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TechNews for the week: May 31; May 29;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Trump opens state visit, needles Japan over trade issues; For Trump, a 'very big event' in Japan that he struggles to explain;
Bolton says North Korea is violating UN resolutions and refusing talks; Trump appears to contradict Bolton on North Korea, expresses 'confidence' in Kim;
Trump denies North Korea launched ballistic missiles, contradicting Japan; Still angling for a deal, Trump backs Kim Jong Un over Biden, Bolton and Japan;
U.S. Warns Hong Kong to Avoid Tanker in Breach of Iran Sanctions;
Trump dials down rhetoric on Iran, says he is not seeking 'regime change'; Punching Iran Over Its Foreign Policy Could Lead to a Faster Path to War;
Israel will hold unprecedented second election after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fails to form a governing coalition;
In Israel's New Election Campaign, Right Battles Right; FP's Guide to Benjamin Netanyahu;
Israeli missile hits Quneitra, Syria reports casualties; Hezbollah warns US plan could naturalise Palestinian diaspora;
Kushner arrives in Israel to political chaos and a new roadblock for his peace plan; New Vote in Israel Puts Trump's Deal of the Century on Ice;
Amid Rising Anti-Semitism, German Official Advises Jews Against Wearing Skullcaps in Public;
In Parliament Elections, Populists Seek to Break the E.U. From Within; Anti-establishment forces post gains in European Parliament elections;
In European Parliament elections, voters deny traditional centrists a majority; Election Puts Europe on the Front Line of the Battle With Populism;
Britain's main parties hammered in E.U. elections;
Top U.S. military intelligence official says Russia 'probably' not adhering to nuclear test ban;
2020 presidential candidate John Hickenlooper: China was already 'at the table' before Trump's risky tariff war;
Trump appeals ruling allowing banks to hand his financial records to Congress; Report: Wells Fargo, TD Bank have turned Trump's financial records over to the House;
House subpoenas for Trump's bank records put on hold while president appeals;
Trump campaign: Federal prosecutors investigating large donation made by real estate mogul;
Federal judge issues temporary injunction blocking part of Trump's plan to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border;
Dozens of Homeland Security agents and investigators to deploy to Guatemala-Mexico border in bid to slow unauthorized migration;
Bannon's group built the wall - a mile of it, anyway - over the weekend; Hundreds of minors held at overcrowded U.S. border facilities are there beyond legal time limits;
Trump preparing to threaten Mexico with new tariffs to try to force it to crack down on Central American migrants at the border;
Mexico president: We won't react desperately to Trump threat;
As Mexico becomes the largest U.S. trading partner, here are the industries that could be most hit by Trump’s tariffs;
Did Congress read the Mueller report? More than a quarter of these key lawmakers won't say; Potential Clash Over Secrets Looms Between Justice Dept. and C.I.A.;
Mueller says he would not go beyond anything in his report on the Russia probe if he appears before Congress; says charging Trump was 'not an option';
Mueller reiterates that his probe could not clear Trump of obstruction; Mueller critics demand 'deep state' investigation, Obama testimony: 'It was a coup';
GOP congressman accuses Barr of deliberately misrepresenting Mueller's report to protect Trump;
Standing Where Barr Cleared Trump on Obstruction, Mueller Makes a Different Case;
Trump attacks Mueller after ex-special counsel speaks on probe; Trump Accuses Mueller of a Personal Vendetta as Calls for Impeachment Grow;
Hopes dim that Trump will reach infrastructure deal with Congress;
Disaster aid stalls again in House after second Republican lawmaker objects; For third time Republicans block $19.1 billion disaster aid bill;
Trump plans major step toward pushing Congress to vote on North American trade deal; Pelosi Slow-Walks Trump's New Nafta Deal;
Supreme Court allows Indiana to require burial of fetal remains, but not ban certain abortions; Federal court blocks Mississippi's fetal heartbeat law from taking effect;
Supreme Court Won't Hear Pennsylvania Transgender Bathroom Case;
Emails show Trump EPA overruled career staff on Wisconsin air pollution;
Transportation Secretary Failed to Sever Financial Ties to Construction Company;
Despite Trump administration denials, new evidence suggests census citizenship question was crafted to benefit white Republicans;
Deceased G.O.P. Strategist's Hard Drives Reveal New Details on the Census Citizenship Question;
Texas secretary of state resigns after leading botched voter purge that questioned the citizenship of almost 100,000 people;
Black Voters Challenge House Members: Why Is Trump Still in Office?
McConnell would help Trump fill a Supreme Court vacancy in 2020 - after blocking Obama in 2016;
Donald Trump slammed Obama for using Air Force One for election campaigning. Now he does the same;
Michael Wolff book claims Bannon described Trump Organization as 'criminal enterprise';
Distorted Videos of Nancy Pelosi Spread on Facebook and Twitter, Helped by Trump;
A Nazi sympathizer pleaded guilty to defacing a synagogue. His lawyer says conservatives helped radicalize him;
Giuliani meets with former diplomat as he continues to press Ukraine inquiries;
California congressman says he's taken photo with dead enemy;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
In Baltimore and Beyond, a Stolen N.S.A. Tool Wreaks Havoc; Pro-Iranian Influence Campaign Created Fake Social Media Accounts;
Microsoft, Facebook to Help Canada Fight Fraud Ahead of Elections; First American Financial Corp. Data Records Leak;
Fraudulent Academic Papers;
This is how we might finally replace passwords;
Math and science
Trump Administration Hardens Its Attack on Climate Science;
100 years ago, an eclipse changed the known laws of physics and made Einstein Einstein;
Origami-Inspired Metamaterial Could Soften Spacecraft Landings;
Neurobiologist Says Outdated Gender Stereotypes Still Infiltrating Scientific Experiments;
AAAS Scholar Critiques Fitness Tracking Standards;
Web, computing and technology issues
'Gaming disorder' deemed an official illness by World Health Organization;
Twitter Studying Whether to Ban White Nationalists and Supremacists;
iTunes Users Sue Apple for Disclosing Listening Habits to Advertisers; While you're sleeping, your iPhone stays busy - snooping on you;
SC News and Politics
Clemson Researchers To Train Engineers In Charleston;
Lindsey Graham draws a Democratic challenger who mocks his ties to Trump;

Business and Economics
The Bond Market Is Trying to Tell Us Something; The Bond Market Is Giving Ominous Warnings About the Global Economy;
Trade War Starts Changing Manufacturers in Hard-to-Reverse Ways;
Shares of rare earth miners skyrocket after Beijing threatens to cut off the minerals; Rare earths/trade war: elemental powers;
China escalates rare earths threat at U.S. in response to technology ban;
Huawei's European Customers Are Put on Hold by U.S. Ban; Ban On Huawei Causes Panic Among Small Wireless Providers In Rural US;
Trump Says U.S. Will Hit Mexico With 5% Tariffs on All Goods; Threat of Mexico tariffs could wreck trade deal and undercut economy;
Under Trump, H-1B Obstacles "Have Become Commonplace"; Workers Without College Degrees Are Fleeing Big Cities;
Savior of G.M. Lordstown Plant, Hailed by Trump, Is a Corporate Cipher;
What Reparations for Slavery Might Look Like in 2019;
McKinsey Said Disclosure Rules Were Confusing. It Ignored Its Own Primer.;
Flood Buyout Costs Increasing Amid Intensifying Storms, Flooding;
White House runs into health-care industry hostility as it plans executive order on pricing;
Report Says States Are Wasting $3 Billion VW Settlement By Not Focusing On Electrification;
Cashless stores are the hot new thing. Now politicians are stepping in;
Norwegian Solar Company Develops Floating Solar Plants;
General Motors To Partner With Bechtel To Build EV Charging Stations Across US;
Ohio House passes controversial energy bill, moves to Senate;
MIT Study Says Autonomous Vehicles Still Not Price Competitive With Conventional Vehicles;
Ethanol Blending Requirements Impose Costs On Small Refiners;
Boeing Proposed No Simulator Training When 737 MAX Returns;
Overbought or Oversold? Use the Relative Strength Index to Find Out;
DowDuPont sees $800M-$1.3B in Q2 goodwill impairment charges;
Giving Money to Your Grandchildren;
How Interest Rates Work on a Mortgage;
Other news
James Comey: No 'treason.' No coup. Just lies - and dumb lies at that; Nancy Pelosi Has A Theory About Trump Actually Wanting Democrats To Impeach Him;
Michael Wolff's trip inside Trumpworld, and inside the president's head, with Steve Bannon as guide;
How to perform better under pressure; How to Cope With Multiple-Project Paralysis;

What Colleges Can Do About the 'Dropout Crisis'; How Georgia State U. Made Its Graduation Rate Jump;
Enrollments Dropped 1.7 Percent This Spring From a Year Ago ;> Va Tech Has 1,000 More Freshmen Than It Expected, and It's Offering Some of Them Cash to Defer Enrollment ;
Visa Woes, Politics, and Fears of Violence Are Keeping International Students Away;
Older Students Struggle In College As Some Universities Seek To Support Them; Special College Funds Assist Veterans;
Survey Finds Only 65 Percent Of Student Loan Debt Holders Plan To Pay It Off On Time, In Full;
How to Make Teaching More Engaging ; Virtual Reality Comes to the Classroom ; 3D Printing Increasingly Important For Next Generation Of Students;
USA Today: Pell Grants Should Not Be Used To Fund NASA's Moon Program;
Public Colleges Seek Ways to Pull Up the Welcome Mat for White-Nationalist and Other Extremist Speakers ;

TechNews for the week: May 24; May 22; May 20;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
To Contain Iran, Trump's Newest Line in the Sand Looks a Lot Like Obama's; Pentagon mulling U.S. military request to send 5,000 troops to Middle East;
Sanctions on Iran are hitting Hezbollah hard; Khamenei: Iran youth will witness demise of Israel, 'American civilization';
Trump officials present their case of an imminent threat by Iran, leaving lawmakers divided;
Saudi Warplanes, Most Made in America, Still Bomb Civilians in Yemen; Trump Officials Prepare to Bypass Congress to Sell Weapons to Gulf Nations;
Trump to invoke emergency authority to sell arms to Saudi Arabia and UAE, despite bipartisan congressional opposition;
Trump to Open Middle East Peace Drive With Economic Incentives; Part of 'Deal of Century' to be released on June 25 in Bahrain;
Netanyahu's supporters push a bill to give him immunity as indictments loom;
Austrian Leader Calls for Snap Election After Far-Right Vice Chancellor Resigns;
Australia Election Results: Prime Minister Scott Morrison Seizes a Stunning Win;
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi wins reelection in unexpected landslide;
As Trump escalates China trade dispute, economic ties lose stabilizing force in matters of national security; U.S.-China tensions over trade could extend into other areas;
House minority leader blocked bipartisan effort to limit China’s role in U.S. transit, a move that benefited firm in his district;
In China, a flourishing industry claims to sell access to President Trump;
Trump risks credibility as his policy veers between threats and inaction;
Theresa May resigns as Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party; With May gone, a no-deal Brexit may be more likely;
Acting DHS secretary threatened to quit after White House aide Stephen Miller tried another shakeup;
Trump administration tells judge that Congress did not deny border wall funds when it refused to appropriate money;
U.S. judge questions House lawsuit to stop Trump border wall construction;
Trump administration will hire conservative firebrand to coordinate immigration policy;
In Fox News interview, Trump expresses concern about E-Verify; Trump golf courses now use E-Verify. The result: More firings of undocumented workers.;
U.S. court filing: Flynn detailed attempts to obstruct Russia probe; Trump says he was not warned about Flynn. The Mueller report disagrees;
White House intends to block former counsel Donald McGahn from testifying to Congress, defying another request from House Democrats;
McGahn fails to show at Judiciary hearing, amping up anger among House Democrats;
Talks to secure Mueller's congressional testimony are at impasse, as he and House Democrats disagree on how much would be public;
Justice Dept., House intelligence panel strike deal to let lawmakers access additional materials from Mueller probe;
Michael Cohen told lawmakers Trump attorney Jay Sekulow instructed him to falsely claim that Moscow project ended in January 2016;
Deutsche Bank Staff Saw Suspicious Activity in Trump and Kushner Accounts; Trump fumes after NYT reports on his banking history;
Confidential draft IRS memo says tax returns must be given to Congress unless president invokes executive privilege;
Federal judge declines to block congressional subpoena seeking years of Trump's financial records from his accounting firm;
New York legislature approves bill that would allow Congress to access Trump's state tax records;
Judge rejects Trump's request to halt congressional subpoenas for his banking records;
Fight over Trump's financial records accelerates, could land at Supreme Court as 2020 race peaks;
AG Barr says nationwide rulings are hampering Trump's agenda; Conservative Group Wants to Bring 'Brass Knuckles' Approach to Judicial Fray;
Inside conservative activist Leonard Leo's behind-the-scenes campaign to remake the nation's courts;
Trump Fumes Over 'Loser' GOP Lawmaker Who Floated Impeachment;
Trump's Demands for Investigations of Opponents Draw Intensifying Criticism;
White House, congressional leaders push for two-year budget deal to avert shutdown;
Lawmakers agree to approve billions in aid for natural disasters, leaving out border money White House demanded;
$19.1 billion disaster aid package stalls after single House Republican objects;
Trump announces $16 billion in farm aid at White House event, a second emergency package for U.S. farmers hit by trade war;
Trump abruptly ends meeting with Democratic leaders on infrastructure, saying there won't be a deal unless they stop investigations;
Trump torpedoes meeting with Democrats, blasts Pelosi's 'cover-up' accusation;
President Trump Says Congress Should Pass USMCA Before Infrastructure Plan;
Trump, ever the director and star of his own White House movie, stages a Rose Garden outburst in two acts;
Trump declares man he appointed secretary of state 'totally ill prepared and ill equipped' for the job;
Trump v Pelosi: how a 'stable genius' president met his match; GOP strategy: Faked Pelosi videos, slowed to make her appear drunk, spread across social media;
Trump and allies take aim at Biden - and his family - as their top Democratic target;
Trump says he's an antiabortion champion like Reagan. History says: Not quite; Trump called tackling the opioid epidemic a priority, but fentanyl overdose deaths continue to soar;
USDA researchers quit in droves as Trump administration plans relocation;
Military to restrict information it shares with Congress, according to internal memo;
Bank CEO accused of approving millions in loans for Paul Manafort in hopes of landing Trump administration post;
Trump shot a political video on Air Force One; Kris Kobach, A Would-Be Trump Aide, Demands: A Jet on Call, a Future Cabinet Post and More;
How the Rural-Urban Divide Became America's Political Fault Line;
The nation's first majority-female legislature is making changes in Nevada: 'None of these bills would have seen the light of day';
Supreme Court says Ohio and Michigan do not have to come up with new maps immediately;
A large-scale effort to register black voters led to a crackdown in Tennessee;
Police equate accepting leaked documents with 'criminal conspiracy' to justify raid on reporter;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
How Technology and Politics Are Changing Spycraft; Intelligence gathering: NSA Hawaii; The Concept of "Return on Data";
How the Danske Bank money-laundering scheme involving $230 billion unraveled;
Ransomware Attack Takes Down 10,000 Government Computers in Baltimore;
US warns of potential data leaks from Chinese-made drones; Thangrycat: A Serious Cisco Vulnerability;
The U.S. put nuclear waste under a dome on a Pacific island. Now it's cracking open;
Germany Talking about Banning End-to-End Encryption;
Math and science
States of The USA, ranked from best to worst by health care, education, etc; Why High-Class People Get Away With Incompetence;
E.P.A. Plans to Get Thousands of Deaths Off the Books by Changing Its Math;
NASA executive quits weeks after appointment to lead 2024 moon landing plan;
NASA Conducting Tests In Cities To Develop National Traffic Management System For Drones;
SpaceX Launches 60 Starlink Satellites, Lands Booster;
Velocity is strangling baseball - and its grip keeps tightening; This high-tech biomechanics lab is changing baseball;
A Novel Idea in the Majors: Using Batting Practice to Get Better;
NSF Honors UTEP Mathematicians In Video Competition;
Web, computing and technology issues
Social Media Pollution, a Huge Problem in the Last Election, Could Be Worse in 2020; White House Social Media Bias Reporting Tool Raises Many Objections;
Senator to Introduce 'Do Not Track' Legislation to Limit Data Collection; Senate passes bill to curb robocalls;
Windows 10 May 2019 Update: An insider's guide;
The Best Free Apps and Software You're Not Already Using; Turn a photo of data into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet;
Google tracks your purchases. How to see what Gmail knows; Using Android Messages for Web to text will save you time;
5 tips to keep your data safe on Facebook;

Business and Economics
The Economy Is Strong and Inflation Is Low. That's What Worries the Fed; Are Americans benefiting from the strong economy — aside from the rich? A Fed report raises questions;
Tech-Centered Initiatives Nowhere Close To Overtaking Manufacturing; U.S. News & World Report Analysis: "Fourth Industrial Revolution" Demands US Jobs Plan;
US durable goods orders fall by the most in six months in April;
What Panama's Worst Drought Means for Its Canal's Future;
Amazon is the third superpower heightening the drama of the U.S.-China trade war;
Trump grants temporary reprieve from Huawei ban; Huawei Ban Affecting US Companies; Analysis: Huawei Ban In US Could Delay Global 5G Rollout, Corning Mention;
After Huawei, which Chinese firms are next on US enemies list; Trump owes the public answers about its restrictions on Huawei;
Trump says tariffs making companies leave China, a deal can't be '50-50'; U.S. Chipmakers Indicate They'll Stop Supplying Parts to Huawei;
Why The U.S.-China Trade War Is Not About Jobs - Part I; Google's problems in China are bigger than Huawei;
China Raises Threat of Rare-Earths Cutoff to U.S.; Chinese Oil Buyers Shun U.S. Crude;
China's Supply of Minerals for iPhones and Missiles Could Be a Risky Trade Weapon;
Trump's 'great patriot' farmers follow him into a trade war;
In a Surprise, Japan's Economy Grew in the First Quarter, Despite a Slowdown in China;
The little-noticed surge across the U.S.-Mexico border: It's Americans heading south ;
'They Were Conned': How Reckless Loans Devastated a Generation of Taxi Drivers;
Ford to cut 7,000 jobs as part of company 'redesign';
GM Announces New Electronic Platform, Says Most Models Will Be Able To Get Over-The-Air Upgrades No Later Then 2023;
Silicon Valley Expected To Challenge H-4 Spouse Work Ban; Shell Using Smart Wearables To Optimize Employee Efficiency, Flexibility;
FAA Has No Timetable For Ending 737 MAX Grounding; Regulators To Meet Thursday;
Boeing 737 Max Simulators Are in High Demand. They Are Flawed; Boeing says it has corrected simulator software of 737 MAX jets;
Boeing Officials Suggest Faulty Sensor Data Unlikely To Cause Another 737 Max Crash;
Wood Mackenzie Says Solar Is Biggest Threat To Wind Generation;
NE Governor Signs Bill Making It More Difficult For Wind Energy Transmission Projects To Use Eminent Domain;
Proposed Utility Line At Idaho National Laboratory Site Could Help US Cybersecurity Efforts;
DowDuPont Stockholders Approve Reverse Stock Split; to take effect June 1; plans $2 billion share buyback after spin off;
Mnuchin Says Harriet Tubman $20 Bill Is Delayed Until Trump Leaves Office; Harriet Tubman is already appearing on $20 bills whether Trump officials like it or not;
Zuckerberg reportedly held talks with Winklevoss twins about Facebook’s cryptocurrency plans;
U.S. Judge Rules Qualcomm Violated Antitrust Laws;
Trump tries to steer border wall deal to North Dakota firm whose top executive is a GOP donor and frequent guest on Fox News;
Republicans vote against bill containing their key climate priority: researching energy innovation;
5 Essentials You Need To Know About Every Stock You Buy; Why Stock Buybacks Are Soaring Near Record Highs Amid Trade War ; How to Pick a Broker;
4 ways Washington may soon change how you save for retirement;
What Is and Isn't Covered by Homeowner's Insurance ; Buying Car Insurance: What You Should Know;
Other news
What does the presidency mean now;
The Statue of Liberty was created to celebrate freed slaves, not immigrants;
If a fetus is a person, it should get child support, due process and citizenship;
The real (surprisingly comforting) reason rural America is doomed to decline;

State Higher Ed Funding Hasn't Returned To Pre-Recession Levels; States Continue To Face "Big Lift" On Science Standards;
Low-Income and Minority Students Are Growing Share of Enrollments, and 2 Other Takeaways From New Study; More Low-Income Students Attending College;
Enrollment Shortfalls Spread to More Colleges; The Enrollment Picture for Private Colleges Isn't Pretty;
The Most Underprivileged Students Are Being Left Behind In Dual-Enrollment Courses;
Let's Clarify a Few Things About the New 'Adversity Score.' (First, Stop Calling It That.); Context: Why Are SAT Takers Getting an 'Adversity Score';
Teacher Qualifications the 'Most Significant Factor' in Improving Student Achievement;
Families Were Advised By Man Responsible For College-Admissions Scandal To Indicate That Students Were Minorities;
Fanning the Flames While the Humanities Burn;
2 More Faculty Members Lose Their Jobs Over Contacts With China;
DeVos Announces New Federal Work-Study Pilot;

TechNews for the week: May 17; May 15; May 13;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Trump Renews Trade War as China Talks End Without a Deal; Negotiator says China will not flinch before U.S. trade pressure;
Trump Sees a China Trade Deal Through a New Prism: The 2020 Election; Trump believes tariffs will help him win reelection;
U.S.-China Trade Standoff May Be Initial Skirmish in Broader Economic War; China says will 'never surrender' on trade, Trump warns against retaliation;
China says it will raise tariffs on $60 billion in U.S. goods starting June 1 after 'escalation' in trade frictions;
Inside Syria's Secret Torture Prisons: How Bashar al-Assad Crushed Dissent;
Polish nationalists protest US over Holocaust claims; Poland cancels Israeli officials' trip over Holocaust property restitution row;
Netanyahu to request more time to form government; Israel reopens Gaza crossings as calm restored; Israeli minister: Iran may attack Israel if U.S. standoff escalates;
Israeli settlement spending spiked by 39% under Trump; Palestinian Authority warns 'annexation' of settlements will end two-state solution;
Veteran Palestinian negotiator was denied U.S. visa for her criticism of the Trump administration and Israel;
White House Reviews Military Plans Against Iran, in Echoes of Iraq War; Saudi Arabia says its oil tankers among those hit off UAE coast;
Pompeo crashes Brussels meeting of E.U. diplomats for Iran talks; Skeptical U.S. Allies Resist Trump's New Claims of Threats From Iran;
Trump, frustrated by advisers, is not convinced the time is right to attack Iran; Trump Tells Pentagon Chief He Does Not Want War With Iran;
Trump Said He Would Tame Rogue Nations. Now They Are Challenging Him;
U.S. orders 'non-emergency' employees to leave Iraq amid soaring tensions with Iran;
Russia Is Targeting Europe's Elections. So Are Far-Right Copycats; Pompeo set to meet Putin with the U.S. and Russia at odds over a raft of crises;
On a Russian outpost in the Pacific, fear and fantasies of a Japanese future;
Donald Trump says 'controversial' Hungary prime minister Viktor Orban doing 'tremendous job'; Trump favors democracy's enemies. Oval Office meeting makes the point;
Trump Considers Them Terrorists, but Some Are Allies;
Trump lawyer Giuliani reverses course, cancels Ukraine trip;
Brexit talks collapse, setting up Theresa May's likely departure;
McGahn refused White House request to say Trump did not obstruct justice; Trump takes aim at McGahn, says he 'had a much better chance of being fired than Mueller';
White House says demands for records, testimony on Mueller probe to be refused; U.S. House panel threatens action to get Mueller report documents;
Judge tells prosecutors to release transcript of Michael Flynn's call to Russian envoy; Flynn ruling illuminates an under-covered episode in the Mueller report;
William Barr, now serving as a powerful ally for Trump, has championed presidential powers;
Trump says it would be 'appropriate' for him to talk to Barr about launching an investigation into Biden;
Trump repeats unsubstantiated claims of 'coup' attempt after former FBI lawyer knocks them down;
Firestorm erupts around Sen. Richard Burr, man behind Donald Trump Jr. subpoena. He's not backing down; Senator Says Donald Trump Jr.'s No-Shows Led to Subpoena;
Donald Trump Jr. has agreed to appear for limited closed door session with Senate Intel committee;
Kushner skirts GOP senators' key questions on his immigration plan; Trump has 2020 in mind with proposal to prioritize immigrants' skills over family ties;
Trump unveils immigration plan that prioritizes high-skilled workers over those with family already in the country;
Immigrants and crime: New study rebuts Trump claims; Before Trump's purge at DHS, Nielsen and top ICE official challenged plan to arrest thousands of parents and children;
Border detention cells in Texas are so overcrowded that U.S. is using aircraft to move migrants;
U.S. Military Slashes Foreign-Language Training money redirected to Trump's border wall;
To fight House probes, Trump and his allies employ a block-everything strategy; Time works against Democrats in Trump inquiries. So does a lack of shame on the other side;
Mnuchin rejects Democrats' subpoena for Trump's tax returns; U.S. judge to hear Trump bid to block House subpoena for financial records;
White House won't endorse international call to fight online extremism after New Zealand massacre amid free speech concerns;
Alabama governor signs restrictive abortion law. hoping for a court challenge to take on Roe v. Wade; 'A typical male answer': Only 3 women had a voice in Alabama Senate;
Missouri lawmakers pass strict antiabortion bill, joining a wave of conservative states;
Trump Fulfills His Promises on Abortion, and to Evangelicals;
Trump pardons billionaire friend who wrote a glowing book about him; Trump took out 30-year loan on $18.5 million home in 2018;
Justices Split Over the Power of Precedent;
Trump judicial nominees decline to endorse Brown v. Board under Senate questioning; 'Threatening the Future': The High Stakes of Deepening School Segregation;
As Biden seeks the Obama mantle, many Obama loyalists wait to see 'who lights a fire';
How a James Comey Tweet Fueled a Conspiracy Theory That Upended a California Town;
In Flood-Hit Midwest, Mayors See Climate Change as a Subject Best Avoided;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
May Crypto-Gram Newsletter, Spying, Malware, Cybersecurity and more;
Accounts Linked to Russia Spread Disinformation Online Before EU Elections; Florida Governor Says Second County Hacked During 2016 Election;
Israeli Firm Tied to Tool That Uses WhatsApp Flaw to Spy on Activists; WhatsApp Vulnerability Fixed;
Saudi Arabia's oil infrastructure targeted in drone attack;
Cyberattack Takes Down Software Used by Many Accounting Firms; More Attacks against Computer Automatic Update Systems;
SHA-1 collision attacks are now actually practical and a looming danger; Another Intel Chip Flaw;
Reverse Engineering a Chinese Surveillance App;
Why Are Cryptographers Being Denied Entry into the US;
Math and science
Behold this ancient crowd of galaxies in deep, deep space;
NASA waited half a century for the right scientists and the right time to study moon rocks from the Apollo missions. That time is now;
It was 84 degrees on the Arctic coast this weekend as carbon dioxide hit its highest level in human history;
He went where no human had gone before. Our trash had already beaten him there;
High-Tech Firms And Ag Companies Helping Farmers To Fight Intensifying Weather;
Immigration Policies Are Causing Scientist Immigrants To Look Outside Of US;
Web, computing and technology issues
Facebook bans Israel-based firm that ran campaigns to disrupt elections;
White House Launches Tool to Report Fraudulent Social Media Violations;
Mozilla launches Firefox Send, a free, encrypted file-sharing service;
Your 5G Phone Won't Hurt You. But Russia Wants You to Think Otherwise;
How to stop robocalls on iPhone and Android; How to disable your webcam in Windows 10;
SC News and Politics
'This is not the Lindsey I know': Graham takes heat for advising Trump Jr. to ignore subpoena;

Business and Economics
US industrial production unexpectedly declines in April; Fed Officials Sound an Alarm, Worrying Weak Inflation Could Last;
China has cut its holdings of US debt to the lowest level in two years amid trade tensions;
Stocks suffer across-the-board losses Monday as U.S., China trade tit-for-tat responses over tariffs. The Dow closed down more than 600 points;
Stocks bounce back as investors digest trade upheaval; China's LNG tariff threatens Trump energy export goal;
U.S. prepares to slap tariffs on remaining Chinese imports, which could add levies on roughly $300 billion in additional goods;
Kudlow acknowledges U.S. consumers, not China, pay for tariffs on imports;
White House explores new farmer bailout plan as U.S.-China trade war heats up; Trump is taxing Americans to support farmers struggling from his trade war;
Trump's go-it-alone approach on trade and immigration poses economic risks; Trump: Fed rate cut would clinch victory in trade war with China;
U.S. reaches deal with Canada, Mexico to lift steel, aluminum tariffs, clearing key obstacle to passage of Trump’s new trade deal;
Australia and the U.S. Are Old Allies. China's Rise Changes the Equation; Trump to delay car tariffs decision up to six months;
10 Blue Chip Stocks With Biggest Exposure To China Tariffs; Fannie and Freddie unlikely to be privatised;
Pentagon Shifts $1.5 Billion to Border Wall From Afghan War Budget and Other Military Projects; will pull money from ballistic missile, surveillance plane programs;
State Prosecutors Say Generic Drugmakers Conspired to Inflate Prices Up to 1,000%;
Supreme Court rules against Apple, allowing lawsuit targeting App Store to proceed; Justice Kavanaugh's Apple decision has 'shaken up' antitrust law;
A riddle in New England: A casino, 321 acres of Indian tribal land and a presidential tweet;
Congressional Democrats To Push For Infrastructure Bill With Or Without Trump; Trump Smacks California by Canceling $929 Million Grant for the Bullet Train;
Trump declares national emergency to protect U.S. networks from foreign espionage, a move banning US telcos from buying or using foreign gear;
Despite U.S. Hurdles, Huawei Pursuing Underseas Cable Market;
Cyber Rule Violations Show Lack Of Enforcement In Utility Industry;
Drone Industry Expansion Into Urban Areas Requires Change In Regulations;
Oil Companies Are Trying To Kill EVs; ChargePoint Sounds Alarm On Electric Vehicle Charging Standards;
Before Ethiopian Crash, Boeing Resisted Pilots' Calls for Aggressive Steps on 737 Max;
Boeing Finalizes 737 MAX Software Fix; FAA Acting Administrator Questioned Over Agency’s Handling Of 737 MAX;
GOP Congressmen Introduce Bill To Tighten Visas For Students, Researchers From China;
Disney to Buy Comcast's Hulu Stake and Take Full Control of Streaming Service;
Trump's prized Doral resort is in steep decline, according to company documents;
How Trump's Tariffs on Chinese Goods Will Hit Your Shopping Cart;
How to Calculate the Required Rate of Return;
Other news
Banning immigrants' languages can backfire. Just ask Ohio and Indiana;
Want to Fix Presidential Elections? Here's the Quickest Way;
What Democrats Can Learn About Impeachment From the Civil War;
A group raised over $20 million to 'build the wall.' Now some supporters fear a scam;
Jihadis go to jail, white supremacists go free;
Economists often don't know what they're talking about;
A Seventh World Marathon Major May Be Coming;

Report: Costs At Public Colleges Rise 55% Over Decade; College Scholarships Hit With Big Tax Increases in New Tax Law;
New SAT 'adversity score' to offer a snapshot of challenges students face; Why Are SAT Takers Getting an 'Adversity Score';
Analysis: "Free College" Doesn't Live Up To Hype; Washington Will Use Tax On Amazon, Microsoft To Fund College Scholarships;
Massachusetts Legislators Hold Hearing On Bills Meant To Increase Monitoring Of Financially Strapped Colleges, Universities;
Every Year, Boston Asks Its Colleges to Pay for Their Footprint. Every Year, They Come Up Short.;
New Retirement Deal Could Offer Relief to Pennsylvania's Struggling Public Colleges;
More Companies To Let Workers Convert Vacation Days To Student Loan Payments;
Trump Targets Pell Grant Funds To Boost NASA Budget; Trump's Proposal To Boost NASA Funding From Pell Grants Draws Backlash;
Hired to Fix Finances, Oklahoma's New President Now Faces a More Delicate Task;
Public-Private Partnerships Take New Shapes; Can a City's Compassion Remedy Educational Inequity;
Everyone Wants to Measure the Value of College. Now the Gates Foundation Wants a Say;
Math Teachers Should Imitate Football Coaches; Teachers Finding Climate Change Propaganda When Looking For Learning Resources;
Colleges Have Anti-Drinking Rules on the Books, but Which Ones Actually Work;
90 Years Ago, a Book About College Architecture Offered Plenty of Advice - Some of It Still Useful ;

TechNews for the week: May 10; May 8; May 6;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
North Korea Launches Short-Range Projectiles; Trump: Kim 'will do nothing to ... end' North Korea's potential;
North Korea is facing a food crisis. 'Maximum pressure' by U.S. may make it worse.; U.S. seizes North Korean coal ship, accuses Pyongyang of violating sanctions;
North Korea fires 'unidentified projectile,' its second such launch in less than a week; Trump and Kim battled subordinates before spike in U.S.-North Korea tensions;
Death toll rises as Gaza militants fire rockets and Israel responds with airstrikes; Witnesses say Israel destroys Gaza City building;
Israel and Gaza militants agree to cease-fire after a weekend of violence; Israel's Gaza blockade under scrutiny after latest violence;
EU and Britain condemn U.S. oil and nuclear sanctions on Iran; Iran's spiritual gambit in Iraq;
U.S. deploying carrier, bombers to Middle East to deter Iran; New Tensions With Iran Threaten Nuclear Deal and, White House Says, U.S. Troops;
Iran pulls back on parts of landmark nuclear pact, says it will stockpile excess uranium and heavy water used in reactors;
Echoes of Iraq in Trump's Confrontation with Iran; Manufactured Iranian Threat in the Persian Gulf;
Secretary of State Pompeo makes unscheduled trip to Iraq amid warnings Iran is considering attack on U.S. forces in Middle East;
Turkish election board orders new vote for Istanbul mayor after ruling party suffers stinging defeat; Opposition Candidate Discovers Spending to 'Spoil a Mayor';
Fed up Canada tells U.S. to help with China crisis or forget about favors;
Pompeo won't promise to consult Congress about potential military intervention in Venezuela; A frustrated Trump questions his administration's Venezuela strategy;
As Far Right Rises, a Battle Over Security Agencies Grows;
A New Revolution? Mexico Still Waiting as Lopez Obrador Nears Half-Year Mark;
Trump administration proposal would make it easier to deport immigrants who use public benefits;
Monthly arrests at U.S.-Mexico border top 100,000 in April, reaching highest point since 2007;
U.S. asylum screeners to take more confrontational approach, internal documents show, as Trump aims to turn away more migrants;
The U.S. has slashed its refugee intake. Syrians fleeing war are most affected;
'Investigate the investigators' is new Trump rallying cry to counter Mueller report; Trump says Mueller should not testify: 'No redos for the Dems!';
Mueller and House Judiciary Committee tentatively agree on May 15 for his testimony on Russia investigation;
Barr misses deadline to provide complete Mueller report; House Judiciary Committee holds Barr in contempt, escalating fight between Trump and House Democrats;
Trump would have been charged with obstruction were he not president, more than 370 former federal prosecutors assert in statement;
White House tells Congress that if it wants documents from former counsel Donald McGahn, it must seek White House approval;
White House Asked McGahn to Declare Trump Never Obstructed Justice; White House asserts executive privilege over Mueller report in latest confrontation with Congress;
'Lock her up' vs. 'Case closed': McConnell and the Trump team's self-serving view of criminal procedure;
Donald Trump Jr. subpoenaed by Senate Intelligence Committee for further testimony on Trump campaign's Russia contacts;
The decision by a Senate committee to subpoena Donald Trump Jr. has sparked an internal GOP firefight;
Guide to evidence for 'spying' on Trump’s campaign; 'No attempted coup: FBI's former top lawyer defends Russia probe;
Treasury denies Democrats' request for Trump tax returns; A day after blocking demand for Trump's tax returns, Mnuchin addressed gathering of Trump's fundraisers;
House committee subpoenas Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig over Trump tax returns;
Decade in the Red: Trump Tax Figures Show Over $1 Billion in Business Losses;
N.Y. legislature advances bill that would allow Congress to access Trump's state tax returns;
Trump's bipartisan infrastructure plan already imperiled as Mulvaney, GOP lawmakers object to cost;
Trump's former lawyer, Michael Cohen, reports to prison for 3-year sentence, suggesting once again he has more secrets to spill;
On White House Policy Issues, Pence Plays the Role of Decoder;
Giuliani Plans Ukraine Trip to Push for Inquiries That Could Help Trump; Lawmakers Say U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Recalled in 'Political Hit Job';
Trump picks Patrick Shanahan for defense secretary, The ex-Boeing executive has been acting head since January;
Revisionist history: How Trump has attempted to recast his response to Charlottesville;
New Complaint Hits 'Repeat Offender' Kellyanne Conway For Hatch Act Violations;
Trump takes over national Fourth of July celebration, changing its location and inserting himself into the program;
Nearly half of white Republicans say it bothers them to hear people speaking foreign languages;
Pelosi says Trump is 'becoming self-impeachable';
House passes $17 billion disaster relief bill despite Trump's opposition to funding for Puerto Rico;
Democrats launch health-care law rescue in face of Trump’s threat of repeal;
Biden Thinks Trump Is the Problem, Not All Republicans. Other Democrats Disagree;
Floridians Gave Ex-Felons the Right to Vote. Lawmakers Just Put a Big Obstacle in Their Way;
Georgia governor signs 'heartbeat bill,' giving the state one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the nation;
Texas Senate approves limits on removing Confederate monuments;
Republicans push tax relief through Kansas Legislature; Medicaid expansion backers in Kansas block next state budget; No Medicaid plan as Kansas lawmakers adjourn;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft; Microsoft unveils software tools to secure elections;
Chinese Intelligence Agents Acquire NSA Hacking Tools and Used Them for Attacks; Leaked NSA Hacking Tools; Another NSA Leaker Identified and Charged;
Cybersecurity Scholars: Consumers Should Be Informed Of Costs Of Protecting Electricity Grid; Hidden Malware May Be Potential National Catastrophe;
Chinese Firm Supplies AR Glasses To Police, Has Developed Smart Helmet For Military;
U.S. Cyber Command Bolsters Allied Defenses to Impose Cost on Moscow; Cryptanalyzing a Pair of Russian Encryption Algorithms;
Pompeo Attacks China and Warns Britain Over Huawei Security Risks; Grand Jury Charges Chinese National in 2015 Attack on Anthem, Others;
First Physical Retaliation for a Cyberattack;
Malicious MS Office Macro Creator;
Math and science
U.N. report says One million species face extinction; Swiss Study Looks To Discover Whether CO2 Can Be Locked In Rock;
Obesity epidemic is led more by rural than urban populations; Report First-Ever Successful Treatment Of Antibiotic-Resistant Infection With Bacteriophages;
With a Simple Twist, a 'Magic' Material Is Now the Big Thing in Physics;
Space Sustainability Rating Being Developed To Address Space Debris Problem; Radiation-tolerant Computer To Be Tested On ISS;
Before Being Available To Public, Fully-Autonomous Vehicles Will Have To Progress Through Six Levels Of Driver-Assistance Technology Advancements;
Company Developing Tech That Uses Light To Send Data;
Study Calculates Likelihood Of Brain Injuries From Car Accidents;
Web, computing and technology issues
Trump warns he'll 'monitor the censorship' on social media after some far-right leaders banned; F.T.C. Commissioners Back Privacy Law to Regulate Tech Companies;
CMS Working To Modernize How It Deals With Digital Technologies;
Use Google Docs to sign documents; 6 uses for your old Android and iPhone; 6 ways to delete yourself from the internet;

Business and Economics
US yield curve inverts for first time since March; Mortgage rates edge down; How a Lone Norwegian Trader Shook the World's Financial System;
Charlie Munger: Trump is not primarily responsible for US economic success;
Many Hospitals Charge Double or Even Triple What Medicare Would Pay;
Over Three Million Older Americans Struggling With Student Debt;
Manufacturing Can't Create Enough Jobs. Infrastructure Can;
Trump's steel tariffs cost U.S. consumers $900,000 for every job created; How U.S. Consumers Pay for Tariffs on Chinese Imports;
Fear of Intensifying Trade War Ricochets Through Economy; Why Markets Aren't Sweating the U.S.-China Trade War Much: The 'Trump Put';
Global stocks, yields fall as investors seek safety after Trump's China tariff threats;
U.S. doubles tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese imports, escalating trade war; China threatens to respond 'in kind' if President Trump imposes higher tariffs on Friday;
Trump and Xi's conflicting views an obstacle for U.S.-China trade talks; Tariffs on Chinese goods will increase on Friday as Trump complains about pace of trade talks;
U.S., China break off latest trade talks without announcing deal, as new tariffs rile markets; Oil prices slump after Trump's tariff threats against China;
Trump administration accuses Chinese officials of 'reneging' on earlier commitments in trade talks;
In Push for Trade Deal, Trump Administration Shelves Sanctions Over China's Crackdown on Uighurs;
The Panama Canal Could Become the Center of the U.S.-China Trade War;
Syrup Is as Canadian as a Maple Leaf. That Could Change With the Climate;
Hungary Added a 'Slave Law' to Meet Labor Shortages. It's Not Working So Well;
Boeing Was Aware Of 737 MAX Sensor Problem Before Lion Air Crash.; Allowed Mechanics To Inspect Their Own Work;
Boeing board asked few questions about 737 Max safety; FAA Convenes Board To Review Boeing 737 MAX Fix;
AI Expert Says US Infrastructure Proposal Must Take Into Account Autonomous Electric Vehicles;
Ruling gives Duke Energy pause about SC investments, CEO tells analysts;
Kentucky's $1.5 billion information highway to nowhere;
Trump Administration Looks To Reopen California Acreage To Oil And Gas Drilling;
Icahn discloses U.S. probe into sale of Manitowoc shares;
8 Types of Americans Who Won't Get Social Security;
Real Estate's Latest Bid: Zillow Wants to Buy Your House; Top Things that Determine a Home's Value;
Other news
Columbus brought measles to the New World. It was a disaster for Native Americans;
Eliud Kipchoge Will Try Again to Run a Two-Hour Marathon;

Private Colleges Now Use Nearly Half of Tuition Revenue For Financial Aid;
CBO Estimates Federal Student Loan Program To Cost Federal Government $31 Billion Over Next Decade; Over 1 Million On Track For Public Service Loan Forgiveness;
Washington State Moves Toward Free and Reduced College Tuition, With Businesses Footing the Bill;
Coming Soon to a Storefront by You: A Microcampus for Online Learners; Ohio Lawmakers Consider Ending Recognition Of Online University;
Another Big Move Hits Higher-Ed Publishing, as Wiley Buys Knewton ;
A Legendary Scientist Sounds Off on the Trouble With STEM; How to Fix the Dreaded Survey Course;
Johns Hopkins Calls in Police to Arrest Protesters, Ending Student Occupation;
Hampshire Faces Questions About Its Survival. This Is How It's Charting a Path Forward;
After Ethical Lapses, Georgia Tech Surveyed Campus Culture. The Results Weren't Pretty;
USC paid firm $137,000 to find its next president - then rejected all finalists;
Lessons From a Scandal: Colleges Quietly Tighten the Athletic Recruiting Process;

TechNews for the week: May 3; May 1; April 29;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Iraq wants to isolate 30,000 Iraqis who lived under ISIS in Syria; Amid U.S. Silence, Gulf Nations Back the Military in Sudan's Revolution;
Russia vs. Israel: How a War in the Middle East Could Happen; Palestinians keep up refusal of tax revenues after Israel cuts;
Venezuela opposition's plan to oust Maduro crumbles, leaving U.S. to mull next steps; Russia clashing with the United States over Venezuela;
Senate fails to override Trump's veto of resolution demanding an end to U.S. military involvement in Yemen;
Trump threatens 'complete embargo' and 'highest-level sanctions' against Cuba over Venezuela; Senators blast 'insane' Trump plan for aid cuts, seek Venezuela plan;
Trump says NRA 'under siege' by New York investigation; NRA ousts president Oliver North after alleged extortion scheme against chief executive;
ICE is holding $204 million in bond money, and some immigrants might never get it back;
Trump calls for changes to asylum system, including fees and expedited hearings, to address surge of migrants;
Burgeoning court backlog of more than 850,000 cases undercuts Trump immigration agenda;
White House asks Congress for additional $4.5 billion in emergency border spending, on top of billions already requested;
Hard-line views made Lou Dobbs a Fox powerhouse. Now he seems to be shaping Trump's border policy;
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange sentenced to 50 weeks in a British prison for jumping bail in 2012;
White House relents, will allow official to testify to Congress after contempt threat; bid to strong-arm Congress may be a sign of weakness;
White House complained to Barr about contents of Mueller report after its release; Trump and Putin discussed outcome of Mueller probe in hourlong call;
Special Counsel's letter to Attorney General Barr; Mueller told the attorney general that the depiction of his findings failed to capture 'context, nature, and substance' of probe;
Kamala Harris's questioning of Barr delivers a punch after an uneven campaign stretch;
'The letter is a bit snitty': Barr dismisses Mueller's complaint about the attorney general's depiction of special counsel's report;
House Democrats consider holding Barr in contempt; Attorney General Barr declines to testify before House panel Thursday;
Just When Trump Thought He Was Out, Bill Barr Pulls Him Back In; White House letter blasts Mueller report, says Trump has right to instruct advisers not to testify;
The Mueller report cited Annie Donaldson's notes more than 65 times: How a staffer chronicled turmoil in the White House;
Trump sees Supreme Court as ally, sowing doubt about its independence;
House Democrats give Barr deadline for access to Mueller report;
House Intelligence Committee chairman will make a criminal referral to Justice Dept. on Erik Prince for possible lying to Congress;
Former U.S. deputy attorney general: If Trump was not president, he would be indicted; Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to resign effective May 11;
In Combating Democratic Investigations, Trump Borrows From an Old Playbook;
In Trump's world, FBI agents are traitors and Robert E. Lee isn’t; Rising tide of white nationalism is at forefront of 2020 presidential race;
U.S. Special Envoy to Trump: Trump not responsible for actions of his supporters; Social media and political division are feeding attacks on religious institutions;
Trump touts new faith-based protections for health care workers at National Day of Prayer ceremony;
Trump renews vow to repeal Affordable Care Act weeks after GOP leaders urge caution on the issue;
Trump sues Deutsche Bank and Capital One to stop release of financial records;
Judge says Trump emoluments case can proceed providing potential access to information about Trump's private business deals;
At Trump golf course, undocumented employees said they were sometimes told to work extra hours without pay;
Foreign government leases at Trump World Tower stir more emoluments concerns;
Sen. Alexander's "New Manhattan Project For Clean Energy' Discussed; Clean Energy Proposals Advanced By Democrat-controlled Statehouses;
Trump administration pushed to remove mentions of climate change from an international statement on Arctic policy;
Ex-White House Official Says No One Pressured Him to Overturn Security Clearance Recommendations;
DeVos, a Trump Cabinet survivor, prepares to advance her own agenda;
President Trump has made more than 10,000 false or misleading claims;
Biden Faces Conflict of Interest Questions That Are Being Promoted by Trump and Allies;
Federal judges declare Ohio's GOP-drawn congressional map unconstitutional;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
F.B.I. Warns of Russian Interference in 2020 Race and Boosts Counterintelligence Operations; Mueller findings raise election hacking fears in states;
Defending Democracies Against Information Attacks; Cybersecurity for the Public Interest;
Putin Signs Law Giving Government More Control Over Internet;
NSA unmasked more U.S. identities, likely to warn victims of foreign spying, new report suggests;
Close call: Malware attacks the physical world;
Why Isn't GDPR Being Enforced;
Math and science
Denisovan Jawbone Discovered in a Cave in Tibet;
US, Russia, China Race To Develop Hypersonic Weapons; NASA Begins Outlining Roadmap For 2024 Moon Landing;
Mapping America's wicked weather and deadly disasters;
Irish Company To Use "Mechanical Trees" In Bid To Reduce Carbon Dioxide Levels; Researchers Test Device Which Kills Most Airborne Viruses;
U of Maryland Medical Center transplants first drone-delivered organ;
BAE-Backed UAV Becomes First Aircraft To Fly Without Wing Control Surfaces; Engineers Develop Lightweight, Flexible Robots;
Iowa Company Working On Agricultural Spraying UAS;
Web, computing and technology issues
Watchdog group says YouTube recommended a Russian media site thousands of times for analysis of Mueller's report;
Facebook and Instagram ban Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos, other extremists;
The dead will take over Facebook in the next 50 years;
SC News and Politics
Lindsey Graham's shamelessness;
Boeing's South Carolina Plant Subject to Increased Scrutiny;

Business and Economics
The U.S. economy added 263,000 jobs in April, beating expectations as record hiring streak continues; US manufacturing sector hits weakest level since October 2016;
Why Wages Are Finally Rising, 10 Years After the Recession; Labor Dept. Says Workers at a Gig Company Are Contractors;
Why Wall Street is cheering the return of the 'divi recap'; They Want It to Be Secret: How a Common Blood Test Can Cost $11 or Almost $1,000;
Trump faces string of setbacks to his efforts to intervene in the U.S. economy;
Stocks drop as Powell sees no 'strong case' for rate cut or hike; Trump says Stephen Moore, his choice for Federal Reserve Board, abandons bid;
US and China end latest round of 'productive' trade talks;
Trump scrambles to salvage NAFTA rewrite, courting Democrats and trying to soothe GOP fury; Stung by Trump's Trade Wars, Wisconsin's Milk Farmers Face Extinction;
'There's Poison in the Sea': An Oil Spill Fouls a Tropical Eden; Trump Administration Poised To Relax Offshore Drilling Rules;
Pelosi And Schumer Say New Infrastructure Bill Must Consider Climate Change And Include New Revenue Sources;
US Navy Is Increasingly Funding Robotic Ships And Undersea Drones; Senators Urge Chao To Approve Drone Identification Rules;
How One Computer System Tangled Up Several Airlines;
AG Barr recuses himself from Sprint/T-Mobile decision;
5G Set To Bring About "Next Chapter Of IoT";
SEC, Musk Agree to Settlement Over Tesla CEO's Tweeting Practices;
Other news
James Comey: How Trump Co-opts Leaders Like Bill Barr; Why Trump will win in 2020 and it won't even be close;
A brief history of the enduring phony science that perpetuates white supremacy; US declining interest in history presents risk to democracy;
The first African woman recorded in Virginia. 400 years later, Angela symbolizes a brutal history;
'Overrun,' 'Outbred,' 'Replaced': Why Ethnic Majorities Lash Out Over False Fears;
Losing Our Fourth Amendment Data Protection;
MLB hitters are blasting homers at a record rate;

The Future of the University Press; Planned Merger of Cengage and McGraw-Hill Could Remake College-Textbook Market;
Computer Science Degrees Increasingly In Demand.; Girls Outscore Boys On NAEP In STEM Subjects; Seattle District Weighs Controversial New Science Curriculum;
Federal Judge Expected To Rule Against ED's Delay Of Rules For Online Colleges;
What Responsibility Does a University Have to Regulate Fraternity Culture; Anger Over Greek Life Reaches Boiling Point at Swarthmore;
How a Math Class Sparked Students' Engagement in Their Community; White-Supremacist Propaganda on Campuses Rose 77% Last Year;
Disputes Over Diversity Disrupt Presidential Searches at 2 Public Universities; Colorado Regents Pick Controversial Former Politician as System President;