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TechNews for the week: November 25; November 23;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Virtual G-20 summit opens in Saudi Arabia; G-20 closes Riyadh summit with calls for coordinated response to coronavirus pandemic; Trump's lonely G-20 marks a fitting end;
China and Russia are using coronavirus vaccines to expand their influence;
For Netanyahu and Israel, Trump's Gifts Kept on Coming; US allows convicted spy Pollard to move to Israel;
Netanyahu trial postponed until February; Netanyahu warns elections could be on the way; Virus forges path to new life for Israeli ultra-Orthodox Jews;
Israeli leader reportedly flew to Saudi Arabia and met with crown prince; Covert Israeli-Saudi meeting sends Biden a strong message on Iran;
Iranian nuclear scientist seen as driving force behind weapons program is killed in attack near Tehran; Israel blamed for assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist;
Iran war games - psychological warfare, Trump legacy and boxing in Biden;
After Trump's Embrace, Saudis Brace for a Chillier Tone From Biden;
North Korea's Kim vents fury as pressure mounts over virus and economy;
Putin hasn't congratulated Biden in what risks being seen as a pointed message; Russia chases off U.S. warship in spat over territorial waters;
Escalating violence in strategic Syrian city belies Assad's claim that he's in control;
The U.S. has closed at least 10 bases in Afghanistan, but drawdown details remain murky;
A brief, bloody war in a corner of Asia is a warning about why the tank's days of dominance may be over;
In last-ditch bid to stay in office despite losing election, Trump deploys his favorite tactics to bully and intimidate;
Arizona top election official Katie Hobbs holds fast against attempts to undermine the state's election;
Most Senate Republicans greet Trump's push to overturn election with usual response: Silence;
Michigan attorney general ponders criminal probes of state and local officials who bend to Trump's will on overturning election results;
Republican leaders ask Michigan election board to delay certification of results, in latest GOP effort to cast doubt on the vote;
Michigan board votes to certify the state's presidential election results, dealing Trump another blow;
In scathing opinion, federal judge dismisses Trump campaign lawsuit in Pennsylvania;
Republicans launch Pennsylvania lawsuit that argues GOP-backed bill allowing universal mail voting is unconstitutional;
Giuliani tells Pennsylvania legislators they can override popular vote to appoint pro-Trump electors;
Federal appeals court rejects Trump request to block certification of Pennsylvania's election results;
Pa. and Nev. certify Biden's wins; Nevada Supreme Court certifies Biden's presidential win, praises state's top election official;
GOP effort to invalidate more than 2.5 million votes in Pennsylvania dealt another setback;
Trump's attempt at unprecedented power grab runs into resistance from local and state Republicans;
Trump campaign asks for recount of Georgia's presidential votes, which were just recounted;
Congressman seeks to have Rudy Giuliani disbarred over attempts to overturn election; Trump campaign legal team distances itself from Sidney Powell;
Republican national security experts urge GOP leaders to tell Trump it's time to concede, begin transition;
In latest blow to Trump, GSA administrator releases transition funds to Biden;
President-elect Joe Biden to nominate Antony Blinken as secretary of state; Biden picks former Fed chief Janet Yellen to be treasury secretary;
President-elect Joe Biden announces foreign policy and national security team, making John Kerry envoy on climate;
Biden reportedly considering a retired four-star general to lead US military, would be first Black defense secretary if confirmed;
Biden wants to re-thaw relations with Cuba. He'll have to navigate Florida politics;
Biden tries to spread calm, as some Democrats worry over his willingness to fight;
In Georgia Senate runoffs, the focus on both sides is on Raphael Warnock; Stock Trades by Senator Perdue Said to Have Prompted Justice Dept. Inquiry;
McConnell still mum on Biden's win as Trump administration begins transition; Republican Resistance Looms in the Senate for Biden's Nominees;
Biden urges unity to fight pandemic as Trump rails about election; Trump's cellphone rant full of election falsehoods; Trump turns on Pfizer over vaccine timing;
A vindictive Trump seeks to undermine Biden's presidency; Trump has set a hidden trap for Biden. It could do great damage;
Trump commits to leaving if electoral college votes for Biden; When he leaves office, can ex-President Trump be trusted with America's national security secrets?
Fox News pushes Trump claim Biden must prove votes weren't 'illegally obtained' in order to enter White House;
Trump pardons Michael Flynn, his former national security adviser who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI;
Shutdown deadline nears as White House, Congress tangle over VA funding;
Judge halts efforts by Trump appointee to reshape Voice of America and related agencies;
Trump loyalist pushed out of White House now leading a shake-up at the Pentagon;
Lawmakers warn Trump order could spark mass firings of civil servants;
Trump rule eases effort to strip-mine near Okefenokee Swamp;
U.S. Border Agency Settles With 2 Americans Detained for Speaking Spanish;
Why Republican voters say there's 'no way in hell' Trump lost; Man sues for refund of $2.5m he donated to Trump election challenge group;
Dianne Feinstein Won't Seek Senate Judiciary Leadership After Backlash;
Republicans Rewrite an Old Playbook on Disenfranchising Black Americans ; Trump campaign sued for attempting to disenfranchise Black voters;
Gun-toting congresswoman-elect may carry Glock at Capitol;
The Supreme Court's "Breathtakingly Radical" New Approach to Election Law;
Supreme Court sides with N.Y. religious organizations that said they were illegally targeted by governor's coronavirus restrictions;
Midnight Ruling Exposes Rifts at a Supreme Court Transformed by Trump;
NRA reports to the IRS alleged misspending by current and former executives for personal benefit and enrichment;

As U.S. coronavirus cases soar toward 200,000 a day, holiday travel is surging; U.S. passes 13 million cases as pandemic transforms the holidays;
Coronavirus deaths reach ominous levels unseen since early in the pandemic; Analysis shows Covid-19 is still killing racial, ethnic minorities at higher rates;
Experimental drug given to President Trump to treat covid-19 wins FDA authorization;
What you need to know about the Moderna and Pfizer coronavirus vaccines; Two-dose coronavirus vaccine regimens will make it harder to inoculate America;
AstraZeneca says its vaccine is up to 90% effective and easier to maintain; After Admitting Mistake, AstraZeneca Faces Difficult Questions About Its Vaccine;
Now the U.S. Has Lots of Ventilators, but Too Few Specialists to Operate Them;
Texas A&M Researchers Developing COVID-19 Breathalyzer Test;
Evidence Builds That an Early Mutation Made the Pandemic Harder to Stop;
Politics, Science and the Remarkable Race for a Coronavirus Vaccine; Why the race to find Covid-19 vaccines is far from over;
Bill Gates, the Virus and the Quest to Vaccinate the World;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
Undermining Democracy; More on the Security of the 2020 US Election; Cyber Public Health; Indistinguishability Obfuscation;
Trump administration exits Open Skies treaty meant to deter war;
Trump administration is close to declaring 89 Chinese and 28 Russian aerospace and other companies have military ties;
Congress Passes IoT Cybersecurity Act;
Math and science
2 Companies Say Their Vaccines Are 95% Effective. What Does That Mean?
China to launch moon mission, seeking to be first country in decades to collect lunar rocks;
SpaceX Launches Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich Satellite Atop Falcon 9 Rocket;
Remains of Two Killed in Vesuvius Eruption Are Discovered at Pompeii;
This Insect Has The Only Mechanical Gears Ever Found in Nature;
A Neuroscientist Explains How People's Words and Actions Can Actually Shape Your Brain;
Research Finds Facial Recognition Algorithms Are Less Accurate When Using Pictures Of Smiling Faces;
The bases of quantum computing;
Web, computing and technology issues
Twitter to Transfer White House Account to Biden on Inauguration Day;
YouTube Suspends One America News Network for One Week; Advocacy Group Calls Parler 'Dangerous for Minors' Because It Lacks Moderatio;
Democratic Senators Demand YouTube Remove Election Misinformation; Senator Urges Facebook, Twitter to Prevent Misinformation About Senate Races;
Russia Accuses Google of Failing to Remove Banned 'Dangerous Content';
Designed to Deceive: Do These People Look Real to You?
How to use Zoom like a pro: 15 video chat tips and tricks;

Business and Economics
U.S. Treasury, Federal Reserve Lock Horns Over COVID Programs; Mnuchin, McConnell Discuss Converting Unused Fed Funds Into Stimulus Spending;
Eyeing A "Double Dip" Recession, Biden Advisers Push Democrats To Reach Quick Stimulus Deal;
Wall Street extends COVID-19 vaccine rally, Dow tops 30K; Consumer Confidence Down More Than Expected In November;
New York Fed's Williams Says Federal Reserve Can Restart Emergency Lending If Needed;
US STOCKS-S&P 500, Dow pull back from all-time closing highs after grim jobless data;
World Economic Forum Provides Roadmap Toward Smart Autonomous Vehicle Polices;
G.M. Drops Its Support for Trump Climate Rollbacks and Aligns With Biden;
Trump administration denies key permit for gold and copper mine in Alaska, striking a severe blow to controversial project;
GE Warns Of More Job Cuts At Aviation Unit;
How Much SC Collects on Every Type of Tax;
Sports has a Gen Z problem;
Coach and Athletics Director Test Positive at U. of Tennessee;
How Much Is a College Quarterback Worth? $2.4 Million;
Other news
How a Constitution Dies; Historians say The Founders didn't prepare for a president who refuses to step down;
What Trump Showed Us About America; What Donald Trump Liked About Being President; Should Donald Trump be prosecuted? Proceed with caution;
In 'How Ike Led,' Reflections On Eisenhower's Political Legacy;

Many colleges still have no plans to test students before they leave for Thanksgiving;
University Of California Enrollment Remains Flat Amid Pandemic Fears Of Student Loss; COVID-19 Is Forcing Many Latinos To Drop Out Of College;
Report: States Should Reject Proportional Higher Ed Funding Cuts; Report Warns Against Cuts To Higher Education To Balance Colorado Budget;
Poll Finds 60% Of Voters Support Canceling Up To $50K In Student Loan Debt Per Person; Report Shows Stark Inequity In Higher Education Funding;
Report: New Academic Programs Not Working For All Colleges; Colleges Change Status Quo To Make Curriculums More Inclusive;
More People With Bachelor's Degrees Return To School To Learn Trades;
Online school has sent F's spiking by 83% in Virginia's largest school system;
DeVos calls on Congress to postpone federal standardized exams until 2022;

TechNews for the week: November 20; November 18; November 16;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Al Qaeda's No. 2, Accused in U.S. Embassy Attacks, Was Killed in Iran; Israel's stunning assassination of Al Qaeda chief inside Iran suggests a major deal was cut with the US;
Coalition airstrikes against ISIS resulted in more than 1,400 civilian deaths, according to data made public for first time;
Trump Sought Options for Attacking Iran to Stop Its Growing Nuclear Program; Iran says U.S. move against it would face 'crushing' response;
Palestinians restore Israel ties as annexation fears fade; Pompeo sets off debate on boycott of Israel, calling it an anti-Semitic ‘cancer’;
GOP Rep. Furious after Syria Envoy Boasts His Team Fooled Trump; State Dept. representative on Syria and ISIS retires;
Fewer opportunities and a changed political environment in the U.S. may have curbed Moscow’s election interference this year;
As Trump's efforts on Iran falter, Biden will face a more assertive Tehran;
Trump could be a no-show at virtual G-20 as coronavirus ravages globe;
In the Trump presidency's final days, a 30-year-old aide purges officials seen as insufficiently loyal;
Trump's Transition-Blocking GSA Boss Finally Tweeted And It Was Weird As Hell;
How Trump;s Stalling Risks Our National Security; Vindman accuses Trump administration of 'burrowing' into intelligence community;
Ex-FBI chief warns Secret intelligence exists that 'would cast Trump in very negative light';
Defense secretary sent classified memo to White House about Afghanistan before Trump fired him;
Trump Pentagon Purge Could Accelerate His Goal to Pull Troops From Afghanistan; Trump's decision to pull troops from Afghanistan could put Biden in 'a strategic corner';
The Taliban is on the offensive. Keeping the militants at bay: U.S. airstrikes, even as bases close and troops leave;
Trump fires top cybersecurity official for debunking election fraud claims; It's Not Likely State Legislatures Could Pick Electors to Vote for Trump;
What a Biden Presidency Means for Taxes, Health Care, Housing, Student Debt - and Another COVID-19 Stimulus Package;
Who will fill Biden's White House and Cabinet: His picks so far - and names floated for remaining spots; Biden Asked Republicans to Give Him a Chance. They're Not Interested;
Biden Wants to Rejoin Iran Nuclear Deal, but It Won't Be Easy; Corporations and Foreign Nations Pivot to Lobby Biden;
The next herculean challenge in the virus fight: producing and distributing tiny vials of vaccine ;
America's 250,000 covid deaths: People die, but little changes; South Dakota nurse says many patients deny the coronavirus exists - right up until death;
A list of COVID-19 restrictions in each state; COVID-19: Justice Alito overstepped judicial boundaries;
Pfizer, BioNTech say they will file today for emergency clearance of coronavirus vaccine, which could make doses ready in December;
Sen. Charles E. Grassley, third in line for the presidency, tests positive for coronavirus;
Donald Trump Jr. tested positive for the coronavirus and is isolating; Trump loyalist Anthony Tata, the Pentagon's top policy official, has tested positive for COVID-19;
Biden paints Trump as reckless;
Trump and his White House minimize pandemic surge as he focuses on denying election loss;
With Trench Warfare Deepening, With Trench Warfare Deepening, Parties Face Unsettled Electoral Map; Trump digs in on baseless election claims even as legal options dwindle; Trump campaign scraps major parts of its lawsuit challenging Pennsylvania's election results; Claim that Pennsylvania case is proof of 'dead people' voting is bogus;
Trump and allies have sought to exclude 1 of every 10 votes in key states; Ga. secretary of state says fellow Republicans are pressuring him to find ways to exclude ballots;
Lindsey Graham Denies Pressuring Georgia Official To Toss Legal Ballots; Graham on the defensive over calls to state election officials;
Trump's attempt to steal the electoral college failed its first big test; Threats and Tensions Rise as Trump and Allies Attack Elections Process;
Trump uses power of presidency to try to overturn the election; escalating attacks put pressure on vote certification process;
Trump is past exploring legal options. He's using lies and chicanery to try to undo his defeat;
Georgia certifies election results, including Biden as winner, after prematurely alerting that it had done so earlier in the day;
How Rudy Giuliani plans to get Trump's legal battle to the Supreme Court by failing upwards; Rudy Giuliani's post-election meltdown starts to become literal;
GOP officials in key Michigan county certify ballot count after striking a compromise with Democrats;
Michigan county official who wants to rescind her vote to certify election results says she received a call from Trump;
Trump Targets Michigan in His Ploy to Subvert the Election; invites Michigan Republican leaders to meet him as he escalates attempts to overturn election results;
Judge rejects Republican bid to halt Arizona from certifying Biden election win;
The Supreme Court is running the clock on Trump's election lawsuits, experts say;
Many G.O.P. Governors Avoid Stating Plainly That Biden Won; Conservative media largely stay devoted to Trump's bogus claims of victory, but cracks are starting to show;
Trump's ugly pattern of attacking urban areas spotlights failure to act like president for all Americans;
Trump Tax Write-Offs Are Ensnared in 2 New York Fraud Investigations;
Trump Has Reportedly Been Asking About Pardons for Himself, His Family, and More;
Census Officials Say They Can't Meet Trump's Deadline for Population Count;
Maryland's governor spent $9.46 million on coronavirus tests from South Korea. They were never used because of flaws;
New FBI data reveals Hate-crime killings set a record in 2019;
A Watchdog Accused Officers of Serious Misconduct. Few Were Punished;
Judge rules acting homeland security secretary appointment unlawful, which could have implications for DACA;
U.S. to drop charges against former Mexican defense minister arrested in Los Angeles last month;
U.S. investigators were told to take 'no further action' on Caterpillar, ex-client of Barr;
Judge stops Trump policy of 'expelling' child migrants, questioning legality of border controls linked to covid crisis;
Supreme Court cancels arguments over Trump bid to withhold parts of Russia probe;
Trump's Confederate Base Veto Threat Imperils Defense Bill;
Trump officials unveil new U.S. citizenship test, as advocates worry it is too long, difficult, politicized;
Former Minneapolis police officer charged in George Floyd's death seeks to bar evidence of past neck and body restraints;
Kyle Rittenhouse used stimulus money to get a gun;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
November Crypto-Gram Newsletter, Hacking, Phishing, Fraud and more; On Blockchain Voting;
Trump administration to cut troop levels in Afghanistan despite Pentagon warnings;
In a test, U.S. military shoots down an ICBM from a warship for the first time; How the U.S. Military Buys Location Data from Ordinary Apps;
Biden Expected to Maintain Strong Approach with China on Tech Security;
Ransomware demands average $1m; 27% of victims pay up; The malware that usually installs ransomware and you need to remove right away;
Math and science
Moderna's coronavirus vaccine found to be nearly 95 percent effective in early analysis; National Academies Publishes Plan For Vaccine Distribution;
Duke University Study Highlights Importance Of Widespread Asymptomatic Testing;
Successful Crew-1 launch signals next step in new era of human spaceflight; SpaceX's Crew Dragon capsule docks with the International Space Station;
Arecibo Observatory Telescope To Be Decommissioned; Astronomers Propose Building Telescope With Liquid Mirror On Moon;
UK And Swiss Companies To Partner On Satellite Designed To Remove Space Junk;
Trump officials rush to auction off rights to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge before Biden can block it;
The coronavirus pandemic is driving U.S. greenhouse gas emissions to their lowest level in three decades;
What Scientists Learned when Destroying a Nest of Murder Hornets;
Google Researchers Find AI Training May Be Fundamentally Flawed;
Human ageing process biologically reversed in world first;
Neutrinos Lead to Unexpected Discovery in Basic Math;
Web, computing and technology issues
Obama says social media 'turbocharged' threat of misinformation; CEO of Conservative App Parler Defends Right to 'Say Crazy Things';
After Cybersecurity Director's Firing, Twitter Labels Trump's Tweet 'Disputed'; Twitter Appoints Well-Known Hacker 'Mudge' as Head of Security;
Facebook says it labeled 180 million debunked posts ahead of the election; Democratic Senators Urge Facebook to Tackle Anti-Muslim Bigotry;
Track COVID-19 in your area with Google Maps; A covid-fighting tool is buried in your phone;
These new Zoom features will prevent trolls and meeting-crashers;
How to set up a VPN on Windows 10;
Facebook Sues Developer for Running Network of Cloned Instagram Sites;
SC News and Politics
Barack Obama Has A Damning Description Of Lindsey Graham In His New Book;

Business and Economics
Economy braces for fresh wave of pain as virus triggers new shutdown orders; Jobless claims rise as shutdowns spread; Global debt soars to a new all-time high in Q3;
S&P 500, Dow post record closing highs Monday after Moderna releases upbeat vaccine efficacy data;
Powell: Fed committed to loose money, low rates for 'as long as it takes' as COVID-19 surges; Financial Stability Board Warns Financial System Remains Vulnerable;
Mnuchin cuts off Fed's emergency aid programs, sparking rare rebuke; Treasury's Mnuchin defends ending lending programs, fires back at Federal Reserve;
Republicans are trying to jam through Judy Shelton. She has no business working at the Fed; Judy Shelton's Federal Reserve nomination fails to get enough Republican support;
U.S. states are bleeding cash as pandemic drags on with no stimulus in sight; As communities suffer, local officials struggle to disburse federal aid. Now, a deadline looms;
If Congress doesn't act, 12 million Americans could lose unemployment aid by the end of the year;
Stimulus Talks Remain Stalled As Virus Cases Surge; Senate Minority Leader Says Majority Leader Has Agreed To Resume COVID Relief Talks;
Hundreds Of Companies That Received Stimulus Aid Filed For Bankruptcy;
Influx Of Remote Workers To Small Cities Speeds Up Amid Pandemic;
New study shows Walmart and McDonald's have the most workers on food stamps and Medicaid;
Japan's economy rebounds from record slump as pandemic pain eases;
China's factory output rises more than expected, retail sales continue to grow in October;
Federal utility fined $900K for nuclear violations, coverup;
FAA clears Boeing 737 Max to resume flights; Airbus, Boeing Expected To Use Hybrid Engine Technology For New Planes;
EV Industry Competition Likely To Accelerate In 2021;
Cincinnati's Brent Spence Bridge Expected To Reopen In Late December;
Ivy League Cancels Winter Sports and Stalls Spring Sports Over Coronavirus;
NCAA's broken and corrupt system exposed again with ugly Gregg Marshall saga;
12 candidates South Carolina could hire as new football,coach;
Other news
Why Obama Fears for Our Democracy; Obama memoir;
The life-threatening costs of a delayed transition; Trump Is in Denial—and America Is Unsafe;
Trump's racist appeals powered a White evangelical tsunami;
The Texas governor who refused to concede after losing a bitter election;
The Feynman Technique: The Best Way to Learn Anything;

Number of international students in US declines for first time in over a decade; Fewer International Students Studying In US Cost Universities $1.8 Billion Last Year;
Experts Say "Normal" Still Far Away For Colleges As Vaccines On The Way;
Colleges End In-Person Classes Early Due To COVID-19 Outbreaks; Pressure Building For Colleges "To Bring More Students To Campus In The Next Semester";
Texas Colleges Cancel Spring Break Due To COVID-19 Concerns; Colleges Eliminate Spring Break From Calendars Amid Pandemic;
New York City to close public schools as virus cases rise. The nation's largest school system will return to all-remote learning;
Minnesota State Colleges Seek $120M Budget Increase From State Legislature To Offset Pandemic Losses;
Lowest-Paid Workers Suffering Highest Job Losses In Higher Education;
American Council On Education Publishes Supplement To 2019 Race, Ethnicity Report;
Graduates From "Elite" Schools Get Paid More Than They Are Worth; Delaying College Amid Pandemic May Impact Future Earnings;
Clemson Launches Dual-Language Engineering Degree Program;

TechNews for the week: November 13; November 11; November 9;

War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
AP projects Biden defeats Trump to become 46th president; Biden triumphs over Trump, prompting celebration across the U.S. and congratulations from abroad;
Trump's Fury Feeds Moscow and Beijing Accounts of U.S. Chaos; China Extends Reach in the Caribbean, Unsettling the U.S.;
Putin Is Mum on Biden's Victory, Foreshadowing Tense Years Ahead; U.S. Boats Faced Russian Aggression Near Alaska;
Sisi Promised Egypt Better Health Care. Virus Exposed His True Priority;
Azerbaijan captures strategic city in Nagorno-Karabakh; Azerbaijan's drones owned the battlefield in Nagorno-Karabakh - and showed future of warfare;
Facing Military Debacle, Armenia Accepts a Deal in Nagorno-Karabakh War;
Why hasn't Benjamin Netanyahu called Joe Biden? A Democratic win could lead to political upheaval and another Israeli election; Gantz warns election to be initiated soon;
Trump's Iran czar: Talks with Tehran inevitable whoever is president;
Scottish Leader Says Trump Should Face 'Accountability' In Turnberry Probe;
Bolsonaro says Brazilians must not be 'sissies' about coronavirus: 'All of us are going to die one day';
The U.S. has absolutely no control over the coronavirus. China is on top of the tiniest risks;
Trump campaign lawyers may have violated Privacy Act and USPS rules in Nevada voter fraud lawsuit;
Nevada AG Aaron Ford: Trump has come up with 'frivolous, baseless claims' of voter fraud;
Fact check: Viral video shows Pennsylvania poll workers fixing damaged ballots;
Justice Alito temporarily grants Pennsylvania GOP request to enforce segregation of ballots that arrived after Election Day;
Election Officials Directly Contradict Trump on Voting System Fraud ; Trump law firm withdraws from Pennsylvania case challenging election;
Hawking conspiracies and cigars, ink-stained Giuliani falsely declares Trump won presidency; Pressed by Trump allies, Republicans echo unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud;
The Electoral College Is Close. The Popular Vote Isn't;
Biden's Team Steps Up Transition Plans, Mapping Out a White House; White House attorney dispatched to agency blocking Biden transition;
White House, escalating tensions, orders agencies to rebuff Biden transition team; Trump appointee in charge of handing transition resources to Biden won't budge;
Trump Rebuffs Biden Transition Team, Setting Off Virus and National Security Risks;
Biden has ambitious plans to curb the coronavirus. But they could face big hurdles in a divided country and Congress;
President-elect Biden announces coronavirus task force made up of physicians and health experts; Biden group considers choices on Iran nuclear deal;
Joe Biden, in victory speech, emphasizes unity and calls it 'a time to heal in America'; plans immediate flurry of executive orders to reverse Trump policies;
Biden's Climate Promises Would Necessitate "Yearslong Process To Repeal Existing Rules"; Biden presidency to hasten global switch from coal to renewables;
Biden behaves as the incoming president, even as Trump balks at giving up power;
Biden taps Ronald A. Klain as White House chief of staff - the president-elect's first public personnel decision;
Biden, top congressional Democrats demand new economic relief bill before year's end;
Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows has tested positive for the coronavirus; After testing positive for coronavirus, Meadows told others not to disclose his condition;
'Election Day is over, and guess what? The virus is still here.'; U.S. sets another daily record for coronavirus cases as some states struggle;
U.S. surpasses 10 million coronavirus cases as public health experts warn the country is entering the pandemic's worst phase yet;
Pence breaks silence to take credit for Pfizer vaccine - and drugs company immediately denies Trump involved;
The vaccine news is good. Here's the bad news; Eli Lilly's Antibody Treatment Gets Emergency F.D.A. Approval;
U.S. recorded more than 140,000 new coronavirus cases Wednesday, the latest all-time high as numbers march higher;
Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump moved their kids to a new school after parents complained about the couple not following coronavirus protocols;
More than 130 Secret Service officers are said to be infected with coronavirus or quarantining in wake of Trump's campaign travel;
Can Trump pardon his associates - or himself?
Trump administration fires three agency heads in wake of US election;
Trump fires Defense Secretary Mark Esper in a tweet; Fired defense secretary left behind a subtle warning about the dangers of leaving Trump unchecked;
Trump administration upends senior Pentagon ranks, installing loyalists; Official who once called Obama a 'terrorist leader' takes over Pentagon policy;
Two senior Homeland Security officials forced out as White House firings widen;
Current and former officials fear As an ex-president, Trump could disclose the secrets he learned while in office;
Georgia to hold January runoff for two Senate seats that could determine control of the upper chamber; Georgia poll worker in hiding after false claims online;
Loeffler, Perdue call on Georgia's Republican secretary of state to resign;
Fox News pulls plug on Trump spokeswoman making baseless claims of fraud;
Barr gives Justice Dept. approval to investigate alleged voting irregularities as Trump makes unfounded claims of fraud;
Supreme Court to hear latest challenge to the Affordable Care Act; Supreme Court appears ready to uphold Affordable Care Act over latest challenge from Trump, GOP;
Pa. postal worker whose allegations of ballot tampering were cited by top Republicans has recanted;
'What's the downside for humoring him?': A GOP official's unintentionally revealing quote about the Trump era;
Trump may accept results but never concede; Why Trump Fears Leaving the White House;
Texas attorney general Fought Trump's Legal Wars From Texas. Now He's in Trouble;
Lindsey Graham's curious and conspiratorial argument for why Trump should fight election results;
GOP leaders' embrace of Trump's refusal to concede fits pattern of rising authoritarianism;
Trump's bid to discredit election raises fear that he will undermine a smooth transfer of power;
Even in defeat, the embers of Trumpism still burn in the Republican Party;
As Trump stews over election, he mostly ignores the public duties of the presidency;
Trump supporters launch small, disparate efforts to fight election results as no GOP or Trump allegations of irregularities have been proved;
Trump activists gathering Saturday in state capitals to protest Biden victory; Far-right protesters, counterdemonstrators plan to gather Saturday in D.C. amid pro-Trump rallies;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
Swiss report reveals new details on CIA spying operation;
2020 Was a Secure Election; Top U.S. Cybersecurity Official Tells Associates He Expects to be Fired;
Microsoft says hackers backed by Russia and North Korea targeted COVID-19 vaccine makers;
Trump Administration Formally Notifies Congress On Sale Of F-35 Fighter Jets To UAE;
The Security Failures of Online Exam Proctoring;
Math and science
What Went Wrong With Polling? Some Early Theories; The Polls Weren't Great. But That's Pretty Normal;
Covid-19 vaccine may have unpleasant side effects. That will mean it's working; How Pfizer Plans to Distribute Its Vaccine (It's Complicated);
Duke Researchers Reveal "Wound-Healing" Biomaterial; Colorado Researchers Develop Stretchable "E-Skin" Alternative To Wearable Devices;
Vanderbilt Team Developing Better Wearable To Avoid Shin Splints;
China Launches "World's First 6G Experimental Satellite";
Automakers Seek To Replace Battery Packs With Structural Batteries;
Researchers Discuss Smart, Self-Repairing Concrete As Future Of Cost-Effective Roads;
Inside the Secret Math Society Known Simply as Nicolas Bourbaki;
Web, computing and technology issues
Trump to Lose Twitter's 'Public Interest' Protections When He Leaves Office;
Twitter Labels Trump's Post on Election Fraud as 'Disputed'; Twitter Says It Labeled 300,000 Presidential Election Tweets as Disputed;
Facebook Takes Down Seven Networks of Fake Accounts Active in Iran, Elsewhere; Facebook Removes Network of Pages Tied to Bannon for Pushing Misinformation;
Twitter Develops New Feature to Limit Spread of Misleading Information; Facebook Extends Ban on Political Advertising for One More Month;
As Popular Social Media Sites Crack Down, Conspiracy Theorists Turn to Parler;
Computer Scientists Develop Indistinguishability Obfuscation Protocol;
Zoom Agrees to New Security Program in Settlement with FTC;
'The Daily Show' Resurfaces Clips of Fox News Guests Demanding Quick Democratic Concessions in 2018;
SC News and Politics
Graham: If GOP doesn't fight, there will 'never be another Republican president elected again'; Graham vows Senate Judiciary will investigate 'voting irregularities';

Business and Economics
Federal Reserve Chairman: Increase In Coronavirus Cases Could Impact Economic Recovery; Powell: Pandemic has Changed the US Economy;
Unemployment Claims Fell To 709,000 Last Week; Job Growth Is Likely To Slow By Time Biden Takes Office; Expiration Of Emergency Federal Jobless Aid Looms;
Top central bankers: Economy needs help despite vaccine news; Odds For COVID Relief Legislation Uncertain As Congress Begins Lame-Duck Session;
Officials Say Evidence of PPP Fraud Mounts; Political Fight Brewing Over Fed's Emergency Loan Programs;
Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine is more than 90 percent effective, company reports in its first analysis; Dow climbs more than 800 points on vaccine news, Biden victory;
Hopes For Stimulus Deal This Year Are Diminishing; Wall St ends sharply lower Thursday as pandemic fears resurge;
Who will make coronavirus vaccines for the developing world? India holds the key;
These Towns Trusted a Doctor to Set Up Covid Testing. Sample Patient Fee: $1,944;
Trump bans Americans from investing in Chinese firms he claims have ties to the military;
EU hits US goods with tariffs in Airbus-Boeing dispute;
Peabody Coal in Bankruptcy Threat, Again;
GM Accelerates Plans To Roll Out EV Programs, Will Hire 3,000 Tech Employees; Ford Steps Up EV Manufacturing In US, Mexico;
Battery Fires Are Keeping Prospective Buyers From Buying EVs;
Honda Will Mass Produce Level 3 Autonomous Cars; Honda Claims It'll Be World's First Automaker To Mass-Produce Level 3 Autonomous Vehicles;
Hyundai Plans New SUVs In 2021, Urban Air Taxis By 2028;
Orlando Announces Plans To Build Flying-Car Hub;
US judge extends TikTok deadline amid Trump battle;
How Much Does It Cost to Become President?
Taxes and the Election: What Changed;
Deutsche Bank research note says Employees working from home should pay 'privilege' tax' to support workers who cannot;
Other news
Democracy Worked This Year. But It Is Under Threat;
Michael Cohen Predicts When And How 'Loser' Trump Leaves The White House;
Trump's Post-Election Tactics Put Him in Unsavory Company; Why did God let Trump lose?
'My faith is shaken': The QAnon conspiracy theory faces a post-Trump identity crisis; In the United States, QAnon is struggling. The conspiracy is thriving overseas;

Joe Biden Won. Here's What Higher Ed Can Expect; Local Election Revenue Measures For Community Colleges Highlighted;
North American Colleges Most Likely To Expect Revenue Declines; 38% Of College Students Worry They Won't Have Enough Money To Cover Semester;
Biden's Election As President Sets Up Massive Shifts For Higher Education Policy; With DeVos out, Biden plans series of reversals on education;
Biden Team Eyes Methods To Forgive Student Loan Debt; Forgiving Student Loan Debt Would Have Consequences;
College Leaders Think Differently About COVID-19 Than Other Crises; Colleges Continue Crack Down On Students Defying COVID-19 Safety Measures;
College Applications Decrease Amid Pandemic; Cal State schools see enrollments surge during COVID-19 pandemic;
Study Shows Difficulty Of Scaling Initiatives For Student Success At Colleges;
University Of California Expands Course List That Meets Math Requirement For Admission;
Professors Oppose Face-To-Face Spring Instruction; Blog Post Discusses Dilemmas Universities Face When Adapting To New Normal Amid Pandemic;
Online Exam Software Sparks Student Outrage Over Data Collection, Facial Recognition;
A Black man will lead VMI for the first time in history, amid racism investigation;
UNC-Chapel Hill Anti-Affirmative Action Case Goes To Federal Court; Appeals Court Upholds Harvard Affirmative Action Ruling;

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War, Politics and Reports (Also, see Finance and Economics)
Trump, Venezuela and the Tug-of-War Over a Strongman; Belarus cranks up 1st nuclear plant; Lithuania is fearful;
Sudan deal plunges migrants in Israel into new uncertainty;
US Set To Withdraw From Paris Climate Agreement Wednesday;
U.S. Expels Migrant Children From Other Countries to Mexico;
Russia can stand down. The GOP is interfering with election results all on its own; What happened when NBC News tried to investigate the alleged Hunter Biden emails;
As Voting Ends, Battle Intensifies Over Which Ballots Will Count; In a Hot Election, the Cool-Headed Associated Press Takes Center Stage;
Biden takes lead in count in Pennsylvania and Georgia, where recount is expected; Trump turns angry and despondent as possible defeat looms;
As Biden's lead grows, U.S. allies cautiously weigh outreach amid Trump threats; Georgia plans to recount its votes in the presidential race;
GOP shifts from challenging rules to preparing to challenge ballots;
Texas Republicans Ask State's Supreme Court To Throw Out 100,000 Cast Ballots; Federal judge allows Texas's Harris County to count ballots cast via drive-through voting;
In Florida, voters of color and young voters have had ballots flagged for possible rejection at higher rates than others;
Trump says he's planning legal action to stop some votes being counted in key swing states: 'As soon as that election is over — we are going in with our lawyers';
Pennsylvania judge permits campaign observers up-close view of ballot count after Trump complaint;
His hopes of winning growing dim, Trump looks to halt vote counting in Pennsylvania;
Trump campaign mounts legal barrage in three states as narrow vote margins raise stakes for battles over which ballots will count;
Judges in two states reject Trump campaign lawsuits as the president continues to press unsubstantiated claims of fraud;
More than a dozen arrested as protesters demand vote count; Armed Agents Are Allowed in Ballot-Counting Venues, Justice Dept. Tells Prosecutors;
The Disinformation Is Coming From Inside the White House; Trump-associated firm helped send unmarked texts urging vote protests in Philadelphia;
Trump and his allies boost bogus conspiracy theories in a bid to undermine vote count;
USPS disregards court order to conduct ballot sweeps after more than 300,000 ballots cannot be traced;
GOP asks Nevada Supreme Court to stop counting of some mail ballots in Clark County;
Trump campaign will ask for recount in Wisconsin, where Biden leads by about 20,000 votes in unofficial results;
Nearly 7% of ballots in USPS sorting facilities on Tuesday weren't processed on time for submission to election officials;
More than 150,000 ballots were caught in Postal Service processing facilities and not delivered by Election Day, agency data shows;
How Trump loyalists are driving his campaign's legal efforts to challenge ballots;
Don Jr. and Eric Trump savaged leading Republicans for not defending their father, and got an immediate response;
Trump asked if he is 'sore loser' by CNN reporter Jim Acosta after baseless rant about election fraud;
Biden event in Texas cancelled as 'armed' Trump supporters threaten campaign bus; 6 Trump ploys to grab last-minute votes;
MAGA 'Trump Trains' Jam Roadways In Several States; Texan Who Appears To Boast Of Being 'Trump Train' Basher Also Drove Through BLM Protest;
Trump Writes 'I Love Texas!' Over Video Of MAGA Truck Attack On Biden Caravan; Trump Mocks Laura Ingraham's Face Mask During Rally;
Don Jr told Trump supporters to 'have some fun' before Biden vehicles 'rammed by armed group';
Trailing in the polls, Trump enlists his administration and co-opts the government to bolster his reelection;
As police unions endorse Trump, some worry officers displaying bias could be intimidating at the polls, affect voting;
Federalist Society Board Chair Funded At-Risk GOP Senators Amid Barrett Hearings; Judges nominated by Trump play key role in upholding voting limits ahead of Election Day;
Group including Trump's own former top adviser launches $6 million ad to counter 'misinformation' on counting votes;
Biden risks being a lame duck president; Election reveals deeper divides between red and blue America;
Democrats lose ground with Latino voters in Florida and Texas, underscoring outreach missteps; Hispanic Voters Delivera Texas Win for Trump;
With All Eyes On The Presidential Race, Nobody Is Talking About This Troubling Republican Victory;
Fact-Checking Trump's Claim That He 'Prepaid Millions' in Income Taxes;
Deutsche Bank plans to cut ties with Trump after the election and could seize his assets if he can't pay back his debts;
Trump is reportedly telling advisers if he loses, he expects intense scrutiny from prosecutors;
Management company owned by Jared Kushner files to evict hundreds of families as moratoriums expire;
U.S. tops 116,000 cases, another record, as health officials worry people are ‘giving up’;
Top White House adviser Deborah Birx bluntly contradicts Trump on coronavirus threat, urging all-out response;
Documents show White House sidestepped FDA to distribute hydroxychloroquine to pharmacies;
Dr. Scott Atlas, White House Coronavirus Task Force adviser, apologizes for interview with Russian propaganda network;
Their First Try Backfired, but Giuliani and Allies Keep Aiming at Biden;
Kentucky Police Training Quoted Hitler and Urged 'Ruthless' Violence;
Police officers accused of killing George Floyd to be tried together in Minneapolis in March;
Men charged in cases related to plot to kidnap Michigan governor attended multiple anti-shutdown protests, photos and videos show;
Texas GOP senator didn't "graduate" from Oxford University law program, as claimed in prior campaign;
Steve Bannon's lawyers quit after he calls for beheading of Dr Fauci and FBI Director Christopher Wray;

Math, science and technology:
Security issues
U.S. undertook cyber operation against Iran as part of effort to secure the 2020 election; Homeland Cybersecurity Agency Reports No Election-Related Problems;
New Windows Zero-Day; Malicious npm package opens backdoors on programmers' computers;
California Voters Approve Proposition Creating Privacy Protection Agency;
Detecting Phishing Emails; Determining What Video Conference Participants Are Typing from Watching Shoulder Movements;
Math and science
Earth Keeps Pulsating Every 26 Seconds. No One Knows Why; First mysterious radio burst discovered in the Milky Way reveals extreme origins;
Stanford Study Quantifies Infections Stemming From Trump Rallies;
MIT Scientists Develop Artificial Intelligence Model That Can Detect Asymptomatic COVID-19 Coughs;
U Of Arkansas Lab Highlighted For Its Focus On Studies On Misinformation;
Quantum computers are about to change everything;
Researchers Connect Computer To Human Through Blood Vessels;
Why Are Lines at Polling Places So Long? Math;
Researchers Create Self-Watering Soil;
Web, computing and technology issues
Facebook removes massive 'STOP THE STEAL' group that Trump allies were using to help promote election protests;
Trump allies, largely unconstrained by Facebook's rules against repeated falsehoods, cement pre-election dominance;
Despite Curbs, Trump Supporters Face Few Facebook Penalties; YouTube Won't Remove 'Trump Won' Video from One American News Network;
Twitter Gives 'Misleading' Label to Trump Campaign Official's Voting Tweet; Twitter Suspends Fake Associated Press Accounts Posting Election Results;
Twitter Unlocks New York Post's Account After Hunter Biden Dispute;
Judge Blocks Commerce Department Order Banning TikTok;
Trademark Judge Rules Against Application for '.sucks' Top-Level Domain;
What Quantum Computing Could Mean for Software Development;
SC News and Politics
SC Democrats to have army of poll watchers, lawyers to monitor Election Day voting;
Graham and Harrison Battle Over the 'New South,' in Their Final Appeals;
Graham to donate $500K to Trump's legal defense fund;

Business and Economics
Fed keeps policy steady as Biden inches closer to victory; Federal Reserve Makes Moves To Lending Program Accessible To Smaller Businesses;
Wall Street rallies as investors believe Washington gridlock is good for business ;
U.S. labor market added 638,000 jobs in October, signaling slower growth as the coronavirus continues to weigh on the economy;
Mitch McConnell: Stimulus Bill Unlikely Before Next Year;
Without More Enforcement, Tax Evasion Will Spread Like a Virus;
Two major mall owners file for bankruptcy, citing rent losses; The real results of Trump's trade tariffs;
Chinese economy outstrips US despite Beijing bashing; China to Halt Key Australian Imports in Sweeping Retaliation;
Tech Startups Say New H-1B Rules Will Hinder Their Ability To Hire; California Tech Companies Fight New H-1B Rules;
Trump Administration Proposes Limiting F-1 Student Visa To Four Years;
AI Gaining In Low-Level Tasks, But Humans Remain Critical In Banking;
Barrett Confirmation Has Major Implications For Supreme Court Decisions On Energy-Related Issues;
Cruising won't resume in U.S. waters until 2021, with lines renewing a voluntary suspension;
Autonomous Trucks In Truck-Only Lanes Could Potentially Spell The End Of Freight Railroads;
FCC fines T-Mobile $200m over Sprint's alleged abuse of low-income subsidies;
Soyabean prices hit four-year high as nerves rise over food inflation;
This is what your Social Security check will look like next year - and why;
Under Pressure: Why Athletes Choke;
Former Oceanside RB files lawsuit against The Citadel, assistant coach;
Other news
How a Century of Real-Estate Tax Breaks Enriched Donald Trump; New York banker: 'No bank would touch' Trump post-presidency;
How Trump was way worse than I feared in 2016; Dishonesty Has Defined the Trump Presidency. The Consequences Could Be Lasting;
Trumpism is here to stay; Whether he goes or stays, Trump has done damage that can't be forgiven;
Trump's Language of Hate Has Deep Roots in American Religious Bigotry; Time to confront the right-wing myth-makers;
George Will: America is battered, but a somewhat happy ending is in sight;
The last Supreme Court nominee confirmed without bipartisan support never heard a single case;

Ballot Measures Could Change Higher Education Governance, Funding; California Affirmative Action Proposition Rejected By Electorate;
Long-Term Coronavirus Symptoms Have Implications For Higher Education;
CUNY Orders Furloughs Of Top Officials, Administrators To Confront Fiscal Crisis;
U Of Connecticut Pauses Free Tuition Program Amid COVID-19 Related Budget Concerns;
Federal Law Offers Protections To Personal Data Submitted For Financial Aid; Student Loan Payments Are Different In 2020, Amid Pandemic;
Federal Appeals Court Proceeds With Lawsuit Alleging Free Speech Violations At University Of Texas-Austin;
Universities Struggle To Find Solution For Online Cheating Amid Pandemic;
Tech companies promised schools an easy way to detect cheaters during the pandemic. Students responded by demanding schools stop policing them like criminals;