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TechNews for the week: July 31; July 29; July 27;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
A Russian Gas Pipeline Increases Tension Between the U.S. and Europe; An oil spill in Russia's Arctic exposes risks for Moscow's Far North plans;
Protests Swell in Russia's Far East in a Stark New Challenge to Putin;
Officials Push U.S.-China Relations Toward Point of No Return; Hong Kong leader postpones elections, further eroding political freedoms;
Taliban Announce Brief Cease-Fire, as Afghan Peace Talks Look Imminent;
Palestinians: Settler vandals firebomb West Bank mosque;
US to withdrawal 12,000 troops from 'delinquent' Germany; Pentagon plan will move troops from Germany to Italy, Belgium and back to U.S.;
Trump Says He Did Not Ask Putin About Suspected Bounties to Kill U.S. Troops;
One year later, Trump's phone call with Ukrainian president has a lasting legacy;
U.S. Supreme Court turns down church challenge to Nevada pandemic rules; Trump Presses Limits on Transgender Rights Over Supreme Court Ruling;
Conservatives blast Supreme Court ruling: Roberts 'abandoned his oath';
Trump administration has put DACA applications 'on hold' despite Supreme Court ruling restoring program; Trump Delays Effort to End Protections for Immigrant 'Dreamers';
Trump faces multiple lawsuits over directive to exclude undocumented immigrants from representation;
DOJ says Alabama prison officers 'use cruel and unusual punishment' on inmates;
Michael Flynn case to be reheard by full federal appeals court in D.C.;
The F.B.I. Pledged to Keep a Source Anonymous. Trump Allies Aided His Unmasking;
Ex-CIA director Brennan writes that Trump blocked him from accessing official records and notes for memoir, an unprecedented move;
Trump's lawyers seek to kill subpoena for his tax records; Lawsuit alleges Trump campaign, fundraising committee shielded millions in payments;
Trump made culture war campaign pitch by flexing federal power in Portland; Armed conservative groups are deploying to the front lines of the culture war;
Air Force says Surveillance plane flew over Portland but was not involved in response to protests;
Portland: Big protest crowds again over US agents' presence;
Protests explode across the country, police declare riots in Seattle, Portland; Viral video shows NYPD officers forcing protester into unmarked van;
Trump administration sending more federal agents to reinforce Portland courthouse as standoff with protesters intensifies;
From the Start, Federal Agents Demanded a Role in Suppressing Anti-Racism Protests;
DHS compiled 'intelligence reports' on reporters it says published leaked documents on agency efforts at Portland protests;
Calm returns to Portland protests as federal forces pull back;
Virus deaths in the U.S. top 1,000 four days in a row; Houston, Miami, other cities face health care worker shortages as infections climb;
As virus hit Florida, its governor sidelined scientists to follow Trump; Mistake by Florida on child COVID-19 rate raises question: Can Florida's numbers be trusted;
Trump national security adviser tests positive for coronavirus, is highest-ranking administration official known to be infected;
About 4,000 federal employees say they contracted the coronavirus at work - and 60 have died;
President Trump ignores multiple crises to brag about golf game as White House officials admit coronavirus testing failures;
Republican Senate hopeful, Kris Kobach, says coronavirus numbers being 'cooked' to hurt Trump, as death toll nears 150,000;
Trump lashes out at Reagan Foundation after fundraising request;
McConnell says stimulus deal could take 'weeks,' which would put millions of people in limbo;
McConnell unveils $1 trillion coronavirus plan, slash emergency unemployment benefit;
Senate GOP, White House seek to reduce weekly unemployment benefit from $600 to $200;
GOP Senators Blast $1 Trillion Spending Bill Backed By Trump And McConnell; Trump calls new Senate GOP coronavirus bill 'semi-irrelevant';
GOP stimulus bill would restore Pentagon money Trump used to build border wall; In GOP plan, you can't sue your employers for giving you COVID - but they can sue you;
Coronavirus relief talks hit impasse on Capitol Hill; Mitt Romney and other GOP senators propose 11th hour extension of extra unemployment benefits;
White House willing to cut a stimulus deal without 'liability shield,' breaking with McConnell;
Five takeaways from Barr's contentious hearing;
Trump's 8 potentially impeachable offenses in the last 6 months;
Outside police agencies pulling out of Democratic convention;
Biden announces plans to boost black and Latino finances; An internal letter claims Biden's campaign is 'suppressing the Hispanic vote' in Florida;
Spin, deride, attack: How Trump's handling of Trump University presaged his presidency;
Trump suggests delaying November election; Trump floats idea of delaying the November election, a power granted to Congress, as he ramps up attacks on voting by mail;
McConnell, other top Republicans rebuff Trump's suggestion to delay election;
A 2020 Question 100 Days Out: Will the Elections Be Free and Fair? Anatomy of an Election 'Meltdown' in Georgia;
Postal Service backlog sparks worries that ballot delivery could be delayed in November;
Trump suggests Congress will not drop Confederate names from military bases after all; As Confederate monuments tumble, die-hards erect replacements;
Cotton called out for remarks on slavery in criticism of 1619 Project; Conservative think tank director says Lincoln Project members beholden to pro-business Republicans;
Alabama politician resigns as a Southern Baptist pastor after KKK leader's birthday celebration;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
Cybersecurity Group Says Election Administrators Vulnerable to Cyberattacks;
Russian Intelligence Agencies Push Disinformation on Pandemic; EU Sanctions Russia's Military Intelligence Agency for Cyberattacks;
This 'War Game' Maps Out What Happens If The President Contests The Election;
How Police Unions Fight Reform;
Survey of Supply Chain Attacks;
Math and science
New CDC guidelines say people with mild to moderate COVID-19 only need to isolate 10 days; What It Takes To Develop A COVID-19 Vaccine;
Pitt Researchers Developing App Using Sound Waves To Check For COVID-19;
Long-Sought Blood Test for Alzheimer's in Reach ;
Quantum Internet Would Offer Economic, National Security Advantages;
NASA launches new Mars rover on a mission to look for ancient life on the Red Planet;
China Launches Three Payloads, Including Remote Sensing Satellite, Atop Long March 4B Rocket;
23andMe DNA study traces the 'genetic consequences' of the trans-Atlantic slave trade;
Why Hundreds of Mathematicians Are Boycotting Predictive Policing;
Web, computing and technology issues
Trump Says He Often Regrets Sending His Tweets, Retweets;
Trump campaign texts are being flagged as spam; Twitter penalizes Donald Trump Jr. for posting hydroxychloroquine misinformation amid coronavirus pandemic;
Trump retweeted a video with false covid-19 claims. One doctor in it has said demons cause illnesses;
Trump Administration Petitions FCC to Review Social Media Protections;
Boycott Targets Twitter Over Slow Removal of Anti-Semitic Posts;
Twitter permanently bans former KKK leader David Duke for repeated violations of hate-speech rules;
Your Trusty Maps App Can Help You Navigate the Pandemic; 5 clever Google Maps tricks to see more than just what's on the map;
Windows 10 hacks: 11 hidden tricks to master now;

Business and Economics
U.S. economy contracted at fastest quarterly rate on record from April to June as coronavirus walloped workers, businesses;
German economy shrank 10.1% at height of virus crisis; Mexico's economy records fifth straight quarterly contraction;
Fed Extends Emergency Programs on Eve of July Policy Announcement; Federal Reserve Leaves Rates Near Zero as Economic Recovery Sputters;
Dollar sinks to two-year low on US economic concerns;
Weekly Jobless Claims Rise To 1.434M As Senators Remain Divided On Extending Benefit;
Treasury Secretary Mnuchin says anyone who got a $1,200 stimulus check the first time is likely to get one again for the same amount;
About 50% Of Americans Whose Families Were Subject To Layoff Amid Pandemic Feel Those Jobs Aren’t Coming Back;
Republican Stimulus Package May Come With a Benefit for Big Banks ; U.S. lawmakers, Bank of America press small business agency to fix PPP lending data;
PPP was intended to keep employees on the payroll. Workers at some big companies have yet to be rehired;
Why Changing Unemployment Payments Could Take Months;
Corporate Insiders Pocket $1 Billion in Rush for Coronavirus Vaccine; A Hedge Fund Bailout Highlights How Regulators Ignored Big Risks;
How Pimco's Cayman-Based Hedge Fund Can Profit From the Fed's Rescue ;
Stuck between the US and China, Huawei's in an impossible spot; China buying is up, but still far behind trade deal target;
Bars, strip clubs and breweries discover how to survive during the pandemic: Reopen as restaurants;
Boeing's Freighter Conversion Programs See Rise In Business Amid Pandemic; Sources Say Boeing Will Delay 777X Aircraft;
Boeing Reports Second-Quarter Earnings, Announces Production, Job Cuts; Airbus Posts Second-Quarter Earnings, Trims A350 Production;
FDA opens door to rapid, at-home testing for COVID-19; We'll Be Wearing Masks for a While. Why Not Make Them Nice?
Ford Second-Quarter Results Beat Analysts' Estimates;
Does Your Gut Hold the Secret to Performance?
SEC approves conference-only football schedule; Colleges dropping non-revenue sports jeopardizes the U.S. Olympic model;
Commish says Baseball season at risk without virus turnaround;
Trump reportedly made unexpected first pitch announcement out of irritation with Fauci;
Other news
Clash of the Historians: Paper on Andrew Jackson and Trump Causes Turmoil;
Like Father, Like Son: President Trump Lets Others Mourn;
Why some Americans say they'll never wear a mask - and what that says about the U.S.;

New List of Colleges' Reopening Plans; Quarantine Order Could Affect College Reopenings; Legal Expert: Do Not Sign COVID-19 Liability Waivers;
At Least 6,300 Coronavirus Infections Are Linked To About 270 Colleges In U.S.; Coronavirus Surge Derails College Plans To Have In-Person Fall Classes;
Students Conflicted Over Returning To Campus, Distance Learning; Students Face Tough Decision Over Taking Voluntary Leave From Colleges;
Regional Public Colleges Begin Preparing For On-Campus Learning; Teachers Are Wary of Returning to Class, and Online Instruction Too;
Penn State To Use Return Of Students Next Month As Part Of Massive Coronavirus Research Project;
UNC System Faculty and Staff Prepare Lawsuit to Delay Opening; College Plans Often Absent Of Clear Benchmarks For Closing Campuses;
Trump admin bars new foreign students taking online classes in US; New ICE Regulations Will Make For A Semester Without No New International Students;
Colleges Beginning To Offer Discount Tuition Prices For An Online Fall; Colleges Reduce Tuition Costs As Pandemic Continues;
Athletic Seasons Are Canceled. Student Activities Are Virtual. But at Some Colleges, Fees Won't Chang;
Proposals To Consolidate Colleges Stirred Conversations About Shared Academic Leadership; HBCUs Grapple With Financial Disparities, Donations;
National Science Foundation Awards $1.4 Million Grant To Study Shortage Of K-12 Teachers, Particularly In STEM Subjects;
Accreditor Says Education Department Applied Pressure to Save Troubled For-Profit Colleges;
UNC Removes Four Names From School Buildings, Citing Racist Ties; Virginia Military Institute To Keep Confederate Monuments;

TechNews for the week: July 24; July 20;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
U.S. Sees Russian Push to Consolidate Foothold in Georgia;
U.K. Report Concludes 'No One' Protected British Democracy From Russia; Russian Ambassador in U.K. Denies Reports of Vaccine Research Hacking;
Biden warns Russia, China are engaged in election meddling;
Afghan Warlord's Promotion Highlights the Bankruptcy of America's Longest War; Battle in the Himalayas;
U.S. remains on sidelines in Libya conflict as Russia extends its reach;
Besieged Benjamin Netanyahu Blames Israel's Protests on Epstein Money; After the China-Iran deal, why is Israel still working with Beijing?
Iranian Civilian Jet Swerves to Avoid American Warplane in Syria;
Taiwan says threat of military clash with China is 'on the rise';
U.S. Imposes Sanctions on 11 Chinese Companies Over Human Rights ; China retaliates against US by closing consulate in Chengdu;
Trump is determined to bring home U.S. military forces from somewhere;
Trump's Request of an Ambassador: Get the British Open for Me;
Border agency fires 4, suspends 38 for social media posts;
Whistle-Blower: Top State Dept. Officials Enabled Misconduct by Pompeo;
Pentagon Legislative Chief Quits - as the White House seeks loyalists for top jobs;
Lawsuit says Michael Cohen's book to allege Trump made racist comments about Obama and Nelson Mandela;
Michael Cohen to be released from prison after judge sides with claims of retaliation for writing book about Trump;
U.S. daily records fall repeatedly as virus’s spread continues unabated;
Trump defends bungled handling of coronavirus with falsehoods and dubious claims;
Former CDC chief: Most states fail to report data key to controlling the coronavirus pandemic;
5 takeaways from Trump's return to the virus briefing stage;
U.S. hits 4 million reported coronavirus cases as infections double in just six weeks; Coronavirus Testing Labs Again Lack Key Supplies;
Oregon attorney general sues federal agencies for allegedly violating protesters' civil rights; D.H.S. Memo: Federal Officers Deployed in Portland Didn’t Have Proper Training;
U.S. prepares to deploy federal agents to Chicago as Trump threatens action in other cities; As Trump sends federal agents to Chicago, his toxic history there has city on edge;
The dubious deployment of armed enforcers within the U.S. is central to Trump’s politics; Facing unrest on American streets, Trump turns Homeland Security powers inward;
How the federal police in Portland are avoiding accountability;
Conservative media helps Trump perform 'law and order' in Portland, with risks for November;
Calls grow for federal officers to shed military-style uniforms; To Battle a Militarized Foe, Portland Protesters Use Umbrellas, Pool Noodles and Fire ;
Senate Kills Broad Curbs on Military Gear for Police, Thwarting Push to Demilitarize;
Justice Dept. inspector general to examine federal law enforcement's clashes with protesters in Portland and D.C.;
Administration opposes new funds for testing, tracing, and CDC in virus relief bill;
GOP relief bill likely to include payroll tax cut, tie school funds to reopenings; Trump throws wrench into coronavirus bill negotiations with Senate Republicans;
Senate Republicans scrap Trump's demand for payroll tax cut as they cobble together draft coronavirus relief bill;
White House, GOP fail to reach deal on a broad relief legislative package;
Republican Stimulus Talks Stall Over Differences on Unemployment; Trump administration seeks to bar undocumented immigrants from portion of the census count;
St Louis couple who pointed guns at protesters appear as guest stars during virtual Trump campaign event;
Trump campaign boasted that one million registered to attend his Tulsa rally. Only 6,200 turned up ;
Trump's assault on election integrity is forcing both parties to reckon with the possibility he may dispute the result if he loses;
Fox News's Chris Wallace confronted Trump with his own false claims - and the president had no good answers;
Trump not ready to commit to election results if he loses;
The state of absentee voting in the U.S.;
Biden says Trump is America's first 'racist' president; Democrats propose new draft to party platform, revealing shifts in focus since 2016;
Trump shifts to dystopian attacks on Biden: From 'Sleepy Joe' to destroyer of the 'American way of life';
Trump cancels Jacksonville portion of the Republican nominating convention;
'Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV.' Didn't Mean What Trump Hoped It Did;
Officer Who Pressed His Knee on George Floyd's Neck Drew Scrutiny Long Before ;
Women who painted over NYC Black Lives Matter mural identified as right-wing gadflies;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
German Court Rules Police Have Too Much Access to People’s Data;
Twitter Says Hackers Accessed Data from Some Non-Verified Accounts; On the Twitter Hack; Hacking a Power Supply;
Windows 10 new update for versions 1909 and 1903 fixes Excel, File Explorer bugs and more;
Garmin services and production go down after ransomware attack;
Math and science
'Superspreading' events, triggered by people who may not even know they are infected, propel coronavirus pandemic;
Can you get infected with COVID-19 twice? Experts say possibility is 'certainly real'; Can You Catch Covid-19 Twice?
From swabs to antibodies: How to understand your coronavirus test results; Oxford vaccine safe and promising, according to early human trial results;
Researchers Develop Biosensing Method That Could Shorten Time Needed To Verify COVID-19 Tests;
Washington University Couple Design Holographic Display For Use During A Cardiac Ablation Procedure;
Texas A&M Researchers Develop New Lithium Battery Technology That Charges Faster, Reduce Risk Of Fire;
Archaeologists discover Humans reached the Americas 11,000 years earlier than previously thought;
UAE's Hope Mission Launches Towards Mars; China's Mars mission lifts off, aiming to join U.S. in landing on Red Planet;
SpaceX Launches Anasis-II Military Satellite For South Korea;
NSF Awards $75 Million For "Quantum Leap" Institutes;
Web, computing and technology issues
China is trying to create a new internet in its own image;
Twitter Removes Video Retweeted by Trump After Linkin Park Complaint; Twitter Removes Thousands of Accounts Linked to QAnon Conspiracies;
Facebook Adds Label About Voting to Trump Post on 'Corrupt Election'; Zuckerberg Says Facebook Has 'No Deal of Any Kind' with Trump;
Trump Campaign Asks Facebook Users About Banning TikTok; TikTok has disabled QAnon hashtags;
Army ban on war crime comments during Twitch stream may have violated First Amendment;
The three worst things about email, and how to fix them; 7 hidden Gmail features that will turn you into an email pro;
Google's 11 new security features; How to spot Android malware;
SC News and Politics
COVID-19 update: Stay away from South Carolina;
McMaster appoints 9 new members to school board after old board votes for online only classes;
Superintendent: COVID rates still too high for Charleston Co. students to return;
Despite Pandemic Shutdown, SC Ekes Out Surplus in Budget;
U. of South Carolina Wants Its Share of Black Students to Mirror Black Population in the State;

Business and Economics
Mnuchin suggests Treasury, SBA should forgo verifying how small business loans were spent ;
Number of Americans filing for unemployment rises for first time since March, even as aid is set to shrink;
Expiration Of $600 Unemployment Bonus Could Undermine Economic Recovery; Six big obstacles to economic recovery, from child-care shortages to displaced workers;
Trump demands payroll tax cut while GOP eyes benefit cuts for unemployed; Special Interests Mobilize to Get Piece of Next Virus Relief Package;
Federal Aid Has So Far Averted Personal Bankruptcies, but Trouble Looms ; End of $600 Unemployment Bonus Could Push Millions Past the Brink;
Employers Have Cut Millions Of Workers' Wages During Pandemic; Workers are getting laid off anew as PPP runs out;
Trump Has Not Brought Manufacturing Jobs Back To The U.S;
As Trump suspends new H-1B visas, many tech workers face an uncertain future;
E.U. leaders agree to $859 billion stimulus package; UK abandons hope of U.S. trade deal by end of year;
Now that half of Oklahoma is officially Indian land, oil industry could face new costs and environmental hurdles;
A Pipeline Is Quietly Ordered Shut in New Signal of Shale's Woes; Chevron Deal for Oil and Gas Fields May Set Off New Wave of Mergers;
Oil falls as U.S. posts surprise rise in crude inventories;
Federal Judge Rejects U.S. Government's Arguments Against California’s Cap-And-Trade Program;
Trump administration says Alaska gold mine won't seriously harm environment, reversing Obama-era finding that it would hurt salmon;
EPA Proposes Commercial Aircraft Emission Standards;
Boeing Running Out Of Space For Aircraft Coming Off Assembly Line; Lockheed Martin Expects Lower Production Rate Of F-35;
France, China Say They Will Work More Closely On Aircraft Sales;
Autonomous-Driving Startup Aurora To Begin Testing Vehicles In Texas; Waymo, Fiat Chrysler Expand Autonomous Vehicles Partnership To Commercial Vehicles;
Delivery UAVs See Demand Spike During COVID-19 Shutdown;
FDA recalls more hand sanitizers due to toxic chemical;
10 Books Every Investor Should Read;
Five Money Personality Types;
When to Sell a Stock;
A Governor Pleads for Postponement of Fall Sports; Colleges Asking Athletes To Accept Risk Of Playing During Coronavirus Pandemic;
NCAA approves St. Thomas for unprecedented jump directly from Division III to Division I;
Giants manager takes a knee during anthem and Trump tweets 'the game is over for me';
George Will's 2020 Opening Day Quiz;
How Exercise May Bolster the Brain; Science Says Running Actually Lowers Inflammation in Your Knees;
Other news
The Most Corrupt President in American History; Could Donald Trump really rival James Buchanan?
John Yoo: How Trump Can Weaponize the DACA Decision and Cut Taxes;
A Rare Look Inside Trump's Immigration Crackdown Draws Legal Threats;
'Woefully uninformed': Kanye West slammed for saying Harriet Tubman 'never actually freed the slaves';

Live Coronavirus Updates: Budget cuts, Fall-Sports cancellations; Hundreds Of Financially-Strapped Colleges Will Shutter Permanently;
Skepticism Mounts Over Colleges' Ability To Resume Campus Activity In The Fall; COVID-19 Survey Finds 80% of College Students Shifting Plans;
More Colleges Expected To Go Online-Only This Fall In Coming Weeks; How Colleges With Hybrid Instruction Can Best Support Online Students This Fall;
State Travel Advisories Add Additional Hurdle For Reopening Colleges Campuses; Some Colleges Willing To Provide Private Rooms To Students Living On Campus;
UC Berkeley, UC Merced To Start Fall Semester With Online-Only Classes; Three Atlanta HBCUs Will Go Fully Online For Fall Semester;
University Of North Carolina System Plans To Reopen With Full-Capacity Residence Halls;
Colleges Turn To Saliva Coronavirus Tests For Its Students;
International Students In Chicago Worry About Post-Covid-19 Future;
Colleges Announcing New Curriculum, Resources To Improve Black Students' Experience;
Report: Black Students Have Less Access to Selective Public Colleges Now Than 20 Years Ago;
California State University Undergraduates Required To Take Ethnic Studies Or Social Justice Course Starting In 2023;
San Diego State Facing Criticism For Proposal To Strip Professors Of Emeritus Status For Harming University's Reputation;

TechNews for the week: July 15; July 13;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
China says it will hit back against new U.S. sanctions over Uighur rights; China's Tough Talk on U.S. Sanctions Leaves Room to Cool Tension;
China imposes sanctions on U.S. senators Rubio, Cruz over Xinjiang advocacy;
Trump signs law, order targeting China on Hong Kong; U.S. Weighs Sweeping Travel Ban on Chinese Communist Party Members;
Defying U.S., China and Iran Near Trade and Military Partnership;
Strike on Iran's Nuclear Program: Long-Planned and Bigger Than Thought;
Within the Taliban, clashing views of Afghanistan's future; How Russia Built a Channel to the Taliban, Once an Enemy;
Taliban Stage a Major Attack, as Violence Intensifies in Northern Afghanistan;
Ukraine's bank chief quit and received a coffin as a warning. It's a scandal that threatens the country's economic health.;
Thousands of protesting Israelis call on Netanyahu to resign; Israelis protest against government response to coronavirus;
Central Banker Urges Israel to Seize Cheap Borrowing Opportunity; Israel supporter's dramatic shift shocks establishment;
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is being treated for recurrence of liver cancer;
Trump commutes sentence of confidant Roger Stone; Why Trump's pardon history is extraordinary: 'Unprecedented, historic corruption';
Judge seeks clarity on the scope of Trump's clemency order for Roger Stone;
'Roger Stone remains a convicted felon,' Robert S. Mueller III writes in a Post op-ed defending the special counsel office's work;
Trump administration carries out first federal execution since 2003 after late-night Supreme Court intervention;
Inside the White House, a Gun Industry Lobbyist Delivers for His Former Patrons;
Michael Cohen asked to sign stay-out-of-jail agreement that may violate his First Amendment rights;
Despite Supreme Court ruling, Trump administration rejects new DACA applications;
The Lincoln Project's 'Never Trump' ads expertly troll a president who never fails to take the bait;
White House presses FDA to authorize hydroxychloroquine - again;
Fauci sidelined by White House as he steps up blunt talk on pandemic; White House seeks to discredit Fauci amid coronavirus surge;
Trump retweeted a post accusing the CDC of lying about the coronavirus to prevent his reelection; Trump identifies another hoax: The coronavirus;
U.S. blows past coronavirus record with more than 70,000 new cases in one day; Trump again directs blame at Obama as coronavirus pandemic worsens in U.S.;
California orders new closures as U.S. retreat from coronavirus reopenings accelerates;
Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt has tested positive for the coronavirus;
White House moves to cut out CDC from role in gathering virus data; 'Sole Source' Contract for COVID-19 Database Draws Scrutiny From Democrats;
Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp forbids cities, counties from requiring masks as coronavirus surges in the state;
Georgia governor sues Atlanta mayor over masks as White House report urges stricter coronavirus measures in that state and others;
Anti-vaccination leaders fuel black mistrust of medical establishment as covid-19 kills people of color;
Trump on private border wall segment: 'It was only done to make me look bad';
Trump has made more than 20,000 false or misleading claims; Fact Checker: Trump ad falsely suggests Biden supports defunding police;
Pompeo says protesters and mainstream media are attacking American way of life;
Trump administration backs off plan requiring international students to take face-to-face classes;
The QAnon Candidates Are Here. Trump Has Paved Their Way; QAnon's Madness Is Turning Canadians Into Potential Assassins;
Lawyers say Trump to continue legal battle over his tax returns after Supreme Court defeat; In fight for Trump's tax returns, DA's office tells his lawyers to 'bring it on';
Trump vs. the Women Who Lead Michigan: A Battle With 2020 Implications;
Trump frustrated with campaign manager Parscale amid falling polls; Trump replaces campaign manager as polls show him trailing Joe Biden in 2020 race;
Bill Stepien Takes Helm of Trump Campaign as a Data-Obsessed Political Fighter;
Republican convention in Jacksonville will be scaled back next month;
Supreme Court deals blow to felons in Florida seeking to regain the right to vote;
U.S. election officials warn of November chaos due to budget crunch; US election: Do postal ballots lead to voting fraud?
Tens of thousands of mail ballots have been tossed out in this year's primaries. What will happen in November?
Kansas freshman GOP Rep. Watkins charged with 3 felonies;
Senate banking panel to move forward with vote on Judy Shelton's nomination to Fed board;
A purported antifa flag-burning at Gettysburg was staged by an online troll who has riled far-right groups for years;
A teen led a Black Lives Matter protest in his small town. A cross was burned in his yard;
Police partially blinded 8 people in one day at George Floyd protests. Video evidence undermining official accounts;
Footage of Police Body Cameras Offers Devastating Account of Floyd Killing ;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
July Crypto-Gram Newsletter, Cybersecurity, Espionage, Hacking and more; NSA on Securing VPNs;
Trump confirms cyberattack on Russian trolls to deter them during 2018 midterms; Report: 'Almost certain' Russians sought to interfere in 2019 UK election;
U.S., Britain and Canada say Russia attempted to steal research on potential covid-19 vaccines;
Report: CIA behind APT34 and FSB hacks and data dumps;
Twitter hack targets Elon Musk, Obama, Kanye West, Bill Gates and more in Bitcoin scam;
Twitter lost control of its internal systems to Bitcoin-scamming hackers; Twitter Hackers May Have Bribed an Insider;
Britain bars Huawei from its 5G wireless networks, part of a growing shift away from the Chinese tech giant;
A Peek into the Fake Review Marketplace;
Math and science
The First Coronavirus Vaccine Tested in Humans Shows Early Promise ; Australian researchers invent 20-minute coronavirus blood test;
Closest Pictures Ever Taken of Sun Show Tiny Campfire Flares;
Astronomers Look To Use Artemis Program To Place Telescopes On Moon; NASA Completes Assembly, Initial Systems Testing Of James Webb Space Telescope;
University Of Washington Engineers Create Wireless Camera Small Enough To Ride Atop Insects;
Why You Can Smell Rain;
Web, computing and technology issues
Big tech starts to get tougher on Trump and allies over hate speech, misinformation; Facebook Considering Ban on Political Advertising Before U.S. Election;
Twitter Suspends More Than 50 Accounts Operated by White Nationalists; Twitch Lifts Two-Week Ban on Trump's Account for 'Hateful Conduct';
The conservative alternative to Twitter wants to be a place for free speech for all. It turns out, rules still apply.;
SC News and Politics
Charleston County schools could start 2 weeks later if COVID-19 cases don't slow;
Wild Dunes Resort closing for a month after COVID-19 cases on staff, employee death;
Coastal Carolina faculty condemns comments made by ex-football coach, adviser to president;
USC won't require SAT scores for 2021 applicants, following Coastal Carolina and CofC;

Business and Economics
U.S. budget deficit shattered one-month record in June, as spending outpaced revenue by $864 billion;
1.3 million more workers file new unemployment claims last week; After the fastest recession in U.S. history, the economic recovery may be fizzling;
9 charts that show the good, the bad and the alarming of this early economic recovery; NEC Director: Next Coronavirus Relief Bill Will Be More Limited;
White House Now Open To Extension Of Enhanced Jobless Benefits; White House says stimulus package 'must' include Trump proposal on payroll tax cut;
Faulty data collection raises questions about Trump's claims on jobs saved by PPP program;
Young farmers and farmers of color have been shut out of federal assistance during the pandemic;
Banks Stockpile Billions as They Prepare for Things to Get Worse; How a Struggling Company Won $1.6 Billion to Make a Coronavirus Vaccine;
Japan's economy to shrink at fastest pace in decades this fiscal year due to pandemic;
OPEC and Russia May Ease Oil Production Cuts; Putin delays $360bn spending plan as Covid-19 batters economy;
U.S. Will Impose Tariffs on French Goods in Response to Tech Tax;
Fracking Firms Fail, Rewarding Executives and Raising Climate Fears; North Dakota urges court to halt Dakota Access line shutdown;
To speed up construction projects, Trump plans to overhaul one of the nation’s most consequential environmental laws;
Staffers at renowned McClatchy newspapers mull bankruptcy sale to tabloid-owning hedge fund;
Pandemic Accelerates Demand For More Skilled Workforce Amid Changing Work Environment; More Kitchens Employing Cooking Robots As Pandemic Lingers;
Fifteen States, DC Unveil Joint Work To Advance Market For Electric Vehicles; Florida To Install More Than Two Dozen EV Charging Stations;
Industry Executives Say Automakers Are Accelerating Plans To Automate Routine Driving Tasks;
Air China Conducts Maiden Flight Of Its Comac ARJ21;
Why a Second Wave of COVID-19 Could Be Financially Disastrous for Social Security Retirees;
Top 10 Most Common Financial Mistakes; Why Knowing Your Net Worth Is Important;
A Lot of Athletes Seem to Have the Coronavirus. Here Are Some Reasons;
Pac-12, Big Ten shelve games and fears grow of ripple effect ;
College Football Season Teeters on the Brink; Vice President Pence wants schools reopened. LSU's Ed Orgeron REALLY wants football.;
Running Past an Olympic Dream;
Other news
George Will: This is what national decline looks like;
What Donald Trump's 'Access Hollywood' Weekend Says About 2020; New York Times shreds Trump campaign lawsuit over Russia op-ed;
How to explain systemic racism;

What College Presidents Make; The Highest-Paid Public-College Presidents in America ;
Reopened schools in Europe and Asia have largely avoided coronavirus outbreaks. They have lessons for the U.S.;
Trump Threatens Tax Status of Universities that Seek to Block Visa Rules; International Students "Scrambling For Backup Plans";
Federal Judge Delays Decision On Harvard, MIT's Lawsuit Challenging ICE's Foreign Students Policy; Nearly 60 Universities Support Lawsuit;
Big Tech Companies Join Lawsuit Against New Student Visa Rule;
Trump administration rescinds rule on foreign students; Administration Considers Replacement Rule To Limit Foreign Students;
Number Of Indian Students In US Has Declined During Trump Administration;
Polls Suggest Many College-Aged Students Would Not Get Vaccinated Against Coronavirus;
Survey: Three-Quarters Of College Leaders Fear Students Won't Follow Guidelines In Campus Housing;
Administrators Setting Up Clear Expectations For How Students Must Conduct Themselves Once Campuses Reopen;
Three-Quarters Of College Students Would Return To Campus This Fall If Permitted;
California, Oregon roll back reopenings as more schools decide to begin year with remote instruction;
More Colleges Scrapping Plans For In-Person Instruction As Coronavirus Cases Surge;
Pandemic Thwarting Students' Internships, Job Prospects; Google Launches Three Certificates On Coursera's Online Platform;
U. of Akron Has Lost Almost a Quarter of Its Faculty Since Pandemic Began;
Pennsylvania could integrate 6 state universities, including Cal U, Clarion, Edinboro, Slippery Rock;
Colleges, Universities Nationwide Begin Making Deep Staff Cuts;
Students Who Take Some Courses At Community Colleges Increase Their Chances Of Earning A Bachelor’s Degree;
Black College Students Take To Social Media To Detail Their Daily Encounters With Microaggressions, Racist Sentiments;

TechNews for the week: July 10; July 8; July 6;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Philippine president signs widely opposed anti-terror law;
As Neo-Nazis Seed Military Ranks, Germany Confronts 'an Enemy Within';
Turkey reverting iconic Hagia Sophia to a mosque after 85 years as a museum;
The Guatemalan rainforest: Lush jungle, Mayan ruins and narco jets full of cocaine;
Brazilian President Bolsonaro has tested positive for the coronavirus;
In Russia, They Tore Down Lots of Statues, but Little Changed; Russia Arrests Space Agency Official, Accusing Him of Treason;
In a Death, Details of More Russian Murder-for-Hire Plots;
New Administration Memo Seeks to Foster Doubts About Suspected Russian Bounties ;
Iran Admits Serious Damage to Natanz Nuclear Site, Setting Back Program;
Australia Suspends Extradition Deal With Hong Kong;
Trump uses Mount Rushmore speech to exploit social divisions; Trump got his crowd and his fireworks, and peddled his fiction;
Trump struggles to say 'totalitarianism' in dark Independence Day speech at Mount Rushmore;
'White power' video was a glimpse into Trump-era political discourse in 'America's friendliest' retirement community;
In Trump's new version of American carnage, the threat isn't immigrants or foreign nations. It's other Americans;
2,120 hate incidents against Asian Americans reported during coronavirus pandemic;
U.S. logs 26th straight day of record average case totals; Surge in hospitalizations strains hospitals in several states;
Months Into Virus Crisis, U.S. Cities Still Lack Testing Capacity; States mandate masks, begin to shut down again as cases soar;
Trump sidelines health advisers in growing rift over coronavirus response;
Historians question Trump's choice of 'heroes' for national garden monument;
Trump's newest assault on public schools: They teach kids to 'hate their country'; CDC will issue new guidance on school openings, Pence says, after criticism from Trump;
Harvard and MIT Sue Trump Administration Over Rules Barring Online Study for International Students;
The five biggest cases awaiting Supreme Court decisions;
Supreme Court rules 'faithless electors' can't go rogue at Electoral College;
Supreme Court says employers may opt out of Affordable Care Act's birth control mandate over religious, moral objections;
Supreme Court affirms 'ministerial exception' that protects religious organizations from some lawsuits;
Supreme Court says Manhattan prosecutor may see Trump's financial records, denies Congress access for now;
Supreme Court says much of eastern Oklahoma remains Indian land; Half of Oklahoma is a Native American reservation;
Trump's angry reaction to court underscores political risk;
Mississippi election commissioner complains 'the Blacks' are registering to vote in high numbers;
Trump administration sends letter withdrawing U.S. from World Health Organization over coronavirus response;
Arrests along Mexico border jump 40 percent, defying Trump administration immigration crackdown;
The Swamp Is Coming From Inside Trump's Campaign; The Republican Convention Created Money Woes in Two Cities;
Kanye West announces 2020 presidential bid in bizarre 4th of July tweet;
Trump says he's 'looking at' pardoning Roger Stone ahead of prison term;
John Bolton: It's Important For The People to Understand What Donald Trump Really Is, A Failure;
Fox News says it 'mistakenly' cropped Trump out of photo featuring Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell;
The Inside Story of Why Mary Trump Wrote a Tell-All Memoir;
Donald Trump's worldview forged by neglect and trauma, his niece says in a copy of her book obtained by The Post;
Trump cheated on his SATs by paying someone to take it for him, according to Mary Trump's new book;
Trump the victim: President complains in private about the pandemic hurting himself;
Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman retires, citing campaign of 'bullying' and 'intimidation' by Trump;
Biden offers $700 billion economic plan that contrasts with Trump's 'America First' agenda;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
Can Our Ballots Be Both Secret and Secure? IoT Security Principles;
Federal Officials Warn of Cyber Criminals Targeting U.S. Workers at Home;
Pompeo Says U.S. Considers Banning TikTok Amid Chinese Privacy Concerns;
Traffic Analysis of Home Security Cameras; Business Email Compromise (BEC) Criminal Ring;
Zoom working on patching zero-day disclosed in Windows client;
Israel Launches Spy Satellite;
Math and science
Oxford University expert believes Covid-19 may not have originated in China; Can your blood type predict whether you're more or less susceptible to the coronavirus?
Study of 17 Million Identifies Crucial Risk Factors for Coronavirus Deaths;
Berkeley Innovative Genomics Institute Rolling Out New Spit Test For COVID Testing; Minnesota Researchers Studying Coronavirus Airborne Transmission Risks;
Here Are 20 of The Oldest Cities Ever Built on Earth; An Ancient Valley Lost to 'Progress';
Mysterious Map Emerges at the Dawn of the Egyptian Civilization and Depicts Antarctica Without Ice – Who Made it?
Rocket Lab's Electron Rocket Fails To Reach Orbit After Saturday's Launch;
NASA Announces New Mission For Mars Curiosity Rover; NASA Recommends Additional Safety Changes To Boeing's Starliner;
A Mathematician Has Created a Teaching Method That's Proving There's No Such Thing as a Bad Math Student;
Web, computing and technology issues
Critics Say New Trump Appointee Puts Global Internet Freedom at Risk;
Facebook took down network affiliated with Roger Stone that included fake accounts; Facebook, Advertisers at Impasse Over Boycott for Hate Speech Policy;
TikTok Says Chinese Government Hasn't Requested User Data;
Turn on dark mode in Google Docs, Sheets and Slides apps;

Business and Economics
Trump signs extension of COVID-relief fund for businesses; Senate Majority Leader Wants Liability Shield In Next Coronavirus Relief Package;
White House, GOP weigh more limits on who would get the next stimulus checks;
Treasury, SBA data show small-business loans went to private-equity backed chains, members of Congress;
List Of PPP Recipients Includes Big Companies, Well-Connected Individuals;
Lobbyists, Law Firms and Trade Groups Took Small-Business Loans ;
Televangelists, Dallas megachurch that hosted Pence approved for millions in pandemic aid; Billionaire Kanye West's Company Received A Multimillion-Dollar PPP Loan;
Over 1.3 Million Applied For Unemployment Benefits Last Week;
Fed Leaders Mixed, But Mostly Negative On Near-Term Economic Recovery; Documents show States that raced to reopen let businesses write their own rules;
Mortgage rates continue to sink amid virus crisis;
Series of U.S. setbacks Series of U.S. setbacks bodes ill for big oil, gas pipeline projects;
U.S. trade groups urge China to increase purchases of U.S. goods, services; China Dominates Medical Supplies, in This Outbreak and the Next;
Nursing home gave some veterans a 'covid cocktail' including hydroxychloroquine without covid-19 testing;
With Much of the World's Economy Slowed Down, Green Energy Powers On ; Brazil corporations urge action on illegal logging in Amazon;
The Next Energy Battle: Renewables vs. Natural Gas;
Dominion, Duke abandon $8B Atlantic Coast Pipeline project; Supreme Court Won't Block Ruling to Halt Work on Keystone XL Pipeline;
United may furlough as many as 36,000 workers because of pandemic losses;
Boeing To Retire 747 Jumbo Jet; Airbus Deliveries Increase By 50% From May To June;
Indiana regulators raise concerns on Caesars-Eldorado deal;
Pandemic Inspires "New Thinking" About How Robots Can Help Humans Amid Social Distancing Requirements;
Investors Start to Ask: What if Biden Becomes President?
3 Ways to Decrease Capital Gains Tax;
The July 15 tax deadline is close. The IRS says it has refunds worth $1.5 billion just waiting to be claimed;
Testing problems cast doubt on viability of MLB season, days after baseball's return; Cleveland Indians announce plans to consider name change;
Stanford cuts 11 varsity sports programs as the pandemic worsens finances; The Ivy League cancels football and all other sports for the fall semester;
With Pandemic Keeping Them Apart, Runners Embrace Virtual Races;
Other news
The 6 Golden Rules of Eating for Longevity, According to the Longest-Living People on Earth;
Why "all lives matter" communicates to Black people that their lives don't;

US says foreign students must leave if classes go fully online; Colleges Faced With Decisions On Reopening Or Possible Loss Of Foreign Students;
The Colleges Most Affected by A New Policy On International Enrollments;
College Is Worth It, but Campus Isn't; Colleges Planning To Reopen, But Campuses Will Be Half-Empty;
Universities Planning On Hybrid Teaching Approach, Rigorous Testing Systems For Plans To Re-Open;
Harvard To Reopen With Fewer Than Half Of Undergrads On Campus; Princeton To Restrict Number Of Students On Campus;
USC Reverses Course On Bringing All Undergraduates Back To Campus This Fall; Florida orders schools to reopen in the fall, even as virus cases soar;
California State University Chancellor Says Classes May Remain Online For Entire Academic Year;
Georgia Tech Faculty Upset That Students Won't Be Required To Wear Masks On Campus;
Arizona State University Was Allotted More Cares Act Money Than Any Other. None of It Has Gone to Students;
Many Colleges Not Planning To Offer Housing Refunds Amid Another COVID-19 Wave;
Higher Education Leaders Warn House Committee About Growing Financial Pressures;
Colleges Move Quickly To Remove Controversial Monuments And Building Names;

TechNews for the week: July 1; June 29;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Israeli military says 2 Gaza rockets hit southern Israel; Israeli court releases anti-Netanyahu activist after arrest;
Israel annexation: What is the West Bank? Netanyahu will give in to pressure from Trump - poll of settlers;
Major West Bank annexation move not imminent, Israeli minister signals; UK PM Johnson tells Israel: do not annex parts of the occupied West Bank;
World Rebukes U.S. Over Iran; Mysterious Explosion and Fire Damage Iranian Nuclear Enrichment Facility;
War crimes charges against Kosovo's president have derailed U.S. President Donald Trump's hopes of brokering peace in the Balkans;
New swine flu found in China has pandemic potential;
The Theatrical Method in Putin's Vote Madness ; This Time, Russia Is in Afghanistan to Win; How the pandemic in Russia tanked the economy and plunged families into crisis;
Officials: Trump knew of Russian plot to kill U.S. troups; Intelligence assessments say Russian bounties to Taliban-linked militants resulted in deaths of U.S. troops;
Trump Got Written Briefing in February on Possible Russian Bounties; 2 things that seem to explain Trump's ignorance about Russia's bounties on U.S. troops;
Trump defense on Russian bounty story falls flat, even with Republicans; The only people dismissing the Russia bounties intel: The Taliban, Russia and Trump;
Trump decries Russian bounty reports as 'fake'; Suspicions of Russian Bounties Were Bolstered by Data on Financial Transfers ;
Trump reportedly briefed on Russia paying militants to kill US troops the same day he had a 45-minute meeting on the dramatized CPAC play 'FBI Lovebirds: Undercovers';
White House favors hiring of a well-known conspiracy theorist for a Pentagon position;
After announcing modest police reforms, Trump pivots quickly to a law-and-order message in appeal to his base;
Police chiefs and mayors push for reform. Then they run into veteran officers, unions and 'how culture is created';
Trump shares video of 'great people' shouting 'white power' at protesters; CAIR Renews Call for Suspension of Trump's Twitter Account After He Retweets 'White Power' Video;
Trump says painting 'Black Lives Matter' on New York's Fifth Avenue would be 'symbol of hate'; Trump deleted but has not condemned his 'white power' tweet;
White couple calls Mexican American 'criminal,' blocks him from his building;
Judge Rules U.S. Must Release Children From Family Detention Centers;
U.S. judge strikes down Trump asylum rule targeting Central Americans;
Supreme Court won't hear death penalty challenge, removing obstacle for Justice Dept. to resume federal executions;
Supreme Court strikes down restrictive Louisiana abortion law that would have closed clinics;
Trump supporters hope to use conservative anger at Justice Roberts as energizing moment for troubled campaign;
Supreme Court Lifts Limits on Trump's Power to Fire Consumer Watchdog;
Supreme Court will hear arguments over Mueller's secret evidence, a delay for House Democrats investigating President Trump;
California Governor Reinstates Stay-At-Home Order In State's Worst-Hit County As Region Passes 200,000 Cases;
C.D.C. Data Shows Actual Coronavirus Infections Vastly Undercounted;
Herman Cain, who attended Trump's Tulsa rally, hospitalized with covid-19; Secret Service agents preparing for Pence Arizona trip contracted coronavirus;
Mississippi governor signs bill changing state's flag, abandoning Confederate symbol; Richmond is removing Stonewall Jackson statue, says others will come down too;
House Dems Announce Omnibus Climate Proposal Targeting Net-Zero Greenhouse Emissions By 2050;
New York court sides with the publisher of an explosive book by President Trump's niece;
Voters in deep-red Oklahoma approve Medicaid expansion;
Hunt for Biden tapes in Ukraine by Trump allies revives prospect of foreign interference;
Federal appeals court upholds GOP-enacted voting restrictions in Wisconsin;
Supreme Court won't force Texas to allow absentee ballots for all voters; Supreme Court says Alabama does not have to loosen ballot restrictions because of virus;
William Barr claims an election with mail in voting is not secure - but admits he has no evidence for it;
Matt Gaetz claims fact-checking Trump is 'interfering with an election'; Accuses Twitter of "Domestic Election Interference";
Trump's anti-mail-voting crusade could hurt him in key states;
Trump's 'I alone can fix it' campaign collides with a changed public mood; Trump campaign shakes up top staff after Tulsa rally debacle;
Eric Trump Deletes Tweet After Getting A Savage Reminder About His Father;
Former senator says Trump has a plan to stay in the White House if he loses election; The opinion piece;
Bob Woodward story on Kavanaugh's veracity 'pulled' during Senate hearings;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
Russian operation targeted coalition troops in Afghanistan, intelligence finds; EncroChat Hacked by Police;
The Security Value of Inefficiency;
Android Apps Stealing Facebook Credentials;
Math and science
How the World Missed Covid-19's Silent Spread; Scientists are trying to understand why this coronavirus mutation has taken over the world;
Delirium and dizziness: How coronavirus affects the brain; Millions track pandemic on Johns Hopkins's dashboard. Those who built it say some miss the real story;
NASA's New Space Suit Equipped With AI; SpaceX Launches US Space Force's GPS 3 Satellites Into Orbit;
China's Final Beidou-3 Satellite Reaches Operational Orbit, Passes Systems Check; China Plans To Launch Country's First Mars Rover This Month;
Archaeologists in Turkey Have Uncovered a Mysterious Ancient Kingdom Lost in History;
Geologists identify deep-earth structures that may signal hidden metal lodes;
Scientists Present a Theory Explaining Why We're the Only Humans on Earth;
How to Dig Up Family History Online;
Web, computing and technology issues
Facebook to label violating posts from politicians. Critics say it's not enough; Biden Campaign Accuses Facebook of Haggling with Trump Over Hateful Posts;
Twitch Suspends Trump for 'Hateful Conduct,' Removes Videos; Reddit Shuts Down Trump Forum for Violations of Content Policy;
YouTube Bans Several Prominent White Supremacist Channels; Zuckerberg once wanted to sanction Trump. Then Facebook wrote rules that accommodated him;
Facebook Removes Hundreds of Accounts Linked to 'Boogaloo' Movement;
TikTok Is Shaping Politics;
Bogus Ideas Have Superspreaders, Too ; 'PizzaGate' Conspiracy Theory Thrives Anew in the TikTok Era;
Justice Dep't Warns of 'Fake Face Mask Exempt' Cards Sold on Facebook;
Four EU Countries Offer to Limit Digital Tax Proposal After U.S. Threat;
Supreme Court Says Entitled to Trademark Registration;
Find and delete all the data Google collects on you;
SC News and Politics
Charleston Forum reveals continuing distrust of police, justice system in Black community; Audit of the Charleston Police Department found glaring issues;
SC business groups 'disappointed' by lack of coronavirus liability protections;
Long Savannah faces new hurdles;

Business and Economics
The Market Partied Like It Was 1932; Stocks close out best quarter since 1998, clawing back most Q1 losses;
Federal Regulators Just Relaxed the Volcker Rule. Here's Why it's Good For Banks; Composition of the SMCCF Broad Market Index;
Chairman Says Federal Reserve Will Keep Rates Low As Economy Faces Heightened Uncertainty; Senate Approves Extending Small-Business Program;
Fed officials shared concerns U.S. could enter deeper recession if cases of coronavirus surged;
U.S. economy added 4.8 million jobs in June as labor market tried to continue its recovery; Employers Added 2.37M Jobs Last Month After Adding 3.1M in May;
Commerce Department: Consumer Spending Rose By The Most On Record In May;
In unusual deal, U.S. Treasury to acquire 30 percent of trucking company in exchange for $700 million loan;
Millions of homeowners face flood risks without realizing it, and climate change is making it worse; The First National Flood Risk Assessment ;
New analysis shows Black families pay significantly higher property taxes than white families;
Minneapolis had progressive policies, but its economy still left black families behind;
Oil prices drop on prospect of returning Libyan supplies;
Boeing Working On Update To Remote Vision System For KC-46;
Covid-19 treatment remdesivir priced at $3,120 for the typical patient;
After Ten Years, Tesla Sees Extraordinary Growth; Musk to Employees: Breaking Even In 2Q Will Be Tight;
Tesla Overtakes ExxonMobil's Market Value In A "Symbolic Energy Shift";
Car Sales Fell In The Second Quarter, But Not As Bad As Predicted;
Minor League Baseball Season Is Canceled for the First Time ;
Should We Play? Two College Football Teams Have Very Different Answers; Should sports teams actively seek herd immunity?
Other news
Items regarding Memorial removal and this and this;
Journalists are reexamining their reliance on a longtime source: The police;
Why the Mueller Investigation Failed;
Pardoned by Trump, Clint Lorance became a Fox News hero. His troops call themselves the 'cursed platoon';

An Early Look How Covid-19 Will Affect the Next Round of College Applicants; College, University Admissions Deans Distribute Guidance For Fall 2021 Applicants;
The Latest Layoffs and Furloughs As Covid-19 Pummels Colleges Budgets; More College Presidents Expect Institutions To Reduce Their Portfolio Of Academic Programs;
Administrators Worry About Students' Behavior As They Consider Reopening Campuses; How Closely Should Students Be Spaced? At One Campus, 3 Feet Quickly Becomes 6;
Many Students, Staff Remain Unconvinced About Universities' Plans To Reopen This Fall; Incoming Freshman Frustrated By Colleges' Opaque Fall Plans;
Some College Students Still Wary Of Returning To Campus; Many Professors Worried About Private, Public Health Implications Of Having Students Return To Campus;
A Problem for College in the Fall: Reluctant Professors; As COVID-19 Cases Surge, College Faculty Demanding To Teach Remotely This Fall;
CDC Advises Against Testing Everyone Who Returns To College Campuses In The Fall;
University Of Texas System Requiring Students, Faculty Wear Face Masks When Campuses Reopen; Georgia's Top-Down Management of Higher Ed Causes Covid-19 Chaos;
Most Students Maintained Their Spring Enrollment Status Despite COVID-19 Outbreak;
Harvard rescinds policy against fraternities, sororities and other single-gender organizations;
Economists Say College Education Proving More Valuable Than Ever During Pandemic;
Supreme Court says Montana program aiding private schools must be open to religious schools;
Colleges Rescinding Admissions Offers as Racist Social Media Posts Emerge;