Biden should drop out, citing serious doubts he could win;
79 percent of Democrats approve of Harris replacing Biden if he steps aside;
President Biden said he would return to the campaign trail next week even as several more Democrats urged him to drop out of the race;
See How Trump’s and Biden’s Campaign Rhetoric Compares;
How an Unrestrained Trump Would Govern in a Second Term;
Far-right attacks target J.D. Vance’s wife Usha’s Indian heritage;
Trump news and classified doc case
Judge dismisses classified documents case against Trump; Trump’s classified documents case dismissed over Jack Smith appointment;
Dismissal of classified documents case draws new scrutiny to Judge Cannon; Dismissal Brings New Scrutiny to Judge With a History of Unorthodox Decisions;
Read: Cannon ruling dismissing Trump classified documents case;
Judge Cannon brushes aside decades of special counsel rulings; Judge Cannon goes another step too far; 5 takeaways from Trump’s document case dismissal;
Special counsel files notice of appeal in Cannon’s dismissal of Trump case;
Jan 6th indictment and fallout
U.S. begins dropping Jan. 6 obstruction charges for some Proud Boys, others;
Health: COVID-19 and other health issues
COVID-19 cases are growing or likely growing in 45 states and territories;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
July Crypto-Gram Newsletter, Vulnerabilities, Spyware, Surveillance and more;
AT&T Says Records Of “Almost All” Wireless Customers Impacted In Breach; AT&T Paid Hacker $370,000 To Delete Stolen Data;
Judge Rejects SEC's Effort to Oversee Corporate Cybersecurity Controls;
Cloudflare Reports that Almost 7% of All Internet Traffic Is Malicious;
Hacking Scientific Citations;
Kaspersky Shuts Down U.S. Operations;
Math and science
SpaceX's Falcon 9 grounded after failure dooms batch of Starlink satellites; SpaceX Rocket Suffers Engine Failure During Satellite Launch;
NASA Cancels Water-Seeking Moon Rover “Viper”; NASA Signs US-Saudi Arabia Space Collaboration Agreement;
Underground cave found on moon could be ideal base for explorers;
New map depicts the world’s hidden reserves of groundwater in unprecedented detail;
Skeletons discovered at Pompeii show earthquake added to disaster;
A rarely seen Amazon tribe emerges from rainforest as loggers move in;
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
Meta lifts restrictions on Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts;
Appeals Court Grants Temporary Stay on Return of Net Neutrality Rules;
FTC Requests Details On Amazon’s AI Hiring Deal;
Meta Pauses AI Model Release In EU Over Regulatory Issues;
Tech Giants Urge California Governor To Veto Social Media Safety Bills;
People across the nation have lost jobs after posts about Trump shooting;
How software errors melted down the world’s computer systems;
AI and Chatbot issues
OpenAI working on new reasoning technology under code name ‘Strawberry’; OpenAI To Introduce GPT-4o Mini;
Amazon’s AI Talent Deal With Adept Raises Antitrust Concerns;
AI Boom Increases Energy Demand; AI Enhances Cybersecurity Amid Rising Cybercrime;
Trump Allies Reportedly Formulating New Executive Order Loosening Restrictions, Regulations On AI For Defense Purposes;
Banking news
Big US banks warn of stress among lower-income consumers;

Business and Economics
Fed Chair Sees Some Positive News, But Gives No Hints On Interest Rates; Donald Trump warns US Fed chair not to cut rates before the election;
Gold price driven to record high by bets on Fed rate cuts and Trump victory ;
I.M.F. Sees Signs of Cooling in U.S. Economy;
Chip Shares Tumble, Dragging Wall Street to Its Worst Drop in Weeks;
Trump’s Proposed Tax Cuts and Increased Tariffs Could Hurt Poorer Households; Home Insurance Rates in America Are Wildly Distorted;
Biden proposes eliminating tax breaks for landlords who raise rent more than 5 percent;
China's economy falters, raises pressure for more stimulus;
Many US solar factories are lagging. Except those China owns;
Tax Lawsuits Already Invoking SCOTUS Ruling On Chevron Deference; What the Supreme Court Striking Down Chevron Means For the IRS;
Boeing door blowout crisis hitting suppliers, airlines and passengers;
Drilling Activity In Permian Basin Contributing To Ozone Pollution At Carlsbad Caverns;
Elon Musk says he will move SpaceX and X headquarters to Texas from California;
Tesla Seeks 800 New Employees Three Months After Layoffs;
Tesla Delays Robotaxi Unveiling For Design Change; Tesla's California car registrations fall for third straight quarter;
Consumers Turn Away From EVs, Forcing Automakers To Reduce Aggressive Investment Plans;
California Will Need To Vastly Expand Public Charger Network To Meet EV Targets;
Martyr Inc.: How Trump Monetized a Persecution Narrative;
The $25 Trillion System of Retirement Savings Needs Fixing;
How Duke Kahanamoku won gold, lost to Tarzan and then found a bigger legacy;
Other news and history
Shooting at Trump Rally Comes at Volatile Time in American History; The Last Time a Former President Was Shot at While Seeking a Comeback;
How a Network of Tech Billionaires Helped J.D. Vance Leap Into Power;
On sale at the convention: ‘The collected poems of Donald J. Trump’;
Goldman Sachs targets $2 bln for first Asia-focused private equity fund;

Public School Enrollment Projected To Continue Decline Through 2031; Washington Universities Continue To Face Enrollment Declines;
Legal Battles Over Biden’s Student Loan Actions Adds To Uncertainty For Borrowers; Borrowers Enrolled In SAVE Plan Still Receiving Some Relief Despite Legal Challenges;
Biden freezes 8 million student loans after federal appeals court overturns the Save repayment program;
Gen Z Students Face Tuition Funding Challenges; Transforming Higher Education Financial Aid Through Automation;
FAFSA Completion Rates Dropped Significantly This Year, Data Show; ED Rejects Bipartisan Push To Enforce Oct. 1 Release Of FAFSA;
FAFSA Glitches Delay College Aid For South Carolina Students;
Private Colleges Unlikely To See Large Net Tuition Growth For Several Years; Pennsylvania State Universities Will Freeze Tuition For Seventh Straight Year;
Pennsylvania Budget Establishes New Coordinating Board Of Higher Ed;
Universities Of Wisconsin System Chancellors Could Earn 15% Raises For Meeting Student Retention Goals;
UCLA Alumni Couple Donates $25 Million To University History Department;
What Skills Do Online-Only Students Need Before Entering the Workplace;
White House Advisers Recommend Expanding Pathways Program Amid STEM Workforce Shortage;
Report Claims NCES Has “Serious Gaps” In Capacity, Data To Support Education Policy;
Connecticut Board Of Regents Unanimously Approves New Credit-Transfer Policy;
Education Department Delays New Rules For Textbook Pricing, Accreditors Until 2025;
FCC Expands E-Rate Funding To Cover Wi-Fi Hotspots For Students;
Florida Removes Climate Change References From Some Textbooks;
PowerSchool Releases AI-Powered Tools for Students, Admins; Idaho Colleges Grappling With Generative AI Management;
Court Overturns Last Conviction Of University Of Kansas Researcher Sentenced For Fraud;
Columbia Professor Could Face Investigation Over Comments About Pro-Palestinian Protests;
Civil Liberties Group Calls On University Of Florida To Drop “Disproportionate” Punishment On Student Protester;
Univ Of Calif Leaders Developing Systemwide Guidelines To Ban Pro-Palestinian Encampments; UC System Spent More Than $29 Million On Campus Protests;
UC Regents Give Initial Approval To Policy Limiting Faculty Speech On Campus Homepages;
Affirmative Action Lawsuit Against UT Austin Dismissed;
Senate Commerce Committee Chair Maria Cantwell (D-WA) To Mark Up Federal Data Privacy Legislation Before August Recess;
Florida A&M University President Resigns After Failed $237 Million Donation; Ben Sasse Resigns As University Of Florida President;
Vance Has Positioned Himself As An Opponent Of Higher Education During Senate Tenure;

TechNews for the week: July 12; July 10; July 8;

Ukraine/Russia war
In Ukraine, Killings of Surrendering Russians Divide an American-Led Unit;
Ukrainian attacks on supply lines slowed Russians in Kharkiv, intercepts show;
Russian missile attack hits Ukraine children’s hospital;
For First Time, NATO Accuses China of Supplying Russia’s Attacks on Ukraine;
US,Israel/Hamas Conflict
Hamas is losing the backing of ordinary people in Gaza who are paying the human price of its war;
Hamas clears the way for a possible cease-fire after dropping key demand, officials say;
Israeli strike on Gaza school kills 16 and injures dozens;
Netanyahu insists any hostage deal must allow Israel to resume fighting; In Rafah, Destruction and the Limits of Israel’s Gaza Strategy;
Three Gazans found dead after release from Israeli custody, relative and witness say;
Israeli forces push deeper into Gaza City as Hamas warns that escalation threatens cease-fire talks;
How Hezbollah is trying to counter Israel's high-tech surveillance; What we know — and don’t know — about Hezbollah’s weapons arsenal;
Israeli General Denounces Jewish Settler Violence in West Bank;
Israel calls for Gaza City to evacuate, affecting hundreds of thousands; Bodies trapped in Gaza City under Israeli assault as mediators seek truce;
Yemen Houthi rebels fired an Iranian missile at Norwegian-flagged ship, debris analyzed by US shows;
The Palestinian Authority’s shrinking influence in the West Bank;
IDF Gen. Hiram cleared of charge of blowing up hostages along with Hamas on Oct. 7;
Netanyahu demands Israeli control of Gaza territory on Egypt border; Gaza talks making some progress but differences remain, Egyptian sources say;
Israel’s military admits ‘severe mistakes’ in defending border town in Oct. 7 probe; Israel’s military admits it delayed entering kibbutz as Hamas attacked;
U.S. will soon end its troubled Gaza pier mission; Israel cites aid backlog in Gaza; UN says: 'We're doing what we can';
Palestinians return to utter destruction in Gaza City after Israeli withdrawal;
After 9 Months of War, Israelis Call for a Cease-Fire Deal and Elections;
War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Russia orders arrest of Yulia Navalnaya, widow of Putin’s nemesis; Russia deems Moscow Times ‘undesirable,’ putting writers, sources at risk;
Russia Vows ‘Military Response’ to U.S. Missile Deployments in Germany; Russia believed to be behind plot to assassinate Europe’s top defence boss;
Modi bear hugs Putin in Moscow, marking deep ties between Russia and India;
China anchors 'monster ship' in South China Sea, Philippine coast guard says ;
South Korea to deploy 'StarWars' laser weapons targeting North Korean drones;
NATO vows lasting support for Ukraine, but won’t promise membership; NATO on the Edge: Biden Praises and Trump Denigrates a 75-Year Alliance;
Trump foreign policy adviser meets with European officials attending NATO summit;
Germany orders ban on Chinese companies from its 5G network;
Reformist Masoud Pezeshkian will be Iran’s next president;
U.A.E. Puts 84 Civil Society Members on Trial Again, Sentencing 43 to Life;
Dutch, Spanish far-right parties to join Orbán’s Patriots for Europe;
Marine Le Pen’s party in talks to join Viktor Orbán’s group in European parliament; No Party Wins Absolute Majority in France Elections, Projections Show;
Supreme Court immunity ruling raises questions about military orders; Supreme Court Rulings Threaten Tech Policies, Other Key Regulations;
The Supreme Court upended gun laws nationwide. Mass confusion has followed;
Milk, eggs and now bullets for sale in handful of US grocery stores with ammo vending machines;
6 takeaways from Biden’s high-stakes interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos;
President Biden dismissed doubts about his re-election bid and said that only “the Lord Almighty” could drive him from the race.;
Biden relies on a little-known White House doctor who has never ordered a cognitive test for the president; Parkinson’s specialist evaluated Biden for physical, White House says;
Democrats take aim at Supreme Court with eyes on November;
House Republicans Have Passed Four Appropriations Bills, But Fiscal Fights Loom; Earmarks In House Spending Bills Now Exceed $8B;
Analysis Finds Extending 2017 Tax Cuts Would Provide More Benefits For Higher-Income Households;
Spending Bills Will Undermine Federal Data Gathering, Report Warns;
GOP bill to fund legislative branch fails on House floor;
Schumer pushing bill to strip Trump of court-granted immunity;
Senate Appropriations Leaders Agree To $34.5B In New Spending;
Ossoff votes with Republicans to block controversial Biden nominee;
House passes bill to ban noncitizens from voting in federal elections;
Nevada county votes against recount certification;
Wisconsin Supreme Court Says Ballot Drop Boxes Can Again Be Used;
Organizers Say Abortion Access Is Headed to the Ballot in 3 More States; Arkansas official rejects bid to put abortion rights measure on ballot;
Utah Supreme Court hands win to groups challenging state Legislature-created maps;
Most Americans now think immigration should be decreased;
Hunter Biden withdraws request for new gun trial;
Judge throws out Giuliani’s bankruptcy case, making it easier for former election workers he defamed to try to seize his assets;
City Illegally Fined Woman Over Profane Political Yard Sign, U.S. Judge Rules;
Campaign politics
Trump tries to distance himself from Project 2025 plan; What Is Project 2025, and Why Is Trump Disavowing It;
Trump claims not to know who is behind Project 2025. A CNN review found at least 140 people who worked for him are involved;
Project 2025 would fundamentally change public education, experts say;
Hungary PM Viktor Orbán to meet Donald Trump days after Vladimir Putin trip;
Trump proposes scaled back platform that softens language on abortion, same sex marriage; Following Trump’s Lead, Republicans Adopt Platform That Softens Stance on Abortion;
Republican Party's 2024 platform reads like the transcript of a Trump rally speech; Fears grow among conservatives over abortion in GOP platform;
Once a G.O.P. Rallying Cry, Debt and Deficits Fall From the Party’s Platform; Trump Advisers Call for U.S. Nuclear Weapons Testing if He Is Elected;
DeSantis expected to speak at GOP convention, Haley not invited; Haley releasing delegates to Trump; Fake electors get tapped as GOP convention delegates;
Trump allies at Heritage declare 2024 election illegitimate in advance; GOP jump-starts 2024 election challenges with Trump-inspired lawsuits;
‘Unfit’ to serve, ‘con artist’: How Trump’s VP finalists once bashed him;
The Reintroduction of Kamala Harris; Trump reframes stump speech to include Harris;
Biden’s Strategy to Make the Race About Trump Is Suddenly in Doubt; Biden dares Democrats to ‘run against me,’ challenge him at convention;
George Stephanopoulos caught on camera expressing doubts about Biden; Biden faces calls to take cognitive test: Here’s how that works;
Biden mostly handled a crucial news conference, but a few key moments could still give his party pause;
Biden campaign unveils ad calling Trump a ‘lap dog’ for Putin;
Biden campaign seizes on reports Trump allies have declared election illegitimate;
Donors are said to be freezing roughly $90 million pledged to the largest super PAC supporting President Biden if he remains on the ticket;
Biden’s challenge: Will he ever satisfy the media’s appetite for questions about his ability;
Yellen defends Biden, rejects 25th Amendment discussion;
Democrats lose ground in 6 states with election forecaster’s postdebate shift;
Republicans have 65 percent chance of winning House;
Sykes Faces Challenge in Ohio as Black Democrats Push to Hold White Districts;
Cruz leads Allred by just 3 points in Texas Senate poll;
Trump news and classified doc case
Judge Delays Some Deadlines in Trump Classified Documents Case; Denies Effort by Trump Co-Defendant to Have Charges Dismissed;
Trump's NY hush money case
Supreme Court immunity decision collides with Trump’s NY conviction; Here’s the hush money evidence at the center of Trump’s immunity claims;
Trump subpoena of outside lawyer over chat with NY civil fraud judge narrowed;
Trump seeks dismissal of N.Y. charges, verdict after Supreme Court ruling;
Jan 6th indictment and fallout
Oath Keepers attorney Kellye SoRelle to plead guilty in Jan. 6 case;
Health: COVID-19 and other health issues
Age-specific tips for better sleep;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
‘This is break glass in case of emergency stuff': Analysts alarmed by threats to US data gathering;
U.S. Seizes Two Domain Names in Russian AI Disinformation Campaign;
AT&T says hacker stole data on ‘nearly all’ of its wireless customers;
New attack against the RADIUS authentication protocol:; Apple Is Alerting iPhone Users of Spyware Attacks;
On the CSRB’s Non-Investigation of the SolarWinds Attack;
Reverse-Engineering Ticketmaster’s Barcode System;
Math and science
Earth’s core has slowed so much it’s moving backward, scientists confirm;
Telescope data suggests there is liquid water on ice planet; Webb space telescope keeps delivering cosmic surprises;
NASA Astronauts Extend ISS Stay Due to Starliner Issues; Crew of NASA’s earthbound simulated Mars habitat emerge after a year;
What would happen if Russia detonated a nuclear bomb in space;
SpaceX Falcon 9 Suffers Failure During Starlink Launch;
UT Austin Researchers Develop New CO2 Storage Technique;
Neuralink Founder, Research Team Explain Current Brain Implant Capabilities, Plans For Implant In Second Patient Soon;
The NSA Has a Long-Lost Lecture by Adm. Grace Hopper;
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
Administration’s Upcoming Net Neutrality Rule Challenged By Telecom Businesses;
X Works To Regain Advertisers’ Trust Amid Brand Safety Concerns;
Meta Promises to Remove Facebook, Instagram Posts 'Attacking Zionists';
Judge Dismisses Developers' Claims of Unlawful Copying by GitHub Copilot;
FTC Bars Anonymous Messaging App from Serving Young Users;
SCOTUS Decisions In Social Media Cases Could Boost Protections For Platforms;
AI and Chatbot issues
OpenAI Startup Fund Backs AI Venture To Promote Healthier Lifestyles;
AI Technology May Help Patients With Cancer Deal With Emotional Ramifications;
Journalists Sue OpenAI, Microsoft Over Copyright Claims;
AI Strains Energy Grid, Raises Emissions;
SC News and Politics
South Carolina Attorney General Files Emergency Application To Stop SAVE Plan;
This House race reflects how the Supreme Court has narrowed options for Black voters;
Banking news
Fed may tweak rule that could save biggest US banks billions;
What Happens When Your Bank Isn’t Really a Bank and Your Money Disappears;
Inside Goldman Sachs' expanding but risky financing engine;

Business and Economics
Powell Welcomes Cooling Inflation but Wants ‘More Good Data’ Before Rate Cut;
U.S. inflation cooled more than expected in June; US economy no longer overheated, Fed's Powell tells Congress;
US Treasury Secretary Says Housing Prices May Take More Time to Fall;
Minimum Wage Increases Could Result in Pay Raises, Layoffs, AI Adoption; Americans Want Prices to Fall—The Fed Doesn't Want That to Happen;
3 reasons businesses shouldn’t panic about our rising deficits;
IRS collects milestone $1 billion in back taxes from high-wealth taxpayers;
Administration To Provide $1.6B For US Chip Development; Biden unveils $1.7 billion to boost EV production at U.S. auto factories;
China June consumer inflation misses forecasts amid anaemic demand; China posts largest trade surplus in nearly two years, as exports surge; imports weaken;
Britain fast-tracks biggest company listings shake-up in decades;
Boeing agrees to plead guilty to fraud related to fatal 737 Max crashes;
Paramount, the media empire behind CBS and ‘Top Gun,’ agrees to merge with Skydance ;
Tesla investors to urge judge to reject record $7 billion legal fee in Musk pay case; Tesla Delays Robotaxi Reveal Until October;
Musk’s SpaceX Deceived Regulators Regarding Environmental Impact Of Launches;
F.T.C. Slams Middlemen for High Drug Prices, Reversing Hands-Off Approach; Purdue creditors seek approval to sue Sackler family members;
Three Mile Island’s owner is weighing a revival of the nuclear plant to meet surging energy demands;
At Mar-a-Lago, Extremism Is Good for Business;
A Wall Street Law Firm Wants to Define Consequences of Israel Protests;
Other news and history
Varying Treatment of Biden and Trump Puts Their Parties in Stark Relief;
Divided and Undecided, 2024’s America Rhymes With 1924’s;
Who Died in the Tulsa Race Massacre;

Americans split over confidence in higher education; Is college worth it? Poll finds only 36% of Americans have confidence in higher education;
Moody’s says Education Department could face ‘stronger and new challenges’ post-Chevron; Overturning Chevron Doctrine Weakens Education Department’s Oversight;
South Carolina Attorney General Files Emergency Application To Stop SAVE Plan;
Iowa Colleges See Lower FAFSA Completion Rates; North Dakota FAFSA Completions Vary Between Poor, Wealthy Students;
Number Of Students Who Completed FAFSA Down 11%; FAFSA Delays Disrupt Ohio Colleges’ Enrollment Goals;
Education Department May Attempt To Take Student Loan Action Before Election;
Private College Tuition Increases Not Enough To Keep Up With Expenses; Louisiana State University Offers To Pay Local Freshmen To Live At Home This Semester;
Many universities are abandoning race-conscious scholarships worth millions; Federal Lawsuit Dismissed Over Funding For Georgia HBCUs;
Dreams of students from India to study in U.S. frustrated;
Universities Of Wisconsin Regents Approve Raises, Bonuses For Some Chancellors;
Kansas Governor, Legislators Allocate $35.7 Million To Public University Following Adherence To DEI Law;
Satanists in Florida offer to fill school counselor roles after DeSantis law;
ED Releases Guidance On AI Development For Schools; AI Integration Spurs Demand For Liberal Arts Education;
Teachers Report Increase in AI Usage; How AI Tools Can Enhance Classroom Teaching; How Principals Are Using AI To Manage Administrative Tasks;
More Universities Integrate AI In Agriculture Programs;
Leigh University Student Expelled For Using Fake Documents, AI-Written Essay; Students Target Teachers in Group TikTok Attack, Shaking Their School;
Most Americans Believe K-12 STEM Education Lags Behind Peer Nations;
Louisiana State University Faculty, Staff Lack Confidence In Leadership;
NYU Settles Campus Antisemitism Lawsuit; Columbia University removed three administrators for sending text messages that officials said included antisemitic tropes;
UT-Austin Offers Pro-Palestinian Protesters Probation Instead Of Suspension; University Of Florida Suspends Arrested Pro-Palestinian Protesters For Up To Four Years;
Louisiana State University-Shreveport Fires “Outspoken” Tenured Professor;
Civil Rights Groups Call For DOJ Investigation On Police Response To Campus Protests;
Alabama Community College System To Expand Student Mental Health Services;

TechNews for the week: July 3; July 1;

Ukraine/Russia war
Ukraine military says Russian troops pushed out of part of key eastern town;
Zelenskiy orders purge of state guard after assassination plots;
Russia presses its offensive in Ukraine and issues new threats as the West tries to blunt the push;
Kremlin says report that Ukraine is reinforcing Belarus border is a worry;
Russia wants to confront NATO but dares not fight it on the battlefield – so it’s waging a hybrid war instead;
Russia attacks Ukraine's two largest cities, Kyiv and Kharkiv;
Viktor Orbán to meet Volodymyr Zelenskyy on first wartime trip to Ukraine; Orban urges Zelensky to accept Kremlin ceasefire offer;
Ukraine thwarts alleged coup attempt, security service says;
Ukraine’s army retreats from positions as Russia gets closer to seizing strategically important town;
US,Israel/Hamas Conflict
In Egypt, Gaza evacuees live in the shadows: ‘Everything is closing in’; Israel Frees Gaza Hospital Chief Held Without Charges for 7 Months;
US has sent Israel thousands of 2,000-pound bombs since Oct. 7;
Thousands flee their homes as Israeli forces bomb southern Gaza;
Lawsuit accuses Iran, Syria and North Korea of providing support for Hamas' Oct. 7 attack on Israel;
Israeli Generals, Low on Munitions, Want a Truce in Gaza;
Israel's next headache: who will run post-war Gaza?
Israeli strike kills another senior Hezbollah commander as diplomats scramble for calm in Lebanon; Lebanon's Hezbollah rains rockets on Israel as Gaza war rages;
Israel sends delegation to negotiate hostage release deal with Hamas;
Israel conducts military operation in the area of the West Bank city of Jenin. 7 Palestinians killed ;
Gaza war a recruiting boon for terrorists, U.S. intelligence shows;
War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Chinese Rocket Accidentally Launches During Test, Then Crashes;
Delays, disruptions as South Koreans surge to sign online petition to impeach president;
Iranians Say Elections Bring Little Change, So Why Vote?
French Far Right Wins Big in First Round of Voting, Polls Suggest;
U.K. election exit poll projects big win for Labour, ending 14 years of Conservative Party rule; Keir Starmer becomes Britain’s next prime minister;
Viktor Orbán meets Vladimir Putin despite EU outcry;
Vatican excommunicates Carlo Maria Viganò, former ambassador to the U.S., for refusing to recognize the pope;
US and Panama sign agreement that aims to close the Darién Gap to ‘illegal migrants’;
Supreme Court extends regulatory statute of limitations clock in ‘swipe fees’ ruling;
Supreme Court punts on Texas, Florida social media laws;
Supreme Court rules Trump has criminal immunity for official acts; READ: Supreme Court ruling in Trump immunity case;
Justice Sotomayor’s dissent: ‘The President is now a king above the law’; President Biden blasts the Supreme Court for decision on presidential immunity;
Supreme Court says presidents have ‘absolute’ immunity for clearly official acts, but no immunity for unofficial acts;
What to know about presidential immunity after the Supreme Court ruling; What is an ‘official’ act, and how will a judge interpret Trump’s immunity?
What conservative justices said about immunity — before giving it to Trump;
Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Challenge to Age-Verification Law for Porn Sites; Supreme Court won’t review Illinois ban on certain semiautomatic guns;
Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts Takes Back Control; Weakening Regulatory Agencies Will Be a Key Legacy of the Roberts Court;
Supreme Court orders another review of gun charge behind Hunter Biden's conviction; Supreme Court Rejects Challenge to Life Sentences for Juveniles in Arizona;
SCOTUS Vacates Nine Lower-Court Rulings On Federal Regulations Following Chevron Reversal;
Texas Supreme Court Upholds Ban on Gender Transition Care for Minors;
Federal Judge Blocks Mississippi Social Media Age Verification Law;
Oklahoma Law Criminalizing Immigrants Without Legal Status Is Blocked;
Texas judge blocks move to close migrant shelter, calls AG Ken Paxton’s actions ‘outrageous’;
Corporate lobbyists eye new lawsuits after Supreme Court limits federal power;
New York Dem will introduce amendment to reverse Supreme Court immunity ruling;
Ocasio-Cortez vows to file impeachment articles against Supreme Court justices;
Some ex-DOJ officials who worked for Trump say the Supreme Court just made it easy for him to weaponize the DOJ;
Legal Conservatives’ Long Game: Amp Up Presidential Power but Kneecap Federal Agencies;
Rudy Giuliani has been barred from practicing law in New York, a court ruled;
Biden Seeks $3.1B For Highway Projects, Including Baltimore Bridge;
Campaign politics
70 percent of voters have decided who they will back in November;
Memo Reveals Trump’s Plan to Slash the Size of the G.O.P. Platform; Tempers flare as Trump reviews revised abortion plank for Republican platform;
Trump Amplifies Calls to Jail Top Elected Officials, Invokes Military Tribunals;
Conservative Heritage leader: ‘Second American Revolution’ will be bloodless ‘if the left allows it to be’;
Trump rips Stephanopoulos ahead of Biden ABC interview;
Trump claims on video Biden is ‘quitting the race’: ‘That means we have Kamala’;
Biden’s family encourages him to stay in the race as they discuss whether top advisers should be fired; Biden’s Lapses Are Said to Be Increasingly Common and Worrisome;
Biden has displayed signs of accelerated aging with lapses appearing more common;
Ohio may prevent in-person DNC chaos; Democrats Weigh Mid-July Vote to Formally Tap Biden as Nominee;
Inside the GOP Effort to Make Sure Biden Is the Democratic Nominee;
Democrats begin to consider Harris at the top of their ticket; Trump allies intensify Harris attacks as Biden replacement talk builds;
Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) is seeking to assemble a group of senators to ask Biden to exit the presidential race;
Michelle Obama only Democrat to beat Trump in new poll;
UK’s new foreign secretary once called Trump ‘a neo-Nazi-sympathizing sociopath’;
Progressives unleash fury on AIPAC after Bowman loss;
New PAC runs ad ripping Gaetz for ‘close friendship’ with sex trafficking convict;
Trump's NY hush money case
Donald Trump’s July 11 sentencing in N.Y. hush money case may be postponed in light of Supreme Court immunity ruling;
Georgia and other election indictments
Trump attorney argues ‘fake electors’ scheme was an ‘official act’;
Health: COVID-19 and other health issues
3 Things to Know About FLiRT and LB.1, the New Coronavirus Strains; Florida officials issue dengue fever alert;
Study suggests connection between anxiety and Parkinson’s disease;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
7 reasons why Biden and Trump are national security risks;
A Hacker Stole OpenAI Secrets, Raising Fears That China Could, Too;
Microsoft informs Texas agencies they were exposed in Russia-linked hack;
Authentication service leaks users’ drivers licenses and more;
Generative AI Agents Can Exploit Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities; New Open SSH Vulnerability; Model Extraction from Neural Networks;
UChicago Researchers Create Wearable Fabric That Reduces Heat;
Public Surveillance of Bars;
Math and science
Study brings lifestyle of enigmatic extinct humans into focus;
Scientists discover giant aquatic predator from a time before dinosaurs;
Alaskan glacier melt is accelerating — and the effects could be irreversible;
Richmond makes surprising find at desecrated Black cemetery: intact graves;
USC’s Four-Legged Robot Climbs Mount Hood;
Pitt Researchers Develop Blood-Powered Device For Portable Diagnosis;
Technology For Decomposable Plastics Faces Challenges;
What Ancient Romans Used Instead of Toilet Paper;
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
Meta’s Oversight Board Faces Changes;
Google to Require Disclosures on Altered Content in Election Ads;
YouTube Updates AI Content Takedown Policy;
X Considers Reintroducing Downvote Feature;
Musk asks judge to dismiss shareholder lawsuit, argues delayed Twitter disclosure a ‘mistake’;
How to manually scan for malicious apps on Android;
AI and Chatbot issues
UN report says China leading generative AI patents race; Echoes of dotcom bubble haunt AI-driven US stock market;
Studies Suggest Google’s Gemini Models Struggle With Large Amounts Of Data;
Tech Companies Negotiating For Nuclear Power For Data Centers;
AI Advances Enhance Early Disease Detection; A.I. Begins Ushering In an Age of Killer Robots;
Apple to join OpenAI’s board in observer role;
Banking news
US banks announce dividend payouts after passing Fed’s ‘stress tests’;
Swiss price regulator puts UBS under observation;

Business and Economics
Key Fed measure shows inflation rose 2.6% in May from a year ago; Fed Chair Sees ‘Significant Progress’ on Inflation;
Economy adds 206,000 jobs in June, as the resilient labor market continues to grow;
Brent crude above $87, sets highest levels since April;
China's BYD posts 21% jump in quarterly EV sales, closes gap with Tesla; China-built EVs hit with duties in biggest EU trade case yet;
American Startup Boom Bolstered By Remote Work Transition, Tech Startups;
Judge Backs Challenge to F.T.C.’s Noncompete Ban, at Least for Now;
Justice Department pushes Boeing to plead guilty in 737 Max crash case; Boeing agrees to buy Spirit AeroSystems in $4.7bn deal;
Warren Buffett to bequeath vast wealth to new foundation upon death;
Trump Organization Signs Up to Put Its Brand on a New Saudi Tower;
Tesla Faces Decline In Deliveries;
Online-gambling giants conquer U.S. with tactics deemed too tough for Britain;
Saks parent company will acquire Neiman Marcus in $2.65 billion deal;
Other news and history
Why do Americans always think crime is going up;

Schools are bracing for the looming "enrollment cliff"; Colleges Struggle, Face Closures Amid Inflation Pressures;
Schools face a math problem: Money is running out and kids are still behind; California Legislators Cut Funding For UC, Cal State Systems In $300 Billion Budget;
Student Loan Payments Paused for 3 Million in SAVE Program; Student Loan Borrowers Owe $1.6 Trillion. Nearly Half Aren’t Paying;
A Major Part of Biden’s Student Loan Repayment Plan Is Restored; Most College Graduates Say Student Loan Debt Set Them Back 10 Years;
FAFSA Issues Force Budget Cuts At Some Small Colleges; FAFSA Issues Had Outsize Impact On Low-Income Black, Latino Students;
Students Say More Financial Aid Would Impact Their College Decisions Amid FAFSA Issues;
Experts Warn Trump May Roll Back Student Loan Forgiveness Programs, Defund Education Department If Elected To Second Term;
CFPB Report Finds Student Loan Servicers Have Failed To “Operate In Borrowers’ Best Interests”;
California Rolls Out New Financial Aid Campaign; Some Colleges Keeping Tuition Rates Flat As Costs Rise Elsewhere;
SCOTUS’s Affirmative Action Ruling Has Altered College Admissions Policies; Race was once factored into college admissions. Now, it’s factored out;
Study Explores How Supreme Court’s Affirmative Action Ruling Impacts College Applications;
Battle Over Equity In College Admissions Continues On Anniversary Of SCOTUS Decision;
Four States Enact Legislation Restricting DEI Initiatives On College Campuses; Conservative Watchdog Faces Scrutiny Over College DEI Spending Reports;
Los Angeles Unified’s AI Chatbot Project Faces Setbacks;
More Teachers Are Embracing AI Grading Tools; Building Florida's First AI Degree Program;
How Educators Can Motivate Students In Math And Science;
Universities Expand Microcredential Programs;
Tennessee Sees Rise In College-Going Rates For Class Of 2023;
American College Students Slow To Return to China;
New West Virginia Law Permits Concealed Carry On College Campuses;