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TechNews for the week: February 26; February 24; February 22;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
In a Russian court, Alexei Navalny is caged and angry but far from silent; Biden administration prepares sanctions to punish Moscow for SolarWinds hack, Navalny poisoning;
Russia Hesitates to Clamp Down on Internet;
North Korea's economy is ravaged by sanctions and pandemic isolation. Kim Jong Un is lashing out;
Myanmar grinds to a halt as hundreds of thousands strike against military coup;
U.N. Report Says Erik Prince, Trump Ally, Violated Libya Arms Embargo; Secret U.N. files reveal scale of Russian, Turkish military buildup in Libya;
Libya risks losing control of its destiny as planeloads of fighters and arms flood the country;
Israel buys vaccines for Syria in prisoner deal; Oil spill stains Israeli shoreline;
Diplomatic doses: Israel shares vaccines with allied nations; Israel suspends plan to give vaccines to allies abroad before most Palestinians;
Between Biden call and ballot, Netanyahu seeks Iran consensus with rivals; Jews split over storied charity's support for settlements; Axis of resistance to Israel is breaking up;
U.S. conducts strike on fighters in Syria, first military action ordered by Biden administration against Iranian-linked militias;
As Biden seeks end to Yemen war, rebels press offensive for strategic province;
Biden has first conversation as president with Saudi king before expected release of report on journalist Khashoggi's killing;
U.S. intelligence report concludes Saudi crown prince approved 2018 killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi;
Inspector general reviews Trump relocation of Space Command;
Biden declares major disaster in Texas after deadly winter storm, paving way for more federal assistance;
Deb Haaland's nomination to lead Interior is a historic first for Native Americans. The GOP wants Biden to cancel it;
Divided Washington Supreme Court blocks Freedom Foundation political contribution case against unions;
Merrick Garland says that as attorney general he will fight discrimination, domestic terrorism;
Supreme Court refuses to hear Republicans' challenge in light of Trump's election loss in Pennsylvania;
Biden outlines loan program help for 'mom-and-pop' businesses; GOP opposition to Tanden grows; Collins, Romney to vote "no" on Biden budget nominee Neera Tanden;
Biden's chief of staff at center of controversy over OMB nomination of Neera Tanden;
The high court rightly rejects an ominous election claim — but three justices dissent;
Biden nominee for U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, confirmed by Senate;
Senate confirms former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm, a strong voice for zero-emissions vehicles, to head Energy Department;
Biden said to nominate two Democrats and a voting rights advocate to USPS board, increasing pressure on Postmaster General DeJoy;
Many of Biden's nominees of color run into turbulence in the Senate;
Attacks on Asian Americans during pandemic renew criticism that U.S. undercounts hate crimes;
Minimum-wage increase can't go in the relief package under Senate rules, parliamentarian says, imperiling the Democratic priority;
Dissecting the House GOP spin against Biden's $1.9 trillion covid relief bill; GOP not worried about voting against popular relief bill;
Rand Paul Launches Into Transphobic Rant Against Trans Nominee;
State GOP lawmakers propose voting restrictions to placate Trump supporters;
Georgia Republicans seek to end Sunday early voting, a popular election method for Black voters;
The Virginia G.O.P. Voted on Its Future. The Losers Reject the Results; Virginia set to become first Southern state to abolish death penalty;
Anger grows at Texas governor in deadly storm's wake;
Gun provocation reveals tensions in Michigan tourist haven;
NRA is 'out of ammo' as it faces a legal mess of its own making;
Investigators: Victim That South Dakota AG 'Didn't See' Came Through His Windshield;
Trump investigation
US Supreme Court allows prosecutor to obtain Trump tax records; New York City tax agency subpoenaed in Trump criminal probe;
Trump's Tax Returns Are 'One Piece of the Puzzle.' Prosecutors Are Getting More;
Trump tax returns and financial data, totaling millions of pages, were turned over to Manhattan district attorney this week;
Journalist who's seen Trump's taxes, thinks Trump's accountant will now flip in D.A. inquiry;
New York prosecutors subpoenaed a property tax agency as part of a criminal investigation into Trump's business dealings;
Investors say Trump properties are worthless until his name is removed;
Trump Can No Longer Funnel GOP Money To Himself, But Others Are Doing It For Him;
Leaked Restaurant Document Says Serving Trump A Diet Coke Required Elaborate Steps;
Trump to speak at CPAC, in first public appearance since leaving office; Trump to claim total control of GOP with first post-presidency speech;
Poll: Almost half of Republicans would join Trump party;
Capital Riot and fallout
U.S. investigating possible ties between Roger Stone, Alex Jones and Capitol rioters; Off-duty Pa. officer charged at police during the Capitol riots;
Oath Keeper claims she met with Secret Service before Capitol riot; Marjorie Taylor Greene's Friend Anthony Aguero Was Among Capitol Rioters;
Former U.S. Capitol Police chief says leadership didn’t see FBI warning of potential violence on the eve of Jan. 6 attack;
FBI alert about possible 'war' against Congress reached D.C. and Capitol Police on eve of attack, deepening security questions;
Three Percenter Truck at Capitol on Jan. 6 Belongs to Hitler-Quoting Husband of Illinois Reps;
Capitol Police chief says extremists have discussed attack on Congress during Biden's first joint address;
Dominion files defamation lawsuit against MyPillow CEO for false claims that voting machines rigged election against Trump;
500,000 dead, a number almost too large to grasp; With Vaccine Delay, Biden Warns of Uncertain End to Pandemic;
Vaccine makers Pfizer and Moderna pledge massive boost to U.S. supply after sluggish rollout;
FDA confirms safety and efficacy of single-shot Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine, especially against severe cases;
Studies Examine Studies Examine Variant Surging in California, and the News Isn't Good;
Long-term effects of COVID-19 given name by experts, Fauci; Nursing Homes, Once Hotspots, Far Outpace U.S. in Covid Declines;
State Lawmakers Defy Governors in a Covid-Era Battle for Power; Study: Travel Bans Not Most Effective Way Of Preventing Further COVID Spread;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
Federal Reserve Bank suffers outage; Nigerian Social-Media Celebrity Helped North Korean Hackers;
Twelve-Year-Old Vulnerability Found in Windows Defender; Dependency Confusion: Another Supply-Chain Vulnerability; GPS Vulnerabilities;
The Problem with Treating Data as a Commodity; On Chinese-Owned Technology Platforms;
How cybercrime groups collaborate, in one chart;
30,000 Macs infected with new Silver Sparrow malware;
Math and science
NASA's Perseverance Rover Sends Back Photographs Of Red Planet; How Two Massachusetts Teenagers Discovered Four New Exoplanets;
Scientists see stronger evidence of slowing Atlantic Ocean circulation, an 'Achilles' heel' of the climate;
Researchers Develop Hydrogen Goop That Could Solve Some Problems Of Hydrogen Gas;
IBM Releases Details Of Low-Power AI Chip; A quantum computer just solved a decades-old problem three million times faster than a classical computer;
Web, computing, technology and social media issues
Microsoft joins EU publishers pushing for paid content laws in latest shot at Google; Facebook reverses ban on news pages in Australia;
Clubhouse's Rising Popularity Raises Concerns About Spreading Misinformation;
Net neutrality law to take effect in California after judge deals blow to telecom industry;
Twitter Bans Another Network Linked to Russia's Internet Research Agency; Major Trump backer Rebekah Mercer orchestrates Parler's second act;
One America News clashes again with White House correspondents over Trump-approved camera tent;
Concerns over biased algorithms grow as computers make more decisions; Deep-Learning Algorithms Lack Ability To Adapt To Change;
Research: AI Can Write Passing College Papers;
How speech to text, password managers and other tech helped me work;
SC News and Politics
Sen. Graham said 'Count me out' after Capitol riot. But he's all in with Trump again;
Costco CEO Doesn't Get Lindsey Graham's Problem With A $15 Minimum Wage;

Business and Economics
Federal Reserve Warns Businesses Face "Considerable" Risks As Economy Recovers; Economists See Indications Of Post-COVID Boom;
Federal Reserve Chairman: Fed Sees No Reason To Pull Back On Economic Stimulus;
US jobless claims at 730K, still high but fewest in 3 months; Jobless Claims Fell "Sharply" Last Week; Directive Expands Assistance To More Unemployed Americans;
Dow falls 300 points amid surging bond yields; Tech Leads U.S. Stock Dive as Bond Yields Soar;
Federal Reserve Chair: Fed Will Not Raise Rates Until Employment, Inflation Goals Are Reached; Fed chief to lawmakers: Economic recovery still has a long way to go;
Fraud Checks and Errors Slow Small-Business Relief Loans ; States paying billions in fraudulent unemployment claims;
President Touts Changes To PPP Intended To Benefit Small Business, And Minority-Owned Businesses; Private Equity Firms Are Piling On Debt to Pay Dividends ;
Amid Shortfalls, Biden Signs Executive Order to Bolster Critical Supply Chains; The place that will make or break Biden's $20 billion broadband plan;
U.S. ban on China's Xinjiang cotton fractures fashion industry supply chains; Huawei Plans To Make EVs After U.S. Sanctions;
Tough Sanctions, Then a Mysterious Last-Minute Turnabout; ByteDance Agrees to $92 Million Privacy Settlement with TikTok Users;
Texas Blackouts Point to Coast-to-Coast Crises Waiting to Happen; Big Texas Corporations Demand Storm Survivors Go Without Pay;
Climate Threats Could Mean Big Jumps in Insurance Costs This Year;
Ford CEO: US Must Invest In Domestic Battery Production, Charging Infrastructure; U.S. EV Charging Station Installations Exceed 20K In 2019;
Dozens of Boeing 777 aircraft grounded after engine failure;
Nikola Unveils Details About Its Hydrogen Fuel Cell-powered Vehicle Lineup;
AT&T will direct $8B in cash from DirecTV deal to debt reduction;
State tax changes could mean bigger refunds for some this year;
UBS Team Says Get Ready for Another Global Equity Rotation;
Fake Doctors, Fake Documents: How a Russian Doping Lie Fell Apart;
College Basketball Power Rankings: Big Ten teams heating up, Virginia falling; Big Ten Men's Basketball Power Rankings: Week 14;
Baseball Had a Successful Season. The Tricky Part Is Doing It Again;
This Book Is Not About Baseball. But Baseball Teams Swear by It;
Other news
History's deadliest pandemics, from ancient Rome to modern America;

Interest Surges in Top Colleges, While Struggling Ones Scrape for Applicants; Community College Enrollment Dropped 10% From Fall 2019 To Fall 2020;
Colorado Universities, Colleges Could Face More Cuts If State Doesn't Restore Funding; University Of Kansas Plans To Eliminate Humanities Department;
University Research Budgets Face Possible Roadblocks Ahead;
Black Students Are Succeeding In College At Higher Rates, Still Behind White Colleagues; California's Black Students Benefit Greatly From College Policy Changes;
Minnesota Districts Face Financial Hit As Pandemic Allows More Students To Use State Program To Enroll In Virtual Colleges;
More teachers are asked to double up, instructing kids at school and at home simultaneously; Colleges Enact Codes Of Conduct To Enforce Compliance With COVID-19 Policies;
Stranded International College Students Sue US Government After Being Stranded;
Blind Students Encounter Accessibility Barriers As They Learn Remotely;
Student Loan Scammers Rise Amid Talks Of Loan Forgiveness; Minnesota Lawmakers Propose "Student Borrowers Bill Of Rights," Licensing Requirement For Loan Providers;
Survey Says College Students Do Not Feel Heard By Professors, Administrators On Campus;
Group Petitions SCOTUS To End Use Of Diversity Metrics In College Admissions;
Ransomware, Data Breaches Are Top Security Threats At Colleges;

TechNews for the week: February 19; February 17;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
The Taliban Close In on Afghan Cities, Pushing the Country to the Brink;
Powerful undersea earthquake strikes near Japan's destroyed Fukushima nuclear site; no tsunami threat;
Syrian army says air defences intercepted 'Israeli aggression' over Damascus; Israel moves to buy F-35 jets, KC-46 refueling planes, munitions;
Biden Administration Formally Offers to Restart Nuclear Talks With Iran; Israel hints it may not engage Biden on Iran nuclear strategy ;
The United States can't credibly be a proponent of nuclear nonproliferation in Iran when it remains silent about Israel's own nuclear arsenal;
Israel shines as Covid success story while neighbors in Gaza are left without vaccines; Palestinian president's rival promises vaccines for Gaza;
Number of Israelis reinfected by South African variant rises to 3, raising concerns;
Netanyahu allies with Jewish supremacists ahead of Israeli election; Suspected Israeli settlers vandalize Palestinian cars;
Release of intelligence report on Khashoggi killing could push U.S.-Saudi relations to new lows;
U.N. investigators examine 2019 plot to use Western mercenaries and U.S. weapons to topple Libyan government;
Democrats formally introduce Biden citizenship bill;
Sen. Joe Manchin to oppose Biden's nominee for White House budget director, possibly sinking nomination;
In Georgia, a New District Attorney Starts Circling Trump and His Allies;
New York Investigating $280 Million In Loans To 4 Trump Manhattan Properties;
Donations for a voter fraud probe shed light on how baseless claims led to hundreds of millions in gifts;
Trump directed an RNC member to tell GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger a 'vulgar message about what he should do with himself' in 2016;
Pennsylvania GOP's Push for More Power Over Judiciary Raises Alarms;
Toomey censured by several Pennsylvania county GOP committees over impeachment vote;
Texas mayor tells residents to fend for themselves during power outage: 'Only the strong will survive';
Texas mayor who resigned over blackout comments says his wife has also been fired;
Texas Democrats call for Sen. Ted Cruz to resign after photos show him traveling to Cancun; Cruz confirms he flew to Mexico as Texas grapples with power outages;
The parts of Texas not on its ERCOT power grid appear to have weathered the freeze with few outages;
Biden authorizes FEMA to provide generators, supplies to hard-hit states such as Texas amid severe weather;
Eroding trust, spreading fear: The historical ties between pandemics and extremism;
McConnell shows that legacies don't matter when facts no longer do;
Republicans unite around a message — schools should reopen, and Democrats are to blame;
Did Kamala Harris bail out Minneapolis rioters last year? Here are the facts; Graham suggests House GOP could impeach Harris if they take majority in 2022;
South Dakota Attorney General Charged in Fatal Car Crash;
Trump complained that he was served a smaller steak than a dining companion at his DC hotel restaurant;
Deputy White House press secretary resigns amid fallout from contentious phone call with reporter;
Lincoln Project Co-Founder Resigns From Board Amid a Deepening Crisis;
Trump Impeachment
House Republican pleads for Pence, Trump aides to speak out on Jan. 6 insurrection;
For the Defense: Twisted Facts and Other Staples of the Trump Playbook; Fact Checker: Trump attorneys falsely claim he was denied 'due process';
In a surprise move, Senate votes to call witnesses in Trump's impeachment trial; 9 witnesses who would give important testimony at Trump's impeachment trial;
Trump Pressed Justice Department to Go Directly to Supreme Court to Overturn Election Results;
McConnell signals to GOP colleagues he will vote to acquit Trump on impeachment charge; Impeachment trial heads to closing arguments after witness effort fizzles;
Senate acquits Trump for second time, as seven Republicans join Democrats in guilty vote; How Senators voted;
Takeaways from Trump's acquittal: Democrats folded on pursuing more votes, while Republicans leaned on a technicality;
Let's stop pretending we don't know why most GOP Senators didn't vote to convict Trump;
Quick end to impeachment leaves some questions about Trump's Jan. 6 actions unanswered;
After not-guilty vote, McConnell says Trump 'morally responsible' for Capitol riot;
Biden, reflecting on Senate acquittal of Trump, says 'democracy is fragile';
With impeachment over, 9/11 probe leaders lend weight to calls for an independent commission to investigate Capitol attack;
'Only just begun': Donald Trump thanks Senate Republicans for second impeachment acquittal;
After the Speech: What Trump Did as the Capitol Was Attacked; Graham says he spoke to Trump after his acquittal and the former President is 'excited' about 2022;
McConnell: Acquittal Vindicated the Constitution, Not Trump; Trump fires back at McConnell, calling him a 'dour, sullen, and unsmiling political hack';
Trump drops Giuliani as his lawyer, while Cohen warns he will soon be 'thrown under the bus';
Capital Riot and fallout
Fulton County district attorney to scrutinize call Sen. Graham made to Ga. secretary of state;
Acting D.C. police chief wants officers examined for extremist affiliations; Capitol riot suspect bragged about using officers' pepper spray against them;
Police Forces Have Long Tried to Weed Out Extremists in the Ranks. Then Came the Capitol Riot; The FBI warned about far-right attacks. Agents arrested a leftist ex-soldier;
U.S. alleges wider Oath Keepers conspiracy, adds more charges in Jan. 6 Capitol riot; Six people who guarded Roger Stone entered Capitol during attack;
Pizzagate's deadly legacy: D.C. pizzeria gunman is out of prison. Conspiracy theories he helped unleash in 2016 fueled Capitol riot;
House Homeland Security chairman sues Trump and Giuliani, accusing them of inciting Capitol riot;
The 150-year-old Ku Klux Klan Act being used against Trump in Capitol attack;
On W.H.O. Trip, China Refused to Hand Over Important Data; WHO says Rate of new coronavirus cases declining around the world;
Europe is using longer, stricter lockdowns to fight coronavirus variants. They show signs of working;
Lack of health services and transportation impede access to vaccine in communities of color; Ohio Finds 4,000 Unreported Covid-19 Deaths;
7 U.S. virus variants carry the same mutation; First known patient reinfected with South Africa coronavirus variant is in critical condition;
U.S. seven-day average of daily new cases drops below 90,000 for first time since early November; Four reasons experts say coronavirus cases are dropping in the United States;
One person in the United States died of the coronavirus every 28 seconds in January;
Pandemic cut U.S. life expectancy by a year during the first half of 2020;
Limited supply of key ingredients has constrained coronavirus vaccine manufacturing and slowed rollout; Short of Vaccine, States Find Hidden Stashes in Their Own Backyards;
New studies show Pfizer, Moderna vaccines have reduced effectiveness against South African variant;
White House announces $4 billion in funding for Covax, the global vaccine effort that Trump spurned;
The superspreaders behind top COVID-19 conspiracy theories;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
February Crypto-Gram Newsletter, Hacks, attacks, and breaches; Router Security; Private firms can't protect us from digital attacks. Government must step in;
French Agency Blames Russian Military Hackers for Centreon Attack;
Report: North Korea Tried to Hack Pfizer's Coronavirus Vaccine;
DOJ charges North Korea hackers with conspiring to steal $1.3 billion in cash and cryptocurrency from banks;
Chinese Supply-Chain Attack on Computer Systems;
Owner of app that hijacked millions of devices with one update exposes buy-to-infect scam; Online Romance Scams Cost Victims $300 Million in 2020;
White House Official Says Cyberattack Targeting SolarWinds Executed Within U.S.; Microsoft's SolarWinds investigation;
Math and science
Astronomers discover trio of young planets orbiting a teenage sun; Astronomers confirm the most distant object in the Solar System;
NASA rover Perseverance touches down on Mars in search for signs of past life; UAE Hope mission returns first image of Mars;
Watch the last billion years of Earth's tectonic plate movement in just 40 seconds;
Scientists accidentally found life under 3,000 feet of ice in Antarctica;
Scientists extract million-year-old DNA from Siberian mammoth remains;
Egyptian 3D scan reveals cause of pharaoh's gruesome demise; Archaeologists Have Found the Roman Emperor Hadrian's Palatial Breakfast Chamber;
How the Human Genome Project How the Human Genome Project revolutionized biology;
Colorado Researchers Develop Wearable Technology That Converts Body's Temperature Into Electricity;
Researchers Say AI Can Identify People From Veins On The Back Of Hands;
Japanese Researchers Use World's Fastest Computer To Develop Tsunami-Predicting AI;
Microsoft Researchers Retract Quantum Computing Paper Citing "Technical Errors";
Web, computing and technology issues
Facebook's Content Oversight Board Receives 9,000 Comments on Trump;
A quarter of Trump's 6,081 Facebook posts last year featured misinformation or extreme rhetoric;
Parler announces official relaunch, says it is back online; ADL Report Says YouTube Still Pushing White Supremacist Content;
Australian Media Company Signs Agreement with Google for News Content; Facebook to Limit Sharing of News Articles in Australia;
Twitter Adds Warning Label to Indiana Attorney General's 'Stolen' Meme;
How to back up your Google account;
SC News and Politics
Citadel cadet charged with DUI after fatal downtown crash involving pedestrian;
South Carolina passes bill banning nearly all abortions;

Business and Economics
Stocks fall as investors fret over jobless claims, inflation; US bond sell-off stirs warnings over stock market strength;
Millions of jobs unlikely to come back, even after pandemic, economists warn; US jobless claims rise to 861,000 as layoffs stay high;
U.S. Treasury reaps a windfall as stock sales surge; Consumers Used Stimulus Checks To Boost Economy, Retail Spending In January;
Biden's stimulus gamble: Massive cuts to Medicare, farm aid;
US Farmland Prices Are Rising With Commodity Revenues;
Millions of Americans can't get broadband because of a faulty FCC map;
Pentagon awarded massive contract to Virginia company a U.S. senator called 'fraudulent';
The Texas power grid failed mostly due to natural gas. Republicans are blaming wind turbines;
The Texas grid got crushed because its operators didn't see the need to prepare for cold weather; US Oil Production Plummets Due To Cold Snap;
Mexico Blames U.S. as Energy Crisis Spills Across the Border;
'I got no defense': Ted Cruz responds after viral tweet mocking California energy policies resurfaces amid Texas storm;
U.S. eyes flurry of new taxes on Amazon, Facebook and Google, trying to force tech to pay its ‘fair share’;
Chinese stocks touch record high as traders bet on economic boom;
What Keystone Pipeline Cancellation Means For Crude-by-rail;
Semiconductor Chip Shortage Impacting Several Industries Globally; Biden Administration Working With International Partners To Resolve Global Chip Shortage;
GM Unveils Pair Of Electric Vehicles; Ford Plans To Be Fully Electric In Europe By 2030; Jaguar Intends To Become Completely Electric By 2025;
Waymo Testing Driverless Ride-Hailing Cars In Arizona Cities;
As Electric Cars Proliferate, Demand For Batteries Grows;
4 Reasons People Should Not Be Happy With Donald Trump's Impact on Taxes;
Trump era in Atlantic City to end with a blast Wednesday with implosion of Trump Plaza;
Bracketology: Michigan leads three from Big Ten in top five of selection committee's NCAA Tournament seeds;
Other news
George Will: Will Senate Republicans allow their louts to rule the party?
Bill Gates is fighting climate change and covid conspiracy theories. He's also 'experiencing the greatest pushback ever in my life';
Anthony Fauci exclusive interview: 'When I publicly disagreed with Trump he let terrible things happen';
Kohima: Britain's 'forgotten' battle that changed the course of WWII;
How Civil Wars Start;

Governors Propose Cuts, Increases For Higher Ed Funding, Depending On State; Goldman Sachs Commits $25M To Historically Black Colleges, Universities;
How States Are Prioritizing Educators For COVID-19 Vaccines Raises Equity Concerns; COVID Cases Rises Once Again On College Campuses;
U Virginia Bans In-Person Gatherings, Unveils Restrictions As COVID-19 Cases Rise; Officials Blame Noncompliance Of Guidelines For Surge Of COVID-19 Cases;
SAT Exams Fall From Favor Despite Once Being Promoted As Equalizers; How Colleges Attract, Assist International Students Amid New Pressures;
Just 13% Of College Students Believe Student Debt Forgiveness Will Happen; Biden Rejects Democrats' Calls To Cancel $50K In Student Debt;
Study: Colleges Students Weary Of Taking Out Student Loans Amid Pandemic;
A Georgia Lawmaker Asked How Colleges Teach 'Privilege' and 'Oppression.' Here's How They Responded;
For Colleges, $7B In Broadband Aid Highlights Extent Of Digital Divide;
Iowa Lawmakers Advance Bills That Would End Tenure At Public Universities;
College Zoombombing Incidents Often Made By Students;

TechNews for the week: February 12; February 10; February 8;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
UAE drastically cut funding for Palestinian refugees in 2020 ; Palestinian elections on track after factions meet in Cairo;
Israel's Netanyahu calls ICC decision "pure anti-semitism";
Iranian nuclear scientist killed by one-ton automated gun in Israeli hit last November; U.S. and Israeli national security advisers hold call on Iran;
Israel frustrated by long wait for Joe Biden phone call despite close security ties; Israeli settlements may face new scrutiny;
Israel's Netanyahu walks out on his own corruption trial;
Anger grows at Israel's ultra-Orthodox virus scofflaws, threatening rupture with secular Jews; Israel's ultra-Orthodox reject criticism, defy virus rules;
Biden Reverses Trump Terrorist Designation for Houthis in Yemen;
Joe Biden has first call with Xi Jinping since taking office; Biden announces sanctions on Myanmar military leaders following coup;
Time to Think About a World Without Putin; Trump hid his calls with Putin. Now Biden has access to them;
Germany 'offered $1bn if US dropped sanctions against controversial pipeline';
Biden inherited a U.S. Postal Service in crisis. ideas such as ousting DeJoy and returning funding could be drawn out;
Postmaster general's new plan for USPS is said to include slower mail and higher prices;
Lessons learned as vice president shape Biden's decisions on covid relief package;
White House clarifies Trump's access to sensitive briefings will be determined by intelligence officials;
Sen. Richard Shelby to retire, becoming the fourth Republican senator to announce he won't run in 2022;
Senate confirms President Biden's choice of Denis McDonough to be secretary of Veterans Affairs;
Biden administration asks for resignations from Trump-appointed U.S. attorneys;
Supreme Court says California worship restrictions violate religious rights;
AG Barr quashed plea deal by fired officer in George Floyd death; Using Connections to Trump, Dershowitz Became Force in Clemency Grants;
Justice Dept. leaders repeatedly stymied requests for search of Giuliani's records;
Peter Navarro Says Trump's AG Bill Barr Was Part Of 'Deep State Coup' Against Him;
Trump's election fraud falsehoods have cost taxpayers $519 million — and counting;
State and local GOP committees attack any Republicans who dare turn on Trump;
Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner's Final Financial Disclosures Show Where They Made Their Money;
Kushner, Ivanka Trump reported up to $640M in outside income during White House years;
Trump's DC hotel is hiking prices for March 4 - the day QAnon followers think the former president will be sworn in;
Trump could be fined $12 million after an Illinois judge ruled his Chicago hotel violated an environmental protection law for 3 years;
For decades Donald Trump bullied Palm Beach to get his way. Now he's determined to make it his home;
Trump might be forced to give up his biggest cash flow, as rest of his businesses flounder;
Southern Baptist leaders called Kamala Harris a 'Jezebel.' That's not just insulting, it's dangerous, experts say;
Ukraine Releases 'Shock' Call With Giuliani As Trump's Second Impeachment Trial Begins;
Impeachment trial
5 key questions for Trump's Senate impeachment trial; 144 Constitutional Lawyers Call Trump's First Amendment Defense 'Legally Frivolous';
Breaking With G.O.P., Top Conservative Lawyer Says Trump Can Stand Trial;
Trump's legal team dismisses Senate impeachment trial over deadly Capitol riot as a 'brazen political act' by Democrats;
As impeachment trial nears, court documents cite Trump's rage-fueling rhetoric; 7 witnesses who could shed light at Trump's impeachment trial;
House impeachment managers reject calls to dismiss case, say Trump 'willfully incited violent insurrection';
The smoking gun evidence to back impeachment of Donald Trump;
Who Are David Schoen and Bruce Castor, Trump's Impeachment Trial Lawyers?
Trump's lawyers say he was immediately 'horrified' by the Capitol attack. Here's what his allies and aides said really happened that day.;
Trial begins with graphic video of Capitol riot and Trump's speech; Impeachment managers display first video evidence at Trump's second trial;
House impeachment managers to use previously unseen Capitol security footage as they make case that Trump incited riot;
4 takeaways from Day One of Trump's second impeachment trial; Takeaways from Day 2 of Trump's trial;
Four takeaways from Day 3 of Trump's impeachment trial; Conviction is about preventing a repeat of Jan. 6;
New video shows the true extent of the danger lawmakers faced at the Capitol;
6 chilling scenes from the previously unpublished video of the Capitol insurrection, including close calls for Pence and Romney;
Mounting evidence suggests Trump knew of danger to Pence when he disparaged him amid Capitol siege;
Former FBI official, a Navy veteran, is 'key figure' in Jan. 6 riot, prosecutors allege;
Trump loyalist Josh Hawley ignores impeachment trial evidence by sitting in gallery to review paperwork;
Trump's Senate allies Graham, Lee and Cruz huddle with impeachment defense team;
Lawyers argue Trump, riot not 'legally' connected; Trump's impeachment lawyers conclude their defense, say ex-president not responsible for mob's deadly attack on Capitol;
Defense contained lots of whataboutism, but very little detail on his actions; A running tally of Trump's misleading defense;
Capital Riot and fallout
Muddled Intelligence Hampered Response to Capitol Riot; How Right-Wing Radio Stoked Anger Before the Capitol Siege;
Pushing QAnon and Stolen Election Lies, Flynn Re-emerges; Arrested in Capitol Riot: Organized Militants and a Horde of Radicals;
Man charged in US Capitol riot worked for FBI; A majority of the people arrested for Capitol riot had a history of financial trouble;
Judge says Woman who boasted about Capitol attack during live stream can vacation in Mexico;
Uproar over Dominion voting machines in one Ohio county shows Trump's falsehoods linger;
Trump supporters boycott Bank of America for helping in Capitol riot investigation;
Hawley rakes in grassroots cash after Capitol attack; Extremists Using Cryptocurrency, Other New Tools to Raise Funds Online;
Two officers who helped fight the Capitol mob died by suicide. Many more are hurting;
Republican Politicians Now Fear For More Than Just Their Political Lives;
Ga. prosecutors open criminal probe into efforts to subvert election results;
Donald Trump Banned From Future Readmission to SAG-AFTRA;
Fox News cancels Lou Dobbs's show;
Mutated virus may reinfect people already stricken once with covid-19, sparking debate; Variants mean the coronavirus is here to stay — but perhaps as a lesser threat;
How a sluggish vaccination program could delay a return to normal and invite vaccine-resistant variants to emerge;
Biden harnesses Defense Production Act to speed up vaccinations and production of PPE;
Biden to announce administration has secured 200 million additional vaccine doses promised last month;
CDC unveils guidelines for how schools can safely reopen for in-person learning;
New Israeli Covid drug which cured 30 cases of disease hailed by scientists as 'huge breakthrough';
Eli Lilly's antibody combination receives FDA emergency use authorization for COVID-19;
AstraZeneca's Vaccine Does Not Work Well Against Virus Variant in South Africa;
WHO team in Wuhan dismisses lab leak theory, continues hunt for intermediary coronavirus host;
Study: U.K. coronavirus variant spreading rapidly through United States;
Federal health officials emphasize proper mask fit to protect against coronavirus variants, urging double masks in some cases;
The coronavirus is airborne. Here's how to know if you're breathing other people’s breath; Why you shouldn't get a covid antibody test after your vaccine;
The Newest Diplomatic Currency: Covid-19 Vaccines;
Rep. Ron Wright (R-Tex.) has died from covid-19;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
Hacker altered drinking water chemical levels in Florida;
Big Russian hack used a technique experts had warned about for years. Why wasn't the U.S. government ready?
SonicWall Zero-Day; With one update, this malicious Android app hijacked millions of devices;
Web Credit Card Skimmer Steals Data from Another Credit Card Skimmer;
Math and science
How Scientists Shot Down Cancer's 'Death Star'; U Cincinnati Researcher Develops Device That Can Detect Cancer Quickly;
New research shows Stonehenge may be a rebuilt Welsh stone circle;
New Study Assesses 40 Years Of Facial Recognition Research;
China Launches Satellite With Possible Military Purpose;
Study Suggests Smaller Cars As Cause For More Injuries To Women;
Smart Street Lights Viewed As Integral To Smart City Initiatives;
LAMBDA: Turn Excel formulas into custom functions;
Creation Of New Shade Of Blue By Oregon State Scientists In 2009 Highlighted;
Web, computing and technology issues
They Stormed the Capitol. Their Apps Tracked Them;
Twitter Says It Won't Reverse Decision to Permanently Ban Trump; Clapper Bans Accounts Spreading QAnon Conspiracy Theories;
Facebook to Start Removing Posts with Erroneous Claims About Vaccines; Instagram Removes RFK Jr.'s Account for Sharing 'Debunked' Coronavirus Info;
China Tightens Anti-Monopoly Restrictions on Internet Platforms; China Blocks Clubhouse App to Stop Conversations About Banned Topics;
Justice Department Drops Lawsuit Over California's Net Neutrality Rules; Biden Administration Asks Court to Delay Attempted Ban on WeChat;
Microsoft President Says U.S. Should Consider Rule Requiring News Payments;
Senator Unveils 'Safe Tech Act' to Limit Section 230 Protections;
Lou Dobbs is lashing out at Fox on Twitter for dropping his show;
Google Cloud Adds New Features For Developers To Start New Projects;
How to tell If your internet speed slow or fast; How to tell it's time to upgrade your router;
SC News and Politics
How Lindsey Graham's Petty Partisan Decision Stalled the DOJ; Why Is Lindsey Graham Making Threats Against Kamala Harris?
Aiken County GOP considering censure of Sens. Lindsey Graham, Tim Scott; Graham assures Trump of acquittal;
Nikki Haley says Trump won't run again: "He's fallen so far";
After shooting man, Columbia officer used force again and again. Now he's reassigned;
University Of South Carolina Announces Partnership With Savannah River National Laboratory;

Business and Economics
US long-term interest rates hit highest in a year; New Unemployment Claims Continued To Fall Last Week;
Nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office says Minimum wage hike to $15 an hour by 2025 would result in 1.4 million unemployed;
CBO: U.S. federal debt expected to exceed size of entire U.S. economy, before Biden stimulus plan is counted;
Main Street Lending Program Lent Just 3% Of Its Potential Capacity;
Drug companies seek billion-dollar tax deductions from opioid settlement;
Kansas tax-cut fight revives memories of past GOP experiment ;
US stock exchanges sue SEC over data rule changes;
China's record purchase of corn a 'watershed moment' for grain market;
China On Track To Have 14 Times More Lithium-Ion Battery Plants Than The US In 2030;
The Oil Deal That Could Destroy Iraq From Within; Oil Giants Win Offshore Wind Leases in Britain;
Weeks Into Biden Administration, Automakers Throwing Support Behind "Idea Of An Emissions-Free Future"; Auto Industry's Pivot To EVs Not Without Hiccups;
Chip Shortages Causing Widespread Production Limits;
Toyota, Denso Partnering With Aurora To Produce Autonomous Vehicles For Ride-Hailing Entities; Toyota To Introduce Two New EVs For US Drivers In 2022;
Ford Backs Electric, Autonomous Vehicles With Billions; GM Needs Trucks, SUVs To Profit To Fund Electric Car Effort;
Planning 500,000 charging points for EVs by 2025, Shell becomes the latest company swept up in EV charging boom;
US President And French President Reportedly Discussed Settling Decades-Long Boeing-Airbus Dispute;
Biden Administration Shelves Plan to Force Sale of TikTok to Oracle, Walmart;
Huawei Asks Court to Overturn U.S. Designation as National Security Threat;
Other news
The Consequences Of America's 'Stupid Coup'; 'Its Own Domestic Army': How the G.O.P. Allied Itself With Militants;
She was the first Black person freed by Lincoln, long before his presidency. Her grave was paved over and her story hardly known;
How the Police Bank Millions Through Their Union Contracts;

Sociopolitical Factors Influences College Reopening Decisions More Than Pandemic Severity; Colleges Plan For 2021 Graduation With A Goal Of Connecting With Students;
Higher Education Lost 650,000 Jobs In 2020; 65 Percent of Colleges Raised Less in 2020 Than 2019;
Hopes For State Funding Dim As Public Colleges Head Into Budget Season; New Hampshire Governor Proposes Merging Two, Four-Year College Systems;
International Students Remain Unable To Re-enter As US Colleges Roll Out More In-Person Classes;
US Colleges Facing Obstacles In Efforts To Ensure Safer Spring Semester Amid Pandemic;
Careless Student Behavior Delays UNC Chapel Hill Plans For Some In-Person Learning; COVID-19 Variant Spreads To Six College Campuses;
New Online Tools, Remote Classes Are Ramping Up Education For Adults;
Colleges Still Feeling Effects Of Trump's Diversity Training Order;
Physicists Discuss How Departments Are Under Threat Amid Pandemic;
Proposed Iowa Legislation Would Require Regents To Survey Faculty For Political Affiliations;

TechNews for the week: February 5; February 3; February 1;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Chinese sailors are suffering from serious psychological disorders aboard South China Sea submarines; Taiwan says Chinese fighters, U.S. aircraft both entered defence zone;
Beijing lays down a marker in South China Sea; Pro-China propaganda campaign exploits U.S. divisions;
U.S. Airstrike Kills Top ISIS Leader in Iraq;
Qatar pledges $360 million in aid to Hamas-ruled Gaza; U.S. ending support for Saudi-led war in Yemen;
Biden to reverse Trump policies of supporting offensive operations in Yemen and redeploying troops from Germany;
Israel says it supplied first COVID-19 vaccines to Palestinians; Palestinian cave-dwellers worry over Israeli settler incursions;
Russia cracks down on Navalny protests, locking down city centers and arresting thousands;
Russian court reimposes jail sentence on Navalny as Kremlin defies Western calls for his release; Russia to expel three EU diplomats as Navalny tensions grow;
Ukraine stayed quiet during Trump-era pressures. Now it's sharing some Giuliani tales;
Myanmar's Leader, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, Is Detained Amid Coup; Biden administration declares 'coup' in Myanmar, triggering review of U.S. aid;
Canada declares the Proud Boys a terrorist group less than a month after members allegedly joined the U.S. Capitol riot;
Mexico stops accepting families 'expelled' by U.S.;
After Capitol Riot, Elected Officials Under Pressure Back Home; As Wisconsin's Johnson weighs future, Trump ties take a toll;
How Trump's Focus on Antifa Distracted Attention From the Far-Right Threat;
Pressure mounts on Trump as former lawyers for the Trump Organization will have to surrender documents to the New York attorney general investigating him;
Federal Court Lifts Block on Trump Policy Expelling Migrant Children at the Border;
Biden to form task force to reunite migrant families separated at U.S.-Mexico border by Trump, but logistical questions remain;
Trump Loyalists Across Homeland Security Could Vex Biden's Immigration Policies; Trump Official's Last-Day Deal With ICE Union Ties Biden's Hands ;
Biden to meet with Senate Republicans offering covid relief counter-proposal; Senate Democrats clear hurdle on $1.9 trillion COVID bill;
Biden says Trump should not get classified briefings because of his 'erratic behavior';
State Budgets Are In Tatters. Republicans in Washington Say Too Bad;
Judge throws out Trump rule limiting what science EPA can use;
Senate confirms Alejandro Mayorkas as Homeland Security secretary; confirms Buttigieg to lead Transportation Dept;
Lindsey Graham turns down Garland confirmation hearing on Feb. 8;
Schumer, McConnell reach agreement on organizing resolution for Senate, putting Democrats in control of committees;
Facing a divided party, House Republicans on Wednesday stood by both a right-wing extremist and an establishment Trump critic;
House removes GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from committees; GOP's McConnell blasts 'loony lies' by Ga. Rep. Greene;
After losing committees, Marjorie Taylor Greene says she has been 'freed' to push the GOP further right;
U.S. judge in Flynn case retires, joining wave of jurists allowing Biden to name successors;
After Record Turnout, Republicans Are Trying to Make It Harder to Vote; New poll suggests GOP faces electoral conundrum in Georgia;
The Gerrymander Battles Loom, as G.O.P. Looks to Press Its Advantage;
An Emboldened Extremist Wing Flexes Its Power in a Leaderless G.O.P.;
Impeachment fever hits Kentucky with efforts to oust leaders; Trump loyalists in South Dakota turn on home state senator;
GOP Rep. Kinzinger to start new PAC to challenge party's Trump supporters;
Ex-GOP congresswoman says party is on the way to being 'fringe' within 'three or four years';
Dozens of former Bush officials leave Republican Party, calling it 'Trump cult';
West Virginia GOP fractured by political appointment feud;
Iowa's House speaker said he can't make lawmakers wear masks — but he did enforce a ban on jeans;
Trump's Sleight of Hand: Shouting Fraud, Pocketing Donors' Cash for Future;
New Trump PAC raised $31.5 million in the weeks after Election Day, as Trump was making baseless claims of voter fraud;
Trump gets an important backer in his bid to live at Mar-a-Lago; Trump's About To Lose A Major Presidential Perk At His Mar-A-Lago Club;
Trump resigns from Screen Actors Guild in rant-filled letter after they threatened to expel him;
Watchdog Investigates Ted Cruz Over Loan Changes That Aided Billionaire Donors;
Manhattan district attorney considering prosecuting Bannon following his pardon by Trump;
Lincoln Project's Blistering Response to Rudy Giuliani: 'You Will Never Again Be America's Mayor';
Proud Boys and Black Lives Matter activists clashed in a Florida suburb. Only one side was charged.;
Prosecutors seek to rearrest Kyle Rittenhouse, saying he violated terms of his release;
Others Tell of Abuse by Officer Who Knelt on George Floyd;
Capital Riot and fallout
Tracking the Oath Keepers Who Attacked the Capitol; U.S. alleges Actions by Proud Boy at Capitol show 'planning, determination, and coordination' ;
Alleged Capitol rioter's defense says he was 'inspired by' Trump; N.M. official who warned of 'blood running out of' U.S. Capitol jailed pending trial in Jan. 6 riot case;
Two Capitol riot suspects who took private plane to DC arrested in Texas; Ginni Thomas apologizes to husband's Supreme Court clerks after Capitol riot fallout;
Voting tech company Smartmatic files $2.7 billion defamation suit against Fox News, on-air personalities over election-fraud claims;
Trump changes defense team just over a week before impeachment trial is set to begin;
Trump's legal team exited after he insisted impeachment defense focus on false claims of election fraud; Fees - not just strategy - blew up Trump's impeachment legal team;
Trump lawyers argue he has First Amendment right to say election results were 'suspect' in response to House article of impeachment;
White House allies secretly wrote the Texas lawsuit asking the Supreme Court to overturn Biden's win;
Trump's Oval Office meeting with 4 election conspiracists spiraled into a chaotic multi-hour screaming match;
Trump's actions described as 'a betrayal of historic proportions' in trial brief filed by House impeachment managers;
Trump rejects request to testify in Senate impeachment trial; Lindsey Graham has a warning for Democrats who want to call witnesses at Trump's impeachment trial;
CDC issues sweeping mask mandate for planes, public transportation in U.S.;
Why a particular coronavirus mutation has scientists' attention; New diabetes cases linked to covid-19;
One age group 35-49 is responsible for nearly half of new cases of COVID-19; New Vaccine Puzzle: Who Should Get Which Shot?
Why Some Test Positive After Being Vaccinated;
AstraZeneca vaccine shows strong effect against coronavirus with just one dose;
Johnson & Johnson seeks emergency use authorization from the FDA for its single-shot coronavirus vaccine;
Some states are racing ahead of others with their vaccine rollouts. Their secret? Keeping it simple; 'Vaccine Hunters' Cross State Lines in Search of Shots;
Discounts, tax breaks and bonuses: How governments and employers are incentivizing vaccination;
Florida doesn't need Biden's vaccine plan. DeSantis' has been a flaming success!!
Even as many Mich. hospitals remain at capacity, restaurants defy state coronavirus order;
Anti-vaccine protesters temporarily shut down major coronavirus vaccine site at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles;
FBI says Wisconsin pharmacist who destroyed more than 500 vaccine doses believes Earth is flat;
NYT Morning newsletter: Superspreader Sunday?

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
Investigators Find Evidence Linking Russian Attack to More Than SolarWinds; More SolarWinds News; Another Another SolarWinds Orion Hack;
Chinese Hackers Used SolarWinds Flaw to Access Government Computers; SolarWinds CEO Says Hackers Accessed Its Office 365 Accounts for Months;
SPLC Says Number of Hate Groups Declines as Extremists Move Online where they cannot be tracked;
Georgia's Ballot-Marking Devices; Cybersecurity Agency Reconsiders Role in Fighting Election Misinformation;
Presidential Cybersecurity and Pelotons;
Paying ransom to hackers? Don't skip this step;
Math and science
How the Coronavirus Turns the Body Against Itself;
Chloroplast-fortified 3D-printer ink may strengthen products; Kenyan woman finds a way to recycle plastic waste into bricks that are stronger than concrete;
Quantum apocalypse? - Super computer arms race will remake the world; A rebel physicist has an elegant solution to a quantum mystery;
Scientists Are Testing a Mind-Blowing Time Theory in a Nuclear Reactor;
Yellowstone hotspot powering volcano system shocks researchers — by millions of years;
We can't switch to zero-carbon energy without nuclear power;
SpaceX Conducts Starship SN9 Test; Rocket Explodes During Landing Attempt;
An Evolutionary Timeline of Homo Sapiens;
The Science of Reasoning With Unreasonable People;
Web, computing and technology issues
Facebook execs reportedly knew misinformation, calls to violence were growing in Groups;
NYU Report Says Conservative Voices Not Being Censored Online;
Homeland Security Committee Chair Warns of Changes for Section 230;
Parler CEO announces he's been 'terminated' by the company's board;
Dominion Voting tells Facebook, Parler and other social media sites to preserve posts for lawsuits;
Instagram Disables Hundreds of Accounts Associated with Hacker Group;
Robinhood: What to know about the app at the center of the GameStop drama; Google Removes Negative Reviews of Robinhood App from Play Store;
Does ignoring robocalls make them stop? The USTelecom Industry Traceback Group;
Google Delists Chrome Extension 'Great Suspender' for Containing Malware;
SC News and Politics
DHEC Announces Change in the Way COVID-19 Percent Positive Is Calculated;
South Carolina GOP votes to censure Rep. Tom Rice for impeachment vote;
Lindsey Graham makes odd threat against Kamala Harris as he demands short impeachment trial;

Business and Economics
US Consumer Spending Declined In December; The economy gained 49,000 jobs in January, a sign the pace of the recovery remains anemic;
CBO says Unemployment rate won't return to pre-pandemic level for decade; Fed Officials Say Economy Is Still In Recession, More Fiscal Relief Is Needed;
Chicago Federal Reserve Bank President Predicts Rapid Economic Rebound, Continued Easy Monetary Policy;
How Much Did $500 Billion in Aid to Small Businesses Help;
Ten Republican senators propose $600 billion covid relief package, offering Biden a path to a bipartisan compromise;
Democrats Move Forward With Plan To Pass Biden's Rescue Plan Without GOP Backing;
McConnell and the GOP are preparing a barrage of budget amendments to water down Biden's COVID-19 stimulus package;
Senate Votes Against Minimum Wage Hike During Pandemic as Biden's Economic Plan Moves Forward;
Senate passes a budget bill with Vice President Harris casting a tie-breaking vote, paving the way for covid relief package;
National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, And Medicine Says Biden's Climate Goals Require A Carbon Price;
Companies are charging hidden 'covid fees' to make up for lost profits. They may be illegal.; How Rich Hospitals Profit From Patients in Car Crashes;
Kroger is closing stores rather than giving workers an extra $4 in pandemic 'hero pay';
DHS Says It Won't Apply Rule Effectively Eliminating H-1B Visa Lottery;
Xiaomi Sues U.S. Defense, Treasury Departments to Get Off Banned List;
Robinhood's ties to a financial-services giant come into focus as Washington vows to examine market moves;
New York hedge fund founder pleads guilty to Neiman Marcus fraud;
Jeff Bezos stepping down as Amazon CEO, transitioning to executive chair role;
Google To Pay More Than $3.8M To Settle Allegations Of Hiring Biases, Pay Disparities;
Ford Working To Set Safety Standards For Bicycle-To-Vehicle Communication Technology;
Ford, Google Strike In-Car Connectivity, Cloud Services Deal; Ford Motor terminates electric vehicle plans with China's Zotye;
Hyundai Execs Unsure About Making EVs For Apple; Volkswagen Developing Own AV Software In Challenge To Google;
Carmakers Working To Respond To GM's Electric Car Plan; GM To Cut Production At Four Plants Due To Chip Shortage;
Appeals court refuses to stop construction of oil pipeline;
U.S. Supreme Court to hear pipeline company's bid to seize New Jersey land;
Students Face $15 Billion Debt Crisis;
Best tax software for 2021: TurboTax, H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt and more compared;
Sports during a pandemic seemed like a terrible idea, but they have been worth the risk;
Deshaun Watson is taking a stand against disingenuous NFL owners. It could change the league;
Other news
How America Changed During Donald Trump's Presidency; What Comes Next For QAnon Followers; Trumpism is American fascism;
The cottage industry behind Trump's pardons: How the rich and well-connected got ahead at the expense of low-level offenders;
The Boogaloo Bois Have Guns, Criminal Records and Military Training. Now They Want to Overthrow the Government;
In choosing to acquit Trump, Republicans will convict themselves; What the GOP war over Marjorie Taylor Greene is really about;
The Coup We Are Not Talking About;

Survey: Many Students Are Worried About COVID-19; Experts Discuss Whether Colleges Can Make Students Take The COVID-19 Vaccine;
College Fundraising Falls Amid Pandemic;
Michigan Launches Tuition-Free Program For Adults 25 And Older; Virginia Lawmakers Move To Grant State Financial Aid To Unauthorized Immigrant Students;
Legality Of Foreign Student Work Program Upheld By Federal Judge, Labor Union Appeals;
More Colleges Are Partnering With Coding Boot Camps As Demand For Short-Term Programs Increase; U Of Illinois Will Not Renew Contract With Proctorio;
Concordia University Student Finds Out Professor Was Teaching Course Posthumously;
Kansas Regents Make It Easier to Dismiss Tenured Professors;
GOP Lawmaker Pressures Georgia Professors To Answer Questions About White Privilege In Curriculum;
Justice Department dropping lawsuit accusing Yale University of discriminating against Asian and White applicants;
Virginia House Votes To Force Colleges To Detail Ties To Slavery, Create Scholarships, Other Programs;